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irw nki iki
rLT mm m
Look up to Scout
master as Their Ideal
of Man
Progress of Scout Movement
in Tulsa Given in Plain
The followtnK story
on ncoutlnK In TulMi
nml. rial was furnished
i.tndiy. scout exeeuuvi
la a t real lae
Most of the
by John M.I
. Mr. I.lnd-
hoy lender. '
lev Ih nil cxncrlcnccl hnu l.vi.lor I
He hail spent the most of his life In
rout work.
The Boy Remits of America Is a
national organisation with local
councils located in the towns and
cltl.a. Each local council la a
memher of the national organization
and governed by Its rules. In each
town which has a Hoy Scout or-;
ItanlT.atlon I lu re Is an executive
council OOmpoMd of the Imsln
men of the town who me Interested
in hoys. These men furnish the
funds for rarryintc on local work.
The officers of the Tulsa council
of the liny Scouts of America are:
Lor fevering, president; 11. I,.
Si r lli von. B. Uueliner, K. M.
Prttl hard and 0. S liualkholder.
vice-presidents; W. K. Htahl secre
tary. N. J. (jiibser. treasurer; J.
V. Robbi commissioner, and John
M I.indly, exec utive. The additional
niemlierii of the rxecntlvo commit
tee are: Charles Meyers. I,. .1. V.
ltooney. Max Madansky, Rev. c. W.
Kerr, Clark Field. A. .1, Itu.ld, W.
C. Sieger and A. F.. Wlokisor.
The scouts are divided Into troops
which consist of from IS to 30 hoys.
Kaon troop Is under the guidance
of a scoutmaster who haa some older
hov for his assistant. The troon l.
subdivided Into psirols of eight boys. I
J'.ae n patrol has Its leader and as-
slstant leader. The troops are
usually divided amongst t h e
churches. The scout movement Is
directly related to the church be-1
cause It teaches the hov reverence 1
for 1.1s Cod. The scoutmaster of a
troop Is often the pastor of the
church or the superintendent of the
Bur.d.ii- school. Any man who likes
noyrj fr.d hir a Ut'le time can make
a successful scoutmaster. The
scoutmaster Is the key mr.n to the
out movement; ho Is the man who I
i!: th hoy, he e the hoy's hero
Hi.- idea, he Is the mnn whom
the hoys looks up to as a leader and
teacher. No man Is too big to be
a scoutmaster. All scoutmasters re
ceived their Information and train
ing from local henduuurtera at the
Y. M. 0, A.
There are fourteen troops In town
divJled amcngst tho various
churches and with the fcllowlng
scout masters: W. K. La Forge, L.
W. Ohlander. H. B. Onle, W. H.
Murphy, I.eo W Fremuth. K. J.
Wasileewskt, W. T. Jones. Howard
Movers. L. W. Wise, L. A. Bones
f red v onflson, M. I Mason
Hon en. Homer Hughes nd .1 w
DillbMk, with the following nsslat-i
ant scoutmasters: O. B. Wellotts, !
C.len La Forge, Ttalph Chllds. J. U
Irwin, John Rchleppey, Moran Bnn-
aom. Charles Madden, Louis,
O'Rourke, Walter Itaper. Joe Bad-'
ter. Harry Thompson, C. B. Bristol
tuifi r . t Karbenu.
The fourteen "Tulsa troops nro
divided among the following
rhurchea, each church having on
troop and some churches have two
troops; First Preshyterlan. First
Christian, Second Presbyterian, First
Methodist, Holy Family, (irac M
B.i College mil Presbyterian. First
Baptist. iirontt M. K Boston Avenue
M E.. and Nogales Avenue Baptist.
There are troops also lit the Boys
Home and the Mark Twain school.
Out of, town troops receiving guid
ance und helpful Information from
Tulsa headqu altera are: Hand
Iprlnas Sapupa, Jenks, Cluremore,
lltor B.skiatooK, UroKen Arrow ana
When a boy enrolls to become a
acout he usually goes to the pastor
of his church and flndn out who the
scoutmaster is and when the Bcnut
meetings are held. He will proh.
ably go the the next meeting and tell
the scoutmaster or his assistant of
his desire to become a scout. His
name Is considered by the troop and
If he l accepted he Is then referred
to the acout executive Who passes
on him an.l Instructs the scoutmas
ter to give the tenderfoot test. This
la the first scout test and is com
paratively easy. It consists In
knowing the scout law and oath and
In being able to give a short demon
stration of woodcraft. If he passes
this first teat he Is enrolled In the
national organliatlon and given his
tenderfoot pin. He Is now a "Buy
After the tenderfoot test comes the
econd class which la more diffi
cult than Ihe first class test wnun
Is tha most difficult of the three
Wlied) a boy passes the first class
teat he Is pretty nearly able lo lake,
care of himself in most any predica
ment In which he finds himself.
After the boy becomes a first class
acout he Is privileged to try for the
"merit badges." These are small
badges for passing other tests on
Various subjects, such as swimming,
gardening, chemistry ami woodcraft.
f a boy wins a specified number
rr.erl' badges be receives an
ranking. Ten specified merit
budges gives the boy the rank of a
honor scout. Also by pasalm, cer
tain other scout tests he may be
come a life acout and other tests
entitle him to the rank of Kaglo
scout, the highest order In "scout-
The scout oath and law arc the
heart of the scout movement, The
cout oath follows: "On my honor
I will to my best To do my duty
to G f and my country ami u"4-
to hU QtPT popl
the scoiSt law
A Speedy Recwvcry
41 411 Oruttln
s m r p
Mr. and Mrs. c. Q,
Tulsa spent Sunday
Mrs. Ilert Del.osler
Iiuls Jiavlson spent
here Wll
nml Mm.
Mouduy in
.lack Nichols,
Bp iMllllg .'OA. I
his parents, Mi
Nichols, relumed
Hock, Ark.
!i a
h;ia I" ' ii
line1 Willi
H n. i Mrs i .1
Monday to utile
Miss Charllne I'arr of Tulsa spent '
the first of the week here as the1
guest of Misses Helen and Dorothy'
Mis. O W. Mol'ann and her
mother, Mrs. I K. Hull, sp.nl the
week-end In Tulsa.
Mrs. O. It Shaffer and three, sons
dcparlc.l Sunday morning for a sev
eral weeks camping and fishing
trip to llolllster, Mo.
Mrs. I. K. Hull of ltartlesvllle Is
the guest of her daughter, Mra. CJ.
yf, Mcl'ann
Mrs Kosalle Tnlklngton, accom
panied by Misses Kdith and Ksther
MeQultttOn, spent the week-end In
Okmulgee as the guests of the
former's son. ( It Harbert.
Mr. and Mrs. II. K. IVl-orler
have aa their house guests the
former's nelee, Mrs. W. A. Ilryan
and daughter Huth of I.oiilslana,
and his sister, Mrs. John Young of
Springfield. Mo.
Miss Helen Morris returned home
Sunday night from a Tulsa hos
pltal where she underwent a uo
cessful operation.
The Woninns' Foreign Missionary
society of the First Methodist
church held a social meeting Wed
nesday afternoon wllh Mrs. ,1. N
Mize as hostess at her home on
Kast Hewey.
H. I. Hamilton of Altus spent the
week-end visiting his sister, Mrs. J.
J Latham, here.
Mrs. V. W. Woodward and ner
two daiichtcrs. Almu and Luclle. of
Tai ls, Texas, are here for a week's
Mr. and Mrs. H. B.
Monday morning for
Strlckler left
a visit with
friends In Fort Worth, Texas.
Mlsa Delia Johnson of Shamrock,
who has been the guest of her
cousin here, li ft Sunday morning
for Fayetiville, Ark.
Mrs. Sam T. Allen 1b visiting rela
tives In Worthville, Ky.
Mrs. W. A. Wise spent Tuesday
hopping in Tulsa.
Attorney and Mrs Van II. Albert-
son motored to
visited friends.
Hcggs Monday and
Miss Alien I.arkln of Kingston,
Tonn., Is the house guest of Mra.
George L. Burke.
Mr. and Mrs. W A. Sherwood of
Vlirlta are tho guests of Mr. and
Mrs. H. T. Mitchell.
Kay Dlllinger of Norman, who
spent several days here as the guest
of Watson Wise, returned home
Mrs. H. C. Miller and two daugh
ter Itoberta and Louise, are spend
ing the summer at Sulphur.
Mra. Pearl Connors left Monday
nicht for an extended visit In New
York city and other eastern cities.
Mrs. B. T. Mnthls and son and
daughter left Monday for Colorado
to spend ihe summer.
Mrs. Emma Duncan of Tulsa Is
the house guest of Mrs Nettie Fox.
Florence, little daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. K. E. Cardwell. loft Mon
day for a visit with her grand
mother In Guthrie.
David Utiles, who haa been visit
ing relatives here, returned Monday
to Norman where he Is attending
summer school.
Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Prunkard of
Altoona, Pa., aro hero visiting the
former's brothers, J. T. and W. C.
Misses Carthell and Archie Hur
neit went to Tulsa Monday night
where they attended a dance given
at Ihe Country club by JffaJi Julia
Mesdames and Messrs. J. T., W.
C. and (I. O. Prunkard and Mrs
Charles McBrlde spent Monday In
Oklahoma City.
Mlsa Lucille Jtcnewlts arrived
home Tuesday evening from a visit
with friends In Kansas City.
Misses Havergal Wick ham and
Gertrude Boger3 left M.mi. lay for
Colorado, whore they will enter
summer school.
Mr. and Mrs Casper Oakes left
Ihe latter rint't of the week for lyns
at all times; to keep myself physi
cally strong, mentally awake and
morally straight."
There are twYdvc ports to the scout
law. They are: "A scout Is trust
worthy; a scout is loyal: a scout Is
helpful; a scout Is friendly; a scout
is courteous: a scout Is kind; a scout
la obedient: a acout Is cheerful; a
scout Is thrifty; a scout Is brave; a
scout Is clean, and a acout Is revet-
Before the boy can become a scout
he must take the scout oath and
memorise the scout law and on his
hnor promise to uphold both.
Thero are 721 scouts in the city of
Tulsa. Most of these are tenderfoot
m outs. There are Mil tenderfoot.
132 second class scouts and il first
dais scouts. Merit badges have been
awarded to Z3 scouts. There are
also Hire. K.iBle scouts, and two Hie
Tfed a-.iirl.:
hwa m wftrmUi t
IVMlo.S t(l ftW iMtftll
i rlljf frm UrwbklM
MoNirttiaTt. Ht
Peoples Trading Co.
Will Open on Main St.
Open on
LADIES! 'Jsrssss&
! isaaef tWIeeweet. aaeal sealleele. eSaeemal aaaeala
I I ara. I. aaila or leterraeawa with wera,
, baiinet I....LI4' -...latl Ba.aeeajllien. B.4.IW, I
' Angeles, CaU, to spend the balance
of lie summer
Miss Kdlth Yates returned home
Monday from a week's visit In I'al
'.an,' Texas.
Mrs. Maude Hopkins visited In
i kmiilgoe Tuesday.
Miss Ootdle Miller motored to
Tulsa Wednesday.
Mrs. C. B. c..x of Tulsa spent
Wednesday here visiting friends
Mrs. J A. Boyd ami Mis. C. B,
Shrlvet spent Wednesday shopping
In Tulsa.
Mrs. M. Hill has rturnod homo
from a visit with friends at lleald
ton. Mr. and Mrs SpuiKoon of North
Linden street left Wednesday for a
six weeks visit In Kentucky.
Allien Kesteison ol Kansas City
Is visiting rv's sister, Mis. Mo
1 1 ii 1 1 c.
Mr. and Mrs. Hail Foster returned
home Tuesday from a week's visit in
Hov. ami Mrs. B. II Casey left 'he
.atter pari of the week for an ex
tended vacation In Mould, r, Colo.
Laroc Smllh lots re turned home
from a visit In Colorado springs and
Mr and Mrs F F. Iluxton had as
their dinner gliosis Wednesday eve
nlng Mr ana Mrs, .1 A ioyd iitnl
family and Harry Campball and em,
Harry, Jr . of Tuleu
Mr. and Mrs. Charier Popkln re
turned home Tuesday from a mouth's
Vacation In eastern cub s. They at
tanfrad the Lolary cnventl. tl at
Atlantic City during their absence
Mr. and Mrs J W. Bowman Have
departed for a visit with relatives
In Ml-sourl
Mr. and Mrs. 11. G. Pc.nd departed
Wednesday for a visit In .New Y'ork
Mrs A Wetzel anfl daughter Inta
to parted Tuaday for ftochaatsr.
Minn , whi re the former will enter
Mayo Brothers hospital.
Itavmo.id Carey, I ai l Ford and
Harrv Teeters left Tucsdoy upon an
verlan.l trip to Pueblo and Denver.
Colo where they evpocf to spend
li month.
Mrs I. Wallace returned home
Monday from Dallas, Texas., when
she was called by the illness of hoi
Mlsies PauMre and Zella Oaither
were the 7 o'clock dinner guests
of friends In Tulsa Thursday eve
ning. Miss Cleone Harnett departed
Thnrsdav for a visit with friends in
Chautauqua, Kan.
Mrs. c. C Merkle motorcrt to
Tills i, Yednosdav,
Mrs. Martha A. Legrr. of Pontlac,
ill., ardived Thursday for a visit
With her daughter, Mrs. o. C. Bobln
son. Miss Oma McCulloiigh. of Musko
gee, Is the guest of Miss Omuh Hill
for the week
Mesdames E. L Workman, B. L
nelirlor. Louis Dnvlsnn and C. L.
McCallum motored to Tulsa Wednes
dny and spent the day as the guests
of Mrs. Herb Moore.
Miss Caroline Geraghty returned
home .Wednesday from Norman.
wOioro she has been visltlnfr her sis
tor Minnie, who is attending the
state university.
The Ci terle club met Wednesday
morning with Miss MargHret Hen-
rage at her home In Tulsa. High
.score was reached by Miss Carthell
Burnett. Lunchorn wa served at
1 o'clock. The Soulpa members who
attended were Misses Carthell and
Aiyhle Burnett,
Marguot Ite
Maty Itedd.
irene iwson. nnn
BROE!V b bow
Mrs. A. A. Kemp loft Friday for
St Louis en route to Flnley, III ,
where she will visit her sister. Mis
K. K. Sehwarts for some time. T.ater
Mrs. Kemp will visit her girlhood
home at Shelbyvllle, III
Mr. and Mrs Christopher Iievore
and daughter, .Miss BthOl of Marlon.
Kan., spent tho past week the guests
of Mrs Dev ore's uncle, H. L. Plena
and Mrs. Pierce, one tne pleasant
events during their visit was a',im, ,,.. .uniarous. r.ir lasteaea In
family plcnlo party to Sand IprJajpY tjj mtb. r(3afnS:" .nf.'.lffl
Wednesday. w I rme.i v far msaoalU slings and for hltes
U. B. Mitchell went to Blxhy to',,.i ttlaa' for all laasat varmlum la fevimi
spend tl week end with Mr. and i Tureo may ln, mrumm.-
Mrs W, J. cross. Mea. oalats the einn n.t aoothai the
Aft..,- vet.r'u ,-esl ,1 e o .. lo llroken iillnvlnx Mrnn11n. loll Turpe rulil.sd n
Arrow. Mr W. E. Johnston has sev-
ore.l hia connection with the Ledger -
I-emocrat and toge.her with his
family left Thursday on a long motor
trip oas' as far as N'ew York slate,
od r.robnblv across Iho Canadian
and pionaoiy aeioss tne i anauiaiv
boundary line. Their first stop will
be at Springfield, Mo., where they
will visit relatives for some time.
Miss iia Peeler of Muskogee, who
tk. ,,,, ,,,... ui n,.th
week, was com-
Olive Oil
la guaranteed to be
freah, pure and good
Girls! Girls!!
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With Cuticura
lojMle e.rh (S.i. Olprtalt-t, Tbiri
MHanW.MMP !i..td rfarr uoie .
! Peonies Tradini Co. I
Will Open on Main St. m
Soon. I
i m&y
pllmeiited by her hostess with two
ry P Patty affairs, the flrsi hems
an leaborate f ivc-cmirac dinner Fri
day evening with covers for alx, the
second affair being an Informal
afkf riMOa at rook on Saturday Dur
ing tho games Mrs Mae Delk re
ceived the favor for the high score
during tho afl-moon Miss llladvs
Bowser, who made low score, was
also remembered ,t the clase of
the games a di liclous Ice course was
served to Mesdames William M
COOP1, J A Helble, lleorge lllllkle.
Mac Delk. C. II. Malona, B, o llrad-
ley. M sses ona Peeler, Juanlta Kecr
of Droxol, Mo, and Mlse Gladys
Mis ,i w ilrlner will leave early
In the week on a three we'oks' vaca
tion which she will spend wllh home
folk at Gatosvlllo, (la.
Mr. Seward C. Nelbllng. Just re.
lurned from overseas service, spent
the pas; wee" tho guest of his uncle.
F. T Nelbllng and family on MUM
The families of fjj Homy and A
D Bouth left this week for an .0 . r.
land trip to the mountain resorts In
Colorado where they will Join tho
Broken Arrow colony and remain
during the remainder of the HslM
Miss y.ather llartman Is home from
Kansas City for a two weeks vaca
tion with her parents, Mr. and Mrs
E V. llartman, east of town.
Miss Alta Woods has returned to
her home at Kapalpa after a week's
visit with Hrokon Arrow frlenda.
Slo ns accompanied hoiTM by MM
Kathleen Dobsnn, who will he hot
guest for a short time.
Dr. and Mis W. D ownhy had
thole Ituests last week Mes.
lames I
Krnesl Ownb) Ol DurPltl and Charles
Swope of Bonhftjn, Texas.
Miss Peail Llnkharl Is apendlna
a short vacation at Alva.
Miss Lena Biddle left Saturday
for St Uuls, whore she will spend
her vacation.
Orthus Levi Is has gone to BllvT
City. N. M., for the remainder of the
Mr. mid Mrs J. F. Grube are homo
from a wo ek's visit to Mr
daughter, Mrs. James
,yona and Mr
Mrs. W. A. Jones has returned to
Tulsa after spending a week with her
daughter. Mrs. James Harsen.
Kloyd Knepper has gone lo Detroit
for a alx weeks sojourn.
Mr. and Mia W. B Sullivan are
entertnlnlng their daughter. Mrs. t.
V. Chlldreea, and aon v.
Iluntsvllle, Ala. ,
Mrs. B. L. LawB of Tulsa speni
paBt week with ner par-inn,
,vir. aoo
Mrs. A. W. I,nncaeier.
t. ii. Ilarth left
M. old iv
..IIM -4- ,
. 4...U-. r".l where she will
lor miii'i.'i
spend the remainder of the vacation
w - a .1., I T tak 1 vapsl I I i
MliOQ nnrt IAvW onirr vmm y
of t'olorad".
J- Inhn Tnlhot n
kfl visit to bin
ntH at Kuyott?. Mo.
Mrs Roy McKeehan has returned
from a vl.it to relatives at Vlnlta.
Chester Boles, formerly connoc,od
with the Broken Arrow weather bur-
oau left last week tor nass
D C., to which place he was recently
aranted a transfer.
AXttP a lortnllbt'l visit with home
folk Evangelist C W. Mahln haa
gone to DNtfta where he will be en
gaged In a series of revival meetings
for the next few weeks. Following
: r ,,r...T., Ve.ivnl Hov. Mahln has
b,en ongnged for a meeting at
ArThohfamtllea of Charles and Willi
Mavs have returned rrom an ex
ti Irln through the east.
Ineludlna visits to tneir
old home
towns of Huntington "no uw
V. Va.
Mrs. 3.
Tb.ev were accompsnieu n
K. Phillips, a sister of Mrs
Mays, who will spend th
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1 eiinlnodei of tin summer In lif Oafcf
Mr. and Mia. Fits llurd are homo
from a brtttf bonvytnoon trip throuffh
the vtr.it, and for the preaanl trttl
ocelipv Ihe IP, S llllrd lesll.nee, and
lali 1 ex t to 1 upy-tne Kale I'onn
iisldetH'o of Wo"t liriadvviy, w'.llch
Mr Huril recently pun-oaseil.
lis ry MoCvIIhA at.sl famUy, M
have spent consldei able i.me at Tyre,
Knn., on icoonnt of the Illness of
Mrs MoCtilllok, have retuimd lo
Hrokon Arrow and will occupy their
now homo ort A street
Cvi 11 Culp and wife, formerly Miss
Kdna Clay, w. ie bet e Tuesday from
Muskogee on their honeymoon nip.
and sj.ent ihe da with Mr and MM
J. M. Cation i .ley were Joined by
Hi. Catron family on tholi trip from
tbtf cltv to JtlMlfntB, tlnir next stop
Mr ami Mts George Walker an-
nounotl (Abo sngaffafntnl of their
daughtur aiarion to Mi Carroll Mor
cor . f CoW eta lo a group of young
ladles InMted to the Walker home
Tnesd iv ovintni: foe an affair nr-
iiingoil f ir the interesting aim nmco.
menf. Tlio i-uosts wen
Ml. s. s I
lienov.i Mnrklam. Iters Brumbaugh,
Pearl W vail. I. Caipenlor, Mabel
A.ih, CorttlO DllbOOBi Svlvbl glides.
Vivian an I Vlda Curniltt, MlirlM
in I It nt h Barron, KathorypO and
Alvco inn "itto Mds YV alkcr was as
slated by Mis I. N. Hhlppey In
airvlng a dl liclous Ice cnurae.
Miss Velrna Berry has returned
from a two woi'ks vacation spent In
. Osarp moWltajM In north Ar
kansas Miss Ina Paaton of Bartlesville
spent tlio ust week the guest of nor
grand pa ran to, Mr. ami Mrs. s. H
Mi. and Mrs Thomas CttMttttt have
s Hull guests for a foilnlght Mr.
'm! Mrs L. 11 LsVI of Shawnee.
Mrs. Finnk ."mlth ami utile aon
have rsturnsd from a brief vlstl to
I'll I'. I 1 elal les.
Mr. and Mis Sam Hmgland of
Sipultwi are bore for 11 month's visit
1 hell oio liter, Mra Join. bhmdOl
and Mr. Shinder.
Mrs. l'red Itrooka returned to her
homo at Collli sville Tuesday alter .1
two week's visit to Broken Arrow
Mr J. B Smith, or Gertie, Ok!.t .
P is the guest of IiIb cousin, A. N.
9mltb anil family Ihe past week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hutchinson of
G-oram, Texas, are the guests of
Mis HtStahlMOa'l sister, Mrs. W. H
1 It an.
The Snilllng circle Is Mie latest ad
dition to Hrokon Arrow's list of so
elaj orgonlratlnna. The club la com
posed of young girls with putting
Into practioi the yol.leii rule as lis
ohpect. At a meeting held with
Miss Lillian Fnitll on Friday after?
ni on for the purpose or perfecting
the OflPtnlaiktlOn 'he follnwing of
ficers were elided: Miss F.dna linker.
president; Miss Gladys Wlllairn vie
frostdant; and Miss Lillian Fault,
secretin v. The next meeting of Ihe
club will he at Hal home of Miss
Edna Baker.
Mr. a id Mn William Oliver have
taken possession of their new home
In Ihe ClarrntM Imuglaa bungalow
In College addition.
Slheot qmatloa If BI'(MIH
la Is (ha triataitat of BaMaiaj
liar. Klarworai. Itah. mU. Dual
be... ma dlaroaruad bacauaa atsaf
IrealniaDUi raoaa. aaaiw
aa rallfTad hand rasa ol ioaaiaa
foa ran 1 loaa aa sal Masai
aZst o.MaaniaaTrT I'M ear rltl
IXIHAY I'rlrs TV, si diag ataeaa.
I . Jtlakarda Co. . aaanaaa, Tasaa
Have you tried
a bottle of the
Hew CooK's
Its the fled thin
You'll soy so
Of count you want gooj looking fiAur
Your hur wii J b most uimid ii you um
NeUon's Hair Dressing
Helsoo f kit bern tte (storlte I .1;
Hhapty i a ?t ii; acN
NtUoo'i III milt tou
WOUilof run bsvir I
.. Pi hnioml, V.l
. jsafflqft.iL srltlt pwtlc-
jjjB Jkw " c ""' d' " '"
U ' ' tO ft!
" tPK ' - j
Stale llrief
roNCA CITY. July Miss Mil
dred lleadiey, overseas lied Cross
noise dining the war and later m
Siberia, was elected community
nurse hero filday by Ihe newly-or-ganUed
pubic health as ... 1.111011, in
connection with the oklalioma Tin
borculoBls assoiiatioii. a'ol a Board
of ilirertois was mimed 111 the same
meeting KM "ik in gins Boptem
tier 1, the expense being borne
euuslly by the bond of OdOOatlOti
and the local lied I rose cbaplei.
I'AWHI'HKA, July 2d. The fits!
sale of thoroughbred slock from lb"
I'hyaoani yian gtoes f.nm, owned bi
T. J. 1'ah) A Son. wis m ole MM
wook when three yeai lings . re sold
and taken to Wyiiomt
OKI.Allo.MA CITY, .lulv II
stale health department will
issue a booklet oonialnlna tlrot
for prevention and checking of dls
ease among public school children.
aOOOrwIng lo Dr. A. It. Lewis, mat"
health coiiioiissioni i it is piannod
to print tli.OOo of the bOOkltU, with
the Intent of supplvihg one to VOr)
loacher and wiifare woik.r In tho
county In the state which employs
a cotton classir will be granted a
IMablOd soldier lo act as pis assist
ant, according' lo Information re
ceived i.y d. c. MoBrlde, Pitta pit ri
OOUnty'l classer. This will give sol
diers a chance to learn the Job with
out 11)111111 to themselves.
PONCA CITY. July Id A Salva
tion Army aejvieoiy boaM f"r Kay
county has been ortaMkMtl With
County Judge II. S lliiike as cbali
man. Mrs. II F. Mldg. l vi. I presi
dent, Mra J. F. HufbaUSf tat ictary
and J. H. Colemnn treasurer, all of
Newklrk. Other dlrertois incniue
B, w MarUnd, U a Cnnn and Mrs.
willlnm II England of Ibis city.
Mra C J. Willis of IllaokWpll.
It s.
l..v.n..o. nnd I ' A llWill of N
I'wkli k.
The board was erfsnnoq '""
direction of Collin Wells, (SSIS rmw
resentatlvn of the nrmy, and includes
department to handle poveri)
llnuuoncy aasl maternity cases.
rei.resenllnir the oltlsens
aaliied a victory
over Hie i lly oom-
Frlday, when a runner
until September i
was had In the matter of Ihe injund-
Special Plays Plus Beauty and Comfort
Brings Crowds to Majestic's Anniversary
The first dny of Anniversary
. i k st the MaStle was Hie oc
casion for capacity audiences at each
performance yesterday who enjoyed
Immensely the unusual attractions
arranged fo this anuptcoua event.
The lobby of the Majestic ll
pcrlally appealing for tlx beauty and
oilgliial settings With flowi ih,
f.rns, plants, birds and Japanaaa
luttlge work, the effect Is MOO) ptOOl
"ltelow the Hurface" Is the picture
being shown the first half of lhl
week, and no more enjoyable
presrntHtlon could have heen bad
It m a jilcture wbercin every cssen
An Old Sore
doea not heal because the pus.
which is continually forming, pois
ons the surrounding Qesh.
Dr. Porter's
Antiseptic Healing Oil
Stops the formation of pus. de
stroys the poiion and heals the
sore, ll Stops Pain and Heals at
at the Same Time.
UOo flOn 01. (
Save your time
Plymouth Drug Co.
Will call for and deliver your
Call Osage 1976
Hon restraining the officials from
entering Into contracts for hrlck or
concrete paving, In opposition to the
MprOPMd desire of tltlMIM and
property holders for asphalt paving
Ihe ISO motor trucks FOOalVOd by tm
J s ate highway commlaalon from th"
i federal goternment since BoptOlttbOl
; ,.nc been d St I blte to III.
v iiioiis counties for use in roan coo
si 1 in Ilea, according to ll'nij
I shite highway eommlsslonoi
o .Irs are n. cessai V oil sonic
they nie apportioned, ami some will
i be retained for emergencies by W
I department.
poNCA CITY. July IS "rain
I men
estimate thnt thero are idv
I threshers
busy In Way county 111
Hie wheat, oats ami nuil. .oops,
I hare being fill In the Tonkawa see
to.,, ..lone The wheat Is 1 mining
from to (1 bushels. In tin
Ponea city ami Kn itv Peotloni
much of the wheat was damaged in
the shock, thero being approxim
ately eight Inches rainfall slice th..
wheat was cut, and It Is no. I I
to spread the bundles over tho fields
before threshing.
PAWHCSKA. July 25 i:cur
iM.ia I..U.M i.niol iiccomi.anl
menls n i e planned by tho members j
of the Seolt Ferris OIUO, wnicn
will hold meetings wilhln the io t
ten dsvs at Pershing. Foraker.
WMo.nn and Gralnoln. Mr. Ferris
has already spoken at Pawhuska,
Fairfax. Ilotnlny and Blghenrt.
MISKOGEE. Julv If, - Moore
township has voted a I7VOO0 bond
Issue for roads. Brldgca nlao will
be constructed
PAWIHSKA. July IK. County
court will sot on civil rasea this
w. ek. beginning Monday. The fol
lowing panel has tieen railed: J.
C. Phelps, N M Webb, W. N.
Sharp, o II. Holmea, l-afo Spender
Frank Mulone. George M (llffert,
William Bawboll, Harry Kuhlmnn.
It W Byder, Cooper A Boas. E. H.
Slmpklns, L. P Wllllania. William
t ummlngs. Cliff Hill, W. D. Allen.
T. tsT. Bevard. A M. Flint, A. T.
Smith and Herbert Payne
PONCAtClTY, July 25 Clarence
Iteinard and George Bennett, nn
auto mechanic, have been held
under 11,000 hnnd each by (Jaunt?
.Iinh:e Burke, on charges of shoot
ing Francis Brooks, tixl driver, and
Ellen Bull Walklng-Bkr, -Ponea In
dian woman, on the street here
make a pro
duction one hundred per cent per
fect Is obtained. It Is a stirring tale
of the sea. Yet. not merely a aeirlea
of soenle vlewa of stretches of water
lot, a dramatic dcticuncmcnt, a
COlleoUen of tense moiio ntn all em
bodled Into a mammoth play of
Sari and daring, of Intrigue, gulk',
love and romance.
Unhurt Ilosworth esaiys the role
Of Martin Mint, a diver. Never has
this clever actor been assigned SttOB
a fitting part. And Mr. Hosworth
makl I each moment he Is before UM
camera count.
Tha others In the cast are nil
Pathe Phonograph
Pathe Records
Pathe Shop
8 W Sth Cedar 1593
Its TUo Tone Tliat Tells
After the Show Refresh Yourself at the
Most Elaborate Soda Parlor in the Stats
One Door South of Majestic Theater
nock and
left hand.
Brooks was shot In tho
the woman through her
on the head, coupled with heat
prostration, cause. I Waltci OfoftfOft,
i youth from tl I part, of tho
county, to be adjudged Insane and
sent to the asylum at Y'lnlta to
day. EDMOND, July JR. Graduating
enerolees for the ttiaamaf term of
Central normal will ho h'id July
39, with Z22 In tho class. The hac
DO MYUreftte sermon will be delivered
by Governor BrOUsTh of Arkansas
More than 1,700 students were en
rolled In the summer session.
PAWIIDSKA, July 211 Tho sale of
a minimum of 30 head of thorough
bred Herefords at the county fair
September Is, was ordered today by
the executive board of the Osag i
' onnty Breed ere, association, ttm
s,le to be preceded by the annual
banquet of Ihe association on the
17th Tho purpose Is to furnish a
market for breeders of pure atoek
In Iho county.
NFWK1BK. .lulv 2R. The 'wo
men s democratic 0IHB nas neon or
gniilxed, 20 women atiemllng tho
Initial session at Ihe home of Mrs.
J. W Abbott Mrs. J. E. ROber
son was elected president and Mrs.
J. F Hiifbauer secretary. Similar
organisations will ho formed In
other towns of Kay county.
Oklahoma Hospital
flraareof with me.i.rs faallltlaa taalaa
laa X-nay aed Cllnloal tsaarawtr.
rit.tiMsti aennot. ron si asga
rrd a. Cllnten, m p., r. a. c a itm.
I. K. Carlrlun. M. I) . I nil
at. . Kidni rhrslolana.
Wast Ninth and ackaoa atraata.
rim, Dlatanas PSoae Osas
pleasing and take care of thehrir-
actlzutlons In a manner that do
notes thorn clever artlsta,
Artells Dickson, Tulsa'a popular
baritone has been engaged as an
extra added attraction and Is heard
at the H and t.'.iO performances.
The Had SO tie orchestra and K. Chot-
in taOn at the organ round out a
program that Is excellent and be
fitting tb birthday celebrations at
tha MaJ soil o.
'I'd In afternoon will present the first
Retreehmenl Matime of tho week
and Delicious 1'unch will be served
from 2 till 5 In the. Foyer ot the
S10 Illchard DldS.
Third and Boston
Tulsa. Okla.
Formerly of Hot
Springs, Arkansas
Mood, Bkln. Oenl to-Urinary
and Venereal Diseases and
general office practice. .
Beruiua, Vaccines, Klectrlcal
Phons Osg 1144
win in u SKAiLAina uuwi e-o, aivat ca

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