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VOL. XIV, NO 261
Committee of 4H Issues a
Statement Defining
Its Attitude
Amos Pinchot Declares At
titude of Republican
Removes Doubt
Statement Says New Party
Has Heen Organized In
Thirty States Already
ICHfCAOOi June It Asserting
that thf republican national conven-
tlon "Ignored moHt of I he serious
problems and mentioned others only
to reveal its willingness In fan them
honestly," the Committor of IS, In
a Btatemont tonight .--iL-ne.i by Amoa
Ptaohni and other raerobero, m.ii.i
that "whatever uncertainty existed
an to whi ther there would tie a party
eandldaic for president ha been re
moved." The organisation win adopt a plaU
form and Tinmlnate a candidate fur
president at a convention in Chicago
on July HI. "The republican party
hai he,-n driven out of representa
tion tn ItH rouncllft the million of
votrra who followed RooMVOlt,
Jnhnfion and I.i I-'iillet'c," the state
ment Raid. "The nc' party will rep-rrar-nt
these votes and will praatnl
a definite and constructive pro
gram." The utatement said that the new
party had been organised In thirty
elate and that If would be prepared
to p it Its electoral ticket on tnY Dal.
lots in every state.
NEW YORK. June 13 The sin
gle tax party will hold a national
convention in Chicago beginning
July 10. It was announced here to
Bleht from national committee
The call for the gathering which
la signed hv Itnhert C. MacAnley of
Ptanaylvanla, aoouosd the democrat-
le and republican parties of fuilh
erlng legislation Involving enm
nriniMm and paernallsm OQUgl In
effect to the program of the social
ist party. Indorsement of tho com
mittee of 4H. which will hold a con
fennee In Chicago nt the same
time, will bg solicited. It was stated
Commission says
acts are upheld
Replies to Resolution In
troduced by Senator
N'o Other Definite Rule or
Practical Plan Has
Been Suggested
fWAIHtNOTON, June 13. The In
Aratate commerce commlealon, re
yiinK ("day to a roaolutlon Intro.
""id in ihe senate by Senator llnrd
ia of Ohio, now ihe republican
PNNdantlal nominee. risking by
hat authority It Issued Its car as
Rggrneui order of last April la. said
the ordei was bused on the Intcr
MU commerce act. It added that
M authority to take auch notion
had boon upheld by tho supreme
sssri in numaroua decisions.
India the order cars supplied In
rni min.H for thn tranaportatlon
"r fuel for the railroads could nM
'" ' nc. d against Hi. distributive
can to those mines. Si n
Wt Harding objected to the nrdc.
j" 'in ni,,urirt lttt n was preterm-
Igll to th.. lailroads ns against aome
the mines and the public.
Th. commlaoluii anid thai th
Passing of the roads from fedem'.
rcntrol and the auspension of thu
J 1 admlnlgtrMion'a rules, witti
Jje 'ranaportatlon conditions and
Ujrtagi of fuel on hand at the
' en atad an smorgaa) y in
' 11 acted with Its hi st jtldg
, ": It added thut "no uthor
' Ills or practical plan has
MM luggegted ly the Interested
parties ,., ,,,0 ,,,. oonfaranooa that
V 01 an held on the sublect."
shlps Dun (ialwMnn.
'lAI.VKSToN. Texas. June 11-
0 shin. 1.....1..1 ...i.i. i,, ,u..
Ullngl from this gulf port In
-..,, w ia as. (Oearc d here today
hip Offioltla announced to-
a,, i ' a,:'f "He week of martial low
"inh whn h time sta'e Iroops have
IS ,"''"."' nn-unlon ''oik workers.
'tel. enngestlon at the
ii docks w Improved, t'nlon
. wnrkiia have been on alrike
ottu f0r several weeka.
TUCSttgaQfeslMRU) EEE3
Young Albanian' RUSSIAN SOVIET
PA HIM, June 13 --Ki.fi.iil IMaha.
Ik . 1. 1 of ih,; Albanian delegation In
Fun anil firmer pOYlgtongl proal
dent of Albania, wiih nss tsslnated
in ri- today, Three shots warn fired
at him by an Albanian student, two
if win. h tooH effect
Kgggd r.i.siia wan emerging from
Hold i hi 1 1 n t t ;i I In i lu- Ru
'ast lad lofi
j in n ho a suddenly
young man who
la tar ;in Ins name as llus'
.w. ni and said hi- as an Albanian
undent, without uttering a word
Ruatan fired two shots which strung
KsHad l'asha In the chest and an
other shot which went wild Kasid
sank to the niound. lie was picked
up and taken to hi bedroom where
111- lied wlo.rtlv ftttMMMl
Tin. aaBaaaln . itiinrmi l. m l
waiter He told the police he ar- I
rived in Paris May .11 und dorian d
the crime was not premeditated. He j
held Kssad Pasha responsible for !
ihe sufferlnxs of Albania, when he
recognised htm on the atreet ha
said, he felt a midden Impulse and I
(trail the shots Husteni termed
Kssad "the Albanian dictator."
Kxpresses Satisfaction in
Result of Harding's
Great Honor.
Declares Nominee Is Type of
American Qualified to
Be President.
ntor Holes Penrose In a statement
made public today expressed his ela
tion ovoi Bonator Hardlng'a nomlna-
Hon for the prwidency. The state
ment follows, in part:
"As Is well known. I have been
partly relegated to th reur on ac
count of Tcknaoa, hut even though
I was not permitted to take part In
the battle in Chicago the final result
of the contest for the presidential
nomination could not be more satis
factory to me.
"I say advisedly that the country
Is forti.ii.itc and the situation is fully
met. Senator Harding as president
will know h"W to control affairs at
home, as well as command the re
spect of foreign nations."
Senator Penrose sent the follow
ing congratulatory telegram to Sen
ator Harding:
"I extend my sincere congratula
tions upon your nomination. You
know I was one of the ear lloM advo
cates of your fitness for office, and
was prepared n, any opportunity to
go In and prove your candidacy
With your sterling Americanism and
long public and executive experience,
you have pre eminent qualifications
which appeal to the people You he.
long to the type of statesmen who
ale qualified to an as president and.
being convinced that the American
people arc determined to restore the
republican party to power In Novem
ber, I have a certainty of your elec
tion and confidence in a great ad-
nUnlalratlon at your hands i hope
to be able to t ike my full part In the
campaign ami shall do everything In
my power to help you win."
Prion of 14,000 Tons of Onnunodlty
l lgurcd l.jibl Down'' In New
York Mas Nfavelal Fv'r.
SITBSOS Al flKS, Juno 11
Baaod on the domeatlc price at
whnh Frederick J Stinison. I'nlted
States ambassador to Arcentlne, oh
tamed 14.000 tons of sugar for the
account Of the I'nlted Slates, plus
the transportation coat. It Is esti
mated the sugar will be landed in
New York at I Ii cents a pound. H
probably will require five ships to
transport the sugar.
pragldont Ingoyen'a action In
waiving the exportation reatricttona
on the solicitation of Ambassador
ttmaon is eonaldarad bar to have
been decided upon aa u special favor
lo the I'nlted States.
In addition to the sugar obtained
by Ambassador Stinison for the
I'nlted States government. it la
learned that private Intereats have
contracted for a total "f fin. 000 tons
for exportation to the I'nlted Statea
First Harding League
Formed by Supporters
CLKVKI.ANP. Ohio. June 11 A
few hours after Senator Warren fj. ;
i Harding had been nominaieu in v.ni-
I eaao incorporation papers for Utaj
first Warren ! Harding league of I
i America were on their way to Colum- ,
' bus from here The league, ram-
paaad of local llanllng booatera. was ,
organtgad as soon as news of the;
nomination was received Former
. I'nlted States Senator Theodore E
Burton elected flrsl vice pres-
rttUnt '
Labor Leaders Expect
Tangle When Recogni
tion Is Demanded
Carment Workers Want U. S.
to RtCOgniM Soviet As True
Expression of People
Howat Intends to Fight for
Resolution Condemning
Industrial Court
MONTKKAL, Juno 1.1 I-nhnr
firm Mg fight on tin floor of th
convention of thr American Fedora
Hon of Lftbor, In MMlon h'Tf, would
come with th prooontntlon for dc-
tmtr if r aplul lOM domnndlMJ recog
nition of Xho ioviet government of
Rliwftft and lifting tho bluckad
against that country.
Th committee considering t hrse
roOOlUtlonOt It wax learned tunlgl.t,
.wiil recommend that the convention
"fOfllM to tmlorc I he lOViOl gov
orn.nont or any govfrnmrnt" in Hum
Hia until the pOOpIV them hae ert
tnblfamod "u. truly demucrutic gov
ci nment."
The 'jirogresiiiveM," honied by
Jritich Duncan of SeatLle are pre
pared to wage a bitter fight for
recognition of the soviet Tncy win
be supported, he nald, by several In
ternattunal unions.
(no of the resolutions presented
by thu 1-tdu-rt' (iarnicnl Workers' of
New York, awtertH HuHsia htm
t hrown off its "ml Denial opprewnion
and the rznrlst government aH.welt
M the tbligarrhy of the capita I ImI
clnsH," nnd ankn the federation tn
roquett the United States govern
ment tip officially recognise f.e
Kussinn soviet as the only true ex
pression of the will of the Russian
pt ople."
Mr. Duncan, in a resolution asks
that the government "exert Its best
influence thut Japanese and other
foreign troop! be 1 m med lately wit h -drawn
from former Rutclen empire"
and that thr blockade he lifted.
Ottn uf the first matters before
the delegates will be the executive
council's report which states thai
"notwithstanding the need of masses
of our country, congress failed to en
act a single eonstructive measure to
aid In checking prof.ieerlng."
Alexander Howat, president of the
Kenwei mine workers' organisation,
announced tonight he will fight for
adoption of his resolution condemn
ing the Kansas industrial court. The
resolution also criticises (lovernor
Allen for his "despicable efforts to
enslave t he working class of Kan -Has,
and finally the working class
of the I'ntted states, in prostituting
his office as governor of Kansns to
the work of crucifying the working
Wire Flashes
okn'kva. jimn I2--Th lateraatleaal
Woman gurfraga Afllaaai eongraai t n
rimiina aaaalon Kara imtsy. srrri-t.t an in
vltatton in hold 'in- nm rnngifaii In Porta
In lJ2.
IWHIM. June II The I'etll Psrlslen
aara today II loanu thi soviet geeeramoal
In MeaaolV )ni dOOldod la send . nilaalon
in Ragiand la ttody tne situstinn ei xu
firulels rlst.
NAPt.Ks. .tune ll.-Cardlaal CCoaitatl,
arehbtogoB of Beaton, lfi fur me United
Km., leday .(hinki iii Ptfaniei CaMocta
The eardlaal gad been Hono. sime oim
latter prt nr Aartl,
PAitia. June II llannann Uaetler,
tto- ilerinHn rlisnrllor, has dcllnfil (ha
OtaU nf forralns a rnw rablnel tu .tara
itiat nf Premier itraun. wtocji roafgaed
Juna r, owing m apaeellloa Nutauatarad
from the lml.iriuan I laltata, aeCfodlag
lo M'-rlln illapatihea today.
RiiMK. June 11! --liamotialratl na ne.l
aartoua rletlag m reaartag la hint oo-
eurred In Trlaat anl Ii trilty laal nlnhf. aa
a grateat saalnit Ihe aandlhg of Italian
troops to Altianla of itti.l revolver
ahota ware aaagaaged an.l auo,a hen. ha
thrown. A numbei of laau.iltieo ar ro
porlad. NKW TOttlC Juna II Membera of tha
Intarriatlunal l.ingahiiiniifn a aaa i a II. '.
Died tuilay to aupport tha Ruastwlaa
lungahorainan a alio . arrordlng tu an an-
aouaeomoai hy John J ititay. ppaaMant
of tha i it- 1 rpitnrll of tha aaaru-lat Ion.
Tha mi Hon was taken ha said, at a cieat
Inr sttan.la.l by dalagatai raprasauiuig
a locals -
WAgHINOTOM. Juna II nepublt.-an
leaden ana aero of geaatei Kara
ma. rapuhllrah nominee for preildant
ylaanad to glva ha aanalor an Informal
rooapttaa at the i . alatlori upon lila
urrlval lata lonialit from ''it.,.-. San
Mlor llanllnv waa aiparlaS to raoialn gare
only a few daya flnlahms up soma praaa
lug pulll. work liefure goln to hl tolna
in Marlon. Ohio.
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Duran
KPK.riAI, ' . I NTS
203 Fata., 1 1 1.1,; F I lone Ifl I
Senator Harding
WASHINGTON, June 14 Senator
Warren i. Hurtling of Ohio, repub
lice II presidential nominee, arrived
In Washington at ll:tl O'clock this
morning from ChtcngOi nearly two
hours behlrfd schedule time Hi
was greeted by a Ihrong whit h
crowded the union station
Kenalor Herding was met by a re
ception com mil tee i ml was eOOOrted
to the preeldent'e room of the sta
tion. He pesecd through bng llnei
f people who vigorously nppleadcd
him. As he lasNe-l out of the sfa
Hon to his automobile he was greeted
wllh a populer air from the boy
scout band of ui City, 'a
icnetor rterdlng wee eeeompenled
by Mra Herding, his eeeretery end
,i perty of friends. He stopped et
the station only long enough to poet
for two flashlight pictures end drovs
immedtntely to his home on Wyo
ming avenue. lie tucd no StetS
Youthful Quartet Started
in Rowboat for
Two Paasentfers Fell Over
board During Trip, but
Were Rescued
DBTSOIT, Mich.. June It. Four
youthful explorers, aged J, , 9 and
11 years, who set sail from lakeside,
Mich.. Haturduy In a frail rowboat.
to search for Treasure Island In like
Hrle, were plrkd up Sunday ;tii miles
off shore, after having been adrift
for 27 hours.
The children, three hoys and a
Kirl. sons and a niece of Mi r win DaM
of Toledo, were rescued by a pass
eriKer steamer. A prayer of thanks
was offored by 1.5(10 passengers
when they had been transferred
safely from Ihelr frail craft.
TOLEDO, Ohio, June 13. Sun
burned and tired, but happy In the
fact that they were neartng home,
Merwln IWso, 9, Richard Kiiao. .
Robert Iiaso. 3, and Virginia HIU
mar, 12, arrived here tonight on
board the steamer City of Toledo
afyer having henn loot on Lake Krle
in an open boat for more than 27
hours. The 1 hlldri n drifted out In
to the lake from LakagtdO, .Michigan,
vehterday morning while playing at
the docks.
When Ihe boat docked here tonight
the children were the center of an
admiring crowd of 1.&00 passengers
Little Hohert waa the coolest and
most collected one of the crowd atid
probably the only one whose gyag
were not wet when he waa restored
to tin grata of bin mother.
In tellltyg the story of the trip across
the lake Marvin said that hla six
year old brother fell overboard at
one time and later the glr did like
wise. He rescued both of them with
a rope. Then to make sure of no
more trouble he tied little Hohert to
the bottom of the boat He was s'lll
In that position when rest ued. Two
fish which lo had caugiii for his
turtle at home were grasped in bis
hands. The rescue of the children
terminated a search o the lake bv
si ores launches and motor boats
on Which p dice, marine men and
frleiida of th" family participated
"J. ftaUaa'a" Hat Ih In Hlflg.
DAI.I.AH. Texas, June It. Form
er Fnlted Statea Senator .la.nea
Hamilton Lewis declared here to
night that lie would be a candidate
for the democratic nominee for
vice president at the San Francisco
convention Senator f'Wls pgggi )
through here today on his way to
Waco, where he will deliver Ihe clos
ing addreaa at thf- Haylor university
comment citiPht.
Ilnyeolt 1'narlalniril.
DUBLIN, Juno 11. A general
boycott agalnat the Iriah eonata
biliary was proclaimed throughout
County Leltrtini today by headuuar
ters of the Irish republlian army,
situated in northern Hoacommon.
Enforcement of the order win stop
fo ul, milk and other necessaries lo
(he police and their wlveo and chil
TI'leSA. Dfclftoi Jun 13 Mrtilmum, Ml
minimum 7". tfnufh wind. -.gr
(KI.aiioMa Monday am-ra.iy- folr In,
Mt. Mrt.ttfr-(1 nhiiwffn In vvmI portion, !
TU'-xiiaiy pitrtly i iiuAy
rt ni i , fi -i . faavrSjliy fair, eaallMM
l.AHT T K X A S SfLrKlety und Tufwliy j
purtly tlfiudy,
alatt.rrd atiowar. In auuth
D-trt cl'-miy.
aeagey and TuinUy
KANSAH M.itly fftlr wmhr Mnn1v
ami lur-ndiiv but lOM) thundrihnwra
irf IMMlMtL MeUltittM war in.
Klwunti ilub lun . ilotfl T at
12 14
Ch I (.am in a Iiflta lunrhf.n. Kfnnfdy
rrataturant, at It
T'iwn Huh i hli kon broil, Iiihuk of Mrs
,-rm flprg.H'1. mi t
Tula play a Hloux City, MoXult ymtk.
I U,
MONDAY, JUNK 14, lt2(
Minister of Commerce
Gives Assurance of
PaVorsbls Attitude
No Complaint From Oil Com-
parties U to Conduct of
Trade Movements Hetween
U.'S. and Mexico Show
Material Increase
MBXfm t'lTV .lone 1.1 Oeneral
Ja lato It Tevlno, mlnlsler of nini
nien e and Industry In the cabinet
I of Adolfo de la llueiia. the provis
I lonal president issued statement
'today deflnlna his official attltUda
toward Ihe petruleum Indiiatry.
iTIlls attitude be ssld. WOttld be 'one
of pure national lath based on de
finite logltlmata national lllte.es .
giving ptotection alao to lagltlntatal)
created foralgn inti-rests wlttiout ills
tlnetlon as to nationality." He added
that lie would ask Ihe same counsel
Of .Interested persons ragardlng Ins
poncj .
The petroleum Industry, he said.
Is steadily developed and there has
tieen no complaint from nil com
panies as to the conduct of ihe re
cent revolution
He said ,at( oil Willi had been
drilled or were projected so far and
that theie are now 29s productive
Trade movement between the
Vnlted States and Mexico In the last
10 montha, he said, have increased
ii. 000,000 pesos over those of the
oorraapondlng period the previous
year. He uuoted flumes showing
that Imports from the I'nlted Stales
totalled 97,000,000 pOOOg between
July 1911 and April 1919. as against
1 1 7,000.000 pesos for the correspond-
lr.g months of 19191920 Kxports to
jtbe I'nlted Slates were given as 131.-
000,000 pesoh for the July-April
period of 19U-19I9 and 1 .If., 000, 000
for the same period of 1919-120.
Autoists Won't Gel
Stuck in the Mud if
Guthrey Ih Followed
i K Bfgj linthn v. h' ri'lury of
Ihr Allnrt Plka HlRhMay hhk'cIi. -j
lion. hn fumUhd The Wurhl
witjt in' follow ing apoouio iir'-
tlOflfl " n 10 tit' rOOsfj In MuMkontfr
and Knrt Smith vi t BfOttOII Ar
row nd CoWOtO
S-t your BpoOdomttllf nt Tt-nt't
and I.ewln, rant OH Tenth atrret
rood. HVtid toutll tum ftmi
mllr oornof 0B hard nurf.ired
road. A turn SOUth hr-n- will yot
you Into trouble on u oad detour,
to on fiat two more mllert, nouth
four ml lea. OOOl two in I lea, nouth
two mil 0. aat five mllea to Ifrok
rn Arrow. Thin la the official de.
tour that him t-fi KtaotiM ami will
he nlven ma I n te nance attention
pending the oomplotlon Ol Ihi5
hard aurface toad l.eave Uroken
Arrow ma r noui h end of main
ntreet, jut north of the depot,
turn ' eatt arid follow main r "(id
a h"u I nut' mll' to flint rtnid tut n
ItiR OOUth Hout h tWO mlleH, eaat
eant to JnOkOOH IWltOfa nouth
mite rant aa far na the rond In
open theme due nouth Into COW
ta l-'rorn COWOtO a" to MuokOgea
via Porter, oronftni 'he ArkftOMt
rlc4 on tlr' Bpi Hiding hridu
ih tpootol effort of Brokon Ar
row and ' 'oWOtn mad elu tn earn -ful
attention will hi niven lo main-.
tOMinOi of thin M0ton Of the road
for thi bonofil ff 'on i-1 travel,
l'rom MuokOgOfl tf Kort Smith
follow the AHer t Mki- Mifxhway
a Warner. Vehher KallM, ;or,
HalltHJiw and MuldrOW 10 Kort
W Union Kxprennen II in
Regret At Inability
To See Denwnst ration
I'realdrnt Wilson today gent the
following letter lo Colonel John
MiF.no, ciiiitmander of the de
partment of the Fotomac, ilrand
Army nf the Republic I
"I wish wllh all my heari that
I could be present at the royalty
demomiti atlou which is being
planned for tho evening of Juno
II. I shall certainly be present In
spliit, though circumstances pre
vent my being present in body.
"Fortunately fur Americans
loyaltv la not so much a lompul
alon of duty aa a compulsion of
Ihe heart
'In being loyal 'c are gel at
true to ourselves, lo the principles
In which W0 are nurtured and
brert. and Which we have long
re ngnlaed as a true expression of
our national character and pur
pose, and I believe that as the
years eo by and the poll' y of the
country develops along consistent
lines, loyalty will grow warmer
and warmer until it consumes
everything that ..- buae or hostile. '
Recovery of Kidnaped Son Is
First Thought of Coughlin
aVj BSalltOa Lw
I Isfl lW
Ola. Jsa.fB LiV
Failure of thf nut Imrlt len to unravel Ihe veil of mynlery which nur-
roundi ih- kuinuppiMK of thlrtoon monthoold Blnkoloy Qousnlln trow hin
home In Norrlntown, l'a , hun led to an annoum iimuiI hy Qtorgt 11. CottStl
lln father of Hlakt N-v. that It Ih IiIh Intention to dial directly with th
kldnappcrn In pernun and Independently of the police. No definite truce of
thf Infant, who wan kidnapped nhorlly afler mldnlaht June , haa heen oh
tftlnod. Thin photoKtaph "hown Mtn CoUfhHn and her two nonn, David
and Mcl.eain.
Florida City Starts War
On Rati to Prevent
plagUS Outbreak
Ships Tying Up to Pcnsacola
Docks Must he BetJUippwd
With Rat Guards
pmSACOLiAi I'l l . June U.Fol
lowing the death Filday night of
OaOga tlaidlna. a OlOfk employed
by a general men batullse olore
here, from what atale laboratory
offb In In declare to have been a taar
of bunhonlc plague, warfare on nils
waa declared here today.
A special meeting of tho city rum
m legion hae been called for Mon
day fhortilng to discuss the situa
tion, and Dr. Williams of the United
Slates marina hospital servb e Is on
bis wgy from New (ii leans lii take
charge of the iiimpalgn. He Is
bunging a large iiiautl(y
So fai. the ease of l lit r1 LftJa Is the
only one found. Ai I ordlng to the
statement, Qardlng attended g
dance Woaneaday night, ami was
'taken III the following morning,
dying 21 hunts later. The case is
I believed to l.ave been spoiadii.
I originating from a re! from a ship
' Hon, m m rail n n port
Ful, lb health oltl.lals already
have started a survey of Ihe 0ttf
to loialle what might be regarded
na a dangerous urea They have
determined upon a thorough exter- j
mi nation nf rats and will take cape- j
lal precaution! to ace that no ships
lie up along the dm ks without
propel rat guards.
Commerce from this port will not
he Interfered wllh, It was stated,
but all vessels and freight i ai a leav
ing here will be fumigated and all
'ports will be reOjUagteg to enforce'
I fumigation ragulatlona on nil ships
that grtivc from Panaacola. Venmia J
I thai have been on the high seas
; seven or morn days hi route from (
Ipengaoota ami other pints win not
he gabled to quaranlln on arrival I
I at desilnatlon. it w-as said here.
(Iffblals here expttssed conri
dOtMg the plague would not attain
alarming proportion!
l In favor nf the Open
Shop and the principle advo
cated by It. When you spend
your money with an establish
ment displaying the open Shop
:ard you are pat running a friend
)f tho Open Shop movement.
Tulsa Open Shop i Square Deal)
(iasner Catches Fire
Ah Bystander Light
Match for His Cigar
VrntM ROCK, Ark . Juno 11
When a man In a crowd of petsons
viewing a small gas well attempted
lo light ii cigar, the blare from the
mgtOh set the well afire anil caused
the Injury of eight pgrgolML several
of whom are reported In critical eon
till Ion. Tht. gas Ignited wllh a roar
and the flumes shot out over Ihe
crowd. Six of Ihe Irilored persons
are women, whose clolhlng look fire
from the flaming gas.
Thn gaeacr la sllll burning mid the
fire thi catena to spread to oih.r
wclla and to hnll.liuga. nearby. A
' Hi oad br idge Is threatened but an
fm ilespeiate .fforts of the fire
fighter have held the flames to one
The gaaser ha attracted many
ipectater ami u was while a dOgen
or more persons were Mn inlX'jg at
It edge this afternoon that the ac
cident ocouredi
Will Notify Harding
Within a Short Time
MAKION, Ohio June United
Slutes Senator VVairen (I Harding
win bo officially notified of his
nomination for the presidency by
the republican party at his home in
Marlon within lln next few day It
became known tedey II "io be
came known that Senator Harding
will adopl the minim of former
president Mckinley and receive
party laddera a1 ins borne for con
ference during (he summer Thee
onferencee will he held on the lawn
in front ol 'hi- Harding residence.
Etgfttti Raton Tnogday.
Anietlca's cup defender commit
ter nnnoonood today that the eighth
race in the elimination ggtigg be.
iween the yachts Vanlte and Iteso
lute would he sailed, on Tuesday.
The Ragolutg went lo llrlstol today
for a slight overhauling tomorrow.
NawrMif Wlna.
I'AHIH. June 11 The Frig du
Jockey club at one mile ami a half,
was run today and won bv J. Heti
nossy's Sum bier W K Vanderblll
Hattereea ran fourth I Child rode
Sourbler The parl-inuluelo paid
and 6 to 1 on the winner.
Johnson Sends liest
Wishes to Harding
Then Packs His Hag
CHICAdo. June 13 - Itefoie
leaving for Washington. Senator
Hiram lohnaon sent the following
lelegrnin to Senator Warren (1.
Harding, republican nominee for
"CongralulnllonN (o you "
genatof Johnson was accom
panied by Mis J Oh neon. "We're
going to the capital, pack up our
bags and go hack to California''
he said, while bidding fun well to
a party of friends. "There la
nothing thai 1 Hhould care to aay
now relative to the political altua
lion "
Senator Borah also declined to
make a statement but his frleruls
said he would not bolt the party
and intimated thai lie might taku
mi active part lu He. campaign.
Final Edition
IDaughcrty Wants "Snap
py" Action In Begin
ning the Campaign
New llfltbodl of Apportion
ment of Delffratfg Sug
Kostod In lti8olution
SciiHtc InvpstiKatirvK Com
mittee Will Resume Mret
infot At tlhicaKO July 7
CntOAOO, June II. Campaign
managers for Senator Warren (1,
Harding of Ohio, who waa made the
peeaadenlial nominee hy the repub
lican national convention Saturday
night, said today no time would be
lost In getting thing under way.
Ilarr ,M iMUgherty, director of
Senator Hardlug'a pre-eonventlon
campaign, reriuretted the national
cornmliiee lo lake "prompt, snappy
and energetic action" In placing the
mi . Its of the republican Issues be
fine the vnlera of Ihe country Party
mimtger It wa oald, wnuld not
wait until Senator Harding and Qav
arnor Calvin COolldge of Muaaachu
setls, are offlclalv notified of their
t omlnatlon, but plan lo start tho
oampalgn anon after the di mm tan
OnnVentMHI la held.
Will II liny, re-elected chairman
by the new national committee.
wn out of iown today The members
of the new executive committee nf
wh im gOtfjga will be weimen, will be
nam.-, i without delay by chairman
Hays. A vice chairman of the eg
Cog live committee, who will be a
Human, will he selected al Ihe time
the comnilttie I annoum etl
The resolution passed in the final
minutes of the convention forecast
a change In the representation of
repiinncan party from aouthetn
siatea at future national c-onvin-tlona
The resolution, offered by
former Congressman Haul Howard
of Ohio, provides that the apportion
ment ,,f dole.;. ilea to the convention
hall be in proportion to the repub
lican toies cast In Ihe states.
Testimony hefote ihe national
ennimltlen ten days ago In Ita e-
ainltintlon of claim of contesting
delegation from several southern
stales showed certain delegates rep.
resented only a email eontltuenev
ns compared t-. delegate frgm other
section of the country. The reitolti-
iloo whnh was paso'd unanimously
notwllhslaiiillng the vlgornu pru
lel from delegates from IsiuIhiiih.i.
Alabama and Texas, provided "that
In order to effect proper and neeea
ary change In nronortlonment
of d legale In proportion to tho re
publican votes actually cast at Ken-
aral election throughout tho va
rious states, and In order to lnanirc.
a greater effort to erect and main
tain aubatantlal party organization
in an states, ihe national commit-
tee. notwithstanding nny rule here
tofore adopted, & directed within 12
montha lo adopt a Jut arid eiiultable
tv-la of representation In future na,
Honal conventions. The basis shall
be set forth lr. Ihe call for thu next
convention and be binding upon nil
other future convention until jther
wlfe ordered."
Ahont the time party managers be
gin their renl activltle,,, (he Koltetfc
committee Investigating campaign
funds witi regnma beartngn. holding
Its first session In Chicago July 7
Whlh the committee has been an.
thortaed to extend it laveatlgatlona.
genator Kenyun. its pnairman said
no plans hid biam made to liniulre
luro campai)ru funds up to election
The republican presidential nomi
nee will become the center of the
' impalgn of the national woman'
party to bring about ratification of
the luffrag federal conatitutlonaj
'imeiidment, according to a atate.
men! laeued bv suffrage lender. A
large delegation of women. II waa in
nounred, will wall upon Senator
Harding and ak him to Insist upon
republican action tn obtain the 36th
state for ratification.
"Our Campaign against republic
an obstruction to suffrage Is not
over." said the statement "We shall
oontlnu. publicly and Insistently to
demand action from Ihe republican
lart ! oomplete suffrage ratifica
tion Since or picketing began at the
republican i onventlon ball additional
prMegtire haa been exerted by re
publican leaders to obtain a special
session in et ninnt."
Iielegatea and visitor attracted to
t blcggu by the convention lost no
time In gelllni: away after the nomi
nations were made Today there w'ele
few delegates here and virtually no
party lia.lers. genator Hauling lelt
fur Weahirgfebn lata Saturday night
on th. name train with genata '
laodgo, chairman of the convention,
gild Senator Slnoot Senator John n
a1o departetl.
Senator Harding's hoadquartogl
w. i flooded with telegram.- of i 'II
gratiilullons. Senator Knux of
renngylvgntg w-ired:
"Am delighted with your nomina
tion and will do all 1 ran to geouro
your election."
Vice Freldent and MrB. Marshal!
sent thi telegram:
"Accept our sincere! pi t ml

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