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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 03, 1920, Final Edition, Image 3

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Th raves Will Seek Demo
cratic Nomination and
Resigns Office.
Endeared Himself to Public
by Alleging Collusion With
Who killer Hipped IIP h.hlnrt his Mr
Urn ntl Mruck him on top of Uic
nun an nx, euttlnR a ilcep
rttnth cu"l almost InnUui
BnflHll to The UffM.
"ohl.UI'.MA CITY. Juno T.-O. It.
Thmvem. who KalneJ contililcrnliio
nuhlinty bcfuiiop of n dlfKrf ompnt
with flip K'Mtc corporation commit,
ion nhrn hi wan It Httorncy, Hit'l
oat hip Job In conxofiuencp, and
later intlmrflnl I" Blutcmcnt filed
lth thr roinmlsHlon In a ks cam
thtre " 11 community of Intercut
between the cnmmlpnlon and the khs
company. 1ms announced lilnmelf at
I Vln-wion for corporation rommln.
vU' ''Xionai At the amo tllno ho handed
)w 'in h rcflsitfitlon an umtlntnnt uitor-
nev penerai ro ha iu n.'u uum
an nfflila! enlaiiKlcmentH while
maklns cntnpalRn. In a public
statement Issued he wiyn:
"My conception of the ilutles of
the cumnihwlon," Thravcs k.iys, "It
a.i follo.
"To rc'iinre each public utility to
r-.dr adc'i'iuto anil offlclcnt nervlue
to H patrons.
To ascertain tho fair valuo of
the properly of tho public utility nnd
the actual cost Incurred In rendering
service as a basis for rlxInR rates.
"Tii fix rates, pqultnhty propor
tieneil on between patrons, suffi
cient to cover tho necessary com of
operation, to maintain tho property
provide a lair murn 10 invent-
To Increase rates only when
founi necc-.tiry upon open hcarlnB,
in the courtroom, after due notice to
the publl' . and not Increase any rate
based upon private conference In
parlor K, Sklrvln hotel, where only
the heads of tho Interested corpora
tion and their attorneys aro heard.
"Ti limit the rato dividend which
any public service company can pay
ltd, stockholders, requlrlni? any ex
cess of Income to bo held In reserve
for lean periods and for considera
tion In flxlnff rates.
To favor regular moctlnc dates
for the commlmlon of which com
plete minutes are kept, as a public
"It Is my contention that a man
employed ns corporation commis
sioner and drawing his salary from
the state should keep In physical
condition to perform tho duties of
his office; devote his entire tlmo to
the duties he Is employed to per
form, and not become privately In
terested, directly or Indirectly, In
business over which he has no jurisdiction."
I'ONt'A CITY, .tunc :.- a oman
i demonstration npent Is bcliii? sent
tO Kill I'MimtV frii- .1. ...
Juno nnd will work nut of I'onca
i Tklrk "'Hi IHackwell prln
clpally, hohllni: meuHntr 0 fHrn,
women hi .,.,! .-.. "i ' .
.churches aand Kivlnc instructions In
ljv.iiu iu uHiininf; iruits nnd vegela-
.rinii tinii cookiuk. Ar
rnnRements are now beinR made for
"lm'"S" inruuRiiout me county.
IJIias, .June 2 Pecauso of cen
tralizing iheir efforts and thus be
coming a food supply and livestock
base, Miller brothers of 101 ranch
are announcing the sale of a consid
erable nortlon nf thnlr- ln.,.1 I. I.
mostly vlrcln soil In native gras,
mu annpieu 10 uncut, and Is nil un
der nil Hnd rs leaso In n probable
oil dltrlct Huyers may secure any1 made insulting remarks to his wife
thlny from 10 to ?Jo acres. and a jming iirl in the house
HKNU YKTTA, June 2. Decora
tion iliiy wervlcps were i)hsred Run.
day under the auspices nf the Ameri
can I-CRlon, Honrstler-Cullcu post,
In memory of Sh volunteers who
gave up their llvht In tho. world
war. Tho post Is named In honor
of the first two enlisted men from
llenryelta to full In action, I'rlvale
i:. llniMstler, killed March 22 1918,
and Corp. Norman A. Cullen, killed
Ncneniber 11, 1918.
rAWIirsifA, June 2 The ar
raignment of it. 1". Knlghten.
charged with murder In Hie first
degree In the killing of W. T. Thom
as, hits been delnjed owing tn nth
er praising buslneu In the county
attorneys fcfflcn Thomas entered
Knlghten's liome nsklng for the
white man's fnther-lti-law and later
pretending to he a fortune trlier,
I'ONCA CITV. June 1.- A tele
gram rccpltril here from Congrn
man ))i(k T Morgan, with whom the
mal'r hail been taken up locallv,
slates that the cnminltten of cmi.
gicss tuning under consideration a
plan for tho reclassification of
poslal employs' milnrlna looking lo
an Inerrisp. has made a report to
congros authorising the dnifllng of
a bill covering Its finding.
OIUUHVO, June !. lr .1. W
Calitwell, president of A and M
college will deliver the address foi
the Indian si honl hero June 9. Coin
tucficcincnt week begins Saturday
morning with it musical entertain
ment The baaccnlauieate sermon
will bo preached Hunday. Juno .
by Dr. V M. (hirilner. followed in
the evening- by a b.ind conceit on
Ihe ciimpus. The week's exercise
cloxe June 9 with a field nieut and
an allium linniiiet in the evening
m:sToltKD to their rightful own
ei every day because of that won
deiful finding medium - TII I;
V7i Mel hod licmovcs
Superfluous Hiiir Hoota!
IUv im "Irinl ovrtflhlns" for tht sn
neylnit hslfy nr (uity srewth ami about
given up In Orsfalr T Welt, there's Juet
me thins mere In try. end ou must try
II. Wei ntiee li le lh one hnme trentment
Hist reerhee Ihe ty ronl nf eucli IrouMee.
The new v'i'ceee l nnt In tie roinneteil at
II vlh iHrllHlnry, electrlrel nr eny niher
inethnil yeu'e er heerit nf 11 la itif
fereni bemua It arlually remntea rnle
ami all nu tee the roots with nur nwn
Just tet a etlek of ehelartlne from your
driianm. fnllnw Ihe elinrle Inilructlnna,
and you will he deliahled with the reault
I'helactlne ll nlorleaa. nnn Irrllalln ..tt.1
ran he ui-,1 ih entire eafetr yon rould
even eai ll with Impunity It la an In- '
alantanenua mettinil Aril t. I
iC. opei
iR snd
Slate Briefs
HE.N'IIYETTA, Juno I. John W.
Orendorf, who received his appoint
ment as postm.islor here In January,
haa Juat received his commlfslon
arid been checked In.
HBNItYBTTA, Juno 2. John T.
Ucfley, huperlntcndcnt of tho city
irnoois, nns neen cnoscn an tn
I structor In the summer normal at
l"V Ada, where he will serve for a. five
ecus' t,ci,slon.
ftAT.TVA n TV,
i uuim tn .iiiii.ii..
ClAl fllth Vl At.nn.l i.n 1. .
-- . - ,,ua i.iu,iiui, wf (lie iria.n
bttneen the depot and town on tho
touth lde of the street, which can
be used for camping and rest pur
nets win bo free. An effort will
be made to provldo elmllur service
at other towns along tho most trav
eled routes. -
Rr-IC. Juno :. Several build
ings wcro burned on main street
.Monday night. Tho flro started In
a rooming houso aand was caused
hy an exploding lamp. Tho Stoll
flruir htnrn i.inn..f. aiiAi- ...
Jake j cigar slaand and Dunlap's bar
per khop were destroyed, Tho loss
Is estimated at J25.000.
SL'MfTKrt. Illno ? Tl,.
Erange mil( lno mXy' onQ ,n the
talf, win bo dedicated Juno 10. It
i a ejjjeft two-story block hulld
inr, 30x60, with tho lower floor
reallv .-, K.,urviAM. ...uii. i ,
i t viiiuii imi nil linen
jor ii kitchen or for a grain storage,
fne upper floor will be tho atscm
iy room and a community hall,
iJPk ?'TY. June 2,Harvest
bor will he plentiful. In fadt tho
neat country muy cn a surplus
Sin i10'"' "ccordlng to J. P. Hid
dell farm agent for the west half
,?.LKay cpunty. He has received
t-merous Inquiries from men wnnt
",?Ju. work, ,n tho harvest field, and
heitl 10 '"ylnB " 0f mcn ,n
lean i&V C1TV' J"ne "e
i .iH0rer ror the Kanla Pe on
ItLr 1" ui. an 18 ;lrt nnrt an
na ihe ,n ,tnft county Jail at I'erry
one wmVi' o,a nuarrel In which
one killed the oilier for cursing him.
"California Syrup of Figs"
Child's Best Laxative
W)n the l0r ,he California
'tomach ?? ::l 1,hyslc tQf 'ho little
love it il u'r ani1 howrls. Children
torou. J ?vd "lust ny "L""'
the "makin,s', of a good cigarette
may start with, say, Tuxedo or "Bull"
Durham Tobacco .... but they don't
end there by a long shot ... the finest
of paper is required. To get the full
aroma of the tobacco, try rolling them
(Made in Franco pronounced "Rce La Croj")
Qrt UonrantcccS
Wilts s f rv&nc&c iso rvyryv
T '
you smoke tobacco.
This paper bnrns with little ash and no odor, simply because no foreign ele
ments or ingredients enter into its manufacture from pure vegetable fibre
so painstakingly processed that four, hundred gallons of clear Pyrenees
Mountain water are used in making a single pound of RJZ LA CROIX.'
Made in France
drlrcS nn9 th0t " you don,t ,Use mz LA-CROI7C
ocarctto papere you can get ypur money back bom tho dealer,
Does Slabotsky
or Shimanski
make your clothes ?
Or who is the manufacturer thar makes men's ap
parel and is cither ashamed of its make or afraid of the
quality and leaves his name off of the product altogether?
Here at Curtis Brown's you're not asked to choose
between regulars or "irregulars," between perfect goods
and "seconds," botween known qualities and unknowns.
Here's a store that sells only high-grade, kno w n
quality, standard merchandise at remarkably moderate
prices even less sometimes, than is asked for bargain-counter
trash-"orphans" of unknown origin.
Here's a store of tremendous stocks and vast va
rieties, and of good values in good goods only. -
and Fashion Park Suits
$50 Suits now
Reduced to . . .
$65 Suits now'
Reduced to . . .
$75 Suits now $.50
Reduced to ... . J O
$85uits now $
Reduced to ....
$05 Suits now $
Reduced to ... .
$110 Suits now
Reduced to ...
and our Luxury Silk Shirts
$25, $22.50 and $20 Silk Shlrta
reduced now ut'no profit to. . . .
$15, $10 nnd $16.50 Silk Shirts
reduced now ut no profit lo
$10 and-$12.50 Silk Shirts
reduced now at no profit to
Proportionate Savings oh Underwear and Hosiery
Some of Our Standard Lines
Manhattan Shirts
Star Shirts
Curtis Brown Shirt3
Phoenix Host!
VasRar Undorwcar
Dobba Hata
Mansco Underwear
Lion Collars
Mark Cross Luggage
The Curtis Rrown Store is different in this respect, also; our prices
arc marked as low as tliey can be instead of as high as we dared.
Tulsa's Livcst Lea ding Men' Store
your needs with
modern equipment,
expert handlers. Be
sure of service at
lowest rates, ar
range with us now.
Call Phone Osago
Tulsa Storage
& Transfer
ffi$ Distributed By , 3?
mk Ratcliff-Sanders Co. J&P
JR First and Elgin Osage 1 and 2 StL

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