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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, July 25, 1920, FINAL EDITION, SECTION-A, Image 2

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Democratic Prospects Im
periled by Row Over
Rowc Affair,
Ciumshoe Policy It the Hull
of tho Faction Which Bwka
to Dominate Party.
(lino tnl, the offll Inla lit ln South
Anvrlrana for whnm hi stored a
trunk In lltli nJ f whom
later urilrrrd th- trunk shipped to
tnv. . nr- t th- V M. V. A..
Th nam "f urn i" imi
..f the person r"l' I'd " h.ivlna "
i upli .i an apartment t Wa is Har
P r street. Datrmt, the u,!,!,..
the trunk In whlrh tho Ixxly w.i
Th moat faai nl laWar to hleh the
poller have altiiiherl ltnp'irt.tn. whb
dim raealvad bj Brant. J um 11 from
it rn.ni In Detroit It wan llffnad A
a ratam Mia ordrd him ta
trunk tit fimii there June 10 He
tried to lonite the trunk, Ml " ui
.ililo to find It.
It ss ui .lunuary. Branlfl told
th aolli thai n rai ait d Uh Mil r
directing the nunk M ""'
Ia lt.iv, " Thai letter, ha MM, w.t
m tho Mini handwrtttm M the
Tii'uni letter, hut aM "lived oy O,
.1. Wo.ol , lli niimi a-'jlrh tho ex
With K. N. How, npoaad i in, n Bfaaaman Mid was aaad in un of
man of thi Tulsa oountj alartlori ,h, i ,, houi h AnierlnuiH These men,
hour 'l, practically out of the run stcardlna la Bran la, were known to
Ins thrniKh Ihf leoUM 01 lh I''1 hint first uh A .1 Kernaiidl nd
vldson-Klnney .Ne.il f o 'i 'O in I' j,..,.,h ,111m
tally" ataatiag Munroa Kaal at a Ktrnandta uir told him ha ai
meeting of tho rniinty central BOM I arreatad III aaiwaatlOll with ,tn unto
mlttee, and ohlalnlni; IiIm appol n I -1 rrtobll i Henl In lliooklyu. Involv
ment in a legal manner hy thi tatlna the death of n MM, II" M
rlertlon hoard last eek. th- hnttl' I jtaaad on I. nil and l"f Nrw Vork.
liv in lum Ho,, iiv 1.1, h Itowe, u p- IirnnP 10 'i d .1 letter from him In
of ih
evolutionary , lo t,., I! In liei-emlier, I 3 1 . and In
Hiiok LetWMWamaa Springer rm ti,,n, Jul), 1 1 a. waa aaaaa to g 1 a irona
ia , ,...i i,u aaaL ha vtr- and hn'd It unill Wood arantad It
tually hecn rinsed
sent to
Utile remains for hpilirer
Peinncratlr. i.andldaleH for louniv
attorney, to prem-nt to thi avparlOl
ourt in Mm wuy of ivldano ta nn
aeal Noal. the attorney hmlim ml
otitifd ui the hi'Arlna iiMt araah tn it
... ..,i- eaa now lie i ' xtriln r.
raUed agaln.l the appolatmml f ! i-XMinlnaiion f it,. 1 "
. ,. .!, ili.Ili. OIl, 1,1 ,n,i,( riin . , j ,-.
I no, trunk " ,i 111 U' 1 'I
Thrattghoul nil of th" BoffMpond"
BUM wlh A A. Tntum. t) J. Womli
and K. lltoy, llranlc declared, the
handarlilna ihn an me.
Iir t li ir: Norn-, ity niedlral
reported today that an
the rrpriMiilatlvi'
ncratn of termer day. The haltle
beaiiti a few rt i befor the, rlly
11101. e: lo t ! I11. our I n udiiilni.
tared before the eaman'e death.
ie. Tr.rriT.ch th.. county ele.-t Inn : termlM If aha had died ua a re.ult
if an oprr.itlon.
throuch tho rounty ele.-tlnn
hoard. otiKtod IIohh Kinney a In
apector In the Firm ward, arhlch had
been dominated hy the Inapaciar for
aeveral yeara. In retallptloa for thin
art whleh the OOnOTet demorrai y of
the iliy termed a douhle Brow,
Howe wna removed and Nal. a man
favorable to the anplrailona of the
old hoea rule. appointed In hte
etean ram i -rj ion..,.o .0 . .. ' hv , ntv ,,rrlon board, and It
oT.tlo r.nk ha. fl W l to X t thta preferentUI arrenaement
adoption by manv of the . lodldate, WilajlMMliaa obleet.
of that party of the .loKan I Vaaa't ";,.' ,. h hr n v,i,l(ed, aeeord
ntUed up in that affair" and It la LJJJ ,.,'., and while It
belnf worked overtime within the poaer of the election
An one of the re.u ta of the em- oaH ,o thu kill(1 nf nanrt thB
brogllo among the follower, of the ,,,w lH. 8l,Mn(!,r , rowd will renew
democratic donkey. Hook Ia.U M,lp rfi,,r. t elect their conimlt
flnda himself In Ihe predicament of ,,. s, ,n, ,,,,,,,,, r .
campalanlng for hi relative. Jameal Amon, oihere named by the laat
Woolley, candidate for re-election u nilnuto de.lalon of Ihe Kenney fac
aherlff of tho county and a follow ,. r I ,,,,,, j, KaMMI himeelf h commllteo
of Boaa Klnny. and at the Mm man from precinct No. I. Hunted In
llme opponlnu Ihe remainder of the ipeetOf of lh pnilm l by the vote
faction with which Woolley haa long
been Identified. Lewla haa evident
ly figured that to put Woolley over
again, the latter mut bavo the sup
port of both factions against the
republican candidate, and since
Lwle expect the democratic vote to
be well divided among tho two fac
tion at the primaries and much nf
the vote lost to the republican can
didate at the election, "keep mum"
pollttca are absolutely necary.
Lewi CHne, county clerk, prlng
a surprise by notifying i.e.. gulnn
f K. N". Howe, chairman of the eler
Hon board, before the latter' de
thronement for that action. Kenney
again sought the appointment but
pulillc sentiment wlh mo much
against thla action by the county
regstrar that he wa not named.
.'ol.wlni Is lh' complete II"' of
the opposing candidates for election
in the August primaries:
Precinct No. 1. J. C. Kenney; No.
lT0tn Clark; No. 3, K. Knx, A. C.
nilchrlat; No. 4, Kd Kgan, Koeter
Kitchen; No. 7, V. Patereon, U. B.
Boston Shoe Shop
320 S. Main
Over Woolworth'a
liavla; No I, W. t). William, T. W
LTU 7 3 1 th. eonntv election I 'ailing; No. , Ur. Newllng. Kred
. "---,.r-'--.:". 1 Kitchen
noara, to wimaraw nis name as can-j
dldate on trie democratlo ticket for'
county commlMiloner No. 3. Acroiuii
the face of the (,'llne reglatratlon fil
ing for county office, In written In
rd letter, "Withdrawn." No publioi
Mnnouncnment win mndt, of thlu rsct
when the tep ara taken and the
withdrawal of Cllne leave a clear
field at the prlmurles for V. L
North, preaent county commlanloner
from PtotrM No. 3.
Sevnral democratlo. candidate
have admitted the "Jockeying" of
ether candidate of that party, in or
aer that weaker candidate. favored
by the Duvldson-Klnney-Neai fac
tion might have lesa opposition at
the primaries. Kalrly streng candi
date not favored by thi faction. In
the saddle since the removal of
Itowe from office, have by blandish
ment been prevailed upon to file
their candidacy for other offices
where the faction believes their men
certain to win. These weaker sis
ters, In the party favored by Hons
Kinney and his followers, see little
daylight ahead so far a the prima
ries are concerned, but are not eo
certain a to the result of tho election.
was the apartment In which they
located Tulifrone and found articles
of the mtaalng girl clothing.
NKW YORK. July 4. flue ob
tained from handwriting contained
in letters which passed between 1 1, -troit
and New York are expected to
reveal the Identity of the woman
whose mutilated liody ww found In a
trunk here yesterday, police an
nounced tonight. .
The letters were produced by An
drew J. BraBle, an expi i hsman. He
For these awful hot
days put your tired
feet into a pair of
Wilder, John Hmldley. No. , rl. U
Pattotl. W T Heott, No, , Hurrv
Cannady, M 0 Rlaad, Kd Toder;
No ii, John U IliauahnaMy t i.
Ilrown, Harvey lioodloe. N't. II,
Mi. H t: l.oi.r. C A MaOonald;
No If, W. C. Htrlckland H I, Mil
ler, No. la, H. W. Mitchell, It. K
Merger, h. i ttaadavaa, Ko. it, f,
N M.Oinley, A. It. Thomas; No II,
Sieve King, W. J. Campbell, J. H.
Hunisey, No M. I, e lianlel. J, It.
Hyde, K U Allen, No 17, Jim Hrand.
J T fli. miller. No IK. I-I It, r Moss,
ti.ikley Thomns, No. I'l. Kd tVait.n.
N. M liavla. No 20, Thatlea Kenton.
QaerM Harrison, No. 21. C W John
noil l c Klllntt; No. 'it, t' H lluli
hard. Ci P, Chanattlt, i'. v. Koplln,
I M. Pad! No ;.t. Mm. Richard
Nelson. V J. Itoyer, H W. M.n
fleld. No L'4, John Italney. No II,
Jim Kvers, C. M Oormlay, K. A
Robinson j No. 2, Bd Oroaaland, lam
Ma.e v. Hopkins; No 27, Mrn
Mr (illhert, Merrltt nines, No in,
W. D, Turner, J. M. Ktlllau, No. 2.
I K Helow, H R, l.ewln. No. .10.
'i H Hopping, Th odors 'ox. No.
31, M. B, lire, kelilldge, W I..
Moody, .1. It. fole.
County Colllnavllle city, pr Ini t
No. 1 i, W. It. Kilik. No 2, K V.
ehrlmshar, B B itowian; No. 3,
Mark Karmer. T. A. Ie; No. 4,
Clark DtIMn, A. II. Ilryant. Collin,
vllle township, N. If. Kinley. Haw
non, No I, Hurry 8tge, I,. M. Itoyer,
0, 0, lloyd; No. 2. Ur. J. A. .laek
nian, Kle Lewis; No. 3, 00 Ha llul
lette. Olenpool, No. L M. T. Helf,
J. a. Jatrraycj rrya, T. J. Shin.p.
lenks, J I). Ilurnett. I.ynn line,
No. 1, A. L. f'arml'hael, No. 3,
1 rank Husiedde. I. W Johneon.
No. 4, H J. Mauldln. riwnsso. No. I,
Iir. Tolllaail, Krank Phillips) No. .
Aaron TyneTJ No. 3, Walter Ogan,
No. 1 W II. Krb k. N-. 2. I, B V.
It. J. Klrksey, Hklatook. No. 1. A.
w. IU' as. No. 3, Bd ' aeon; We-
klwa No I, John Hnll. No. Mra.
Nealiltl. C. J. Hush, No. 3. Fred
Hyel. Nnnd Hprlngs, No. 1 C. t.
Htri'kiand. Frank Danlali No. 3, 0,
0. T. Byrd, H. W. 'ill. lis. No 3, T.
n Ad ran, O, n Kaleham: No. 4,
HiS'ty Unrtlott. A. I. Weddle. Hole,
Sam, flodey, A. 1. Uwa,
Hrokne Arrow, No. 1, J. t, Z.
Holt, .lake ProetOfl No. 2,
Neiiie ahrada, .r a. Ramp,
Hlxly. J. H llyani. Harry
Worsham. Ited Iork. No. I, Mon
roe Nenl, No. 2. N. K. Mays. H. II
While an aatrich 'an pull a load
of 400 pounds If hit. hafl lo a cart
It nn carry but 111 pound rm It
bin k.
Kansaa Woman, I'fomlnrnt Suffrage
Worker, Sued hy HiMhaml.
TOrivICA, Kan., July 24 Mrs
Kffl" W. Main, well known Kansas
Woman suffragist, named In n'ii
dispatches from Washington some
time ago a one nf a number of
Women arrested for picketing the
white house. Is defendant In a dl-,
vorcc suit in the district court here
and filed her answer today Her'
huaband. William W. Main, Is a!
trtlch farmer living near Topeka 1
Mis Main denies that her political:
ncUaUlM caused her fin neglect her
Belgium will build a tunnel for
stie.t .ars. vahlctSi and po.leatrulna
under lh Rlvar S. heldt.
Ifme asaln from n vert siterenarul Past
rlfldtiats Crtarn, whrs I Uarni many
naw and Bveesssfal waya tn benefit bas
. tila with Ir.nilili, f the I.ya. Kar. Mm,
sen Thtoat.
nn. 'vim n r,rnKU
711 Mayo Uldg. llaasa StM
Soft, featherweight, black
kid, turned aoles; aa illus
trated $1.75
Candidate for
August 3, 1920
t Political Advertisement)
m mm
Cheney Tone Adjuster
The Cheney will play a
lullaby as soft as a whisper
or fill a large hall with a
rollicking dance.
Twelve distinct gradations
of tone, logically controlled
at the source. Tones always
crystal clear ,sweet and pure.
"Thi Lonbb You Plat It,
The SaTsrrEa. It Grow.
Tone, Quality and Technique
A virtuoso could scarcely display his art
with an ordinary violin or piano. Perfect
technique alone docs not make a master.
So with phonograph records. It is easy to
play them but the Cheney, like a Stradi
vanus violin, gives renditions new beauty.
Its rich, majestic tones are unrivalled.
Acoustic principles, never applied before to
phonographs, have set The Cheney mv
questionably irt a class apart.
far ..tJ by
116 South Main Osage 19
An important feature
of this clearance is
Wool suits
YOU expect us to reduce prices on summer suits at
this time of the year, but we've gone farther than
that. We've reduced prices on our fine Hickey-Freoman-and
Stratford three-piece wool suits as well.
Suits that will give you good service all fall and most
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Music Will Make Your
House a Home
This is the Season when a Patho will bring more
pleasure to you and your family than any other
time of the year; when it is too warm to go out
for entertainment, you can stay on your own
cool porch and play over your favorite selections
on the Pathe.
The Secret Difference
In ihe Pathe tono is hrld in the famous Sapphine Ball
it glides smoothly around the records never wears
out. No needles to change; no wear on the records;
always ready to play.
There is as much difference between the tone of a jeweled Pathe and an old
fashioned steel needle machine as there is botween a priceless violin and a
Yet the Pathe costs no more than an ordinary phonograph.
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Ar rl i- asilar-rr
0 X ' A-.'r i

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