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ice woman win
Candidate for
Independent Democrat Files
Notice of Candidacy Hud
. son Legislative Candidate.
State Briefs
MUHKOCJEK, Oliln., June 4.
Miss Alice Robertson, pioneer Jtus
KoKecHn, former postmistress of
MufiUogcc, and for yearn active In
republican politics In Oklahoma, to.
nlfiht announced that ho 1b a can
didate for the republican coriKrus
tmnal nomination In tho Second
knhomn district.
Tho announcement of her candi
dal)' followed tho publication thin
morning of tho filings of K. C. Mot
ur Virdlnand 1. b'nldcr and II. II.
j u'ti. all republicans.
iUrs HoberlBon la an avowed
W'i. id nupportcr and has mailo bcv
era speeches In hln behalf. Sho w:m
j,of in Indian territory, not far
ff'm this city, before Muskogee hud
been placed iftion tho map. Sho Is
the daughter of a missionary who
wr ked among tho Indians In tho
days "before tho whlto man came."
Phe wan appointed postmistress
of MjRkogeo by Thcodoro Hoose
elt and for a tlmo claimed the dis
tinction of bolnff tho only woman
fAptmastcr of a flrst-clasa city In
Uie iniiiMt -n.. .
jtlis Ilobertson was nmonij the
first ardent nntl-BitffraglRts and nt
one tlmo was vice prcldent of tho
state nntl-BUffrago association.
"Now that miffrago has been forced
upon the people, I want to feci them
... nr1 nfn If thov mnjin It' who
UUt " '
' eald tonight.
"If I nm elected I won't sob and
rntvd and say that 'I cannot vote
for war "
jr. i. Turner of Oklahoma City filed
ns andidato for United States sen
ator today, listing1 hlmmlf ns an In
dependent democrat. Turner was
defeated ns a candldnto for tho dam.
ocrstlo nomination for tho scnato in
Jud&e Mark L. Bozarth of Okmul--fee,
Judge of tho district court in
the JSrd district, filed for the dem
ocratic nomination for Justlco of tho
supreme court In tho Kovonth dis
trict. Candidates for tho atnto scnato
who Jfiled today are Frank I. Davis
cf wild, democrat, for tho Klghth
district, and Dr. K. B. Illbbltla of
Cold Springs, Kiowa county, demo
crat, for tho Sixth district.
Candidates for tho houso of rep
resentatives aro T. A. 1'arklnson of
Waconer, democrat: Oeorgo D.
Hann of Cordell, Vashlta county,
democrat; M. II. Iiuthan of Chlcka
fha, Grady county, democrat; Wash
E. Hudson of Tulsa, democrat;
Thornton Clark of 1,-iwton, republi
can, and Cicero I. Murray of Lind
say, Garvin county, democrat.
Wishes Mouth Willi Arid.
MIAMI. Okla., Junr- A. Mistaking
carbolic acid for mouth wash near
ly eot tho Ufa Inst night of G-ladyH
Morgnn, 17, an elevator operator In
an office building here. Sho picked
the hottlo from a sholf and filled
her mouth with tho acid before sho
discovered her mistake. Her mouth
and throat were badly burned hut
n physicians say sho will recover.
I'ONCA CITV, June 4. Wheat
growers in session hero yesterday
passed resolutions that "it will bo
necessary for tho wheat growers of
Kay county to storo their wheat on
the farm, releasing it only In suf
ficient qunntlttes to natlsty market
demands In order t maintain n
price covering at least tho oot of
production, nnd we . . . emphati
cally urgo and Insist that the tann
ers in Kay county do at once ar
range to prepare sufficient storage
to hold this yoar's crop."
SUCK, Juno .1 The rustic brldgo
ovt Little Deep Pork In Slick prk
bus been complotod and tho work on
the park Is being rushed with a view
to opening about June IS. Tenuis,
motion pictures, bathing and boat
ing will be some of tho amusements,
Special train service between lUls
tow and Slick will enablo the poo
plo of Sapulpa, Tulsa and other
nearby towns to como hero for an
SUCK, June 4. The Oklahoma
Southwestern railway company's
first engine will arrive at Brlstow
Saturday. It will bo put In work
train nervire. Officials of the road
expect lo bo operating trains Into
Slick within 30 days.
Think Knpulfm Youth Killed In Car
Wreck Wns I lacing Machine,
FprcUl to Thi World .
HAPUIjPA, June 4. Investigation
of tho death of George Bhlvner, ID
year old gararv mechanic, who died
almost Instantly about 12:45 o'clock
this morning when an automobile
which ho was driving turned turtle
three miles east of this city on tho
Tulsa -Sapul pa 'road, throwing tho
driver several feet and wrecking the
car on a concrete culvert, developed
today that tho young mun was proh-
amy racing a taxi car.
Shlvner was driving a Chandler
car owned by L. W. MvRiicn of Brls
tow. Both Shlvner nnd Iluh 13.
Shlvner, n sister Jive In this city,
Tho parents of tho dead man re
side at Glrard, Kansas, and a brother
lives In Kansas City. Funeral ar
rangements havo not been made
pending tho arrival of tho father
Hotly lNninrt In.Crtvk Believed to Bo
That of Bank Bobbery Suspect.
Special to Tho World.
PAWTIUSKA, Okla., June 3.-
That Horndon Kochler charged with
the robbery of tho hank at Burbank
was tho victim whoso body was re
cently found In Bird Creek south
of Blgheart, Is tho opinion In of
flclat circles here. Koul play Is sus
pected as Kochler Is said io havo had
a strong alibi and persistently as
serted Ills Innocence of tho crime,
Kochler, left hero oTT Saturday before
his caso wan set for Monday and
it was said that ho left Coffeyvlllo
presumahly for PawhUBka, hut has
not been Been since.
Tho mother of Kochler who ar
rived in Pawhuska last night has
identified tho ohoes and handker
chief ns those belonging to her son.
but cannot Identify the shirt.
Fifty Cars Allotted to
Oklahoma by Commerce
mediate relief for tho grain ship
pers of Oklahoma by an allotment
of SO cars dally to the Bock island
niliroad for southwestern move
ments, was announced tonight In u
telegram from II. W. Wooley of tho
interstate commerce commission.
John A. whltehursl. president of
the stain board of agrleul'itte raid
tonight the Mule now was recoiling
about 100 cars each day In the mi
eral run of business and that the ,'0
additional cars will be a ma'crl.il
win lie said tho farmers vero le
spondlng rapl.lly to tho nppeuin for
Horn go rnollltli'i and that on the
whole conditions are good, but that
thero are sumo dc penile situations
lo be met among tenant faiuuts
who hao insufficient slnr.ige facilities
In lilt telegram Woolle stated.
"The commission's orders requiring
tho unloading of 2,7ou carina. Is of
grain ncuuinulnted at thilelon by
reason of can lei s' failure to
promptly place, embargo anil allot
ment of &0 curs e.ioh day lo the
Hock Island for southwestern move
ments Is expected to ease the Okla
I emu grain car supply situation Im
mediately." Tn Protect Americans.
LOS ANUHI.KS, Oal, Juno 4
Protection of Americans and Ameri
can business and stimulation of In
dustry In Mexico will bo possible
under the new order of things there,
IMIdomcrn Almad.i, the new govel -nor
of northern district of Lower
California, slated hure today.
Wanted nt oncu. several good red
blooded 100 percent Americans quil
IMa.I In .Alnll..lnt,J It f h ,1 III
.... .1 ,1, 1M, IVIIIIIUi'ntu,'- . ' -
fantry unit machinist gun company
of the Oklahoma national guard
MICH men will on comiiunsiom'ii mi
once and may attend the officers'
school to bo held nt Oklahoma City
June (! tn 20 Advt
June Records
Now and Nifty
Pathe Shop
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"The Courage of Marge O'Doone"
James Oliver Curwood's Greatest
, Story to be Shown at
Rialto Next Week Starting Sunday
Black-Draught Highly Recom
mended by Illinois man
for Liver and Stomach
Disorders; Used It
for Fifteen Years
Beautiful snow scenes, Intense action. Intelligent animals, all-star players,
picturesque locations and masterly direction contribute to tho success 0f
Uie film version of James Oliver Curwood's famous Btory, "Tho Courage
of Margo O'Doono," which opons at tho Rial to theator Sunday for a four
days run. The Vltagraph Film company has made a special super produc
tion of James Ollvor Curwood's famous novol, and an all-star cast Including
Niles Welch and Paulino Stark wore engaged to Interpret, the leading
role. "The Courago or Maree O'Doone" Is one of tho really good films
aado this Bcaaon. Advt
Slngerton, III. "For fifteen years
wo havo used Thedford's Black
Draught, and havo not ns yet found
anything that could take its place,"
writes Mr. W. K. Blstor, of this town,
"I havo used it for Indigestion a
number of times, and It gives relief,"
continues Mr. Bister.
"For sour stomach, n heavy,
bloatod feeling, It is splendid. And
when tho liver gels torpid, so that
when you stoop nnd raise up sud
denly you feel dlitzy, a few doses will
set you straight,
"Wo keep It and use for consti
pation and tho above troubles, and
find It most satisfactory. I can
recommend It to others nnd gladly
do so. For tho number of years I
havo used Black-Draught now, I
ought to know."
In Its 70 years of usefulness, Thed
ford's Black-Draught has relieved
thousands and thousands of persons
Buffering from tho results of a dis
ordered liver. And, ilka Mr. Bister,
many people feel that, after using
Black-Draught nothing can take its
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New June Numbers Now On Sale
3M m
If You Arc Easily Tired Out,
Your Blood Needs Purifying
Cloggd. up Impurities Will Under
mint! Your Health.
As summer approaches tho Im
purities that havo been accumulat
ing In the system throughout the
winter begin to clog up the circula
tion, causing a general weakness
nnd debilitated condition llrtit Is
generally known us "Summer Sick
The first symptoms are usually a
loss of appetite, followed by a grad
ually lessening of energy, tho sys
tem becomes weaker day by day,
until vnu fel yourself on the verge
of a breakdown. Children Just at
this season are peevish and Irritable
and become puny and lifeless.
This whole condition is but the
result of Impurities In the blood,
that have been accumulating and
makn themselves felt more distinct
ly with the change of ociisnn. They
show that nature needs assistance In
giving the ystm a general house
cleaning. Nearly everybody Just now needs
ft few bottles of H. R. H., the great
vegetable blood remedy, to cleanse
out nil Impurities. It Is good for
the children, for It gives them new
strength and puts their system In
condition so they can more easily re
slst the many ailments so prevalent
In summer. S. H. K. Is without an
eotml as a general tonic nnd syslen
builder It Improves tho appetite
and gives new strength and vltullt) 1
tn both old and young,
roll Information and valuable
literature can bo had by writing lo
Swift Specific Co., K09 Swift Itbor
story, Atlanta, Da, Advt.
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Lucy Gates, glorious soprano, makc3
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Light Opera Medleys
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