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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 05, 1920, Final Edition, Image 13

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i Deputies Say Captured
Still Will Make 35 Jugs
of Whisky Per Day.
Armed Force Searches Hills
Between Popow and Sham
rock in Quest pf Liquor.
liif Bud Fisher.
board and rooms
iiomiH nm ii f.,n i ki; ilniwii r.xt
iiolM.Hlilt. h", 76s---f7i."" room for tent
.?n,!m"l.,,i".rln. ln
MAIN, N. 114 -Pnrnlihedroom"adlolnln
n'5-i J,fe liome (
fiTliNLff, K., Tlo7 'srngTn'rooTn, cloee In
modern hreakfwt If ilaelredi gentlemen
nnlT tleage ISIS.
A DM I II aTT fn'fl'OS -I largo eieeplng roomi
wru iiirnieneo in private ramny. aoutti
and eaat eapoaure, Jltnar and rar line,
gentlemen only Oeege 1017
MAIN, M ,7II Yloom with eleeping porcT!
ad)nlnlng bath, anllahle for S gentlemen,
WT HO"l)TII-ner"rar line, eoulh espo'aure
newiy uecnraieii anil rurnienea, no otner
rnomera, family oonalata of young couple i
reaeonahla; gentlemen onlyi refereneea re
quired. Oeage 7I
siain, H. I no L - lor rent, t eieeplng room
With trunk rnnmi t .anll.ni.n n,.ta,t.rf.
Oeage SJ
Nit H eieeplng room In private horn", It
week. S iilooka of nnatnrriee Oeeea tint
cTni" rNNAfr 'h ,'"ni -nTc cool room for
I or 1 gentlemen or bualneae eouplej very
cloee In.
I If- . -.hi ! mi 1
Special to The WorM.
.SAPl'l.PA, Juno 4. After a raid
lastlnR from 2 o'clock this morning
until " o'clock tonight Sheriff Ab
n(.r Ilriice nml Deputies Jake Kilns
man, K. C. Wallace, J. I Itenfro
nml Jim HntrhlnB" returned hero
Into thin ovenlnK with 'two white
men nnd two negro men tosether
with 78 snllonH of nllctrcd corn
hlky nml a still Bald to he capa
i.le of prodiii'lnpr 35 gallons of the
fccveriigo per day.
The raid covered a territory sev
eral miles square stnrtlnn from a
lonely dirt trull seven miles north
west of Depew and leading through
the hills toward Shamrock. The
flret arrest was mado shortly after
daylight this morntng when Jeff
Phillips and George Cole, negroes,
ere found In a tiuggy driving to
ward .Shamrock, a gallon Jug of
white tntllo" between them. Hoth
will probably bo charged with
possession of Intoxicants Sheriff
Brucn said.
The negroes are said to have ro
ued to glvo any Information as to
where ino alleged whisky came
from, causinr. the officers to spread
fan-like searching every shnck In
their path, und finally coming to a
lonely hoiiso occupied by J. 11. Par
ker and wife.
When Deputy Kllngmnn ap
proached tho house from one sldo,
a man was seen leaving tho house.
He was halted after threats to shoot,
wch officer being equipped with
lined off shotguns as well as re-
reivers, The man said he was Par
ker and was arrested.
On the property the officers
found a 35-gallon "still" which was
Mid to have been In operating con
dition, and several "spnro parts,"
for the apparatus Including an extra
copper roll, wero found.
A quantity of alleged corn whisky
was stored In a building near Par
lor's house. A short distance away
stood the house occupied by II. M.
Taylor. A raid on thH place also
revealed a stock of bottled goods,
In gallons, apparently ready for
transportation to nenrhy cities,
where there Ii a ready mnrket,
Sheriff Pruce said,
The confiscated "still." ns well ns
the "corn," was stored In ar empty
storeroom at nrlstow under heavy
City Briefs
filed In district court yesterday by
James King against Kmma King.
sited to tho following yesterday by
tho clerk of county court: John 8.
Martin and Pearl Ilurkholdor. 25.
Tulsi. William D. Jackson. 26 and
Sofia Asemann, 2 4, Hapulpa.
OliA LUHTKH, arrested In this
city Tuesday In pomtoeKlon of a
quantity of morphine and cocaine,
was released at her preliminary
hearing yesterday before C. U
Yancey, Pnlted States commissioner,
upon agreeing to return Immediate
ly to her homo In Kansus City. Mo.
son automobile or ls value. 12.000,
tfjit waa filed In district court yes
trrdrty by W. V. Mover ugalnxt the
McCleiand-Oentry Motor company
M'Vr claims he left the car with
the defendant comnnnv for renalrs.
tut that tho latter uniklilfully mado
such repairs and have refused to
gio the petitioner possession of tho
car, l
irvnitY TOTTKN. a negro nr
re.tej on tho charge of stealing
?M! worth of dry coodB from an In
terMate shipment from St, Inils to
Tulsa, entered a nlea of not guilty
n' his arraignment yesterday before.
i. Yancey, unltaj .itaiea com
missioner, and was committed to
n under bond of M 00 for pro
llmlnary hearing June U.
The Mortuary
Harry It. Mnnn, 216 East Six
teenth street, dlod at Ills home at
12 o'clock Thursday after a pro
(lir.icted Illness. Ho was not confined
o his lied until a few weeks ugo.
Ho had been, a resident of Tulsa
for tho paBt nine yeurs, having been
born at Paris, 111,, about 50 ycura
Bo Ho was a member of tho Epis
copal church, nnd was affiliated
l'h the Klks and Modern Woodman
lodges und the Rotary club
He Is survived by tho wife, a
brother and a sister. Tho brother
and sister. A. (' Marin and Mth
Belle Mulllns, both live in Paris.
The wife Is Interested In a local
millinery establishment.
t Funeral services will b held at
'ne homo at 3 o'clock Saturday ai
ernoon. Itomains will bo taken to
irls for burial.
Mr and Mis. J. 11. Hamilton par
ents of Steward Hamilton, who was
drowned here Thursday, with two
brothers, Steele and Harry Hamll
' will take tho body tciiittrht f
'he old home In Plnkncyvllle. III.
tier mirlal, Another brother, Harry,
join thtm at St. Louis, Two
'inter of the drowned youth are res
"lents of Pinkneyvllle, whore four
members of tho family are burled,
Two Demonstrations to Ho filtfn Hv
Ilunnlnc Si'hnol Toduv.
V A ft.,o,.nlln n V- n tl , , n M ! M IT
'-nool of music will be given at 3 I
i 'lock this afternoon and at S
eioek this evenlntr nt th Tlscrt
Alemnrlol V... V. m..l. ll
yi take part In the program this
J tnnoon and 40 will appear In to-
nlRht'a reHl
Pins for accredited ork In the'
Bn"ol will be presented to 16 pu-
PUa thU evening.
National Guard Officer
Thinks Tulsa Is an
Ideal Location.
Tulsa Is the logical place for a
machine guncompany of the Okla
homa National guard In the opinion
of Major Jam Hell who said, yes
terday that the city can secur such
a concession if tho required number
of pood, red-blooded Americans
qualified to hold commissions atid'of f. f-Ulter, 702 South Cheyenno
non-rommlssloned warrents In such lavenue an May 27. was held under
a company nre available ibotnl of 1300 for trlalby district
"Men qualifier," said Major Hell i'
will le commlsMloned and may at- I LODGES AND SOCIETIES
tend the offirri-s' Rrbrinl vhli x.-lll I - - - .
bo held In Oklahonui City front Juno i
6 to Juno 20. under regular army
insiructnrB. tiuh win i; rine train
ing and men attending will be per
forming a patriotic duty by helping
to keep America prepared with tho
right kind of a cltlzen'H army
"There are now two vncnncles In
tho Infantry company and we need
the full quota of officers for tho ma
chine gun company. Wo would like
to hear from any good men, especial
ly ex-servlcn men who aro quali
fied and patriotic onough to sacri
fice, ono evening a week for which
tho government will pay liberally
"Persons Interested will please
call at tho old Armory. Fifth and
Itoston, or phone 0-67.1D for further
HolKTt A. .Mclllniey
funeral Director. Phono 4SA-171
903 South Main Advt,
Stanley C. Edmistcr
601-2 Kennedy Hulldlng
rhones Office 1394, Ilesldcnca 4433
PHONB 1006
Children Cared for During Worktna
or Shopping Hours.
10 West Third street
II. A. Hrrckcnrldgo Lee nanld
Cluis. II. Hostlcli
law oiticks
Breckinridcc, Bostick &
fTicrmngo National Hank Itulhllnn:
Phone Ongo 700 Tuisn. Okla.
Dr. John Lee
iii.i)i)i:it and
Diseases of Women
llaVs Soul Ii Main St.
Osage -IH52
vrc.vnitnAi' nisrsi:s
333 Hnhliison Ilullillng
Phone 0aKC 0HH
A n.a.n'.tHltlOn. oP
AT TUUM fnuw"
. .-.yMMI!OHLY.vt4uUlh.tk
Hotr b.ck w tbout a
Suuntb 8" 'czma.
treatment of IT"(,?;V ,her
J MfiOTfiS .S
I Oklahoma City, June 3, 1020.
'To Wh'im It May Concern:
I With reference to the statement
(appearing In tho Snpulpu Herald and
The Tulsa World on June 2, to the
Urfeit that K. V. Strolir and A N.
ISirotcr were held on a bogus or
toiged check charge In Oklahoma
county. In fulrnoH to them such er
roneous statement should be cor
rected. Thoro were no nut'li charges
ngalnst them. Their purported con
nections with tho chargen on which
they were held uro unfounded and
the charges have been dismissed.
President. Oklahoma .stain Kcdern
Hon of Labor
Allt'KP She Stole lliinilm.
Mary Johnson, a ncgio woman
i-harged with steallnu a hand bag
and slick pin from the apartment
TU - 8''0,y"ii0' ,"" 'yrj
rlZXX J,1,,, "f,' .'?.!
J. C. MONl'OnT. 8eo,
di:lta i.onaic m
will hold apecUI
nrntnunlrstlon Tuimlay, June
. Wiirk In M. M. lfrei coin-
lnnclnir nt ! JO p. in. .'lnltnra
I'Mimiijr irivnr-.j. .Maiunla hall,
II. C KaudnRii, W. M.
Arthur llaker. Hecrelarr.
jttM', !?ry frlly irin ..con.i
,v!J?2!la2 et comiminlcailon Prlrtay,
JxMKwWlf,-.Jane . Heuular monthly bul
5WtfM5zS"nr" i"tlmi. 1 10 11. in. Vlult
K?rrS 1,1 K Mna apeclally Invited.
'sM&'y M " i't.i;sni:u. w, m.
j7iw n. J ia n N A ., , Hrr r t a ry,
Tulsa chai'tcii, o. k. ts mta nr
iiu iiiiru vtrunraaay oc tha
month at Maonlc hall; rir.l
inraltng, tuattiva: aecond.
InltUllon nn.l loelal Rtara club
inteta arcnnil an1 fourth
Wrcln-Jy at J.JO p. m. Ma
nnlc hall.
....... Worthy Matron.
TUUJA CIIAI'TEH No. 6!, h. A. M.'mim
mrj ii"i nu .uiru Aionany or aacn
in. Mini i.e mreunir .Monilty,
Juno 7 Work In the Jloyul
Arch ilefireA.
It. n. NIJWHOtlSE. 11. p
M. A. 8NEn. Sacratarr
" rourin Mjnaay.
each month, fninmandr ry ad
Journa until Heplember 13.
K. C.
FRANK HRAM AN. Ileeorder
7KIMit TKMl'I.K. A. ofN. M. H. Nan
reRinar ineemn rrlday June
It iiav Houth Main. Phono
2): Ceremonial Juno 11
HAMUHi. II UYIC. l'al.ntal.
it. m wi:li.ivi;u. lucora.r
At HultA UlUtiU NO. It, I. o. O. K.
Neat meeting June Sep.
m ranu tipringa Indgo will
confer the Initiatory Degree
Itefreehmenla. Vlaltora wel
come at all meellnga.
.1 1' MuOHK, N. 11.
M It. I'OlNtlHTONK. Bee.
1LL.SA J-.Vc'AJH'MIjnt' NlX-iT, I. O
I J&Xc&P 0 l' meeta aecond and
nigiu June 11, ijjo. Dinner
'.0. Degree work a u m.
meeta aecond ' nd fourth Fri
day, p, m , K. 1. hall, IIU
Eaat Second, n
TUL3A CANTON NO. 16. I. O. O. K meate
flrat and third I'rlday, I
p. m., MualcUna' hall, 1JH4
Houth lloulder.
TUUSA CAMP No. (i7 il. W, ul A. and
ll N of A meeta every Tuea.
iiy night at K. of p. hall, it
Ka at Hecond atreet. Vlaltora
n rlt'ome
ll i:. MrCIIno, Coneul.
.r.Afl.,p!t".V;nn0e;.,, CI"U
Mr. I. J. Wr.g'h.:"' 0re,
n.jjoi. Tteeordee
E1I.VKII 1'l.UJIB I.OUIili, IIJ, K, p-
meeta every Thureday night
at K P Hall. Kaat ReeonVl
Nut meeting June t, Vlilt.
Ing knlchte urged to attend
naiurijax in eacn month
at laaontr Hall.
&t. A. Bnyder, &Ionarch.
II, O, Oraen. Bouretary.
(Tut'lali'd in the Tulea Dally World, June
I j t and o, nz'i vvoria
V bllehlng Co. I'ubllabera )
ftilfH Hlatlon Kendall 1
ISlds will be rrrelve.1 at the office of the
City Auditor Tulea, OKianoma, unm i
o'cl::lt ! l . Thureday. June Hth. J:o
f a materlala an,l eonjlrUCllon lor a
I Ire Hlallon. located Iti 19, 30. 31 and
i J. r-,k to College View Addition, and
north to ft of lot I, Highland Addition
n lv ff Tulaa. In accordance with plana
art aper,iiraiinna arprovca i u,e noi
'if C lpt mcra
I'.ldl'ra may atate price In aggregate ror
furnlihi g all materlala and doing all the
work fur the completion of the building
IitnMera awarded the contrac. to furnlah
a Hl'HKTY DON!) to Ihe City of Tulia
wllhln ten dava after the award.
A certified check, payable in the City
Auditor In the aum of five fi per cent of
the an omit of the bid will be required
from earn bidder.
Hpeclflcatna and plunk are on Ilia at
thm nfflra nf thm I'llv Atnlllnr Tulaa
I Okla A deptalt of $10 00 required for
a eet of r.lana and abeelf eatlona.
The right to reject any and all hide la
reaerven to tne noaru ot ioiiimieionti
rf the i Ity of Tulaa, on
All bids wi'l be opened and ron.ldered
. ,v,. iin.r.i ... Jlrni..iAn.r. ..n
City t rr-ietlng of eeld Hoard to be
Um in ih. ciii ii.ii i,. ..id rhv .i i
o clock A. il, on the IJth day ol June,
11 AS. KflANK Hh'AMAN,
Lily Auditor,
court at tho close of her preliminary
hearing yesterday boforo Justice H.
C. Maey. Culler claims the woman
entered the apartment and took
tho hand bag and pin valued at
during the uhsenco of those living
In the apartment.
Rates and linfonnation
Hie per word 'per tlm.
Reven Inaertlona for the prlea of all.
Minimum apace 1J wnrda
lo per word per day when ropy rtina
one month without change.
Minimum amount accepted 34c.
AM, CMAIUir, WANT ADH ate dna
and payable the name day flret Inier
tlon of ad anpeara. (All out of. town
want ada and all wanted to tent, all
uatlone wanted, wenrlna: apparel and
houaehold icooda ada are iioaltlvaly
caeh In advance.)
Charged at the same rate aa caah ada
and collection will be made at your
home or office aa won after flret In
eertlon aa powatble. thla la n aocom
reodatlon aervlce and naynienta abotitd
be mado promptly when bill la pre
vented, Alwaya aak your telephone ad
to ,bo repeated back to you by tha
telephone ad taker to make aura thai
It haa been t-nrTeclly taken The World
cannot mumi reaponelbtllty for errora
of any kind occurring In telephone
Under no clrctimetanrea are wa ra
epnnalble for errora In any advertlee
ment unleaa reported Immediately
after flret Ineertlon No reduction In
coat of an ad will be made unleaa error
dealroya value of ad.
Phone G000
Atk for Want Ad Department.
I.OHT WedneadJy night at Y W C. A
awlmmtitg pool, allver ring for little
flnrer Howard If returned to World
I.OHT Watch charm with Inlllala M It.
on one aide and email diamond on other
Oeage (711 or Oaago 0(56; reward It re
turned Vl7.1, T'AHTIKa wlfo took largo follle
dog from Ilroken Arrow Hunday, May 30
pleaee return and rerelve rewar,!
I.OMT-'i ladya" Mark MIliTn "elraw hat,
fell from auto Wedneaday night; liberal
reward. Call 311 N. Orant or rail Cedar
1 tS after t p. m Mrs. .1 A Qulgley.
i7()STr;.Jewcl llllnoie watrh and while
gold chain with gold football charm,
letter M engraved nn ball and year 'IS.
4IR WHeeond, liberal reword
U)fif cTlt. sfoT.KN- wVlfeAngnr rat
ankwera to mine of "Dammit"; nan fur
clipped on aide, liberal reward will be
given for any Information of htm. 110 N.
Vnrktown, call Oaage 7IM-J
HTUAYIID Krom J H Norfolk. Alrdale
nuppy o montha o d. bob lan. anon
chain attached to neck with buckekln
airing; liberal reward ror information,
prlred aa a Klftfromalater Oaage J0T1;
On T- Yellow bag containing pereonal
thlnga; between Tulea anil llrolten Ar
row Tueeday, reward for return to Hat-
nrr-wandera I o, Tuna.
Above reward will be paid for return to
Illgheart, okla , of one dark bay mare
about II handa high, weight about 010
roarne'l mane, amall turney iracs ecar
on right Jaw Kor further Information
addrt-a ! () Ho 5!J, Illgheart, Okla.
HTOI.KN--rrum Hegge. Okla. ISIS Kord
touring ear. engine No z.bae.-az. name.
Kullerlon Hlewart Lumber Co., printed
dimly en each aide; Hartford caalnga all
round, rear 3, front S Inchea. 2 patched
In number placea. 110 reward Notify
hler rnllee. Jlegaa. UKia
IN FIIONT of 313 H lloulder a traveling
bag waa piaceii in enme one a car uy
mistake Will finder Pleaae phone Oaage
407. reward.
OUT llaby'e white hood between Tulea
and Hand Hprlnga. reward Oeare 10
I.OHT -Saturday night at poet office, bill
book lonta n ng Plank enntracta. order
hook and other papera. Kinder pleaae re
turn lo 314 Wright Hldg.. and receive re-
warn i
KOIINO llarrel of dlehee Owner may
have eame by mall ng dearrlntlon to
tlo it. Hlloam Rprlnge, Ark., and paying
LOH r -On tlaln Ht , Thurailay afternoon.
child a raincoat with black velvet toiler.
reward Phone Cedar 1 S 20.
I.OHT Italncoat between Tenth and
i: rhteenth atreeta Haturday. reward
rj elurn to 311 Kennedy llldg.
LOST -One bunch of rivekeye near H"v
enth HI. Kinder deliver to 7 n. rieventli
and receive reward
LOST Octagon ahaped wrlet watch. Hl
mage, tiind engravea. naa euver niei
and pale gold bracelet. In downtown dle-
trict or at iiefi r-ors between a inn a.
liberal reward If returned Oaage 6lfl-lt,
Mre Hhort
SHAIKjy collie puppy, white feet, eeveral
weeseom 1'none ieagezij
W1IITK. klltena to be given away
H Cheyenne
KODAK flnlihlng: aend ua trial order.
half price, any elze roll sc. prints zo
up, write for epeclal prleea. star rnoto Co.,
IDS h. oaage m.. independence, .MO.
I'AfltMOl.'NT Maternity Jloepltal for
confinement, private, priree reaeonanie.
may wi rk for board, bauiea adoptiH
Write for booklet Mra. T II. Long,
llll V, Twenty-aeventh St.. Knntu City.
CANCRIIH. tuinora. aorea, goller. ptlea, fia
tuia. write tor leatiinoniais. tioa eii
Dallaa, Texaa.
WKHT MAIN maternity eanltarlumi for
the care and protection of young womeni
ratea reaaonable. bablca adopted; 1S47
W Main Dr M. II. Newman. Medical
Director. SOT C'olcord llldg , Oklahoma
Foil HAI.K -Mog-Jl kefoee'ne tractor tl"-3
hotaepower. Tltal keroeene tractor, tt
10 leoreepower, Oraln aeparator, 21-lneh
cylinder, Keroeene tank wagon and rub-
ear pen; Mci.ane loiry. no in. pnone
r a st .
ISSO sfODKI." Kord cou'peT' wire wlieeleT
drove about ISO mllea Police atatlon.
W I Davla or Oeage S4S-H
Tour car la neat Why not aave money
and have your car repaired at home In
yo'ir own garage by a merhar.lo who ran
produce written credentlalaT All work
1 "Vp1 m"" MM "U',U
." ur J? .
II " OF MONTHLY payment flret mnrt
gage notes, or will trade for car worth
the t.?n.. Til'1 ,iy difference Addrene
IL",J.".t" ""d .
1 1 . 1 a DoDOK erden tall 1102 ti. Main
I or pnone iwir nt,
At'ioMoiiii.r.s s'oit nai.i; in
nt'lCK light roa'daler, ISM." new flnleli
throughout, tlrve and niechaiilem A-l
Phnne Cedar 7JS
Poll HAt,i:-Cole road'aler. 'moifel No"." SlilT
fulh eillltined. over alte Urea, line ex
tra, ion. anil runa naa new rr iw
slelker Oaa St
Koltli roadater, good romlltlon, ehock al-
enrbeie ixsu caen, raay terma on nai-
anre Cedar Sit
roll ' HA Li;-' Jitney tar, 7-paaaenger
Mitchell . t'Mce MOO, i7(io raan. ll a nay
nee rnnlnpMoii, zii raiace.
Klrel rlaea rondlllon, 13.160. 11.71 buya
II, balame monthly see Krank Ouocn,
114 H ltoaloii
((il't ham: New V'iini Cnuk Call oag
fnriiT?. bearcat roiideTer In eti'elTent
rondlllon tl N Vain. Oeage 711
KOIt HAIjK lllldeon allper-alg 7-paaaenger
nr: nerfert runnlnt order, paint and
raalnga In flret ilaaa condition. Inquire
710 H Main nt
KOIt HA1.H 1H Hodge roadaler, enrel-
lent condlllon. IIOO Addreaa llox ai-i;,
World .
I'Olt HAl.r--Iialo , 7-paeeenger, good
tlree. good top,
good ahape: rniiat aell
Cillck. rneap
lnflie at IPS H Hrady.
Curtis Oriole, 1 B0 horse, power, only
flown 7 hours. No reasonable) nffor
Phone 0-7426
2-26 Pncknrd Klve-pass. TourlnK.
3-'-5 Packard Koven-pass. Tourlnff,
1910 Cole, Huven-pafls. Tourln.
1020 AVInlon.
1910 Cole, Knur-pans. Touring.
1919 lllllrk, Klvo pnsein'nKer.
191 R Oldnmoblle, finven-pasa.
Kord Hodan.
Tulsa Motor Car Co.
Pierre Arrow Cole Aero Klght
1225 South Main Hlreot
Cadillac Model 57
Kour powenrrer, new cord tires;
owner leavlns city. Bco car at
American Barago
721 South Main
Ono National 12
Ono Packard Touring
Ono Voile Tpurlng
Ono Chandler Chummy
Ono 1919 Kord Itoadstor
Ono Kord Hodan with starter
Ono 1 W-ton Truck
Ono Maxvtoll with all season top
One 1916 Maxwell Tourlne
One 1917 .Maxwell Touring
216 Kast Hocond. Osaen U9
Ask for Mr. Italnbolt
KOKI) roadaler for eale. Aulo llrokeragr,
lj H Clnclnnell, Oeege 7 til
Foil HALU-lilTVord roVdeter A-l con-
dloil Oeage tlll-J. J
Foil HALK Kord louring rar. eleetrln
etarter, Haaeler ehock aheorber, epot
light and In good condlllon 3S0I K Hodge,
Oeage t!lj
Hl'DliON- Abeolulely new, 7-peeeenger
auper aU and eiiulpped with ritra over.
ftxd Urea all eround. reeeon for eelllntf
acrount owner buying new home. Phone
Oeage ttoo
1 FllD roadater t(,reale. In good condt.
linn. jj (1 liraeler. Sill K Hernnd
KOIt ""HAl.Tv-Al arlflcn, B-paaaener
Klaeelkar In good rondlllon, IS00 Phone
Oeage SM2 or Oeage 1112, can be aeen
at SI 4 W Cameron
FHANKI.IN louring rar In flret rleea con
dlijon II N Wright. Iirton Hldg.
NIIW Mermon rhummy. perfect cnndP
Hon. I wlro wheele ll S00 aeh. I year
lime on balance rnnne cenar ill
2 I'OIlD louring care and 1 Ford roadater
AI condition. Can be aeen at SIB H.
Xanthua in i
NI5VV 120 Hudson Hpeedeter. never been
driven For further Information call
1220 and aek for Hurber
l-l'AHHHNOF.H touring car, cylinder
Continental motor, driven lesi than S00
miles off of navemenl, for eale. owner
leaving rlty. ll.OOO eaah buye. Call Sit
W Twelfth HI after Ji rn
I'AltlK touring tar ISIS inod'l flret
cleee mechanical condition Can eee car
at I'alare Theater I'hnne Oeage 1141
i M, M..
i eter In line ehf
hargain Packard road
ehene for dulck ea e will
.sell for half Ha value talk oiilrk or y;t
'will p.ee on thle. Phone Wnolf, Oeage JI4
eeii for half Ha va'ue latg ntnm or yru
ron HALF -lllg H! Paige rar. leteat
I modal, 1 paseenger. unuaually pow.
j erful mot-r and four tfyod caalnge.
v-mar i-ee.
Jjll'-ltiMIIIIII.I.H roll hAl.K li
IIUICK for e"ale," I)- 4R. S-paeeebgerT good
condition, muet eell el iim.. Aak for
Mr Moore 0 M Denver
S.IITl'lir.1.1. tor eale. I paaeeliger-. jilat
overhauled, will eell mi terma to a. re
liable perty Hutlon Molcr Co, I'lrat and
iienver iMe
PlTll-SAl.n-OakTan.lS . wiTl aaVrlflce'"i
a bargain for caeh. good running order:
raelnga In fine ahape. prlre SSftO Phone
I lea re 7,111 It nr rail 01 o K, I'llth
Tl.'I.HA 4 roadeter for aale: early tS0
model, nlmoat new, elegant condition,
wile wheele; party leaving town. Mr
Moore, SI I W Klrel Ht
If you understand mechanical things
thnroiiKhly, w want you to com
pare our usnd enrH rarefully with
every other nun In town.
Hut If you aro irolnit lo buy without
Inspection como hero and buy on
Packard tourlnir, 1918, rebuilt and
painted, (3,700.
Paokard chummy, 1918, driven 8,000
miles, (3,600,
Packard chummy, 1917, In A-l shape
I.ocomohllo 4)-panscnijer, new tire.
and paint.
Cadillac louring, 1917, repalntmU
22-73 Mercur ronuster, iirivon u,uuu
Bovon other very itood buys.
718 H. Itoston OmtKn 7942
Isis'TldliTilCadlllaoi escelTont condition.
eperial paint Job. new corn ureal prioea
at I J. 1 00 for Ulrk eale Mkaon garage,
CI? K lloulder Oenge 7SSI
!(" 1 1 UF,NT--t.'emeiil garago. U N, May
bell. (lAHAIlD for rent and rra, lumber for
eele nt JI4 W Twelllli Ml Allleon
miiroiiinci.r.H ami iiidiclkh is
It. A II, MOTOltCVI'LK for eale at a
bargain Call Cedar 71 after 7 p. m.,
1 SOS J llurnott Ht
MOTOItcrCLkVTwIn Indian with' eTile
car: guaranleed merhanlral rondlllon.
cheerfully ileinoiialrnted i ItSS at 111 II.
KOIt HA" I. UP Harley" liavldaon motnrcyrle.
runa like new, bargain for caeh. Call
William Allleon. Oeage 4744
" ti'A.s'i nit .tiMiLM'oiiYil'S i"y
WANTKD In buy " KorV" inurrng- or
roadaler body, Phone Oaage S7S and
Oeage S44
IjioArd and rooms
YiollILM " 1 it
F.tra large rool nulalda roome with awn-
Inge, hot and cold running wateri eplen
dld heda, abeolulely clean rooma) run In
connection with Ln Halle Hotel) splendid
Heine, i-none oeege
ItS Hotrrll IIKNVF.Il
Ultra large rool, newly renovated out
aide roome: eplendld bedei rleaneat and
cnoleet hotel In rllyi meala If doelred. Ilef
etencee required Phone Oaage I60S
VditDOVA "mrrm,
Cooleet rooma In town, epeclal summer
retell r:orner 'nurd and iiouiuer.
MIDWF.HT IToTKIr -Oppoille Midland VaT
ley ttallon on K Third atreet: no cleaner
netel in Tulea, hoi and rold water In each
room) eummer ratea. Phoiia Oeage 7710.
C (I Carpenter, Menager.
Limi I iiin;Hi;it i,y Lit jiuunri io
I LAIHTTllght '"houeek"ee7,rng room) prlvVto
entrance. 114 W Twelfth
DRn VHH, " fl 14 1 i "IIkM ho'iieVlieepTng
DKNVKIl, 8., Ill -For rent. I room for
light houerkeeplng III beaeinent, no chll
VCH i MON'I liH -l'lune furnlehed rooma
for hnueekerning In private home) gaa,
phone elerlrli.lty. water, Plann. etc, for
nlaheil) l'i per month. 1st N. Ilnaedale
Irving Plare on car line phone 7121
THlllD. 17. CSI'A Nice clean houeekeep-
Ing rooma. elhule or In aulle, Oeage
NINTH. WT '- Nicely furnlehed room
with uie i,f kitchen and dining room)
evervth ng rurn ehod t eoar 7.
VOllK rOWN, N . e -z large nueiy lur-
nlahed light nntitcKceping roome ruin
ilete. 2 donra off of Admiral Jitney I
block from car line, i private eiutancee,
bath end telephone
MAT1IKLL, N , i I llgm liouarKeepihK
roome ujtaiairat modern
f.iTovi'i.'iiii'irii: cl.iTANKitH "
Ifnriftrn rleiitiera. eklllful dvera. eltiert Hi
teratlona prompt eervlce and our reoord
or relUhllllv I'bone Cedar S3 and Oeage t
oPltTII. 11, 1140 -z light liouoekieplng
roome for rent.
1 FllltNlMHKD loome for Ight houee
keen ng: modern convenlencen at ill
Duliilh, weal nf N Denver
i " 7. 1 IH 'f houeekeeplng rooma) nu chll-
dren 109 ft Nogalee
oTtfrTcV S . til- 2 furnlehed for rent
PKoltlA. N. SSI- rurnlahid rooma foe
light hnuecKceping. rent reaeonanie
S Fi'llNIHIIKD hiMuekeepliiK "tiitnnt, IjeTsi
Slavbell. , all efter r, o m
2 I.AIicinTilily" furnTeTied modem ilgTil
lioueeaeeplng rtrorne, eine m. ueage
ISSt Coii,e employed.
Foil llKVTt furlileheil houeekeeplng
roome. modern no children isio n am
lllftr.K liaMMiient ruoiue, (urnlaliwl Cedar
riMl HUNT Comfortable baeement for It
per week Mre A. C Lewie, phone
Oaage ssi 4 nr JH "!'.-
iiaviirmI a. ISS-MiHlern furnlehe-i
rooma for light houeekeeplng Oeage
main. N. r. 1 1 - 1 nicely furnlahed light
hou.tkeeplng roome, modern, prlvale
illlAlifTw , SJO hr rent, large furnlaTTed
houeekeeplng fwmi
3 LAIl'll!, ''ool, light houeekeeplng roome
for rent; front entrance; only inoea wno
ran rive teforencte neoil apply
Apply al
4Si r iioeion
MK.ItVANTR' 'luartera ror rent In eiehange
for laundry I2S WhejJhiK
1 I. A"imK nicely I u r nTe ift H fl i )7C ) is u -
keeping rooma for man and wife, no
other ronmere, reference required. Oeage
F.LOIN. ft S21 I light lioueekeeplng room
lor rent jge i 41
MATiirii. i i. t suuee .x monern
" '.'e
rli!" ( 1 o ' b' tr ,ri on i .r
housekeeping : orn nose in private
entrame .
itAIN H 1!0
hui'e of ight h 'i ek e
Ing r',' rrn. weil furni"tiel. g
d water
t as-
no ebjKtloD. lu l small child.
i. mil r HorsicKi'.i.i'iNO uimimh is
UlltiriiNNIl, N., tit -.Light lifiu. . keeping
room for rent fall Oeage St AC .1
ITllAllV, W . I0K I light housekeeping
Mom for rent Oange MSI ll
MadThon" 8,, SlJ'i For rent. I w I
rnoina furnlehed for light housekeeping.
Call llaaga SltS II
NOIIAI.KH. H. 1- J large, ronl light linuae
keeplni rooma, connecting belli, on Owen
rent car line rnnne i-enar en
UIHT ttoueekeeplng
rooma, cIoim. lui
eontli aide. IIS Oeage 7IID-J.
TAII.OIIH Wo eperlallee III ladlea- work
anad ellk ahltta ahlrte all hand work. Slot
eulta cleaned and preeaed, tl 10 each, t
nay a eeevire) aum neiivery. uaage. i.u
Ii7ioMH""rtin ii it n f rfiii n i s 1 1 ifi i
I KI) 17
ly mod-
Fill! lll'.rlT.'llv ju.,ell. one atrle'lle"
em roomi private apartment! S tdneka
eeat of Keirhiim hotel and one.hejf ot
I'etroleum Club, nrefer oil men or travel
ing men) reference required. Phone) Cedar
119. , . . . .
iTKCONli.H, I4IS -1 nice lilo cool aleeplnr
ronrne. alao garage)
ror renu e-iion
oaage eggs.
NlfH large eleeping roomi modern.
tinning bain. I'hnne oeage loan,
I'Olt HUNT To gentlemen. S well fur
nlehed cool rooma In modern hnnte,
verr Lloee lnl lireakfaat If deeded i alau
rtandjr garee Call Oeage JltS,
HLKKI'INO "rooin, coinfnrtable" and con
venient! south eipoeurftt private en
trance In bath and to roomi gentlemen
only. Call Cedar 14S7.
CINCINNATI, M, 417-NIceIy furnlehe.1
room eouthwext eipoaurel oilUlde en-
I, Alton front eleeping room. S bl win
dows: etrtelly modern, Oeage Sllf,
ITOHTON, H. 117 S furnlahed
rooms cedar jOIT
Foil ft K NT--A room far S gentlemen with
board. In private family, Oeage 44II-J
PlioNT' liooif, eolith epoaura for rent.
01 14 llnaton. Deaae llll
H I , ,K K I I N(T room for r e n , 4SS W, Kourtht
hTjifI'TniI room adjofufnirbatlit elegantly
futiilehenrj private family, ll N. quinry.
riToiiMrlT'eleeprng ")rrh, garage, together
or eeneretelv 14. xanllttle. lleere llll.
HLKF,l'INtl"rooin,"r or 3 genlremeii. S(ST
11 Itnuetnn Ave. Oeege TftlS.
FllirflBNT -Nire clean steeping room for
Ijor S pernianent gentlemen IPS W, Snd
OlllSrKNNlT N.," ! Furnlehed rnollll
IS. SO per week. I'hUne Oeage
TWRLITII, W Hi One enutheaet
aleepfnrr room for rent reaeonehly.
f0 JUHTfCM In your eelf end your puree
alao. nr ral inff iiiirnanre iieggaga j.ine.
Phone Cedar SS, 12 W. Flret,
nnnnalle Frlecn atatlnni eoerlej eilinrner
ratea) elegent fviutheaat roome. nine and
root, ninnlnr water In mnmel nrtvale
belhSS per weekjr leeneet Jhnlel In Tulea,
wVNfA flOOlfllltlNflTf"
Cryelal Hprlng Wateri beat water and beat
aervlee.Oeege00or it, .
I'OII 'HUNT Kaceptfonal rnoTeoutli room
Adjoining bath! private entrance! eee.
end floor of Ontario apartment. Ill W.
Hernnd, Apt. Ii cell morning and evening.
euer V4i
W'iCI.Ii furnished well ventllntod
room ndJolultiK batli. prtvatn en
trance, second floor brick apartment,
tlireo blocks south Cordon limp;., re
fined couplo preferred. Phono Osano
foTl HUNT- Nice large front room llll
H. Main HL Celt evenlnga after S any
time Hundey I'honw SIS or SStl
COOL efeeplng rooma, running hoi and
cold water) weekly ratea. Arm Hotel,
11 S W Flret. phone Oeage 70IS
I'lOIIUrlfp H", 70S-rlteeplng rooni for
rent rioee in. ,
II. 110- -Deelrahle,
large front
dnwnetalre riiitm, Apt F.
H, ill 3 furnlahed eleeping
HIK.'OND V., tit- lleaullfully furnlahed
room t'none linage hit
LAltilM aoutli eleenlng room for 1 or 2
gentlemen :cloe Jn r Hione 7S7.
MAIMHOH, n., in meeptng room tor rent.
Cell Oeege ml.
noDLIHlil HTriiT rine lerge ete'epinif
room, thien rongentel wotxing glrle.
ni:NVKl"l. H., I J07 HleepTng poich end
drresing room lor i gentlemen, usage
DICNVfiil." H., 41(1 Private fannlly. newly
fiiniiahed sleeping mom adjolnlnr bathi
alen room with garage.
I, A 1111. ll, I'll iihii,, i.,r iwu, .iin j
walk no distance) prlrale family, call
COOL (iimfortabja. neatly furnished roome.
also Walking illatance, It to 110 week. 1301
ItoMToM. H . f, 1 it -Nice root eleenlng room
tor z or 2 gentlemen: true room le loraieii
In a like iiulet reepeclahle neighborhood
and furnlnhed with nice new furniture!
alen adjiiine elrepinir porch which makee
It unuifiy rool line le e irive,n nums en'i
you will have all Ihe homo comforts: wilt
be vacated Haturday.
iToHTON, C, 114-Lerge room, S cioeeta
convenient l :aih, preferably s gentle-
men ueege U4Z.
cTNcrNNATI, H., I0U Nicely furnletied
SIAIN. H. 1TIL 1 nice eleenlng room
1 or 3 men: on car line: alui dotiblo
garage wlth or without.
flinllHIfi, H". l3o"For rent, cool eouth
room, hot and cold water. I'lionn osage
7I7-J ...
rTNi'TNNATI. fl Front room nlcey fur
nlehed. m,utheaji eipoeiire, eurtabie ror
I or 2 gentlemen, private family. Oatgo
El .WOOD, H. 1117 3 eleeping roome
eultahle for I at IS per week: cloee to
car and Jitney llriee: private home
I Nil t Inrre aoulhftaal eletn ntr roolnl
email room, alao garage. Phone Cedar
1-1 LOIN. H, 413- Large, ronl sleeping morn
f ,r 1 gentlemen: private entranre,
DHLIIIIITI'IILLY no southeast room,
Oeege ? j
l.Alllll; nicely furnlehed sleeping room
for rent 103 fl. Cincinnati, Oeege
DHHIll Alll.l; room, close In: gentlemen
only, prlvete femlly. lhono Oi
aage Tib
IIOHTON, H, 1307Hleeplng room
gentlemen only. Phone Oeage 3t&7.
HOOM In front parirr adjoining lovely
ruin, privBin nomo) no ntner roomere)
for gentlemen only! reference required,
311 I, nineenin, pnone ii.nin eci.
CHKYKNNF., N., 1001 NiciTyfurnlehixl
room with nr without garage. Phone
Oaage ir,at nr osage till,
1 man.
H, CIO Itoom for rent for
jFFFnttHOV F. . 102-Fnr rentt nicely
r. rnlhl cooi sleeping room lor gentle
Mientlemen nut of town moet of Ihe
I time wanta roommate. p.l
Mil, 1011 S. Cincinnati. I
l'Aone Oiage
WKt.li fiirnlahed cool deelrabla room,
enulheaalern eipoeute; cloae In on aoutli
l.lo In prlvale home. Oeage S7l.
hT KI"iINfi room for gentlemeni connect-
"'S o"1.".! JPILr'll, nome; oaage lets
i,A IHllo eoulh 7iioni"edjo"lnlng bathT'ault-
alile for 5 gentlemen rloae, In, ! H.
Main. Ajt l"S Oeage !.
Ktni liK'fJf"-" Sleeping room and garage.
Coll mornlnga (11 K Tofktnwn
HLBeFINii room wltTt efeepTng pore hi
men only Phone Oeage ilH.
CINi'INNAtF 'R.nril"l.:.TfrTa"rge eleep.
Ing roomi nicely furnlahed. Phone
Oaae IU
FIl'TlC W-cioee In eleeping room for
renli well furnlehed In prlrale home
gentlemen preferred. Oiege list
MAIN. 7 ISI-" Nlceiy 'urnIahe,r"iuVer.Tng
room on fjrat floor Phone Oeage H07I-.L
KIMII. v" lis' Weeping room for g'an"
lilt"""' Pr wk' '"hone Oaage
f'irinOO,' HTWTCF'fe"nT." 'nTce""el.eplbg
room; Oeege SSI
nrjTHltlKl. HS0I "Nicely furnished room
rloee In for gentlemen only. Oeege S87
fiLiliN, ft.. 70S Nice ronl eleeping room,
private entrance Phone Ojie 47SI-J
ETNCINrTAYn.'; ISOJ- "cnoreoutTreTMin
Ing ronmej mnderni nicely furnlehed. In
prlvale home. Oeage 10
I'ltlUf'O, It. 0I I'nrtent. nlrely furnlahed
eleeping room. Oeage UK.
Foil HKNT -Cloee In Targe eleeping room.
JAHPHH. M 102 lliautlful furnlehed
large eleeping porch; modern adjoining
belli l alao garage. Oeage loss,
NJCICLV furnlehed room opposite Centre!
high erhnol for 9 TOllnr ledlee enonlA
empjoye.1, Oeage Sltl.
CHljvilNNK.'rl.. 410 Lene front eleeping
roomi eoutheaat oxnoaiire) modern home.
Oeege 'SOT
6 1 Atk I'lNOrooni for ledlee. Phoue Oeage
Foil HIONT tlleening room f'or gentlemen
only; 410 B. Pneyennn
MAIN, "m," tot Cooy'room for rent.
NIC1C large cool eTeeplng. mama with hot
ami rold running witleVi weekly rgtee.
Alia Vlala lintel, llu Ii. Klevenlh Ht..
age list.
UHByRNNM. HT. 03-Nicely furnlehed
front enutheaet bedroom! eyery rnn
yenlence to gentlemen only. Oeege llll.
UOOI, room, nonv.nl.nl to ear end lllnev'!
win errvn t or a meaia lo i or 3 younej
men. Oeege Kit
tHNC'irlNATl, H tSS For rent, flret claea
eieeping room ror gentlemen.
Foil IIF.NT Nlro, cool eTeeplng room,
OH IIF.NT Nicely furnlalied room, clone'
ln. entlablA for 1 voune ledlee Phnne
Oeege BS7.
Foil Tl HfT Bleeping room wllh kllrhen
prlvllegee; prefer vodlea employed
rtnnm I, Wllaon Apt.. ISI H. Hecond tit.
ItOOMW UNFllllMMimil l
TKNTII, W., IS06 1 iorg5 unfurnished
nTntII, W SOI Kor rent, 1 untarnished
i LA I MHQ unfurnished 'roome with aleep
Ing porch) modern) light, water, ges
and telephone) fijrnlehedl 110 per month.
Oeage lS4.
t NfCH large unfuTnished roome and
kitchenette! modern) ISS per month.
IS2S H. lloeton.
nooMN mtOi ii7mTi1 it
CAMKIION, W,. ill Nice furnished room
eultahle for 1 or 3 young gentlemen, I
room eultablo for 1 gentleman! with or
llhoiit board
HOULDIJK, N HI (loom end board for
gentlemen onlyi home nrtvlleree. Phene
Oeage MM. "
CHI J V K HN1C, N SIS Hoom and board
for I men on car line. Call any time.
RToil rool room with hreakfaet and din
ner for two gentlemen. Call Oitge
7o4 1
WANTICD Itoom and board for mother
and boy t for IIS per month. Address
ItS i:, cere World.
""ivantf;d itooMrToit lioTTitii "is
ttllNIHHDD or tinfurnlahed room for em
tiloyed women wllh lS.yeer.old hov. Call
Mrallrown at Oeege 3II
"" I'Olt CIOMUN'f'wollk
Call Hoy Frye, oeage ISIS-J.
MTKNOflllAPHIC aervlcei neat work and
prnniii eervic. j'non Osage tlto.
IF IN HT. HI) of carpenter call Oeage ttol
eallsfactlon Euaranteed) referencea fur
nished, IF VOU want plowing, or light hauling
none, can vsagei veil, or appty at zsso
VM IIAV'H eeveral ueed planoa thoroughly
over iieiiivfi, ceeii or terma. I J. .wnilo
Mualo Co., tit 0. Main ML. Phone Oeage
11. U HIIAWHAN, O. I'. WltlOIIT. pracll.
cal painters and paper hangerai nrlrea
reeannable. Phone Oeege DI1S. JH N.
CilAH. Flir, landerape gardener, lawns.
graded and set with Ilermudaj IS rears
In Tulaa, Phone Cedar Hit
Mow your lawn, gra.e your yerd end do
them right, we will dl gcellaie, alorm
holes, baeemente or wellei lote or rich
bleok dirt to eell) wa stay hare) we be
lieve In Tulsa.
lit H. lloeton. Osage 7710.
W. II. Clttl.ON. Landecape llerdner.
HacF! C'urtalne cleaned, cieanere of line
I nee. Mra. O. W Tonlllnlon, llll lie. I
lloil ,'" g eS 3 0 It
MA'fl'ill-HHFH renovated end recovered.
All work gutranterd. Porler Mattress
CO; Oaaje llll .
DON'T HUV?F.ri w'lth'pUeaTret rmmedlate
r,,lr., wnte rtiric. nog leio.
M"ATTIti!Hl)K---ltenovate, .and recovered)
letumed home the iimi uay. i'hone
III). Henltarr Stattreee Co.
i.F.T MB OVKHIIAUL your Ford for 111
In vour eeraee or brine? It to 711 N.
Peoria, one block north end of ear llnei
special prlcee on other makee of care;
wora- guarantees t give meariai.
I r.r mi: hf.ll
Llet vour ueed car wllh me. I'll gel yoar
price for It Phone Ceder SII.
LAl'i; cult TA inn dry eieeoed or lauit.
dared by emerta. Ills ft. Cincinnati!
pnone cieege eras
BTOVKU and furniture repaired etovee
bought, eoid and egenangoa. jeie
Ilodgee, Osage 4711.
LET mo fix your lcaklnK roof; work
KUarameeiL pnonti OB'iKe 39Z8.
lil'l'l.lM(rAND"CiNTHACTlS"lt St
Foil HAI.i;- -Cement blocka and Iota of
thern at It centi each. Phone Olll
HANIHICP sewage disposal eysten.s, for lire
with err without water supply, for subur
ban and country homee, ichoola. Industrial
villages, etc., absolutely automatic! em
rlency guaranteed) Indorsed by health au
thorltlea everywhere, 10,000 In use. Bend
ror uteraiuro, Agenia wanien, v.etueni
Product. Cu. 3&i h Denver nt
1'CH C1HTKHNS, etorm cellars, relatnlng
walla, basement floors, etc. Call Osage
7151 10 yeara' experience, wntk guaraa.
YB "UO-Hl'ILl)rNO. repaTiIng, painting
ana ueroraiing, gou prompt eerfiKe
our motloCall Osege 314. MeF.wen.
Chi MK NT HLOCKH for "eale by the clear
eend and gravel Co, phone oeege ni.
per rent large or ar.
:ili work guar
t. riione Ot(
anletd) repair done aU'

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