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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, July 14, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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PtiMlaheil Freer stnrah c lnrislng Piiaitar
rxwggg is-iam.
r. o, inao
T. A t.A IT
PnlT! .r, LI I .ilaa I'n
. Owner srid I'll M r
niiaitinea ManK''f
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I MlMrlll VYrilrr
Inrfiea m 'amnl ' stall"
vr.MF.m r ai hit Bi ar.Aii nr ' i"1 ri.ATim
MKMnr.ii or ntr. ah i kksh
TTia tanclAUd rr.as U I ealllll
M tnr rep" bis avion .( alt llspsleltal " ' 1 ' ' '"
il n MX oUiKrwUx rrdiiri in tM yl'i " I '"
Infill ti a ira piMIlot hi".
tHft'llll'TION HA IK., Il VA1I 1-1 AliVAN' K
DAIt.T AN! H1NI.AT , .,,.
Ona Taur fil una tri ' ?
Sli Month HI Hi M'.nlhl
lh,n Mnniha III. fm Month "
(in Munlh. II
nil. Tsar I n OH Tor "
Kli Mnniha I Sl Mi.niha
Is Mnlha I 71 Par Munlh
Una Mnnth
On Taar ! 11 on Tr 7?
an Mnniha II IMi Mnniha
I Month II l'-i Mi.nlh
nr -AiniKn in ntiTSino '1IIWNN. HAII.T
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par Mi.nlh In UhM '!
PH Tr. In Aivni 1
rr Wli X "
Pr M-.nth. In AAVunn J!
I'.r ... In i1.nr. II" ""
orriotAL itv rArmn
Daily liiblical Quotaton
l DNRKDAY, .M I V 14, I HO
If wn In IH TO lint, yet tin al.ldolh faithful;
he cannot 1 oy hlmaoll, '1 Tltn. 2.13.
Om my dud mat fill heart,
Hnw small t ti V fHHli kMIMI
Rill greater, I .mil, thou Kit,
Tlmn all my doubts ninl foara;
PliI Jesus nnn1 upon inn shine,
Then Mm In forever nilnn.
Hn nni fallhlina, lull believing. John JO , 27.
Till: FRISCO li H sll.
The hai kwash frmn thl Bafl I niti'laco rnn
vnnllnn la already In Ink fi ll Tlin MirprlM
ocr anlnncd liy Hi' niimliuil Inn nf i HiIiiO'
; carefully staged a an opponent of ilm prrl-
ilnnl and hl MkVM pMfttMl li" with off
undiT thn anlirr rnnlluiMiin lht H wn alaK'il
ml not rnnl. Tim HttCMJIMI nf ihn iiiiull
dAln alnrn Ihn rnnvnnllun rninpli Irrt Itn lank
no lnngnr prrmHiia rtnuLt that Ilm ramllitntu
I pniwrM a mlnil that PUM nlnnK with Mr. Wll
unn'B on All nf Ihn piini lml Inaurn nf Ihn ram
pnlKti, and purpOPtl lairyltm OUl llin Wllmin
. pnllclna to Ihn Irllrr.
, Governor Cox a mithoil7.nl Intnrvlnw wllh Ihn
Nw York Tlnira Iiavoh llllln hopn for thn
I anil Wllann mnn In the dnmorrnl la rarty. II
i la dlrnrt hid for thn aotlv aid of Ihn federal
mar.hlnn In the i-ampalmi, not only a wllllnic
I neaa to tin WIB rrtHt to Ilm Iniernai 'onallntn,
4 but an enlhnalaallr dilermlnai Ion to Inilialn
tha Ideallatlo dnilrlnen lhat have an dlnKiinted
.' Amnrlra and Amerhnna.
Wh" wiii read ihn rinmoiral Ic randldalna
view Witll ren'i t in Hi,' hlKh mrt of llvlnir, a
I art nut on thn flrat paKn of ihl loniin of Thn
I World, and yet remain MtUlWlMtlt fur him?
Not an eronomlat or latnamiin of thn tlmn hut
ha anld thai a trying need I a reform In Ihn
taxation ityatnm a rnfnrm precedent tn any
practical expcciatimi lhat Ihn hlKh coal nf liv
ing can he reduced. And yd the demm rallc
caniildate annoum i n thai he will lnnlnt on
hlxher exceh proftl taxea. Ihua em OUl hkHik
exceaaivn profit. hUhcr Inootlti taxc. Ihua tn-
I crcaalnK the flxad overhead of every butlrlMfl,
It 1 evident that thn ntmiulnnl Klven
f thn democratli' tollOWVrl In Ilm UM l II I 1 1 il
I action of the ((invenllon I wearing: off, and
that the OAmpftlfffl, after the tpMOttM of ac
ceptance have lieen delivered, wilt awing hack
I to where It waa prior to tha convention a
clear and unmiatakuMe lue MaWPM cuiiail-
' tullnnal Kovernment and lntcrnatli.nllm. M
fwei-n law and order and radlcallHtn . batwaait
repraaeulatlvn Kovernment and a pure, un
brldeled MntOCI i f,
Mob leadeta rather than moli tollowtri -
' that la tha challeiiKO the neceanltlea of thn
world Mad 10 all MPlHtlfl ItmtMmOll
Senator Shlelil. of TtnnaMMi haa Juat re
( (UMd to follow the direction given him by the
democratic convention of hla atate. He w.ia
"ordered" to ftbMOOP. hla opponltlon to the
I league of nattnna.
, Bui In manly, altalght-forward phraae. he re
plied that hla duly WM to hi elate and natlnn,
' that hi- waa looted to roprOMnl hi etui n-
aclentlouly. not neceaaarlly to lake oidera from
ny parly.
I That la a tine hit of Independent Htatentnan
ahlp. II I a finer recognition of conatltulional
I The Shlelda affair recall Ulnar, Ihn Mla
aliitppl Heualor who never followed a aingle
- order lued him by the egilaturn of hla ntain,
and there were many. When the tlmn iam
for him to nek re election he faced a alate In
arm., agaluat him. Yet he did not dodge Dm
i laaue He reporled hi ateuardalup fully. Ho
drew thn lino Mialght between the right of thn
mob to dictate and th reiiilrementa of rcprn
ainlitive gi.vernrnent He Mourned no duty to
aci ept order, he held a oommlOOlOH to act and
vote according to hla auperlur infoimsllnn and
There were no rheera from the llpa of the
emharraaaed demucrata who h:ird him. They
left allenl and thoughtful. Hut he waa re
elected by un Increaaed majority. The mob
leader triumphed and wa respected, the mob
follower. If elected at all, would have been
dlaarmed an far aa future worth to hla atatn
W .is . - !,' . : !li .1
Yet the confederate Timar rose tn thn very
highest pinnacle of office and renown In the
. rtpnhtirV Thero ore nomo thlnga a atnteatuan
ahould not give for political preferment. There
I are aome things a real alateaman would not
give. The Independence of action baaed on
aupnrlor Information and ability la one of them.
Villa has quit again.
AN ISIIIIIsllM. I itlMI s'l
The i ongrat ulntory telegram dlnpao lmd thn
Monloi oonforonoo bp Lloyd OMfi aervia lo
Irod alientlon In one of thn rm.nl hrtProoJtlnd
tSpOrtmentl In hlalory that of aelllng up a
new RottOtl by almoat tinlvetanl conaeri under
Ihe protooCorAtfl of one of the Old Ml nntlona.
of Ihn eillth.
The longing for a national exlatenie la not
BnlVflrMl OmOtld 'he lew of Ihn wruld by any
PIMM Hut UM ninvi ment to re eafahllah a
Jewish nation In Tnbaiinc, Ihn am Innl hornn
of Jewry, ha cotnrnandnd the approval and
UP port of not Only aome of ilm nl.tnnt poll
IP tun ami rOavlthltlt .lew, tint alao Ilia
rhiiHtian iiatiotiH ivor y whoro.
Thin I an aonir.lng nliuall n to Ihoae familiar
with Ihe trend of hittOfy II enma anoinaloua
thai the Follow rl of the f'hrlallan Hhnuld now
be tenderltiK flnnni In 1 aid and lullliaty pro
I ' i 1 1 on to the Jiw a I hey on i e again et a limit
nioiiaing their dOriMlM rmlal MplrotlOfM and
fmindlng a on I" on I entity.
inly time OM tell whither a wln elep i,.,
been taken. Will the dependency nf today long
bo lontent with Ihn ntalua of a political de
pOfldOfloy T llow noon will thn roelal Inallmt
b nntent with nnyllilug lea than a plain In
Ihn ami' I Rngland creating another Irlah
and liidlnn proldem?
II will Indeed he Inlereaiing In wall h thn
rxprilment of a nine dominant rain renanrrllng
linelf under thn wing nf another natlnn.
mr POM) m Mit BRYAN
The aggregation of nlealini. . Io n era and
plain political advenliinra now gathered In
t'hliago will nomlnaln nlther BoPOMff tiKol
letie oi llrniy ford. Thnt la the thrilling
new that crimea river the wlrea.
Kllher will make a fli . amhdatn for the
"iaiinc." The nkdnOM nf Henry on a "tin
LiflOtO4 under whh h run Ilm mntlo - "Wn kept
him out nf war" thn reference being to Kd
ae, the mown pilncn nf Ihn Kurd dynaaly,
might In make a i ampatgn button that evnry
nrm would want to wear.
Hut there la allll more newa. The afore.
Raid dipali he are alo whlperlng lhat the
drya of the country are quietly getting in
gether for the purpoan of nninlnatlng I'olonel
Hrynn on a genuine dry ticket. How like old
tlmea Ihl campaign I going tn be!
If pi em ni campaign plan do not rulacarry
In aome unfnraeen manner Ihe QAOf people are
going to have forward-looking i amllilate.
backward-looking candidate and upward-looking
innrlldalea galore. The variety 1 going to
he large and the chnlee almoat unlimited If
everybody don't get Jut the kind of a prenl
di nl dOilrod w'e leel quite aun' It will imi lie
dun to Ihn fact that auch waa not available.
While In San PraOClOCO Qovomof Itohert
hon wa very Indignant alimt thn pardoning
nrgy. Hut when he cfOOOOd the tate line tntn
Oklohonui he moptorod hlntMlf tplondldly
After arilvlng at the atate apltal hn went
Into net ret conference with hla vai'loua ai tlng
fOVOmoM and haan't had a word tn Hay alncn.
Thn pnrauaalve OlOQUOfMO of Ihn apeaker of
the hoiine and president of the senate la well
k now n.
I'hll CORipboll, cnngreman from the Third
Kiinnaa for o long that nobody rememhera
when hn wann't. haa been compelled to halt
hla campaign and prodttt 0 proof that he Is a
naltnallxed cltlxen of the I mini States. And
tlmre'a some talk that the proof Isn't to ha
Governor Cox announce that he "will seek
the president's COUDMi" and lhat he "stands
on the platform doclOTOtlon concerning the
league of nation and will make It the bah
of my fight and administration If elected"
There la little equivocal lun In lhat antiemetic
I'ol Hrynn a hi heart I In Ihe grave Hut
Col Hivan didn't win his reputation with that
nrgan. The mm that made hltn famoun at fnrty
he still posse. Turn It loose, colonel, turn It
There Is no more wholesome, nppenltng or
affectionate character In public life today than
Tmn Hart. hall of Indiana, ilea an ornament
tn any party, a poaesslon America ought to he
proud of.
That one vote for a woman candidate mitat
have been a lOnOBOBM thing. And for all auv
hody know It la still wandering pitifully
about In that big auditorium wistfully seeking
Its mate. Ain't II awful Mabel?
BO Oratory Tumulty hays the league nf nations
will he the h ading Issue 111 the campaign. Our
own understanding Is. however, lhat Joe has
gone Into thn rilli ai d a a demncratlc leader
and political prnphet.
The attorney general of Kanaaa haa begun
proceeding again! the wholcnle grocer's truat
n thai alate. In many reaped Kanaaa ap
pears to he a desirable slate In which to live.
Aviation nppeara to have been made aafn,
but the statistics show that all aviators din
young. Mr. Oonxales. Ihe oldest Cuban aviator,
h Just met death al the ripe old age of S.
Hut both Cox and Harding plav gulf -which
leavta no choice to the minimis who have
f imcd i prejudice against golf-playing pros!
They say the day of miracles la past. And
yet a national convention turned the eyeo of
the world from thn white limine, to the office of
the llayton Nnwa.
A Kansas City rubber dealer reportea the
theft of 140 worth of rubber heels. Which la
additional proof that a political campaign Is on.
If there la any chance of getting Mr Hearst
and Mr. La Folletto In a third party and keep
Ing them there we are for the third party.
Bon to Hood wire thai h for um oandl
dale, but he forgot tn aay anything a hunt the
plniform and vb 101 v
It begin to look aa ihn HOBKO heal tha
Culled Slalra In getting an Improvement In
A profeor petaon i lalms In havi dktCOYOrOd
a mite for gomariia For Imaven'a aake pub
lish It, brother'
Mr. Johnson Is i nnvale. enl. but If Mr
Hi van Is able In alt up ) ! nobody knnwa It
Oklahoma (tatburlH
And somntime, feats thi li.illie News. It may
gel an lhat ihe women will M M fond of Ihn
notatorlum they will bring their dlahea there
tn wash them.
Thn girl on Booth Main ha begun to train
for her vacation by. euilng fish once a week
An oil well, thlnka the OklOtMPMIt, I a
ptelly linndy ndjunct when a man ha a wife
One of Ihe hardeet ohs liovernor Cog h.ia
had "line Tammany and Tom Taggart nnnil
naterl him waa Ihe framing of tnawer to
IhO ti-legrnm of congratulation from PTOOi
lent WlMOn and Henalor Heed an as to aallafy
Attorney OonOrOl PYOOltRB seem to hive
found smnetblng Inside the boundary linn ault
In make hltn forget the hot weather
N l Welly of Ilartleavllle figure that hn
can get hint about as much fun nut of a fishing
trip as he can out of a senatorial campaign any
way Itead It whichever way you please hut
thai I the kind nf sport we like in hook up
It I understood that Cam RuoMll I pre
paring to gofopo Ihe whitewash off the report
of that legislative Investigating cnmmloee
wtm h Tom Waldrop ami Bob Darldoon bolpod
bppolPl Inst winter.
Ho far as we i an sen, the "wets" are having
less trouble In determining how they are go
ing to vote than anybody.
Aa we understand II, Senator Gore will attach
hi kite to Cox while Mr. Porrl wilt continue
to stand on the Wilson platform.
We are somewhat BUMlOd over how to ron
etrue this sentence plucki d frnm l.ea Nlchnl'
llrlslow Record "You can read Ihe editorials
In thl page and never he In danger of a
mental breakdown"
Having perfected a non-kld appliance for
silk shin. Lea NlohOll of BrtStOW now wantn
to put vacuum cup on okra.
liaronwlvr of Public Opinion
IftNOnrdliig WIImui
Them la a dnmncratlc tendency to preent
Mr. Cox ae a Itckwlcklan Wllsonlan and to
tell thn country that there Is nothing In the
Hon cage Homer Cuminlng did the roaring.
The platform roars, hut there Is no roar in
Mi Cox He tn.lv be approached by thn plain
people and the children may cntnn In see htm
Mr Wilson cannot he escaped so easily a
that. It la not what Mr Cog thinks or say
that hind the parly. It I what the platform
says. With repecl to It foreign relation Ihe
country Is to decide In tin election whether
it Is for the republican doctrine of Amerlcin
enverclgnty and American tight or for the
democratic doctrine of IntOI nationalism and
American obligations.
Mr. Cox running a thn candidate of a
party which I'edarrd for Wilson' covenant
with a definition of American obligation Mr
Harding Is running an the candidate of a party
which declared for the preservation of every
AtnPrloafn national right.
The democratic paity pfopOQM the surrender
of a part of American sovereignty to the
league of nation. The republican parly Hi
atal upon .the preservation ,of American snv
erclgnty Intact. That I the ' Irrooonettablo dif
ference between ihe two panic with regard to
International affair and it concern the future
of the Unlt0d Slates
When democrat try to evade Ihl issue they
aie unsuccessful If nothing the republican
Insist upon Is eeaentlal to national security or
If nothing they insist upon would materially
change Ihn American poeltlon In the league,
then them wa no excuse for refusal tn accept
what republican aenatore proposed. If there
were nothing entlal Involved we might have
had peace a year ago.
11 something MjmUal Is Involved It I an
Uue between the acceptance of an overlord
and the retention of full sovereignty Repub
lican d Onto ro for the retention, unimpaired,
of national IndopondOVaya The democrats, .it
tacking Ihe republican party fnr thi stand
mut all ick the principle fo which the re
publican stand.
Republican say lhaf there la an Issue here
between Ihe two parlies. The domoorato make
the Issue and try to dnny that It exists Twn
parting cannot he tn nuch violent opposition on
a QUOOtion and he In accord on It.
The dOmOOrati Intend either to repudiate
their principle or 'they Intend lo put the
l ulled States Into the league of nations as Mr.
W ilson demands that It ghall enter. if tin v
Intend tn repudiate, their utterances are value
lcn and they are untrustworthy, If 'hey In
tend to act they mean thai Cox. If elected! will
urge, as Wilson urged, that the I'nlted Slate
submit Itself to Ihe league.
If Mr Cox could control thn aenat rbc
Wilson program would he carried out. The
l ulled State, without any reservation nf Its
rights, would he it Ihe dlspon.il nf the council
of Um league America would have an 0V0r0rd
Cox cannot disc nd Wlloon. Wilson gave
him his doctrine Thn party accepted them
Thl olootlon li5 tn be Ihe referendum ao
earneatly desired, according tn white house
statements, to determine whether Wilson ha
puhllc sunn 'rt or not
(Copyright, 1D20, by Edgar A. Guest!
Mon-y never bought a friend.
Never hin d a man to love ue;
They whore faithful to the end. -See
the something; better of us,
Neither stiver nor the gnld
Wins a friendship we can hold.
Dollars never make men loyal.
He who offers money only.
Though thn coins he gives nrn royal,
Uvea a troubled life and lonely,
Men who worship gold, will fly
When another comes to buy.
Read the history of the ages
Money cannot hatred, smother.
Servlre la not built on wage.
We muet come to know each other;
Morn than gold a man must give.
If hi frlnndshlps urn to Itvn
Let us ceaae to dwell In blindness,
Let us learn what men are seeking'
Ia-ivc Is born of human kindness.
Fellowship and cheery spraMng
Man has longed, since life began.
To be treated like a man.
I ; 71
i cki atiibc; REJECTING' AMENDMENT' L a -X 7 bvv
She " l'ou're long on talk and very sliort on results."
Marraret Cairett's
ore husband jx
1 1 I'T i l : hXtX
Now order of 'Ihlng.
For a moment Bob lookOd at me
WtthOUl Spooking, and It set tned that
an expression of almost disgust
crossed hi fain. Then ho said:
' 1 wa Horry not to get home to
dinner tonight, hut I am trying to
sell thn Hampton block, and liw-
rom e, the man who is talking of
buying w ished to nr. nm."
"I i mild eat no dinner, but that
makes no difference." I refilled, as
1 womlcii d If he had re. ogm.ed the
"No tint If you are silly enough
to go back to your old tricks and re
fuse to eat because I wan not with
you "
That I Just the reason' and after
this you may know that whenever j
you remain away I shall not eat. I
Voii have plonty of time for buotnoM
during the day. without taking the j
time which belong to me."
"Hull yourself. Co on a hunger!
strike if you like. 1 shall stay out
whenever 1 think It necessary, or
when I choose.'
Hen is a biter I found!" I re
turned, so angry and hurt at hi
tone that I i an d nothing If 1 had
also displeased him In reading It. "I
wish you would explain It."
"There Is nothing to explain. If
you have read the letter."
"I have read It, and wish an ex
planation. What right have you to
ii en c letters from women-'" Then
I added, ' you'd probably make an
awful fuss If I had a man corre
spondent of whom you knew nothing-"
"No. Indeed. Margaret I should
he glad if you hud a man friend who
made you happy and contented; one
who was n true trlond ami compan
ion,' he answered-
I looked ai him In amazement.
Tln n I though! "Hi Is only saying
that so 1 won't find fault about the
lottl r."
"You haven't explained this let
ter." I said holding U toward him
"As I told you there is nothing to
explain since you have read It." he
returned and took the letter from
my outstretched hand. He srnnottud
It out carefully, and put It In his
The Young Ladu
AcrosH the H ay
service on
I the corner
Hint 111. end
ljjBl ffllljlL' Jiiu( street; ten-minute service r .
i s jLjIlrf flilfi' till Thoae ears on the Kendall line
.'h' 1 1 111 II nlldT-... running only as fir aa th.. end ,.f
Thn young lady across the way Hodge or East First street deslg
ays the I-engue of Nations might , noted on the routing sign aa, 2 40 0 '
have been a real Issue before the East First. Tulsg Street Hallway Co.!
.n was over and we got into 1L Advt
. . i
j Bcnnicn' Notebook
I split Ink all over pops desk yes
tiddny uftlrnnon, and after stippir
he was reeding the spoarting page
and smoaklng, and 1 was standing
there wondering hnw to atart to
tell him, and I sed. Pop, With he
dldent say enythlng back, and I sed.
Lisaen to the nightingale, sed
pop. Meaning me. and I sed Pop.
I got aumthtng I wunt to contest,
to you.
The doosn you havn. sed pop.
Yes sir. I sed. I was going past
your di sk today, nnd I pi' kad up
that big round paper wate made
out of glass and threw It up In Ihn
"Who ia thi woman who cull
you dear.' What is she to you?"
"She la a young writer whom I
have tried to help. Hhe is nothing
to mo," he answnrnd, the latter
uucstlon, sadly, or so it seemed to
me. "I will say good night now.
Margaret," and without another
glance at me hi went Into his room
and clQOOd the door.
So the new order of things was
leaving me atone, hut when he re
turned hn ahul himself away from
i.ong I sat thinking of what I
COtlld do to cornhat him. to make
him see things aa I saw them. Al
first I thought too. of the letter from
the girl lrma' hut not for long.
Hob had said she was a writer whom
he. with his love of hooks and Jul
rtlc notions, was trying to hoifl to
ward success. Had he not dOOlieod
she was nothing to him? Once
IliOro croggdd my mind an uneasy
remembrance of hi" tone a he bad
said Jle meant no.hlng lo him. tut
1 dismissed the idea as my imagina
tion, and recurred to the vital
theme, how was I to make Rob give
me the love, the attention, the tlmn
I felt were mine by right'' It was
very late when I at last retired after
listening at his closed door until I
was assured by his heavy breathing
he was asleep, yet I was no nearer
the solution of my ppftblom than I
had been in th-"' countless times he
fore when 1 hud tried to think out
a way to curb and manage my hus
ba ml.
"IVe Invited John Kendall to
conic down for the week end," Boh
said at breakfast. "I know you do
no', like him. hut as he Is my dearest
friend. 1 hope you will try to lie tnoro
so, In! than the last time he . was
with us. rWs have a good deal to
talk over, so will bother you with
our society very little.
"It isn't TOUR society 1 ohjcci
"lit will cither come down here,
or wo will go down to the I.' i t.
Island dull tor Sunday."
"led him como hero hy all mean.
II It means you would leave me alon
If he didn't!" I hastily replied, ap
palled at the Idea of a lonely week
end "Very well."
1 was hi ginning tn hate John Ken
dall, to dlllke morn Intensely all of
Hob's llohemlan friends. Was he
going to Invito them to our home
without even consulting me? I
flushed angrily at the thought the
while I gave orders to have one nf
the guest rooms ready for John Kcn
.lili who would come down with
Bob on Friday.
That night when Bob came In he
took a long envelope out of his
pocket and laid It on the table.
"Take good care of It Margaret."
he said, as I picked it up and
looke curiously at at.
"What Is It?" I questioned.
"The deed to the house. It Is
yours - no matter what happen."
"Thank you Bob," I said rather
Indifferently. "I would as soon you
kept the title In your own name.
What's youri Is mine, you know. At
least you said so when wo were
"Hut this makes you safe as far
aa always having a home is can
"I don't earo for a home unless
we are happy together In It." waa
my answer, and I really meant 11,
Tomorrow -Klsle Praises Bob.
Abe Martin
To Ihe Imbllr.
July 1. flve-mlnute earl
the Kendall tine bOtWOOtt
of 1 fth nnd Cheyenne I
of Ilnoire HI Pai U'lrui I
Very Fiwj
If Yon Wish.
Osoige IttsVBIM
air a little ways on account of
thinking I wns going to catch It
again, only I dldent, hut It dldent
broke 11 eny, all I! did was nock
little tnece of the edge and you
mite never of notice It if I hadent of
told vou.
Thats very unfortunate, sed pop,
hut I am glad you told me. fmcauan
honesty la Ihe heat polhy, and we
will say no morn annul It.
Wat do you think It fill on wr-n
It fell, pop? 1 Mil. It fell on your
silver pen holder and bent It part
out of shape hut not alt the way.
COnfOWnd It. sed pop. that pen
holder is worth 10 dollera. ( Wtl
maybe 1 inn have it strelghten
Its a good thing fof you that y
told Inn before I found It out for
myself, I hats all.
And after It hit thn pen holdnr It
tioiifiti lied, pop, and wata you think
it bountood into i sed. it bonntcod
Into Ilm ink well and ROCkgd It rltn
over, but it didnnt brake It eny. and
the Ink went all over a lot of pa
pers laying I hern.
0 II did. did if sed pop. well my
slipper la going all over sumthlng.
WIH h It did.
The Horoscope
'Th gM i ln' Hnr hut do ntt romp!."
Wri.nrsi.i.v. .Inly 1 I. 1920.
I (g,w."ti ij'1 ' ' - 1 v.. ,.,;-. , illrjlB I
Ktndly htam rutt thin lay
nnHnjf tn ntrlnpy. Mars anil
Uranui nrc In bttifn otupoct.
Thi 9Wy M'fnin to prnmlp a
bt tu t understanding of military af
fair and hi-neflts to nolfJlTa.
M m k"i chann in th1 nrKnnla
tlnn nf tho army arms to he in
ill- iUd.
Building dtlftng thtl month romn
iirxh r n dlraCrtlOn of thr urars that
In mom promising. Whll ropttn
will not drcro.iKO thrrr will he rom
blnattont nr apmirlatlnna that mako
aay th baarlng of hnaactel bur-
den. "
Iron nnd utrrl hnvo a foreran! of
mix h activity In the stotk market.
HurKf-orm und all who allevlatn
diaeane come under a planetary
government that probahly will ln
(rcnL' their reHmnnll'lllties. for
there may be a grant deal of dia
eaae. 1'rnnuR. the planet that Is ttp-
posed to affect thft nuhconacioua
mind, la In a place maklna for
awakened reaannlng faculties and
clearer judgment.
Aviation again has a most en
rouraging rule nf the ptara thnt
heema to promlhe VUddafl Popularity
among all clanaca of people.
Some time agn aMmlngern fnre
toM new trouble In Mexico uad
thy ROW d Clara that a prohlofi.
whi h t nraatana ext raordlnary In
ternational complications la devcl-
I oping
During thia rule of the utarM thn
I memory should be cultivated, fnr
the mind Is believed to be pecu
j llarly retrntlve.
BaaUtly is to be more valued than
! ever before by the American peopl.
I the seers declare, nnd while art
' will gain a new respei t the esthetit
OUlt will be carried to extremes.
Kond is to ho a subject much dls
I cuHsed and riots may take place in
1 the fall, ow ing to a condition of
I the markets.
There Is a sign bHleved to en
courage selfishness and greed and
, this wilt be Ktmngly operative, es
P" lally aftor the autumn equinnje.
Persons whose blrthdate it is
I have the forecast of an active year
thai brings travel and ehang-v
-bl id reft born on this day are
1 likely to be very consientlnus and
i IndUKtt (nun. Prosperity and suc
cess are augured for them.
Oklahoma I "It. van Thought In Havo
lli cii Murder Ictlm.
i iKI. V llti.M A CITY, July 13. Al
bert King, whose body was found
j last Thursday afternoon In a clump
of hushes on inn outsKirts nr iima
homa City, was thn victim of a mur
derous assault, according to the
conclusion reached today at a post
mortem cxamlna lion of the body,
which showed that the skull had
been fractured. The fracture ex
tended from above thn left eye to
over the left ear and evidently had
been made with soma blunt Instru
ment. .
Kxnrninnllnn of ruts on the wrlft.
which led Investigating officers u
hnllevn King had killed himiclf
showed that the cuts were longltu
Sinoe tit' saloons have gone all rl innl nnd had not severed the ar
th' sufferln' Ik caused by tncompe- terles. The police are making a
tent shoe clerks. Uafe Uud tulled j thorough Investigation to develop
up his wife this mornln' f tell her! some elnw leading to the arrest of
he'd got safely across th' street. thn assailant
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