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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 17, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 5

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100 Conference Delegate!
Mimic Redskins Tonight j
at Parthenia Park.
Public Invited to Witness
Production by Pretty
Campers in Costumes.
"Thn pftgMM'l Hie thins." at thr
y. W 0. a. conference camp tonight
and the Tttlee vuiiiir 1m cordially In
M'ttl to Vh V I Itc r ft nuttmu
w hich w ill In- .i k-1 l.y ovt 100
rli In iinil Ir.nliTN at 7.10 o'clock on
the horr of pjirUu-nU lake
War, work, nnd WOnhln in tho
p,it. pfOOMH an! fuiiirt' will ce the
PAfMni tnvinti whih will in de
nci ibo4 in t he prologue ami pen to
mined In three aet.. Bconoa in the
firM ect will he. Tho announcement
hy trlhal Mlgnal flics of the lupture
of a whit Kiri by Indian oarrtort
and the Hinokitiff of a Dipt of peace;
an Indian village with potter? mak
ing bend dtotfnlnf) torn grinding!
and hankrt weaving In iirogreH; an
Indian legend the evolution of Ian
in the eecond act. the problem "f
the prooanl wrtll no personified aa
Ignorance, prejudice! bllndneoe, In
difference nnil the third net will
re prone nt thOM problome M MlVOd
through work, represented in ouch
VOCatlona uh that Of the teacher,
preacher. OtttdtnH, mother; mum ,
1 1 r reat Ion w ork and o t hern.
a procoaatonali which win clone
the pagennt will he led hy Mia
Patricia Wooden. Tulnn high tehool
I ti l taking the part of the future,
who will bear aloft ;t flaming torch
pnd whit will tie followed hy the
other parMctpanti carrying the .lap
anoaa lantorni which will hp need to
light the lakeside Those WltnCM
Itig the pa grant Will le ln ited to
Join the procecFhni to the camp
grounds which will he OpOH for tn-
A number of Tutse high fxhnnl
lairll will have leading parti In the
production! Which ll under the gen
eral direction of m imm Velodn iioe-
hel, local recrention secretary, as
clFtrrl hy conferenco lenders, A
drOM rohaaraal was hold after cup
per yesterday evening.
Moht of the COO til mot to he worn
have been mad1 hy the girN them
SOlvee out of cheesecloth, camhrlc,
nnd (cunnysacklnir Ml Etoobol
pent eHterdny in Tulsa hunting for
ueh dlvereifled Ntage proportloe art
l.flQQ aunnv kh-1m and 2fi bright
ftnttrs Missouri
Senatorial Itaa
r ' IsSSnsBSBsY
It ret fkinrkUte
100 Tulaa i ids Oo on rn-i m
"iuiH.n r online at Tahlcqoah to
tint V to Nature.
HrerMnrldgc i riK f St. LouH
recently rOOlgnod bin pout SS third
lantUtant aooroiary of mate to Hcek
tflO democratic initiation for non-
.unr Hutu Kiaaourl uong haa vir
ttially n cloir Hold, ax Qor, lodorloii
C Uardntr h:i announced that he
will not enter the lace. A: present
!ong ih in
with "three i iha .oid tutor" too
Tttlaa boys early yoaterdaj niornlni
i hnnrdoJ .1 Midland Valley p lal
'train bourn) for TaJllOOtMh and the
III rat ewnfrter camp for unye conduct
fd by the V. M. " A This is an un
jfllSUS 1 1 X" li re mi to bt i to do on I he
flrat enmp, according to Prod H
oodaon, c imp itlrt ctor.
All of the boyi brought their bag
Ft.;o which rone lot od of bedding nnd
a rhnngs of rtothoe, togothoi with a
I Ten of "moihei - '.it down lo ihe
y lobby Tuesday and early Wodnoe
Ida) morning the room bad the ap
pr . n ance tif a bacaue room. Karl
1 MOl t, Ihe Camp COOki ban been a
(the ramp for PC vera I divs gettlni
H iot and nam in order and i' id
bli feed awaiting the boyii upon their
arrival at camp iaal night.
The camp atoundn have been 1m
proved hu e laat lummoi tocordlng
to Woodaon a new intingboard haa
been inatalled lo 'be "oie rwlmmin'
hole,' and t,he earnp Itatlf ha been
The ermp wilt hint ton dOVC. Clet
tinr next to nature is the main pttr
poac of the on mpi Wood eon x
nlalned, The entire camp time will
be nenl in nature ituds end teach
.no' the bo ye how to take core f
blmaelf in lite open. Vtettore day will
be next Sunday and all who Wish to
come are Invited to the earn p.
colored Indian
, i ountod it quite
apM when she
chicken feathei .s
blankets ghe
i "feather In her
BOCUrOd sufficient
for the many In
dians In the pageant, but she re
ported that apparently the only
available peace pipe is that pos
sessed by the league of nations.
Those planning to attend the peg
eant may either motor out to the
camp grounds or pzo by Interurban
QUldee Will meet the interurban cars
to direct pOOpte tO l'artheiiiu lake,
govern! plcnh parties will precede
the pageant
The closing session of the confer
ence will be held at 10 o'clock Krl
dnv morning, when camp honors
will be awarded. The deb Kates will
return to their nomea on both after
nOOn and evening trains.
All officers of civic clubs, improvement asso
ciations, the Parker-Washington Co., the Stan
dard Paving Company, construction companies
and all others interested in the paving question,
arc requested to attend the meeing of the
Board of Commissioners to be held on Friday,
June 18th, 1020, and the hour of 10 o'clock
a. m. has been set for special conference on this
City Auditor.
Actually, an expert chef
puts his whole skill, in cook
ing a familiar but difficult
dish, at your service when
you buy these delicious
baked leans with their won
derful sauce! You have
never had better baked beans.
nltiM together in f- iiiyx wit'i
hr rpqUMl th.it If tnUi up tlir itlb
i (i f pirHiiiiMiti.il citmpBMin
p-tiii it U 1 1 w in Missouri.
I Thi ri'ininlttri- at thf BBint tni'i t
ItlU), nhotiM BtBB IIIIWBtHBtB th 0BBR
Imlgri rapBndltUftt nf tlir BBAdldBtflt
for t'nlti'il Htnti-B BBflBtor, VBsrttOI
l.i ml othii ItBt DBlMIMstBB IB dlB"
OBVBf BktUlBT Bl) i'f UlBffl hBVf
PBJHb4 hp in y or BtB4 BBjf Btt mis' I
I In vtotation ol thr nt;iii oorrupi
i pr.ictl. if sin
Qslt Irft tonlslit for ColttBlbuBi
'hlo. hi it hf niI'I h Would ti '
II. my M. I i.iiikIioi t . r;linp.,lmi Ml. hi
iRrr for BsitBlof Hsfdlnv, rspubll
niii pii'Miiifiitiiii Bnmlnrs lo return
I the espsntfed hslsnee ..f lha It, ISO
which, Beoordlng IB hi Ifstlmon)
hefors thr sshBti BORiBAlttss Investl
ffstlnSJ prr-ronvrntlon BBBIpSlBn tS
pendftursB, he rseelvsd from Dsuiih
efijf to tir iin BPittlfnsn! in stlsi 'url
t for Spmiior HBrdlna us second
nhotcs osndlslBls Until Ihs setth
nirnt m iiimlr. hr BsbJ, hs does not
I cars to siala whut lha balartcs
amounta to.
Thr local irpiilillr.mii. who Bt"
' hrrr Monday ami prepared demands
'to i,r presented to thr etatr com
inltlrr for nn Investigation of thr
campalan fund eBpensTlturca, hava
Idsclded to awsll Oote'i action ba
fops praaantlni ihcif tfaajiBjlidi it ie
City Brief t
sasd in tin following ytlsrday i,
ihr dark of county court darenn
t Martin and Mildred RlUdga,
in Manford Arrhla 1 Thompson,
It, nn. i Laraua .i fhllllps,
Tulsa i Jlng Luang, M, BBd Jatta
Coomas, II, Drninrtghti u f
PrtBcs, II ahd ii n ii ! i Rbbwibi tif.
Tulaai Wiin ni- (Iregorj II, and
aiiii rnlk, i. Tulaaj frsnk i Til
Ion. II I VN 1 1 in., MuffBtt, Hi
nyjrnKKR Of DIVORnB wore
granted resterdsy in dlatrlcl courl
to John Hoshlna sgalnsl Maudi
Hosklm ivems Miiiii.rr iKalimt A
v Mldklffj Mclla Rallil ikuIuki
Roy ll Relhl; bawltl Buramai
against Runlca uramalj Hnill lto
sgalnsl loaaphlBa Roy
i.ii.iAS RrJMUMY, chargad With
thr larceny of women's clothing to
ihr tralua of III. II ru in llti
Tucker, Itll ioulh Bouldoi avenBc
on JuBS I, In hold III 11 Hilly .l.tll.
awaiting arraignment bafora Justlct
s tv Magcy in whimr mart, ths in
foi mai ion w.m riled yealarday. Ths
wo .urn n nrrmlrd hy thr pollCS
Tuesday nlgtil
B i' DITTO!, AUin Cunnlng
ham, Hursll iiuM and Roscos ghaw,
four boyi arrtated hy lha police
w iirii i tn- altempted to paai a ho
ton. luallca h. C Matey, Khaw fur
glahad bond of Mi for sppesrs.ni a
hi prallmlnary haarlng Juna 2U. and
ttin nthrr thrrr wara com milled to
I. mi for hearing on ii,nt day,
MISS l.dl KI.I.A IIMKTg, nlrr-
gUI lii I k fot III II on a local oil ! t latng nmnani i for tlir Hunt
i oiiipnliy, rntrrril pfrm, or not Kn'lty
, Mull 'I l.illjllllli III . wttT'l i !
pany, will hay,, thti, BttarnoOB for
benvcr. CoL. fi,,ni srhjcli Discs .in-
will BO lo nm mountain Inn whnn
"every window framaa a minimi
dollar platan," for a to tiy' yaca-
MRU tnitN M. LIMDLT, wtfa ot
fohn M, Llmlly . SCOUl rxri utlvr Irft
yeaterday for Naahvllla, Trnn ,
Where IIIB will IpBAd thr aumtnrr
yh i i i 1 , i
MlaeooHan latatseg tor Ontomtnai
i.i Make Rc-Paytymt ol 11,1 bO
I,, ll. M, Daugticrty,
ST. LiOUtB, Jtinr If. V t. f'olr.
ohalrman of thr republican Hats
rommittr. announced hrrr tonight
that hr aipected to mil Ihr rutn-
Do you ever got out the jam
pot and sit down to a prood old
lunch of bread and jam?
Try it. It's an experience
worth while.
Nothing like bread to satisfy
a real appetite
Eat P.rcad with jam, with
jelly, with butter, with any
thing. Campbell's
is a really delicious loaf.
Dread is your Rest Food Eat
more of it.
The Campbell Baking
Kelley Military Academy
Burlington, Kansas
A email SSlSCI SChoo With ipletl"
tt 11 home life for your imy. One
Instructor for rvrry ten hoya
Military drill, all athletics; atu-
drnta prepared for nil oollegsa
and unlysrsltlas?
Summer camp begtna .Inly I, 1320.
itoatink. swimming, Rolf, horso
hack riding, Tutoring under rx
perlenoad Instructors Bight wn ka
AildrrnH. Col. CI yds It. TYrry,
Hoi nn. Ilnl tin:-loll. hauiNiui
Unusual Valuen Arc Present rd in
Palm Beach
Palm Bcarh Suits that are fault lessly tailored
perfect fitting shape rettlining and of abso
lutely fast colors. Than are scores of modell
to select from for young men and men, in a
host of attractive colors.
Other Tropical Suits $22.50 to $57.50
Offering Seven Collections of
Siifa aft Special !Pn8
r. r. i- 1 t t u . -ii- rn -
- Interesting in the ex
Ireme to style Informed
women will be these re
ductions on seasonable
They are of the quality
usually sold :ii the vande
Ver store, which is suf
ficient guaranteee of their
good ii ess.
- Some of the lots lire
limited so early choosing
will he in order.
Fancy CeorKoties in a beautiful nintfc
of coloringa and various targe designs.
40 incites wide regularly, $3.60
special, yard, $2. 19.
Fancy CienrKcttes, a rich and
Interesting line of colors and
designs 40 inches wide reg
ularly $1.!);") - special, yard,
Tub Silks an effective line
of small checks and stripes,
Suitable for Mouses and dress
es regularly $3.00 special,
yard, $2,19.
Sea Snrny Sport Silk n georg
ette base with woven satin
stripe in contrasting colors
white, blue and coral special,
yard, $4.49.
Fancy Foulards, a perfect riot
of rich colorings and figures
good grade pure silk 38
inches wide - regularly 1350
special, yard, $'2.09.
Fancy Foulards, . including
Cheney's "Auratonc" and
"Cinderella" Crepes nnd Foul
ard 40 inches wide regu
larly $f.00 special, vard,
Plain and Changeable Taffeta
an excellent quality silk, in
a limited line of colors plain
in navy, brown, black, grey
and rose Hfi iches wide reg
lllarty $3.45 special, vard,
A New Shipment
A floor covering that offers an economical way to beautify
the home.
For Ihe porch they are supreme, but they arc corning into
use for breakfast, hall, kitchen and bedroom rugs, for so many
pretty color schemes may be carried out at small expense.
Mixed colors and plain colors with bright colored borders.
Sizes from 24x36 to 27x00 inches.
Prices from $1.!).") to $.r.00.
Main Floor.
Vntll Noon.
Xi-w Idea and
llomr .Inurnai
Mdllibrr of Ulu 1M'U htlu ,W..m i.hi..,,
Black kid, military
heel Walking Ox
ford, flexible sole.
Special at
H ft
asv isVs5
ejBw anvas x
J WjW Oxfords ''"
Qfr $1.95 $.9 5
Boston Shoe Shop
Over Wool worth's
71 Upstairs Stores in 51 Cities
Have Those Extra Dollars to Spend on Your
Vacation Trip?
Dark brown or blark
calfskin Kngli.sh last,
welted Holes. Special
Pure Silk
Special Today
$1 .95
$-.75 $(.85
or kid
Janes, to
size HVi
( anvas
To filze
11 'i
You Walk Up
the Price Comes
House Slippers

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