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t '
Allen D. Albert Speakft
Before Directors of C.
of C. at Luncheon.
Oil Started Olhor Cities but
All Kxcopt Tulsa Failed
to Live ThroiiKli It.
TiilM I the only elly In tlm
worlil built primarily by nil that has
ever linonifi a substantial liulnns
center, iiorordliiK to Allun I). Al
bert, former liiterimlUml prcslm-nt
of notary, ornlnr. city builder i ml
business analyst, who spoke I" ill
ipolom of His chamber of cnmmeioo
At their regular weekly luncheon In
Hole! Till yesterday noon,
f Air Albert mimed ii number of
cities which have been liiilll liy oil.
and rt-i'-lnrod tli.U unless limy were
plvon I In- K'tvlruH of H "cllu doe
wir" tlmy would noon lisciimti only
t "Oil ha helped lnillil cities rhi-i
(lie time or Nlni'vuh," le wild, "tuit
ni'l mm of thni oicopt Tulsn linn
yr lived through It. I nni not in n
position to Miy Hint Tnl.it will llvi
ttirotiKh It, toil present hull 'iitlons
Arc Hint It will. It has thin fur
proven the exception to tho rule "
A Mr. Albert won III Hip city t de
liver tho cntnmoni'oiuent nldroafi nt
reinvention hull kit nleht A spe
cial Invitation tn oliiiiiibir of rnin
rnerco illrcctorn to attend tlm exer
cises wiih delivered by IJ. IC Ob
ejiholtzn', Mipprlntpnili'iit of nohunlK,
continuum rnn.t imois oni:.
lowed by ii morning In whlrh ro-
flrntnncn had no placr. IhoiiKh In
ho Into hours of tho forenoon de
cency demanded a service thai made
It Imperative that a report prepared
the evening before recnmmendliur
tho .entliu? of tho llamon nrKanlia
tlon bp discarded and n rpnrt pre
pared oheeklnK Iho whnlo thine
back In t ho committee
I Hut thin nfternonn, nftor repented
calls for Hip subcommittee It flnnlly
r'pportPd. Tho ruthless slenin rollor
won workltiK In mnRiilflcent form.
II hecamo Inured to tho service for
Which It wan dPHlsnrd by practice
on a half dnren rnntosta In Hnulh
Carolina. H had rolled mercilessly
over tho protest of Cnmmltteomnn
Littleton of Tennessee nnd wllh tho
despicable nnd 'discredited .Inkn llab.
lrr of Missouri tn open tho switches
thead of It. It scaled tho, llamon del
dgatton from tho Fourth Oklahoma.
n Indirect and positive reversal of
Srocedents hlthnrto established by
Iho committee ltanlf.
tVotc for llnninn
It wan tho Fourth Oklahoma that
CtlscloAftd tho ronllttnn In thn com
tnlttPc aRiilnnt Wood. On the roll
all In this oaiio ilnmandod by Coin
mlttreman McOraw anil upportod
thn manflltlrcnt and nplondld
'nouthwRiit tn a man, tho vnto Ktood
111 for.tho McOraw doleuatca and
89 for llamon,
Z Tho Ibiuo wna clear cut. Afi'l
tnnmbem of llio cotnmlltpo who n
Ured me Innt evonlnjr t tin t nueti a
flecldlnn wna Impoanlblo dCRpltn tlio
Apparent victory of tho opposition In
BfitlliiK tho mntler rcferrod, wcro
lpcechlens In tho facn of tho thine
t In thrxio flKiirea tho whole world
can road how tho republican national
committer, Hlnnila In tho Kood year
1920, It In not rIvcii mo to ponotnitn
Iho diurnal muokn nlron of IntrlRUn
and nmrhlno iioIUIch not tn fix n
limit beyond which tho cupidity (ft
jnrn wm nni ko, ineroiorn i nm un
able to forrennt with roannnnbln nc
curacy, an nrn all nbunrvcrn horr, tho
purpono of thl coalition in an af
firmative rnp, That It In directed
acalnot Oenornl Wood la admitted hv
nil. But whether tho BtronRth of thn
coalition la to Do thrown to Johnson
or i.owncn or a nark Iioibo. or
whether It can ho thrown nt all or
not, la a matter that tho ovent llnolf
PlUi alone can determine.
' Tho country nt larRu nhnuld know,
and Oklnhomn repiibllcana expeclnlly,
that a cleaner, inoro lniinly fluht wan
never made, nor Oklahoma lepubll
cans more honorably rrpreooutod
than by Commlttoomnu Motlrnw In
today's procccdlne und I Set tho lin.
prciwlon that tho mothoda omployod
HBalimt him In Oklahoma woto um'd
hint nlKht In chntmlnK n majoilty
Of yentorday admitted to ?.lt lull a
minority today. Tho rulcn of the na
tional coin nilltoo t;uoriiliiB exocu
livo Btwsioim do not pernit mo to
print wht wna ham but no ruU-a op-
craten 10 nmii inn HiipresBionK tlltlt
urn inoeiioiy mcu on my mind
In tho noon edition of tho chl
C-tro. Journal today the followlns ap
peared lu nlnety-Hlx point typo
acrnM n n cirih coiiuinui, 'no,ouo
Deal and neath thrcalM ICxi'ioaeil In
Lowden cxposo" followed by a nub-
liead. 'Commlttco Taken 5t Vntca
Away Fium Wood" nnd h larse pic
ture of Committeeman Jaini'S Alc
Qraw, of Oklahoma. And tills paper,
In company with mom of tho other
Chicago pnpern nlHO in lU'curitto
sympathy with tho Judfrement of thn
cores of correspondents, forcKnther
hero licllevo that doHplto tho cor
ruption frauds brought to llKht by
tho neiinto invotnlcallmi commlttco
and despite the Insult It would ho to
tho nation nt lnio, thn old Kiiard
purposes pullliiK Ixiwden over ami
loavlnj; tho olectorato no choice be
tween nun una wiisnuism.
IhiI.h for Protest.
. I don't he'lovo It, nnd I look for
ward to that moment In tho conven
What Causes Wrinkles?
What's the Itemed!?
1 Btop to caimliler what producra wrinkles
sod MKKlneia of akin. Pic-malum niibtk',
mal-nutrlllon, tic, cauao the (Irali tu
shrink, laae Ha youthful plumimeaa ami
flrmnea. Tits akin ttien la tun UrK for
tha fleah umlernralh. iluran't fit tlnhlly
tnil anuiily ll uanl to It rlnkloa ur
W II niuat he laln that In lliihtrn the
akin, make It (it Hie face pertirlly In
very tincr. Mill etrrvtually lemnva tha
hutrful wrlnklea nml tiaKUlneaa Thla l
aatly unit liiirtnti-akty acctimpllahfil b
dlaanlvhie an ounce nf pure powiloreit
ttllte tn a linlf pint n( wllrli haiet iint
UalnK the aolutlon na h fuen waali, Tlio
Ingredients you can grt at any ilruir Horr,
iir courae. I he rraulla lire eurprlalnir The
akin InuneilDtely lltlilrna up. beciimtnt
(Irni and freah aa In youth. Kvery
wrinkle anil at re s((ccted at once.--.
tion when a man, f do not know
who ho will be but I verily believe
hn will romn out n tho wet will tell
Hie old guard In rliiKlm; terms Hint
the ronventlon Is not thelts without
prntit and ihirn them to hmoiiiiio thn
reiiponNllilllty for th" thlnic they i n
teriiplnto A peeullnrly lliexplleiibln llilNK
nliout tho whole Kllimdon Is the uni
versal recognition of what Is riiIiik
on hem and th tohietnnoe or un
wlllltiRtiPM of many to wiy anything
nboyl It. Home correiondents urn
writing the truth and getting It
In lull d. All ligreo as to whnt Is
foreenst Hut it lot of the papers
being sorvetl by men on tho ground
ate Maying notlitug.
This morning 1 talked with Com
mlllesmiin llowell, of Nebraska, who
for the first three days was an nrllve
anil prominent figure In tho rom
mines seeking a reasonable nnd fair
disposition of the eonlsts Hlx con
tests In Hoiith ('aiollna, hud been il"
I'lded In ulter illsreKiird "f moralltv
and decency, In utter disregard of
the evidence, III each ease not more
than half of tho nommllteo voting
nnd the niinounceuieut showing the
voles to bo unanimous. I onk nl
him of what material this rom ml (Ice
was nisdo that sn.di travesty roiild
go on. And he explained to me
liow thoe who were demanding Jus
lb o and the best Interests of the
p.irty had readied that point whero
they had become almost nulHoncep.
That thn fight now was useless as
the steam roller had nt last got It
self r.rganlred nnd would not be
Koi'ii Aro Alrw-n.
And It should sound a warning In
Uiiimler tones to th" voters every
where that there were at least a
doicn of tho strongest, cleanest men
absent from thn proceedings this
Tho controlling forces In the com
mitten nm bullded nliout Mayor
Thoinpiion of Chicago, I have met
lillil. I have shaken his hand, talked
to htm nnd watched him function.
I have talked to his henchman and
1 luivn talked to his enemies nnd
my mind Is as clear as a bell on tlm
conclusion that his Influenrn and
purposes In polltlrii nrn wholly nnd
nltogether bad,
Yet becnuso hn does sit ns tho
head of the local Influence I nni not
willing to believe that thn purpose
of Iho coalition Is to nominate I.ow-
dun unless II takes with It us a part
of thn dual nil accommodation for
tho Ch eiigo mayor that will guar
antee htm supremacy in Illinois pol
lllrs mid end tho feud between lilm
and thn governor. And In contem
plating this nnd trying tn make my
self believe It Is Impnsslbln, my
mind turns to tho Ht I -on Is expose,
tn Hinmcrsnn to .Inkn llnblor and to
Morse. And If the coalition should
turn tn Johnson nnd result In his
nomination It would unquestlnnahly
arguo nn understanding between
Thompson and Johnson, which
would mean nn understanding and
ngreement wJli his two pnrlcular
iieuiennnis, .iaie iinmnn ami .mini
King. I am charging nothing. I am
expressing nn opinion. I am stating
a fair conclusion that Is pur.tllng
every newspaper writer In attend
anco nt these, hearings, when 1 niy
mat Hie strnnxest single lurmeuce
with the national committee at this
Hmn Is tho millionaire political ad
venturer of Oklahoma, Jacob I,
llamon. In closing this dispatch 1'
Is with pleasure that I am permitted
to pay undiluted tribute tn the rep
resentatives of the southwestern
slntes, with the exception of Mc
Gregor of Texaa. r am proud of
Kansas. I nm proud of New Mex
ico. I nm proud of Arizona and I
nm proud that Oklahoma stands
wmi tnem ror rensoname uerency in
politics ngalnst the coalition In
knowing Hint the national commit
tee Is not tho convention,
If your hair is rur-
born and hard to nun- KitttoiCniiiu.v
ogc, Bo to the druR l.'i."
ttote and get a box of n.Uoit
Nelson's Hair Dressing
You will e an improvement right wy.
Soon your luir will l as toft snd glow
u anybody'-,
Nelion is tha oliUit high rd lulr
drcuinn on tl mitket. AllgooJ drug
n itorcs in U.S. keep Nilwn's. n
til Uttun flfpiii' n'j. .J
NrboaMr(.Co.,Rkliuioo.t,V. Tl
A Breakfast That
Try eating plenty of plain or toasted
Dread with your morning coffee.
You will llko It.
llrcad Is your Hest Kood nttt more
of It.
Itreud Is tho food of foods There
Is no other llko It for nourishing,
Invigorating qualities,
(loud flour, plonty nf yeast and milk
and salt give ' tho special bread
value to
tlm loaf nil pure)
The Campbell Baking
, , , , . , .-.. I
Hi) n NnPDT ftHTl
foi mldnlilc I'oes of the I nllfornlan.
however, weie equally confident
that hn would not cnpliire thn con
vention bv slorm
'leiiKliui InrriiiMM,
In the dlcualnn of selertlon ns
against ( lection of some cnndldato
not now juoiiiliierit In the rnce, the
liosslblllty of coalition between lend
ing candidates was conslderisl de
spite ptesent rliHVnge Many ler
an observers said Iho enloii bn-
teen Hie leaders was on the In
cense, with the contest depMlons s
a factor
I'erminalltles of the battle wero
nixed today with pnn' Ipb'S, Kenntor
Johnson and (Inventor I.owilsn out
lined their platform views, thn for
liiei declaring the Johnson forces
would present a plank opposing tho
present league of nations
(lovetrior Ixiwden roMernted his
stand for ratification "niilisluutlally
with the Inlge reservations "
Itegnrdlng prohltiltion. Kenntor
Johnson predicted It would Hot he
mentioned, while (lovernor liwden
declared for enforcement of the
constlliitlonal n mend men t
'It s ii part of the law." nald UoV
iirnor liwdeii, ''and I am not in fa
vor of attempting to evnde that or
any oilier law Wlmlever Is ncea
wuy to make It effective should bo
done by legislation or otherwise"
uiimr declarations of tlio plat
forms were dlsoussed by Mounter
Johnson, who declnred against "de.
hiiiiinnlr.lug" tnboi. (lovernor Allen
of Kansas, who will present tho
n line of (leneral Wood to the con
vention, announced that he would
urge his plan for a federal labor
I'latform affairs generally rnine In
for increased attention today with
arrival of prominent persons Inter
ested In lis formation, Among these
wero Hetintor watson or Indiana,
mentioned for chalnnnn of tho res
olutlons committee; Ogden U Mills,
Jr., of Now York, chairman of tho
executive committee on Platforms
nnd policies and who was put forth
today for tho resolutions committee
leadership, W. Mtirrny Crane, Mass-
nchusotta, national committeeman
and prominent member of the "old
guard," Henators Lenrnot of wlscon
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ltrnn ArrlicM.
Another arrival but of democrat!-
peimliislun was William J llrvnn.
lie said ho vwi 'only a reporter" n'
Hie reputillrin show, and did not
plan to partb Ipate in repiiiillcan af
fairs even fin the iiii-ntlon of pro
liliiltlon. Mi' said he did not expect
to appear beforn thn resolutions
to tn mil lee
Veterans of many conventions, to
gether with many neophytes, Inr bid
ing women, arrived In nuniliors
Candldiites' huaibiunrters took on
the customary nitinoli and lohhles
began to scelh with groups wreathed
In tobarcn srnokn. New banners
were (witched on alruady crowded
walls mid buttons nnd badges blos
somed forth on coat Inpcls and
georgette blouses. Women were es
pnclnlly numerous nt Hie Johnson
iieaibpiarlers nnd eandldnies were
kept busy pumping hands of visitors.
Wood henifiinrter distributed
hundreds of red fentheis, while
Johnson visitors wero decked with
silver benrs.
Oovernor Ixiwdcn who has fully
recovered from his illness, an
nounced tonight that he .would cull
on (leneral Wood, Henntor Johnson
nnd Heimtor I'olndexter tomorrow
and pay his respecln,
IXllrnirx IVInwnllll-
a Memphis negro, hut ho was claim
rd by none of the various managers,
limited (iolH (icorgla
The spectnciilnr decision today wa-i
tho haril-Zought, long delayed con
test from (loorgln, where the dele
its liquid - quick. errECT
LADIES! Uz!l!ztt&
faaaa( taaloaaMt, aailUUaaU, aWfaial ruaa )
l.laldaa 11.1.., ptla or laUrfarm-a wllh wnri,
llalltl.M lM(llr.rlkl,o.aauirriII. ean.n.
Vn TJi. fcataUlaalaUaU C, KMHI Of, att.
Our Five
k rial -J 1 1
gi'es he:ded l,v IJenry Lincoln
tohnson an Atlanta ngin. who. It
w.is testified before the sennte corn
n lltee Investigating (impnlgri ex
pendllures teeelved Jft.000 from the
l.owden rnmpalgn fund, were resist
In the iittuck of a net of oiitetlng
delegiitfn ndmltledly organized by
Prank M MltehcoCk und counted for
(lonernl Wood.
Ilefore thn committee adjourned
to roiitlnuo In a night sosslon. John
son's four the deh gates at large.
bad been seated, on the ground of
organization regularity In their con
vention proceedings nnd the Kirs'
and Heeond (leorirtn eonei-esjilnnnl
districts also had been voted the'
six districts remaining In contewt,
was said to bo much of tho stmo tia-!
lime lisuo lleji-vtril.
Month Cirnllna and (leorgla con
teats brought Hie race Issue and the
color line Into thn deliberations of
the committee despite all eifoits t )
krep them out, Tho contest i ver
Hie Tolhert delegates from Houth
('hrollna brought up the riuention
whether the republican party In the
southern state would do better with
out nssnelntlr.n with the negro The
contesting delegates In the Houth
crnllnn ,.:nn Klirr,:, ., (l rmv In
Iwhlcti the lie was frequently paused,
icnarge(nr ' innrtuno rule- to per
petuite m office holdirs trust
nnd further charges tint conditions
rVsv 'IIIK PIAltoM. tlltANII. T
vcmkaowoMll'tt Srfflt.AllytKlUtl
?""!" oil .
iZ ' "'" la kalai
ipi, atrtrmiaklai
Im,iii K.ut.lila
till i -sen.?
r rWWM
4kJajlt HAlMti
ii M f Mtat.sm n kt rtlPtO
C M-lf-1r IMMnnJ TlrndV
rills la ItfJ lint I4l.l rnMihkVX
FntM, mil with Ttlua klUir.n. y
1 lift lhP. Illirrftflr " t
llrnvalal. Akt UH irr'M.TriXM
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were such that tho republican vote
had been reduced by the alleged
methods to n minimum were made.
The hearing furnished fire wnrks
and vaudeville (5alc- of laughter
roars of cheers and waves of ap
plause swept the committee room.
National Committeeman Tolhert be
cume no enthusiastic In describing
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