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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 22, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 3

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Mate Itricfs
Oklahoma Granaries Arc
jnii.n lull handed down ty 'he pae
iff I departmeBt, dettlag Wllft t""1
.mnlli tit loi -n ieoer-d fur irBBeBOrta-
.1 cBiidaea inrougn uu mans.
e hi. I .ip n.ir. t I ti-' .mi nnrrri i.
About Emptied of Last Fbbu i do no; pom under
f i ' i1 c l.isslfli iil on of n.i mli'M, ll
1 Pill' S i rop. . Imal . nr tin application!
I WH fmm I i ir eld Klii who iih'.i
led for herself to bd sen! by pargel
FEW CALLS FOR HELP ,,; s w"hl"0B "
Railrodi Htvt Sufficiency
Cars to Transport All
Grain to Market.
Btevemenl nf last yrar's gmln rrnp !
mil nf the i''ivatiirs of till- Stat to
market I Rolnr forward rnpUlly, nr- j
rnrrtlna; to IDBjBrlg rocrlvril todaJM
by thr gBTBwfallOg comtnlsilnn t'ntii-
plalnts frntn farmers fend htiiIii
nierchaBtg m to trangportatlofi f-irii-Mi"H
have drflrwwd, eommlMlonani
Midi unii railroad officiate declare
they aft meeting tim mid fuly
"Oklahoma hit twice aa many mr" i
ai n.i dtapoaal now lot hauling train
Bi it had three weaks ago," n. C.
Cnniry, aaalatanl general freight
agent of thr PtIbco railroad. sM
"Thr situation Ik ImprnvlnR daily,
not only beaaaea tiv number of oara
is inoraaalng ton alao hrrausr thol
oaUi f'r tiriti air dcnrsaalng as tkjey
Bra mat
"Tt .tiy i. whaa gaaa tn ina
granarlea win hr in damand tn atoral
Ihli yaari now It at seal oroa, vir-:
tnally all thr nM crop will bp out
Of thi' way Not rnnuuh will rrSialB
to cause the farmers 11 ml rt'vatnr
mm any lnmnvcnlencc."
Banta iv Ctiangoa.
TOPF.KA. Kan . .lime 21 I'tirler
chances annnnrrril hi the BBflta !'
railroad Kenrni offtcoa here today,
F. I.. Myara, Tm Vagaa, N. Id., an
pertBtenaent of the Now Mexico di
visum promoted to aaalatBBl ren-
rrnl manacor of the southern dlatrtet
t Amarttlo Texas. Mo em-reeds
the late T H Bean
Kniuiit Open Br id on.
TOLBDO, June 21 with about
3 too itelogatei in atfendanoe. the
third annual ronventlon nf lh
Knlghta of Ht jnhn opened hare to
By Bith ponttncal hiRh ma we orlo
vrated in Pt. Francla do Balea oa
th-lrnl hy Itlshop tl.ill.ichor of po.
I'i N' A CITY, Ji.m 31 Thp
lueatlon of r n. Merydlth, eounty
.ram nirint. thai Older mon ehouhl
inatruot ihp younger mm rnt.nn in
lie ait of na eking eheal ae that it
would rot 1. damaai'd by ihr all
men ta, him received numeroua rr
iponaaa The move in niado nwn
Kirv hy preaent eoBdltlona making
imperai t at arheal be atBtRad
the farm thin ynr.
HUSH Juno 21 The epp'o
crop to thin part of thr unto wai
hurt hpt llttlo by thi lot frt t that
played bBVBa in oihn eeetiane thin
Hpr'lnK OO of Iho I'lKUrH irhls
In the gtata will ho that of tho 101
ranch, wheii' paitlrul.it pain? he 1
in en taken to cue tor the appi
I reea.
WHtTBAOtiB, Jnm 21. Ac
lOrdlng to a telegram from CoBa
(raeaman BtOrgBn, t'.ilo Sella. lnd:an
Commlaatoner, hna declined to ra
onen the Ponea tribal Mboola nore.
irgulng thai moat of the Indian
children win ha t.ikrn oara of by
the puhllr BthOORl
POMCA CITY, June 21. Pearl
White, an s rear old ahlld taken
up hy the authoiitlea whan Couud
! gaina With her grmndmotber. on
i'i. ho; pn,. n thai !w- hail hpra
kidnaped from her mother 111 Am
erlllO, w-aa ClBlmOd ty tho mother.
Mra Clara White, anil returned 10
her ahgrga The grandmother,
Mra. norMtoa Dawey, latl town aad
had reported having It ft the bi I
i tie tick In the rare of the hunwno
lOOlOty, glUlBugh the tnother had
ft nt money to her frequently for
1 1 hild'l keep.
exprlleil from Inral Mo ;2f. of the
brotherhood for "activity in ear
poitina an Illegal strike, gecordlng
to nn offl lai of the brotherhood
It waa eBId fuiiher that Iheae 01 1
walled DBt In avmpathv -th the
nation-wide iwltehmen! strike two
month's ago, wh.eh wis OUtlBWad
ti the national 0rK.1t11711t.0n.
ros-CA city, juno ; 1 Eugene
BfetBal, millionaire bachelor hm
of mis ally, and his ilatei BYleda
lfl for the:r format home 111 s'uth- i
jBrn (tertnany, dagtrlng to via 1 he 1
OKi d niotoei. who Iris lived In ill
Iwar tone They frill alao .si
polnla In Holland, Knnland and
j n angti
PONCA i'ity, June II. Ct rouge
Ithal show here hereafter nt'is Bay
s 11 Iteene per day, at ordinf la
la new erdlaano paaaed i the 1 1
eoinmlssinn, and lent shows will M
1 taxed JH0 'I'hls S g per rent
IhgrgBBg over forRII r flfUfag
j MKhWIItl. .tune VI I. OWli
Hi over, a farmer iivm weal of here
was killed i.y llahir.lnit Kuml iy w hlh
driving a aatfbiBdei in his win
field The toll murk him In the
fa-e and his entire body was burned
I bkMB.
Rakera in HtwatoWi
The gacond annual convention of th
lArklahomi Ataociatlon 't the Ha
j era lnduslr' opened hrre today to
I Continue throe dayi Thirty five
, IrkBBgBg do1eialos and lag from
iiKlahnma weie present at the open
In.- session 1,. I, Maxey of Tulsa, Is
in tine president of the grganlaatlon,
in. 1 ai in;.
ARDMOKR, Okla., June II--Rorn
a slave In IRIS, Alee Taylor.
Begro, died hare yeaterday at the
aire of in7. The agod negro re
tinned a few yeara oki to the (tenr
gig plantation Wtiare ho was horn
hoping to see his old master, hut was
Informed that the entire family had
ptteaed awav
War liei-o Ronjowd, itio world wat Lieutenant Ilraton
KANSAS fMTY, June 21 The was ,n editor In thr Kansas City nf
llaldwlu ( Kiin I BBII of Hie Amerl-' flop of the A-sm lated I'i ess until the
ean legion has hern named the Lloydl time ho antared the army Ma wae
DaBtOn post In inrlllin I of l.le.n .killed. In , niton whl'o IMInn to Sir
ll.ildw In
Wat the
me Of his wounded men fioni fill-
Underwear of Comfort
PONCA CITY, .Juno 21. An-nninv-emont
In mmlc thitt h h.i tn
nf rMitrlet4 Otoe le&Adi 'n the r-
rvution. mllPH nnth nf her,
win b hid AUtfUtt 1. Th (rtoa
;inl , IsMoiirict, who llvr t,ithfr.
havt petitioned fr thr niite nf nir
plug IhikIh fit i (I for riilHMinn to
U ..n- t hfir (Hbftt iiRrnry and nrhnul
n tnri viiiion for oil iiml Kim.
It irty hi'vpii mw itrhnt'ii ha v been
More than 13,000 women and
22,000 men make up the list of
the owners of Swift & Company.
Every state in the Union ia
Of this great enrollment more
than 10,000 are employes of
Swift & Company who own shares
in the business.
An additional 13,000 employes
are buying shares on deferred
These men and women havo
confidence in the company's poli
cies, its integrity and purposes.
That is why they invest their
savings in shares.
Swift & Company has been
paying dividends regularly for 34
years. The present rate is 8 percent
Swift & Company shares are
bought and sold on the Chicago
and Boston stock exchanges.
The company itself has no
shares for sale.
The shares represent actual,
tangible values. There is no water.
Anybody livestock man,
retailer, or consumer may buy
them and thus become a part owner
of Swift & Company.
No one man, no one family,
owns as much as half of the stock.
This advertisement is for the purpoae
of acquainting you with the fact that
Swift & Company is not a "cloae cor
poration," and that any one may
participate in the profita and ahare
the risks and responsibilities by
becoming a shareholder.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Oft times a giMt ilml of thr hoi
dsyi dlicomforti ran be directly
i barged to underwear.
Ill fitting undmvenr onuses irri
tation ami a binding that RMkW
the wearer IMTVOUli
us show you thr sevrral dlf
ferent styles on display here
all are nwdfl f ihwtf quality
fabricg woven especial 1 for sum
mer wear.
Holmes haa suit of underwear designed for your
particular need one that will five comfort.
Priced $1.00 to $3.00
Holmes Clothes Shop
MS sol i ll MAIN
Apricots for Canning
See or Phone Your Grocer Nowl
A big shipment of select Apricots
is on the way and will be on sale at
your grocer s within a few days.
Look for announcement tell
ing when they arrive.
How To Can
Without Sugar
The Unite a Stitei feed Adalaktritlea
Wygl - "The modern ilr-llghl conlainr r
ead Ike dtvtleparet el Mir atllk renalnf
atthedi ia thr hemr baxt dear away
wltk thr ikiolate nrrrtslty el islng sigir
at a preservative, raaning wltheel iajar
wOl give malls prorMrd that tbc tiait
el ceekiag wltk tagar b deaklrd."
Fall tail radleai earanalagMltkeBlingir
s4 n "VUilmsni t BBBBg mIOi MIiiIsiuiii
I Sui.r ' sr fUrn In r.rmrri' Bnlktlm In.rd
i br tkt Cnrrnmrnt Wrllr to Ikr llnllrl
SUtr Brbsrlmrflt at Arlniltsrr.a'aiilsff1.n.
I.r rirKMri' Ssllrllnl S. M. .1 ISI. MJ.
Ill 184 .n tfcer Hill kc Mil Ins,
These Apricots arc a splendid
variety lucious and brimful of
delectable flavor and nourish
ment. Start your plans at once
so that you will be ready for
canning after you have placed
your order with your grocer
and have obtained the quantity
you desire
Affiliated Fruit Jobbers
(An Organization devoted to the Beat
Intcreata ol Ike Buy lug Public;
Better Baking
At Less Cost!
Baking Powder
Made with
Pure Phosphate
gives just the results that every
home baker wants and saves
money without the sacrifice of
quality or good health. Every
trial is a pleasant surprise.
Economy Prices t
25c. for 12 oz.
15c. for 6 oz.
10c (or 4 oz.
Full weight cans.
No alum No bitter taste
Absolutely wholesome
Don't think of the Price Ticket Consider what you GET
an investment
of great consequence
The more you "shop around" the more you will
appreciate that investing in these clothes NOW is a buy of
unordinary consequence.
Just in latest models for this season
for all types of Men
Good Clothes
are the best for your money the standard of
value. The finest custom tailoring not overlooking those
important little details in the finishing on which bo much depends.
Here you can see a wide selection of rare weaves, plain colors, club
stripes and checks, silk mixtures, herringbones America's finest
fabrics in worsteds, tweeds, serges and flannels or homespuns.
Clothes that fit right . ,
that wear long
and are economical to buy
Repriced on the New lower cost levels
S0 Suita, repriced on
tlw. niiiu I fits At ..!
the new
level to
$65 SuitH, repriced on
the new lower cot
level to
$75 Suitn, repriced on tf pa ( a
lower cost"4
the new
level to
$85 Suits, repriced on
the new lower cost
level to
Kuppenheimer Summer Suits $18.50, $21.50, $27.50
Quti Is 8Jrown Co.
Tulsa's livest leading Men's Store

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