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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, July 06, 1920, EXTRA FINAL, SECTION-A, Image 5

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i nefon
I . -mi
I Vilkv
the irtal of hU inner. N. H.
V. fleptltV sheriff, r'urnril
mm tn this rlty tf.mday.
prtaonei In want, I here fur
in 1 1 . furiii -t r in rhi.tKirv
Parade, Athletic Stunts,
Fireworks and Oratory
Was Day's Program.
him With robblni '. Willi. nm imiiI
K J I'lsllir c.r IaI.AU ill uev. ii
iilrh an I rlnif at ihe lormi r'i
grocery mow, lit) Kaet fecund
tract on I ml' T . Wilki-rm ii
niiuip imnti in dtstrlot roun aad bis
i irh ' in tn uo I lajet ii-rm. but
beoatiea he li-ft thi- ihI iiml vio
lated the tenna .f hlH bond, thi
rnurt riMeri-d the defettdaM urn' i
I nnd ritiiiiiiil In Tills. i
PMClnf and Picnics Helped
Pmi an Enjojrablt Day
fof Young and Old.
Tulaa celebrated Mm Fourth. Prr
bnpH n"l ' mildly a some Fourth
Cve bean celebrated In th City,
but Juat ii ent hualiiatlt ally. Tin1
eelebretlon oornutenced hertly aflat
nililnlKhi Sii'iitnv nlKht and lasted
until inidnUlii liiit nltfht. The bang
ban el exploding tin x rackera wm
heard In nil parti ol tha ally from
th bttay buelneaa district la ih re
mot edgea ol th city.
Th "official" oalabratlon, in
harf of the Tulaa chapter Naval
Vetera n of America, began yeeter.
day morning with a aurprulnaljr
i . aatflll parade, headed hy ofri. i ts
.f tha polio fori e and city of
fti lula Veteran of the World war
ai wall n veterans of other war
participated In tha parade, wearing
tii ir service uniforms which baa
teen tlvan careful pressing for the
1 alon,
a doeen trucks of the Tulaa fire
department flll"'l a lilo. k of the pa
rade gplendld must waa furnlehed
by tin' Oi Oi k. k. military band
and Hie Sulvntion Army hand. Imth
of whli h occupied prominent posi
tion In the parade.
Hundred! of doughnuts, wrapped
In dut-proof paper, were thrown to
hyatandera hy Salvutlon Army
laatlea ,
r: punish war veteran, nattlly-at-tlnd
marlnaa the fife and drum
rorpi of tha PylhUUI Slaters. Knight
of Pythlai and other fraternal Of"
fanltatlona, helped to make tip an
i i link parade. From I'ollro in
spector Charlie W. Daley to the last
automobllea the parade preeented a
wonderful picture, entirely in heap
ltic With the day which the parade
With the Tubal hall team out of
the city, McMultg park wan thrown
open lor the many gaglSg nml con
leeti bld there a part of tho day
I ulelillll loll.
olae Blkai "chaperoned" hy Will
lira Wet, exalted ruler, started ihelr
part of the eelehratlnn early with a
unrlae danee at Klectrlc park.
Tulsi literally "cloned up hop"
reeterday while the city turned out
In celebrate the Fourth. Drtia nloren,
OOld drink ntandn and riHtaurantn
remained open hut that wa uhout
nil. Practically every (rencral Iind
grceer) Iter was closed no tlRht one
couldn't hnvn bought a toothpick.
Thimi- who hadn't laid In n nupply
of groceries Saturday nlKht had to
be i ontenl with male bread and cof
ttt wtthoul cream for their meale
Monday. t'lcar ntnri' Wage plentl-i
fully (applied with check but Utile j
rash by Monday noon They were i
the dtyl Jmnkrrs. I
rdaj ii a Brent day for ple
Blc. I'lrtSnla park. Sand Springs.
Electric park practical ty every
place within a 10-mile radius of
Tulsa where there were tries WfJ
the ecene of merriment and eating
by good natured picnicker. Honda
from Tulaa to nearby town were
well traveled by motorists,
The day waa singularly free from
disorder which uaunlly accompany
a I'mirth of .Inly; celebration.
AI "nven park last night there wa
n brilliant display of firework. A
number Of novelties were Introduced
hi li thrilled the tremendou crowd
thai thronged the park. The fire
works display wa preceded by an
Informal program of "peaking.
Youth Who Violated Ilond Condi
tion Mum Obtain Uirgwr Bond
tnereaalng ihe criminal appeax-
"' bond of Max. Wiikeroop from
l:' 000 to 15,000. Judge Owen Owh
district court ycaierd.iy com-
rnltted the defendant to Jail to await
triun on the eharga of conjoint rob
bery, nrilkeraon . arret tad In
Vlekrburg, Mln. laat week and
turned ever la local county afftoera
tor "f his .M.pearame li
uMiig the saie of Oklahoma
The Mortuary
Mr limine Julian, 6S year old.
died nuildnly nt her rtnldenee, 423
v cai iyourth yeeterday afternoon.
fTuneral arranK' nienta have not been
fjeorge n. go. 1th, i year old, died
yneterdag afternoon t a looaj hon-
pllal. He la survived hy hla mother
who uvea at gagetwille Arkans
I'linernl araailgamanla have not been
Funernl Ml lj)iai for Mr. MMti
Mny Hearing, yeara old, who died
Moterday morning at n local hoapl
laj were held at the Mitchell -Fleming
chapel nt 8 o'clock Inst night.
Iinlilca lo r hueband, J. J. He n lug
who Uvea at Begga she la nurvlved
hy one aMId The body will bi ahip-
ped to Morris, Ok I., thin mm mug
where glnal earvlfxi will he hold.
Mai Yancey Freemnn. t yeara
old, died last night nt his rcnldcpce.
"2 M, Mavhell. He ha been n resi
dent of Tulaa for Ihe hint in peal
H 1 1 nurvlved by two son. Btlgl n
U Fi i eman. of thin city, nnd Charlen
1,. freemen of wichitu Km ten.
naral eervloee win be conducted at
the Catholic church at 8 o'clock
wedneeday morning, interment will
he In the jloly Family cemetery.
Make a Cake
m 4 minutes
One minute for sifting the
Excc'o mixture. Two min
utes to add water and mix.
And a minute for butter
ing the pan. Then bake.
It's as simple as 1-2-3 with
'Delicious and Ccontmical, M.
Inour narittitt Lemon,Vnill.
dclidou Chocolate nd
richly spiced Devil's Food.
E.' C. Gathn C o.
Kansas City, Mo.
'The Dupont"
A Bannister
Which moans, of course, the
ultimate in quality, value and
T! ' new Oxford an English
last is especially popular,
it I well ' constructed to (rive.
unusually good
foot comfort.
service and
lira wn Kangaroo $20
Broth Russian Calfskin $18
Main cil lourtb
Home of Hanan and Hatutinter Shoes
Happy Throng is Well
Cared For at Popular
New Red Fork Kesort.
Klectrlc park, Tulaa a ncw. st
nmunement place, located on vJi'
Oklahoma union laterurbeni wat
outh of lied Fork, w.m afttramaly
populnr with eeleluaturn yetrda
, The park wan well filled dmlng the
' entire daj
a ngmbar of new ooneesjlona Jmd
1 lust in -n initatled, Including m up.
lo dale merry -go-round ami aV akat
I Ing link. The men f-go round Is
Ijael from the fariory nt Iaven-
Wollll. Is I IP lilt I ;. ,.f the ll'-t
pqulpped device Of Ita kind In Una
ectloii of tho couniry.
l.aat night the dancing pavllkon
wnn crowded unlil mldiiighi Hvarj
beat aa preened into service, ami
Manager Will T. Havla declare. I h
com. i eaaltj iave found nai toi IWo
doaen more hoa's
Parking apace waa provided f,,t
ears M..oti. t came from Tills i
Snpulpa. ami ihe smaller lowna In
Tulea and nearby counttea Hvarj
I incoming Interarben train helped
; aweii the crowd,
"We had a lot id .llfficultV in
getting ready to entertain Ihe crowd
toda) Mr Dnvl eld last nighl
wnn w aocompllahed to only lem
pot. ii y, at that The lent ou t the
abating rink win Boon he dlaoarded
.for n. permaneni building rhi
I merry -go round w.ia put up m al
hurry. Tltcie an a numbOt of parte I
yet to be add. ,1 lii fore It la com
plete it la perfectly eat and iub
etaatlal now. hut n will look hi tter
when It la fmislu d "
iioheif MoHlrnay,
Funeral Director Phono III llf
13 ,'J1 gouth Main Advt
Strains of Music Rival
Bong Birds at Elks'
Morning Caper,
The local lodge of RIk eeli In all . I
ihe Pourtb with H tunrla danee al
Ited Fork A api. i il cat cart led ill
hug wd "lit nnd many motete.i
in private oonveyanee, Jack gjtreal'i
orchestra played the program, fea
lurlng pairiotir miiaii throughouti
'i bore wafg givaniyffhj toupla prea-
i nt among whom were a large num
ber of vlnliing Klk and kid tea
Ooughmtln nnd coffee wre aerved at
i.i. ikfaat time ami were much en -
Thi dance waa given histoid of
he tiHllal Tlitliadny ulghl dune thai
is acliediile! for hiat week Th"
merry arawd were gud in pntMa of
the full enjnyiinani of una outdoor
pleasure associated with its full
complement of Informality. It una
toted thai the dance he repenled all
an earl dale Not unlil along after 1
eight o'clock did the i -n teases of
'"Id Mm make ihe d.nicesa nallr.e
thai giand old BUmmerUmt waa here,
I'p lo that time, Ihe air wis cool
nnd deUghtfiil The atrnfna nf be
in . hesira had It gralgldi In the
ni tiga of the woodlnnd ilnls who
arere piping Ihelr alnigt note and
who aoon renllseil them were rivals
( addle la Killed Iry Drive.
UTMAi N. Y., Jjy 5. -Joaeph
1 Uy, i I m. 4 .1. a en. Idle, waa
Inatsntly killed Hits rrftern ioi, n th
links of s local goMJ cluh when hn
vnn struck by a golf Jju driven from
a point 100 yards awiiy.
v g
FnFjyi yr r? o t yi o y
Are Here in Good
, Assortment
riarty are knitting for fall and
wilder rigid now iintl many more
are using the summer weight
This store is the acknowledged
headquarters for knitting yarn
for comprehensive stocks arc
ready al all seasons.
Competent instructions at your
convenience during store hours.
New Books on knitting ready.
(icrmantown, Shetland Floss,
Knitting Worsted, Saxony, Saxon
elte. in all colors.
Two-Fold Lustre Yarn for sum
mer sweaters, 2 oz. hall. 75c.
Silk mixed (1-fold) 2-oz. halls
at ()c.
Sdk Shetland in all shades. Two
oz. halls, 90c.
Art Ncudlcwork Section Itnloony.
! Special Prices on
Silk Crepe de ('hine
Good quality, 40 inches wide.
Pink, Flesh or White. ,
Special, yard $1.59.
Studio Wash Silks
Dainty colors in stripe and
fior d effects,
Most colors.
36 inches wide.
Regularly, $:ux).
Special, yard. $2.39.
Fancy (.corfjettes
We've seven pieces to sell at the
Pretty patterns and colors,
Regularly, $3.50.
Soecial, yard, $1.89.
Sport Silks
In ,i good selection including Mi
gil's 1930 Fantasi and Mallinson's
Kumsi Kumsa.
Extra Special, yard, $3.98.
bilk fce4Ju Main Floor
ShortSharp Effective 7 a ndevers
The Millinery Section announces the big stock re
duction sale of the month the sale covering prac
tically all hats in the department
This will include Georgette Hats, Ortrandie Hats,
Straw Hats, Soft Ribbon Hats, Milan, Leghorns,
Hemp, Sport Hats Georgette combinations, Lisere-,
Sailors and Fancy Braid Hats.
Regularly from $5.00 to $35.00.
Ch ooseA ny Ha t at Exactly I la If -price
Mllllnrrj neelloo Thlr Hour
' L
Prices Down 20 Per Cent
mien ap- I fm
.ality as j
s here '
You Need at Reduced Prices
Three Lots of Fancy Cotton Voiles.
Beautiful range of patterns and col
ors. Fxtra special at, yard,
59c, 89c and $1.29
T'vo Lots of Fine Tissue (Jinjfhams.
,Every conceivable color and plaid,
30 inches. Special yard 69c and 98c
Best Quality Percale
Gcod assortment of small designs on
light grounds, 35 inches wide. Extra
special, yard 45c
Colored Dotted Swiss and Em
broidered Voiles
A table lull to choose from, all
colors, both light and dark -also
while. Extra special, yard. . . .$1.98
Underwear Nainsook
In Pink, Yellow or Blue, excellent
quality, 36 inches wide. Fxtra spe
cial, yard 59c
Wsab i I Hrotlon Msln llnor
B1dmi$$ A Safe IF G(oxdl Qmm
Seldom can one find bloUflCS of such
particularly fine grade of silk, and
such superior workmanship and styl
ing in a sale.
And Ihe original prices are excep
tionally low.
Tomorrow at exactly half the
marked prices.
In a wide variety of colorings and
models that will appeal lo the most dis
criminating. Twenty five in Ihe group.
lllnujie So I lim Third floor
Consider first quality.
- More and more are womt
predating the Slroc qti
i.l.K.llWlllllwl 1,1 I 1 W . V I II ll H 1 H I ' 1
for the daily increase in numbers
of customers is ample testimony
to the goodness of the footwear.
Many are frank in their ap
proval, expressing satisfaction
concerning! the fit and anaring
quality, as well as the beauty of
shoes purchased here.
Double satisfaction may 'be ob
tained now for the whole stock of
Oxfords and pumps arc reduced
20 per cent.
Women's, Misses' and Chil
dren's. Htioe Section Hooond Floor.
A t Lowered Prices
To effect a quick stock reduc
tion, many noteworthy reductions
are in effect throughout the store.
Not the least of these are the
prices quoted on these exception
ally smart Smocks for women and
misses. i
Silk Pongee, Voile nnd Crept
many hand -embroidered with the
most fascinating color combina
tions. Others quite plain, all correctly
styled and finished.
Regularly from $4.oo to $15.00,
and every ar.
Any at off.
hnork Section Second Floor
When Silk Skirts A re So Low Priced
Whatever prices have been, there is no doubt that we are now offer
ing a collection of Silk Skirts, from select makers, at prices that dis
count regular prices to an extent never before thought- possible.
Tomorrow we offer another extensive group, every model having
COST the maker more than OI K selling price.
Such opportunities should he promptly taken advantage of, for be
yond a doubt these prices are sub normal and will not continue.
The group now available includes silk skirts of MigtTs 1920 Pan la
si, Mallinson's Kumsi Kumsa and other makers silks of equal note.
All colors and white.
Plain tailored models and many pleated effects.
Choose from the collection at $17.85.
Skirt Kri-tlou Third floor
Veto Store Hours dur
ing July and August
teeek days Often at H
a. m closing at 5 . in.
Saturday 4 1 pen at it
a. Ha., closing at 6:30
p. m.
Womrn's Fibre Silk Hose,
lace stripe, heather, black,
browri and dark colors.
Special, pair, $1.29.
Main Floor
New Idea and
Home Journal
Mail Orders
I'repaid on all
Mail Orders
in i 1 1 sm i ii ii limit
MisnlM-r of Hie 'ruba, Oijcii Shop Aamm-IuIIou
Wa try to thn wry hast of our ability
to h courteous to shnppra who
eonie to tha atora whith. r they '-urns
to buy or "liok" - However, if Any
one ahnuld not be eourteoua, you'll
confar a favor If ynu will eel this
rilarnurtpfiusnesa to the attention of s,
floor munseer In person, by phons
or by rnstl.
The Vsnderer Adman.

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