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Governor Allen Pays
High Tribute to Army
Recital Curepr in Cuba and in
St l ike Zones Statesman
and Husiness leader.
ClIli'A'iO. 3unc 10 - Described
as till 'oiititaiidltig candidate in the
n.lnds "f the whole pi nple." MaJ
; I nard Wool was formally
nominated today by riov Henry J.
Allen of Ksnsas. for the republican
I l ixtlal nomination,
A p:aln. hlnni man, with x blunt
belief Ui fuctn." Oovernor Alien Mia
of OWneral Woodj ho Ik today thf
bi'iy known Amcrlran.
"No man In America ha been
given no many constructive things
to -i' In Ihls gem ration, and no ono
dnll that whstrvi he has under
taken, he has don superlatively
An ii n xp-cted period of enn
fisioii has com upon us In thf
aftermath of the gre-it war old
u is i;i' lost and leadership hesitant
and Indecisive dr.fta upon an un
charted aaa.
1'ndc.r the weak hands of a ttn
ernus. government, the social dlsor-
dera and olage-mlndedleme, caught
from thf world struggle, have grown
to alarming prnporlinna.
la-ailrr I i'iihi m I-1.
"Thf unchecked encroachment of
sinister (rood, the appalling waste of
nubile moaay, thf Immoral pander
Irg to , lass Interest and r'ass prcju
dlee. have brought us to a point
where the nation demandi and the
vhtrld expoota from this great conn
a It ader chosen ntit of the great
nffd and not through the running
of political expf dlency.
" In eking tor the initiative an t
thf prophetic wledotn to guide ua m
an hour that must be wholly con
strictive, we are fortunate in a can
didal whose record reveals tho
qualities needed for the task.
"It Is not necessary to ask for as-
uranoei from General Wood. There
Is the witness of hi service.
"You ask for a btialnoae man. We
presfnt in you a record of four years
as governor of Cuba, a record Which
gained him International fame as
the most successful civil administra
tor thf country has known. Ieonard
Wood! services In Cuba constitutes
a page In history which rocorda 'hf
, i - and imci unselfish thing
one nation ever did for a needy peu-
pif. ( hnson to work out the henev
oient policy of MeKlnley towa
thf people of the Island for whom
hf hart sacrificed our sons, hf was
given a free hand.
"He rrorganln-d the Island and
framed a model government which
stands today as proof of his sanity
and constructive genius. His wis
dom enoompaaaad an the activities
of the pfople. He touched with his
Vital Interest Into dead agriculture,
! y I its railways, taught the
CubatU how to n.akc just laws relat
ing to everything from municipal
adlntnlatratlon to geneial taxation.
Bullde School System.
"He bulldad American Inielllgence
Into a school system, reorganized the
struggling forces of civil life Into or
derly government, made roads, In
troduced sanitation and hygiene,
stamped "tit yellow fOVI r and per
nlcloue malaria and fashioned It all
With humaneness and a stability
th ;t lias withstood the strain of thf
Chan :irig years.
"possessing the highest degree of
t ',.'., .. capacity, il was something
miVe than the work of a business
man. It was the work of a states
man who had not narrowed his
vision to the purely business life. It
was the aocomplWnment of a gnat
national organizer.
"A president must be a business
man and un. re. Hi mist be
1 'sniaii. Hf must have a broad
View of the internal situation. He
rotiM know politics, for politics la
Whal gives us our government, be It
to d or bd. Government is no bot-
fer than its politics and to Improve
th'' one yon must improve the other.
"Th vague longing for a business
man tor president Will not ne satis
fied hv one who knows only husl
' H Th' president must under-
'"1 wold affairs and the crossing
.. ', r riiHiia' rurrents "f social and
.!.. aspirations. It was th"
I' .-.-. ii of this hroad capacity
lhal brought to. Leonard Wool ill
1 incluaton of his work m Cuba
Hi" c"iuiii"iidallon of Ih- leaders of
t lit) period.
a Has Porealgiit.
feA preaidenl must be a his ta latar
tept Hi- shallow of coming events.
Wt do nul nerd to BgOttlatl cun-
eernlng Leonard Wood foresight.
"When the great war broke on the
Donseiouiaegg of the American paa
Pie With i lei rifle shock, It found
that Leonard Wood had heen pre
paring. We heard from him no plat-
Itudea about a million man springing
to arms over night, fin his own In
Itlatlve h" established th" Plattahura
'' , . in, lis created Ihe first lln-
n( Ui" national defense ami give lo
th" thousands of magnificent young
A me
sn who volunteered a
new definition of loyalty, a new op
portuaity for eervloe, a new vision
Of their national obligation.
'"We saw linn accepting whatever
taiR was given
th- Cheerful oh
Into his hands wllh
.Hence of those who
submerge self Into service In our
late, where he trained many of mir
splendid young men, Inspiring them
with Ins spirit, fashioning them Into
'he Ninth division, the people wit
N I l ' work with siph pride
tsF' When I hi- governor of our suite,
rev honored predeeeeeor, made Ja-ni
,,v i r tmation a altiaen of KariBaa,
vet v , iiuen applauded.
' We watched aim ku away to the
I" " ' "f eiiiliarkatlon at d then at
"hi last moment wu re.nl with con
sternation that hla great desire to
'ake his division to the field was not
'" be granted.
as xn vVnianporoT'
This man was no whimperer,
got an hour was lost In sulking.
c"t a woi-il whs wasted In criticism.
Hot an instant spent In mourning
Ver hi, nerson.il disappointment,
"' see him coiinn back to train
another dl-Islon. 'If we can.' he
aid, wu'.j muh0 lt evcn bL.Ut.r t&aa
Republican Candidates Placed in
the one with which I had hope,) to
serve in Frenr.'
"The .American soldier is a oltlaaa
soldier Leonard Wood hoi, is rant I
lo th tradition! of gnat Oil lgAn sol
dier of the republic A plain, blunt!
man with blunt belief n facts, he i
Is today th" best kn wn American.
In Ike frank expression of his he- i
llefs there is no hidden motive. No I
candidate for high office has evi r
gone to the people of this nation
With sou! and mind so frankly re
vealed as Leonard Wood
"No endeavor of his life pro. ole
In truer colots his culm ami Steady
strength than the work al (iary. It
was the quarrel thai took him
there 'he truggla between those
who hire and those who loll, the
oniv form ot civil si t ire which gov-
ernmeni bum allows to menace a
helplCM public, He carried to lhal
dletrlcl the guarantee of tali play,
He had been adMsi .1 not to go to
(lary. He was toid the situation was
full of dynamite. He could have
sent H subordinate, but he went In
peraon and dominated ihe situation
by th force of absolute Justice Not
a shot was fired "r a bayonei ueed
His calm decision at that hour not
only brought security to Clary, but
assurance and profound relief to the
waiting c oatn try, The success of his
sane and Just endeavor brought baca
to men their faiih In government
Si r lit - l air to AM
Again at Omaha In the racial
riots. In Weal Virginia in the labor
troubles, he visualized not military
pow.r, bin the peculiar dc termina
tion which should h always the
American pledge to protect the lights
Of all by firm and righteous gov
ernment. No man can know htm without
rffogi Ir.lng the liberality of his
mind, his openness lo conviction As
Root once said of him: He Is hos
pitable to advice.'
"A" president he will not aefk to
create for himself a neutral back
giound out Of edlOCr man. The
I nation Wl'l hive that lo which the
I neonle sr.- entitled In lbs councils
1 ihe united brain power of th
j en. 'ihe sum total of the eapree
smn thai make him thf outstanding
iiandidate in the hands of the whole
I people
The choice thai Is made now may
sanuM the ehriiaitc of 'he nation for
",0 years and perhaps longer. for j
(restive minds are plastic and the;
1 leadership that conic now will go
far to determine the character of
I our government henceforth. j
"There Isn't an American worthy ,
I to be here who dnea ni l believe In
'the future leadership of this coun
try. We'll have the leadership,
when we're worthy, and that leader- i
I ahlp will tint d' pend upon any Inter.
.... 1.-.., . I MO.'Wtl' Wf Ml I V ! '" Il
Will depend upon the success which
. we make of the experiment Of hu
man goyernm-nt hire and 10 that
! call thf Instinct of every man must
' -with full eppreetatalon f he
challenge of th" house. I present 'he
name of the man Who tils the hour
--Leonard Wood."
T It in or
Poindexter Has
Says Seattle Man in
NorninatinR Him.
CHICAOO, lunr 11 Miles Pottt
dexter, Junior senator from Washing
ton, was placed in nomination for
the presidency today al the republi
can national convention by (ieorge
H. Walker of Seattle, a member of
the Washington delegation.
"As surely aa th past of a Ml
Is an earnest of his future this man
will measure up in Ihe performance
el the greal presidents who hive
Kone before," Mr. Walkar said In
these latter days of ferment and un-
' . . . l i ....... 1 , if i,li"
matt hi rial mrown iuiii("-f
MMnri thwli the f"r'
f sedl
tlon anM rtVOlUtlOll
He believes in
popular sovt nunij
He thursls the
i popular
sovereignty ii" tru,ts me
a I ....
"He is no clanging 11111101111. '
he believes that when on a fair and
lawful errand, no matter where
throughout the world a man stands
up and says: I am an American lt
laen', that man should know and
should rest assured that he will he
protected tn his property and his
person and thai behind him are the
whole mah sty and power of his
country and his hundred million
l'c u ha
i mg hand up"
never laid Its palsy-
ion aim. As art u us any
man in un 'ins lauu n
ih.- wdi being "f ai' ol us is ground.
t4 In the well Ileum of thus, whose
lives .ne iav i to phyaloal 'oil.
lie also know, thai moving am mg
them i the workers).
preach that specious
those eho
iiut noxiaue
doctrine of class
Win n "ilKse-soft handed liruh
ntini of lahor." Mr Walker said,
"iseued their Impajrleai msndei to
an Araariean oongreaa," the aeaatar
declared their demands lncouiatl-
hie wiih oui liberty."
IllustratuiB Sen nor 1'olndexte.r'a
capacity fur laaderahlPi Mw speaker
said :
"lln It WHS who while we w di
yet under th
of tln magloian
first and fore-
of the whit
mosi umoiiKSt the scnamrs and weeks!
in advance ..f ot there sounded the i
alarm and pioteste.l the proposed I
venture Into the unknuwii. lit- It
its who first called upon his oun-1
tryreen not to aooepl the cove nam
of Ihe league or naiions niun iney
had read once inure Washington's
f.newc ami '11- I '-' , .11 a 1 loi i ,u ni -
dependeneei They have not yet ac
cepted the covenant Come wh it
will, they will never forget his r.-ai
service of statesmanship In help i)g
lo saving the country from prerlpl
tato action on the most tremendous
quaatlon that haa cuiifrutiti d It cine
Abraham Unooin refused to penult
tins nation to bo divided against It
self." ii'dii Heiifgn I '"- ewuaay
JOf He I. a Mem, an. was com
mitted lo Jail under bond of f 1.000
yesterday at the close of his prelimi
nary hearing before Jus'ice 8. V.
Maxey for trial hy district court
on Ihe charge of stealing a audi
gnd I bain valued at 195 and 140 In
money from u room
i rooms on June 7.
in the Ardtnore
harlcs KeatOBi
:owner of the pmperty
claims the
defendant Is the man who Stole
I watob aad muney.
Willis Says S o n a t 0 r
Harding Combine! All
Pari in Shaping RtMfvatloni
ami Pushing Legislation
Pita Mini for PiSCS.
CHICAOO, June II - Assailing
thi nreeont ndmlntotratlon as an oi,
garcny In which the few rule the
many and telling his hen' is thai
i hf country nMw h problem more
ct i loui than thoot foood i vlthtr
WMhtncton or Lincoln, Prank B
Wiiim, rormtr fovornof f OhtOi lo
dni pi, n i .i the n!n of etinntor
wi ran i . Hnfdlnn In nominal ton
for th prantdency at the i . i u,
nat lonfl i oomrantlon.
gfoftnti Oovtrnor Willi roeltnd
brio fly gtonator Hnrdlnti raeord In
Iht NMtl ;tnr prom turd 1 hi r if nom-
Inntnd hr would no loetd,
R ohnrgod that product Ion hai
ir-n hMnpnrad by oonllnd ovnrn
mtnl rr guiation und nnuounood
t h t th rapubltonn party h.ni boon
i lili'il upun t rem-ut thr country
and ft Vt Amnrtonn Inatltutioni Mr
WllllH f. It I.J
"Hrpublirun pui'i f nn in alwavn
Irabio -tn itto it i imporai lo.
Cnllnd intft boinfl by Aliah4m Lin
coin to fiRvc the union, th ropttbll
run party niftitrd Un Iotik yearn 'f
triumphs throijKh lift valiant Hrvie
thf n public nnd It! promotion of
Ihf pi'oplf'H piiiKKMS it battled for
nntioni i nraopoHty and Bound ft
nine- unoor tii londnrahlp of ohlo'i
knlghtllrat non. tVIIUnm MoKlnloi .
i' rained th vletorlom Htamiard ol
thf nqunra donl and obodlonnc to
th law at thf rail of that ateilwai t,
rod - blooded A i ne ri.-an, Thf "lore
RoOMVcUt Hut vast aa are Its
nchlovnmnntt and Itrllllant as has
j bonn ifa Inndnrahlpi th- man nom
InOtad hero today niun t'f nf type
1ik enouRi, in enable htm to look
I with level eWne to the ieadeiihip of
i other yearn, and to face. un.Uur.Ual,
I probli ma more torloue than thone
Whlon confronted Wanhtntftoii or
Llneoln. We nave enn fRf il f mm a
World war Victor lOUl and unafraid.
In i hat nreal t jl . to maim aln
the national honor and prOOOrVO fro
Koverrino ut among men. rOpUbllt
on battlefield. In OOnnrOM and In
private life did their full share an
America nH rem i d Iran of the re
pOOted IneUltJ Of the mont bitterly
partisan administration in the his
tory of the republic and thf official
pi onounremenl that th only way to
mint a In the republc and he. patriotic
war, to vote (he tiket of the party
that won In 1016 boeaUM 'he kept
ub out of war' and week to win in
1 110 because he kept ua out of
"In ihe fevered ntmoepbere that
nettled about worlds war-worn
weary, " st llrntla I vh pors
Of the
sprung up periling the peace
world and the perpetuity of our own
llol.dict Ism rrceicnl.
"Bolshevism and anarchy stalk
flerv eyed and militant across the
planet and even dare to shake th'lr
bristly hair In our own country un
dismayed hv an administration that
furnishes hv Its own autocratic un
constitutional acts the very soil In
which I W W Ism flourishes and
Which culminates against radicalism
through one department of the gov
ernment and encourages It hy Im
portant executive and dlfRomatle ap
pointments In others Instead of or
derlv liberty regulated hv taw. un
der democratic nils rule this govern
ment has become an oligarchy In
which Ihe few rule the many hv In
timidation: government hy threat
must cease
"The necessities of our country.
unprepared for war, furnished ex-
ruse for expenditures of unparat -
leled extravagance j this wsatefulness
was endured without a murmur
j while the war laaled; hut now the
people demand and will have re
trenchment extrriviRanrc must slve
I w av to economy If the country would
; avoid hi nk ruptcy.
Production Hatnr"rol.
'Troductlon Is hampered and
Hamstrung hy sn-ralled srovern
j mental reulntlon of huslnes by
.those who undcrstnnd neither husl-
ness nor povr rnoient. To add to
these domestic woes, those In au
thority hy a self assumed "mandife"
aelaad In the face of fist repudls
tlon hv the American people at the
ballot hex, haven undertaken to slffn
away, hy a stroke of the pen. the In
dependence won hy the sword of
Waahlngton. The spirit of unswerv
Ing loyalty to American tradition and
Institutions upheld hy every presi
dent from Wsshlnrton to Hnnsevelt,
has heen superceded hv a vsprue.
mlstv potygemOUl patriotism that
ernuld scatter Its affections Indis
criminately omiitii; Tlenpalese nd
botsbevltct and which would prove a
unsatt'-factorv and trnuhle-hreedlnit
I ,n iniernauonai as in uomestic ar
I r,lrs Froni this hopeless tangle of
unparaiif n-.i inefricienev unheard "f
' rtravaganee, unconstitutional aaar
pallr.n of power and un-American
bartering away nf national Indc
pendence. the democratic party Is
Impotanl to solve these problem he.
-- ,, ,, .
the very evil policies and practices
iv.o - ,1 hois, oo ,.e I "in lor-
if the renubll.' Is to live.
"The republican parly here assem -
hied, wlrh th- fares of th heroic
dead looking down upon us snd com
mantling us wt'h mute Hp to stand
by the principles of ihe party and
defend to the uttermost every Amer.
lean Ideal, will go forth to victory
on a platform pronouncing unequiv
ocally In favor of constitutional gov
ernment and obedience to law; In
favor "f repeal of war-time legists
tion not needed In times of peace but
aelaad upon by a nower-gmsplns
autocratic adri Inlstrallon to perpet
uate Itself: In favor of legislation to
promote Industrial peace, not hy
protecting s. rich man because he Is
rich nor a poor man because he Is
poor, hut rather by protecting the
upright ettlaen rich or poor, because
he t gprtgtlti In favor of the ratlfl
cstlon of only such a peace treaty
as. while fully discharging our obll-
gallon to other nations, will at thf
nme lime protect itnequtvooe I
every American right ami rontfve
for deolrton by our nwn people ei
eluctrely, i very purely Ante i lean
nuoel ion; and in favor of i be
maintenance of th principle of in
American pi oteotlVO tariff and i n
American merchant marine Theee
are hound to he the dominant issues
Of the forthcoming cimp.iign Then
why pot name as our candidate ihe
man whose records Is the p ntv plal
fornii for the em 01 d ( hio s can
dldate i the record of thi ropUbtl
can party In the last decade
Fought fof Marine
"lie fouitht for an American mei
chant mnrtne to carry our oommerce
under the Amertoan flag to ail the
parte of earth, while other M edei i
were Hkeptlral or UUteOCent; by the
ntde of ICcKlnley and Mnrb Hanne
he h el pOd hear thf heat and burden
of the nay In the xt mggie foi re
hahnitat Ion of American Induetry;
four 'is ago he BtOOd OH thi plti-
fortn the cholrn of both Willi. mi
II Tafl and Iheod-oe It ,,... t f or i
ff the nonventlnn; ai
Is on!- f.ilr t-" add that as a niomhfr
"f the nenate he enjoyed 'he Intimate
nnd eonftdentlel tt irndhip f both
thene great leaders He bad the
honor to prauoftl in the nenate nnd
tf eeeure the ennotmenl "f the legis
lation provldlnf for the u oose U
diMsion for eervtce In Krnnee lento
In l hn hirh was rare? Iv tti Icimiti
by a patriotic people, bui which waelhbi
not utilised bf iiuse of x- ' u 1 1 vr par-
tlnan blnotrj without a parallel In
all the annals of war 1 thus speak
of his cordial relationship with fol.
Ho once til beoauee it ehown the ca-i
paClty Of reallV great men to ove,l-
look minor diffcrencee for the com
mon good not because Ohio n
damn him Ihe successor of CoL '
Roooevott RooneveM left no sue-
ciMsor. hta mantle frij no no tarthl)
ehouldera; no nhtoftnln ramaine to
bond th bow of LTIyeeee. But his!
lofty example win abide. Ha) we I
not learn from It that leoaon of hioad
vision and uncompromlntni Amort
onnlnm without which party fealt) is!
an empty thing and a free repubUt
only a fragrant memory Ane memo
her of the committee on foreign re- j
latlrum of the United Btatea senate,
Ohton candidate had prominent and
honorable part In framing the res
ervations to the peace treaty which
were adopted by the BOIiatC and
Which Will he the battle ground in
the forthcoming cum pal no between
American lam and Internattonallem
Iet us nominate the candidate prhOOe
reoncd ts the plal foi m
Ik UkC MeKlnley.
"In personal character he has the
d lenity, urbanity and breadth of
riet on of MoKlnley. Uke that other
great Ohtoan( he in one of the com
mon folkc beet loved by thooe erlfo
know him best With no working
Capital other than his own ability
and his capacity for toll, he has bUtH
up a prosperous business employing
many no n and In the shop where he
works si'ie ny ni.ic with his men t
there hits never heen an
labor trouble in 2.1 years 1
hour nf
f friendly
co-operation As laborer, as em
ployer, as editor of a grr-nt news
paper, he knows th" many sided In
dustrial problem! and will bring to
Its solution the same unite good
I sense atid spnit of helpful 00 opera-I
Hon that have characterised his l.usl- j
ness and professional life.
"William MeKlnley was a great
! president because h- understood the
. viewpoint of congris and knew how
to ro operste wllh Ihe legislative de-
parlment of the government We
have had enough of one man gov
ernment. It Is time -to resume the
functions of government as set forth
by the constitution. We do not need
a dictator, an autocrat, to give or
ders. The country calls, rather, for
a man of courage, poise and decision,
who while reserving to himself the
right tn direct the general course of
, government Is not so cock-sure of
his infallibility as to refuse to hear
! the advice of other men of larg
, nhlllly and wide experience; a man
deliberate in lodgment. wise In
I eOUnOcl, and of such callh-r and ex
perience that in these troublous
times of tir.rest when ihe old sh!" h, "', " "" w'" "n"r "e
may have to sail tempestuous HessLw'h1,'" ""'"' March 4. lilt, will
hefore she reaches her usual calm '" "V" "P'lhile.n or that democrat
' course of pro-re, he can say to of
1 fleer and crew ns he lahors among
them. 'Steady, h-vs, steady W
L need not s much brilliant and Lair-
raising maneuvers as we do nfe and
sane seamanship
rapt iln who
knows the way.
is a Vole tjeftrr.
"rihio oresenti, mil Ii a roun
your deliberate consideration lie
Is a stalwart flirhtlne repiihllcsn.
who believes In the efficacy ,.f m
resen la t i v e Kovernment under party
sponsorship, know-in-; and heodlag
fhe lessons of Ih- paati his face I,
toward the future he s not a pro- j
ressing. a perroroilnn progi -us vi
and he I, a vole getter. The country
needs the republican parly, the re
publican party needs Ohio nnd Ohio
needs the nomination of, her Candi
da 1- lo Insure succen. W'e believe
w- ran crrv hlo this year f"r th
nonilnOg of this convention whoever
h- may be, and we pledge our undi
vided effort from now till Nov 'tuber
to bring that about, but with our
candidate nominated vlclory Is oer
taltt. The enemy rarrled Ohio In
1913 by ino.OUO and In 1!M by pear
ly nn.Ofifl, yet In between times In
11114 a gi-eat forward looking tihlo
republican was elected tTnlted Slates
senator hv mi, non majority and he
carried along to victory th- whole
republican state ticket wllh nu on
It and h can carry Ohio next No
vember hv loo, non maturity
"If we had carried Ohio in lata
a great republican preaidenl w-ould
be In the white house today, If we
carry It in 1020 the nominee of this
convention will be ina ngin a t. d pi.sl-
1 dent March 4 1 1 2 1
"In the name of Ohio republican!
1 1 present for vour Ji llbeiale onsid
'ration the man who can carrv Ohio
! and thus Insure republican triumph
that mclist. dlrnlfled. suhstan
tial clllsen that aggressive sane cool
headed ladder of men, that typical
Amerlrsn, Kenator Warnn (i Hard
Ing of Ohio "
Tu.cs icllii,ii. nl .tunc ,
Closing hr.ur of the county treas
urer office w.u ba r, o'clock togas
w w Htuaaey aaanuaolag yester
day that lai use of ihe fact I at
the second half of st.rr and county
taxes gejaoale dellaauanl June in,
every opportunity will be given tax
payers to a4.,. penalty of "tu a no
one-half pst , ent e month for - it i.
Charlei Wheeler 9 :i v i
Voten Win Go ac
cording to Melt.
California! PIacm Rtnator In
Nomination Bafom Reput
I lean Convention!
PHICAOO, iuni ii Hailed a.
ihr man I" "acourge ih last nf
the hnHrs
t i-iuihl i- ,t it
from ih' temple "f cue
narlv.' Sciciicr llliani
lohnaon s formally aawlnataa ta
.in fnt ihr republican preeideniiai
camllil.tcv by Charles 8 Whcrlsr of
The errui reagowlblllte U
"ins, ' the npsnKn eald to the con
inii"i delagatea "The American
irr pvi'i ywhru' le ins "i 4 nil
fomla'e -."ii Just
Rnoaevall paid
if lit in nf all ihe pul, II, men In
colinli-y Inilay he In the one
Hli win. 10 I fin. I mself In ni.ail
complete sympathy '
'TO Ihe and thai men ami no
meeten shall admlnlall r the crral
trueteeahlp "f the Amarloan parly;
10 'lie en. I thif this convention may
mnh i mistake, t.i tin
en, I that 1
you whn li'ilil In your
party's ilcMilny. ma ao
t heae h ilia trlumpaant
surance." of in lain ylel
end that a tcioiMicHn
tion may miicc main hi nil.-ast Ihe
nation IHi hapi'lneea and pins-
peuiy, to ihe end that the constl-;
tUtlon of inn fathers and the high-
. i tradition nl the tmerlran i" "
pie shall eml'iie. lo the end lhal thei
patrlptle principle and the l"fi
I " r waenington or unooin an I
of Rooeevelt, ahall live on end on
the sovereign slate of I's llfomla I
,,n .-n .., , ii.uiini 1 1 ' III I in - ,
1 1 on
llli. urn W Johns
t allfoenla'i t'iri
The orator daaertbad
Johnson aa Ih- man flrat
t'orih for pri Hidentls I hono
lo ought
hv Cal
hoo'l atid i
Ifornl.-i In 70 years of suit
out no i otiirov-rsy in
recent polltl
-at hlatory untouched as he eket
the senator' -art er.
hed I
Mr Wat
men! of
lei marked ihe argil.!"" ourqen upon itie i.nck "i Hie re
political geographer. ' '"' ',:,"' . N" M0.M angel'
tgalnil candfdale, from th- far
"California would to such
men that iiu nrogreaalve world of
ours ha heen moving rlghl along.' i
ih" snld "That the course of empire j
has ateadlly pursued Its westward '
Way; thai Ihe hand and liraln af
llieti have mil i.nlv ,m,Mn,.,t rl,,.
i 'i-O i me. I, I- l.ol
they havt
'.'I"" '""wan no ,.,,., ,ml
,1, 1
nigiiwaje nrougn the very
oei, ene i 111 llisei i s ll'l'll the cast I " . " '" ' ' " .1
and wept in- one" and he now had no auppurters
The California delegation clalmal '"10r outapoltan ami cnihusiasiie"
the right to speak authoritatively ""' bankers and the big husl-
for the rank ami rtl. nf the repuh" n?t "" " T home stale
! in party it base that olalm m i , ! Jaaai big business.
upon lb" fact that It was sent in this T"kv from your stubborn
convention hv the stupendous ma-l""" ""' P'uas of prejudice, o you
lorlty of inn, (inn American citizens ,n"v permit yourselves to learn Jnsi
who In literal truth hailed from I Whl this mans creed reslly Is." be
every nook aiml cranny and corner OOntlBUedi "Ho sees orgaaigad s"
"f this nation. tlety a structure of laws. When
I llcpuhllciin Tear i.sprci fur law die, , our cNlllsa
"By every sign of the sodl.ic this """ "self la dead Therefor-, all
should lie a republican year The w hi eakers must be forced to how
ilin-.iit for lb" parly in pnwei '" '"'" 'he law of Ihe land Whether
untveraal, Bui notwithstanding aiij""' lawbreaker is the petty thief "i
i hie there has never been a llmei'ha thief of millions, all must lie
In the hlsloty of the repuhllcen I forced to obey Ihe law of ihe land
party when failure to nam the
right candid ale would aurrlv snell
party defeat.
"Thla propoaltion may be laid
down with axiomatic certainty. The
Novemoai election win not t won
ly the platform of 1 1 h r pollttral
party. Thi r.ii.nulily of th mn
dPIfitf anil not th nnrtv affill -
Irillon 1 ico Inn to mct the naxt
pi '.iilp-nf nf thf T'nitffl Sfnfryi
I voter places th mo,i falih
"These voters hive lesimid wlihln
Ihe past few year, that the most
! powerful ruler In Ihe world Is ihe
president of the United Slates
I They are smarting under a sense nf
i nmi oppienHion. run man can
make ihun believe they are not ihe
victim, of prnflle.-is Thev III' ll" c
""' remeoj foi their eooaomli
! wrongs will lie found when there Ii
1 ' " win'., liousi 11 man "f
again In
Hie white
vital fi
D 1 1 hies
' ami moan human sym
and th'-y n wiliulv deler-
mined thai gee
asaln with their
"seiu snail ineti. ,e vlevaled In
that all pow-rful place any man who
has mil goavlaoed then, ,y his
raeord ih.it in- i in touch with th,
needs of the average man
"Th-sc voters foltll the gnat mid.
die class f the nation They hold
the balanea of power and they will
lint stand for a reactionary admin
A eiiuW dig' i lmpnal,
B 'dark burse' cannot win If
sipeci their voie. ,b, not off.
them u cold, capable, nerveless.
r to
syiupii'lu itlfl I,,, s admlnlairatioo
Phey un in n ,,,un t UK lt
PnlBBBfl rti.-rl nu
What they want and whst ihey
demand -f this oonvenUon is -.
loll'- whose rad-hluoded. forth
ngin Ann rl. aiiism iratisfiise it
erarmth to ihe ki.s ,,f their
beans, and whose word of ringing
righteouaneaj bring neaj bona to
their troubled soul.
"Is It not the truth thai ihe most
Important duty that confronts this
.o.i i. non loiliiy I o see to , ll,
pUl'ICUII naitv I. inn.. !
: limed lo power
i-'n yoil Haul allothei four
"' "I i" i nans' In
Itlolhei f
years of
family In the
Insist that Ihe
shall abdicate
wnoe noils- ' 1 r oil
father "f the dyaaaty
do you want the i.e...
pi.- i hen io
pi Inc.. '.
lake up ihe .ruwu
... tU 'In not, why than gamble
with chance' Why dose y,.u, eyea '
lo the obvious? Why not admit to
youraelvee what every mini of po
litical vision know, ih.it there is
' ll" icpil'ijieaii w llu
can sw-en the
cnuntiv. wnoae nomlnatlan win
oarry with ll ihe absolute oartalaty
of hi. elei tion?
"It may he true thai our near
offi-er das, tho ceptsin of Indus
try. Ih disbursing officer of the
primal y ailuy and the colonel of
tiie commiagary who udnnce
lalneei nf war would prefer .1 mii
Itary loader 11m 1 am hers loday
I fur the tank Ud fllr of IM rspiil.
j lloall parly that
" Thr ilaln yanks,
yho fill the ranks.
" Timi aave 1 1' otaa
'Arc calllna fur tie top ol 'ai
ifci nia.
if vim osaaM ha why 11 la
tho Amsricnn cttlaene by tms nf
lh"iiMti'ls have wrltien In hla name
al every frsn anil open primal v In
the tana, 1 hniii a mandate of Call
f'.rnla i tell yoti The hum. in
ajmpathlee nave a arlreleee all laeii
OWBi wlnrehy follOO he.iri Ipeaka
1.1 fallow hsati Through its unob i
ii in nve I'ui powerful woraiaaa, in
wnrii ii.is in ' n paaaad along iv avei
.IK'' American 10 tVOrage Anierh un
Men ami woman eearywaere havi
..lined to kin i 's Hf inula s son .ii,
they have laken lu lust measure
I" Man ol illoll
Tin y s'e In him a man of aotlon I
a graal uonetruotlee agaaatlvoi a j
leader to whom a platform promlge
Is a solemn obltgatlon, a man who I
keeps ihe f.uih who rnacts his
nrnmleed word lato the law of the
land an executive who nave In his
nt n stair n government go oleani ao
efficient ami so uplifting Hint II
ohallanga'd oampariaow, a leader
who hnoWa how so to wlehl Ihs Ottd'
,rl of palltloai power lhaf een
liallv kniivi'n ale fin I to play Ih"
game mpiarsly with ihe people
'Ih' Hiipieme tei i,f human treat.
iiuhh the ai hi lest of a man I char
acter DOmee only when the man Is
broughl fai to fac with embltlon'a
lute in ihe prooanoe of aathtttaa'a
into for so rune ih, hletory nf civ
lllaation guardlani of ms Roman
granarlea, brave generala who have
'lalneil a nslloitf, cohorts, have ai
hainls thslcepteit the pi offered carrlaaes of
forth from! the favored few that they nilKhi
In Ihe aajrda Into places of pnwet oyer Ihe
i I . t.i the I many. Aye nye. they have gar
ailmlnlstra-1 tnltteil themeelvai lo he llfiei hv
the ittlocit . f , roeaue 'ulo nil
aohlen chariot, drained by lite I
pe. t.int sialliniie of iui .o-. ami
faoi 'hunting wralih.
Pat ta teed INM
"In the past few weeks ihe Amer
lean people have cen Uiis son of
: irsa iiKni iace i,. i i, e nn
,"' hlgheal imhltlon thai can pus
si as I h" hope of mm I 1 1 lua n They !
" ' ' ' '"i "i' "' ' I't -ee- I
And Ihev have seen him return from (
in great eiimpniiiii with h-ao elect.
Senatnr!"' ,K "n escutcheon and
"on i.ti .,, i. ill niiu ion i ' . ii.
Inlo Ihe faaa of his fellow inun
try man
"If you shall select thi son of Cal
ifornia, remember that in the con
lie i of ills campaign, he has placed
Jf? Jiirl. novering ovar uim. no
i.'s.iinii tip from the frlendl) hand
oi a lanuaru "ii sing has toumi its
way Into the iiolliical Ireaaurif and
1101 a penny ii'mii hi private puiee
lias been stalled In the gluey pookal
of a show me' polltli Is B
Ten years ago, the speaker said,
ing business men in California ana
our aoneervalive mllltonairee"
. , . , .. "" ''
,",".,,' '!' ..
The niun who eAnol lUbaorlbe to 'b.ii
! doctrine and Ihe dm. nine is ihe very
I essenc of the creed of i 'alltornla's
I dOW 'hi not III to be an American
Many Not gajtaatl
"Itijt hn knWfi Jnct nt wrll At
yu Wntiw thut thtri r hoih'
I wi-allh Pf-HnltM mMi In thn lunti
i v ho do not want what In r'Pi hp and ;
i riKht who mukr th" MtumutetlOA
I of niofo-v hv fair iriftnn fr foul bv '
one passion of their exltem e He
know and you snnw lhal Ihore are
at least a few financial ghouls who
In trUtB create an unrest which con
stitutes a menace that g second to
none which threatens this nation
today. Hay to them that II be ever
gels Into the all-powerful office of
the president of Hie United Ml lies
he will bundle them without gloves
or mercy. This Is the answer which
law snd order. In all places .
to crime and disorder In high
"Oallfarnla makes no pretention
that her candidate t the political
heir nf Theodore Rooeevelt But if
ll should happen thai the claim Is
here nisde that the political manile
of Theodore Hoosevelt was be-
quaathad ta anyone, then California
ass you to remember that Rooae.
veil sin. i of her son lie lii fitted
ut Ihe mom' nl to he Ihe president
of ihe United States '
Mv feiiow Americana, tin- hour
ha Btruoki th time has DOniS lo
.cuing,' Ihe last of the bosses from
this gnat temple of the republican
Men of the south, If It he true
thai there are among your number
hand picked delegates h ho havi foi
golteii Ihe Obligation tin y of ail men
owe. the flag of freedom; n en of the
north, If It be true thai then are
In your ranks political slaves who
are being lashed Into line hv the
bliu ksmlthr of some nartv l.euree
ten iiieui mat llity
hold within
themselves ihe power to strike Ih
fthai kle, from their llmba."
More In ltd and Huffman I
for '1 rial by HHni t
oiler le-itlll
t ourti
finding the defendants orobabh
I guilty al th" larceny of six joints of
oil will i using valued at 1 1, Mi and
stolen from un oil lee In this
COunty operated by th" Twin Stale
Oil company, T. I Moreland and
Mike Koffmati were held under
bonds of 1 1. UU0 at Hie conclusion of
the preliminary hearing yaeterda)
before Justice P C Maxey, foi trial
by district court.
officers of the ml cnipam claim
Moreland lorated the
casing on th'1
ffmaii to haul
iftisc und employed K
Hi" pipe into this pity,
at ii rted while trauspi
Koffmati waa I
Ming the pipe
and lioroland at a local Junk yard
wnlle wailing, according to the bv
faraiatiog obtained by the county
attorney's office, for the delivery of
'lie e t '
Rodenbera Recalli That
state presented Lin
coin to 0. o. P,
rraining Mta Qovarnor foi
llilfh OffiiivUivord
Proof nf Ability.
CHICAaO, June II. Likening
dev. Prank o, Latwdea unto idaeola
ami telling tho lichgate o thn re.
publloaa national onaveatlon that
onoe before, many years ago. Illinois
wan railed upon to furnish a man
when Ihe ballon was In dire illslress,
Conai eaainaa Wllllaai a Rodenharg
of Illinois today pin I ihe nam of
Ilium is war gioeiuoi In nomination
foi the tnceidency nf Ihe United
Ills speech follow
At no time since Ihe hlrth of the
repiihllcsn Patty has there heen
greater need for Ihe eieri Ise of . aim.
deliberate and dispassionate Judg
ment In th- selection of a standard
hi ii' r than there is today, a spirit
'r rebellious unreal is abroad in th
land un till sldee are heard mur
ium lugs of discontent The times arn
fin gti mi wiili the prophecy of gloom
and l'i. in Con fid en eg ha rilanp
p trod and Ihe splendid optimism of
fi'imei deyg, once our proudest na-
llonal ssnet
haa given way to an
f-ar of Impending dls-
aater Hm eeven years the ship of
; state, straining In every ttniher, has
I heen iliifilng in a sea of uncertainty,
in. pi'ot oonfueed and bewildered hv
i strange voices In the air and lured
,, n M vacillating course by falae
ughu along Ihn shore Nine anxious
nt hs still II- hefore ua anH If ner.
It should he our good fortune
In ihr (" Un of df-Mtrintlofi It
will he dir ftolrly tn th myntrrniia
WorhlDatl f a 1 1 1 i 1 f ii I provldrtit ft
that iruld'M and prntefta th dratlny
"f .i ohOMB pffipln In thi'lr time of
trial and 1 1 Ihulathm.
UOBM for llravrr Pilot
I know ihnt I vol' thn arntlmnt
of vrry patriotic Amfili-un when I
t xpri'Ma tho hopM that Hod will aprrd
the duy when a hettr and hraver
pilot hall l) plarrd at the helm
on" who la r ndy and wllllnff In tlnieaj
of it rW and eiorni to read the hart
am) COItlDMI of eiperienre, one whtt
tan rtratort ttliclpllnt amonn ottlcviift
and i w and ireplie the t out nu
tiiat ih born of Qonftdinooi one who
will alt er a at might and ntta,dy
i mn Mr throiiKh the trotihled watnra
ot nntlonnl dlOOrdo end avaln find
leftist in i lii harbor of national aa fe
lly and H t unty. To find anch a pilot
:ie the Imperative duty of th repwh-
i Uonnn MMRibtod in oonvoiitlon today.
I M) f i lenda. I hrr m ore yenra
'at n time when the peeHlonn of men
were fetirred to the depth, when the
Im 1 1 i on of Ihi repuhlfi 'n fut ore whh
daiKeii d ly the oloiMtl of approa' h
Inff oondloii when the very perpetu
ity of "no ernnient of the people, hv
tin- p oplr and for the people" waa
tn ml Una; in the balance, thr nation
turnod for ieademhlp t ci the elate of
UllnoU. KtrOi on the lrotl and fer
tile pr hIi It-it ftf thla nreat atate, ao
Onn thai truth Optild find no rn.tr i.
plare. waa found a man of the peo
ph , a h ader of lendera, the apotheo
aln of freedom a holy lljrht. our l.ln-
I roln. the world Unoofnl flrandly,
RObly. riulhmlv he not the teat. Pa
tlantly nnd paaalonately he prepteed
fftrwaid In the great tank thai lay
bafnri him and today he atanda a
rlalmed aa AmHon'i nrandeat con
iiimiii") i"i irn wiim tin miRr ui
ii J ' at and noble men.
Illinois, Ihe slate whose soil has
been agnticfiaa by the idood of the
Immortal Loveoyi our first great
martyr lo the cause of free press snd
gpaai h. gave Abraham Lincoln to the
nation In 1880. and Illinois. Ihe slats
Hint Is still the welUprlng of repub
lican hope and Inspiration, elands j
rrady In HUH to consul rale to the
as l vit e or thn republic another of her
sous one who, brilliant record of
public and private achievements Is!
the very lust and surest guarantee
that under bis h ailet ship our beloved
country will be raised from tho ob
loquy mi" Wbloh It has fallen and
again placed "ii the road that leads I
to ii '' i honor ami national glory. I
Is Hugged American
We present him to you because we
believe In bis rugged Aatarloanlaati
the Americanism that comes from
Hie I lose eotllll'l Willi Ih plain p0-
ple, Born of humble parentage in
ih. slat- of Minnesota, his early
yoiii.h and young manhood were
apt til mi a farm In the state of Iowa,
ll was there, close to .. and na-
tura'g Ood, the great school of ha
man expcrlciii e. that school that has
given lo the nation It best end truest
men, lhal he formed those sterling
tiiills of character that have ruled
his life and have left their Imp; ess
upon his every act.
Wu present him lo you because wn
know him to be a manly man of
loiiiiige and conviction, endogfed
Willi Ihe gl utile, of COmtnOn sense
faithful and feai less, Whose lively
i heart beat la In full sympathy with
I the
ddest aspll lltl'ill of ma fellow
We present him to you because he
stands for law and order and constl
lutionai government, of fine ingai
mind and training, with both legisla
tive and exi i utlve experience, he be
lieves In re esialilishing Ihs powers
ami prerogatives of every branch uf
the federal government as set forth
by the lathers In the constitution
Itself and he is unalterably opposed
lo e geC UtlVS usurpation of any legle
lativ or ludl 1st fun' Hon.
W. ,. hm! , , it,: Thauae hU
I allbcr
has ii
ii-oid demonstiutes lhal h
i b iir and conipr. henslve n.nci ptlon
of the proper ralatiaag "t capital aM
labor to each other. His work as
member of i -tigress and as govei nor
of a great industrial state, with all
its complex and diversified Interests,
stamps him as the living embodiment
of Un do, tone of the "equate deal."
lie believes in the Interdependence
p employe and employer und tn ull
oi Ins uffiual ai l he has accorded to
each exactly the same measure uf
-uuloaiuii under Um law. u Pt-fHoJ tho Uulled tiuies.
pant him lo baaauae he typifiea
more than any one nf the distin
guished gentlemen who win n
plac-d In nomin.itioii hefore thi con
vention the grant, vRal iue of ,con-
om lii the administration of public
affairs Me hwllevo In the agpUoa
tion of mund nnd practical husine
ptlii'ipliH lo the noaducl of govern
ment ,i in i .i proof of that banal we
point to the decreased Inn rate snd
Hi- In. lea-. 1 administrative effl-
i lent v of in- state over whia. dsti-
nli ii ii" presides today.
We prOPOnl hltU to yon hecuuse he
Is In full accord wllh Ihe true spirit
of America Which still prefers the
nallonntlom of Theodora RooaaveR
to ih- internatlonallam of Woodrow
Wilson. He bellevee that th sover
eignty of thy I lilted States must be
kept ff e Ut III V 1 1 I II I (I fri'lll K'l.O-
pean influence or dictation and that,
while maintaining a friendly atttfun
towanl all tuitions, we owe It lo
those who have gone hefore end to
i hose who re In follow uo to enter
into partnarahlp with none.
W- present him t" you hecanae to
Mm the American flag, whose star
and sttlpes have I n haptlxed In the
hest hlood nt American patriotism,
lyntbollaaa the strength end the
majesty of a mighty nation end he
hetlevee that thai flag should rom
mand raapaet at home and ahrnad
and give full snd ampin protection
io the humbleet American c.iusen.
wherever It may be unfurled to the
hlei '
Dalegaiaa, a solemn responslbntty
rests upon ihe roptihllcan party
day Many difficult and perplexing
probtome. aoclal, economic and b
dusirlal. growing out of the world
war mo tireening for snlultnn. Tna
hest constructive nhlllly ot our great
construct Ivn party must be utilised
In ih solution of Ih prohlema. In
Hint arUOial and crltlal period upon
whli h w have now nntered the nav
tlon demands ns Its chief eaeoatfve a
man nf clear brain anil steady nerve,
a man of vision but not visionary, a
man of Ideals but nnt an Ideallat, a
man of worka hut not of worda.
Illinois lis such a man.
We present him to you aa oar
candidate for president.
We prrsrnl the patriotic
nf a patriotic state.
1'ranit GTMl
Columbia's President Pic
tured as Man Who
Meets All Tests.
CHICAOO, June 11. Dr. Nlchnlee
Murray Duller, president of Colum
bia university) was placed In nomina
tion for the presidency hefore the re
publican national convention today
by Ogden Mills ot the New York
"Never elnce the election of Lin
coln heVH problems of eurh vital Im
port lo our national life demanded
wise leadership and awaited solu
tion," said Mr Mills. "While met oa
tenelbly to nominate a candidate, we
shall before we eeparele have In re
ality chosen a president. We ere nnt
concerned with any man place of
residence, or his occupation, or hie
previous public offices. We are con
cerned with his fitness aluiis. Fit
ness Is a vullabtllty.
"A mighty war has shaken the
foundalloii of civilization, and left
In Its train economic, social and po
litical problems, national and Inter
national, sn fundaments! and com
plex that the world today may he
said to be groping In 11 search for
light This Is more true of Kurope
than of the United suites but even
our victorious, powerful end Inde
pendent nation Is not tree from the
j haBv)
burdens of the day, aa evi
denced by wldespresd unrest, Indus
trial strife, a high cost of living that
bears with constantly Increasing
weight on every family, a ataggerlng
load of taxes, decreased production
ami business hesitation, and a feeling
ot doubt snd lack of direction expe
rienced not only In respect of do
mestic questions but of International
policy, and which has led some In
deepali to question our institutions
"He must he a tried executive, but
he must bo much more than an ad
mlnlgtratori No man should be pree
Ideal today whn has not a clear-cut
conception 'if our International rela
tions snd of our traditional foreign
pulley. Never again must, the United
Steles suffet as It ban In the last IS
months from unbalanced and Inexpe
rienced leadership.
"Finally, he cannot be sectional,
hut must be national In his anteced
ents and Interests. He cannot belong
to any i part of the country, but
must '(now and he known to all.
"01 ull tlm distinguished names
presented lo you for your ooaatdaras
n,,n there is on! "n- candidate who
iti uifactortl) meets all of Un tie tests,
M, holes Murray llutler does. I
know of irn man who is morn con
structive minded than Ir. Hutler. In
mafly "f ""r party platform, with
which i"u ars familiar, he haa inva
riably contributed the note of con
tti-m tlon and i" ogreen in definite and
' i" ii t. language. This quality has
been recognised by every preeldent
since Harrleon, with tho exception
,,f Cleveland and WUboBi He le a
tried ami proved executive. No man
is better qualified by training and
ggpgrlenci to give that wise leader
si, io Unit is so necessary to the re-
siai'ltshnu til of a sound, conslstsnt
American foreign policy. It may
'fairly he said that he la as well
known in tht states of California and
Washington as l.i I he amies of t.ew
York and New Jersey.
"A man of vision but nnt a vision
ary; u thinker who dues not make
thoughts hla masts , an idealist who
dose o "' make dreams his alms', a
inun whoso ambition Is deeds, not
' word.,...d who , ha. rca'ljlam.
''iil'in In practice, a believer f.rst and
1USI in I11H luuiniy siiu iw i'i."'s-
(4 one, Nlcholus Murray llutler le a
truly representative American,
worthy of high esteem in which
h Ui held by hie countrymen
and of the high position to
which ho aspires. Wllh a full
realisation of the solemn re
sponsibility, the elate of New York
praaentg to your earnest considera
tion the name of Nlcholus Murray
Hutler as the candidate of the re
publican party for the poniaency

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