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POLICE BEAK UP Beautiful Ctrl Kidnapped by CWto RESERVE BANKS
Jazz Music and Supply of
Booze Gets Party of
Seven in Had
Man and Woman Releal on
Heavy Bond for Running
"Disorderly" House
Pollc offtisr ,utiii rtaMad ill
rlilntil dhNfial sboul oVIooh
Sunday m'inikjiM ami upon um
p';ii,.'h nf nalahbors i . 1 1 't '' t n al
rt ilorlrl Iiomw .il I tit
Couth r'nrt ai'l ioiifimuu.il i
amall nuanuu uf 1 uliM aM ' M
Vfctskny and about two liul la uf
Bvn pnupl wrto wi hi i tin
fcuu wrta i i Hr II
Jrrirwn ml Mr. bennla Major
Srr 0t h oharatd wild nosal9S
c tnioxiciiiuj iiiuor nd raaafcai
4 dlorcl'i ly h"iir Haiti liny and
Allva Croat, wn-n h.tixud wltti St
ins; Inmatua of l Ik- Iiuub' .ili'l In
.1 . J Stewart. I ip I i (. i , u l
A. W. '..lylor au.r. ihniKi'l with
teilUrln; Mr. M.J.u unl l'r
Ji'ii:"!!" n w if rMid "ii a I I
of $200 sach win)' 'hi! uthii nuipi
br of iha 'party" wr ritlllll
upon 125 bnndu for snfjearajtOS In
polio court at I t clock hl uflnr
We have bean receiving run
plaint on ihirt houa from lU'lglituira
for Mvwral woekn," Oor Hlalne,
pollre captain aald LimI uiKht, 'but
wo bad bavn araltlng until th right
Um n rain " Hvral M
plaint war phontd to In Mat Urn a
ahnrt whlla hafor tha raid wa
On man who IIvikI nanr tha
hoii anil who waa YtlttnWSI In
hi otvardf afiilnst th plac told
the offtcera that ha had lin kpl
vry Saturday nlirlil for two
monlha and that on evral orcaa
lon thr had been "drunken ra
rouaala" In the house iwo and thra
time a week Other neighbor
wr aquftlHy sever In their com
plaint. Wktt th officer arrlvpd at th
house th blind ware drawn but
aaund of the , imrry making ' nould
a heard a half block away. "A,
phonograph waa playing spaamodl
a)ly and the laud voices of sjien
and woman wr hard contliiu
ualy." Captain Blala aald.
Cajtt. Blaine, Charts W. rolcy
and Wad Poor, motorcycle polio
mn, A. I Harnm plalolothman
and C. U Bandar, patrol driver,
were th arresting officer.
'Rurh houa a thf one turned
out to be are a menace to a whole
city and a poatllv nuisance In a
neighborhood and w ar directing
our strongest afforta tu rid tha olty
of them," Captain Hlalne aald laat
night Thla I tha third house of
th kind that th pollc hav ruldud
tnes Jun 1.
To h-..- '. Wldullud In lisui t'linu .... , ooIIch who were ii limit In sill
tin: lo Chinas! plratua ind then bejni . ! i. ,i. i, v. .i I tin-
dramatic aaparleiicy told by Mine C. I., h. N'olNou of Copi-nhagen. who
recently arrived In S.itl Klrtliclm il flom II rlenl Mtgg MllOtt while
viatling In t'linioii, fhln.i. . u I i n.iir carried by four coolies.
liy roundabout wa lliu tooltes iiulliul MIhm N'cIIhiiii to I luu CaPtOQ
w il. ifronl. .in Amurloavn friend, worried Ihruuili Mla Neilson's long
slpwiice. notified Ho polo.., vic. muni at tho wntm front Juat iu ahu
was Ming placed on a pilule Junk
rosTTNUnn rnoM ru: onc
street n having hslongad to "M.
bl KM I NUU A M Al . Jul, .
Rupresalug faar that "st. lKoy"
would tak wnge. upon him for
hi tatemnia mad to th pnto
bar and tlegraphd to Dtrli In
anftlon with th trunk murder
snytry, Allen A. Tatum Insisted
upon remaining at polio headquar
terathroughout laat night and today
H repeated hla asaartlon that h
believed tha murdered woman to he
Katherlna Jacknon of Hfarkville.
Ml. but denied connection with the
According to Tatum' story, he lat
saw the tckson woman about Juu
(Wi In Detroit, lie had heard ah
was in, he aald, and as she had ro
peaieaiy mia mm tier hushmd was
Jealous of her, he decided It was ad
lble for him lo return to Iilr
mlngham. Tatum said h had
known the woman In this city hefor
he wnt to Detroit and that h had
gon there to see hr at her invita
tion and had lent hr mmi of
The Birmingham police have
placed no charge against Tatum.
No charge has been phi ceil ngitlnst
Tatum here and although he Is at
liberty to leave police haudquarlei s.
hi ha Insisted upon remaining there,
h gay hi life may be In dancer.
On statement atulluited lo Tuiuin
which eauaed the nolle to diMhrltevti
bl attory waa that ha hitd received I
a letter irom the Jackson woman
dated jun 3d. If this Is Mug K
was pointed out. the murder via um
could not he the Jackson wotigi
a tha label apOgt the trunk Indi
cated It hud bean shipped from Pa
trol' June 10.
Tiituni hits been working for a
publishing house here since his Kg
tUfa I' Birmingham iibout ihu mid
dle of June Krlonda who saw the
nam of Ttum In news dispatcher '
telllntr about th murder mRtondj
this lo th li ier Tatum then visited
pollc htaiU'i.nlrra
Itg told the police he went to P. i
trolt early in May and saw the Jaai
sn woman several limes. Hhe tali
Ttvtum, lie raid, that she bad mar.
riad a man named "K LnoM and
thai her husband was lnLtnrl Jrul- I
ous of her.
Tatum suld lie hmi
Gompera Declares Nun-
parti.san Isriue Wins m
15 Primaries
WASHINGTON. July J5 Vlctnr
lea for labor's nallon tl non p.irlU.m
pnlltlcul organtaatloii in 15 primary
elections c unlearn Is cUlmcd hj Sun
uel tiomperu in the leading editor
ial in the August number of the
Anierlnan l'edaratlonist. the officii. I
organ of tbe American r'ederatltui
of Iwthor.
'The records show,'1 anys the adj
torlal made piihllc toduv ui Amerl
can Faatration of lAthor bwadquarl
era. "that In the primary eleotlnn
which have held thus fltT, the MS
tioiHtil non-partlaiin pollilesl orgun
laatlnn of labor has played a deci
sive part In noire than lit ggiatastg.
In that many districts those who
have been hoslllo or unfriendly have
bcn dcfilod."
Beportlng progreas made In
labor's political campaign, Ml
Onmper aald th reoords of all an
nounced candidate for lh gaaatt
and houa of ropresentatlves ami
labor's analyals of the party pint
form had hernt laid before nil
unions participating In labor' cam
The federation president dented
charges which h aald had been
made, that labor had uhumloncd U
non-partlnnshl and hal baeofM
'Ther la no labor vole to be de.
Ilvret and there Is no labor pari
laafiatup to any polittoal party, he
declared, adqlng that the purpoa of
taaafi oainpaiin was to set forth
the labor record of candidates and a
labor record of platforms from
which labor men could draw their
own clllien.
Frciioli ItcMimc March.
HKIHl'T. Syria July 2 5 The
Krcncb troops have resumed Heir
march on Patnaseiis as a result of
an attack on a Krench detachment
between Horns and Tripoli hv the
troops of PHadd KclKal head of the
ayrtail slate, after b h Id optd
the iiUlmatnm of riene al (Imiraud
Market Fell Off 210 to 313
Points, on Bearish
N.WiiR I.KANa, July 25 Wld
deeiinen atlanded the trading In cot
Ion list week, beitriah private re
port op lh condlllon of tile crop
and the alarm fell In Kuropcan
counlrle of the. ucceneM ot tli
holshavlkl being the main M'll ng In
(tuancWi Too much rain In central
mid ci.glei n portions of the belt
eauaed buying anily In the week, but
after advances of 40 to fill potnla
over the cluar of the plliccdltlll Week
the market ll 2 lit lu 913 point,
lauding on 1'rnUy 1KU to -Il points
under trie cliani of the preceding
MMI (icloper Iritiled up to at.KHo
and than dropped la M.ITOi finally
closing at no 7a. The net raw It
of the week wern lueses of Itu to
lt potat In th spot dcpartinant
middling gained 2h point t 30,76c
Teaas rapaft wer considered
bearish as they Indicated fast prog
res by thn crop with considerable
cotton opening In some counties.
Knives and other flat Inula used In
tha Isather and similar Industries
can he heated quickly In a nw elc
trlc stove that require no more cur
rent than a lnip.
Credit Situation Still in
Ten.se Condition in
Stock Market
nkw vohk, juiy II.- Parattia
'iff ims dominated the fin ic ,1 mar
ket to an unusual degree last week
Inlet nations I exchange becoming
Acutely iinse'tled In IgkWagaaaatlg of
l.'itl compllc.tlon In tha Itusso
I'l )lh Imhroftl
Another significant phase of the
liiteiniitlon,il situation was presented
by the raoord of aaytafU and import
f ir tin fin. al year, In tuluuie Ihes
figurca helng u n pre i - ih n I v large
loll tlo .lull, ln.de balance In fsviir
of this couutiy was the smallest of
any iiioi.lh arlof la MM 9Vt 'r-
The fact bat several of the fad
ernl rrservt Lianch banks recently
approached the limit of their redla
luunt resoui.es was rgardd a"
oifflrlrnt proof that Ih tyadtl situs
I . on ha lom IH tie of It protracted
Tin gtoi k market durlntr the week
I ipse, I into Iha apathy which char
acieilsed Ihe limited trading of the
art I ions month.
..I. in i Wage Award. ,
HT. KaOUM, ! I'ly 18. -The wage
award niadi by the United Statu
railway labor board la to be Im
mediately submitted to the meni
i.i hip of ihe Order of llallroad
Telegrapher for a vole a to it ac
ceptance or rejection. K. J. Manlnn,
International president, announced
nr lonlabt. RaJaeUaa utomati-
cally cantes with It a atrlke, ho
Aahmilni: I lii'nj I ri. 1 ih Iii'1 at '
flno thnt It t,ikfi ahmit S2,onO foi
to wrifjh fi r"'rnl
Willie and Johnnie an antuliur
about the housing, problem,
Johnnie says thill Ida fulle r Is
planning to hulld n now lumo
right away, before had weather
sct In this fall. II. ts'nt going
to wall until ihe fall rn.sh nf
tiulldtllg - -iliv-, when suppliee
will I"- lutrdcr tu get, and hulld
Ing os ruUons will naturally fa
slower. Yes, null i ll. ll--U.isoii
i ! in will fni nl-h Ihi' build
in: material.
and Hodge
I lateral Trade Oontnifgaton Km
Rgajtort MiuwIiik nigh Pitalas
lion; jaM Mills.
WASIMNOTON duly 2H - Tojat
newsprint production of 10 ledlng
mills of Ihe country for the flrt six
months of 120 was 7r9.824 tons,
secluding to a report of th" federal
trade coinmlsspin, made public to.
d.c toping : . hci n, period lal-t
year, 74 mill produced 7.14l tons
the report said of this year' pro
dnotlaa IT1.IM ton aaa stndard
hews print.
Htoeks "f utandard print on hand
at th mills .lunn 9a. amounted to
in.tT tons as compared with 11,
013 tons lAgl year
Th average price of contract d-
liveries from domestic nulla to pub
Usher, In carload lots for standard
newsprint during th m"n'h of June
wa 141 n S per IflO pounds, based
on deliveries of approximately Rl,
on tons on conirgcts Involving' a ti
tal of about fiao onn ton of unde
livered domestic production. The
average market price for Jura in
carload Ints waa approximately ft -071
per 100 pounds the rporl said
Thn contract price of Canadian
standard newsprint was placed at
t I pi i 1 1 pound
Mikado Recover! US
TOKIO. July I" The IBIprur
household Issued a bulletin today
on tha condition of Ktnperor Yosht
hlto. saying he Is suffering with
neuralgia of ihe hip joint and also
dlahrtes The emperor seems to be
recovering slowly.
Two Thousand Blacks;
(iather ftt Station to
Sec Ex"Cnamp
sand fiegroes gathered at the depot
today lo welcome .la' k Johnson
beh to Chicago after a voluntary
exile ol eight ya;s. a fugltlv from
justice In foreign lands hut "I.ll
A-thur." Idol of th south lde,
fulled to appear.
Federal official removed John
son t nun t he train SI Jollel and hur
ried hlni to Jail there when thv
learifd tha sis "f the welcoming
throng here.
Winn Ihe train reached Chlcaco
tic Waltlai negroes slormnd the
gates In an ffort to r the former
rhaltiplotl henvvwelKht of iha w irld.
I'ollce lef-eives were forced to aasS
th ciowd tack with clubs to dear
a passage for Lip-tile Cam iron
JahSSaSi white wife uf the furmar
ntipllUt, who appeared wearing a
bright I'd hat and a blue seige
suit. Tollcemen loaded Mrs. Tohn
bon and hSI eight suitcases Into a
bl o of laslnsaS and assist'. d Lti
out v( the crowd.
No iftorl wa made today to ob
tntn bull foi Johnson and prospc. ts
tiiilghl wi re that he would remain
in ih Joiict jail until arraigned In
ourt. Johnson la under itinc
of i year and a day In leayeiiv.-orth
pr nleni lary for violation of tha
Mum SHi He wa convicted ot
trtngpartlns Mlt Bah rat bar, a Mil-
wunkee v.bite girl, from I'lttshurgh
to I'hicngo for Immoral parptspaa.
Km a i mi .j Johnson, hla first wife,
uaiiinlltadT auh id during tha trial
and jnhrieon promptly married I u
utile Cameron, th govrnman, a
principal witness.
inslllct At'orncy Cha-'js I'. J : n4
wh Mii iday Tefus. d an appll-a-'hn
for bi Wd for Joh is m, aald t -dv
that any furthtr appl .aih
wi-u'd havi lo l.e it nd'' M Kitli-rai
,liid :rrgc rip ludt
( arpenter is In a hnaintal. h're ha
i, ml, wet. an operation yeslerdiy
Srid s not expected ha at hla ol
fl" ! r mmi tlm.
You'll find il most satisfac
tory in texturo and taste. A
split-top loaf large size 15
cents at the grocers.
Peoples Trading Co.
Will Open on Main St.
Hnnif, assln from a vary suTMarnl Post
'ii.t. lusts I'.iH'in. whim I l0Srl).l msnv
new stut Ruceessful wsys tu ... i.fn ,
piM with truuuisa it ins mys. r.ar. nvi
nil Thrust.
lilt. u. i in it i uoian
lit Ma,.. III. Ik USUSS S4M
nvi mat
BTAUKVILLK, Miss.. July , -No
on can he found here who re
call any woman named Kathcrln
Jackson residing at or naar this
plac, thla nam being that of a
woman Allen Tatum of Hlmtinghuiii
Ala., Is limited in press dispatches
a believing ihe murdrd Voman
found In a tunk snipped from De
troit lo New York.
A Brt ish government conirnllt
baa been appointed to recumuo n 1
legldutlv and adnunlati alive meas
ure for he conrol uf pan medicines
offeied Ur nubile aal.
117 East First St. P
Osage 1497
1 H
Large Size I
Best Car of the f 3
Season i
On Sale at Store
Price per pound V "
Don't fail to get
y Yours m I
y 0, E. HAVENS I
H 117 East First St. p
Id liems
"Talking of hens," re
marked the American visi
tor, "reminds me of an old
hen in) dad once hud Hhe
would hutch out unythtng
front a tennis hall to a
lBI0n Why nnu day she
ft on a piece of he and
hatched nut two quart of
hot water"
'That doean't com up to
a club-footed hen my
mother oiico had." re
murked t h u Irishman
"They hart been feeding
her by mistake on sawdust
Instead of oatmeal Well,
anr, she laid twelve egg
and ant on them, and when
tin y ball bed, gltvaa of the
chickens had wooden leg
and the twelfth wa a
v, .'odpecker. "--London Tlt-llits
Hut what we started r
say was: If your eyes need
glasses see Mac.
Vu can si ill buy glasses
of Mac at a dollar n, week
VeJll Wll S ,i
fl I)-...
Musical Comedy
featuring Today
My, What a Show!
All (ins. Ml (Juallty
riciiiM Moo, tut l-Vaiurn,
TIIK IdiST 4'1'nt"
Entire Change Tuesday
120 Kai.t Third 8L
Opposite Houi Tula
Take the First
Available rinutc lo the
A Joyous
I'erfnnimnif Awaits you
All Thbt Week
Billv Graves
ia4 Bis
Wonderful Ha by Com
pany of 20 Players
Frank's Jazi Orchestra
Toe Tapping Melodies
tin the Screen
J. Warren Kerrigan
"The Lord Loves
Tha Irish"
Th Wntpr Consumer in District No. .1, the 27th of ihe
month is your last day for payment. If not paid,
a ten per cent penalty and turn off charge will be
added to your bill.
C. S. YOUNKMAN, Commissioner.
A Dramatic Tale of
Tangled Lives
Also a Clever Comedy
and Otber Features
America's Favorite
Screen Star
In the the Best Role of
Her Career
With Norman Kerry
and .4 Great Cast'
Also a Hilarious Comedy
16 West Third street is only one-half
block from the post office and across the
street from the Orpheum theater.
The Court employes who are invoicing
this stock claim it's the most up-to-the-minute
Indebtedness $24,000
Ladies' Toggery
Winston Churchill's Masterpiece
in the Cast
Years in the
riip TuIra enBmrorrw'nt
of the '-Hie CYtntK" Is
miller the pwtonnj
-iu. . , uf Mr- Mlah I).
Ijlmlwy. pn'Hlili'iH of
Tlio Home Kfflrlmiry
( lull. Mrs. Iiliulm'y liax
nrrangfil wlM'N-hy a
iwirtlon of the rntlre
wk' n-ci lU of i In .
wonilorful pli'turr- nlll
Ix- donated lo ihl lui
-t and incMtt wortliy
Cost 500000
to produce
Millions have
Said It It
THEATER 10 a. in., 11
p. m. Continuous today.
Tuesday and Wednesday
Immortal In Tlieme, Trviiii iidoii.i in PMBaptattOSI S hiMTtaA-le
lmni .ii .i limit Atlnu'ilou
Aililiiiiiniil r'iitiiri-H liieluili' il.At i IHMl'SKY in closing rplaoda of
"i.viti.ii' il. JACK." wilt "V" Cotnadi ea titled ! rrritlMW
Ml 'IT uiul Jl.lf mi,i Um VOX NEWS.
OMMlM TliuiMilay, IVIday Md Miiuriliiv with TI't'KI.R I1IIOS.
till. U)A1 SHOWS, our funu-ln- .1 At K ( VHHMlIt in a new
out-; "1'HK USl Ol' ON Q SHADOWS"
T VR 1C. C1". and
ffllll uj Thnt wa?. tin' problem of
B Hope Martin in
lewi ? J. Selznick president
Adap d from the play by
louTe leen and WiUard Mack
Scent ;io bu Kathejine .Reed.
Direction by Ted S lom art
in uThe Coutlar's Trail
. i i
)fee a Hull MOOUNM iui :. Willi a Mnlli ir S iitin
Ai iiitn in i".rr. Santaal.
A Story of the Great American Northwest
Good Comedy and Screen Magazine

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