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Ethel Scott, Representing
Local Women's Clubs,
to Give Invitation
Miss Ellen Glasscock Will
Represent Tidal Club at
National Meeting
Ex-Tammauy Chief and Wife Sail
for Europe-say Children Ungrateful
An Invitation to hold th third
annuiil convention of thi national
fnleratlon of bualnoaa and profea-
tiional wnmrn'n cIuon In TuIhii In
III! will be rxtcndi-d by MIha Bthel
s, ..tt, i ' prem mating the Tulsa husl-n-BH
and pmf.-HalonuI women' club,
at the MOond annual convention to
convene In st Paul, Minn.. July 37.
Th invitation to be presented by
Mish MOM Will be ns follow "The
chamber of comnicrcc of Tnlaa cle
Hlrea to extend to our i kk m.atlon,
through Minn K'hcl Scntt. represent
ing the Tulaa bualncaa uml profea
iloflftl women's club, a cordial Invi
tation to hobl your next annual ton
ventlon In thla city. There la much
to ace and entertain In Tulaa; much
which will 1m new to your reprcacn-
ivea. The city la centrally located,
easy Of acceaa by five lines of
naportatlon. Is splendidly
(nipped with hotel facilities, has a
luge convention hall Heating in ex
cess of .1.000 peopie conifortubly, has
other large adaembly rooma, and
mectin points, nnd is in every way
qualified to properly care fJr such a
convention as that represented by
your organization. The citizenship
generally of Tulsa will deem It a
distinguished honor to act as host
for your association during the meet
ing In 1921 and hope to hear of the
prompt acceptance of this invita
tion." I
Mlfs Kllen (ilasscock, a member
of the Tidal business women's tlub,
which Is affiliated with the national
federation, will also attend the meet
ing. She will leave here Saturday
for St. Paul. Mlsa Scott, who Is em
ployed by the Oypsy Oil company, la
now visiting relatives In the eaat and
will pmceed to the convention from
the point at which she Is visiting.
Joe Badger Is Named for
Vice-Presidency of
Baptist Body
Th la t rut Tulmn t hr honnrrri
with a high of fire Is J(M Bajgajr,
who vy t'lrctod vli'n prrMilrnt of
ihn Inf prnatlunu. Hti ptlnt Young
I ..),io's l.'nlon at t'hc i nim iiiliiii
hnM tn Toronto. Cnn .du July .1-4,
Thla Offloa la MM of thr hUhi-l
which can ho ocmpW-tl by a yotuiK
H.iptlat of thr Houthlmol, aa the
three- It : ii esi-li-ntt nf tin- Interim
tlon.il orffanUatlori are Hioarn re-
ptctlvsly from the southern nnd
northern Ha pi lata of the UlUt4
8taea aixl the Beiptlltl ol OWUli
The TiiImil df)t)fetM, who w re the
only Oklahoma dvlMSlM at the run.
Vfntfcin. wrie Mr. Hartiter and Mil
ton K Maaon ft om the Klrsl Kap
llat church and Minn Myitle Wlfftr
ban mi' r vid Mil K C )tarheai from
the Notftile.i Avenue Itaptlnt church.
An Invitation to hold thr 1922 con-n-entton
In Tulaa WU prnaentpd hy
tha Tulaa. delegation and will he pre.
jaantod Attain at thr ronvr-ntton III
flt. i hi nrt year.
I over I, MO lfltmtf attended thl
j convention and ,". 1 5 JTAIftM people en
listed for t'h.lntlnn nervtce at home
jor ahroad On of the rraolutlona
', ' loptod WU tm' the oung aali'
f AmtrlOA, in oidei to aaalat In
AincricjinitipK (orvlffi rVuhltni "
ftftfnlMtff witch niimea aa "dugora,"
'WOp0)H ttO., from tntJlf vocabulary
Mr Padgrr h preHhlriit nf the In
termediate Union of thn Klrat Hup
tint church and Mr Manon la preai
I dent of a aanlor H Y P V. ml the
I Mm rhiinh The Flral Baptfta)1
I rhurrh la one c f t he few ohUrOhM
In the round v u hlrla hn two arnloi
I inlona, the dtVtalOn helng
tAtfrd hy the larur enrollmi'nt Tht I
prosonl rnroMment In hoth HntoiM l
1 Thr youiiK man or woman f la-s-
inif thrtf mtdtlnff of the nnlona lii
iucoraon l?i dropped from tho rolla.
SiKnrr Tftkc Itnrgr I dm.
PT Ut7ti, July 20. -rol. O. E.
Ilnmphrt y of Kl Iteno, i-kla . todav
ii" ii o .1 marmgrahlp Of tha Mlaala
Mppl goCtlon of the harga Una on th
: MiaalKMtppI .knit Warrior rlvori. Ha
auereeda !. T. tavanaKh who wn
dtrwnfd In th Miaalaal0p at Metn-
MihlK In Apt II Uat.
nnnF.TtT A MBIHNKY. Funrral
Plrertor Phono 2I Houth
tV Captain Arthur Kelly, Aviator
j Iuty AKattiM Itra, liax
' DIsappojUTd.
n. a iii mil
S M5i yiRLS
Btfoft Mailing for Ireland vvtral days ago, Hirh'tm t;i'ker. the ng
x-thii'f of Tammany Hall, referring to hia position in tho racanl tariRiod
family oontrovarayi deelarad that ehiidrm were unKmiefui h de-
rlaied Mint lh raaaofl f"i tilt treubla was nolhlns; else but money. The
Orfkar'i trip tq Ireland wu dalayad (or umi tirie In Palm Baaoh. Kia., by
the trial of the suit InouKht by Richard Croker. Jr. The ex-THrnmnny
chieftain. hOWavafi won a nolalile Victory in the ease, rlenrly proving his
OORipatanec to m.tyiage his prupei'ty. This photograph shows Mr. and Mrs.
Croker as they palled for Ireland.
Oklahoma lt ltuslios Anil-Toxin
With Hol ('roes Aid to laftlumy
respor.so to a call from llethilny,
Okla . where a ty hold epidemic lf
rliiorted. Dr. J. T. Martin, lupaiin
tendent of the Oklahoma City health
dayulmant. late today sent repre
Iseniatlves of the dep.n tment to that
jtown armed with mitl-toxln.
A call for aid also was received hy
By Ths AnnerlaUd Prsa.
WARSAW. July 20. Another
American aviator serving with the
Koselusko squadron, is missing. Capt.
Arthur Kelly of Richmond, Va.,
started on a flight over the bolshevik
lines five days ago and nothing has
been heard of him since.
No trace ha yet been received as
to the whereabouts of Capt. Marlon
Cooper of Jacksonville. Kta.. who
has been missing since he started a
fllL-ht Julv 13. Captain Cooper, who
was recently mentioned aa tho bucJ
cessor of MaJ. Cowrie Kauntleroy as
commander of the Kosciusko squad
ron, formerly was a newspaper man.
having served In various capacities
in Chicago. Ban Antonio and St.
1 auL He came to Inland a year ago.
i!o Oklahoma City chapter of the
l.e l CroM nnd a nurse will he pent to
Hethany tomorrow to aaeiM In the
.No details regarding the reported
I pld mlc worn received, but It la
Relieved here thai there are only a
few cases of tho disease ut Ilethany.
T)n not continue to Htrtigglo with a
problem vthhii flnsslflcd advorlLiiiiK
could solve for you. I'se World Waul
Visitors to New York
cordially invited to view
our exhibit of Diamonds,
Sapphires, Pearls and Emeralds
in Artistic Platinum Settings.
Opposite St. Patrick' Cathrilral
t llv's Hti!.liMs Interests Organize
nnd l ndcrwrlle Campaigns.
MUM PHIS, Tenn.. July 20. For
mation of a shipping corporation
capitalized at 1 1. 000,000 to combat
the proposed order of the Interstate
enmmerce commission placing Mem
phis freight rates on the "dry land"
basis was InstlMited today at a mass
meeting of business men here. X
fund of J7S.00O for use in prelim
inary arrangements and to secure
cpttoni on boats for use on the
Mississippi river was underwritten at
the meeting hy business Interests of
tttt city. X.
Arkansas Junior College
Popular in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma Olrls Form Irge
Port of the Student Body at
rCMis-nt CnlleKO. I incka
Springs, Ark., In Recent
i Pleads GBsHy,
lied Coulson. charged with as
aiultlnic O. K. MtTttoa hy strJking
him wnh a wind shield during an
argument at the local Ford agency
.lime 14, entered a DIM or utility to
the accusation at his 'rial before
Justice H. J. Ctray yesterday and
laid N line Of J10 and costs as
H ssed against him by the court.
Some years ago this Institution j
announced Its abandonment of dry
and uaeless subjects in Its currlc-
ulum which had been commonly
required In girls' colleges and
boarding schools. Latin and higher
mathematics gave place to practl-,
cal courses In cooking, sewing, i
child welfare, Hycleno and other!
useful sciences. In place of the tra-j
dltional boarding school rules. !
Crescent In.iuKiiraled the student ,
government plan which enabled
girls to feel liberty of action nnd
responsibility for the conduct of
their schoolmates The result haa
been gratifying, whereas formerly
l was necessary to send out solicit- i
ors In toe summer to make up the
quota of 10 girls, all Crescent,
spaces are now reserved early In
the summer, simply because the
modern methods employed there I
have become known. Crescent has ;
become standardized hy the state
universities and all work accredit
ed. 1'nusual advantages 'ire of
fered In music, art and expression.
The college owns a beautiful lake
and cltU house for tho students
recreation. Kor catalogue amk view
book, address Crescent College,
Box W, Eureka Springs, Ark.
aA- rurt
It is not what you earn that counts, it's what you save.
6 to 9lA
Paid on Your Savings
Free from taxes and under State supervision.
Put your money where it is safe; in Tulsa's oldest and
largest Savings association. We have grown steadily
since organization which shows what lulsa people
think of us.
Resources July 31. 1516, $H,f2.63
Resources Dec. 31, 1916, 138, 1(8.90
Resourcea June 30, 1917, S i :
Resources Dec. 31, 1917, $133,539.16
Resources June 30, 1918, $196,!)39.01
Resources Dec. 31, 1918, $236,780.84
Resources June 30, 1919, $351,590.98
Resources Dec. 31, 1919, $563,136.46
v Resources June- 30, 1920, $809,858.63
We Solicit Your Account
Tulsa Union Loan &
Savings Association
8 Et Fifth St. . Phone Oaage 5254
Our Reorganization Sale
on all our
Boys' Clothing
Mothers will find here an excellent opportunity to se
cure the boys' wants for school wear at prices that per
mit of ipeat and unusual savings on clothing that is 6t
the finest quality, durable, stylish and built for hard
usage. Here are the finest of all wool Sampeck Suits,
Hart Schaffner and Marx Suits, High Grade Wash
Suits, Silk Suits and Palm Beach Suits. We suggest
early shopping before sizes and style assortments be
come broken.
$ 2.50 Suits, now $ 1.75
$ 3.00 Suite, now $ 2.35
I 3.50 Suits, now $ 2.75
J -1.00 Suits, now $ 3.15
$ 4.50 Suite, now $ 3.45
$ 5.00 Suite, now $ 3.95
I 6.50 Suite, now $ 5.15
$ 7.50 Suite, tiow $ 5.95
$ 8.50 Suite, now $ 6.75
$10.00 Suite, now $ 7.95
$12.50 Suite, now $ 9.75
$15.00 Suite, now $11.75
Suite, now $14.35
Suite, now. $15.75
Suite, now $17.75
Suits, now $19.75
Suite, now $21.75
Suite, now $23.75
Suite, now $28.00
Suits, now $29.75
Suite, now $31.50
Suite, now $32.00
Suite, now . . . . $34.00
Suite, now $36.75
Boys9 and Girls' Hats at
Great Savings
$10.75 Hat $6.95
$ 7.50 Hate $4.95
$ 6.00 Hate $3.95
$ 5.00 Hate $3.35
$1.25 Boys' Khaki Blouses. . . 95c
$8.50 Boys' Military Suite . .$5.95
$ 3.50 Hate $2.15
$ 2.50 Hate $1.65
I 2.00 Hate $1.35
$ 1.50 Hate 95c
Boys' Khaki Linen and wash
i'ante; $1.50 and $1.25
values, reduceoyto 95c
Sale from 10 tn 11 o'Clork Today
at Vandevers
Women's pumps and oxfords, odd pairs col
Itcted from Vandever's entire stock of fine
shoes- White kid, dull kid, brown, bronze
and patent kid, also white nile cloth. All
sizes and widths, values from $7.50 to $16.50,
your choice, 10 to 11 a. ni.
No exchanges.
No refunds.
20', Reduction All W ash Drcsae
on All lilomen 25 Discount
Vandevers Rlotise Section al- Organdies, Voiles, Nets and Ging-
wavs has attraction for women hams in most attractive models,
who demand smart and new ef- All are exceptionally good values
foct in blouse styledom. Dur- at regular prices, making this
ing this entire week you may reduction of more than ordinary
choose any blouse in our stocks interest to those who want to
at 20 per cent less than regular practice economy.
price- ' Up tot lift Hats for I
Silk Dm$m at Only $2M
Half Price M of dark Hats that wt ifa
Our entire stocks of Silk Presses l? must b,! f lol out quickly,
reduced this week to one-half Vttlu(M UP to 25- &L('n'1'
regular prices. .o
. Draperies Reductions
Hosiery Here is a group of specials from
Women's Fancy Hose embroid- the Draperies Section that will
ered and lace, black, white and permit some real economy in re
brown, priced from $5 to $18.50 placing or providing one or
iWomen's full fashioned Lisle more rooms with attractive
Hose in black, brown and white, drapery.
priced the pair , $1.75 36-inch Cretonne in floral de
Women's black and white Silk signs, colors green, rose and
Hose, lisle top, heel and toe, brown, regularly 60c, special for
regularly $3 the pair. Special today, yard 39c
for ,$2.29 j;cru Marquisette, plain centers
i Kt ' with ribbed borders, regularly
P&SV&Sl at c- sPiftl for today, the
Special Reductions yard . . . yi 52c
Women "Forest Mills" Union Short lengths of Scoth Madras
Suits, with either tight or loose for over draperies, 36 inches
knee, open or closed gore, pink wide, in colors of blue, rose and
or white; values to $1.35. Spe- green, regularly $2, special for
cial at 89c today, at yard $1.25
Women's fine lisle Union Suits Figured Swiss in plain white and
with tight or loose knee, open or colored dots, 36 inches wide,
closed gore, values to $1.60 regularly 70c, special, the
for 95c yard 59c
Women's silk Msle Union Suits 80 '' , loor
with the large umbrella leg and Pink Nainsook Underwear
closed gore, values to, $8. Spe- Stamped to Embroider
cial. the suit $1.65 Pajamas in one-piece style in
Women's Union Suits witk the dainty designs for French knots
tops of glove silk and the lower nnd lazy daisy stitch, priced $3
PttrJ,of-cne liH,le;ua11 HieVlu Uowim stamped on fine quality
to $3. Special, the rait at $1.95 ,link nain80(kf a very special
Women's fine lisle Union Suits value at $3.50
with the tight or loose knee open Teddies a large assortment, of
or closed gore, value.8 to $3. Spe- ,nk nftirl(,ook teddies, stamped.
c,al for 1-98 Price $2.75 and $3
$5M Tabic Clot Its Camisoles and Corset Covers in
Special at $348 , aint,y ,,esif.ns ll vnrh, ,env
, m li . broidery, rrench knot and lazy
Mercerized Table Cloths extra daiHy slitch, all sizes, priced $1.25
good quality, size 70x70, sells a. , v . , . . . . nm
regularly at $5. Special Ramped Knickers to match, $1.95
f0 $3 98 These pj-rments are entirely
'xt i ii i ' V i' ' Vo iJ ' . ' made, requiring only the em
Napkins to match, a $2 Hie set broiderv to complete them,
quality, special, b for only $1.69 NIhhi Floor
Vcw MUM Hour, Ihirtni; .Inly uml Allien!: W((t Qftfl Oprn s a.
in., riiMliiff ni 5 p. in.. Siitur.lay (h n at H:S0 u. in., Cloning at 11.30
on All Mull
MeinlMTk of tin- Tul.m t'ii Sliop Anmn lallim
oAt 'Dances
It it fact that at afternoon and
rvrninj danrea one seldom a
1 "i who hu not luuad Lfthtvnuniiiiua
abklo her tollt. ,
But. whilim the occmIoq. the thin wautg
tld li.w , ut guar. nl loda, tuvc IUJ Jr iMU
1 anw a toilet aact Mlty.
im A irint tAr nrrnarat ini matlt hv hrantr r i -
kair n .in thr fact,
otck or under ii mi.
Beiuly xfci
ute lcljlonf tt came
It leavri the tt.m
clear, firm and pti
let i .y cmooth.
DeUtona la taaleat
(o apply Mm pie di
rection! With erjy
tHtfB JKji'VV V eVX ! I
I Kim 1a
Ks !yv''''
t innwraiiaa
From Botton Makers who
DPOalaHMd litem hy tlie t hotmantU
for IIh' ' i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 very paUr
W tWpfal I ih iii-,ttT Just ttie
HUM M m tinny nMiirui'U. Soles
'.. not . .ni, ,i
llaal ronnmy mitni not aavltif; a f
n if n im ir.fr eirisinai mil, OUT IN
iilitg your ii. -.nr. worth an4
yen vt It on a, ahoa that your
OovarnttifUit 11 Kd.
l oanrrrt Annr Mmitaa
ii.mn...ijir niuriter
. ii 1 1 Hin , . l Fin Taa
'..'lit . l''l,r,k., .
n arrltul. Foalaw KRf f!
ItKI IAHl I M 411, OKIKK t O
X.1 HiiiHiiigliHi A-..
Ilttlllll It, l !.
fili4 palri tioataga paM. I'll
lay ihr poairnaai on at rival if I am
not aaitaflrd you at to return my
mo nay.
irt n " ,fm"

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