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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, June 22, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 7

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Insect Powder Firm Will
Fight Use of Trade
Mark in Court.
Allowed Defrauding of Public
to "Cash In" on Locftl
FrodudM Popularity,
Tbirglrn a rnnsnlrar'y to deft-anil
the public Into buying unknnwn
prorluntu iinrlr-r ' tho lntprrolon that
thry nro BfgdttStg of tho plaintiff!
end to "mill In " M Iti court will
anrl rstab!ishil gJSltieag n ilrfrt
throuKh flvn yonrn of intmalvn SgMg
manahtp "ml mrrrhanrtlHinir nnrt tho
'Xponrtlturo of :nora th.'tn $100, nnn
In artvrrtlslnjr. tlit- llnfutta M innfar
turlnn rompany fll. an Injunction
nolt In the rtlKtrlot rourt Into yrattr
day afternoon attain! tho nowly or-
Massed BdwaH C, Hofatra com
f.iny anrt j. v. landeri not Umh
C. llofptra 1! pri ulclrol anrt sorrr
tiirv. nwkliiR that 1 hoy be t-nlolnort
from BaHlg tho worrt "Hofatra."
In th cult It la Bharged that F.rt
warrt '. H"itrn. .1. W. Sanrtora anil
othora eensplrad !o defraud anrt tnl-Ir-mt
tho public anrt to take an un
fair artvantaito of tho plaintiff by
pre-rmptltiir CM rights of the plain
tiff by wrom fully maa u fact u r 1 nf
nnrt pelllnK pn.rtueta OORiltlg within
the ccopo of their botlnaa anrt In
violation of a COntraol aaUtlni be
tween iho Hofatra Manufacturing
rompnnv anrt Iho defendant, Kdwarrt
C llnffllrn.
The petition ata'orf that In the
conrtuct of their buntnosa anrt ex
ptottlnv their prortucta Ihev h.e
Itlvrn prominence to the wnrrt "Hof
atra" for the purpose of eatabllntl
Imr the worrt na a trarto name; that
prior to the bettlnnlnr of tbelr bn
Iflgaf !be nanie of the defendant Krt
warrt C. Hofatra hart no value In
trade, either locally or abroad, that
en a result of the plaintiff! advor
ti itn : and mercbandl.lnit effort the
word "Hofatra" haa been taken nut
of tho catecorv of proper and prl
vat" name and haa become a trade
name aynonlmou with and deacrlp
tlve of the plaintiff product, and
that wherever filirh word I ued I! I
thought of In connection with the
tiulnev of the plaintiff! that Mr
Hofntra told W. C. Kterrer of the
Stetrer !nvetment company that Ihe
llofstrn Manufacturing OOmptny hTl
upont. fcbou, lltO.OOO ftdYtrtlnng hl
nnn Uld h mny n1 wpI! "rnjnh in
on it: 'that hn furthrr tol.i B,
Tfillmnn, a lnral nil man. that hi
nolo ohjpct In orsranlxlnpT thp new
mmpany wna to "brrak" O. N.
Wripht who wart thn prfsliVnt of
thp nostra Uanuf tot uring compvvnT
H In furthrr allnrert (hat Saund.-ra
had full knowlrrtSf of tho contract
rvintlntr tMtWMD HofkftMl nn1 th
T T o f st r.i M h n 1 1 f a rt ' i r I n jr r o m pa n v ;
that h reason of h1t connection with
the Itntrliff-Ranflrrfi Ororpry rom
panv. a wholptalp hoijsc. ho knew of
thp puooppfi of tho plAlfltlff company
nmi the populnrltv nn-i ffood will of
Iff products and conrp'red with Mr.
Hnfstra na ahovo mentioned.
Tho petition further rhariron that
tho defendant, throufrh their ml'1
inert and rf-prpnentatl ve, ari tklni?
ordprs for the plaint Iff's proj uct
without authority or ennspn nn1
that tine of the wor1 "ITofptra" In
their advertising and hunlness In cal
rulrtted to dccelvp not only ordi
nary observer hut the trade nn well
Into dealtnif with the defendant eorn
Rny under the ImprcMMlon that their
. transaction are wlfh the oricinal
Itofntra Manufaetiirlnj? company, to
the extent that it workn n latlnc in
Jury and Inconvenlencp o the plain
tiff hy onusinR confusion in the post
off lo. express office, teleprra ph of
ficer and railroad offices to the ex
tent that mail, express, freight and
trtofrra.m?t Intended for the plaintiff
are diverted to trie defendants
The petition Is sinned by J. Burr
CI!, lion president and trenern man-;
ace -I of the Hnfs'ra Manufacturing'
company. W, A. BrOWUIee, caanler
of the Kxchanre National bank I
eetiiele ty treemrcr of the plaintiff
company. The Rofntn Manufartur
ln? company I one of the most pec-
!acnlnr ntercba n,l 11 n rr nccce In
t' A 11 .,l.. n.hlM
the southwest Its product ate sold 1
hy thnusundaj of retnll store
inrotittnout tne i nueo: Mtatea nnu :a:
ii.,.! K, , I.-,,,, .' . i onl.Ttcl
Inatltutlone In ihia country nnd In
foreign countries, aocordtng to the
j t.. .i ,1.. !
nnd harmless to the
for further Informa-I
Is waterproof
hair. See ua
tlon. New York Hair Shop and
Beauty Parlor. 319 8. Main Street.
I'hono Osage 41112.
v 1
Emereon, Weetinghouse, Gen
eral Electric, Robbina
f & Myers
Dodge Electric Co.
119-121 L. Second Phone Cedar 1140
The Mortuary
Walter Kill, it year old. died al
tho Band hpring hmiU.il gunda)
tiluht after an l,inea extending ovi i
several iiionihK. Mvvaral Months
ago, Mr, Kill ilappad on a buiklo
to n h mitintii t anil
I " ... ? .
ilcM loned from I In- cut About f
week amt It wa neceaaary to am
putate a toe and for a while the
Conditio! of Mr. Kill Improved
l-irnt week hi ionrtitlon became
wore atnl a lea wa amputate! Juat
above the kfiei: III condition arew
laplrtly wOTM until death clal.ned
Mr. Ellin win an oil broker and
waa one nf the moat popular oil men
In tho atale Hi aotlvltte carried
him Into nil part of the United
fta'ea anrt nlo the oil flelrta of Mex
Ico. Ho firt atartrt Into tho oil
name In Texaa. later coins to V.
omlng anrt about oluht year ago
Coming to Oklahoma He waa nnt
of the first men in. Ihe fiarber-lllll-
inir field anrt lalar became gggaolgt
. lajulth I W l'arrlh In the oil
brokerage bMlMSg
Funeral tarVtOW will be helrt at
the gtanley-McCuna ebaiiei at 2
o'clock thla nfiernoon, wttb the lte
Rolf 1' rrum off iclatlnn. llurlal
will he In lloo Hill
O W. fooprr &7 year olrt. rtled
early yrstorflav nimnlne a a reault
of inlnrlea received Iti an automo
bile accident on the litoken Arrow
roart about two weeka atro. He I
aurvlvert by hi wife, Mra Francos
A. Cooper nnrt one rtnuchter nnrt
two ona livlnit a! ICIngSton nnrt one
daughter living at Had Fork The
hodv will he shipped to Jopltn for
fttephan A. LSa, M year olrt. of
nruncr station, died Sunrtav morn
Intr nt hi residence. Iteslrte hi
wife be I turvivod by alx son anrt
four rtaurbtera. Funeral aervlcex
will be helrt nt 10 o'clock Thurartav
morning at tho resilience inter
ment will he In the Sanrt Spring
Funernl service for Mr. S. C.
Cameron, formerly of thl cltv. who
rtled nt For! Worth vesterrtav morn
ing, will be held nt 4 o'clock thl
aflerpnon nt the rerteneo of K .1.
Me.lunkln. 701 North fheenne.
Kurla! will be In Hose Hill cemetery'
Mr-'. Cameron I nrvlvert hv her
hnsbanrt nnrt a father who lh;e In
Chicago. Mr and Mr. Cameron re
mored to Fort Worth from Tula
about alx mon.bs ngo.
Funernl services for T. H Hteele
pinrfr nil mnn wnn flitxl whllp un
tlorirolnaT nn Dptffttlon f. a lOOftl ho
pital .tiirrtnv. will h rnnilnoN'il
Says Tennesson Lady, and
Will Just Go Suffering, She
Says, When Cardui Is
Right at Hand
Caryrllle, Tenn Hnplnt her ex
perience mny benefit othera who suf
fer from disorder common nmonfc
women, Mrs. Charlea Halna, of thl
tt'ampbell) county, aayn: "1 had
womanly trouble till I couldn't rel
couldn't sleep, and was nervous nnd
n, n a,,'. ,v ,,. to i.tio ,o o,y.
hen 1, llniha nnd hack. I would net
to Ihe place where I couldn't move
without n great effort.
"I'or year I had known of Cir-
dul, and It la atranfte how a woman
will lust iro on suffering when thi
beat rcmoilr In the world 1. rlirht at
bund but we do'
"But finally the pain waa worse,
my suffering no great I knew I mini
do something. A friend mentioned
( ordul nnd we sent
bottle helped nie.
for It. One
"I took a course of Cardui.
Ilnd n'V "trongth, built myself up
and felt like a new woman.
"Can I recommend Cardui? Tea.
nnd gladly, for It la a Ood-aend to
suffering women. I hope when they
suffer w;th troubles common to
women they don't wait, but get this
' remedy at once.
Ary druKKlst can supply Cardui
promptly. Call on yours today.
Keep Cool
A larpre assortment of all sizes
of Blectric Fans now iH stock,
-we have received oar quota of
fans for the season .Buy Now
and take your choice, all stan
dard makes.
II M$t$gg8$
M curem
'.lr t,..
rfRlrlenrn. 1H0I
5. JO 'riiii'k tlilri
Houlder, at
Mr Ptedc WU 74 yeals old and
. had spi ll' i. ,1. i ,,f ),,. ,f,. , ,:
j5me, He waa born at Harbor
Creek, I'enn.. February la. I tin.
Ha followed the trend of the on in
dustry from the I'ennet Ivnnla field
Ihrough tihlo, Inrti.ina, Kaueaa and
I I lltlnliiiiiiri l.i... . U
L 1 "" I"'"1 '- 'ears
o has been actively In , han-e ,.f
the operation of the Kewanoe till
and (la company In both llllnol
nnrt tiklahoma
III addition to hi wife. Mr Stee'e
s aur li d by t h.i suns .1 I ; Steele
lies South Newport, and T II.
Btet le, Robimwn, ill., one daagnier,
Mr K, ciyde Tar me, Santa Paula,
Cat., one sister In (icaln, Fla . and
one brother In iinkland. Cat
Hotel Man
and Seven ciuenta Itajnl
of ifiiinhiinK Teetl
III, illy
( otiflli Unir.
F A Hurst, proprietor of a hotel
at 54'4 North Huston avenue, was.
placed on trial ln DoHoa lotirt yea- j
tarda?, harmed with conducting a I
polur cntne In hi, hotel, hut testl-I
many offered hy Hurai and the r-
rotlntr officer wa conflicting, and'
the case wa continued until next
Hurst, who w.i arrested with
eyen other men nt 2 o'clock Sunday
morning, declared he had ponni
slnn from police official to oper
ate a "friendly" name for the bene
fit of hi trtie.t The hotel man
nld he believed the raid was a
"frame up" on the par! of n nlrht
clerk whom he had dtecharged sev
eral weeka aco The (Uncharged
man threatened to spread rrporia
that professional gambling whs per
mli'ed In the place Hurst declared
The arroMlna- offlcera declared
thev had been Informed be a nan
WhOM name wa not dlTglged that
he had loel tf,a playina poker In
the place They also testified they
had watched the place for some
time from the top of a slenhoard
near the hotel, nod had Men several
plnyer "cash In" poker chip, hut
were not nble to raid the place on
account cf the nlertnes of u "look
Oil! .'
The officer nlso testified Hurst
threnteoed they "would lose Ihelr
obe wllhln 'hree days" If they per
sisted in raiding the place.
.ludae Moronev continued the
case until Saturday for further In
VeellggllflH and Instructed the offi
cers to produce the witness who to!
them he had lc.it the :aoncy In th
coon mews i
Is Only Skin Deep
and may be instantly relieved and
quickly healed by CBANOLCNE
the Cranberry Cream treatment
used externally.
Drerihuri. Kt., Jen. 7, 10tS.
Crtnolene currd me ol Ecieme nnd I had
the dirc inr 2S yeirt It alio cured my
it1.- -. momriR old dauihier uf the itme
trouble. It did f m what no other treat
ment would do MM into i., ,u-t We
uiedl ranoletif in Mar.l9l(x" R H Enoth.
(On March 20. I)20, (our yeara after, Mr
Enoch again wntea: "My ilttlu girl and I
are both well. We are freed o( Ecrema.
and we give your Cranoleoe the praiae."
SCIENCE has discovered that the
mild acid-ltke juice found under
the skin fj the common table cran
berry quickly destroys the tiny
parasite that causes Eczema and
most skintroubles. This cranberry
juice has been combined with sooth
ing, cooling, healing oils. There
suit is CRANOLENt, an amazing
cream that stamps out the GftttM of
Eczema and restores the skin to
its natural health and color.
Your drugfttit ia authorised to tell
CRANOLENK on a written guarantee to
rr-iurn v money if It faila II he will not do
thia. write immediately to Cranorne Co.,
Deut M., Guard, Kan. for free treatment.
In Jar. 3flc ana)
"Heele Where Othere rail-
Somebody asked Socrates what his rule in life
was. He answered, "Nothing too much." That
means temperance, self-control in everything.
SAVINGS HABIT. It will develop self-control
in all things. The Exchange National Bank of
Tulsa offers its services to help you help your
Exchange National Bank
Exchange Trust Co.
City Hriefs
WASH HUDgON, local attorney,
left luM niicht on a business trig to
Wichita PalhV Texas
PETITION K H volnntnry dlao
lutlon of the l C and It Hrllllnv
company waa filed In superior court
I'KTITInS's Ton divorce were
filed In district eourl yesterday by
t'ail I'toaeley ncaint Mxrtle l'r"as
lay: Chester a. Bakei agalnal Mar)
A Miikei , I ne Mill iiKamsl l.txle
the whereabouts of Lyman W Hem
tun and A W llemmu. a letter n
received yeeterday by ihe ahei nf
office from .1 llrntll of the Slev
en New. Slovene, i hutchtta county
Arki Heiatiye of the men believe
they are at pragenl In Ihia section of
1 'k la homa
i.ayi) ttk H AMU LBN, e barged
with ggggVH and battery upon the
person of ii w Pertain, an em
ploye of the (Iklahoma Iron worka,
entered a idea of guilty at hi trial
before Justice H .1. Hi ay yesterday
and waa fined ( I rt and costs Th"
aaaaull oharga resulted from a fight
between Ihe men June It.
JUDGMENT ron n.nnn damage!
for alleaed llletrat seimire of furnl
lure valued at 2nn, the property of
Beii Koraker of lllxhy, waa filed In
district court yesterday by l-Nuaker
agalnal w. k Adelman and the
adelman Furniture company of t i x -
by. The petitioner claims the furni
ture company had no leiral right In
take possession of the trooile.
Ktled to the follonlnir yestetdav by
the clerk of the city court Howard
w uambert, :2 ami Margaret Bupp
19. Tulsa; William U Blair, J." ana
fillle A ftorthlck. L". Tula, John
I! Johnson, L'R and Mary B. Thomp
son, IK, Tulsa; Jamc A Nelson, ;j.
Tulsa, and 'Irace K. tarnien, 19,
Knldi Carl William. ami Marl a
Krailll, 2J, Tulsa, ii r Jpyner. .14.
and Mamie M Cnrnon( 16, Tulsa; li
V. lillaon, 24 and Maud l Meadors,
L'4, Tulsa. Wllllanl Melton. 21, Tulsa,
and Plot Iteasley, Id, (lien Station
Do yOU know llutl in-, ,,,l , ..ni.iin
11, .iiiv lltnes lite nourishment of
oilier ffHMla'.' Do you know iti.it
1 lr, a, I unit tiiittcr or hniul 1, ,1
wltti sTimmI ixiffce In the inortllliK I
Hi, mOOl -ie 1. null, c hretikfitst oil
Wlllcll Id tart I tic liny?
Don't atop with onn alien.
All (riswt lrent tuts a resilly ilollclous
flavor anil lots of nourishment.
Hreiul la your best food Eat more
of It.
Merit Bread
'Tito lirtMtd llwt litilldn."
The Camphcll Baking
Valuable Land adjacent
Tulsa Will Ho Sold
Allotted Indian lands In TiiUi
county, amount p c to more than Mi
m r, s. will be offered for sale at 1"
O'clock Tuesday mornlna In room
g, Federal hiillillnK Tlila land I
made up of nine pnreela, and the
tract cover from five to 0 acres
It I expected that the llruner
trot of , ,J acres which la a
tulle and a half wel of Tulsa, will
bring th hlgbeet price Thi tract
I close la the Sand Hprlna , ar line.
The minimum pttce fixed on thi by
ihe Kovetnment is II it"0 an acre.
Anion the other rg I offered
I a 40 ai re trill t two mile west of
Tula. which ha a minimum of
ISH2 2f, an n ie Thl tract I weal
and norlh of I tie clt water worka
The other tracta offered are. SO
acres situated font miles from Skla
took Willi a minimum price of t4n
II acre four mile from Sklatook.
with a minimum of $14 7 r, an acre;
40 acre five mllea from flroken Ar
row, which carries a minimum of
1196 an acre, 40 acres one and one
fourth miles from Tulsa with a mln
Imtim of t,n, nod 0 ncrea four
mile from Tulsa, with a $.17 50 mln
I mil tn
RQ tripped with eta and other
aonvenenrea for ix neraona, a tent
ha been Invented that ran be com
pletely enolaaed ir en I) the top mil
tno side erected to form I abettor,
T'i a -'it h ' n koa lift mm t$i n,
fmm4j utMill af UMu$i i( $i
' dkf b m a, .ad. lj ;. . i.e to ,
Mnukir hdaktg thlB)tirr
mm r ft Ml I 1 4 m f i i dka p
1 f I
II - t mat t mil lit, ,iilf tili',1
If -'2$ . ! raUlal, in Mil m nrlrlnal. aaalrrl .
v oA I !' v" iBlrtl "in. At all
A " I lerei tiatai Artt
I jajrl
I- , nil- DnsaV Hbm. jfl
nliitii. $nfjgg lgr rB SgF 'Iggl Ll
I n ii in In jiii on j V V X fargV
mil Iiiim ii I Ian jf
Phone Miidison ! kTwimt'
Cedar and Hodge $,m jttiiWft '
500 Streets sJS?' '-
Snpnlpa otrn
.lohn A fot wa arreeted itikt aft
I ernoen on a ch u t;,' of drnnaneai and
laarrylng knueha foy aai ereating
nun n alaturbanee when he was r-
teated It I s uit, and it look mil h
pereuaalon t,, unlet him ilown .it
the poll, g station
The Sapulpu A to, il, 'an Is Ihe ,le
lendant in altgohmeM proceed Inge
that were Med ti.i morning ! th,
luiea i iffii c Kuutptnent company
j of Tulsa J D I'Uiin ami A M
l ooke ale the pi ,ipi letoi a of the
Ann Hi an The Tulsa c.onpanv
claim that l'lnn anil i'ooko pronti
laeil to (ltve them $IJi.,',n adver
! limine In tin, American nl on de
llvary of tin, kooii t,, pay age hair
ot tin- purchaee, which amounted
to $i ifoi nn The proprietor! of the
American failed to lire up to the
agreement It Is aliened, ami an at
t.n hiiirnt I asked.
The hoard of dlrertora of the
chamber of commerce will meet to
morrow mailt to ilisciiss plans for
bri.lRIIIK about an aKtectuellt ho-
lireen the etnployera ami einaroyooa
of the gapu pe laundrlee it wa
reported In the chamber of com
men c todgy that Ihe laumtrlcs were
Wondtrf ul Row Young and
Energetic You Pool A fter
Taking This Nattiaalwi
Calomel Tablet Perfoctiy
If Mi ti nnl I r leil Clllolsb Tell hs
t ,lrllt,trl iirprlsx Rwiillnr imi Th
peadtefel lltel rlrsntm sn,l ay st em aur:
tying erepefilM t releepei ) now lis
enbijeil siili.ni, the thtfitnu unpli,,st
eeat, a Oelelei st keeluee th iie,
i,r neter, laet'i all Nn laile, n tit
net iti" tllikleel aaleeeaal nfeeti Yen
wW up In ll mernlna fee Iria ,t fneil
that ton eeel 19 Uutto aWet It Your liver
l clean, year tyelem U purifleil your ,,
petite hestty gal lil MM uh. no
t,nyer Tne sell time you feel laty. mean
rtrtoil liltie or ,1 tlt;e, (n. ,o',r 1 1 e r
th,ir,lttl ,leintlii oIlK r. let, The)
re pi prrfert HihI tour t, an
ttiorlaerl l retuua ttie prlre a. a nuaraiile,.
that re M lie ,lellctilr,
Missouri's National Health Resort.
a use of the ex-
,d the employe.
Marriage Itcenaee were issued to
the following today William M
York. :l. Ha pul pa and Miss l.iicllte
I'iccliti,;. 21, s,,pulp.i, Per, t Hell.
II, OlenpoOll anil Mla QlgdN Mm
KreeHna, 17, oienpool) Roberi Ponda
II BrlatOW; unit t Kainh Jain
N llllnnia, 111, Hrlslow.
A divorce petition was filial toitav
hy Mis Hophle Hugh 01 aaalnst To.le
1 1 italics.
I'our vouna laities of lapglgg
haw entered the contest to win the
prlaea Offered by the chamber of
commerce to the one who sciis the
moat tteketa hr the Chautaaqna
coutsc The following c. , litest V1'
lna to close, tiei
urbltnnt deinatid
But a Year Ago He Waa
Down in Bed For Four
teen Week Ag Weak Ag
a Kitten.
Takeg Tanlac on Advice of
Son-in-law and Started
Working on Farm After
Taking Third Bottle.
Another well known Villa Rica,
Oeorglg farmer I me forwanl
with 11 Mfong statement as the t.'i,'
remarkable mertta of Tanlac a n
medlolna i Roidtrl n Cooper, who
Is one of ihe oiliest teatdettta of that
loeaitty grid who recently ntaaa the
foliow'na l.itemrnt:
Rest Recreation, and
are awaiting you ill
Excelsior Springs
bcncficinl reaulti In kidney and bladder diseases, stomach
uilipents and rheumatism. The varied and remarkable
curative qualities of its famous springs arc sufficiently
known to attract more than 300,000 visitors annually. A
corps of specially qualified physicians always is available.
Golf, tennis, motoring, riding, driving, walking, bowling
dancing, band concerts, picture shows and other clean,
healthful amusements make Excelsior Springs a pleasure
as well as a health resort.
A ccemmodations
Hotels, siikiII and large, boarding houses, apartments, flats,
furnished cottages and single rooms. Excelsior Springs
has been a host to visitors for forty years. Long experi
ence lias taught this host that a successful resort must
have accommodations to fit every purse. No matter what
you feel you can afford to spend for your vacation you will
find accommodations in keeping with yuur requirements.
Excelsior Springs is 30 miles from Kansas City. It can be
reached by the Chicago, Milwaukee &. St. Paul Railroad,
Wabash Railroad and hourly electric intcrurban trains
on die Kansas City, Clay County 6c St. Joseph Railway.
Mutorua take Jcffctton Highway or Southweat Trail from Kansas Qt)
Satul . t... k Irt off arrlM for dfftaUrJ information to tbo
" Excelsior Springs Commercial Club
O) Hj O
have entered: Mle lilanrhe Mll-
ler, D 'ii- Taylor, Uonralgg col-
lin, ami Nelll Hlit'lell.
Ton Bteeeneon. n well-Known po
ll I. ti. iiicr ,.f tepulpg, waa ar-
reeted Baturday for seirhia narentlce
Hn wns eanghl In the net of aelllng
the goodg, ami the p-rsim to whom
hr waa galling It fgg caiiKht alao.
iiiiiiiu Hon RegggaX
teOg AeraRLM June It. The
ippllt ition of the aeneral retro
um 1 pat 1,0 an injunettotj re.
tt 1 nlng offlcera of the t'nlted
nt 1" net 1 eeudnaj fuel oil
rtored by the oompang in Lgg
ngi ie tin I'll. 1 era denied by Judge
11 C b 'I In United Statea dl-
triet Bonn late today
"! don't believe I had to take a
thimbleful of medlelna in ail my
slty-sl yean until a year aao.
when 1 had a eery eertnai nines and
nraa laid up in bed fot four! i
neohi nrlth oatarrh of tin, ihmat
anil stomach I Hasn't able to eat
a thin,- 1. ireiiv am! tint .1 weak ae
a Mitten I wa so niv,iu.i that I
use, 1 to shake ,ke a leaf at the treat
iiiib thing 1 got tha best ir.:-,. i
10..: 1 and tool, vn lue medlolnogj
1 1: M vrgg nil to no pgrpoaa and I
nevei thought I ihould pull through,
"Then my brothel In law. Arthur
lleneleo, not me i , takl-iB Tmilac.
lie elweyi recommending it to
1 pie beoauae It did so much for hla
Mil,- Weil it luet aaemed a theiujh
that incillclne ha, 1 1 ,rn made spe
cially fot nie. Real v iloe of It
Boomed to do me I and before I
hmi rintahed the thh i bottle it had
put mi Into such good shape thnt. 1
wa back nt wot k mi the farm and
able to itit a itnv'a work with eny
body, I nog eat na hearty aa you
plcrc my gerVOg are steady and
slrona and I feel moic like a liny of
MlXtOen Iban a mag of slxty-alx. I
conaldor Tanlae the rentet medi
cine on earth and I don't ggSlUtlg
to reoommend it to everybody."
Tanlac In solbl In Tulsa t yceltjt.lvc
ly b ihe Quaker nn.l l uiltan Drug
Compaalea, Advt,

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