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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 16, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 15

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Rates and Iinf ormatiun
tHr per word per lima.
Neven inaertiona ffr ha price of all
Minimum KDr 13 wnrda.
lr pei word per day when mpy rum
onr trmr.th without ininfi.
Minimum a mount nciipiH lie.
Al l. I ItAHoE WANT ADt ere due
ad payaldi the renin day flrat MM
lion of ed aw - u (All out of-town
wani ada ana all wanted tn ru. rtl
UA'I'inp wntitifl, w i- i : 1 ami
InMieehnld good ada n pnetllvely
anh in advanra.l
charged at the nrni rat an gggg
and idle.tinna will he inada your
home or nffbe ae aoon after flrat in
sertion aa pnw-dbi. thla tn an I'm
nd ttnn am be and payment a ehnutd
hp made promptly whan hilt la pra
ranted Aiwnv aek your taiaphona ad
to ha repeated baoj to you by tha
telephone ad uh-r to make aure that
It hna hKt n ggfractlf taken. Tha Waflg
cannot aum rrpnnn Ihlltty for err ore,
of any kind o cur ring la taiaphona
idtai t iggfnanta.
1"nder no rtrrumatanre ara wa re.
inogalblg for errors in any adve.tie.
merit unleaa reported Immediate!
if"t flrat tnaerllnn No radii-Hon In
t of an a l w;ll ha mada unleaa arror
dfstruye valut of ad.
Hu It ml Fixhcr.
Ml alM slHtl- Ol I KHHi t
T.a'wnh. l,AW"fIs
w ll 1 egn fi.i vour In i' dor nig gtltfi w
. I I 4 Kl V. (Unttl.. ' . III I'll
ill ti V i i'V v. fgj nureery ae'iaT Itarintid'g
pragg wilknul taMima. prkrag reKonabie.
Pii . n ii i h . t.
f A' i urtalpa 1- n i. leaoi - of T"'tne
la. ee Me . W Tumlln'on, ill! ,aal
lloda- age tlOt-R
M I ritP.nnks ten ... Rte, and raeo- ered
r. . r
! AM I r V ' .
tJ0VJ 1 1 '
MX w k a '( r. int i ed Porter M a 'tte
...... HJ
'ii i'I: ..mi pllM; .t immxll.ta
. - sw" , Mid v v- lT THe cows Dowwy wau. A
&a l R'.brtT BACK. I A tolTt; tv,,, D( T(e if iHiy
E Xni Hawa Tear I itaaafaaa J ' " . i
' '
Ha I' 1 H I-. ' 1 1 Hen of a tad ani rgtiavafa.
ieru, 1, .) t mi iii Mfnf da? I'hona
Rani t a I M-ttfreee I'n
I ' I 1 ' til . ' .Iff . letllgtl " I t 'III .
itet.. b vutvilt illli B. rinrtniiatl;
LiTr ttit. i.r' hnAi'i ynur "Fn'ru fr liT
In rani k"k g bring It to 711 H.
fei-ru i n hltM k mirth ggrl nf ar linai
gpn iri grti eH .in u'bet uingea of vara.
W"ik guaranleed, le me rial
I I I Ml m,, i . vmir leaey riHif.
wiuh uam i.t d I'ange 1;'4.
hl''l' and t inn. reiairndi atuVM
' ab' aald and e. bangtd Jele
r4(ea aye t
i.l.i mi' t mieeii .til repair
H ' "I'l "h" . I- m i'ii i n ' e e llff
A I" in., i..-, i )' ii m been la
i hnrae nf a hi I vat ehnp w t It ing J
inaahantra i n .it tin- mrvii g the
Phono HOOO
Ark for Want Ad tepartman
19 id In The- Tula Iallr World June
Kh. IMti World runt inning Co.. pgtb
An nrrtinance vacating tha alia-, run
ning mrth and aouth In Blagg 1H Original
Townaltg iti tba t'l'.y of Tu'ea. Oklahoma,
s- . '.'ding to tha official plat Theranf.
Mh ri'in reeervat lona; arid de.dailng
in .-r-iargency.
wilKli KAfV a pat if inn algned hv Ml
owner of all the pt opart y In tha plOOk
haretngftar deatribed and mentioned at
, ihg rlt--ti ' of wy of tha MUao iri,
g Ma TaaaJ Hallway rompsny. he
prreanted to tha Mayor and .h.urd
,.f I'ni: "niaalonara of tha t'lty of Tulgg,
Oklahoma naMng 'hat tha illr haraln
j -ibed ba vacated and nli md"ned aa a
nuMlg ellev.
riF tin: city or TUt-fA, ki,a
portion I. That tha alley extending
r-Tth and routh Id Itlork f-.tr hieen i in
of I ha Ortgltial Towralta of th Cl'y of
Tula, vkiahoiniv, iving botwtM Catnamn
l'rr( ari'1 ihu aouth naht of-way hna of
rha illaaWirl Kunma A. TaiBl Railway
mHMB arid ltwt)fn Mwln a'raat ant
1 avcnua In tha City of Tulea.
(iklahoma, ba, and tha limi la hrhv
vatatrdand abandoned aa a pubtlo ailay
of laid rty.
Provtdfd. however, that tha City of
Tutaa hereby roaarvaa and ahrU rataln
f ..-..r thr light to ntnatriut. roronnlni' t,
r'i.ifr, n'.ulutMln and opera to annllHty,
mea-pra and othar appui terinnra thorato
nw i ' i in - : alley, or
WhU h ot ticrraalty alio til d be OOMtlHettw
or maintained In aald allry, with tha right
Qt Ingtpfaj and egr"aa o-rr Mid premlnea
Tr the pUfpOM abova Indlca'rd, aril for
aatd Lurpoaoa four ( i fet on aa-- h atdr-
of tha renter Una of aald alley la hi-r-hy
mairtama ny tna ity or raiaa, npoa
w) ' h thf City oC Tul miv aJtoW pnhltc
tarvfog rorporatlona COIItpanlag, Individ
uala or 1'alf tn conatrurt, in.ilnt.iln arid
nparatg faritltlaa for public utl)itla. In
j I k pola. wlrra. plpa. conduiia and
other nrcaaarv aoAgagorigg . and.
1'rovlled. further, that four n fet
on each aide of tha venter Una of aald I
allay ahall be. cnnatruod to mean In- !
gufftelafil apace nrar ng cnt-r of aald
lir i'ir inr i'.'i- ii'v 'I'F'iuwi, non
I t l ir-d further, fhut tlio ah"ve varatlona
ir .:ida a:ibjot to tha oondltlona and prc
vlnlona of paragraph 11 of aetlon 8 of
article 2 of tha Charter of tha City of
Pee J That nil ordlnanera or parta of
erdlnanca In conflict with th proviaiona
of thla ordinance, Inaofitr aa aurh conflict
exla'a, are hereby r- . .'
Sec. 3. That an ejnprgenry exlnla for
th iireaTvatlon of the public paaca,
ha'th and gafety. by r.iaon whereof thla
Ofdlnan-- ahall tnk pffct from and aft-r
Ira paggtgl. approval and puhllrat Ion.
Paggad, nd tha mrgnrv rlauae ruled
upon epnrarely and appro-ed i hla 4th
dav of .Tune, 130.
Approved, thla 4th day of .Tune, 1920.
T. D. KVANS, Mayor.
City Auditor.
Approved I
MtyAttorn ay.
Fubllahd In The Tula Pally World Juno
Sin 11. 1Z. It, 14. 15. 1 and 17. 1920.
World Publiahlna company. I'lihiiMhera.)
Miriir, TO rROFKBTl nuNh.Rs AND
It Ida will be re -dvM at the of flea of
City Auditor, TulMi Oklahoma, until f
g'elogli p in., Monday, June 2lat. 9i0, for
the conatrurtlon of a Sanitary Srwfr, In
cluding laterata, eonnt-e.tiona. and other
ar P'it trtiftrrri for S-r I 'Utrlrt No. 1M.
aa oraatgdl nd .-,'1.1 by Ordinance
No :fiTf,. pattned tind approved tha 2Sth
Uny of May msft
Plana, profllea and arctflcaMona for tha
conatructloQ of aald awer ayatrm and ap
purrenari' have been adopted by the
Mavor and Board of Corn mtsttinnera of mirl
City and are now on KUg In the office of
the "ity Knglneer.
Illda muat be made upon the official
PrPJDOgg.1 aheeta of the City of Ttlloa
The righta to reject any nnd nil bide'
1g rferv'd to the Hoard of "ommlaaioner .
of the CH of Tutea. Oklahoma
A certified check In the lum of five
'Ri per rent of tha amount of tha bid i
will he required from e.yh bidder.
AH bldn will be opend ard conaldered '
hv 'ha Moa rd of Co ni in i calorie ra of aa Id '
city at a meeting of a.ni Hoard to be
held In the City Hall. In aald city, at
oiock a. m, on tha 22r.d day of June.
Any and all parMea Interetted are hereby
notified that they may appoar and proteat
agalnat fr object to asld propoaed tmprove
niente or any part thereof or any matter
or thing In relation thereto, at anld meet
ing of the aatd Hoard of i onni.laalonera tin
the 22nd day of June. 1920.
City Auditor.
(Publlahad In Thg Tuloa Pally World Jun
It, 11. 12. 13, 14. IS, 16 and 17. 1920.
World PublUMnf Company. Publlahet-a
Hide w 111 be received at tha office of
City Auditor, Tulaa, Oklahoma, until
o'clock p m.. Monday, June let. 1920, for
the n.naiructlon of a Sanitary Per, In
eluding laierala, connect ina. and other
appurtenancaa fur Bewer plntrlct No. IT o.
aa created and aatahluhed ty Orlinanc
No "7. paaaed and approved tho 29ih
da t May. 120.
Ptagg profllea and a peel flog, ilOM for tha
gotuj) -union of aald aewer ayatrin and ap
Jtui '.e. . ... have been r.dopted by the
Jig or nd Board of Commleelonera of aald
City and are now m flla In tha office of
lha I ii Knglneer.
Rida niuat be made upon tha official
prOBOggl aheeta of tha Cty of Tulaa.
The righta to relet t any and ail bide
la r-aerved to the Hoard of Commteatonet
of the City of Tulea, Oklahoma.
A certified rheck In the aum of five
1 t cent of the amotjn of the bid
tll he req jir--d from each bidder.
All hldi will ba opened and conaldered
by the Hoard of ( omm i eaten era of aald
City at a meeting of aald Hcrd to be
I tn the City Hall, In aald city, at t
a. m. on the 2 .'ltd day of June.
imf and all parllaa In'ereated are hereby
'i-d 'hat thev may apjear and proteat
agrfir.nl or object (o aald propoad Improve
Manta or any part thereof or ar.y matter
t thing In relation thereto, at aald tneet
' f the aald Hoard of Commlaaloneta on
the J2nd day of June. 1920
City Auditor. -
ti' .rlished In The Tulaa Dally World June
June u ll. 16. it, ii. i. 20. 21 and
tl World Publlebtng i "o . TublUb-
fUja will be re.e.ved at the offt ag tf the
Uty auditor of the fit y of Tulaa. Okie
" a until i o'clock I p. tn., June il.
101- fnr furnlabing
hftn So. 1. vaivea
Item No. 2. C. 1. pipe and p.- lala.
Item No. 9. labor and mlarellanenua.
All hide aball be aealed nnd bv a'ldroaaed
to the t.ny Audlicr of Tulea, Oklahoma,
and be marked platnlv on the. outside Hid
for furnit-hlng and Uylng caai Irwn water
Pipe, etc."
I et lied Informatton of profK)-d work
and propnaal aheete can be obtfiinad at the
'afire of the commlealoner of wrer and
aewera uf the t'tly of Tulaa. tiklahoma.
All blda muat be made on offluiej pro
foaal aheeta furniahed by the City cf Tulia.
"he right to re-ect anv nnd al Iblda aball
be reaerved to the board uf rMmmlealoimra
of the City of Tulaa, OKlabnin.
Hlddera ahall arcompany each bid with
a remfied rherk In the aum ol five (t)
of thr ..mount of the bid.
All blda will ba opened and ronellired
by the board at a meeting of aald hoard
to be held In the city hall In eud eliy at
I o'clock a. m.. on tha iiih day of June,
AliU. t'HANK MaAVlA.N, City Auditor.
Ml I 1 1 1 S 1 1
V.s Hut t,...k ,ilr...il.- vi f f...jii Ml
.il.tori .ir. known If thfv will
rn pup .i mi K rt iju'.tlnn. will h.
b pro... ut.1.
..'ii l .. , .
Till-: -.. ic k .
hi plc-kr.1 up
. nr lin rnn
Mil 1 Milk
I "' K.l Ii ill i n It. :r
I.lnlnif nh.iiil tin r.lurn t.
an. I PMmVt nwar.1
. . f"4 "P 'I"1" TMM
An. I H'.l.-n plc.- rriiirn In p.l.r. of.
fU. Shi .u hti.i r" Mi. f.Mvnr.l
l.iiHT -Pulr k)nii torlnl.. .hell rim.
linger mil iu.it. kOf.. r.w.r.l.
rOf Nfl l-.m.l. I.lrl .!,.(. 'iMtktt roll.r
rail o.ajt 2(, y- llurn.lt.
Akm r.r.i win b. p.ii ir ,,(rn ,,,
',"hrTV "' nn ' mM
Mm 14 nandl iii.h, ..iih al.ut son.
... nr.. Hi.n., raiui Tiim.y irfteM ..-ar .i,
Hunt la Knr fanh.r Infarmatlon ail
(lr I- li Um llf, llltll.art. nkla
Ii l.l.KN Komai ,1,.,. LlWtUlrn fiiw
Muk ftlta a nt t.n. I .nir fl. nn tall a4
S"i 'r,""" " """ '.ty. I.'S r.war.l
WRAtBD -.r .ml. 11 ft i ; .10 s t..t-
v.r; two 4(irii. unr Knall.h hull t.rtl.M
r.4 fit. lint in bull r.rrl.r. hun4ay a.n
In. Jim. 13; fln4ar pl.aaa rail o.aa.
H 1. 1 r war4
Coif mi. pair ..f i.HvH EIScS .iik ht...
nnil nn. pair nf ni.n'a ar.y .Ilk I
fln.l.r rail at lit. nil rirua Hur. an4 r.
l.osT--jiini 12. iini. i r 1 1 1 K r . a bar pT .in,
inrTl art. ritwartl tn fm.l.r rail Ohhkh
$5t RSwARP an4 nn ijuriMlnnfl a.kr4 fnr
r.-lutn of Knt.l t'.iiilnK ekl mtil.n frnm
.al.Ti. A. n'.n.r .... nn.tii. m.'tnr n
n.-.ii miiin ..n
w. K. Mi F.ilin, III W. CkMkt
I l.rr
LqT TWO b.tr nn. My l.', hantla
buh. Wklflkj 1.01)0. marr. pr.. nn
Mailt m.t. II lialtit. wrlaht 1 100
.lrny.4 nr etnl.n. Ilb.r.l i.war4. Call
li.r- 0 K.nilh.rn Kl.h Mark.t.
-1'ar.ian 0t, blark. y.llnw an4
"r I ",""r Pl'ana call a. ail. R
"Tui-ailay 15. ai.Hil i p. ,n rTn
I ulsa sfii utp.i r.i. l briamn nr. lib .n4
or paynmnt an4 K..y Hall, nn. larar
brt.wn l.ntb.r wall.l rnntauunr iwl u
pctvlRtir'i. pap.ra. K.4 Turk tnwn.hlp nn.
payroll rnillnir May nn. pa roll .n.1
Ina Jnna in. two llm. hook., on. poll
t.x rao.lpl book nrni mhrr piip.t. Kln.t-
rr win , ... ratarn to rotinty .nrin..r a
nfflr. nr lha Maya l o 'a .tora at Jlr.l
r ' 'k. M. P. I'ook
r'l IUND Wniii.n
naar Turi.y .
IrOBT United fttitographlc rtgiaMr
i'o. nalcHinnns unj). Ki ll nut of mv
rnr rtt Itoiiltlar unrl Sovotnh. Cull
""tn 4541-R, II. w. li.irror l(r.
I. ..M- lima ..t k-). b.tw.an FitTh an.l
, Baulqar, tHMrlrif my n.ttna. W o Hut-
II. r. Ul" S flnrlnnall OakM 0
I'l ill :. pi i -ii . ti .
f'AN't'KIts, ttim.ir., ..h... auli.r. plla. fl..
tula Writ, fnr tartltnonlala Bot SIT.
Italia. Ten.
WKST M I IN tn.i.rnllv ".anll.rl.im . for
ih. ekra xrA pretMttok or ....una womuu
r.tr. rr.aonahl.. bablr. Mdptktfj 4f
Mala lir. M II. N.wtuan .M.4lr.l
Hlr.ctor. 107 I'olrord Bidat., Oklahoma
SKVRRAI. nlra Infant, for TtufttTniv rnt
taai MattrrnV pni ins r. ci.v.-
I.ntl. n ul tin. I'h.iit. 34-
NfiTI'K AH rc-il e-'tate men. mv pfap
erty at lit I N Chgyanne in off the
market. j . Mit.heii
NOTK'B to the nuldu-. all tha bllla
claimed agalnat Aanrrrtn-f i r if fee will
be paid from June l to June 2i . after
Jun if will T."t be ragbag! big fur bnia
cjgjmad stoe BgbatL pr..((
ATkHTIOM- A m IE urn BanafM a.sao
elation merubera are rciuented trt ba
projtrnt at Muau tan hflll Thurad.iy ev,
Imi -rtant r.nne one and h!I 'omm.
l lOMiiltll I 1 OK v M j.
lil j Fl'i HT model t-pggggngar i'algt. ex
ndlent condition; i ord raalrign. b urn per.
apotllght. driven 4 hftit miiee by owRgf
only. Thla la a anap and will not Jaat
lOflf I'ri' e ll.Tlfl Cgf at Lgwifj Marah roi-t-jation
tnni s Main
C I.aVsiKHT rord eoupe In Tulaa; five wire
Ha '.e wheeln , Me. hi In tit ea . aeat rev
ere. t urf alna , gog 1 1 goo , going to ' all
fornla, moat t aean to be Mpprrrlated.
ued three rmintha. firm It 0A0 taah geta
It Inquire H- & lUrhio, Rnom 33 llutel
I wjkl nt'il iato mod lx-oyUndr
touring rnr to rrportM t ig,rty
for $100 r;ih, halanre cany monthly
paytrif-nl. Jim Kay, 3u7 South
Wanti-d. rartt tn WTMki hurnarl.
wracki'd. or run-rlown l.itn mndfl
oara. any tii.iki-. If ynu hnvp Max
well, Dodgi'. Korrt. SlurtPhakcr,
BUlok, W pay t"P markft prlro.
Ainu SahaaT". Ill Kant Soronrl 8t
rhnnr Oh.ik'' 374.
;fi goon iisr atnraRa hitlerli ll'i
up. '
111 Kttt Srfiriri Sirect
20 PI'l-'K roa.l.i.r. run th.n l,tti
nillr. nvi-r nl.. rnrrl tiro, art a.m. .2
.xtra Itr... tut... .1.1 rluii, hump.i
rhaln. and tow lln. at u hurfatn fnr riuirk
ra.n .ala. fall f.rlar If.
n.ri3Mr'HII. f. EIHIIT .l 111X11 CAR
t'AI.I. BETW'BBN ia AVI- I: A M A Nil
i TO I 1- M HIT IIAI.TIM '111:
OWNER WU.I. SKlX K. r . ah. n five
paaaenger touring .r Thla la a 4-rvl-Indrr
I'ohtlnrntat nudnr Hayfleld carbu
retor. Itemey Ignition Thla .'tr la wort h
liono of anybody a money I have driven
thla ni peraonaMy ever ' - It left the
fartnry and hae rared for and petted It
like gj baby ('..me ami aea thla tar and
maka jne n offer I muat relae aum
moatT at on'-a Tall at my retdden'e, ai:.
Weal Twelfth, any time Hunday If you
wunt u pleraure rar that ruria and look
like new at a bargain. 1 l.ava it. Coma
and aea 1L
l I IIMIHU I I s I 1 1 1 s h ia
I MAVK it nnw Rlx-cyllnilrr rnr, will
gell f"r amnll rnih pgytufnt nr
l rail for riiil MtaVtd DMl with
nwnrr.a only. Id 1.
I9S, TulM.
111! Tulaa p'iuii . new tlree. Neat rovera,
uiot'r ell overhauled, run-. UNe new. will
trade tr Tula ltd .r eell n lerma Ph. .tie
Mr Kader. c edar 144 ( all at 1 1 ' 8
Ii In PA N' rnndiatnr" ' tn" eeTient hitr
nire wlieel and food egglRfal I new
'in in t.et nf xindltKm prii.e Itiltl
"iieh, gt"d reamin fnr eellUig Addrei.e
H x M, K. Wnrld
34 TON IrtdUm. truh driven leee than
t f0 intlrn. i nn be tiouaht at a earrfltre,
thin tru- k I- nr- gotnl in mi.v . nun blue ,
'f vnti Hie looking tT a real tru'k and a
fgg.1 i '. with ggun tenm rail Ogggg
' inniana r r ti- k fiiiei
I HA V I I Ford rnadetrr. 1 fttudetaker an.
1 Allen ar all In gond rondlimn I'll
K Hennd
III! rAfH takea my Oakland eight.
iIT model, anme lerma might he m r
knirti . in I'inii mfrninirn i-'inniTion
't.n raatng
Tnira I0 K Fifth, phone i taage
ITBAJMtfl , 'hummy, lo ika gion. rune
gond, will aril rheap for iaah or tmde
fa? va-nnl lot worth the money cn Onagw
Y.iur ear In ne.t why nit aavn money
end have voijr ar repHlrei) t home fr.
your own gamge by a merhanlc who ran
p; "du e written rre-tein la la f All work
ru:irnteed Cedar 43 Call ()aa 1714-R,
after p ru a v
rORD TOURING BpUndld run
ning ordrr; paint nnd tln't pood
Condition; novoral rxtraa. prlt p IMIO
ptn'np Ohiip tiffrSO or 441 fvanlrtRM
PIERCE Arrow trin-k for xnW, Two
ton. A-1 mfchanlt ally . h g-ood Mjy.
Ph"nei fi'lHi 4 t N fr il' rn"tipt r.i'ion
QARAQE For Bate; doing rood hiiai
neaH, rurh Hrnw.Mi Just nprnirV
RtorHRo OftpirClty IB rare. In on of
'he itttdtni resnrts in thf OznrkH
Heaaon for srlllnK slekneaH, AddroH
Rox !24-F 'arc Tulaa Wnrld
nh hpnrt nindoj, prartlrally new,
run Iohb than 3,ono rnilea.
Standard Motor Car Co.
."OH MAl.t; llv ..Ml.rr 1 Ii.kt.nit .r
J - ,K ii mtm . . , . .. .1 , , I.A Mi
l"ll III I't.l.n 'II'." ' ....r . .vv
-.11 fr-.ni I.. t in 414 N'..a.lr.
F'lllli SKDAV. alrrirlr .tartar. rrtr In
A I esMTHon: prlc4 im if .. t tmiay
,i'lt. ilrllvi-ty .i In flr.t rlaaa ahapc.
ti-irir.tn, br.t i.ffrr t.k.a II. CMUI
n.-snr.n rriAr:.:T!:n PRACTICALI.T
1'PH Kf) mn wi'-K fai.i: wai.ti.iis
1 9 1 3 Cni f-f-von -priHH'n(rr tOUlinf.
I !U !) rril sfvan-paHruTiKT tOUrltlC
li I? 5 Pa'-kurd five i,iK.a nr tnin inK.
3-35 rufkarrl 7-p.iHsnKrr tournifci
1 OL'd Winton tourinjr
I 1 0 Kranklln roadrtU-r.
1 'J 1 h Btlleh flve-p,mn(.nRer tourlnic.
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701-3 South Main St.
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See These Used Car
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Geo. M. Sutton Motor
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Ask for Rogers
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1121 Smith Main
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ADMIRAL, I,, uT:. Two llghl hmiekeep
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furniehed IQ1 R Tenth
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nnd board IH' per waek. Ill N UgjWtog
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nalggagDlng roami fnr rent, 'laaar
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rnnma f'W rent Cedar kH
K I , M' i K modgrn hnue ki i-pinff room
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"ft innf'i f-i rent I'l-dai ,.s
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I i line
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I Foil it en P i light ig. 'i i k i ping room
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Ifl'le I . l -' li
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room rnodrrn t iaaga
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noagaai ttng rooiitg maelai n flga m tgb -
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ir-K T'l'i'-i for rem iVdai ll'.k
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eeHanri.. ble
NollAl.K.- 7- : r.beO furniehed
gggl i.i 'larkeridng r. i eonn anting
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hnuae In rear' n i M di-m
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light gavaakanplng moagfa; Ii'i par
' Wrk, I eletplng p-Ui-h, I'i I'll' lie OgggB
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liiMHf work; 'H king, in d fcliingi
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VVaTR I StT.Hela I i'4 Ul If' n , -'it h bed
room Hindu, t ... - - t - -1 in walnut.
kt b n brlvllaggg gi en , u' hi id tin
i laage f.
room gultgblt lot
MK 1110
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main l mm nia (Off ROUgtktRRtni
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I H i I ' N W . lif. Imua. U. . inn-;
r "iiiii . imi hlldt i'n , ' l-er- In
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titrating j I Dgnvgfi I ana k i
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IMi I -if h room furniehfd hnu-e to rent
e-jrln i rnplii) ed I'lmne i "lge '; I .t
i in-'Y'lvNNK. N . a HleiU'Uin " i.."nm
I'hnt age H.gn A
rVltt M liN T. ill! I gil., MAIN MTIt Kk
nppnntia krlana Mnllati ; eoaelg ggjinmni
rate iob-whi het fr.;1"ii nlert and
rani, rtinnine water In RMltng prlvaia
ith I" per week, rial neat hntel In l'ui-a
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It'll t.l'KM H. ll Hue large gggpg
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I'l FRoTT! H , rtol rt I raping' l".air i I oae
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rentlanien. "hly Haaffe t,7BB
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i, ULRfcHNU " room with kiti
prt vl legaa. ph ne liaage ft:i;
W A NTRP l.ady luninmate, large innl
rnnnti nTnoa yon a iik-, rail (
nnriHpher i a a e 37"
rrKlH't. M , la TwiT" gieg elegptng
rnnnia , n-ni y furniahed . ad a unit but h
nib eannenrgj anilal.n tut fmir vuna
I'llra I . Ii.l I 411
fclrill.V. H, ale rnr rent to gentleman,
f 1 1 ni !' I'd t n bath a ml iibmie
ftKSV KM t Hi. M e .mil eleeping r II
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PiVh HKsi Hl-rping "ni'mna. furnfeheJ
mt unfurniehed hatagga and gjtg ri mm i
at all llmea In all pa rta gi Ity " age IM
Cedar I lit gaga
t'HKVICNNk, H, Til Kir rent nbely rur
niebrd Nltrpliiff rmirn , anutb rpaUI
gerillrinwn mill after n m
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Blglrgi real fmut. four large WtMSWi
belli . i 'nage a i 7 1 .
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ad 'ninlng bat h , wll U g a ruffe .
phnne ?u
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ajn M luaa pogt b.
n ut I leave I
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nbely fnrutahed,
gtfli tl i lam ami
hlnrka nf 11 - Tllle
fmnl eleepbig room
at i lit he a el r pukill e
rlnae Iii bath, twn
i Inane 19
ill HI . -idnii r-" t Mill
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nyd I'rl -l",fcrtH
gRtfi r I be
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INr lNNATI. H . not rwa n.- ptrg
riM.nia fnf rem . rluWa In . prlw t.- Ia n
It V llfliffr tin J
till l.airffr i i .1
if-nt m prl ale h'.rne.
nnW i tea ne
TWO MI'.H i l.AHH ruriiiab. I Innrill nd
I'dMuH bill). i,u-rn rn-inii aenirni'in
pre ff ran) I hone Oaege (la
Hrt.ST'iN H h'l 'I. ume rOOl ideeplng
faaflgj two big wtadawg baib, Mduaiiiug
te iff e ' I'laet rlnwe In y i.-nt lemni m.l v
1 MIS i S "Ti " ,rK" 'i.lr "rinn't bed
room adian'ng aatn with iii withuut
kit-hen priviieeea idar nr ' aare 41
Mi'K HLKKP1NO In private ",.,n,T. tall
ieer 1B47
in N k r i y rial sierpinff roam foi
fl nl e .iiOieaet ggnonnfg tll"lern . rlnae
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Qeage IMI.
HRfOMl. W. ail Nit ry furniahed mil
-'''l'"' fmni fnr tent Ilaage
1 1 1 Tn W Tatge enut he,r,i7 7iT7rri fnr
ait nr tnu gr-nt lafnan anjy . rafgraneaae
'inn- in nn rr line, in privad hami
ni all fnmlehgw rail eftrr i s ge
MAI', H ti Nb- pleaeal.t M.nll
for rani.
iJlflVKNNK. H . IH.. l.o .v nklllii.. Bl
roOgg, n.ndi'ri, private fanulv. jriptlr
ii ! in U I'ut' 71 . .TIT,.,.,.. J.
rnupla or laanttgmag prlt ii .iiiame
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fiKHIHAIil.K room arlialnlng iialh
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b Uli enijlhvaat rkpae'irn, punt
in i. aib i iaaga lit m
HI.KHflSO rnnm for gent
tnff I ''Ii mid alki;n
waag Phnne i n-ege
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Ill HT' N M , i"i. SI
roi in 'iir-n alaaplng pvfi h. nm
gng will rent tn either w-.r Hg
t ork ing I--!.- , . Iidm- ggg n
t wi-ii tad Iron glag ne nf ph
r''ilt MKS'I l.r.rge nnul.l - I adl . m
near Marred Heart ' hurb. If g4g f, dtn
tng nnd kiMhtn privilege ; i.nu I
Phone t laage 7141 I'
in r iN N UargB fmni
rbom arid Blaaplng pnrrh. i
? brda auitable for 3 ganttei
em; adloining bath; nlaa
a!"' plng f'r''n ''"',. ' - I'l
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a. li tn' b " ' i f in
ever t hing lur .. b d
in agi n raani .
Oaage lil
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filnhrtl i 'ml fmi
idMr In I'hnna
genl len.en . vrr'
Klin pbntie (
Large m gUtifulTv ' M
l rn-m pilwiti- farnil
for l or
all 110 H
ft K KIN I
ung lady dealrai room mala,
la rge Trent r o m aoijt it r ipoaure , nn
gill "dt prhaie family, walking die
tin .lie II ilri.IT nj . r . f . '
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age 77
liKNVKR H AIT A '.' Nlrely f.ii
nlelird elei-, I r y rOOffl
v Ml Hi -S . Ill soviy rumlehed
large cool aleeptng r nm , naai fraal I
arlndowa; hutb eanvggjgnt, l'b"ng 'lar
I aael tr.it h'ii.i ng r .
f'.r 2 gt-tillenten Pg-.ti- '-ri JI.II
NM i Y furnOb-d eieiping room m mod
grn b 'triti- Pall ''is M r-.-.j
liouft N 11 Hleepmg rMirn f .r t nt
g grntiBuien i per week . referenrai
EX-i it i.miik Blci furnished from
room haOt ft nl joining I'hone I4TJ
I KlK'ril. W 111-Kirrniithe.r'rVotrfnr twu
gaallaman goRgectlafl bath , walking
Idla'aOLe. i'L oiil Oaaga 1IU.
NOIIMm MM KMI ft M NM ji.ii t T
Hl Hi. i ' iT-Mlee"idni it in i-.ln.t-
hnMt iniv-i.. .in.. I,,. i , u.-mlr.
. , rniViie Shm , '.-.-V Igli
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NHV I MM N III Wire front i-""" vety
elogg Iti three lib" k gfiulh g M
Pi A . nne nf Iwn ganllaman Oeagn
i INI 'INN ATI t Ml Mnderg aleeplni
i" ""i'ii I-"' .i (
'mi I'hone aag lll,
S'n.Al.tH, M f Sire fronl Bleeping
i "itii i , if 1 1 u bri t h . f. pn w. i-k
I'lmnii fedai 7I.
lal' ii.- La .' -i
gnnih aapnemrg: private I ia run en
leni in .ai ami Jitney; garage if dealred
Hl t i I I i. '--ni fi.i innl MlaUat i
MpNitiiitnt . fur nne nr tan ladle em
ptOaq nan M lining fgOgg. onage T 7 7 ii.
I 'Mir ftriin
in iimrS, K, tiff rrnni mom fur
genitemi-n or ladiee klti hen gfH
If preferred ilaage m
Kimi. W, BIJ Nlrely furnlabeTf front
In dl mini u title n en t-nly t iaaga lit,
i' til Si, i.'.irW amiable for I nr J gen
Hemen private enliaiite Hem Aparl-
innta tVdar ITtl
MM' I7i NbeTy furnlallail T..w"n"
i-ialre rdORIj privglg entraiu-e . y
1011 J
LAIitiH nrni e'er U tiff r.niltl i nee In fnr
' "r- 3 aentlernen itaaffe a7 f
i 'l Ni INN ATI, 8 . a 1 4 1 f rmil "aTeepTng"
roam wit h private ut rnm-e ami t un
nei Mug bath. rry rlnae In .
M III -t . - -inn. rnotaa with
leepilla inige
goal h epnaure for gi til Irmen only 131
M Danvar
HI I " Mi A Kb. Sire ifti...M.i' but
room fnr rent, ..nvenb nt to belli, grn
'ii-nirii '"'y "mh igta
' MVl.Y fin m ' bed al. rjiin'g-! i"tiTii"i ."" walk"
Mil riUUnrn 1J K KaltvleWj
NO(IAIRR, H ffl Lrge, rani Bleeping
raam I 1 aln..i bath adjoihtng
1-tMale fatnllv wulkllig i.i... I'all
oaf "ry rn- ai n , .ffJ,
AMt.itnN iv" HouiTi alaaplng room
i - nl f laega 1
.1 1 i'l- I itsi IN ll' (TRL
Verv dUlrROli outaiilo rnnmH.
ihOWtr umt tub RttthR; pi ivntn or
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Cedar ft ;l
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nu ainilh. running walai In inoiii
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tug rmiiiiK on north aid, half bl. k"
frnni atreel ear 'flar 1717
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roami ad I-i'nlng bath fnr one or I wo
'ing in.-n S bb-rk fraM ',ir line all
from 7 tn I In m nr after T p m
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lerplng raOffl With MB Window- for
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N I ' RI.V furniahed
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llamng only iinHfi- ah
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rlnee ill modern home, gentleineii only
I'lmne 7Bl
MAIS H 7nv Shely fuoilaheil bed mom a
f "t rent
Fur niHbed
miuM- i si i Kvi-ui i.
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una for nnt. man a aval
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Itv nn Med Pork .,.r line
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hiiugahaaplng raorngf partly modern On
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lum U - ii ( i, nn , ,
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r'irniriieii gautheget eUppt-ig rang fori
men nnlt board If ii.(nt i j, H-g ,
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atyle t nmn ,.f ll o, and Maeluilla i
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le " im A No btiar n for gtTIameri onl v
home i nnkltiff . Ml N Itonlder t Mg
ilNTTI w ia R am
mlt t n rt. d v i Hatgg l '
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H IMI Ii ItlMiVl tot MO IOi
tvANTKO plaee m refined Limn t-
'-ard liub) girl ,t yearn old i'.r Oggga 1
ftoon. '
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WARTRD Mapping, mnehanl-'ni or gin at
it a- ing W'u k in d ..inni. p.
per p i.- d and reiigtiir man Bag fui met.
anv .(eeind ri. tpa of UaUlimi a I'huno
ege ll.
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loundaoon f-r j "ur new noma: nfii ir
i'-age I'.aT mid tiwige Tleg, W'llgi n
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ov r nai i en . 'B-n i.r trrrna. t
l 'i'i- " , tj i r .Mam st
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flmiie Haaga
in M.I.I
w ...l. tig w 4 'I'd ..1 it. r
- ' i .r.-rn woml i ,ag a O '
TI'TORINQ Will take a . piHTiu r
nrlvnU tutoring pr InforinavUan tuh
lerma all Mr .r Mr- 1 b ilglg V. .,tt
i der 100
AUTO ItEI AIIt Work dunv on all iiialTe
of rra at your natgg by Drat Uu mi
r...i.i' it eaii, ep. rirma, l iU an h'.ur
- ' I ':. g.
II I. MIAWHAS ii I' WltlOIIT. prarll.
'al .'- ggg paper hangara, puree
reaaonn glav I'lmng Oaaga tlfl. Ill N
rURNlTVRI repairing, refinlabing and
i.pb-dati i ing done Ogbt p. -. d rgb
PhOM t'Bage I lk 'lulB.ii rurntura It.ti g
I'd Bi peel ggto repairing, tranafer, mov
Igg 0g nf town trlpa a apedalt. ' all
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la right. nt UN ywu in fr.m gill bid
put-Hi Mt ii, . .St- llnlvaregl .
W mil
1 ggg Let it ni eh- "t t. i .. ha
in II ll Ml 4 Nil I KM I It ll II S. I
I Mil'KN'l KM 'IH p'OR; r'epall and
ne.s M...H V. i.ited l all II It Wagy,
' " " 1 ' frnrn w a m tn h p m.
I H K I I 'I 'I i i ti i . ml ii.unt
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rian.-i gnaran I, indnrngd K health au-
lb. -nil- Mi-hrilimi in nan in uea Hand
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nelle laaement ' a. Mr call oeaga
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1 14.
, $tK ! I HMII.Iil . mi mug. painting
; ami dacorgllnf , god pmmpt aervlcg
'"'ii matin '',,1! nMaKr JT, M Kwan
iri u4:NI III.im'KM f.u aala bv the rlaar
aand and Riavei i'n phone Bga ail4.
ia nil T) . n ..rk l-i day - ..ntra'r-i or
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gnteeil. lepall dune alen It... Ijaage
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I'M IN aewllig nf all kin-la, orlea n-nmii
able; Innatlnn eaal wide Oaage i ll
riltl ItttllN M wearing apparel, rea4r
mede and made In nrtfer. prhea reaann
gbie i ll, i. Oardanalle baby Itib W
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I'linni I'edai l?U
MO IM. S 4TOH allR ill
MAN with i n'd tru.k wanta imi hauling.
oage Hat J
HTollAOK, moving. parking oil field
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MO' "Ni- I'A'KIMi ANO HI i H A K
V- i t nte grid pgon ev erything fnr ahlp
mem I r. yearn e pi- riem a . in a. nt prit'e-
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lie In a m'bea . eel una tee r h earful I y (Ivan.
P H Huihailand,OaayB T
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OORtlaMltOr. HaiiKtt 8333. R10 K
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ifi and 3n rente per f"ii Plvinouth Wall
naner arid
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ing. raeldanca n a Mnaedaie; ('ada.
P'tM Pl.AHTKHINVj and all hlnda of re
pair work alen painting, rail Ufaga
Hill o MINI l.r M II. s
All IRSAtlK . 1 1 1 fm all kind i of help
I. -.ih mult, nnd female
III I P AM I Ii M l I lg
W.NTr:i I-., int.-. i p..i iei, miiai have
refereii.en, aalary. Ill per week. AP-
nly Mwe laaundry , ,
VV A .-iTKf Vi'un g men W'TTn in ntnfnycla
In do gaiter I ing , paring nnu I pnall Ion for
1 1 ffl i 1 parlr. give j gfaramea. A Idrega
Ta IHiliLltH w Mn till in i lean and grade
vaid al 1711 H UniKfort Hte Andar
aen. HIliK Llih ea ' aain an w'anled. a email ar
iwjg of matt 1 1 eiiing to aa antra gen
ii ni In i ilt 1 1.. t., i ' di'iibli unit Ififntna
Wit haUl logg nf I line , tt rellnj laf nnd
taprula, big adverlleing rampalgn bark
of it Mr Haabuty ?T H rinrlnnatl Av
PHlYi n H W a -i ii- Permannnt poai
tton g I pay. Pa tarn offlrg Hupply
MANTHl) f" ptaill-al roal ililliera at
Petal Aitmrimti nal A Mining i n a
mfnag 4 unit a aaai af Tulea on Tenth Hi
1 1' ad, gay wotk and i mil rait wnrk , union
ml nee , hi air to vara a ll wmk , fnr mn
vanlanai Ol all amplnrea who IHe In
Tulaa. a frer bua Hue will laavn the end
of the Ken. bill ar Una at 7 a m . leave
Cava ..r.l.r r ,rrii-a tn n.i. Inn ihu
Lblia, Mill Mill deya ,, werk and Wt'l
'a,nl rrnidoirH ,.niv on mdrr.'ulao atofe
laantraal givea ue aiea.iy i. rk rMM
i leafft mil I or run in-1 in i " r in inn nrni
or4ar fnr hufl rMi paler . -n CoaJ
A l i. inr
TKO Induetilal liK-niun a mwn. eld
In I't'l per tvrnk. epeOrii' n I'll only
0 A Hugh.. Muni, 11111 ''en-ral Na-
1 niial Hank llt'lg
U AsrKle niiram.-e wilt, n nr , aVTary
and roggmtgaton A pply III W. I'n at,
aafgrg 'u
Wii irttr he may aa. Bgnnal run ihia big
governutrnt Brltlioul nil now la the time
to get leneei II ganti ami up, auk gbout
u .ig- tilfl (dar mi
IT r'JV1 N",V H-i'k RMg
1 1 y F KA I 'T"lt A j . I.H f'Tenty of over
ail" t- t ill ihal noma bant grade. -i.-
from it i it J.i .,r,a Mercan
tile Ni II I ' I
I ' . 1 I I'l "i i p. r ' -t ' n d handman
wanted, fin-it e.juii.ped Plant: ggad
wrKli.i (, 'i. p , pertna
i. .-ni iiuBitmnu, ' i tj day nam Ml
'ii.1 nili in apply I "reman, Tula
j.':' ii 4KH7 grrmll ' j .aflrei a' Oklageagl
nn i i Muat gat Citaki M A'-'nvv aaJ
W A S I I.I ii- ' '. i i around
b'a. Inn rt J lot S;.rbfta.
WA S 1 EH A g nod ar V. i . ark nue Who
kaa bad aania etperlanea nit'ing meat,
ei.ierly eingle man prefer rag Mid have
4 i raferencaa Apply Edwin Myer. all
n Xanlb'ia .
roNl MA T IM NOTfCfl
, We be. a v.tri"U flaaaaa nf strii lly county
t id v rl In eUb lal to Urge ur email
out f I La tn ant tiuantltlaa deatra4. Varg
-,nt ti. prnpoaltmn f04 g"'ng out
nta rommunientg wiih Una La Ran,
; Mi'. cola, 'l taa.
HK'ONl ' onk and pa -' i y r wautedT
l I nurO.
I i v ..i . I I: Ml S WHiiten, first and
riat'ar.U, etea.t- Job
UAUtOHERg A'j tioruf and dimt MtTT
ell yeara wrk
WANT HI K ji-rirnced electriv liitgmwn;
muat In- gtilfl lg do hoi wnrk HgH Oaaga
a .in og gg 1 M-J
WAN T K O IbT"- Z rodl -,, in " b.ig nn
ibi.i - floor at He-,1 y-ork .i Iced
i r'nrk I'ajk tn i i
WANTKlJ Ko t dmr "jmt tuaar at
(,. a, gisu Bliop ' "reman; mtwt ba High
men re I -iley Marhlne H'irk
I'eabo.O K 12. nf 1
. ' wgll'era waV'.ti nt
tn m xiaiii. g.

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