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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 13, 1920, FINAL EDITION, SECTION-A, Image 2

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Harding Follower! D
lired Senator ai Run-
nirm Mate
Btcondlng Bpttchtd Nuimf
oui ind Governor Ltastly
V inner Oil no Count.
roVTiM'f.r FROM PAOI nsK
end Upi M Mori rdandlnR AAd OtIMflfIS
Whil" I pfOCSSSlon arrylnx Iik'"
picture:, of ths OAftdldfttt nti'1 Mund
ardu of MfM Of the MAIM thAt sup
PoftSd hhii tnnk up tin man h around
Lfes hull Bui It too tlPtd n con
vention after till Krnelllntf SSSltO- I
merit "f two BWShSMnoj doys ol OSl
ImlhK U) i 1 ik' keep up Ittoh .t dem
onstration Henator lodice, rl1 -1
Ik fappsd f fir order, nnd the I
gates flUt not argue wtth htm.
When u Nil im en IMI a Snndl
! ' had been nominated, tin BUS I
ternary I .ii.j r of VOtOfl ,iit
eutli ,i h.i If uossn wh'i had voted I
Im OlttSI I AfMtldUtSS ewttc htfll v i
Ml its to uppi'ti In thf innln
c t.iimn mt Hit laat inili MuHt of
llltnoi dSSSrtsd Ha K'V'Hi'ir and
many of the Wood m n. inn. awked
Im MINI their WtOS recorded for
1 1 ii rdlnej
Thf final ( h k Up allowed ft ft
fur 1 1 i r d i nts w Ih on ly I I ft aup
pnr i n ik I, wl-ii , 111 fur Wft'xl a n I
i) for Johnson At their beet .
Anrllet1 In the day the Wood people
lad nustsrsd 111 votee end the
bowden foross lll Johnson's hih
point was im, recorded "ti the hrt
ballot Mtfrdrt y
a motion to malts the nomination
tin.inlmoiiH waa pASAOd in a km hi
nor'ti of epprovnli imt win n op
port unity wnj gtvsn for nstatlvs
vir.cM there were eonie "noes1 from
wlaoonsln whoot dolofjntlon
throughout thr iJjiv hud voied amid
. - h Mini catcalls alumni eoitdly
for Senator Robert M 1-1 Polletts
'oolldejs tint's Ht-r.
The plan to nominate Bsnatof
kenrool for the vioe prsstdsnoy hsd
fu hacking of tiiHiiv of tli' men
who hod helped put Hnrdlni ovoi
thv nnms of Oovsn or Co n t ac -Sxirred
the dslsirntss und, ic 1 11 1-s
tn repealed charring and h- WAS
ewi pt intu sscond plans on the
tlckor before the fiiHt roll 041 rind
eon two third" of Itfi lenfth
Xrfftln it wan PenneylvanU which
Umlehed thr winning votos.
Q over nor CooMdge gt 74 votee
i tt for B-enetor Lnrooi ami
m Qovornof 4flen ol Keneo Sev
eral nthfiM Kot eentterlrli eupporl
Without being p1a fm-mallv In
nomination The reaiill wiin grtetOd
Vttll nrther dOMOMtrntlOn and
tore vu renew i eheeflrtg few
mlnntfft later when the ttmd drl
tfttteH Wre told tnt thdr work Wll
Anno, it wh party evontni ti
time adjournment wan reached
Before n Idnlghl nundreda
wecked out end wore on their
jiidM Wnllooe MofJnmnnl nf rre
on Romlnntod Qkivornor Coollde;
Orchestra for Business Men's Bible Class
eej eeee ,ej etOVrfl i. u ftw'eoTeejBook ei
final MlMftt Near the DlOM of th
httllot ther" WH.i a whnlenalp nwltth
Iok of VOtOJ to the llardmK OORIB
and then n motion to make. It
urnnlmoiiH 'I hl mOtlOK fined hr-
rnuea of the op position of the wte
OOMlB delegation.
lilm II ! th'n thai h" kCWK
ttfrV nn thr Minor
Hln i.nlitlral llf" in 19
whi m hf w ij olecttd to fhn MOt
NMU fr'im Mlf utli iiiiin dlatrlol
In I5i1 ho m rlo lnl Itrut. ri .ill
VATtfll ir nf Ohio Mltf w! tic I
to the iriiip'i 8tat 9hm 4n I rat.
llf :m imrtpi in I H I in Mimi
morcnen K:ini: f Mftflon,
Onlf I .Mi ntttOI llnr'li'iK'i parikii-
i:,r hobhy Ho ni'i ii n nrvAl b ihi-
I III f in
Mr In i rront hflfrl nvm. an.l llti,
In'iihliiir btlttf thun tn Ml m
own flrMlda tntartAlnlns frwn4o
with iin halp ol Urt, Hard inn. ii" ,
Imrl (trrut TI" In th" f i Hint hi
li.in nf-vrr h.nl any l.ihor Irimblo at
Mnntor 'Kming Ih a truttM i
tli" Trinity Bnptltl rhurrh of whlrh
lh In a mCrnbtr ar.d upon wIhiiip
Mrvlfif In' a IfffjnlAf attendant
I whn In Marlon.
In hi voth Wrrn Jlardlng
lllvtd Iht llfi- of a farmer tHiy. at
inlInK t llf vIIUku rhoo until M
yari tit in, whi-n li -nt'Tf(l Ohio
Cmtral nollege of lhria. from
vOil'h hf wa ftailiiulpfl Ait prlllor
of Iho OollffO pOPOf hr first tll
plifod a lalOltl for Joiirnallnm. He
M Dbtlr04 10 l"P OOllOOl now and
H i n iiiol i .irn thf mrniiy with
whli'h t'i ptiriif ri. rollrgf COOfSO.
Ki ohf tiinr hf rut rorn. ill another
i llntod boritl and at ftlll another
drove a loom n l Bttped to K'udr
hi road bod of a nfw railway. At 17
In- laiiKht a illHlitrt Hfhnnl.
At odd linirs lif wtirhril In thf
tillaffl pilntltiir offlOOi In llmo Mi
nomlnfl on exm-rt lynaaoltof nn'l
ami ialtT a HnlOjrpa operator. Hf II
a ira tli al pfoailWaPi ii J"b prlntrr,
and a ;i 'm:ike-iip man'' I ald
to havf fow fuual. Thf link plOOC
he ha carried" u a i enator l un
old printer rule h until whin he
wa st :rk I iik IJTfMi
Oil the paper Warren Harding
portormrd i vtry funotlon In n davu
to majiaglflf edlioi In ll thf year
the fMMtOI ha owned It there ha
never DOtn a trike or a Ihreacne t
Henalnr Il.irdtnn Is i lonely Identl
fled with many other l.irce liuelne
rii i-rprie in Marlon and other
part of the Mali He la director of
a hank and acveral large manufac
luring plant.
re t from hi headquartasi at Chi.
caeo over the .ung dllancu ten.
At Copenhagen fOMIltlf n.i
launched the World'! largest m " r
hlp. having a length of more than
11 foot and a deadweight cuparo
of la.250 ton.
High Quality Low Price
W A4HI NOTON, Jun 12 B
lde hi fath'r and a lter living
at Marlon, t'hlo. Senator Harding
baa one other iti r, Mr I'arolyn
voiaw. wife of rr Hobor Votow.
and a mmher of the woman's bu
reau of thf Washington police df
partment. She ri ccive, the HOW! of
her brother' nomination a the re.
PUbtfePeO prfldentlal candidate dl-
New '71.VI !M" rir.irllf ljltWII ,
H 1 " 1 . . n ry latOtl 'vie wuh Hrh.
i-al l.etiMea. inmplBt Ynur rhntr. iii,
tnri. Dl rdltiK. aunlnmtlcn lncinia
fipni eeenlBei eel ti a n riiK-k
l Tlair Offff l.t luniitt rrunt t oinpnnr
AlHjone the diet! net lone poeeooeod
by the ItiiMlneart Men" (tilde rlnaa
of the pirn, Boptlet chureh i 'hat of
h-tvmg tlo t.nlv fl.iftti muNhttl nrsan
Isstlon I" tit1' city in Prof OhsTrles
T LstiBhton'i orohestrsi com possd
of both nduttM iinti chtldrt Ri which
furnishes music elsss '-o i -i
and SOClnls and at thS rloalng Safer
olsss of ths fenersJ Bundsy sonooL
The 1 laei Im one of thS bSBI or
MnlSSd In tin1 city and Ih lonalatitly
growlnfl in st ten dsn oe It li sffllisted
liM';t)ton'M .hoi r, II, Muah1nnM
Wlttl the Sunday aehoid hoard Of the
BoBthsrn Mptlst convention nnfi ,i"-
rlaafl work It) all man IfosUtl I on a in
performed in nn effirient. bttslnsss
like manner.
K.n h man in the rlaaH havlnif pe
rt.it ability in given a taek to do slonfl
thf) tine of that ability OfflOSrS
meet in a BBOOiftl room in the V M.
(. a every Ifondsy for their svsntnn
menli sftsr which elsss plsne nnd
p roll e in a art) rilsrunHed and -1
to 1 ntlnsdi
fifths offlrera are T W Hhannon.
prealdent and msnSSTSmsnl chair
man; K N. Itlley, flrat vlt e president
and enlargement chairman ; C. 8.
Lockwood, second Hos prostdsni nnd
fellowship rhaTrmnti; l. K Shannon.
third vies prssldsnt n nd rsllfloue
work ohnlfiMBj C D OasSi ssors
tary and rSSOrds i hair man K I1.
s.iie. Ilbrsrlsn and lltsmturs ehsli
man; Otel llnrper, pu til tc It y chair
man. H m vVlsl im tits Instructor.
of ftfsjeJSohueettSt for Ins rtos pfss i
(lover nor Ci olldj.e' nominal Ion
w a a seconded front North Dnkots
and Mirhlgtin and u.any OChsr
at at i a. There vn n a gr a t tutrnl of
applana- tor t'oolldge and delt gat m
falitv fell OVei thCBASSlVSS for a
ShSnOS to SOI on I him
Bensior Lsnroot wss nominated
for iflOS prcfiibnt tiy Senator Mo
i 'or m lk of 1 1 UnoiM it ml ae on tied t
state chslrmsn Mori ol Ksntuok)
Colons Henry w. Anderson ol
RlChSJIUndi Vn , h1o WSI plan d in
nomlnstton for ths vies presidency
Mnltody wiiH Id htar thr apee. h
Which Which ftS made by a RtStn
ItT of the Vli gin l i dSlSBStlOn
Matiiiuf Mori i ldOvtlon.
Menu tor llsjTdlni wiih In an ante
room nssrhy while the dbnvsnUon
wna onntlns ths hHibus whloh nuadv
htm the repuhllcnn tornlneo Kor
si. no- of ths time he shotted their
With Governor IdOwJen, who hsu
srtven up ths tlsrhl a few mlnutss be-
! f to i. M t'H I fa i ding a Ian was w I h
I it tm CSolonsI Prootori OsnersJ
Wood's RtsMvsri and t thsrs visit
d Benstor Ha Minn nnd Governor
l.owden The (.'invention v-h nolBl
io iking hlnloiy only a Shot t din
IS IICS awav
w.ih Jijmi nbSUl thS moment that
Qovsmor Bproul in pornon In hwi
SSAl On thS floor WSa caallne; the fin
VOtSS front Pennsylvania Wntoh fS n
Harding' total over Itl and BBVt
l.iru (In- nomtnalton.
Aa the convention realized Dial a
nomination had been made, bodlAffl
OUt lODSOJ nnd I t(,re W4IM an unre-
strhlnsd dsntonstmtlon for ssvornl
mlnutea vVhsn QUlet was rsstored
the raiting Of the roll WAS eor.llnued.
Contr i to sspsotAtlona many of the
remstnlnf ststea held their original
formal ion giving oOmpHmSntAry or
f ii re well vntea to favorite hiiiim or
msn whom they had bASfl Hiippottlng
Ths Phillppfnss rsmstnsd faithful
to Wood to the lent On an unof
f tote I total Harding got 64a VOtSS
nnd ssvsn tenths
Thi n OARtS a lAAdSlldS Of rhange
in votea
Above the uproar nnd din a mem
ber of the Kenans delegation got on
a chair and nominated QOVOrttOf
Allen for the viOS prealdency.
A WOnuMl delegate ft om M irvland
tried to make a BpOSCh from a chair.
Tin- coriventton aw her ge.-tturrs hut
' nsVSf he.trd a WOl d.
All over the hall delegntr were
I Hfandlng on c ha Ira or climbing on
1 Hon I !'(:- I hlfHIl I IH 1 1 t b A
pUStnSSS Of making nttlae.
It WAS a rsflSS from the tenalon of
the ha I lota and five gruelling day a
in an interim heat.
Suffragist dlvr.
While thr balloting for VlOS pre
dent waa bring done, the auffraKis
WSrs active Th-'V unfurled a largo
yellow banner from a balcony bear
ing an Inscription demand to know;
"Why docH the republican party
block suffraMf"
Within MVS mlnutSS after Senator
Harding had been nominated, the
uffraflsts from their hsAdquArtsra
aorOSS the Itreet were lnautng ntatr-
msnts announclnc that they pro
possd to con ter their demands for
action upon the OOnstitUtlOMl
amendment upon the nominee
There WAS no official total of th
Tools and Hardware for Lawns and Gardens
$8.50 to $22.50
50c and 75c
$4.25 to $7.50
15c to 25c Per Foot
50c to $1.25
65c to $1.35
60c to $1.25
$6.50 to $12.50
75c lo $2.50
and Hodge
These new summer suits are
the biggest values in town
IF you've been in Tulsa but one week you've learned of this store's reputation as a great
value-giving institution. This reputation is not of mushroom growth, but the result of
many years effort on our part to provide better values for those who rely on us for good
clothes at the lowest possible price. The values that are here right now surpass any you'll
find in this section. We bought the fabrics some time ago at less market prices now
are ; less than they've been at any time since we bought.
WE had them tailored by makers who excellin the making of light weight garments.
Styles are both single and double-breasted, plain or in belted effects. Fabrics in
clude Palm Beaches, Cool Cloth, Aerpore, Mohair, Gabardine, Tropical Worsteds and Silks.
Handsome shades of green, gray, tan, sand, brown, blue, cream and mixtures as well as
stripes and plaids. They're here; in sizes for men and young men of every build. You'll
see the value in every suit,
At $20, $22.50, $25, $30 up to $45
Knox straw hats
QUALITY is just as important in straws as it
is in any hat. That is why we feature
Knox straws and have them In every style and
straw that is new and correct, And to know
just what straw hat quality is you'll have to see
the hats at $10. Others in yacht and soft shapes
of every new straw at $." up. Genuine Panamas
from bCUadOTi natural or bleached, at $8 up.
Manhattan silks
E)R comfort, smart appearance and coolness
nothing is so much a part of your summer
fittirc as fine Manhattan silk shirts. Great
stocks of them here in jerseys, broadcloths, taf
fetas, tub and crepe silks. Plain white, stripes
and color combinations of rare beaut;.. Price!
are $10 up. Other Rood silks for as little as
$7.50. Fine madras shirts at $3.00 up.
, ,, ,,. ,.,,., m-i'.i .

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