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JJhat Number of Candi
dates Are Placed Be
fore Convention.
VhiH'lcr la Heckled in Nomi
nating Californian Is
Reminded of Heurst.
i in 'Alio, Juna 11. Klavpn ran
:.:, 'K for pmldent wvrv received
In DomiMliM by the rfpul'll 'a.n ta
t ,, ii convention In the firm ulcht
houra of It ersslon today.
..nl c , off, liiiwdi-'i followed.
VMM JohniOfl third and the. rem of
the list following.
Bight straight hour the coneen
i lilting nominating iujiI
aatondlng speeches. At 6 o'clock
Chli ifo lint, ItMtOf Sutherland of
Virginia) the last of Uim IIhU
w&n placed in nomination.
-i uproaHOll 40-mlnute tlpmon
I n fOlloWSO the nomination of
Qi il Wood l.y Henry Allen, gov
arnoi of Kenaa l''rank Knox ot
m Uampshlrs tho Wood floor
leader, and Mrs. Dougla ltoblnson
of .. York, sister of the late The-
i Itoosevelt, delivered the Wood
gccondlng spofl, Mrs. HuMnion,
gel rlblng General Wood as a U)
of Theodore rtoosevelt type,
brniight the convention to He feet
repeatedly on In ringing tone she
denounced tho Wilson administra
tion fur ltd eoniM In tho world war.
l.x I 4U Mlntitm,
The demonntratlon which ollowiM
Wood's nomination, lamed 40 mln
lta When It died down, Frank
Knog of New Hampshire, tho Wood
floor manager, and Mis. Douglas
Robinson of New Fork made
spsschaa seconding General Wood's
Mr, Knogj a former privet of the
J: . h Klders, told the convention
that New Hampshire the general's
native state, regarded him "not as
a Mo: of the state, hut as a son of
the whole nation."
The speaker got a lot of cheers,
but not so much as did Mrs. Doug
las Kol'irmon of New York, still In
ii lining for her brother, Col.
Hoosevelt, when she took the plat
form to second General Wood's
nomination. Tho first woman ever
tn perforin that function In a na
tional convention, ahe got a rousing
ovation when she wan Introduced
l.y (Senator Hodge.
To top the demonstration Mrs.
Robinson waved hor hand. She
niioko with a clear, carrying volco
With crisp enunciation apparently
heard with caso to tho depth of the
Mrs RoblHPfl declared she
wanted Leonard wood for president
'not because he was my brother's
friend, but because ho is his typo
of man."
ArNnnsna yielded to Illinois and
Representative William Rodenborg
of 1: .il s'ate. was presented to noml
natt Governor iwden.
A big man with a big voice, Repre
sentative Rodenberg spoke without
manuscript beginning deliberately
and wanning up the Iwden sup
porters to repeated cheering.
Representative Rodenberg got his
greatest applause when he came to
his enconlum of Governor Ixwden
as i buslnees man and an adminis
trator of .ability in economic and fl-
naneial llnca
As soon as the speoch was over
the I.owden demonstration began,
his delegates among his supporters
earrjli i; large pictures of tho candl
o it tacked to wooden standards. A
proeeFslon got under way almost Im
mediately, headed by Iowa delegates
bearing aloft a six foot lithograph
or the governor.
A long banner nrglng "a business
ri.iui for president was carried in
th'eLow'den procession.
me Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma,
Connecticut, Arkansas and Kentucky
delegations showed up among the
i'v. ien partisans In the parade
Again the lights were on for the
movie men atul it aroused another
wave of noise.
A rrromi ,,f Oklahoma delegates
Varied the harmony by Introducing
retrain Louden, Howdcn, Frank O.
ITnlses 40 Minutes.
When It had (One forty minutes,
Just or, long as the Wood demonstra
tion, the Urri attempt was made to
"p tho noise. Senator Hodge had
given the Chnlr I. frrr.r fii.nntnr
Bererldg of Indiana nnd the latter
landed las gavel on tho chairman's
ai io so that It shook the platform.
lt'it the I.owden fnrr.ni thought Ihftv
O Ight to make the demonstration a
lilt e longer un 1 Senator Uevarllla
sent for Home of tho leaders of the
rwaen delegation and asked them
to uia their influenco to quiet the
' 1 !.'', noor so as to speed ui
'' Isa abated a little and most
orth delegates took their seats but
ine .,,,., , kept p whfl long.
bjjvrHcc Industriously punished
the gavel. At 4: minutes the dem
onstration was finally stilted and
Charles ft, picket I .,f W aterloo. Iowa,
seconded Governor Iiwden'a lionil
Another woman was railed to the
rostrum to second a candidate. Mrs
Hotelier Dobbins of Chicago, made
the seconding speech for the Illi
nois governor.
v'N,rR Dabbing said: ',.. eiiail of
the women of Illinois who bllta
that business effuiemy and com
mon nense are a vital neeeaeU) ol
.ur government In this hour and
lno.n who hope to lighten Hie ,ut
di ns of Hi,, women a ,., H no
of the men on the farm and be
lieve m a program of humanitarian
and social legislation to num-ii,
U' welfare of the future America
I have tho honor In seconding the
nomination of Frank O. Howd.-n
Governor Morrow of Kei,iuk
made another brief seconding
peach for I.owden.
Senator Beverldf presented
Charles s Wheeler of San I'raneli
loo. who mad.- the anseoh nnmlnn
log tfrnatnr Johnson. Ho got roan
and cheers from the convention
when he life, rid to the Wilson ad
ministration as the "roral family
and by Inference to w liuam fj, Me
Adoo a "ihe ciown prUMt '
"Are you prepared for four years
more of thtm" he shouted The
crowd answered: "No, no"
tut when Mr Wheeler rafarrad to
Senator Johnson as having had an
made. piaie Campaign fund, the
crowd let go a round or booei, jeers
and guffaws.
''Ormar Senator Baverldge ad
monished the orOWd to remain quiet
and let th speaker proceed
.scattered ripioe, of applauaa
came during tin- uuty part ol III
Wheeler's a.ldress when he gpokl
01 parly recognition of the weal
rhe first nal buist of applause
came when he spoke of ganatoi
Johnson's opposition to the league
of nations.
"Vou'vn done California the hon
or," ho said "to meet tho vfews of
her son on the league of nations.''
When Mr. Wheeu-r deduced the
next president would be the man in
whom the average iltlMMI had the
most faith, there were a few crtoa
of "no, mi," but Mr. Wheeler ro-
lierated his declaration.
The crowd also ci led "no" when
he neiked whether the republic ins
were prepared to "take on the roy
al family'' for and her term.
There were mon , qM rs w in n Vr.
Wbealar said senator Johnson could
be elected surely If nominated.
Tho first reference to campaign
expenditures brought u flurry, a
roar of laughter and boos grtlr
a statement by Mr Wheeler referr
lng to Senator Johnson's campaign
fund as "Inadequate to meet legi
timate needH." iSonatirr Bsvsrldg
had to pound the table and urg
that the convention give the Call
fornlan's sponsor right of way.
More laughter came tvhen Mr
Wheeler spoke of newspaper pub
licity of campaign and a voice
shouted: "There's Hearst."
Mr. Wheeler said he was not nn
noyed by the Interruption, Mixed
cries of "no" and "go on;; go on,"
greeted the statement that the pco-
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you buy calomel
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rnce 35c.
p;e needed anoihci tw-i-fiMrd light
er M attested Itoosevidt.
During ihe latter part of Mr
Wlieelei s addiess thcri' was I "ti
gtderahle confusion from i'oneisa-
tion. when be told of the wealth
reported on the California delegation
a murmur of amused talk went
around. When he said he was Hear
ing the end there were several Olio
of "good, good' nnd he replied "un
cork your prejudiced ears for Jusi
one moment and for the first time in
your life Irsrn by listening what this
man stands for,"
The Johnson demonstration was
lust half an hour old when the hall
was stilled enough for Senator l odge
to present Representative Sohall.
the blind member of congress from
Minnesota, who seconded Senator
lohnson's nomination. Led to the
fiont of the platform bv his little
boy. Representative Schall was
gieeted by a new outburst of up
plnuse. Hp began bis speech wiih
an energy which kept the .lohneon
sympathisers cheering almost con
tinuously. Richard D. herly of Jersey City,
also seconded Senator Johnson's
nomination and said Ni w Jerse) and
the cast siood ready to link their
aspirations with a Judicious nnd un.
trammeled son of the Gulden Gate.
it was titer i o'clock before Mr.
Doheity concluded and the d
gates began to show plainly thai
they wen getiing tired and hungry
Several of ihe state delegation chair
men went out and got bundles of
aadWIehOt to pass around.
Another seconding speech for
Senator Johnson was made by
Charles P, O'Neill of Michigan. He
said Michigan wanted a candidate
for president "whose convictions on
popular questions can be found
without a IS arch warrant.
Mrs. Katherlno Phillips Kdson of
Log Angeles seconded the on f
Senator Johnson. She asked that a
man be uomnlated whom the women
oould rapport "with a whole hear)
and with ele,ln hands "
Connecticut yielded to Mgaagehu
setis and Speaker Gillette pi iced
Governor Coolldg in nomination.
The nominating speech gol re
pealed ch.ers gnd when Ipeaker
Glilett concluded the Massaehusel is
delegation stood up nnd give Gov
ernor Coolldge three cheers. A few
others In the delegations of other
stato,i also stood and applsuibd.
Alexandria Carlisle lelffer of
Lexington. Mass, seconded the noml.
nation, speaking deliberately and
distinctively she declared her can
didate was real American, born on
the "fourth of July" and believed In
"co-operation not domination."
At the conclusion of the speech
the Massachusetts delegation sent a
big bunch of roses to Mrs Pfeffer
who before her marriage was Alex
andria Carlisle, a muaical comedy
Florida yielded to North Carolina
for the nomination of Judge Jeter C.
Pritehard i Senator Marion Butler.
lie was cheered when he went to the
Then state senator Ogdcn Mills
of N'ew York madi the nominating
speech for Dr. Nicholas Murray Hut.
Mr Mills got some cheers ftoaa
I th. New York delegation bul the
nOUSJ of convention and the sliufn-
ItiK of feel IhrOUghOUl the Coliseum
kept up continuously Plainly the,
delegate-) were llrlng of the oratory, at
Mr. Mills denied Hie declaration
made by Mr wheeler in nominating
Senator Johnson tluit the California
, candidate was the only one who
Mould stand on the league of nations
plank adopted yesterday
I I want to sa that Nu 'hulas Mur
ray Holler can stand on Ihe plank
written by Rllhu Root and adopted
b this convention flthout ihe erogg.
Ing of a 1' " said Mr Mills.
Seconding Dr. Ilutlei's nomination,
Mlss Helen Viinek llostwlik of New
! York said In was sound in mind and
I body and republican principle. "But.
ler has not. thank God. a single
track mind" ahe continued
The crowd gave a nolay reception
to Judge Nathan L Miller of New
I York when ne was present to nomi
nate Herbert Hoover, in the Bailer
lies scores of Hoover pennants weic
broken oul when. Judge MUlcr ap
! pi ii i id ii ml there was more than I
minute of cheering when Senai c
Mmoot railed temporarily to the
i lialr, and announced that Mr
Hoover s name would be placed m
nominal Ion
When Hie speech was over the
Hoover enthusiasts in the galleries
arose mid began a new demonstra
tion but nearly all delegates re
mained quietly In their cata.
When a five minute seconding
speech hud been concluded. Bom
tor.Bmonl again tried In vain 10 get
order Thirteen minutes after the
oheerlni had begun, however, quiet
was finally restored by bringing Iv
it... i.i.ir,.,... . u i c vii.t.iw.,1,
'of Chicago, to Second IhO Hoover
I nominal ton. i if all Ihe oendldetOI
before the OonventloAi Mis. Morrl
, eon said, Mt Hoover was Ihe only
j one whom all women knew and re
spected. "They know from expei
j letioc." she eontliiued "that he can
and dors accomplish what he setn
i out to do "
After the short spceeb. tne Hoover
boo. tors In the galleries, again threat
ened to get oul Hie lensh. but they
were quieted after Senator BmOOt
had spilt the top of his table with
the gavel,
NaiM llanllng.
The next candidate to be put In
nomination was Senator Harding of
Ohio Greeted by a roar of ap
plause, former Governor 1-Yank 1-1
Willis made the nominating ipeech
and got a real rise out of (he dele
lie- and galleries early In his
speech by his praise of his candidate
and tils plea to elect nny man nomi
nated bv the eon I'litlon.
The convention seemed to be un
able In decide whether It would gtV
the Ohio candidate an ovation thai
would be glagged with that accorded
the others. At Ihe end of Ihe a-mln-UtO
period the noise was worse. If
anvllilng. nnd some of the Ohio dele,
gates were staidlng on their chain
again and cheering. Senator Lodge
walked 'o the front of the platform,
I hesitated for a full mllnuta ami then
i rapped feebly with his gavel. There
Iwaa no appreciable effect,
I While the rfl still was more noise
and nt the end of Ion minute of
Harding anthualaam Benatoi Lode
Introduced c it. Creager of Crown.
v II If. Ti xjs. to second ihe nomina
lion lien he beg in Ins speech the
I 'l l tes ouli ii d down. Harding,
declared the speaker, could carry
Texas and brink Ihe solid south.
Some more cheering having been
quieted by the gavel, the roll call
w.r continued ami there was enoth
er roar when PennVlVanld sent
Mayoi j Hampton Moore of Phil
dolphin to the platform to put net
favnrlta son, fjov, Bproul, in noml.
Mi M read his M h while
Ihe dlegnfes and gallmles nf;aln
drifted otr into dleordi
The mayor's voice carried only it
shorl Waj Dining bis addrOM the
sweltering delegates nnd s tatOT
mad IhiMiiselves ill home so fur us
moving around ami xislimg was con
earned. Now and I hen a si lliun
in-, i hlohhomed forth oul of the
monotonous drone of noise as some,
one ludged by the nnmii n getura
that be Was making a point.
The nominating apeach was fol
lowed by a half minute demonstra
tion t.y the rcimsylvaiila delegation.
Equipped wuii American flags Uiei
el I nnd (oiled the name of their
Candidal In unison and then wound
up w ith thtee cheera
William Bhaffer, attorney general
of Pennsylvania, aeoondod the noml
nation, fleacrlblng the candidate a a
glial bwdneai man and a great gov.
crnmental admlnlat ntior.
The S eh concluded, the Wil'dl
Ington delegation in lis turn tot to
Its feel and cheered, Joined by cihrr
delegate here nnd Ihere and bv
some in the gaiictii s The nomination
was set onded bv Jules S Botl of
New York At Inst reaching Ihe lafll
of ihe long tist of nominating si li
es, the convention aPd Into con
fusion n" Judge Joseph M. Panders
of Minefield. W. Vn . presented Ihe
nam of Snator SuGitland of that
Whll Mr. Sanders spohe the enfl
fusion In the hall reached Its peak
the crowd milking all Go- nOM II
could without Inooneenlenclng it
self lii nesslon more ihan seVeft
hours and Willi the long awaited
1st of strength so tiear at hand, th''
ib-leg ues and crowd apparent!)
could see no reason to d. vote any
more time lo pghmklngi Bomol
of Ibl-m tried (n dlseoili ige Ihe
speaker but he wen! on with his I
penh. The nomination was sec- j
rmdod by John Marshall of Parkeri
bora, w v
i. frai sjtrtkr I'mis-.
AI'STIN Texas .Inn. II A reso-
lutlon proposing appointment of a
I legislative oommltt to ineeetlgat
I strike gondlllon at Galveston,
which can. ni tlovernor Hnnby to
I place the city under martial 'aw. wns
defeated In (he Texas senate today.
A similar resolution IS pi ml ing In the
I house.
Dselgiied for small looms, n kih-
. f Mcklnn's dining table has a rexolv
ing lop. Is mounted on five leg.,
land 0n be fotdd eoiopilctlv wlcn
I Idle ,
(eMifi.ini Miinttrlcr Siifffrlnjr frm
Ncnniid ItrfJtkilimti U lU-lfr
M W KK, .lunn 11. Th ffitly
i" pfOWmfll antl till lnint recov
er, of ( r(Cft W. IVrkinn, Nw
N 01 K fmiincliT who nnn btn uf
ftlini from t iftM of n-rvouei
lin-nkiluM in nint o Ml return from
l't in vTnl month njro, irmy
IfiMonAbly l't i'J(pt tril. him doctor
AlinouilC4 In a bulletin lAfitir to
M r iHrklfls hrk flown ram
from I'vnwnrk tho hullotln
m. I complft rati and firrhmion ar
i (.'i pucctMsVfvl t.rafttiiiwnt of
ndltlOfl M It In a annlrar!'irn
imfoi i Ponn., It wm MtatPd.
"Remodeling Her Husband Palace
henry, have youTv -0 dou FltC -r" (jfUi
rrs Be&INNNGTbtVlNyDR, 5 "Y6U W0T;iiN"R6 ALU
sC '
M 1
Jinr nisscp
Uf7t Cp,
tine tnnitys r
P TE9" dOi
5 'tssJI. W MMS&Y-.
17 'fcJT WsaN
(ARE YOU HUKTpj jr-tf li)
wl K' raw b Brkm&jm
i r s .ier f - ,'iv -wnista.-' m - mm i -tz . u f'raggi', ' m . i .
nt out! i refuse to; Allright-
I Ut UU I .
1 1
Horrors! hcnrts cari
tt n , .
i U JWAM ''t ill ii- if . fi i SU'iD. J-fs-
i put some
lPtOFn.E WlSf
aminican Chain Cqmcany. Inc. Mnur. ton or Wiro Tint chain
We have
just unloaded
a very fine
car load of
West Coast
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We have a very
Complete line of
Woven Wire Fence
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We'll be glad to
have you call.
and Hodge
Dorothy fllnh will tin th bright
i partioqiar tnr at tat raiac thtetai
licKinning tomorrow, when ah will
lb HiM-n In her n'vei plotur plaji
i "Rmodllng Her Husband " it i
Muiii by thos who hava vlwd thin
I pr tntatlon that her abllltl and
I lalentH urn wall snlteil In UiIh n ii
I llllel ion.
yMB jjsaaa'S
B BB. Sr HK'. V'Ktt
bbtmSk. 'fBr esl Baa
In thin ntory MIhn riWh mnrrlf)
flirt, it roa hr-vnmp, wh" Hfi-inH
full In Invn wllh tVttry pictty pit 1
Ur TiK'i'tM. of cdtiiHo n rt-jrulnr wrll
bvhtaWd l.il-lf would Mt.iml fur ttitn
Um of btlAVl0f "n tht imrt f hr
htiabfttldi ami Hhi- iclu'lu. '
Dorothy Qlatl ptovOB in MRtio4ol
Iiik M r HosbanoM that If ti n nut
tliiiiK' 'ih tu murry u man In ordor
In n foiiM hlttli It'i at li'HNt rxi'tthiK.
Am ii proopootiva bridothai vlVatctooi
mar M warrii-d thai t M- man u limn
win In n limit to innrry In a confirmed
: fUrti liit Hhn aaya, "1 do!" junt tht
LfttOf ROT fHOIldgg' ftUnl propheclna
01 m obottt to ho reiillEed, until thn
yoUAOj bfttfi dilMi a novel mann
.if prtoarvlnf her domeftio happu
ni-Mfi. N.-imIi.-m to nay hr remedy m
t.f ti iMiiKhnhle, lively varU-ty.
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add milk
mix flour, sugar, milk and butter J
add flavoring;
But this is the EXCELO waq
kJusi crcia wafer ana mix:
Beating up an Excelo cake is a matter of
but three or four minutes much shorter than your
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1 1 i i 1 kwifMaUt Lba h 1 1 ii
i . -. r
i jtna) i hxku ma Mnnvn J

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