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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 08, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 13

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IS-Knot Battleship In
vented bv Hun Too Late
for World War.
One VatMl Calculated to Nul
lify Tower of Wholr Bif
Naval Fleet.
PF.RMN. Jun 7. A Ocrm.in ;
naval nlner nmneil Mnrtlor him In j
, .n'rit a new type nf hint whlrh. hf-
teres, win rtvetatlonlM RaVll :
warfare. IN wmth thai thr power
, Mi.ti.illlnft hl raft nrn tfxr no,
.,ihr navy. however "trnnif i
The prlnrlpal feature of thin vw-
eel am IW fpfeil. Ha torporlo rapao-
lt and it piacticai Invtatblllty. Thi
motive poxvrr Ih crudr Oil, atwl thi
V,.t hM a CfUltni radlU of '2. Mm
eViil". with a rruleliiK e''.l of 10 '
,rt"i, while auJClllaty engine Will
in.hle hrr In flrvplnp ntii of 4
knoti I
Sh CrTie 1ft totppnor. which
are flrfl h' thr- f.trrrgtriiin. who:
drive the vaaatl .ie one drive ,-i mn-
t ' it At thr moment tho torpedo
is delivered the Mirie-miin eWtnfM ih
t round, tourhlne .1 levt r, irhli h
enable the hoat to dart away like 1
an arrow. A further advantage Is 1
th- extremely shallow drmu-ht.
evil h will allow her to nail over
mine fields with prfc toot .and
tofetr. I
For nantal vnymrrK only two men I
art- nei-eBaiy, lull for loncer trip!
10. omnoidation 0011 he arranged for'
I M. idler declOTee with mfflrlrnt'
of hie Veeeele to guard porta It will I
I." lmpoth!e for any veeeel lo en-
!. r "i- leave, tm engine completed
the tent in the autumn of lnis The
correspondent haw eein certified
ropira of testimonials from (ier
niu vs highest naval engineer ex
perts indorsing the inventor'e clolmi
and advocating the OOmitrtlettOn of
Fieri! to his pOOiftOOtion Owing
g t irmletlc none wee ever built,
"ni the inventor is now endeavoring
t., .hspose of his lights t.i a toreign
It .s understood that negotiation!
air in progress with the Italian an
thorltiee, who have already depos.
Ited a conalderabla sum at a neutral
hank for the right of Inepeotlng the
patents. Madler Is well known In
nava! is lreles and held an Important
poelllnn at Kiel during ih. war (H
etiKlne is apparently an Improvement
on the Diesel type. The hoat Is a
ni"i miiniy goon seagoing craft
mnrrd throughout.
Chicago Mayor Stut is-dcd s tn,,H
Notioiuil omnilltci loan hy
Senator Miitiiuiii.
CHICAGO. June 7. -The Ln-.vdon
late nf offlc-ers was electarl without
opposition tonight at the eauius of
Illin.iis delegalea to the republican
oonvention. senator Lawrenoe y.
Sherman was chosen national eom
mltteeman and 1,. L Kmmerson
chairman of the stale delegation.
Mayor William Hale Thompson.
Mho presided, announced Saturday
tha' he would not he a candidate for
re-election as national iomnilr.ee
man and no Thompson slate was In
troduced. The only clash of the
meeting came when Thompson asked
that u resolution adopted hy the
took county republican committee
today he presented to ihe national
convention, After cenalderable de
late the resolution was tabled II
to 11.
The resolution asserted that at
tempta had been made to "buy the
J residency of our country." and that
very mull who has participated in
f seeks to stand to profit hy such
practice! should be excluded from
the privileges of the convention and
barred from partlolpotlon in our
p.uty councils."
After the meeting Mayor Thompson
announced ihai he would carrj the
resolution lo the republican conven
tion and Insist that 11 is considered.
White iioieuation Rofnare to Meat
Negro raidion. n apart Me.
Unaoal AU1.
CHICAGO, dune 7 The (ieorxtla
BOnteal between the faction led by
Henri Lincoln Johnson, an Atlanta
login, and Itoecoe I'uket, today
developed further complications In
an effort to agree upon a slate of
l O! J- I! t noiolfXiilliinM A series of
pnferenooa reeulted in a deadlock I
nd another attempt to settle tho
differenooa wil t"' made tomorrow,
but with proepeeta of the whoa- fighi
being taken anew to ihe credentials
The white delegates led by rb kett
Were reported to have POfliaod to
ni i wl'h ihe negroes. The Johnson
lct ion had a majority of ihe delega
tion placed on the temporary roll
bv ihe national committee. They
"re unlnstrucied but reported lo
favor Governor Lowdeni the ptckoti
group being pledged to Qeneral
Wood Considerable feeling WM
Mid to have resulted today from HU
;i "a, hut Influential efforts lo get
a ote on committee gaglgnmanta
iohn!on wa! chosen national com
Rlltteeman at the state convention
hut when presving his rase hefnre
the national committee he agreed
to leave the place to someone else.
Rome of the Pickett faction to
night expressed fear that the pree
ent deadlot k might icsuli In the un
f I'lng of all Ooorgla delegates by
fh. credentials committee.
t.oi O, 1". it. Chock,
I hceit fn, IJI.IIl an payment of the
MntMl corporation license tax of
'he Oklahoma. ProdllOlnl anil Refin
ing company of Tulsi. was collected
lOxlay hy the recording rleik of the
si. tte corporation commlsalon. The
' heck Is said lo be the Imgest license
paymi nt exer made by a corpor
ation In Oklahoma, and Is exeluelve
of oil upon which (truss yi.i luction
lux In levied.
Id at I iinilice Appeal
WA8HINUTOX. June 7. The nn
Preme court upon the BOVarnnflt'
mouon today fixed October 11 next
for healing argument In apo il
proughi h id! American C mn a
Lt'mngr Co and otnvi lefendarti
from Judgment! granted jnuir the
f,li intan anil tin.' act .11 proceed
ings brought against iheni at Men-
I his Tcno Th It, however, de-
hled motion of the lefemlant to
nave enforoement of portioni of the
lower court decree wt'hheld bending
iinai dw irmtaatlon of th- eaae,
1 inn to - 1 rtmd Wee
BPniNoKIKl.t), 111. June 7
Inhn w Dunn, ' Intimate friend of
film dn. hanker and well known bu.
Iness man and repUOltean in Illi
nois, died at ins home here today.
Ratea and information
Fn tfi-rft: ' . f' r i prlfH of rlt
Minimum iiam t:
il pii w,tfH rly Mfn Mfff WM
on1 mdnin wttboul nn
Minimum fgmotinl i'it"l
ALL CHAROK U A l AIS nrr. lti
ni o)Vill triet h4inf my flTtl llWW'
titn if t 1 iripMfi, v otit of -tiwn
wni adj moi all wnntw'l I" rrti.
union, wati'H u furiiiK mM'pI "ml
htxi-r-hoiti tOfjfli sin f HfnlVtlV
tai-h tn nrlNnf)
rhnrupfi at ttif MtM '( rnh ad
n.l i-tirttnn will n mml a' fVlf
hoin nr nf f i o n- MM fiT flfKt In
ar'ion ria pelblt j thin la an UMnV
nidatlnn arrvl in'l MyilMfltt ih'M
'iienln tirnmptl v whfi I'll I ll pr
Pnt, Aiwa I- your teleph tia 1
lo bf ranritel ha k to y,m by IM
tfUphnn m t .later q iimhf IliN that
It In j ln 'irro. ily UlID Tjw WOflfl
rann'tt ipriime rtipOIIBlMIII f"f rmr
nf anv k it. I m mti IH In te-lrph'ina
art v air t lMinnt p
ndr ti" lllf MITillinrM ara w r
ai "ii Ibidj fttr arrnr- in an idvjrtla
mfnt unlfr.. rprt1 Imnirdtatfl
nf rr f If-t Inrsartlon No r'(!Ui tl'in in
r Mil of An ad will ht mad unlaaa arror
datroya valua of ad
Phono 0000
A'k for nnt ,l DepeTtlBOOt
II N git A I Ml I II I s
Mrs. A M MHHholl.-n of 1130 K
Mh uled Sunday evening Funeral
services will be heldr 111 the Klrst
Methodist a lun c h hi 4 p. m. today,
.lime Dr I W vl,el offleUllnM
I lis, M- Kl Ml '
I.MST on Sapnlpa road near West
Tulsn. man's Idack and white
ehoekod roat; reward. .rr.:i rlouth
Peoria. Cedar 25.
I.MSI le una .ml kcs fall
Cedar 1212 ,
I. "ST small band bag ccnMlnlng re
COlpt, bills, small change Notify
C. A. nelva. Weet Tulaa. Box 377.
JunV7, 1 ! -J " St rave, or St iletl
Mack marc halter and rope, hi and
on It ft Jaw
Mi'iKht i r. 1 pnun 1.
nutlfi. Claud
ireen, omciair nacninv
Shop. t
at'll.KN- Fool psiispn!rr Inuring cur In
front nf I'.rsn.l IBatri Krl'lity. na
urn iiooiiyr dieniead tread lire "" eaea
wiir.1.. two Fiii-itoe in" n,i treaii ""
line N" JifVm; ..It iihi'o 'il rwid
'nr ri-t'irn. r li inn run nnvrui ""-I
court houM er noorge Perkins. ."Xr: -
Ahnv renl will he iia f"i ri-tnrn t"
Niihrar. "kls. of -nr ,l.irk hav le;J""
gboul M aaao tngh. "' !oji www
m. hen ni4in. mnn iirni- iwmvm www
on tight Ml fur turihor Infer ins I lea
a.,r.. P " nni rtMihrrt. "kls
t i i vVnn "win p BS t"r identity
f thief hn iteli rrd eetdoor brooOer
with eOeutN .weehi-eld row! leehjjra
, hlcken frmn my il"- r relay tilshl
nrrin Mrjwea, Ptfteeeta iei Mwu
nue. W- r1 P No .
STRAY Kl oi slolrn from 9 and
Hoston. one black and tan hound,
had collar and name plate on. Lib
eral reward Will b paid for return
of dog. or Information leading to
recovery. Phone Osage li!S or
iMHgo 13 27.
FT k AYs" taken "up eh Hi" -Hi" Them ,s
,.l..r 1 Imv lliir.". .1 .1 "II l.n "hi, i i
heme. II i ' en lef, hip. l eel
hmt srnr nn n-'ck: I lrewn
horM with
while face.
i.i ,i .r nn ani i PP
t bey neeee, winm f
t inmsy m!l a I f
and 1 white feet.
J Mendnr
j . : , ,, THtoosa and I Ulan M-xv
laundr, hug ...nlaltlng on. .king BUB
alia and flailing llliee. el, ; findtr pleann
rail Oieg! ll
loin v who g.a o.ilr of eh.-i-- nl I logr.'e
.i, Hhoe 8hop l,y ml-lke pleaae
i turn
i.Hird A- leheeeer, ila I n
Hunt Co . notify shoe -hop.
I.. .light lit
I W Third
I . 1ST Saturda miche I el ... 'Hni' id
Shrine pin. finder phone Isnlt M",
I i ix'i Small lirown teir.e with 137 ill hllte.
nne aspiihlrr ring nnd rerda n.iine Wilms
Mnffat. call Oaage :.t" inward
f7,frTon tn nxferd. ,.,r. ..i. Ueren
and Frlam slntlon. II reward I all
".age ,5. !
I.i ST Watch charm with Inltlall
I M R on one lid and small die
Imond on other i is ace 7 7 I 01 Oagg
I SI "I. Reward If returned,
im in i v PFn-oNAl.
V ANT K 1 1 lo adopt baby girl not
over thrO years old Address
Ml K World,
IWASI'KI) To hear from any an ti'
! x ,x . iu,.,.M Addresa
ajp.fj, rare World
WANTKIy- Tu" ilrlxi' car. any iniike. M
re'.pon.llile ...r" to ."me point we.t
referemea exc hanged Phone n.age I7II-J.
Addre.a nex17;-K, World k
f . I n XI. a-T M.. lef. i'l. Ho-pii.-ll rnr
onflneinent: private pre 'M
may wnrk fnr hnard baeM
Write for honklet Mra T
.ill F. Twenty.. '-enlh St. K
n Leaf.
n.aa City.
Mo. ,
i AM FIIS tunmee. aura ( -Iter. Idles, fin
tilla Writ for te.tlmnnlala. n
flails. Te.ii.
WKst II.MN mnurnlty
aanllarlum. fur
f vi.nni women.
Ihe rale ana prinei 1 1
rxtia leignn ihle
hubiea adu,tad. 117
w Mala PJ
lilrerler, 107
M II Newman Medical
.,1,-nid Bldg,, Oklahoma
i" 11. MX FtNISIIINO -end
ia lrtl oidaj.
half price
II, Wflte f
Ce n1 R
IIIV aire roll or. pnn.a -
aperlnl prima Star Phnlo
:iU' II I ndepetidenre Mo.
Tnur car la ntil Why n ,t
' .. i...... nr renaned
vnur ..en gsraga hv a "e!Ble tal
I,.,.,, written ra'lnt la u am w-k
SwSiuod. "odor lB "14-H.
fcftarjTp- to - - -
KH SAI.K on- "l-.l lv-ll'tv
iriink; ox'llint ponrUtion. 41S
.North Mitin. Onoge 7M-
Ki'ik SAI.K Xp'aul kar"rii UOtor li 2
horaVPOW'T Tilnl krrni.rnf irartnr. 15-
jn hrr-fpni-rr. Uroto otporotor, tl-lneh
rvlmrtrr Krf"nr link win nd ruh
bit bait'- MrLoM lMrv. ioi ffti Phnnn
r ij. ,
Cur'te Orlnle, 161 horae riw''". nnly
flown 7 hour!. No reaeonahlo offer
rf fused.
Phone 0-7426
BVU K light
ali roadatar . uacd only p
miiei an at nnm, act
quickly, owner, pouuo ogo 7:fc.
TOMOIIII fca inn V,
i 18 1 'f Ml
the m"1e
H .. 114-m, V
NTH l.Y pnj mrnt 1
or will trad for
Ht pny dlffrrrni
iit mori
ar worth
UVWt lAClltrlCI
W- H.hv ONM Piatm, PMH ''t nrw,
lnf tligjfi to. mt'Ollin 0J; huhim dur f
Mil pif1i I n pt in-tilh. v ill Uk
I fti f ir m: teWl OMl
Kt tm
' HASSIH -in' I his tol spr.frr.-r
v eedrj In g'-'! eonaoi 'ft
sn or ili !fter n m
I li HA UK
I ft I!' I'ord touring car.
Mocked for starter. wot'h III"
money, today only. Hobati tiarnge.
n Houth Main Si
KO'ii BAIk: Nc K10 il. honu I
or win sell I 1 a model l ord, never
neen worked on. 40t, Hose. 1 f;i T
I'list Usage '.o:'
Kt.K'IAXT Peir Six perfcri runnlKR
condition, five wire wheel new
cord tile. 77.' for tun k cash sale,
fed ,1 II I
iWHD roadater, A 1 condition, ahnrl,
ahsorhere. $:t7s cash If sol.l t-i-d
iv Cedar ai I
lull mai.k Kor3 delivery! cheap
Tor cash Phone Oaage ta T S III
I ' I A life rord louring ear,
ogulppad with siaricr eatogti
fif.ii aooelerator. ahoch aheorbop; a
liargaln for cash Phon
CalVln. I
(isngc 217.1 an. I ("nau-c :'44
KH ASK I. IN Honing car, like new;
II .Mil) Pall 1 isage :isi
KOK SAI.K Mil.h'll. roadster.
Phone isage ;,:m or Qeage tiat.i
after i p. rn
I'M'. HI Il K roadlter for sale or
tilde Okage 77
'Mi nKI'Alnlgii Tnui 10 repiiTred 01
nht ha. i) oi'oi woramta. h"
I hav
m im !!r!g! mp
me1 "r
lh blvcaal
n. t nl
In thf
Till -a
1 II Poll 111 Qnnriah. Wept
I nu rrs.i I 1 ia rn .
Pef ssls hy nwner. 7 pa-.tngsr ftiidimn
rur, ... ellrnt rer.dninn .re csme a, ll
Henlh 1'hevenne
Full sai.k i light six .'. paaaenger
Huidebakcr In fine condlllon. by
owner, price lirtf. phone Cedar nS-l.
K"R SAI.K IIIk Sl 1'ilgs rai . lalsa,
isi" taedeli ' eeieeagefj eaeeaelly pnw-
ey f n I nintnr and fnur gnod rualnga. Phnna
i d!i 111,
Hilt SA LI-; l i i i.. a h irgain at
Ittl If taken at onee Call at 111
ft. Plica,
l-'iiltli truck In good i mi. In mn, for
sale fop rash, cheap, can be seen
ni IP s Houelon
WANTRtC fnta rnidltn nr eha.als wlih
rti-iiirrv h-.a . .,i k eeaata, "..se
wto arrpi.tPiN tn nPiPAtita n
HI S IIOMKYl't'TT and r" u Peaeleln
win i.k. ear nf yejif aeto tr.,,ii,i- ni
ihn. loMtk Quanfth, we. i TuIm, si tha
N- unltrereal Oerega rerd neten rev
M ins , mi IIIRK (I Ml IflKM IJ
OAftAiit: fnr rm ill aeveath, "sio-
i.Mt Ai IKf-e r. M
I laa a 1.77 1 .J,
iMCViK Killl
n N Heyeeiii ph'-na
HINT II T Frlaeo
"ae till
INK CAP eer!g fnr rant. Admiral ami'
Wheeling; rail "aage .1107
OARAQH for n ni. S :. per month,
i isage 7 1
l 'i ill RBNT 'In age. M'i S Klwood.
MMIMHI M I Ks AMI llll XI IS 1.1
full SAI.K HoiKle Hnrley pgvldgen ein
tnreyele. perfr. , rnndttlnn. . rail
rkxee I'll Wllllnm Allison,
II ,x i M"T"IHVi.K
for sale a
i Imrgaln Call i rdar
i: Unmet! Hi
after 7 p
W.W'IIMi '..r.l or roadster l..,,i, muat
Ixo reaaonsh i. Phono "aage !IIT
IVASTKD to buy g I llulck six .,r
Dodge a paaaenger, phone usage
Hil l Kl s
aummer rale with or wltheal
1 partleatl plain fnr particular
Hp"' lal
hath .
1111 HOTPL
Kxlra tiirge ..nil outside rooma with nwn.
Inga. lea arid old running water, apleri
did Leila, nh.olutely rleBB ronma, run in
rennet Hon with La Halle Hotel, aplnndld
tialh. Phone cl.iige !
I a IaLVUH H"t:i.
4J , BOUTH lKN Kit
Kttra largr nfjOl, nawl . roMrnto4 nt
aid rMtlll . . pirn did brdn itn nrnt and
coolont Imial in it , incMim tf dootrot) Itrf
ariu r rnnHrr-l Plum ti !
ItlDWICST HOTKI Oppoalla Mldlon1 Vol
ly atallnn on K Third mreet . no . Ianrr
hatrl in Tu -. hnt and cold watar tn OMR
ro.mi. eununr ralrt Phone I'aaga 7740.
r t Porpor.tof Mfnarr
I It. Ill' 11(11 r-:ui I PIN, R(H)MH Ift
BIGHtTT i: i 3 modnrn roonta f--r
llthl hoijiM Urri in: no eplldftt
THIKTKBVTM, W I : no r I. vnokoop
Inff rnmn a for man and wifr hnt and
mid writar. rfrn' nn ihildren Pluan"
ttitay Ttlt. I ,
KVRNTH K lol fumlahod llfht
hmiitrhcapinir rnntnn mnirn. nac a ani
fmnf antrnnra ; clnao In
i 'IN 'IN N AH' I . H . Hi; 1 mni.th mom iiv-r
n r.iat f for POjIoMi white- r nilplr w h"tr
wife wilt do boWafWOfll In x hatur fnr
rrnl Hunt iS 3 T .1
t HV.VKNNK N It'll lAtM hnlr kr"Vp',g
roont for rrnt 'alt inire 1 "ir t
i-T'H nish i:i mod nrn houaokooplnii
rootnii, llRht, watar nnd iff furnuhr l
prlvar ntrati'. runiK If dfsitrt. 3t
NTnrktnwn. nHf y7
MAIN s 12 SO- l-.r rrr.t . woll furolahod
hour. Virrpina rtmnia rnniirrn and lan
a-nod walrr. atltillt nnly
KLWOOD, h IH I iitki'" ikMMoiiMplnS
faomi i'iiif i n s
HIXTM. W 111 HouOOkOOpiM rMi'in. f.'.r
rrnt '"f'!
tV(i ptn.M fuini-hcd apartmni. photi
Oa-Hio IA-tI-.l.
p.l.wi i m n M:'J ' 'Vf hf ht h'.MiM k. - -
tnii room. f anf 474 l .
I lllll'.i: iUHfUnni rmin, f urnuhr I ivi.ir
ItW, i
? I, A it i it: ""(. Iiaht h i'inkplnK mnrti"
for POUt; fr-nt ntranra, nnlv t Oon whn
run flvn rfrrrn iirnil pp!y Ajiply at
1.11 N n-i-t'iii
1 1 11 A f V W ':' K-t r.'r.'.. larr furnlH)id
rtnukrptna mow
HASH lilt 'TM Kit 'I.KAN KRh AND
T.MI.'tPH Wa aprialix In ladlan' wnrk
anad ilk nhirl.: thlr. all hand wnrk. HSr ,
Milt rlranM and p'temrd, fl 1 em h, 1
Ah a ni ni'n itallvarv f-ao
PHOENIX, s 111 1 ii'pp updUirt
roomn frir llfht hoUMkeopIlIf)
pptpr nnd furttlihtd
BOSTON, N . -Tf -Ufhl h.-.iiafkr. p-
Inajroorna, $T r"r week
TWO hKSIH VHI.K llfht houarkplrif
roomg; rtilulta only N, I.awton
two iiinn r '-i't-irki.pinf r nf foi rood
4 jo N. iioamn
TW' ' Mi l'i 'If ht houarkrrplng rootngi
rnnma; adlnnlng
llrht h"iial- raplno
bath . prl al en
IfOt'OTON, S, 2 iuhl hrnjgo-
keeplng rnnnto with bath.
iKSIKAMI-K 'J- room g partmenj for
hniifit kft pins, alao k erase. n07 h.
M hi
BMSTiiS'. N . 2:M Kor rr-nl 2 llfht
housekeeping mnmo and 2 loop
LIOHT hnu'kn.pinjc romnn fnr
r-"tt. modern, till BMt Dtttmett
Codar 14.
ICKFORb". 8., 313NtpeIy" furt
nlnhed ronniH fnr liffht hnuoe-
l LK1HT hnuoek' piriK ruonto wlf.h
private ontrtinre frit-age if denired.
A'.t N Vnrktnwn full hfo-r 0 n clock.
fATRVIBWr K. 14 Twu nu a1yfur'nlahad
rr ma fur Hg ni aoageneepiag , o.ag
Mi. in Hmi t it 1 1 riMi himim- mi
LAWTON, s. to HoiiHfk
rooma foi rent phone usag'
1 : . .1
I II IS. 1 . s ,vi . F a.rnnma lei heuii
1 H Hal in ktli iWm
tw si ftle ..f imin houVekeerln!
rnnmp tar rent OsSBe t,:t
AtVlilH M. I. flltl 1 1 t Rousi
ReMtha reomei erll tnrnii.ncd, ifiAdern;
ei ehltdrtn
Nti'K H ll MSIIKH fniimi In, lllo Ii.mi-i-I
i'rii,ir k 1 1 e hen aona.p If it est red
I'KOMIA . ?l uriil-l.d light hnui.
heiMHi. i.iiutis f.o int, neat
a li I
Jltne, line
l"'ii I. hill I" lir-n-rh' "('lux ri-.ain f'.r rsnl
VK I. Ml I. h
1 U tt41v
II'"' It
aftfnfl ri"m f"i ri-ni
Mm lorn llrlit bti
0U1 huh:, n n
''Mn it r."ima
I.AWTiiv H, Twn rlacanlli furnlahM
r.. ma f,,r nKht Imnrr a, pff Itblr,
of ( nnd t mII ft llntti f urniahi-d , 1 rhll
'In ti t'nlt 'apT ?Tfc.'
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ftlvatr rani)!) ftlaf1 -n ntll) . In hl'x-ka
of Dofaa tn il l 1 in.- mmk ;.
W ant i;kv n km an rmmimata
h.t tn f.Mir room flat, Ml f
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rOH RRNT sioopinn room and
houaabeafHna :iii, i: Plrai
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erences reoinred Til
rooms; rrt
H Mlttood.
bFNVKRi N . 1 1 r, Nice larg,
Ing room; suitable for two
in i ledar I in7
. close
' TWi i NICK front rooinn for
rent ,
f! ige
next to bath. '31 1 S Main
NICRLT furnished room for rem:
for two girls or man and his wife.
1'hone isage fi1 1 t
CINCINNATI. s 710 Kiirnlshed
sleeping room for gentlemen only,
southern expooure
Knit Itl- S'T lt .lino- C n. .trlrlly ne..
srn r.mm nrlvata apaflte.tit ? btrtefc!
ait nf Ki-l-ioint helnl anil in half ef
rtri'lemn I'luh. nr'-fi r nil mnn er Iraynl
mm. rrferrnira ri-nuirait rhena I a-lar
SI.KI'.PIMI rni.m. 1 nr -ntlemen
M Hnilatnn Ava n.aga 715
fl" .M'STirH In j..ur .rlf an.l v-air pnr.a
alan. hv tailing Ilarhanc. Il.fi.i-. I. Inn
ph,,n i-.rt.r I H W nr.,
nppn.lle FrLnn atallnn apai lal MRiaief
ram., alagant snulhaa-i rnnm.. nli-a and
ronl. "ooilflK watar In mnnia. prlyaln
hall, per wrav iiaana.r nnlel In Tu'aa
Cryatat Hpilng Waiat. hi-al watar and haat
arvlre. naagn ! er
K"lt PKNT Nee larga front room .lli
8 Main Pt fall evenings after f any
t-n gain day Phnn! r-a i nr ?
null, .leaping room, running hot ao.1
mid wali-r waaklv ralaa Arm Hotel.
?HA W Kir. I. phona n.age 7Hty
f'OOl, i em fort . 1 1, lr. tiaallv fnrnl-hi-a I neillg,
alan I .leaping por. hea, I hlnrk rar line.
Ian walking ill.lani e. 6 to 110 wark I III
K Weennd.
(TMilNNATi, H."lnr. Nle'etv furnished
I "II lll-'.S'T - Nli-alv f.irnlahail room Phnna
Oaaga inn iianga .91,
FOB It K N'T Hto i n
aleeplng rnnine.
rli.na In ' v- 1 , 1 1 ,1
KXi'KPTP IN A I.LY ntcr riirnilird froi
alrrpl HK fOOWl, w ll h la rgr ''Inaat. nM
vrntunt tn bath. In RtCI pftVOtl h'mr, f
nn nr lv i trflnr-l oenl Irnie-n tt Mf
k , RO fthr rnnmar. Phnn i -1r
U. ...
NINTH, W , ?1fi leHfH" ttntil rnnm
tnlntnr hath, walking BIHOBIO; prt
at n fa mil v . nn r two gfntlrnirn , raf -ar?nra
Ill 'UN KIT. K. ll'i H l tint 1g tnntn. rlnn- tn .
mnftrrn. hrmkract If OOntPtdi (fntlrm-n
"nly Oanoa 'IK.
! ! f ( KM' Hlfrplnn fjM.in and intaf
Call iimrnlnit Ml S V'.rkt'iwn
I. lT i (: slc.'jiim; room . cnt IrrtH n
only, Onaao 1440.
t;i Tin.'i ,
rnrirn in
B . Ill Nle plteplng
ivt t inn . p nt N'1
pi -ft i
i p'lur
l A 1 1 Ml. I . S, -mm -Slri-plnn KM. ill
adiolnlnfl bath! Bool uid mn-
vonh lit I" rar Iim- ' "ni-'f 3'.'.11
rlRrND W., . -Boouttfuily fur-
ntlird rt'dii I 'htn 'f.t ko 1 I
BALI 1 M "rB s Uirnc floop
Ins rnnm. nnrl hn.mt a tut nmit !i
Mpo0ur4! iultabl f(,r
eiMit l tni-n : r ill
Odar 174
TV" Nit 'FI.Y furnlnhnl tu'drnomn '
and llvinu room In DOnnOOtton;
BUttnbla f'r mn fr wnnu-n om-
ployed; In prlvat tnodrrn hotim, I
aln i.rlvato ntranro; four Mnrkn of
ir.tt-r, -,itl ar 22 1 H Prlmn or i.hnn'M
()H, I fc!" 2790
TWKI.I-1'II. K.. 3S Slnnplnif rnmn
for ront Onaiif 4521 ll.
NIC ELY fumlehed aiorpinix room,
connp''ttna: iith; oloae in Phone
Ocium ;.:.4K,
COO! hirnlShOd rnnm fnr
mnt Mntiomep onijri H23 re.
Rlxih St . Ooako IBtta
N I' l. nl rr ping room for oupl tnipi") rI
nr tn mn l4Vj n Klwoo.1
MAIN S vi. .t i 'nni room for int
i 'I N't "I N N A T I M IOI lr nlol " fur-
n i ah i-d nlooalna rnntn for rrnl I lnC"
f04-J. ,
Ul'TKItlK. N.. 1 -00- Fnr rnt. cool amjt h
room, hnt and OOtd watr Phon
' rauirr TI 7-JJ .
N 1 1 K I.Y f of n h.hr d r , in o.imi i oi r J
hlah ni honl foi i ottfie l'1i (,r toaplo
r o, (in r.t J n r 011
fi: i:vnV..' hT ti''-"lera froni loop
inf roopA, "out haajt rapnaur, modOm
homa. (air hM
DRNVnn, N , 1 1 fi Mil larf ploopilli
rnnm auttahl fr t; H nt in -rd'' I'""
Hl.KKPINi. room f.i tjniipir or ? rmir
mn In modoftl hom Phona ''rd n 141
i 'IN'i I N A T I S Kn.nl rnnm ptcnly fut
nlnhrd aWHltkOOnl fipOOUrO NftOOlt f"t
1 nr 2 f ntlmn . prl vat fa inlly ' itao"
IlKNVKR, H. 1117 -Plr. Ing pofch gtld
drraalng fom ; fntltmn pfgfggrod
int a ht for t or 1 '"""'JJ"
TtHHT'i.N, H ill 1 oka larga, nool
alrrpino t". m adhdnlnf alrrrilniC por. fi
will rni alptnir porcg nnd r".m Infrthrr
to t tjr rntlrmrn rr wrklna flria with
fnnd rhararr or will rant aitoh arparatalv
ni' r nutat, raaprriahl nltht.orh... d . prl
afr una of hath Oatiff 7To
INN ATI. a . lit 'Lovely furmhd
m. n'.iith ggpogarei gatmdg gairaaco;
t lopg In
MA H V Hint' KMAN apartmant " '
alrely farnihd looplaa room gdi'dn
tr.ir tiath; Brivgtf galraaog Phon u.nirr
KI.'.IN HIM S ' f urnM.vd room f r
( rant 2 otrU mpl'v-d. kitrhrn privh"
lablrra "i(t
. in d'l.DBH H 1111
Plonplag p'irrh for
' irnt ii.Kf I.IH. :
ll't'll RRNT To Kti,n"n wail fumtahd
i Iran aouth t
nl famllv I
. nnnri'tlnf hath .
flraa -"ill
InI'"K furnlahad rnnm Tor rrnt, 5 rnrala
1 dav If 'llrd r!!'.rRJ.
i N I' 1:1 iT furnlahrd .."I t In prl nt
family for v.onif mmi Phonr QoOgf
PHORN1X I M"drrn flatplag f"
alao axrar f "'"K' " I
SI.KKI'INi. loom anuthanal expoeuro; both
rnnnfttng. f'oll radar .I44T
NI'K Mlari.inf room adt'.lnlnf l ath f '
iieiitlemen - nly ' I
I t. Tn 'IT, H ill gout hanot f r, nt r Mm
rlintnipr hoik, 1 or ? giitlmn . prlvatr
family Oaaf R'47
fOOL rnnm nar hntli alai dandv farafn
I,, rmipl' I'honr Unafr r,(s, ri
rill'VKNSK N . It" gl taping fi m for
WAS'THT' Rnurnniatr room tirrakfaa
and laundrv. 17 prr wrrk Oaag 7a
POITRTH R 21i Purn1ahrr ronm for
N'iRK'il.K S 2 -fn larf m nrr ulrrp
Ing room for twn frr.- - t wajl fur
niahtvi .11.) well ventilated.
ROOM mn 1. 1 m t i itiHr i M
CINCINNATI Ill Nlrr eeol nUepi
liw Hilt- ,llj
im i riri 11 v furnlaaed ml hedr...
dlfltnlne I'rtlh. ,n Irfinml r.nipln
UIIK 'mil. .-...liln! IMOIIfKSS If ilesllr
tear in.
1 1
1'ihdlr faitills I'liMtK' i'mk
I'l II I II W, lit Si,,- plasaanl etnap
ing , , m privet, ,,,,,, -in heme; oi.,
en, i i n,oh r., "saga ,7 4 I
IlliSTllS, s .-, M. .!, fiitnlahrd sleep I
ins reeaij ,,ain edininiai i lern aehwi
elnaa In. f... una nl two g, to 1. inenl
urn PToN. H iv it i nlcelj fur
lushed rooms, bultable for i ladle
m ployed . f p. i week for eai h
loom uilh piHII.gr of iimng silling
' n. aleetrte wnentpg machine and
iron, Phone ordered Inetalled, i
him ks from huelneae pari of InOfll
s I'll I' -ti.v meitetn up in dnis furn'liked
froal room, aii tnede neevealeeiceei
ptnee In In lip In ilnle apillloenl, ope
oi two gentlemen Phnns "anga mi
liKfntlTf s. III Nlei Urge fo.nl ale. p
Ing rnnm kit, h. ii pilyl'eg,. If iti-.lted.
Phone iilr 'J.I
i IIKVllNNK. S Mlea froni he. I, ...,,
in ejltel nornei bsel leeelllyi !i-nnemen
em- el... mi
I ' "MV W . 211 API r Pleaaanl Baulk
inorti; prlyite enirene, privet hath
HIiKRIMNci poreh with living room
for or :t genltmen. Call 71
S. Cheyenne, Phone Cedar 1 7 to.
BIOHTH, i, W ' ii I) fin nlshed
rooms for gantlemani close in
Phono , isage 7211.
HANflpOMEIiY fiiinlshe.l front
room adjoining hath, gent h man
only, in I-; fifteenth si
Room and sun parioi joinini hatri
in private home, for gentleman
No olflep rootlll IS, toltldl' done ex
ceptlng collare ami siut-ts. roferonoe
neagi .nf I
DBNVER, S. I 'I Sloping room
for rent, men only
CINCINNATI S. Ill Nice cool
sleeping room Phone linage Till
al, cplliR rooms Close In
rid im hi iTBI, ti i.sa. OBNTLK
MBN MNl.V fiHAflH 7aS
llHNVKR, S ACT A I. :'! Nice
front sleeping room, private fain
MAIN H. 1221--tine comfortable
modern eh-eping room. Phon
f isage tnt
POOMa i m i ii mm, t ti is
Hobton, s 121 extra larpe un
furnished rooms and klielienett".
modern, private entraneo.
I.I- WIK. s, ,iii unfurnished light
housekeeping room., partly mod
BOARll AND I:1 m iM For young
man, also labia boni-d, go,,,i home
cooked meals a rved fnmllv nlvle
TW" N ITU alnrplng meina
pflvatg heme. ,17 ctoeyi
Hth ;.nnf1,
lull l.til.lt. N . bit ..(toi.iM Hn, hnanl fnr
ganllan.an nnly , home a I v lli-ui-a "aaa
HOARD KSl) n"'jl nna rming toani pi
vatr f ii 1 1 1 M' Ml 1 1 ear .nk Mm peiik
mi Twenty third, Wool Tulaa
NINTH, W Jl I Room mid hoard In prl
nf.' fnmilv f laniiir 0 4 fl 4
CAN i.M MbTiATK 1 entlomon
(fnnil rnnm rtnil lion rrt, I - 4 '! Knol
A'ltnlt il nn iitnrv lino nor oaf m
M I It KOOMP tut IWI Mill
u N'l KD Mm i- in koord booutlful
00 ky tt h n, lull iiaaTt 1. no hn
i wrrri 1 ami ft p m
HI sINs - I Ii It K OKI I III ! in
it nit WaiaMnii in1
.'.in.. Willi .rjiira
ITKNOOIt Willi' i
tana fun k l h
I i h , ....... Hfid firm
Kritnrdy. Photin I Inaif m
H"VH, biovm pSirnl"
' 'mik I tit, 22 Wi
itt-pai. lea
tun, phone
A i ' Ju l
I.KT M K hmiK yntir hum h or i -Plr
IfOUr old OflO Wnrk Kuoiati
tr.-,. I'llDll" iMJIe-'l'
F ralHnfiilniMK nlrnrtllnfr hi id all
In tori or dooorotlng dona iIkIh ni
riKht prloOOi phona It. It. Maylnr.
Oanga 7764.
i.K'r MK Htain and repair your lank)
do m V"ik ffuuimUf il I'livn
( iHitHv Tt ! 2 h .
" Kih I ' rTrKNT'""Wt i H K
''nil Hoy Kryr. i iK,. 44:'(. J
I KTnNOanAPKIC narvir.
lllll MIlfL BPIl
l-f"'"l'i orIM
Ph'TU ' ' ' ti pt f,4lli
UK HAVKaaveral nei plino ttor.iihy
ovorhnalodj i ook ir irrm T j Vrttlto
" "-'4 H MMli Kl PhOOO "Mil
ral painirra amt
hl'.H r, crai tl
paprr hansrra. prh a
raaaonahl. Pln.na
""aa-o Pill Sib N.
CHAN KHY. land-, ap- firdanar. liana,
Ifitidad and -tf aiili Hiiniuda i.. yara
In Tulna, Ph"n "rdar l4i
watch i v nnow
OUR Wfilih Wild. HATIHKT
i.kt vm trim roun hkd ;icii
Una your lawn f , na yur fOrdf and d"
tt... . tiftit, we win di foolinia gloria
holr. if nrnta nr walla, iotg or rjffi
blatk din t" aril; wa atay hate, wa b
lleva In Tulaa.
16 H Ih.eiun Oiaga 7724.
W ll' i-liro.N l.an.laapa 'Utdnar
lA'"K Curtotm tlaonfd rioonora t final
OOOO, alt" i' W Tomllnaoii, 111. Koal
Uodgn iVnaf J-ioyR,
M A 1 T HKHk RM ranovotad and" VVTTvaTaT j
All w i k gOoraOtOOd. PwrtOf alaltteaa
r nr ims
PON gUPKKR with pile, y rt imtiiffdiata
rllr w,flt Nlrk Hot T10
SaTTiVKHHF.H lianovatao an.l ra.'t. otod'i
Mdaiaed nvfao ih oatoi ... Phon
449 Hanlta.v Mattrono Co
I.K I Ml, UV'iiNHU 1. y-.uf K-.rd 'f..r 111
In your an a a Of hrlnf It tn 7ft N
I . i nn. hi i.k nnfih nd of ggj line,
ap ' lal priOOg n athor uiakaa of ran
VOrh uarontrd. flsr nt a 'rial
THAT ' All Kt.lt fqU
l.iat gear uat i ear with m. I ii gt ym,r
prh r f i r ii Phonr i dr t 4
LACic t I'll I A nn grt rlaonod oil laun
darad hy Bparta. 1 1 1 1 H t'lnt Innat I ;
pnT iiraf a . a a
BTt iVK.h and f urnuur roptirnJi ftovog
bought, anld anl ggOhffg M
If.. df ri!B-Ke f.
I.KT Ml. ft.ihi ..rd rrpah your laky ioof
wnrh f ua i a ntood ' Nioan Itll
I, I. 'l Mi: Iuhk rout acronna and rrpah
your old n a. . gu.irantrnd imk
WHIN IN nr-r-t nf rorpantof phon oaaf
t0t, . prnini t arAt . i -fr an. i fut
nlohod .
AN APT" i mocha nh who h Boor in
i har or u pnv.ta ah"p W'.rkln'.
n. hanira a now at I ho earvir of thr
public at I hf Nw t'nl. rnal '.Hiaf- In
Wat Tulaa l.at htm about trmihla on
yoar cqV
It'tlNii ynur at-ordlon plaollOg f ' n'tuk
orvtog ind good gfora la i
Toffrry. 317 HoOth Main
rk a
V H ktSODINQ pnpeif Plnt
rontrat' or Ohm-- k3.t3. S10 K-
HANIHKI' eraa- dlapoaol -y.trm. f..r u-e
allh r OPlthOUl wain lUapl, t'r auhur
ban and goaatri hnmea ftoola h duatrtal
vtllaeoa, at'' ahaoiutiy gutoautta: etfi-
i 00 v f uaranirl Ind u-el hy hallh '!
tb"rltla rvrryWhrrr 30 ft 0ft in iir Hfid
for Itirraturr Affnta wanted t'amant
p(,i i- rn ana h Dnyr Bt
rfR i "IHThK.'H aiorm i at I era rotolnlag
walla baaemant flnora. ate fall Oaafa
1 ia yaaia riprtln.tr work guaran
W I. D" ii;Ti.t1N'i rapatilng. paintinf
and d' oral ing f r-d prompt rer v Ira
nur in"tto fall Oaaga If I. Mr Rwap
l KM I Nl hi.- ' K.5 f- .'- e b oia i la.r
anna knd grave) Ge. pbou ) o4 Mi. 4.
III II I II SI , Ml I MM II tl I I si. I
I'Aiu-i s i'l:n wnrh io ilay. renti!ul nf
prr i ell, . laige of amal worn guar I
1 1 tepeif dune Phnn ! :
,01' I
IM - Mil I IM IM 111
PLAIN newina and mendlni mnih
lone inf fl fcnurth.
US plaallnl "f all kind., leeoreinli
a .pa, "l' Kot ai t.oinlninta i .11
age "la.
PI.MN and fane,
plena 114
. e lire ej
he ft tv
Ki it S K CI die h.i. Ihlni
and .
111! , all In, H I ttu lliltall
I i I I six I PAPIIInN Klt Ii K HK.I T
Slfeit aftei 10,011 and eveiiltig g.,wna ed
hlou.es ilexerlr il.,i,nel t?J K Ird
Phnna 1 e lal I ' I S
XImmm. IMi BTtlPAHl 1
HAS with Kent trie a want. ; 'h hauling
Usage III I
Sli'lttill III, Ming parkin! nil Held
Irurki get .on piieee Nleaete Traaefef
A scage '"
Ml.'. IMI I'Ai'KiNtl A Nt MMtlAllN
W . , ,le aed pa. k evefPttllBf for ahtp
nitnt. II yeara expiflan
In he Andat.on. x
K Klul
rle-lie "-age BOB! .
1 I H 11IH i."X K N K.X I
In. Iliilae. ttan.fet itioylng and etntagn
,., I, ,, 1 had and atnpped at laar-natda
lirteaa till g I'lnrlnnall ".age
Illiill i..,lnllo 0,0 aenlatti f.o hf
aioeke !taea. walet tanks, lowna and
ill Sin. la id high . onsti ,o 'Ion palBttBg
anrk Phnnn "aage 77g
11.I1 p 11.11 11 x Mil ni 1. pnlntlaf ralee
mill! and ill hotne de, nrnlle done Mailt
t rtjfhl prlene a..,. 7tt.
ir. an.l ;n .ent. per tell Plymouth W'all
peaet aad Paint pa, sit k Peeead, phone
a r
np7 nriiM nut
1 1 N RwWdl.lt I
I stlllflU I
Itt PAlHlNtJ M Ml MiUM I IN. i
K"H n Aftrmist. it nil nil nin4 "f
i-ritr rT !.- pnlnttni mil Mil
VfMli iteHTKMlNt i-fi,, htt.g tn4 pit
Inn. "i'l Ivory -mti iim)p inni -pei inliv
Art. .eifi rvrnllur ''
WANTI I' TnMni "" n ililM KftrrJ Onf
Mini . h.it,- TnrnM MtltrlM P Mm
Kit " i'- h Mnlti
11 i r in tn ilUtrTnutt mmi
plan mpi i-jiiriM I'tt- l.ivpiv limn, Ml
4 1 1. unit DnforfJ ' ni
WANTKU Y-"iif. i"n hn ham flnlnhmi
.it n axhi.nl nnd unilr-fMiainil k-i.lnn
h.mkei i'1 In wlinrm to wnrk Ml titan thnl
ll ofnf iik Apply by litr to il
II H ; i Juitpi'r Hi.
HTorK inlnnninn wnntMli Inlnmnliiig prop-
ikilllnn Aartrnw il k iniini
JTNlfnfi wantk.i Willi" mnti f-i U
v-irk Apply m Mr. M llmtun, W.nltl
Hl'U I nii t phnnn
V."ina; tnmt mr 17 fit trk
M IB ll . m ItMlltllR Hx'tn "f thin nffl.f OUl
I , Mi M.ilrcriry tiftwfen II tin. I I M
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N I s lit Kl T i ail w.i . 1 1 .i. k fnr mm n
Tall at 'I nlaa Ooi (tarn hriwrrn I and 3
wan i i t" fnllaotorj tnaat tr . -i -in,.
i .ill It i Jna Manirlty Htdf
l' high rlajn Bpr. inltv a.itrntnrn A npl
Ht III N ChOl ' M..i ..I Marnhi
Kntindf y A Hupply 4'v. "i phnn ia
1 hi 3.
V l 1 Ni i man Mtr-nnirraplwr wl'h to -
Itiotlve end nhltlty. famlitu with
aork ni mlea doileiTtsnent, fnr pnni
imn wiiii knrne oil eompony r"1-
t luint oppoi tunlty fnr the rtnni
mnn Annwrr hy Wtrr nnly lnt
Iiir axperlence and rofrrnr-n. 230 V,
WANTKI' ieOhororn fnr ditch wuk.
toady Job Admiral "! Urani hi
wantkii hpwit men, all aummer-
lob locond end Lowtn
l.KA n To praaoal a
'Or that -rlla Itnrlf.
huy irnod in'.nrv for j
tnrnt fnr anyntta; an
ilaga "ii propootttog
on that you would
nU, aplrmll'l Invool -
pporl unit v that
gl III a aalft
.fl.' Ilantrl lll'lf
KXPRRIRNrnn hoirl rlrrk. mhldl- ar
man, Terminal Hnl1, I N. Main Ht.
WaSTRD Mi-n foi ororoKnuoo, Inaldr and
mitald laeef work . g'.n.l wiim a nd
a hoar a for advoaoomoat, To lea Tell Htm
ar I 'n
U ANTKU- Rf pari book kr prr and of fh a
man foi Inilual t lal phmf g mid propoal
Hon Mi t if hi reaag ataai oi refgraaoog
and atatr aalary r prr Ird tn alart. Ad
tjroflg P o Ho nil
PIllNTKPH l.inotvp opat at nrn and
hand nirn wantad, flna-t rqulpprd
plant, pood wnrkmo feaOUIaaa; union
ahop- poemo aoat pooltlng , a.-air HI
day and 1& n.fht Writ ff apply
Knrrn.an Tula w r hi
yOtlNlJ MAN w ii nt rOOm ITIO tO i i loa In
inoitarn horn . it0 W. Hvnl h . phnn
Oaaf T 1 7 i
U'ANTKD Hrvrral "inrn whli madalara tn
aolh it In and nut nf town on hmiarlinld
MOOlgltlOOj a'thl for 'ih and mi paflROat
plana; food aalary axprnaa-" and oniml
Kinn pild wkl Hlrad w-.rk and chant
fnr advanrrmrnl ; ' ah In petann pr .pla
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