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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 15, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 16

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Bheriff Acknowledges In
ability to Copt With
Um of Inaxper tetwd Dtpfettai
1 I)ismiH((l an Ditntfer
OUI Kxpet.M'nf,.
Tula rnnnty 1m prftl tl'Hlly th
in Ti ol On- hi jft ki-m anil outlaw
nfi r t; o' l" k hi Out i M-iilnlf, mo fat
M lhn munly nhirlf f'i force, of
tlcpiitlt'N In on rrnrd fir' or ill riff lO
, report ittomtttAd iolht Kiwani
Hub ji ihn Monday noonday I ii fir h-
on by thr invtitiMttiifl DomnltiM
Appointed irMt Monday ni tb MfM
Mou nf Hin t Iff .f.tlllPN Wmlf y Who,
through ii atputjr. oonfiwid hfti In
ft bill tj In OOPi with fklnllitff tOAdl"
Mont bcauM Infill nl fundi torond
hlni to OlOM hi offl at nl(ht wh-n
iht nnnd of In nr wind vwilnnofi i
HK'dt uniMirutlve.
Th DOnunlttfin. fcftpr taking up
Ihi mailt r with ItM sheriff, county
onumlnffionnra and othtr itittytntfid
county of finals found ihni Bnorlff
Wi-Urv In allow'-! I'tjt Bt-vrn
t Ira upon ft salary basis n nrt t hi an
deputies muat tukn rare of all th
huhliH'Ha arlKinjf from ihr. juatlco and
oounty oourti hhi tako oftnlnnli to
the Htatft IuhOI uHona, Thlji work In
Itsi-If leaves them but lit tin tints to
onpturi ontlnwn Th salary but
9110 i month, not lufflelont to war
runt it man working both day and
Ah no OOlUtlOn of the. difficulty
waa sttKK"ted In th commltte re
port an rend by Ir C If I'all. Ull
mat tor u i" diar unotd i oomi lnnlli
M W Hhr'wahf ddv, a Htonibof 01
th oommittto, a'atrd thnt Mm
seriousness of Im Itutktion could inn
be overpiiiphsl.ed lie iLhnoiin''"!
himself hm strongly OppOtOd 10 Lhi
BoputlnJnfl of th young rim of tht
Junior chamber of coffiinorci hm Rp
rial Offloirt on thn grounds Mi.it
moil of these 4ti n know lit'l ft bo Ml
handling- u in, find In a root mi
with BOH who will ifo, .it nottilox
horl ff murder hiiVK an unoojuul
ohnnoo. it win noon ln dontn ol
Otto or more of UMOfl 0400, ha f ore -caste
A motion lu BjOOOpI lhi report of
tin mm rn it tee and fontlniio It tn 11
work waa oppose! by Hhr wt., riy Of)
the ground thnt IhO pollolni of
Tulsa county la u mattOT boyond thfi
provlnoa of a rlvlf otUb and ihOUM
riot hn aaaumrd an a yooponolblllty
Thl raport w;ia fin. illy rofori td (o
Lho hoard "f dlractora for otiidrta
tlon Krurik K. I mm an, rltv attornry
waa tha principal op inker. Ml
urffod upon lho elub mombori lhi
nrrmalty uf "A rn'-rh analnt TulOO'
in that i i iihoiild bfi no boRII hrn
tOf tna fOfOOl Of tyranny whrthrr
thry frnanat- from OOfnbfnOUofM Of
a pita I, pi of it cm n mi In t'or unions
Ooontng to domlnnto khf ottuntlon for
their own aelfiah i'u.m
Ihr. J. M. rrion, Im Now I ujMImIip4
In I'" nl' i" s ModOi on Cnnipiitf
Dr. J. M. Mordfin, naw pfOOldOflt
of K rid nil tollOfjO, In now mtah-
Unhod in tha prooidont'i homo on (hi
rampna with hia family, OOnolOtlnS
of bli wlfa and flvn rhlldran, Man
Hon, Marrdd, (inald, I.ynn irnv.
and ItMtty AllrM I r. OOTdOfl
motored up from Ada with tha u
older boyi on Friday, Mih OOfdOTI
OOinlno hy train on Hnliird'iy with
the thfOO yfiinter rhlldrni. Dff
Gordon will remain at the OOlloffl
dUlittfJ UlO Hrriilar part of thn nun
('heck in Snatched Purse
Leads to Arrest of
Crime Suspects
'in luii" H Mi. i;ult. U I .ii. IK'.
I tmploy4 by ih Ditrko Palrolauni
oompaity nh nffloM in lh Danltl
i hullalnf, wiiH robbud of n imrr eon
I latnlng unnm ni"i"-y himI i "iy i-h- k
tOt III' T,4 by iOflti Mlii-jtk Uili'f who
' nli ri d Din ol lli i' itmiiiM Iht nh-
Hf II I I'
Vinlrnl.iy Hfurnoon Alvln CUH
nlnvbARl mill llurj Hull, two bojff,
prurnii.l Hn' rhiTk to Dim l nlnn
N -i 1 in f ii I Fiji ii k Mid wim" iti' 1 a lii I'll bf
th bank offloUli until lao4 in th"
BIMtody of Olty I iiii'iilvin flurry
r.ini'm ihmI Ik" Wllkllioi.il.
Thi? ri'Hiilt In Unit lln- two tfatao 1
llvai now lii'llvn tlo-v hiiV" in BIMtodV
I four rnrn who rn.ty Im rnponiillilo I
f.ii BOMMMrftblt of llM ni.ik lUMV.
iiik Unit h'iH bMn rurrlril on In of
flea balltflmn. In aitdltlnn to thn :
two Iiovh ihnv linvf iiiiiIit nrri'Mt
t Heaaoa Himw, who cinimM im found
tha obaok, and i a Minion, who in '
j allagad i hava (orgad tha algiMMrd
I of mim LBjt'ollalia to lha iihikt.
Tim k ink ilalm Commaraa, Ok la .
hh tlMlf bORia Thi-y will he turn. .1 ,
nvrr to tM roiinty tmUy.
Story Hour at Oajnp,
A ltenrtalltng hour In rharita of
dafaiftfiaa nn'i laadan win form ihr
Inf.. nun 1 ptoKrHiu which will fi.llow
thn nil . pi' r hour nt thn T. W. t'. A. I
oaaap oonfafMoa t it in rvrninn About
40 of ihn oonfara naa ku.'hib had
motor rldi OTaf 'hf city nml a pluflia
In tha v. w. t. a pool yattatday
if. 1 1. no ii, tin- gttllll nlKlit program i
in lhi. nranlng aoniuitlns uf Htum j
by aaeh ol tha i Indian tniu'M '
M"Or LtlTltpan rrHiiKi- to I or
kIoii I i U' In llntirs.
Ai muni ifnanta wharaby thn fi"t
kiim Kntarprlraa will un the round
up in Btiu'f I iiy an.) unrtrr th nun
pin " of no- M Mihli I I'om no. IT,
thi' Ami ili nti U'lon nt Huli'l 8iiliMi
iThOradaiL Krlilny m1 Saturday of
llni aaol a Hff titiK for aivi-rnl of
th. tea naa of n w.-Httm plotura !
ihk produaad by tha company vara
Dutnplatad yaatardtty by thn mhBAkTa
in. i.i ..f lha r0Undllll ami thr ntomp
iliiiic Thtl will Klvi' tha mn'iy
no m.' lani of Tuliwi an opiiort iui 1 1 y
10 Knaai film Itory In thn niak-
n.r ind a loo aaa aaraan ntais it rai
Ufa Inataad of "rtaC Ha.
Mayor Kvann ami In offlrlnl fan.
My, thn i'lty rutin. III. havn Maaptad
Ian Invitation to ba tha naajta ol tha
Oli Mlohlal inMt fur tnn ruund-ii
! pyogi am
Taloarama from nrvrral ol ti.
robndlip l.nld lant wnnk iinnounrinn
tbalt Inlnnt! .. ,,f hrina on hand for
th ertnlart at Hand hpt tnifi win ra
aalVOd ynatnr.l.iy.
HiImmiI fur fWotaen,
A aihoni of Rutthoda for aii Vun
day arhool tnunhnra In Ihn , i .
hunhn., nnttth, of thn Tulaa din
n. I in ha hnld at Ihn Homoii Avn
lllia M K. nhurch durlnt ih fli-o
waak In oatobjrr u plannad at a
mratlof of dtMrlcl nffleora yaatai
dai mornina with Ravarand Banaa
Kauph of iiklnhorna City, ntitn it,,
parlniandtnl of Mhoola for thn da
nomlnallon A fiimlmi ,,t lha
faculty mambara for thn aohoql of
rnnihod will ln from out of town
Ohio People llappu Over
Nomination of Friend
Ahottt th'- h.lpplrit two paoplt In
Tuina aturdy nlghi ivata Mr. atni
Hn M i i hiMi Hotel Tulaa, who
ir.' Intltuatn frinnda of Senator War-
mn CI Hardlnii tim republican prai
Idntitlal nomlflMa. Nm only wm tha
ChMaa reMdenii of Marlon, Ohio,
llardtnK'a homn town, for a ntimbftf
of yeara, btil were aloo watto paraoti
A fHenda and tmu-hbora of Mr. and
Mra, Harding,
I ChMa ami Hafdlng ranawad th.ir
a'ji'ttalnlanrc aftnr NVOml yi'aia,
dtirlAf whli'h limn t'liani' han llvnd
In Tulaa whin Hnrdlnir npoki- a few
wmkH neo In fori Worth. Trxan
H.irdlnK'rt ni'mlnatlon tame an a
complete aurpriaa however and Vi
ami Mrn Cham wnrn tfrnatly n.atid.
Sow Paeaa Tn rlmlnal ClWIgll an
ICi-ult of u i. i, on I ntpoyrr.
Ilnenntlnir thn antmn of hln fir-
mer nmpioynr whan ihn Uttiar idnn-
Itlfled W ill H at an the nian who on
July i. ism Kioin run and furniture
covering mntortel from thn Mayo
furnltUfi nwmpany, Bail goi film aa If
I In a lot of troul.le ynatnrday w hnn
1 hn aitai knd John Mayo An a rn
'rult hn will tin ft.rtaln"d before Jiitl-
trn II J Orny on a arand lariftny
eharga and alao nn a charKO of a.
laaull and datinry. ,
Mayo WCt to thn county Jell to
I Identify Boat whrn the lattnr witlil
Otit wanting ntruck at Mayo. Ko
damage wai done to thn niom ownbr
Ion a sncond rhnrgn, that of nnnnlt
ami nailery wa Iliad oirainnt him ,,(
ter ihe affair.
MgeneM fog .i2o AMnyg.
Judgment for IS. 1 20 (or drilling
in .'II and ft:m wnll In lt-JS;.,
Oeaga oounly, waa aakad in a auit
filed in dlatflel ootiri yeatarday n
It. ). llallny agalnxt Ihn Overlai I
Petroleum nompany. llallny rlalnm
hn flnmhnd ihe wnll May 22. II
First Taste
Makes You
Wan t More
Post o
- - i
'TELRPMMR 4kaig ggn
itrirra hum
The Goods Must be Good Goods or the Sale is No Good"
TUIiSA, OKLAHOMA Msy 19, 1920
To Our Friends Customers i
JBM ij fourth yssr in business snd it Is
SJhrrTSSJi- we fcU ha? '5 w-lnorasting business
without putting out sny "Advertised Prioe Belts". We have
not advertised s prlee slnoe we have been in business.
'4m - a w V thouaand of oustomers who know that there
is more in honesty, effioienoy, management snd in natural
business advantages than there is in "Bsits" snd Jucgllna.
Customers know thst our prices sre always the lowest that are
f???"111?0.!5-11 ,nd thlt nothing is offered for sale
JT ii 4 undergone the most rigid inspection and
is hound to plesse. They know that there is no Juggling in
ErTMioC161-111" and MSSUreS. They know that Sur
ISJrf SbJKKSffi T2rve " a shlel1 v88t deception snd
IrSl Jwe1!i that thy w111 00 tooted, not slone
S Slf l i2 JJi that 8008 wlth eood norohandisiog. Thsy
unexcelUdT' 868r inoo,nPeraDl unparra Helled and
. th we first went into business the "wise Ones told
I3ig Holse snd thst we muat be good at "Manipulating" in order
to get even. They ..Id -The public likes to be duped"; "The
.?ratla'Ud0 "2 tha 008 thln t0 d it to "Get Yours"
"Sintsi'SnJr oood and then you n bo
nrA v,7dl? rot4tak6 th "ind sdvioe" but Instead
adopted the highest business principles in the belief that the
intelligence of the publlo was on a high enough plane to appreciata
Our Business Principles snd the resultl have been most grltng.
v,-- - Cr? t0 CUr !tor6 tot5ay and 8ee oonfidenoe thst
w1?iemlrf -Si ee0d of our buBinefla prihoiples; see the Oood
I I . nlfe8ted oy our oustomers; see the appreciation of the
publlo; see our business; see the unparallelled advantages we
offer and rejoioe in the faot that TRUE BUSINESS PRINCIPLES have
triumphed 6ver sensstlons, vlllf lost ion, Juggling in prioes.
figures, weights snd messures snd other sharp praotioes.
Pi euro a and nrlcoa on , iiim-u.! - a,.iwi..
fore we do not advertiae prloea, but by reason of our unparra lleiiad
advantages "We sell for less snd the goods must be good goods or
Traders Number 4.
105 East First St.,
Tulss, Oklahoma.
Come and see.
Very truly yours,
We Quote Bo Wmumi
or t'nrnpornlHc PHgH
In Our AdvirilHina
We i't Von Hi- ibm
JuiIrp ,,f ValitPft
Member. . r tin Obm shop (Bqwam Dent) baaookatkm
Main and Fifth Sts. Phone 6060
N:30 to .:30
BiM io Bift p. ra.
Suits and Dresses at Substantial Reductions
Specially Priced at '
25.00 35.00
I.i T I It Hiilta for thn youthful
typn, ilm hlKh r!aM Rarninnts, ly
llnh ItOttl flaurrff Hnh etOd from rnR
tilar fttork. Navy amartly tallornd
tiuita, Foion Irlmmnd with embroid
ery , othnrn braid and button trlm-
mnd, good Milk Itnlni, , aomft hand
madn button holnn,
etc., price
IOT 2 1 gajtta hlh rlaiw In navy
aergn, polrnt, trlrntlnn, plain and
fancy llnlnga. aome with vnnti, oih-
era Tuxndo alylea;
etc, price
LOT I 14 milta. exclUBlvn ntylna,
ftomft from wnll known dnatirnnr.,
practically all navy, beautiful
Inifft. vnntft, i.i.-li.". ntc.
Third Floor
Slightly Soiled
At Clean-up Prices
On let of silk underwear, Rrownn.
fnvelnp rhnintAf), ramlsolRii, mailo of
rrpe tf rhlnr, wah OOttni anil
Ororgettp. tAllnr(l and 1rci trim
mod; Home aro trlmmrd In real
flirt, broken lots to hp QiOMOd Up at
Vi the Regular Price
Krnnnh and Amnrlnan hand madn
undnrwnar; gnwna, envelope che
mlae, ntralirht chnmlae. camlslnn,
hloomrra, broknn lota to bn eleaned
up at
1-3 the Regular Price
Onn lot of Mlldmd ntout undnrwnar.
In nllk and cotton; envelope rhnmi.n,
rowna, oraet cnvnra, drawnra; in
broknn lote, to ba clnunnd up at
Vz Price
Onn lot of envrlopn rhnmlBn, mads
of fine nainsook,, laie trlinmnd. to
be cleaned up J 00
One lot of ladles' E. If, c, thn Ideal
athletic union suit, madn of plain
ami cross bar nainsook to . nn
be cleaned up at J..UU
I on. Hi Moor
25 Fancy Blouses
Reduced One-Fourth
25 Blouses and Overblouses, many
sport styles, high shades, also some
navy, many elaborately embroidered
overblouses and smoclfs. ,
, 25 Discount
Third floor
Barmon Porch Dresses
1 4.95 to. 16.50
New shipment of Itarmon s nild-summnr porch
drnesns; materials are volls, lawns, percales, tissue
ginghams, colors, pinks, Much and all white; short
alenves, low round and square nonlt; full skirts;
somo are self-trimmed others have coltaas and
cuffa and sash' s of white lawn; elzns 16 to 44.
Fourth floor
Children's and Misses'
One lot of children", and misses'
dmssns In hroken lots; jrenrirctte.
nets and taffetas, colors white,
pinks, blurs and orchards; ages 13
to If,
Special Half Price
One lot of Children and Misses'
Presses; in georgettes, crepe da
chine and nets, In various styles;
colors blues, pinks, white, peach;
In agaa 12 in It. special
25 Discount
fourth floor
Four Lots House Dresses
2.95, 3.95, 4.95 and 5.95
Four special lots of house dresses, made of ging
ham and percales; colors blues, pinks, tans and
figured materials, long and short sleeves; belted
waist line; In broken lots, to be cleaned up at
2.95, 3.95, 4.95 and 5.95
fourth floor.
Misses' Dresses
Misses' serge and taffeta dresses, In
colors, black, navy, brown; pretty
tylee, full skirts, straight blouse,
short sleeves, ages 14 and 1.
Reduced 1-3
and CRBBVBRB made of gingham
and white stripe madras; colore
lilueslilar k and white checks, tans;
ages I to !i years.
Prices 1.50 to 2.95
fourth floor
Silk Hosiery at 59c
We have a few dozen pairs of
women's heather mixture Silk
Hose left over from our big
hosiery sales. The lot is too
small to put in regular stock as
sizes are broken. We are will
ing to take a good loss on those;
your choice
the pair
Main i 1 .... -
Ribbon Remnants
Below Cost
Short Lengths (one to three
yards), of all kinds of plain
and fancy ribbons in satins,
taffetas, picots, gross-grains,
lingerie and novelty ribbons
have been measured up and
marked below cost
Main 1ior
Silk Shawls and Sweaterg
Iteautlful silk shawls, Ideal for light
wrap; in pretty colors of light blue,
pinks, orchards and purple made ol
good round thread silk.
20 Discount
A limited number of slip over silk
sweaters lu white, black, navy, blue.
Vz Price
h'ourth floor
Tuesday Specials in
Wanted White Goods
If -Inch white middy twill In
rood quality 7
the yard t fJU
40-inch white beach cloth,
food quality, for sum tiJTft
mer. the yard . UtlL
M-lnch fancy white dress
voiles, good quality and very
iheer, In stripes and HtZ
plaids, the yard .... f tJK
i7-lnch white dimity in small
:heck, good quality ?Q
'.he yard
e-38-lnch mere, whim shirting
madras. In pretty stripes and
fine weaves,
thn yard
12-lnch white solsetto in fine
iheer quality, the CP
yard Ot-tO-lnch
white dreas voile, In
fine sheer quality,
the yard
48-Inch Imported white bat
iste, very sheer and
flue, the yard
27-lnch dress ginghams, good
quality, fast colors, QQ
the yard OlC
S2 lnch Zephyr ginghams in
pretty patterns and KQ
fast colors, the yard. tJat
3:inch shirting. madras,
pretty new stripes, CK
fust colors, the yard Out
1 1 'lack Imported Scotch
plaid ginghums, best quality
made; the 1 JtA
yard leUU
72 Inch Merc, linen table da
mask, In good qual
ity, yard
72-inch Merc, linen table, da
mask, excellent quality; very
fine; the rvr
yard , l.f O
S I inch round scalloped table
cloths, pretty pat. ( PA
tetns, each a.9vr
lS-lnch ready hemmed nap
kins, good quality, Q
doz O.Ol
5l Silk Dresses at
:,n IOH-CLABfl imESSKS from
regular stork, consisting of dinner
fraaoea, a few evening gowns, floral
georgettes for mid summer yrear,
taffetas, both street and afternoon,
also white and flesh gnorgette, and
white and flesh trlcolette. no two
alike, short sleeves, some with harem
hems; trimmed with dainty laces,
girdles of ribbons and satin with
corwigc of flowers. Priced one-half,
65 Wool Dresses
S WOOL, DHEKSKS in trlrotine.
poirft and hrgp, fpw brown and
black, balance navy drpssea from
well known manufacturers, short
rIppvps, many plaboratpty pmbrold
prpd. SIzpa 16 to 46. Priced one
half. TMrd rioor
hpeiind rTtHir

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