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,Cole Nhoemake Is Killed ,
After Ciun B attle and
Arrest by POM
Norris Coopof Had Foutfht
With Outlaw Over Poker
Game; Hecall Threats.
MUMCOQ K R, u la., j una 1 4,-r
Cole Hhorinrikn, robbf ami out
law, who'- 1 1 i tu in. i i i itoi l hail
tnatlo Mm known Q officer! oil OVff
the tOllf RWMti WML etlol ornl In -Bluntly
killed :it 4 TO o'clock Sun
day utamoon, Mtr K ml a, Kukill
county, nftT hi hod nurrrndrrpil to
a po( which ho.! bealeffad him nnl
a companion for nn hour ami a half
In a Iok Cabin. Motrin Coopr, tliy
Iiiai Mhal at K In I i. who aaetJted In
in capture, tu nHt-trd m have nhot
Pho -. i1 in Um bach aa ha etood
hami uffi un 1 unarajied on the
jor h of a rrnthouee, Coo par is in
Jail at Stlflm, tha county iea4 of
Haskell COUOly, and a furnwt
charpf of murder Wll Mad Affalnal
.ni' thia morn Inc.
Bhoatnaka with Waiter Ctkllderti
CHraprd from Jail at 1'otoau two
Wee- npo and bod bttii QOUtlftf
tin co,
whan tfce'poeaa ram' upon thaw
they bairtaeaed I hcmaatVaa in a
lag cabin and atood tin ofetoeri off
for an hoi.r arifi a half In a hutth
In ahlch Upward of 1!0U uliotn werr
firr.i. They than iapiayad n whlta
f las and came otit and aurrajnuafad.
Shofinnko n nd Gtltldeni WfCfa
Qnd ruffed and the ponaa etarted to
Meier with them. Tney Mopped at
a Earmhouao "fo us', and Bhoemake
V ihot from hcdilnd.
Ahout two wr k oko Hhonmakc
hold up pokar fame at Klnia and
relieved tho playora of thalv meney
and valuable. Tha Kioto ajiarahal
Cooper. w:ts playlnfl and had a flht
wttri fJhoamaka before he parted
Wttti his money." Bhoemake heal
Ooopr nvpr 4-ho head with n ptfltol
Md Cooper nit lit to him as the out -WW
"You tnlpht nn will kill n. It
you don't 'U Bit you."
After the kllllnr yi utorday f'oop
or rnmnrki ' fo offlcorn:
"I told him I'd fal htm.H
Cooper made nn attempt to r"i1
arrest. He throw hln Run awny
aftr tho ahot Wai flrtd and waited
to hr taken.
Phomakt' in 1918 a m aantaiirod
In Muakopfo nuinty t arvc atahl
yearn In the prnltf-nttury for
vurfftiry f1 aaeapad from tha
rnnntv with two nth Of prison -
rs nftor n fitrht In whUh-.tho t.ill
rr was BOVOroly fveaten and Shoo
Mftka was shot In the foot He waa
recaptured and eM to prison.
Jlo was paroled .ast Tcermher.
H" had also bocn Jatlad here on
various charaaa prior to his conyic
Uon for bura;aay
I -el lore COUAty officers aotnrhf
him for months for highway rob
bery before .im-sting him a few
wnrks nKn. Totfeihrr with Ohtlder I
hf eecaped and hadolvded ayeral
posso bofore the eomhinod IP!ori'
nnri Raakell county aquadoloiad In
on him and his companion Sunday.
klalutna BO opturrd hy i'termans
nd Later itelca aed.
Ml'SKYtO KK. June 14 Mrs John
r. Taylor of Qtdeon, Oklahomawho
for more than two yearn has
mourned the death of her BOO, who
Was reported killed In PranCO, w.iv
today advised that her son was ultve.
Jie was oapturad by tha Oertnana
and hold in n detonilon camp until
after tho war, according to a lattpf
from one of his pals,
BlUakOffCe chapter of the Red
I Croat are now tryinc to find the hoy,
who has not yet returned homo.
Wii nl loan i Affirmed
lalfa Unpriaonnxant of Barney Whit
mor of Jefferaon county waa of
firmed by the criminal court of ap
peals today, Whitmore was convict
ed of klllii.:; .I.liii UoIdMi.lth at
Comtoh in January, nis. After
htniaa htm Whitmore la said to
Lava thmvn thu body In a WCll, The
court affirmed the pentence of on
year In the penitentiary for anaull
with lutein to kill Impoaed on Mat
Crabtree by the district court of
The ro k DO co u n i v.
Stale Uriel
M'AUMTn, June 14.'" Applica
tion for transfer from dixit i t lo city
-honls are bring considered by the
board hrt. Appr.xlmntcly .ustud-
'1M fl'l.ttl hk-lP tlln I'lllltltv Bin
pated to attend Um ny high and
M'AUMTBR, jun. u. Udntoefl
county h kindly consented to help
Plttanurg out of ltd road difficulties
Word Dili brought here by It. I.
HapMH ol hufaula that a Mcintosh
mill gaiiK wua busy making paJa
blf this county's gpprctl ch to tilt Jef
li iM'll highw.iy bridge ni i Limes
. I
INOli Jon.' H Kfiink Wor-
l I'll hajl In rhi d wul of ull atrlivlit
In l.i.i aoit Murni, uu 1 iklulioinu a via
tor, wbo ifct'tvi'd a bfoki-ii li-g and
otlitT bodily Injurit an I bo roaull of
u Mile pIukkv of 3,31)0 into tin' Aila.ii-
1U' uUt ill l.i.ir llMlllttliO Ko.lil.1 111'
lit in Uic KOVfrniutnl nvivlcuand waa
trying out a new Llbetly motor at
till' Ull,' .
TONKA WA, Jane J4. RMllftlnf
frun a ronuuiot thM boKan in' Uit
urniy hoepiutl :t ivriKu-. nUMM(
'lining tile war, thi wedding 00
surraii Baturdky at Kamaa inn of
.Iihm t ' 1 1 1 it i KtVfl i-r Torimlo, c'un.,
lu joMph U Miller of Ihla eiiy, wbo
i i 1 1 1 ' Hili r Ol UM mi'dlral fiOfpl
overaMa, The brld wu a Ite(i froa
nurae in the hoapltaj and In: wa on
ill ,i:h oeoumd heie Hulurdny of
WlllilUU H. Ki-y ni)dh, aged l(, u.i
ilve of i Y;i bore hard, Ky. Ul f. .
with tho Mlwourl uiiittta whi n tin
Civil war began Aa a union lyniptl
thlSOTi and' In one of the early on
Iragenyente loat a leg. lie leavei
aeveraj children, inoiuning Henry H,
Kynolda, formnr city maiehal and
for yevertl years polleo Judgo at
PONCA OtTTi Juno U. Scout
in isier Newion Ituck, formerly of
1'iiiWr, is making great progFOM In
organizing Hoy Scout troopa Inn ,
and hai already approximately io
boya i nn lied. move i on foot to
ei h ecoul ext r ut lye Ar ha will work
i. conjunction with inc eity aonooia,
riie liigh lehooi gytnnaaluni bnd thai
of the LtttOOln Hi'hOol will bn uaed
lor nn i Hi, g placea during the aum
iner monih.1.
I'AW IH'SK .V, June 14.--W.'Jl
Bitrnea wa lentendad faturday to
Itte Imprteonment lor the inrder of
IM wile lii from of in ClllMini bank
three month.s .kc. 'He mot her a
.she was entitling an automobile and
flri'd two mure nbotn Into her body
a hhi' fell. Tht? defense pleaded In
sanity and usiKni-ii infidelity as the
provocation, An tl-yaar-old daugh
ter and a li-year old crippled s"ii
both teHllfled In tho father's favor.
riAltrtKlt. Juno It Placing a
shotgun to his forehead. John VVcd
dle, oil field worker, shot himself
Saturday through a hindkerehlef
tied around his head. According to
his wife's story Wednesday left hOUla
Friday with the threat to mil bun
self, and a not' from her was found
In the dead man's pocket. Mrs.
Waddle works in a local restaurant.
PAWHIJ0KA, Jne 14 In onln-
to meet the ezpeojtMjnaavy demand
for hornet in the fsvfl a number of
1 buslnss men i e itreparinK to erect
la number of rcnidencea for aalc OF
I rent. Harry i. .loll, who has al
ready built 25 and will finish more
nv the first of next month, has piy
I en the contract for 14 more, all of
thore now ready have been sold or
n nted li P, McDonald Is complet-
inj i o hijrltwrrada houaearand win
liuild untie, all of which liave prac-
tlnally been aold in advance.
His Little Boy
A Mass of Sores
So wrly , W. C Warrea of UiUboro, Vlrtiala,
Ud he
"We tried two rood doctors, oae a vpo
clslist oa ikin diitHr snd thr did hln
in rood, vt c in '. 1 boltkn ol D. D. n.
and his fare, win, h waa simtlr a mtm
of sure,, i, now tmooUi aa paper."
Thoauod, of grateful neers of D. D. D. base
written to tell of Uia wonderful relief It r
ttirro en one api'liratton completely itoe
pinf allltrluaraadlmrnlnai Why not tryD ll D.
at noce and If convinced? Vour raooer tsifk
If the "ret bottle dne, net brlag reliat Me. tea
scd gM Try D. P O- aosay, too.
Pik Lotion for Shbi Dlstaase
Grants tr WVlch Com
pany Noar Miami Re
scinded by Payne.
MIAMI, okli. June 14 Word
that .loim nation Payne, eeere tan
of the iuterliir at a speelal healing
in Wasfilngt.Mi. hns aaiMelled nnd
held void the base of the Webb
Mining company on SJu aerea of
mineral land on w lib h nre Im ati d
ten producing mines north of here
was received today from- II
Mitchell, a lOMl ntlotnev, iepiamnl
ing one or tin. litlnanti Sn-reiai v
Payne decMeil that the leases were
oblalnod from Indians In 1514
while the latter were under age, I
hence Incompetent, and ordi r. 'I
that leasis for ten yais Tie granted
to prnilacjnir coniianles.
Internodlnte royaliles wire or
dored cntieelled after 1H24, iimb-i
the lenses to the Welch oonajFany,
the Indians rec. Ived but r, percent
royalty Cn ore. but now will receive
iM per cent and after 1 924 will rt'
celvo from 10 to 12 H per cent,
renting upon the price of zinc ore.
The royalty contracts of I'anl Bwerl
of loplln which hive paid him
fino nnn In six yens were ordered
The Hkeltnn I.e.nl & 7ln" i'ii. one
of the largest. In the field, which
two years aro paid 1 1 mo ooa for
le.iees on l!0tl ncrcM of the Marv J.
.'alf allotment, was given a lease
for ten ye.ira on that tract, while
the same was ordered to other prn
dVCdfa on the remnlnder of ibi
II.mIv of Oklnhonui Hoy llroiight
lYoin I'raiuv to Kort (allMMin.
UUIKOOBB, Okla. June 14
Two bundled peojiie. the majority
of whom weie fornvcr at'i'h e men.
stojd at attention In tho national
cemetery in Kort Olbeon today when
the flag-draped body of Hugh Irv
ing Kvans was lowered in the grave
A squad of grank .'lad post. Alnerl-
fun Legion, fired a salule over tho
grave. Private Kvans' body was
the flrat of an Oklahoma boy killed
in France to he brought home. The
ktuakogee chapter of the KedtCroaa
had the body brOUghl home antt paid
the egpensei ol the parents from
Dhncnn to Kort Qtbeon aa thai they
might wtlnin 'lie ceienniri
Name "Bayer' on Genuine
IH'I' I .rtoo ill 'lOI'ioi. tr o
uino Aspirin proved safe by millions!
and prescribed by physicians for
over twenty years. Accept only an j
unbroken "ILiyur package" which
contains proper directions to relieve'
Headache. Toothache Karaehe. Neu
"II., rr. . . ' A ...... 1. ......
ralgia. Itheuinatimn, ( 'olds and Pain.
Inndy till boxes of 1 2 tablets cost
few cents. UniKeiata also sell larger
"'.oyer packai'es." Aspltln Is trade
mark Bayer Manufacture .NTnrfo
aoetlcaeldeater of Balloylloaold.
agK aa r
Drink, "Fi
ibl - the bottle that answers wJilmlWm H
ih' the call of rail lions. fwIMlwL fe l
Tiny Tot Cnuhtd Vndtr
Car h Swtotutu Hurt
Harriet Wood. the .1 vi .ir old
daughter of Mr, and all Hen Wood.
JL'll West Walnut, suffeied a brokcrl
collar bone and a crushed abnulder
wlu n she wasYiiti ucr Hunday by ,i
ear driven by C A Miksv. 141:1
south Denver Tin child, is now atl
Ho family holm
i ill oinimuy i hiintu Ranfmatl
Not irt out nts Ctotitraaojo.
A"klnr dam me of 11 r for the j
aliened falhire ff teoo Kaufman
deliver half tfttafapl in an oil lease,
to 1 411 -y. Oaaaa county, and iimi
Cyrtfti Avar tie ordered to transfer
lo the petltJonera hnll Interest in a
leaae in tl lffi Oaaaa county,
Aim filed In dlstiht OOUli estt.lA
by the Klenhner lVIroleiim CO Til pan)
,i . ' Kaufman attd Aety
lilt' 1 1 1 1 ill Mill me '
trolevm company agreed to drill
al1c on iJie lertne, for half tntoreal
and that Kaufnton iy mtorepreaenta
lion, eaused I he in to KOI felt heir
half Interact In one lease, ail refusal
them their holf IntorOit In thn otttOI
on the irrnund that ho had trans
ferred th lease to Avery.
( ll I IRK u
rtrqitrM Mill l'c made ol Oklnltema
City t-MUKii Today.
OKI. Alii IMA i'ITV, June 14.
The colly eomnilsslonera will be
naked lonorrou to gpproi a pro.
posal to IncrcilSfl street car fares
In in f, to i. I 4 cents in thta city.
John w ciinrtei, vie aroaldenl gad
general hianagtr ol Ine Dklahotna
RaMwg nii-.my. announged to
day. Mhartel said lie would lay tin
matter before the oommiaeionen g
tin Ir re, iila r meet Ing
George Ban McCutcheon's Famous
Story "A Fool and His Money''
Photoplayay atRialto Tomorrow
tjafa''vanal B
adal 99 w aT-ill
Most eeryone has read Oeorga Hair Mcfiilcheon's slory "A Tool and
Ilia Money" This famous stoiy lias been made into 11 photoplay and will
be shown for the first time at the Itlallo starting tomorrow. A Fool Imt
Ills Money1 Is a story of .1 young American author who t ran Is to Hwlter
land to find atmosphere for Ills next novel. Invests his money In an ancient
castle on the Swiss frontier, OHW he meets a young Aineib au gin who Is
secreted In another wing of the castle, their escape to America from her
former husband, a count. Is graphically told. An all star 1 ast with Kugene
OVBtien enact the lea. ling robs. "A Fool and Ilia Money" atuya at the
Itlalto for a three days' run, atartliig on cilnesday Advt.
Reception for Ltd it s,
stunts, nnd Dinner
Open Program.
Cteanari and dyei s, fapraaajntlni
Mlssoiitl. Kanans, Aikansas, Okla
lo'tiia. Texna and loiildana, met In
Tulsa Mtoiday lu the annual run-
rentlon ol the aouthweatafn division
of the National OleanOfl and hyers'
ansiH lat .ii. More than "" mentbera
ate In atletiilani e at tho rotivcntlon,
which will continue thfotiffh Wednea-
da A II Buhl of Tulsa Is i hralr-
i i ui of the entertainment commit
tee. A Ket rieiialnled prKVim was
lo id nt (lie Kennedy reatautatit last
nlghte Tho proaram conaialed of
stunts, darning and supper Dim of
the moat clever tunti on thi pfo
Cram was fftyen by H, M. Kelly, a
i olorod i leaner ami dyer of Tulsa.
Kelly made a i alh " otMavBltuj Hnt
dying and he inatated that tho Qnaal
clotlies never attracted any a'tenllon
until they had passed thftIMFh the
handa of the claanon and dyaeaj of
there nm mote than f 0 women
rep recent at lyea of the assoiation in
tha con vent ton i Thai wen- given a
reception at 2 0flO1 k Monday after
mmn In the 1 i of Mrs. V. O.
Dohnefeld at till anaei nnve. a
banquet for the men and wofnefl
win i.e give nat the Kennedy reeiau
rant at n:to tonlghi atid luneheon
for tin women will be alven at the
zva xv 'Urr.
noun try dub at 1 o'clock this after
The following program was car
ried out yenterday.
a. ni. fall to order,
lnv.M'allon A II Buhl Tttlca
Addreaa of yrelootfje -Hon. t i
Bvana mayor of Tulsa
ReejptMMM to address of WetCOfni
CI. M. Chnptnajii preatdent, south
wectern division, n. a. i. c.
Addraaaj -r. v. Loajaheadi prrsi-
denti N. A. O. t' ; open In OOOVCQ
I toll, nlc.
4:310 p ni Addreaa nn organlra
(Ion Frank II (lieer. Tulsa.
Reeponaa to Mr Qreef .i.dm i,
I'mli'V, g neral mannRrr N. A. li. V,
Are You Sharing:
Thousands of dollars lias already been saved by
Tulsa women who read the Curtis Brown announcement of
the silk stockings we bought under juice because a jobber was over
stocked when the silk market broke. At least $5,000 has been saved
the past few weeks by those who bought silk shirts from us at $5.95,
$9.85 and $12.45. Another $10,000 at least has been suved by the men
xolks during our sale of Ktippcnlieimer and fashion Park Clothes.
All through the Curtis Drown store are similar sav
ings simply because we are taking advantage of "breaks" in
the market and are passing the savings to YOU.
Continuing Our Sales
Ltyetem A. IV llartman, Peotta
I I. mini letng t o,. Ht oila.
j 'Tlant Kconomy" Mr, Vtnitnana,
! if poaalble
j "I'lanl Koulptnent and Ktfh lency"
Mt Mut t. aid. tr ooaathto,
Addreaa Lao ioultopi l.in.oin,
1 Neb.
Ppomkwa TKal lie Will Olvw On !
i lei" Hi ts' Hiirlou iitowilan
MUgKOtlKK Okla , June 14
Warren tl. Harding. republican
j presidential nominee, will Blake a
I campaign st n m m an-
oordlng to K, 0 Motteri personal
friend of Mi II 1 11 at for , years.
Come to Curtis Brown's and see how all
through this store your money tfoes farther
Women's A Silk Hosiery $2.70
Women's $5 Silk Hosiery $'A.:i
Men's Silk Shirts
115.95, $9,85, $12.45
Kuppenheimer and Fashion Park Suits
$36.50, $44.50, $53.50 and $62.50
writs 85totwPini 60,
Tulsa's Livest Leading Men' Store
MOtter is a republican randida'e for
conKieas from the second distrh t
"In I'hlcano lust wsok Mr lln'rd '
ln told me he was Kolnir tn make
one spepch lor me at atuakdMe dor
1 nr lh cnmpalan." said K. C. M"itr
Ibis wna before bis nomination,
and he said he would speak whether
hi not he received the nomination
of course that apeei b will be mO'te
as Mr 11,11, 1 1 1- never niuks a pro
mise, that he does not fulfill1 Mr.
Mottnr said.
Ib lKlum w ill Indd an Intel n illonai
motor exposition at Antwerp In June
and illy, Including enmiona, true,
tors, Industrial engines. aKrlcuIturiil
in e hlnery, motor boats and aviation

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