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Sunday School Lesson
yn August l
Fs. 14: 7-10.
II Bamucl 1.1-
Fhe NTMM given the rk of
covenant ly the children of le-
1 v a beautiful inn a By It Wo
aawre their fidelity to Jehovah
J. lo.fir.ally, their degree of pros
ily awn national itreatnosa. Vet
the more modern mind thla rever-
e for .a materiel thing has held
9edu(tii"i that In both erroneous
I mlechirvous. In all ages, how
r, PCMkt have been disposed to
ard a Material avmbol a the
1 thin. Jid to overlook the ea
tlal rnrm which It was Intended
uonvey. Th ark was not Ood. The
Billion had arvod Images which
y worshipped. To the I'hiHStlnes
ark was the Israelites' Ood, Just
Ival of their. own deities. It was
Intended that tlio Israelites
juld sink to the level of paganli-
the worship of Jetuivah by delfy
the b( red pledge of his pres-
of all men one toward another. The
same rule I..: b Rood today. The na
tion that nerrtembers llod In all
thlnga Ik th nne Which prospers
The establishment of universal peace
rests not With the league of nations
or any other device wl.llo h. ,,,,
nature remain unchanaed hut with 1" Hoard, pastor. Sunday school at
the dominance f pMy In the hearts 10: Preaching at 11 and . Wednea
Mist I M AMS U S.
niiooHoriiiCAL HooiBTT
Meet! Monday evenings. Itihllc
study clasa Thursday evenings In
county courtroom of courthouse at
S:10. Kubjeot this week, "Karma."
Kor-Information call W. J. Zollinger.
13 Kast Haskell, usage tTl.
Tulsa. 22l South Main, K M
Celcbrator of
Maine Centenary
he ark wa the reurlnder of the
enant Ood had made with his
mile. As such. Jt remained sacred.
U the degree to which It waa re
ft '! and reaped eil measured the
tree to which the faithful were
esed. Kven Olicd-Kflotu, a prl-
i Itlr.en to whom waa entrust -the
care of the ark after the
M faleful attempt to take It to
usalem. was wonderfully blest be
jse he gave the ark shcytcr and
ipect. Hut the shadow Is hot the
hstanoe. mid the ark wns only a
nbnl of find s care for his people.
the enrly days of humanity vhlld
e peoples required material and
Ible types on which to base tlseir
hcepllon-J'f spiritual things. They
not tiiVL kindly to the abstract.
Tky knew and understood only
they could comprehend with
tuial senses. The great world
aplrttual things was a sealed book
them with a tew exceptions, j'leiy
lulrod something humanly lann
e on wtii li to base Its confidence.
The same may be said of other
hibols which we rightfully observe
h conscientious reverence, but
klch many wrongfully tlnvest with
aglned supernatural character.
bread and wine 01 the com-
bnlon are reminders of the slain
Hy and shed blood of the Savior.
d the use of them In a sacrament
an acknowledgement of our oh-
atlon to him for his vicarious silt
ing for our sins divested of Its
initial significance the elements
i merely bread and wine, purely
tealill ObteetS The wenio Is true
btojan water Is a material sub
.. H not vested Willi any
Irltuirkf ,'lolrnry, but a a public
dge oWVir itoceptanee of the
ins ofHlnvaiton and regeneration
i ordinance becomes a holy thing.
SM' lienorit wnicn we ontain irom
ooservani e oi m minim mm uo-
upon our state of mind. No
nr regenerated
because he was baptized or
k of the Lord's supper.
8 The chief lesson to be derived
lorn this chapter Is the necessity
I putting Ood first In all our per
Inal motives, both as regards our
tts as a private citizen and in what
rer official capacity we may be
lied to serve. David's great anxiety
is not the security of his throne.
Jc esteemed that to be Ood's busl-
tss. nat ne most seauiousiy strove
7r was that the nation over which
ruled should get right before
nd. He assumed a religious dlrec-
m of the nation, that the people
light see thnt their prosperity and
ational safety lay not so much in
ngs and armies as In conscientious
tiollty to Jehovah. Ho rightfully
gued that If the mossea were dc
itedly following the Ood of Israel,
e problems of political adminls-
tation would be few and easily
Ived. His anxiety was greater for
e welfare of his kingdom than for
bwer and glory to himself.
In these days wo properly abhor
Kythlng which savors of a union of
nurch and state. The experiences of
tstory have shown us conclusively
at neither a government donilnat
I by a religious organization nor a
iliglon dictated and controlled by
plltlca) forces Is conducive to hu
ian happiness and prosperity. We
ike every precaution to Insure every
Jtlzen complete freedom to hold and
f-actlce whatever religious belief
ay seem pood to him. conditioned
that his belief and practice shall
Vstraln the freedom of someone
different. It follows
that no one set of
any certain religious
eed should be permitted to control
ir political forces, else they would
ctnte a methoi of government that
ould i'estroy th' liberty of 0OH
poicea. Wo do not wai t to hive
If i-eiiglon pres-rlbed to us tv taw
political expediency.
V ... .. H,.u nr.t An aw&v with
L ...... I ... . llin L-lttM (govern- I
ent whli h Is Inspired by religious
it sectarian motives Is the one
lost productive of prosperity, of
nysiral and spiritual welfare, of so
ul and economic happiness. The
Mutton of all International, social,
hilttlcal and economic problems
only possible through a uni
rsal rule of conduct baaed on
llglous motive. Israel propspercd
hlle faithful to Jehovah bocauae
ich fidelity involved a right attitude
of men. The tral of strikes and In. w
outs Is never aorompllahed by laws
apd courts and arbitration hoards
but by the application of the Christ
ian principles embodied In the golden
The solution of all our problems
and the only lasting solution rests
on thla one conoJuslon -Ood In the
heart of men. Open the gates of
your own soul and tot the King of
Olory come in. that He may rule over
your words, your thoughts, your acta.
TJie nation Is hut an uggreatlon of
Individuals. You are one .of them
"'" grt right with Ood ami
lake him Into all your calculations
In every walk of life, the nation will
never get right with Uod. lleform
begins at home.
day prayer meeting at 8.
and I v 8. A Jamleson. pastor.
Oaage 4(11-11. Morning services.
Sunday school at 10. Iord'a supper
at II. Evening song ai J prnlse
service 7: SO; preaching at S. On
Bellvlew car line.
Sixth and Madison (Central Park).
W. K. llarr. pastor. Saturday ser
vice, Sabbath school ltd; mlasionnry
volunteers at 4, preaching at 11.
Sunday preaching at 7 30 p. ni.
ised Church of Jesus Christ)
Tenth snd Hockford. Elder Peter
Adamson, sr., pastor, rural route 1.
box 114. Sunday school at 9 45;
preaching at 11; song service 7:S0;
sermon at 8. Saints co-operative so
ciety meets Monday evening at H;
mid-week prayer meeting Wednes
day at 8; Iletiglo society Krlday at S.
hi. mm., i
TAXtXVt -- Eighth and
John O. Helrln nulnr
Klrst mam (:J0; second (children's)
mars (:30; high mass 10; evening
devotions at (.
SACRKD HEART -Sixteenth and
Ttockford. Rev. Charles S'andaert,
i,xctor. Services at usual hours.
hall at 8:16. Mrs J. H Klemmlng,
pastor. Services In charge of vice
president, Mrs. Ida Maulttry. Trance
lecture by Mrs. R U Reynolds.
Messages by Mmes. AJdrlch, Lindsay,
Moody and Maulthy.
Susan Neptune, mother of Of
William Neptune of the I'assanm
lUoddy tribe of Indians, camped In
Cortland In connection with Maine's
entennlal celebration, which re. er.t.
ly came to an end. The old Indv
epnrnted herself from Hie thiong
tn old time
Madison. C. H. Shlpman, liostor
Sunday school at 10
11 and 7:30; song scrvl
day prayer meeting nt
laninrxar in r imllTTrr
in courinouse, oisirict courtroom
preaching fit fr,ttwlU, , IlWfly ,
lee nt 7 rues-1 f n new lyle pipe
No. 1.
and Wheeling. Reverend Matthews,
pastor. Sundav school at in, preach
ing at 11 and 7:30.
and Moulder, county courtroom, 7:45.
Trance lecture by Mrs. Amanda Mof
fltt. Spirit messages by Marie Hut
eherson. Laura Berryman and Effle
Olive. Lndics' auxiliary meeta Wed
nesday with Mrs. Moffltt, 19 North
Outhrle at 2 p. m.
Courthouse, superior courtroom Wr.
E. Williams, minister. Sunday school
at 10; preaching at 11 and 7:30.
UNITY CLASS of Practical Chris
tianity meets every Sunday and
Thursday evenings In superior court
room, courthouse.
Take Mswter Degree.
Work In the master mason's de
gree will he given by Tulsa lodge
No. 71 at 9 o'clock next Wednesday
morning. About 30 candidates are
Raise Illg Crop of Melons In Spilt- of
Harm Done li Peat.
PONCA CITY. Okla . July 34. - To
oulmiineuver the bugs, worms and
other peats that destroy watermelon
vines, and grow a crop that will
produce a highly profitable Income,
Is one of the problems that confront
the growers In this NOtlfMI of Okla
homa annually, and no doubt In
other sections of this anil other
states. As soon as (he young vines
get through the ground they nre at
tacked by an Insect that destroys
them. In this manner one entire
crop of two hundred acres, planted
this spring near Med Hock (south of
here), was wiped out and many
smaller tracts throughout this dls
trlct have been destroyed In like
The problem, so far as the 101
ranch Is concerned, has been sclved
by Jog Mllbr. one of thg owners and
head Qt the agricultural department
of the ranch. The Milters grow a
big is-op of walet melons annually
got Mil) for the use on the ranch hut
also for Ml, The plan 10 MIWll
the insects was work.,1 out success
fully l.iM year an, I Is proving Itself
again Ihls year wiih the crop n id
for market In about three w k
The Millers save tin Ir crop b)
planting the seed three times The
first pluming ll Just through the
soil with the loaves large enough for
plundering by the pests when the
second plant'ng Is made. Im
loed ately alongside the first hills
When ih' we tome through the soil
and an young and ten-lei, the third
i'i i' Utll l done m the same manner
as the second. When the second
hi milng appears, the bugs leave the
first and got hus on the second, and
when the third appears tbev move
ti t o In the meantime the first
planting has recurred from the at
tnek and assisted bv the tains, that
always come at Unit period of Ihe
year, they become strong ami the
foliage cits so lough that the bugs
do not harm the plants, although the
second and third plantings ere des
I "') i d almost completely
Tobacco will he one of the crops
grown emierimenlsllv on sn estate
purchased hv the British ministry of
gfffli ulture to demonstrate the pos
sibilities of developing poor health
Appnrntus has been Invented fee
measuring and recording the thrust
o, paj of Urid ine propellers under
flight conditions.
Oklahoma Hospital
If iom arc thinkinn about buying a new home outfit you can't find a wider
Hclectiivt of charming onett to chooe from.
Selecting each and every piece with the idea of giving the mot in hand
name dtaign, dependable quality and comfort for the numeg. In other
wordn. you can chovte everything mont to be denired in a cozy new home
at very moderate price.
lata! R
rtrtproof wllk tnodsra Iselllllsa IsoluS
lot X-Hsr and CllDloal Lakoratery.
I thai sim) hciiool tun mi: Ma ga
I rrd S t'llnlnn. M D.. T. A. C. S Pre.
I. II ..! M. !.. I rue AtBSrua,
M. li. Ili'ul.l. i Phritrlsns.
West Ninth ami Jsrkaon (Irssla
lik EMetaaee im n. nee
Vstraln the
'holrtiilMr1 U)
By Word of Mouth
News In itegeland trivrlf fastest by word of
nouth. snd ever ot paramount interest are lag
iiile beauty ttpe.
. Thst is why there Is scarcely a woman on
4 he ttste wba does oot use DtUtlmu.
Sut.llDelit on had not bn trulr won1r
lil'nnone mould tver have bothered to wbtt
. i ita name to aoyooe eiw.
iii tctentinr prrn
ratloQ made by
beauty expert for
tne purpose of re
imTinic ririn f rum the
fare, nerk or under-
JTM. Wif'r -"1
BeWatV IrMllUfll OM
rttt hMHM l
leg r. th akin t)r.
Arm iiuii parfeaile
DvlKtMM fl MtMt e
p' fctnipto MrcUeoa
U r j Jar.
Come one, Come all, Tomorrow, MONDAY and all this week.
No prices named, as the bargains are so numerous and the values so
great. Your inspection is solicited.
Ready-to-wear Garments, Men's and Boys' Suits, Underwear, etc.
Linens and Domestics. Housewives, Hotel and Rooming House Pro
prietors get your beddings this week at Kahn's, during our AN
NUAL CLEARANCE SALE. Comforts, Blankets and Spreads at a
saving of at least 20. I
At Kahn's,
We are going to make this the greatest week of our sale.
mm. . MT 1
where quality counts, we nave no compeuuon.
Shoes Pumps Oxfords
Entire clean up in our Shoe Department. Saves patrons of this store
tomorrow and all this week many dollars.
m m mmmmm mm tmmmm esse eesaesssseaaiBssAsess-esass " I '
Kahn's Department Store
Tulsa'a Buaieat Popular Priced Store.
15 East First Street
We ray 9 Cnmprmndot! on
any iiiiinnin invested monthly
or othrrwlstt.
No Tax
Dntlrr Slate Suncrrlslnn.
Wo HoUtit your account.
Home Building &
joan Association
111 S. II" . ton
W auk inspection of the fine Living Room Suite now being shown. In
silk velour or tapettry upholstery. Finest spring construction inside and
great values at the prices we ask. They begin at $275 In price up to
$1,000. Jut suit your need. j
The above suite would be the beginning of a beautiful home outfit. It
costs $400, exclusive of server and a beauty for the price. We assure
good service and your patronage will be appreciated.
Agents for New Process Gas Range: They have the Lorane Oven
123 East Second
125 East Second
'it i
Chetopa. fallt, Mv
lift 0.mmA) ' VH
( M M W r- ' mm mm MW Mmmm7 mW m mmm mmmmM
lr1ll,l'TTT"tT"lt"TiTi,r''T mmmmmW
osisJUjV i.',n4w'-......S.r-k AlieUlj&
i ineiiif- j f--,'JMH'f:iaPHJ fTUr!""
iii n'TTi
liWleeassejseyv; mmtm, hs.t't- fi
ii i iii I ii mn
j i 1 1 1 1 1 linn
nrn ); ..ojj
ri n u n i in i
am ' i ii ii i
ig ii 1 1 1 ii i i iii I i iim i
mmmmmmW-mW- W 1 If 'seipepgjMgeBgpsgMjetwetee w w m - r W'
i i i i i i i i i i i i a 8 c
rtTH-mti 1 1 1 ii 1 1 J 1 1 i i mt
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