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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, July 10, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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Puh!ill.1 Kttry Vnrnma laehntlaf HhMlf
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rms i.or row
. Oentr ami PSa laeei
Mnilnrit Mi agSf
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Vtliillii W Ml
Chit I FrillnP.ar Wntti
BnUfH In lltr I '. ' II lf M'tM
M KM 1.1 K ' Lli If : -.1 ' I I . V I 1 11
Asl)i I 1 K 1 1 I'KKHf
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ate for raa.iifiliialie.ii f ali ti.vi siiptteuei rMfleH IS
It or not ihrlr treaties in th:. pipe, ani ete ,h"
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ITali eallllal 4e
Oat 1ir
Kit Mentha ,
Ttirat M ntbl
Ont Mi-ntb . . .
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Thr Mi.nthe
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Ptr Month In Artv.ni- "
Par Tttr. In AAanra
BT C A It It 1 1. R IN VISA kinp fl-RINtin AI4I IlKD
Ptr W.
Ptr Month. In Aitvanoe I'
Ptr Ttar In Ailvtiiro . 110 n"
gHONK nil All. Pl.l'AKT MKNI'H
r i i t i i CIT1 p p I it
Dally Biblical Quolalon
Mnw excellent In lliv lOVlDf kindnrsA. 0 OOdl
therefore Ih.i children ..r mn put their trust
under the shadow of 'by ITtngn Paa,. 34: T.
Through nil ilio .hanging MM Of life,
In t r 11 1 lt Afd In Joy.
Tin ptalaca of my Und shall ntlll
My heart urnl tongue rtniilt.y.
They hall be abundantly satisfied wl'h the
fatness nf ihy liniiHf. aii'1 Ihnu rihtull make them
drlnlt ,if Hi.- river f thy pleasures I'su .'IH:..
Hill regardless Ol results, the signs forecast
A hard winter for Ihl ni.inli.ro nf I tin pnst
maatcre' union.
It 'h t ii k I iiic Hi" allies mi nuful Imiit lfn In
AUoka the fltl Hiantl' handa Thry Art Ini llm rl
In hvllcvi' Hi. in hlnffliiK, lint through, f'nr that
thry may hnltl four ai ca Ihry huva 'attain put
t.tt "..Hln'. . i, ...
tin: kuknci: or .o fctiiM
I'nlltlra, arrm .llrii; In itiu rl 111..I..11 Im hi
the arl. tii o at k'iVI I'nmi'ii' Inn :i i in .linit In
prartlrn In Iho l'nllr, MtdTrn nr America II In
enactlnB law An Jwr Iimiily lh platform nf
thn two major parllra-fi nro rpmlnt1i.il oni-r
Afaln, anil with trrtiiit favor, of Vlr I'rraldcnt
Marnhall'n rplKram, "Thoy ahnuld write the
rlenincratli' platform on a poatrard "
Inateatl. a platform wnn wrlttrn that, ron
AlderlnA the uheota named for apei Inl A4JlA
lallnn, nUAReata tho prOIOattil of a people who
Are KturtliiK In to found a Rnvernment from the
rounit up The repuhllean platform la almoat
aa verhoa-i and HltH of a wllderneea nf
new liiwa.
And yet, what the rountry neeila more than
Anythln eleee In a leclalatlve fn.t until aueh
A time aa the ataluten now In exlatence are
thonuiKhly fllKeated. Not only In the federal
relation, hut In elate anil even municipal relit
tlona, the pAtlant atlffera (pom acute leKlala
tlve IndlRoatlnn. And nmoni; pnlltlial pr.-n il
clonera of repute there la no dlanKTccmcnt ellher
Aa t" the ilialemper, the ruuee of the rure.
The pollilral parties, however, like Indulgent
parenla. IMPlnf 10 any "No" pledRe theniAelvea j
to eonllnue nverirmvillni: the atttmaeh uiiin '
tronlili -In ceding viands.
What the I'nlted Slate8 atanda In need of la
not more laws, hut anne and -militant over
haullnR of Its Rovernmental muchlnery in the
Interest nf eennomy ami sane ifflcleniTjr In
the AdmlnLltrAUen nf ataMnajAl laws. The na
tion Buffers from over-Aovernment. a much
o, that every man with A perannal difficulty,
every fartmn with a grievance to be redrestu-d
or purpose to be reallic.l. asks Rnvertitnent hid
And protection In excena nf anvthlng contem
plated In the i .institution and, In moat cases
In direct OppOatfUOH In the clear Intention of
those who (I Viand thai wonderful Inalrument.
The lnduNttl.il situation does not require new
lerlAlollon N.iihet dues the lullrmida; nor
the termini Indtutry, itook-rAlalni Induatry; nor
doea the penal cndu rriiulie uddltlona The
extenalon of Kovernmcnt authnrity any further
Into McUl 'ir linlimti ihI irlallnna la a mistake,
the proposal cannot Justify Itself ellher In the
constitution or In Ih. fa. c ,,f logic and reaaon.
Th sane leglslallnn re,ulted at the hands of
A new Administration is easily understood The
war must be bPOttfhl in an ofttUnl end, and
foreign relation reestablished alo.ig the
frontiers Ml up by the c.h ly executives and
their rooOOOOOri to the tlmo nf Woottroa) Wilson
There atop until the entire system of admin
istrative government has been IhoroiiKlily ny. r
haulcil and almpUflOlt To accomplish this
overhauling morn repeals than enactments will
bo found desirable and necessary, more offices
will need to be abollahAd than created.
Out of such legislative activity will necessar
ily come A revision of the tax laws and re
distribution of the public debt n,t It should
b a part of the general undertaking, not a
leglalAllv Achievement by Itself
No AdmtnlMtrAtlnn could perform a more last
tng And valuable aervlca to the country than
thlAi If the new administration, whatever Its
partisan complexion may I.e. could manage t,,
tmpreao the country with lu determination not
to enact another piece of legislation or create
another office until After a competent com
Biltee had made a survey of exlatlng laws nod
opartmenta and bureaus and reported a compre
hrnalvA plan of simplified government, there
would be a tgh of relieved ApprovAl.
The special pleaders and claaa Advocates
jrould be compelled to pack their trunk and
go hnnie The national congreas could Intel
ligently com ern Itself with the genuine MtanM
of government, and there could and should
i nme of (Hi h hii effort, nol only a heller and
more constitutional government, but a govern
ntent leas officious In Ha relation la 'he unit
Mini and far h as expensive.
A l trlxlatlvc fast until the patient has had
lime in digest thoroughly what he has MlOfl
that ihoUd be thn slogan The true m Ion
of Ovtmmont requites that lake Ult DUrO
for Ihl Ian making habit
Oklahoma (tiiburntx
Tl? I,
s the Dust Clears Away
llMlll. i Mii'Mi.N I'OMTIUBtTlONM
William (...eh, laOttf jin hotoPtl the senate In
xi si iga' ing commlttoi itartlod the oanatori ami
tOmOWhnl aho. keil the COVntpy by aaaeitlng
hla ppponlllon to a law limiting i (imp ugn 0490
IfibUtlonO The trouble with Mi ItOtb la he re
fOOOa In play Ihe deinsgngue Ills DOOlUOO la
snutid and loOObli the orily amitid atid laflnblO
position In I n taken on (hi alllijeil
Mt. Isieh sas such a law would be lm
prm tli utile. Thai ik i vnlent t., any (nil minded
p. t son. And i' would i erl.ilnly be disregarded
by Ihe criminal lomOOl In politico Those who
beiiovs in I. an pnlni s prnoUeo i k an polltleo.
II OOtlM not in he iiMismny in p. ant mil that
irlmliiallly dors not lay In the n lm u lit nf money
expi tided In a primary ampalgn bu In Ihn
manner In wbhli It la expended, but It la. Thn
upwafda nf a ntllllnn dollars Uond In present
ing the landldaiy of Of ooO to the counlry was
not Diimlnnl ospoB4lturo, for a mnti commit-
tee has been working weeks to secure some
nWdinie of Improper cxpndltiir and has fulled
utterly. Hut the use of an InntfJBlflCOnl nmounl
of Lowden ini.ney In MlOOOOjrl was Criminal i
II has heen pfOTOn so.
If the eountty Is deiermlned to have presl
demial piltnarlis then It must nOOOrO to DOn4l4
dale thn right In use money n nuffli II nt iU.in
titles tn get their candidal y LntrodUCOd to the
clcciors. To dettiand otic wlihottt act nrdlng tha
nthir would be manifestly Inconsistent.
In nppiisliig the law limiting ampalgn 00
pondltUrOl to tlO.tino a state, Mr. Uieh said.
"flUOh a law would be unfair. In New York It
i osls lli'i.noo to aend one letter in eai h repub
lb an voter. In Texas It would cost very Utile,
hOOOIIOl there are not many republb an voters
In -Texas." Ily subsi n ut itig Ponnaylvnnln for New
York Ihe example applies with euual force to
the democratic parly.
The true view of the mailer Is I hat laws
i.gulsllng thn amount of money expended will
not ompllsh nothing. The philosophy Involved
In sin h an argument pars with that whl. h hnl.ls
thai the tnero poOOOOOlon nf WSaltb Is criminal
thai from a perann i cushion d tn au h poa
siHalnn rio good Ihought or deed an como
Miserable and Intolerable fallacy I
The man of no means Is In pmotloi mora
Apt to be guilty of criminal pmctloOO than Ihe
man of considerable means; thai the pelty-fog-Klng.
praitbal ward healer In politico, playing
a dark-lantern gaino Is far more dangerous
than he who spends money luxlshly to pre
sent hla name und his i tutti to the people.
The fact ahnuld not be lost sight of that the
purveyor or poor uualliy goodn dOOO not ilatn
advertise, only trade marked goo.la nf proven
worth court the spotlight of publicity.
Mr. I.oeb Is eminently right l.ei the dema
gogues rage all they please.
Tin: sK.wroHiAi, in vkstk.a TtON,
The senate ciitnmlttce Investigating campaign
expendltui ea continues to function This Ih
AUrpilslllg, Inn Having ,icci.milhed I hit pur-
POM for which It was orgMlOad, I be defeat of
(len. Wood, the country won led to expect that
It would qulatly end Its rxlsleiice In suitable
Hut I here seentu to have been other personal
enila to serve. 8o It gnca on and on. In a
magnificent show of patriotic purity It delves
Into the preconvcntlon campaign of man after
man; and It seeks to leave the Impression that
every candidate who spent money and every
man who handled money is hallmarked with the
stamp of Infamy.
Now, In order to serve another member of
the committee, It moves Into Missouri. Senator
Rood Is after his enemies, lie purpOOM pillorlng
them through ihe committee's ln cotigallons and
dloolnnui M
l-'or Heed, the statesman who ItOOd enrage
oualy fur the preaervatlon of American In
dependence, defying the autocrat al the head
of his party In order lo do ao, we have tremen
dOUl admlratlnn. Hut for Reed, seeking to
crush his opponents through the weight of of
ficial position for doing what he for years was
A consummate artist In pet forming -swaying
majorities through the use of money we have
something akin to contempt.
Hurling Ihe exposure of the Hahler Morse
l.owden Incident, the senate committee haa not
been able lo produce a scintilla of evidence that
any man spent a dollar corruptly or Illegally In
the pri nonrontton campaign. Its asaumptlon
that money so used In eonaldei able qonntltlM
la aa hypoerltcu! as aatan himself for I here
Is not a gentleman on tin- OOmmlttOS but knows
that money haa always been used to doli ly
campaign expenars; but has himself been the
beneficiary of as large auma, proportionately,
as any the committee's Investigations have dis
closed. t.eiieiui Halmer was eminently correct when
he said It did not concern him In the least
what the commute, thought, said or did Nor
does it concern the country at large The
DOmmlltOl from the first to last has tried the
patience of the natlnn. It Is without standing
in the affectlntta or even reaped of the general
public It has fooled no one, though It bus
made consummate cowards of many The beat
service It can now perform for the country
and Iteelf la to taper off as dignifledly as pos
sible and adjourn without date. In the future
the petty political maneuvers should be left
to the want politicians, to the lUblein, tho
MAmone, the Merta and the Heelings. Memb. nj
of the I'nUed Stalee senate ahnuld never again
penult themselvea to Indulge In such a vulgar
and devpltskable came.
it dovotopo that Frofiklln M Koonavoll a
tennis player Tennis Is to spot's what near
b' 01 la to the real atiiff
or onurao Ihooa Bew pniiie uniforms ire.
I f Ihh.va 1.... ... 1... .... .. .n..1.l.,v '
July day muk.a the wlmle town hoi.
MoAdoo'i niief la nothing oomportd nh
wnai ih. Botmiry fen when the Utb baloll
was nnnoonood
The Horoscope
0Sf ROM I0M Br Tha (Tn. el o Trthuita ,
Mr Wilaon wua the flrol lo OPOWl Into the
'" band w.'iron II' had telegram of eon
griitulallnna already written nut. and all Mr
TiimuMy had tn do was to Insert the name of
the nominee.
Rponblng ..f praaldontlal noutrnlltyi there is
Ikt POOltlon taken by lb. Iflohlta Ksgle
The Dallas Vr wa nnlv I.IMM liall aj n
II heara a la.lv nomtnaa any sin- haa no ftlends
lo reward nor em ml. i to punish
These new pardon lonndnll ate going to'
bring Com RUasell'l fat to life again. It seema
Imimaslble lo get through a summer any more i
without rsime hat rowing happenings
'Hie Hughes Coonty Tribune carries lis loy
ally to mer, ,,f arms to the full limit. It sr ems
to think lha! being a i i t.fi ri rate veteran and a
ripanlah war veteran riuallflcs a man for chief
Justl. e of Hie state supreme court.
Our position simply la. announces Ihe Dallas
News, that n maitlageuble girl doesn't need as
much advertising aa some of them think they
' ' Ml MSI
i i U "A'f to UC iKi
tUlarf.. f t J J
. iti rniPT.r r ' "on -- r
i -ik junw , 'f-ijj r . ..
v r - ' " . p.-H f rr y in to Tnf
Itarometer of Public Opinion
Our King Milker.
tieorge K llrennnn has the aspect and all the
teeming of one of our plain, suhhlaiiti.il Jeffer
tntilaue Me doea not have Ihe appearance of a
king maker, hut he revealed genius In political
strategy at Han l"t a in lscn.
Mr McAdon curried a good many of ihe dy
nastic cniharrasstnonts, and not the least of tBOIH
was thn Illinois resentment nf ihe treatment
Rotor Sullivan received from Woodrow Wilson.
If it had not heen for Sullivan Wilson's name
would hate been wlthdrnwn at BoltlmorO. Sulli
van, voting for Chimp Clark, kept Wilaon In
the race by lelllng the discouraged WInon man
ager to all. k At the proper moment Illinois
wiici started Ihe break In the deadlock.
When Sullivan ran for Senator In Illinois
Wilaon was allent. The prealdent hud given
hla suppnrt f n ely In other stales to demo, rate
OOndldOtOU, but he maintained a silence which
was condemnatory, baOQUOO ussual. In the Illi
nois campaign.
Hrennan wua Sullivan's friend and had WOrfcod
llllnnla polities with him for years Hoger Sulll
tan would have been easier on the dynasty than
B COO nan was if Sullivan had lived to he... I the
Illinois delegation. Hrennan wenl to San Fran
cisco to wreck any candidate the white house
had, and he did It.
As a wrecker Hrennan hie. no weakness. He
though' Hoger was too good natured with his
in-iiilca when he had them where a right crnss
tn the chin would put them out for the count.
Hoger never eared to lick anyone ton hard.
Hrennan believes In annihilation If he ran nc
DOmpllnh It He llkos to sen fragments which
cannot be reassembled, and when he has a
grudge it Is a complete one
OOOrOO Is pmhahly the most thoroughgoing
realist In poUUflO. He Is seanlly endowed with
lllusinns ami he never mixes Into PolKlflA ele
ments, which. In foot, do not oolsc "Chicago
A Wet OnanVdnoo,
The presldenilal battle will be fought nut be
tween two Ohio newspaper men--Harding and
Cog. Ohio will be the central battleground of
the campaign.
Although fox "trimmed" on the prohibition
Issue Just before the democratic convention,
causing some of the wettest delegates Ho got
Boovlah, he ho been so oloaaly Identified with
Ihe wet forces In Ohio that the Issue Is sure lo
he a dominant one In the campaign There Is
not the slightest doubt that Ihe vole of such
Itataa as Ohio, New York, New Jersey and
Pennsylvania win in- urgently solicited tor Coo
on Ihe ground that ho Is "liberal" In his atti
lude toward liquor. The democratic party, how
ever, will make a hid for the dry vole, ami thus
will add one more Issue to those already men
tioned as facing both ways.
It will talk Industrial irt propaganda to
Ihe public and talk ugatnat compulsory arbltra
Hon to organized labor.
It will talk ' league without deatructlve reser
rations' ' to Ihe Wilson followers and It will talk
"league with Interpretative reservations" to the
ant! Wilson people.
It will talk fox and light wine and beer to
the wets and U will talk Klghteenth amendment
to the drye.
The country will have to get acquainted with
Its oOOdldOtOt before November Neither has
enjoyed nation-wide fame In the , ,(Pr ,,r
personal following they begin the race on even
terms The general talk In Ihe next few months
wl.l be "We want a new deal. " and this will
mean a republican party victory - Wichita
Tin- Oil Scout's Wish.
Ismg years ago a wish I made.
And hoped It would come true;
I wished that I were not afraid
To hunt for Indians, too
I.Ike all the heroes in the books.
'ho hardly spent a day.
Without d fight or two, for looks
To pass their time away.
To make a wish Is nol eo wise,
Kor If you ever do,
The chances are, In your aurprlae.
It sometimes will come true
Today, I hunt the Indians Ulr
And buttle with them royal
To make it pay. as my affair.
And dt 111 their lands for oil
Tulsa. Inly . KHANKUN I
(Copyright. 1010, In JDdgar A Huest )
Ye good kynge s.ute ln hys castle hall and
looked through ye wyndows wld.
Whenm ye sputt ..f Dream, ,.,,,. ,,,, v.
room and salt,, hym down at hys side
"Oh. why dOOl Thou look mi oad good
Kynge, and what dost Thou seem lo
see .
"I was only Ihynkylng that I should like to
work with my hands." auid he
"Oh Thou art wise ns the wisest men. thou
hast lorvonta to do Thy will
Thou need m,t dream ..r y,. j,, f lon
teiM twi j.- worse or akin
Tor Thou hast all that ye heart may crav
ve wealth of v.i ....t-l.i l.
- ,. . - ........ ,n (i.i.
An, sai l y kynge, "hut
one thyng I could aay
"They look so happy who
and mortar and brick
Their eves can e;le on v..
thev are Ilvme r..v ........k.'.
Ye man who mnketh yc road out th
turn t.. u .-hi-l.t.. .....4
.. ... ... nny
My pretty grundsonue I helped to huild
path that ye ride today.
on, i aaouio like in gette down with
mid know ulmi il... k....i. .
I ahnuld like to aup at their tables loo an'i
Join with them In their pluv
And 1 am sad aa I sit and thynk that never
shall grandchyl.le see never
One thyngc that my handa have shaped and
carved and hullded complete JJJJJ hi
I'd like lo build
Is mine,
work wiih atone
und steel
thyngea they do
UnfvTV r.iMMeA "fc veW - -1
j J jetton
Margcinet Carrett's
A MkIu of Waltlnff,
I BOON "Irltii my tt-nrH wlnn thri
Ml nn out to LmprfHH with my un
haVpplnOM Mid Nat down to rofid, pi
pOtlng r i r y lime I hurd the flo
YHtni Htup that if uan .nt rrturn
ItilT; riNUty I" apOlpiflM fur leaving
nit. ind to pTOOlleN to do hh I luskrd
mn trnlOl ITrOd IHnwurlh and
Ot hiTH.
Hut tho limn l .; i 'I mlfierahlv.
hiuI Whtn midntpcht eamt nd nt 111
hv had tint arrived I lprnn to fotj
nnxluuH. Jt 'ouldn't h that ho tiad
cut wit h t ho ory pMpl of
WhOn 1 had bwtn tslkiH4f; the peo
who derided and ttiHtilted m,
and whom I fnor4 V"l aa one
p'clock Htrut k, then wto. find to had
not come home. I realizt d that pob
atdv he was wit h Mmt of thent
John Kendall, perhapa.
I walt.-d until a lilt le after I wn
then i oUM tip John's studio. Wh n
lie HiiNWertd 1 realized that I had
Wokon4 him M hlH voire wan muf
fled with iMp,
"No, 1 haven't Been Hon tontBht."
then. 'In there anything I i an do
for foil? I Shouldn't worry how
ever, he'll he atony pretty Boon.'
"Thank you! 1 am sorry 1 have
annoy- d ou," and 1 hunK up tho rc
t elver.
1 kn w of no other plaVOS I rnuld
PSS4 h him at that hour, no I pdowly
prepared ff-r lfd. Hut Bleep wan Im
possible, and 1 laid tWSkS Until ths
Kiuv d.iUTi rept ln al the window..
DsllS said nothing when ho did
not appear at breakfast, hut I ICQSfV
by her SSpfSSSloni and hor Mollritude
bsCSUSS of my failure to rat, lhat
nhe mlrttruHted HomethinK wrong. 1
nwallowed my roffee. atid then anx
lotllly watted until time for the of
fice to open. At nine O'clOJ k 1
"1 WOQld like to flpeak o Iff tiHr
rett." I told th" menoitrapher.
" Hello! it wub Hob's VOtOSi and
the relief w aa ao great I eould
a areely npeak.
"HollO Bbbi where ln the world
were you. and why didn't fOM come
"1 waa at the rlub, and I didn't
come home beraune you make it the
laat place I watit to are!'
"I don't underatand what you
Then I shall not tell you. Hut
unle.MN thintra are to be i hanged 1
Abe Martin
h, i
ahull remiiln at the club Indefinite
ly. Oood bye."
I was dumbfounded. l!nb would
not i nme home and claimed It wua
because of the way I acted. What
had 1 done? I left the telephone
und Ignoring tho children's cries 1
loi hod myself In my room and had
a regular apasm of weeping. "It
was strange that no nialter what 1
did things never went light any
more," I said aloud in self pity.
F Inally I bathed my face and eyes
and went townrd 'he living room
Juat us I board little Donald scream
horribly, I rushed Into the kit' hen
and my baby was rolling ln agony
on the floor, while Delia OtOOd help
lessly by; so frightened she could
not move. Me had pulled over some
hot grease she hud used In conking,
und his little arm was hndly burned.
I felt terribly guilty as 1 snatched
my boy from the floor and found
omothlng to enae his burns. Had I
nol remained closeted In my room
It never would have occurred. In my
great love for Hob. I had forgotten
Riy babies. It should nOVOr happen
Again. This would be a lesson. I
would love Iloh Just us much, but
would not allow that lovo to make
me neglect my durlings.
Ponuld soon fell asleep In my
arms, hut even then sobbing occa
sionally, while Delia knelt beside
my chair talking wildly in whispers
of her sorrow because she had not
watohod her charge ntorc oloOOly, I
comforted her ns best I Could i hi-ai-fiitltig
to blame her for what 1 felt
I was responsible. Finally I laid
Ponuld down, and going again to
Ihe telephone I told Hob what had
I ll ionic right up!" he answered
anxiously tinging his voice.
There la no need. If., la asleep
now, und 1 don't think he will be
s. nrred."
Very well. I will be home early."
'For anyone or anything but me,'
I thought bitterly as I left the tele
phone. Little Ponuld was not as badly
burned us 1 had feared, and aside
from fretting a Utile he was all
iltlit when Bob came In. I nratohod
him hold his boy closely in his
arms while he talked lovingly to
hltn with a hungry longing In my
heart. A longing for the caresses
the loving winds given so freely;
yet for which I bud to beg.
Deep down In my heart I kne,v
t hut It was my own fault If Iloh hud
00001 tl to care for me, yet I never
hud odnilited II. even to myself. Kln
tilly after he had put Donald down
i anhod him!
"Why did you go out last night?"
"Because you make It Impossible
for me to remain where yuu are
without quarreling, nnd as I prefer
not to spi nd mv ovcnlnes In bicker
Ing with you I have made up my
mind to slay A Way until you I an
live without constantly nagging in. ''
"I don't mean to nag you. Hob,
really I don't' but 1 want your love,
want nil that goes with that love
and when I feel you don't give It to
mi I cun t help ti lling you how I
lie made no answer. I couldn't
tell whether he was annoyed or not,
but after that night he remained
with me almost every evening until
OTt moved Into the country.
To He Contlnuod "n Monday.
round last Salldday and Ileddy Mcr
fy told him the nny thing that kepp
him frum fighting him was hla glas
ses, and wen the fresh kid took la
glasses off Boddy Mcrfy told him
the only think that kepp him frum
fighting him was because he dldent
wunt to take Idvantaga of his bad
eyesite without his glass s.
I n f f and ahow your silver lining.
Throw up your hat and choer.
The wcrld will come to a end some
Hut none of us will he heer!
Hsslety. Mr. Charles (Puds)
Bimklni went to churteh with IiIh
mother lust Sunday and fell so
mutch better wen It was over that
he would of started to clap If his
mother hadrnt of saw lilm In time.
Wy be lonesome Jest because you
are all alone In the houao? Call
us up on the telcfone and we will
lawk to you for 15 senta a hour.
The Bd Wernb-k and Davis
Conversation Co. i Avvertlzement . )
' Th start liKilns but di not
sa l ii i ila i .1 nl , in
inrmjnt l2ti. tw Ui M n.ir. Nnae UrMwi, i
Li una nand Saturn are irT hi nef
Ic softer! today, ai cording to astrol
ogy. Mercuty und Neptune are ad
verse. It la a government under which
much tin be m nmpllshed be. am.
thn Mind will he alert ami able, t,,
profit by past experiences. '
There should be good luck for
farmers und all who depend on the
earth fur their livelihoods
Ileal estate Is still subject to the'
best possible direction of th sta'
The aged Should. Improw H 1
day'a opportunities since the Infl.i.
encea are moat promising, making
for an access of energy and iff.
tinguishcd recognition .
Psychic Investigations again cpme
undi r a sway making for lin i eAs. d
knowledge. (ireat teachers will
iimn to tho earth, the aecrs dr.
Some anrt nf bad newa from
across the ocean seema to be Indi-
( atod.
This la not an auspicious date
for beginning a Journey of any sort;
especially win the sea be unfuwu.
Shipwrecks, with loss of life aa
well aa property, are foretold. In
one of these a famous man will ctn.1
his career.
Mercury gives warning against
1 signing Contract! or important pa-
pet a or any sort.
The I'nlted States la to receive
a supreme honor front Hie allies
The seers foretell that n stream
of money will pour out for the In
habitants of Kuropc and the N'er
The new Moon of next week fore,
casts labor troubles that may be- ,
oonto serious.
Educational affairs will continue
to be unantlafaotory all through the
autumn and early winter.
Persons whose blrlhdate It Is msv
have a quiet year, which Is never
theless prosperous and advantage
ous. Temptations to d angoroui flir
tations should be avoided.
Children born on this day prob
ably wl'l be healthy, persevering
and determined. In business these
subjects of Cancer often have a hard
time at first, but they later succeed,
IiitiT-Chiircli Plan MotVof st Meet
ing of General rtntnlttrtr
NVW YOI,K. .lulv 9 The gen
era! committee of the Inter-church
world movement, meeting hero to
day to consider the future of the
organization voted to continue th"
movement "on a greatly
scale." Appointment of a commit
tee of 15 to confer with representa
tives of the denomln.il ions co-operating
in the movement and to recom
menr a plan of rem gnalantlon was
The decision of the general com
mittee, which includes roprcenta
llvea of the 30 Protestant denomina
tions In the movement, was rcu had
by adoption of a report of a suli
committee of 11, headed by Bishop
Thomas Nlcholsor of Chicago. His.
hop Nicholson, In urging continu
ance of the movement, declared "re
actionary tendencies which he said
were shown In the two national poli
tical conventions, will be manifest
In the churches "If we permit this
movement to end."
Watch the bOQT when fortune
smiles mill TUB WORLD WANT
aii points the wa v opportunity Is
seldom offered twloe,
Victor Records
B5c Profiteering Pluee Hilly Murray
Oh Ity .lingo Margaret Young
05c Kohala March Hawaiian Inetrumental
Honolulu March Hawaiian Instrumental
85o When tho World Forgets Homer Rod heaver
In the Garden Mr. Asher and Ilislheaver
Ooc National Emblem March .... I'. K Marine Band
Lights out. March Arthur Pryor's Band
01S23 $1.00 Ixivc. Here Is My Heart John MoCormark
sat 77
7II0A tl&O
S1.S5 Songs of the Past No. 1 .
Songs of the Paat No. 2
'Victor Mixed Chorua
Victor Mixed Chorua
Krlta Krelsler
Bennttt Xotcbaok
You could
hi ltd a tomato
THB PAitK avi: NBWg
Weather. I'nlxpected.
Spourt. Sld Hunt Is spending gj
good deel of time pruciu ing snap
Pltig his fingers with Imih hands
i me s.iin. line- urn ., isoini.n ;
. - - - . -. - ) ;il , n
amp wain twain s nomination won danceh, sivlng he arums i k.,o
received her. What's become o' how jest for umblllon and not for
th Rii l that hung f her moiher'a eny spruhil reas in
P f "ng. an w list's bucume o Almost a lite Ilxler. Soni
e l.ta
Chlldren a Songa ln Nine "Bubble Hooka.'
Just Like a Gypsy, fox-trot $1.2.1
I'm Losing Mv Heart to Someone
--Walt ballad tijto
Ily Lo March. Hawaiian $1.00
Typhoon, fox-trot gl.J.
Twelfth Street Blues, fox-trot ....$1.2.'.
Zoma. foxtrot $1.00
Scotch Reels $1.00
Home Minstrel Serlea $l.&0
Alabama Moon . . . . 300
I Never Knew so,.
Mammy Jaxai 3m.
My Sahara Itoae 30c
KugudnrA 30c
Prnwsy Haby 30c
Roae of Washington Square SJc
Old Fashioned Harden 3iVc
Alexandria 35c
Wblatle a n,: ,35c
Harwood I'.ti Tenor Saxophone . .$13.1 ,00
Harwood C Melody Saxophone ..$1:101111
Hohnir Accordion $14.1X1
t'keleleg $1 SO
llumanatones 15c
Raaooo tso
Jewa Harps 20c, 30c, S.'ic
No 4 Ilohner Harmonicas 00c
I'eagsri Orchestra Balis $47. 50
Osage 3133-3134
A. J. 0HUK Ur.
fresh kid
Ug0aO on lanic irt,
mi apiuu.
liiilk m

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