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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 14, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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r-iM,l! rory Morning Inr-Judlng fOino'oa'
Ti '. vr i.rinTON oenrr n.l r.iMU.of
f LARSON ii. ..... Manaor
BTIH IiilllliN .".... Mum
t. A LATTA... tfM Miwiil WrtMf
Irlrd In tlia Tnlao Inati.rflea ... .',..,,..' ... Ma, tar
MK.vnrn "K TUB AH-'l.'MIKI) l-RKM
Tt a A . at.. I Prooi it aiiMilltnlj ftitl4 W In
I fur ,si dOl'allnn nf .11 lioOfo I Ji "" 'I
II or nm oil.r'WlM r rial and In lb la v't ' "'
local rnwi I'dcuhod horln
On i-or . l 00 fins Yoor t,n
All Mentha .... , ll Mil Monlhe J"
Tic. Month. in i. , M.mih
On Month ,tl
DAii.y ovi.y
.nnf Toor $ on tins foer IT 00
. Menihe I A rii
Ttoaa M. nlho I II Por Mimlh
linn H'.nih .... 10
Otloll'AT ONI.T
flna Taar ft '' ' Tsar I n
on M -mho MO mi Month. Ml
Por Month II per Month
rtr t'Anitiicit in .i TKinki TOWN! iiaii.t
F.r W.ok I U
for Month Is Arlv.n.o Tl
Pi T.or. In Advanfo
rlltK. DAILY AND H I ' N 1 1 A f .
rr W..k J?
POI Mourn, In Alvanio ;i
P.r Y.oc In AAV
jJjViNK timio JliAJLLiK.rAin ;MKNTB
avbbiiii: Ml r pun i iii.vi ation of Till TTJtaM
liAii.y -.n m vint winiiii ."ll ml!
I. K K Nonll. I'lr. llll..l Mama" In a"lro'U
i ihl ili !. n-l inlil 'Ii dan. a. ot
io.ii. nil Oonilor w.iii f ir ihi month nf M !.
"i' in tho baat of in. Onottlailai ond l.rllrf
I; A. i iTT.
Cirotilfttlofi Maneger.
' ' ... l owotn brforo loo IBM llat Ml
May. 1130
a r HHifi
Nolorr Ht.hU'
My t ommlaalon aililrvw Marrh IS. Illl
Dally liibitmi Quotaton
Vatfiry, virlly, I miy OB to ym. Wliiiloufvor yn
hill nok tho I nil' run my naiin', B RlTI II
you. Jntili I A : 23.
Vh:il TArtOttfl lilnrlniiic'! wn iiifnl,
In OOHllnH In n tniTfy-Nrnt
T. I Him Itml known UMJ wnrlti nf prayrr
lint wlnliin In ho oflfii thnrn.
afOHf nltiM urn fiirKlvnn ynu for hlit nninn'ii
wk.v I gOjlB 2 12.
ni, ii noiiAaa m prtotin
in oldvn tiimn pttrMihKbl product! rariatl in
prtc A . . -1 1 iiai in i ho k oio.iim. Whtn " product
run In MkmAOn 11 wnn pMUlUfUl AAd tilt prMM wi'nl
flown oftrn bnyonrl the point nf pnyiiiir I In' M
D4MM nf HHlhi'tliiK Ihn crop. Out of MaWM lh
prnrliu'l rmild hnrdly lie oliliilnml nt itny prlOA.
Thn OOmiTlat of cohl nlornK' fac-llltlcH (-hmiunil
all t tm i ii impM tin' huiiiiioin nf priAhAbloi
to Atnro Hp 1n iMAtoa uKiilnnt thn time WattW.
nmhliiK wui bln producer. Thin win a xroat
Cnnvcnlonri' tn tin- puhtlc an well an tcii'iil ala
hlllKor nf bualneaa, ttf cnuran the atrnfr.tl nvrr
UK'" "f prloi-H wnn greater than II had linen nf
nld, hut thn cnnvnnUo was worth all It coat
ami thn ptlbttt w.ia thankful.
Hut In Ihn train nf thla Improvement varloiie
cvlla OaaOte Into hnlnr. rurmcre rnlanil vaot
cropa that worn ahanrhnd In tho niuaa I'v thn
apcatulatnt", on hanla with purchuanil hy tun
field, Mini many 11 time the farmer hefore the
next nop OMM In hail to huy hack what hn
ralaeil hlmoelf at a rnnnlili-rahln mlvaiirn for
hla own uae. Teopln IIvIiik In fruit aectlona
cniihl only Ket the prodtlot nhlptierl In from
trade cenlern, Juat like thoae who lived l
no fruit waa ralHed. fruit and atnek i uImitm,
tempted hy offera of purchaae that paid them
for their Invent meat wit limit any trouhle of
KalherltiK Hie crop, wern prone to aell morn
than they miKlit In and did not reaervn enotiKh
for paraonnl needa. let a Inn" to aell lo nolghbora
and frlenda.
I'retty nonn thn profiteer took advantage of
the power placed In hln lunula hy the ahlllly tn
put thliiKa In cold KtnniKft and not call thorn
until he ehnHc. Marki'la muld he cornered and
the price rained up to an extravaaant flume.
ir. If It aulted their purpoae, they could dump
any amount "f fOOdl or a olOtffAd nun ket und
fori'" the pi n o dOWB. BjOth prm-ennea were ar
tificial and In violation of the law of nnpply
and demand. Not alWBTI ,n thin rohhi'ry. hut
It made rolihery ponnlhle and there not luekinx
P,nny in mi'.V" !.i.y ThUfl the MP shone with
the power nf tin Id ntornKe wnrnh.nine hehlnd
Ihem. Thua what had heen Inlended an a Kreat
hoon to huinanlty hlHAnil only a tool In the
hnndn of profltMrl to fob the consumliiB public.
Taklmt I'oBtilr.anee of thin condition, the hankn
have derided, or no It in annognend. to withhold
credit lo men cntraRod In lltek-ltlmatn npeculatlon
In thn necenaltlea of life. At flint glance I ti lot
looka like a good move. It requlren ltnmennn
capital lo ntnre the ci.lj warehnueca with Koda
ami hold thctn for nix numtha nr a year. If tho
hanka withdrew Ihelr nupport rront auctt vil
lainy the speculator will he ncnlched. Yet 1
nulte poMtblB, i ven prohahlc, that thin plan w ill
work Injustice and crnhur Tannine lit to men who
nie (BfkaTAd In leBltlmnli bualne.in Mnnkera
are not much more gifted with Infalllhle Judtf
inent than men In other walkn of life. I'roducera
who need fundn to carry them over long perl
nda due to the mutatlonn of the Industry m;iy
h, compelled to quit huslneaa or ohrlnk their
acope of activity. It In not liu.nded that any
worthy man ohall auffer: hut It la a rule of na
ture that whatever policy la propnned a.i a hen
cflt to the majority will In aome canca prove
an Injustice tn an liniociiii fnw. Many pood
thing" have heen proponed that did not work
out an Intended. I
(in thn whnle however ,thc public will look
with favor on the practical Abolition nf "frnxen
loam. " It would look an If the benefit to acoruo
P0n thin declnlon would far milwelgh any po
ptblA damage. At any rata, anything which
promlacn to liberate the poblla frmi tin high
cot of living, but particularly from the tryanny
of the market manipulator, will be gennraJly
approve!. Mixtaken will doubtlM bo ma do. but
the aim nf Ibf baVBkOrl It to limit their loano
to a reasonable time which might be expected
to elnpue lo.fw.ii l t ... 1 1 . . ' i . . 1 1 .nut coiiMimpllori
Thua the public may be obit to pet the ben fit
ot Quid toraKt (acUIUui wlliiout putting 0, lub
It In worth
RVMitifa orr hum us
An tihfo biinlcrnn man In FOipoBAlbtt for Ihn
complaint Ihnt etdl"gn ITAdttAtOi do t'"l BIAbA
good aalinmen. bOOADM they have "tnn I a . ; la
humility." In view of Ihn popular OOHCOptlon
that the giadnale an a rill'- hnfl Ii Very 1. gll
opinion of hlRMPtl and bin Ability tn MraJfh'i
nut thn iiooko.l Ihlngn In life, thin Poll' u I
la mile tOW lb in MtOrlMlhMJ The OHIO man
priiliably overlookn Ihn pnlni ihn! pra'tleni ex
peilnnce la neeennary befnrO any MtlOBIt ol
"brink lejjinlng" inn be flguri d no i i rl bllol
nenn ann. I lo Hie man wtm h 1 1 fttHAhOd Ichool
In nn PPtlVfty nf mrm ban IhorO bOOfl found any
wav tn lOOOb In bnokn the nocaOOary foollltP
BOOdOd to makr ihn m hnlar a tacOOOOful And Ablg
man. Klperlenrr In one llilrig thai I honl
can lOHOhi anrl nnly with OPpOflOROO "in the
graduate learn to put what h" hnn : tired in
MObOOl Irrlo 000 fall prAOttOO QottlBfl hln brain
filled wlih InforOMliOtl I" I tool If .lift' "ill
i la I not from finding n wav tn get the benefit
"f Ihnt Infoi mat ion A mrm inn be ever nn
mill h a neholnr, hill he In nOTOf OdtlOAtOd until
he ban had he rough OOfBOrfl kit", k' .l off of bin
tiiteller t by actual contar I with no it arid ihlnan
nn Ibr-y lire
It baa long been IrTAtltOd upon thai our OQhompj
rif eduealloti wan defective bOPOUOO It tended In
nhnvn rtnwn evi'ty Irian In a do,o 0T0l. V In IbOf
Ihln ll true or mil. II la lllnlcnl.ihly neeennnry that
llu flnUthtd mhnlar la nut flnlnln d Until In hM
doiriirtinliaied what la Iho rOaTUll of rubblBg bin
education up ngalnnt men and Ihlngn an they
are, not aa any I. ntlrook wnuld hovO thonjl be
llumanlly and Hie dHiillngo of RIAB toward man
are ton complex and varied f"i an s. I of ready
marie rulea to In. made Ihnt will fit Tho prod
ii ii t an niuat leiuii to meet all klndn and varlollOO
nf people and AdAPl hlmoelf to a wide uity
"f OORdflUyRO If he la ton humble, an Ihln man
anyn. II la be'-uune hn haa boon OCBUaflontod In
having hla thinking planned otlt for him by i
directing mind, and llm humility In only an
other name for bin limitation 01 Irvlna hln own
wlnga PnoldOdi
due thing muni be cnneeded al the nlart. and
Unit In lliai hi' in mil taught In school the iblngs
(hat fll him fur cnnlrnet with Hie Otofld Ptf
hapa thin la due moatly to the fact that lb.
tvai'hern have a faslilnn of gelling Into a menial
rut and expecllng the pilbllr- In shade Itself to
null their plena, when they ihotlM have a brnad
conceptbin lllnl endeavnr lo bHBg I In tns' lvea to
an appreclatlnii of men and IhtBgO a they are,
Instead of whal they think Hn OUghl to bo.
If Anybody han a remedy to lUggOSti new Is the
time to spiak up The prolil'in pas :ieer yet
been solved.
ii ri-v wi i iior r ntiss
Our ilrmocratb friends, and Kn nf the
old fashioned ropilbllcxAnPi have wasted innnv
leara tiver the fnct that the convention nl Cbl
(ago ban had no lenders It do.. n,.t oootftf 10
lh APPrO hOJlOa1 TO oritlOA that the until vim
iiumpoae the rcpubllian cnnvcntlun are capable
nf nclectttig a leader, preferring tint In take
iiiilcrn from a bona such as holds tin- gomocroi v
In fawning subjection. The rOpUbllOABA may he
willing lo work undor a boss, but they tunlnt on
Ihe right In name that boss and not have hint
rood y-rn ado.
Hut the lovern of hona-rldden portion timv
rase Ihelr minds. Whal the Chicago conven
tion lacked In the way nf being hoded In 0DO
donl flocks will be more than made up when
the Han Kranclaco farci geln under way. If
there are no i lngn In Ihe n.-s. n of lb" rcpuhlh -in
delegalea. we shall have an abundant display of
that sort of Ihlng wick after next. The d. iim
( ratio plight In a auffli lent lv sad IllUltrptlOD of
what uicrtuln kind nf loodotohtp will do to tho
parly, and Ilia republlcana inav congralulnle
thetnaelvea on having escaped ouch a dilemma.
Home of Ihe home-brew we hear nn much
about 000 ml to lime Ofolrd ami startling offOOtn.
K wo aro to bulleve the sioiy of Hi" BvlffAlO
I'nmmerclal. one ottlnon of that burg, after
drinking n concoction of ten and aasnaftns.
marled In point a huge star on 0 houoo on win. Ii
tie wan at work, and It wan explained by the
OOlloOrnAO whn made the nrrOOt tli.it Iho lrlnl.
In nmatlon In apt to DAUOi outbursts of artistic
temperament. That Is entirely a dlfforojM kind
of temperament from that n hi. h bUfOtl ."it
wrn-u a man baa been drinking Oklahoma boot
leg. Hut It s nil 111 wind that blown no good. If
the Huffalo brand of h0B10tT!Oda drinks can bo
(Copyright 1 9 Si by BdgmT A. tlueotl
1 don't like to wot k Id ratboi .oaf and
novi-r do a t hlng.
And watch thn while DlOUdo drifting b) tnt
hear Hi., robing slug .
I'd rather live a life of cos,, than one ..f loll,
I say.
Hut no one wants lo pay me well for loafing
round all day.
1 don't l!ko digging otul h. in Mil and grub
hlng Willi the hoe.
I d rath"i sit hen.ath a tree and witch the
garden grow:
I d rather rost most any time thai s;.ude tip
yellow clay.
Hut corn and beets nd thlnra I need aren't
ver rained that way.
t dont like gpondlng all my strength for Oliver
god fm gold,
1 don't like saving money for thn day that
I'll be old;
I'd rather ti a apendthilft now and junnri
all my pay.
nut ppon ih poorhiraoo get the man wbo
trlea to live thai way.
1 ilon': like work. I'd rather loaf and Itve a
life of eaee.
if l could have my way on garth. Pd do juat
what I ploogOl
Hut I cau l arOUn 1 ir..l ah'tk pogj foenl my
children, too.
AdM nn f ll ibern 1 i 'n.l flOO the war k I hjT
to do.
"Twnuld be i better world 1 vew, If no one
i.nd lo loll,
if gvorvlhlno ll rnn nd hiol protr'el
from the soil;
Hut Dbana Ihln III way we wfll. ImproMBJ
It hint we may,
Por fain.- mil i mux' W"rk--ther
la no other way.
til the haJida nf thn npecu.atnr.
ninue g nr. ml h wnndeiful things, rt us by nil
pjetWll bnve them legallxed. They might be
niade useful, for Inaianre, by wrltcra nf to I
TOfOp, moving picture rapllnn wrlf rs. r.rtaln
of our AlopplOf iiovellsln, and aome of those who
H ake a tyuolnOOl of beiiutifvlng Iftnaa. out hire
v I mtghl get a Ttctlm to draw a diagram nhow
lug tin bow tn obMate the tyrnnny If thn gas
un boforo Another wlntor puts u in no;
Oklahoma OutbunH
.ludgn Pollncll bin ordered i:,nnq worth
toBfloontod lliuoi iprnod oror to the gOTorn
ln lit fur inedl. al ptiiposen We see tight now
win i ii bit uf ua lai ked fnrealght In nut get-
tlng a jnb aa sovprAmtni dootPfi
Tb" New V ink pnli e ate alarr baffled.
There Is this lo be oald In favnr nf the Chl
i igo con ontlnn: .lake llarnnna riaine w.ia
nut presented.
An bolWOan BoPdto and llorah we are In
' lined tn Hn In lief that Hoodie would lead In
the loi lotirtg
Abinit the only thing moot
favollle nuns'
do Is lo rum gp the urda.
I r ntu the wav the ok'ahorn i delngatlnn
TOtOd we miMI OOOUmO thai Jake Marnon made
good nmiie uf Hi"", tinned down'' drafta.
Aa we under-tail. I Mr rents' im-ltlon. the
' quootlon uf potrlotilm Is a matter for accusa
tion anrl la, IbOrotorOi mil dl balable.
AnothOT thing that doprOOggg us, anyn Ihn
' Oailis Newa, in thai our last Aummer'n ttndPr
eon l.o.ks like II tponl the winter Igpoood
; in the weather.
The girl nn Houth Main s.iyn the rOgMOP the
I young man oh" lo keeping lompauy with
' spi nda a dollar so leeklessly Is because It Is
only worth I'd r ents When It waa OOmi where
up to ii c par ho ' lung tn It an tightly that In
would walk ground four hlocka lo mlsn a pop
corn aland.
' formtriy un the bench," naya ihe Osage
County N'"wH man, who has Just lately booomf
a f in. moatlH yuiir buy In nut on Idnlla d ball
Tho HII and Hwat dub haa a harder time
getting together on a ehnbe for pienlibnt than
did Ihe dOlOgatea al Chicago, and It Is aerl-
nuoly oonnldorlng a lubmlwlon of the grholo
manor i" Ponator Konyon'i sleuth commlttoi
for IllVesllgallrin
Barom&Ur of Public Opinion
'I hose New Traffic It riles
Editor World: It is Interesilng to note the
I'flvllv of Hn- new illy "dads' of Tulsa. In
Hull vigorous efforts lo stop nil country earn
from miming in town. OcoaolonAll) when Mia
rOMA are good un country boya like In crank
up our ' luxlen'' and drive oyer, but when ho
n ail of what the traffic oquod la doing It Just
plum scares us out We come to Tulaa to
transact business. ,uy a few dollars' worth of
nturf here and there, fill up our gas tank and
boat Ii to the tall ami uncut, end try ami earn
morg monoy In bring back with ua Ihe next
tilp The proopeotg are that under the new
traffic laws, which change overnight, that must
of our day Would be spent trying to convince
JUdgo Moloney that our lull light gut loot
lomawhorg In the Koyotbng hllln, give up what
monoy we Pova to "hln honor," and go h e
unless w gnt pinched ngaln gottlng nut of
We would suggest, nnd .. speak for the
jaya of oillon, Drumrighi, Nand Bprlngi Bkl
atook, Blgby and Bapulpa, thai Chief Oust. if
sou pla.e mime real kind cops on the roads
loading Int., low,,, who win escrni us eouutry
boya IB, thow us where we nan hitch fur a few
liniments, and then ihow us nut of town again
Or, porhapa n mlghl be wotl in allow un to
carry i Pinner o( gomo kind, which would nig
nlfy to the " pill' that we were from the
country pad oubjeri to he plehod. We would
much talher dn that than have that traffic
man at Third and Main boll us .tn t and call Uo
rub Ana bapguoo he didn't undoroland what
he in emit when he wjnked at US In ntir town
who,, anvotie nlves opa nf Ihe,,, knowing winks
we Just follow him around Ihe alley Tulsa
merchants advertise opootal dlaoeUBta to get
mil of town buvers. That's mighty nice, hm
M il. ,, e get hark only ,1.17 f , . ,),.. Uetnii
MorcBABli ABAOOiatlon and have to donate fit
to Hie Blty'i coffnro we can t figure out where
wn made anything hv coming uver on a -hop
Ping spree, so grg guenn W will lust trade it
the home town store, and If they haven't got
It wo urn send to Sears Itoebuek, or that other
big store In Kan. -an city
I WOlUdB't mind getting pinched nn much
myoolf. bul Mr. a .h.'g find ..f touchy about
thai would make It cost a hit more ,o you
".'," 1 Abio t ii ui any mor, r 1I1V
Ihlng e.ae until we are assured f prOtoclloTl
aennst our l.morat,,.,. f y,lr f((.k , ff
ordlnancao. Bll i. Admire, oilton, OSltv
afoj Ulifcrs
The season', toll nf Jy ndera ht. bepon to
b- OollOOtOd Tb,- rnlaturo of OlOOhol and pne
oline. midnight speeding when Hi- blond Uj ho,
be aarolOMnOII and dl.regard thai nnnr, n
him win. violate,, t, rireredcnts Ml by hi. eld
" " tM H've beg,,,, , flwro In tie
Column, nf the nOWApgpora AA tho weather
grow, warm.t gnd mora suited to ouob thing.
I hen lo... the rallregd i roosl-ig. grg elajm
lug their own In InorOAgina i,u,t!r.. ju
,"'""'"'". ,h l the numbn' ,
IhOM wh. gs. riding s many people nut of
.very hundr.d thousand win, cross tt track fall
to hood the warnlngn. ami pay ,hn MngUy
A crnm number out nf every hunr.d th ,
ry tr it the nncmlng Iroln" antt .
lOln Per cent nf those who dl'.va Song the
Oountry roadway, neglect the usual pr .c ,, ,
ami h lng dlOMtfr tn themoeU,,, ur ,h,',s So
It lA true thai th ,s,,n Is cnll.u-tlng Ito lot,
"f Joy rblera. for a. a rule It . B. V. rtl, "
.... ,o" he pes,.,, who Is en,:, gnd ,, .,
mate bUtlnog that ment. dlgggtl r Where . n,
- b- :s,,'t nearly s?, m
0 bo. .re. -a. or reckless g. when lb, mlss.'i
't'" nf J"J. At least, he nu t OX In r.,1.
no and alcohol. pl nMx
We do noj Intend r
nmi nl i.. h uood by Un "drv- ,.h, r , " w..
mer. y pnlnt CtUl th. f ( tri th gKrOllJ
MOAon f-r ..moists Is ai hand , , h .
inv Oiltol.t who ,nv be Inclined ".?. j ,.' '
iMonooo will tak. hood boforo It Vie "
liecgs Indopgndont
Inadequate salaries
novorpmaai employe me now underpaid
men In the low grades An.l wh.-reao orlvate
employment ban been more gnd more itandard
lurd and llboraltnod, r. government .nrvice re
mains I s..rr of wild natural growth with gi n
in. Incpialnles In eompeiMMVtion and working
oondluoni in the various depart men ti alarlei
are Ins. le. male all along the line. Hut ..yen
greater dleCOntvnt la cauo.ri by di.crlininatloro
p. Iwt "n group, doing Ihe same eort nf labor
New V. rk Tribune.
Won't Pay kg Prlite
a. with shio s. may it not bo ... with ilolhlng
and f t-tuffs and many less ne oary Oammodl.
tlie" Out gpoOUlAtlVO markets w'cre gnlng Wild
, vear ago oyer Ihe new rich, o an Impovgrlahoa
Rurope w is going to pour In here for rehabllt
I nl n purpn.es Now they are finding net only
:nat nun. p. raonai pay mil imil our .u n pen-'
pie will nut pay the price, they hid made The!
htOVltOblo OPBAOquonOOi nf that craxy perfnrm-
. ice a.e now in uivr'asaa UI ill lllg .. . ,v . v WUtkv'dl
out. - .New Yoik World. i
It s : Long, Long
I -C.-: Z&fi -W-rti'ri.jii lb -
Margaret Garrett's
Husband a
. Morning wnik
Hob went Immediately to nlcep. I
gpoko to him pnet or Iwbe after 1
followed Ulm tn pur room but he
il Id n i an.wer My head AQhOd an
dreadfully T couldVn t sleep. Then to ),
the thought that Hot. had geomod
to care 00 little added In my misery,
although I would not admit that I
had failed. 1 would talk to htm
gggln In the inn ruing wlu n hi. anger
I. .d ooolod; And ho WOUld surely nee
thlngn us 1 did.
Hut the next morning Huh treated
ail my OVOrtUrOa no coully that I be
came almost dlooouragod. My head
mil) ached, and after brOMfagl I
took a long walk It waa a lovely
Ootobor ni'unlng. the air WAA fresh
atid orlop, and boforo long I began
to feci bell. I. Willi Illy hOAdAChO
gnu. . I commenced lo take a less
doleful view of the way Hob had
acted, and to find excuses for him.
He naturally was a hit angry be
. auoe 1 had taken the Initiative, and
i efuse.i the Invitation without con
milting him. I wal lo blame in that.
Vet perhaps tt was fur the best, fur
i ..I i.e ... "opted thn invitation it
WOUld havo been In bad taste for me
to decline. That must be my cue. 1
OTtUal appeal tn his usual guud taote
in ail social matters.
RofroohOd. my mind made up that
If I appealed In the right way Hub
would not Insist upon going to llen
i Creed, iinre'n patty. I ntnpperl tn at
l lsle'o In have a Utile chat.
"Well. Mnngartt. have ynu come
to your acnoea ."' .he asked after w.
bad talked u Utile while.
"Come to my nt'ii.e.! What do
you moan " '
"About the party! I lotd ynu Hob
would go! You'll own me a bux of
glove, vol, see if you don't!"
"1 didn't bet, Kl.le Hut I am sure
Hub will remain at hiuue with me."
Hut he tola me over thn phune
!aat night that h wuuldnt miss nn
of Henrys partial for any thing In
Ihe World."
"I know. II was my fault. I made
him a bit angry by Infusing to go
without consulting him."
"And you think he will not go?"
VI am sure of It."
I "Well, all I ran any Is that If you
! break up the friendship he ween Iiol.
' and CrOOdmorc I think it will be a
, Idly alnttnt wicked.' Why, Bob'l
' mother u s.l to call him and John
Kendall 'her buys' and she though!
their Influence over Huh was a guod
'ins. They are fine men, Margaret."
"Bnh doesn't nee them now. he
haa uie," I replied with a colossal
"Oh. you think you arc ail suffi
cient, do you? I'm gorry, Margaret,
but no woman can take the Kami
yuu urn taking with a full-BloOdod
conipalunuhle fellow like Huh and
get away with It You'll come a
cropp. r, dear, Ju.i aa .lire an f ile "
"I in not afraid. It may take a
little time, but when my huegand
seen that I Intend to fill hi life an
he fills mine there will be nnlhlng
mora to do. lie doesn't yet realize
. that, hla mother had a bad influ
ence." "Why. Margaret Qgrrottl How
can yu nay such a thing? 11, 1 moth
er a bad Influence' Why, she was
! he dearest, sweetest old lady thut
ever livid. Kveryone loved her
"I don't doubt that, yet I still In-
; slot that her Influence was bad fur
Hub. She thnught inn much uf mak
ing him happy, tun little of Ills duty
I tO her. I shall make him Just as
happy -after a time and he will
I not forget whut he owe. me hs
, wife. '
"There', no use arguing with you.
'Margaret. If I didn't real! care for
yuu l .houl.l be heartily dlagugtod
with your Ideas. Hut I am only
hoi ry for yuu as It lo. Sometime
you will pay and pay dearly for the
Island yuu are now taking."
"One would think you were at
"o that ho won't;
Then laughingly: "We
very .eriuu. when wr
lately. Left stop It
The Young Lady
AcrosH the Way
lie ,a so oeilgnuXl that he Is
tantly putting hi.- ringer in
-v i ,
Tbg llora tnslino bill do net Igguol '
Miiiuh,). dune 14. I9JII
(OOPyrlgkt, I JO. b .o lirCluro Nai,.
par lyodleola)
Jupiler rules ilrongly for good tn
.lay and the Hun is lu bonofli AOpe. ,
no away I. lOITUnatO ,'
Whu use their healna Im i
lem. iirofesatonni or out I. ,. . .i I
The young lady across the way
say. this I. a time for hunonable
com prom toe and personally she
IhlngA the president Is making a
i"f-...n ,. , i.o , inn ,.',- n,,
Lodge rOAOrvAUong or nuthln,;.
Way to San Francisco
Abe Martin
Who rimemhers when Sunday, In
stead o" Monday was a day o' rest?
Ther's alius some catch t' a thing
that s gotten up fancy, whether lla
merchandise nr a human beln,'
V lit,
. my Krauumoiner in near yuu
talk," I Ogplodod. really Angry at
Ifiei then rose to go.
"I am older than you Are in expo
rlence Margaret. I hue ben niir
rtgd n ipuch longer than m.u huve
'ive Hob IX Utile rope, dear"
"Bo that he may hang himself?"
1 Interrupted.
"he replied.
Seem lo get
arc together
We 11 leave
your management of Huh out ,,f i,
eonvtrsallnn. I can't help but give
you AdVloO. the ponofll of my nwn
egpOliOBOO, when we -peak of It."
"I ahull he only too glad. Kl.le 1
have been tempted to tell ,,u u J
told mother 'That i woold attend to
Hub Without her help.' "
"Ko youi mot her t.,0 oh I for
got' Si, ynu told her that ."
"I "'"n't offend again, Margaret
i 'o m e on up lo the nuinery: the baby
cut p luuUi thin morning, and Char
con -her
iniiiin in rot or .t The puag .. can'l
turn her back fur a minute that ho
due.n t do it. And his fingers aren't
llwayi clean, ynu know."
"What t-yer-old boy. ar,.'" i rr..
.punded a. we climbed tt ,,.lllK .,,
Uie nursery w here bain M ,). .. ,
being annoyed hy her small brother
Tomorrow New Tactic.
f men
yince this month is a tlmu when
political Intereata reach a .Umax
iher. 1. Inlere.t in the fa that Uo
planetary government foreshadows
for Ihe election the . In n e ,,, no gble
man subject to .irong and safe guid
ance uf the mars.
Ponona whose tilrth dale It I.
may have rather an exacting year
but care w ill bring largi s gUOOOgg,
Children bOfV on this day are
likely lo be endowed with mental
and physical strength. Bgo. cas und
prosperity aro foieuhaduwed.
Ihnnlcn Notebook
I was looking In Hie window nf
candy anrl b e cream store ytgtof ll
wondering how ll would feel to wl
In thero even without rny wages, ai .
some lady come up with a llttlt
toy poodle on the end
anylng, O. Iltle boy. will yog pit
h"ld Huffie for me for u few n
nlt. 1 nlmpiy niu.t have a drink i f
OOdg watltr
And she gave me the chain la
hold, saying. Nnw he good, Fluff i
mama . coming rite out agen. And
she went In iho .tore, being a fol
lady with thin eyebrows, and th.
llitia dog tried to go In after her .u ,
started to balk like env ihlng. ni"
holding him hack by pulling on tb"
chain, wlch Jest then who came up
hut Hklny Martin and lerny Shuns
ter, and they etartcd to laff like em .
thing, Hklny Mat, in BAylngi What Is
that, Boany, a dog or a flee?
Wy dont you get a dog your MtA.
Penny? ned I.eroy Hhooatcr.
Aw, that all rite, you fellow, are
Je.l Jrlllsa. that. all. the matter with
you felowa, I .ed- And Skinny and
I.eroy flhoont' r kt pp on lafflng and
making insulting remarks, nulch a-,
That, the wer.t looking dog 1 goor
.aw. if 1 hud a dug like that I
wnuitlont admit It. Tlhuts no animal
lis a eg!ii.;e. And they was a
Inaklng thom wen Mary Watkins nn
borgttgl Miniter lamo up Mary Wat
kin. ggylagt o wal a porflokly beau
tlful llttlO d"g. and I.nnttiir Mince
laying, O ixzent he Jest Ion cunning
for enylhlng? I think he', pcrfeckly
Skinny and I.eroy dont think go,
tboy Hunk 1:. a fogfgg looking dug.
I Bed. ami Sklny quit k oed, I do not.
cant you take a Jo.ik, lla H all rite of
a dog, and Loroy ggitt, Ive saw aTATOO
dug. than that, coant yuu take a
tOAgt Wlch Jest then thn la.lv came
out. aaylng, Here, mama, gtUfflo,
don't ory, ami boon Quartor for thn
nice little boy fur minding you.
Mooning me, and .hn gave me ,
quarter and I took Ma,y Watkins
and I. ore, ter Mincer in Hie slum and
buwt tlieiu each a lodg und Skinny
and Laroy WOWkOd away trying 'i
look Indopondont.
Stanley C. Kdmisfcr
01-2 Kennedy Building
Phone. Office IJ94. Residence 4433
Tu!a Bathatorium
n-t OgUlaped OOtbboUee tn Oklahoma.
319 S. I Inclnnnll Opp. V. M. C. A.
nw tfoaagauaool,
Mr. Clmirls NlehelO M.n'a ...r.rtmn.
Mrs Kit, Ifun titann, Wornsn a I'ai'artni'nt
OOtertag lu a cllpntole of hl.hoot atonAara.
1'HONB 100
Children Cared for During Working
or Shopping Houra
1. Woat Third Rlrast
At- A. Urcrkcniidge Io Daald
lias Ii Unstick
Breckinridge, Boatick &
fiilian: c National Haul. Tlulldlng
I'tion,' Uaagn 769 Tulaa. Ukla.
Dr. John Lee
fJFXITO-I 111V HY. KnWavT.
Diseases of Women
I1SM South Main St.
Mango 4tl,-,a
sa.i Itnhlinon nulldlug
Phone Msago turn
NOTE : We expect to be in our new home at Sixth
and Main streets, about June 15.

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