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ruiiix M I norn
lAWlVIHItl LUdti
Rules Committee Per
mits Break After
Hot Session.
Some to Break Away and
Vote Independently When
Candidates Are Put Up.
Heads Federation
of Women's Clubs
pan' FRAffCtflOO, June- 2 The
corr.niitt on rule adopted a motion
today r ting the unit rule in
-.. - in whifh thern nrp laws rc
qui'lna; MM election of dn g,tt by
district. The effect wttl he to npltt
ihe New York delegation if the re
ort I nioptP-1 Ly I In mnvi nt inn.
Th vote won 24 to 11. Six to a rt-iren
district? ilrlegatrn from New York
Ko thi position that they nhuld
It ho hound hy the iir.it rule.
Franklin P. Hooaevelt, MalttAlM
t.n of m invy, spoke for u
oi i ; .on which nrovuied fur the
I the rule of l!l I which re
lleve il qii ru.i uieir irum me
unit rMif in i iin ii nit s:;ii iiiwj
mdAtory Mpfcfitl elections by the
Th" t;ire convention of hint FD
ruarv 1T1 wnini i" unit ii;n n.iu
1- i. f Mr. Hootrvt'M argtK.l
in W i ' uni"iiij i j i 1 1 n i 'ii
iti'r- lie innu'ari.i a purposr
to BII me om 10 i ii i Ivor i in
eonvt'li P'". in r;ttv no- in 1 1 m'ii Hiiiniiii
be (lcfp ' Cit. .sainuei Bvaoury, aixo
RB('t( i i no unit, iiitt u.- .i inMic.t me
OpL"Mi-: the inn; ion. hairman
IVlov of ihp .New -orK ueifKa'in
Diitcnfi-'d mat tjio rii -iiiinn w is
gularly constituted and not a mere
nferencr. Me argued that the party
O " .'vv iom cn.n
Bhouhl o'imne me pnunrs o imp
-an- mi -
-ale was urged by Asmatant rfrcre-tirjr-f
the Navy Roosevelt, a New
York Mi cafe regar-led an one of
th adniinlstratlon leaders. f
New York' 90 delegate wrp
r-ouhd under I unit rljle imposed In
ptny convention last February. If
the convention adopt the com
mit tee 'l report.
It II tgld half a dozen or more
Itklffatei will brMk away from the
state organization and vote independ
ently. The committee decided to recom
mend that speeches in nomtnattni
eitdldatee for president bo limited to
20 minutes and those nominating
candidates for vice president to 10
minutes, atlowinw three seconding
speeches fop presidential candidates
ind two for Vice presidential cundl
dfttM, none of which shall exceed
five minutes. It also recommended
gates win be alowed
10 mlnUtee on I question
unanimous consent of
th convention.
tt-Oongreeaman KHzRernld made
plea for party harmony, Baying
tflht If Governor Smith ehoyld nOl
bg nominal el for president hv would
b s candMato for re-election aa
governor "and we want to elect hfm,''
ho said. "Don't we want to cle,ct a
Vnlte-d Stat'1? senator nlso"' asked
John M;icg. also of New York.
"Certainly," responded Mr. Fltz
gr1d, "Well," replied Mr. Mack. "we
hava the man riaht here in the per-
n r.f Mr HooseveU."
The committee, bv a vote of 24 to
ii. .. i i 'i - . i tit" nil" inn i "r n"
unit rule In stages where district elec
tion of delegates was provided for
hf law and. after determining the
roler, for the length of nominating
and other speeches, adjourned.
' '
Tom Love Predicts
Not Later Than
6th Ballot.
ira in in 'ii n
ttet tin di-leg
mfcs than 10
wWotit tho
1 1 n s ItaN Corrpondtnt)
William Olbbt MoAdOO will bf
nomlnatH not latti tn.in ih' sixth
liillt," MMfttd National TiMiiuirrat-
t CotntnlttMmnn ThonM 11 iv or
ImIIhm. Ti xiiji, Ju.t hefnre thr HtOIIQ
i"n of thi- Kri'ut rauua Kt unilr
Th forra.t I'nmn urn a 'n,iiH to
n .orlo. of cunfi'rrtlrin Informally
'illf-'l for tlir BUrPMfl of 11s 1 'i 1 'iii
tht .tnngth of the MrArlun ninve
nint. Tiiklne part n thfw ronfvrf ncwi I
rro hnlll It Anililon, national I
oommflttamnn from Knn.fifl: Tr. j
Burrii JmklM of Kmmm fity, Aa-
nl.tant Horri'tary of thn Trrnaury !
.1 tt Shoiii-, Nitlonal ronimltto-
nian Tliomaa H 1ovo of Toxaa. An-1
pna MoT.r:in of North Carolina, Sena
tor rnrti-r Olaaa of 'trKlnia, and a
onitlderablt nnmtior of othtf flanrti'
orntlC chlftIni from dlffnr.nt mic
tion of thr ronntry.
Fornirr Roortary of tho Trrai"itr'
MoA'loo, it waa mailo known, haa
aid hit liat word n far U thr nom
ination la ronn rnod. "Thn rahh-a
aro rut lirtwppn tho ronvontlon andi
MfiAdOO, It waa announrrd. Aron't I
you afraid that at tho laat mlnutfl
Mi Adoo will taauo a flat MnUmttll
aayliiK ho would rcfuai.' the nonuna
tlon If offorod?'' CVMNHltMIMMI
l.oo waa uakod.
No. tho Tumi rtpttad with nap,
Mi Adoo atanda hy hla MIIK'dgevllli
l. tt.-r. Ho would tint rrfuao to aorva
If nomlnatrd. Thafa uiIIvk."
McAdoo tt waa atatpd, no langff
nuiionda to lottora. Ii logratna 01 lol
phoM r.illa. Ilia fidnda lu re Mid
tiny think ho In In NW Vork hm
whorovir ho la ho cannot ho irarhi d
hv thoin or nnyho.ly olao.
IMugKora for Ml Adoo aro lalmlOl
2011 voloa iu tho fliat luillot thi'ii
200 mN aflor tht fnvorlto mn "(Ml
coniiillinontary votoa huo bMn oaat.
tix hundroil votta for thnr man
wi io rodn id for the fifth or aixlli
hnllot and tho RMWMJV two-third-I2ti
out of a total of I.UU2 on tho
next and final.
Th Mellon hohhul Attorney Orn
eral A. MltChall Palmer liowevor. In
alat tho nomination of Mi Adoo la Im-
RalloMlig M viart at Mslil anil
OfMtUM DW I mil I rlilay
McAdaa Monn t'liu.r.
, I N V Htaff 'oi reaiondcnt.
HA N I'ltAM'ISCD .luno 2 one
day of tonVM'Mtlonnl mtlllnK in the
uiidttoiinm and n 1utulity forrnoon
alrumi r MCUlMon lu San I'rum'l.ro
bn) hiia not act vod to iinlofk 'to
WThl hltflni pMOi of tho demori.it-
tr prttiidintMi ctndldtl! but it It
Inoi e.iMtiijrlv exldent that the eoveral
mouo.i nnndldniti e,nu mort than
niVthlM In Ih.a iiitinil world to
amoko IVIIlMl Olbbi Mi'Ailim Into
the open.
j I'll' t ommunlratlon btlWtiW him
ami hi' Mtivt nttie band of tna
. Ury and former II laalll WOfRarl
her,, haa btW "out." they eay. and
when ttiey have laid n Rlliterlng
tritio on the red. or if Thoio.11 1.
Chadhoiirne of lower M mhatian, la
lookliiK distantly at ohjeeta at eloae
hand, after the manio-r of ItlOM
deeply leaiued In 111'' law And poll
tlea. it may lie remarked. In the
word! of IndtKnatit miuiKi-ra of
wide open bQOlM tiere that It'a a
neat Utile inmr.
The former aeeretaiy of ihe trena
uty ta now Keueially admitted here
an the Mfh powlblllty and hla dill
Kent frlenda who wer.- foimetly aa
.01 luted with hlin in tlie iieaaury Of
otherwie. dei'l.l.e Ihe ailKi: cat Ion th.ll
he la ptayliiN a eh t-k poaaun. xTaine,
la an "infamoua a'.ur upon a HllOOrt
man "
There appear, to he a fair proaper;!
of dealing tho patty platform
I through thi- oonvonllon hy Thuraday
atid peihapa the h.illot perforniiinoe
Will atari on Krld.y. lor ha pa even
Thurodny veiling.
TWO Kiimniil
I'antiv llioiiaon, 12. and a toother
lounger than ahe. ehlldren of a faim
11 nonff here, were drowned In Ih
north foik of the river Sunday 11I1
ernooti while trying to wade the
SfOnm Tholf bOdlM were reioveied
laic l'i"t night
night, wired th resolution commit
tee of the democratle ngttnual ron
vonllon that unleaa thi convention
le, ili Hotly with lahor, th lahor
vol.- of the aou'h will hot th demo
cratic party thla year, thll tire iking
the aoid aoiith The mHgo wont
to rare of Samuel i.oinprrt.
llHir llireati n tloll.
ATLANTA, iia, .luno If it.iii
road union leader repi-eaentlnu the
OUthNMti following a mceiing laHt
MM In llolfaat.
LONDON, dun 30. Hinting ha
occurred in tielfaal, according to th
Dally BkOtOh. Thirteen roery
Mori . I'tarked. Tho polio
pfOVonMd Mflotll damage to prop
grtj ion In th. flrhtlng tha head
. ona'ahle wan atroek hy a Hlono and
neveiely Injured Several other po
tlceirien were iTIghtlv hmt
kground Uie
1 i nch la 1 liti-
111 00 i oiourni 0111 01 111a 'loiiow
It will h I'llmer or ,1 deadlocked g 11 will he coon faahlon, right In
eonventlon with ultimately a dark:he convention hall. Thorn 1-1 now
flora winner one of rainier' :oun- no Indication of McAdoo a1ng ntiy-agei-g
declared tuday. thine, doing anything. In pera.m or
raltnr'a harker thla morning, be-I hv proxy, to relieve tiie MtMrhOfttOd
for th convention wa called to,uperiae of, not an 111 u h hla frlenda
order were claiming 32u votea on tho , aa 'u- politic il nvala
flrat ballot, aa again! Iho claim of I If In the dlatant background
21111 bv iho MeAdooara. .aatui.- Mr llarn, v M FU
(lovernor Jatiie Cox'a boom todav ; hing hla dry palm log iher aa tpot -aeemed
about atatlonary. no marked ' illative gentlemen me wonl to do
variation lieing ohaervahto lni e yoa
terday. Tho Palmer crowd reported a cer
tain weakening In the rank of 1 ox .-tn,i
army hacking up thla an npllon ' foih
that tho awertlon that MHII of hla
cohort were talking "second choice1
for th first time alnco -their arrival
Ifl San Francisco,
Chriilian Collrge
Mr T. t,. Winter.
Mrs. T. li. Winter of Minneapolis
tai raoantly choaaii lu-.d of the Can
trai Federation of Women Cluba,
Sweet Votbed Singer
Gives Cops Heartache
and Helps Blind Man
An old man waa playing a
musical Instrument In front of
the poatofllaa yaaterday afternoon.
Ilia little 5-year-old datllbtar sang
With a sweet young voice songs of
lung ago. lletwei n songs she
passed a plate "li'g ihe only way
we have to live since mania died,"
she said.
Rut before long the singing wis
Interrupted us an officer wulked
up to the man and gentle told
him to "come ulqpg." The officer
Picked up the few beloyglnga of
the sightless man. Taking Iho
little girl In his arm and leading
the old man hy the arm he walked
to th" police station. Tho aged
musician gave his name na S. ,M
Stevenson, Denison, Texa. Be
tween sobs th" llttla girl said her
name was M 11.101 p. Stevenson.
"I am helping my daddy make a
living," she said.
Officer! gently explained that
begging on the street wua pro
hibited by law,
"I didn't know that.' 'ho said,
"I guesa I'll have to go back to
Dennieon, B very body knows mo
ther; und they don't caro If I
make my living tho only way I
can. Pretty soon I'll bo In hvuven
and then- won't be any such laws.
Then I can play all I want to."
Aa Stevenson picked up hla be
lonjrlnN llttla Marjorta hugged her
dollle closer and , leaped her fath
1 r's hand t" lend linn out the door.
The chief Wiped tlie sw.at from
his laoe. a tear came to his eyes.
"I hated to do that, but it Is or
ders. If you bt one of them stay
you must let nl lof them and God
knowa i hated to drive that man
H it on. e on tho street In frnnt
of the stntbiti llttlo Marjorle
siull.g aAd that smile brought
forth thi sympathy which abides
In the heart of every man. The old
man and his daughter left the sta
tion n few dollars richer than
they entered II. "Who knows,"
said one aX fleer aa he gave tho
little hlond-heaired gill a hit of
silver. "I may some day be In that
fix and I'll need help. Cod be With
you. stranger."
i.M.ii.ii.i , (f 1,0,1,. Relation
With Country I Bought In Ap
proaching Visit.
CHICAGO. June 29 Financial
It) for Mex-.co and establishment of
trtile relations with Chicago will ho
"wpht in a vlalt oon to be made by
tUTRdnr Alvarado, ecretnry of the
I Mexican treasury, il was announced
I 1 ,1 : n
vi- of 1 Mexican City newspaper.
Mr. Carylo held Informal confer
ences with several leading Chicago
banker and business no n today, and
lie Raid that they expressed n will
ingness to discus propoaala with
Secretary Alvarado, who is eipected
hire within the next three weeks.
Arrangement have been made for .1
dinner at which the Mi xioan secre
tary will meel Chicago Industrial
and finanel-af leaders.
Mr. c'arryio said that among
Mexican business policies wars
"aiiRolute freedom to foreign husl
nesa to operate according to the
liwfTof Mexico, the revival of IV
banking system of Ihe country, and
n open minded and Inviting attitude
to the middle wet, particularly Chi
cago, to do business with MSloO
1VII T-gMlnturo Hv Wire.
WAS1IIVC.TON, June '9.- Mrs.
Ahbie Scott itaker, chairman of tha
foreeR of the national woman's or-
ginlxatlnn of Mn Krttnels In a
telegram to headquarters hero to
day, said Vance MoCormtck and Wil
bur Marsh have agreed lo take -l
telegraphic poll of tho Tenneaat a
legislature on the suffrage Issue K
the raault.i favorable, MeCormlck
w.l! announce It to the, democratic
convention aa Id Mis Itaker
"My wife Buffered for yens with
tnmach trouble arhleh did not ylatd
to any treatment. She took 'bis.'
of Mayr's Wonderful Itcme.lv last
Saturday with wonderful results. I
have jrractleed medicine for 20 years
and have never aeon anything Ilk
h before, i have recommended
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy to sever-
that T lmou- n",.,1 this treatment "
removes the catarihal ntUOOUl
m. the intestlna, tract and allays
Inflammation which causes
Ically all omach, liver and
tlnul almants, Ineugtng P-
money refunded at all druggLsui.
If Wattes t;o Hp anil Hulls Owl What
Thej Nccil Hhlpcn Must Hour
They Need Shipper. MoM Hour
WABHlNOTONi June 29. Freight
r itcK must ho Increased II ',4 per
cent If the i-jadM' demands for 111-c-eaRcd
ficight tariffs and tho men's
demand for Ineicasod pay are
granted ami tho whole burden placed
on the freight traffic, the interUte
commerce commission wus told to
day hy Cllford Thorn of ChloagO,
repraaantlns shippers.
Mi. Thorns rooonunvndad that the
wage advance be added without fur
ther hearings to tho costs upon
winch the roads now base their re
quest for adSancd (.eight rait,
I hat a 6 per cent liiri cuRo. be made
In paseenger rales Willi tho balance
of freight tariffs to care for the
P regent caso and thai uny advance
c. eusbiiied hv the wage d -vision 1
si. read out over I he intlre cam
of IM railroads front all soun
"An added burden of $2,00,000
annually, or over 50 per cent sud
denly placed upon tho freight traf
fic of the I'nlted States would he.
overpowering." Mr. Thorne declared
"no man
11 DO J
lings 1
could foretell the conae-
Wo I'ay 9'"c COfBDOtttldiad on
any gqMHUIt Inveslcd nioiitlily
or ntlierwlMc.
No Tar.
t lulcr Mgda SiiHTvlslon.
c solicit your account.
Home Building &
Loan Association
817 S. Boston
lion rui
with 1 ii 1 1
I'rwxt .
Hill ( iiirr 11
ttnli of MtiMte
r. Junior ('nllftfif f'r Wi.nin
faculty nt atO cnllrgn tmlnixl
tn n it rtmtMii. Porwiitorlw
I'luail umiiiii, lnt atlil eolfl ion
Mtf 26 "00 NalAtoituin. K"f rr
lr, I . M. ( Ulr M... -H
111, ntuitil.U. Mm A Ut
See What
Your Dollar
Will Buy
Kool, Komfortable Shoes
For the Hot Days
ltoys' and Qlrla' San lals, In
white, blgich and tan, Including
l uge size and up 93
Hoys' and Clrls' ventilated Ox
fords and play acuffcrs, lan or
black. Including large QfT
sizes up to size 2 . . . D -L7J
Children's Sister Sun Pumps,
lull ed now ii)X 25
Miss. s' Sister Sue Pumps, very
TT. $1.35
Ladles' Sister Suo Pumps, very
TT. $1.45
Ladies' low heel canvas Pump,
turn o!es, cheaper than cheap
house, slippers ut our (Jrt M
price of P.'tO
Lidies' Martha Washington
House Slippers, rubber he-Is, 01,
sale now tPOl 4 r
Old Uidlea' Comfort Oxford,
low rubber C A CT
heels IhZ.4i3
Several dozen men's white and
Palm peach Oxforda, very rat
souably priced UJQ QK
at 3)0.x7D
Children' whlto Mary Jane
Pumps, the sensible pump for
growing feet; priced 4l- AA
for sale at tM.UU
About fifty pair glr.1' white
Mary Jane Pumps, size S'j und
II whlto Ivory Qf
soles, priced at .... OI .')
GlrUV 'and Misses' white lisle
stockings, regular 80c values,
special 2 pairs rP
for . 1 I OC
Come Up Look Compare
PHONE 1962
Mrs. F. A. Rhodes
Tells How Cuticura
Healed Baby
"When baby was about three
wtrkn olJ biimpy-looklna, erupitona
came on her I- Ihty
aeemrd to Itch terribly for
ahe scratched cnnatanlly.
The rruptlona apread to
her head aud were very
lark? e and had a bard
"M airgilf Kh waa v a i u
Hciiui ami croaa, ino
kept M awake. Her hair waa diy,
lifeleaa.and thin and would not grow.
The eruption cauaed her to be dia
figured. "We used a aample of Cuticura
Soap and Ointment. Then bought
two cakes of Soap and one box of
Ointment which healed her."
Mra. K. A. Khodes.2707 Boone St.,
Baltimore. Md , Aug. 22, 1019.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Tal
cum promote and maintain akin
purity, akin comfort and akin health
often when all elae faila.
ag,i Iftk r br M.i Aii.lrgg "0tlrt
l.ftbratoTti, Tgpt H Malta- Ma.. rU-r,
' t Srt Otnlgngrtt ?A nrt dV I al. nrr 7f
MtW I i " uidAgdip aria. ill, nut mien
J lie Hail Store
Interesting Speeial for Wednesday
He ant if ul Silk Skirts Each $15.00
i:erv r 1 d re Baal will ippra Olatl tha newness and th stylo of thes Bilk Bklrt
Km ry thrifty i hopper will ppieclato their real value - Wonderful Hllk Th ht
"Malison" nd "Migel" produce an ar
ray of colors magnificent Many mart
Rlyle. Th" box pleated side pleated
knife pleated -accordlan pleated a a
mativ strictly port atyle (Bne our
Window Display.)
Vollr PmscH
Special for Wedncndau
Yourt for f.15.00
Our window ahnw a few of th Vnlla
drennes wo aiMl sell R n special for Wed
neday - Flach tylo Is a practical style
well ua a smnrt Nlyle. Tho colors nrn
th much oiight for dark pattern, fin
for office the train or shopping, a good
range of atxes. You must ee thla aa
eortment to appreciate thi bargain.
During Jnly and August
(Mir More (Inneant 5 p. ni.
9 yy
A Tube that Holds Air ',
A good inner tube is something vastly differ
ent than a piece of rubber tubing shaped to
fit a casing it is the studied solution of the
problem of inflation.
In the manufacture of balloon fabrics we en
countered the inflation problem in its most
difficult aspects, for balloon gas is much more
elusive than air
The maki ng of a gas-tight balloon-wall required
the development of a layer-upon-layer con
struction so delicate that 32 layers are neces
sary to spread 4 ounces of rubber on a square
yard of fabric
This layer-upon -layer principle of construc
tion, with its freedom from porosity and imper
fections, is embodied in the thick, powerful
and elastic Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tube.
Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes hold air un
failingly you can get them, packed in sturdy
waterproof bags, from your Goodyear Service
Station Dealer.
Their initial cost is no more than the price you
are asked for tubes of less meritwhy risk costly
casings when such sure protection is available?
y reu

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