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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, July 31, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 14

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Private Interests Enabled
to Destroy Beauty
for Gain.
Tl,. I if & III
v ; .
Provisions of Wntrrpowcr
Law Too Rroad Mid Muat
Bp Changed.
WASfrrNClTON. July lO. Amainl
ment of the nsw water pi.wsr Ml
o mi to r-tclufle the natl'inal park
from ltd prorialonf erlll be 6raaaa
ed of mnrrrss at It! mm session, H
ti announced b Robert Starring
YsM executive eeeretarj ol III W
llonal I'srka Maoelatlan. Mr. Yard
also wri imi a ttahi m ba maris
to hnvr uonaraw rajart p n(iinB las
inintinn which, hi' laatrtii opens
the way 'or Irrigation projects lo
draw 'iti Die parks fur water.
Without amendment, Mr. Yard
wmyo lha wataf power ad la "MM
Seeth warrant ot our national parks
yet em." Iiniiiimi all mivcriiment
nwnr (Hand and raatrratlOM are
omhranil wltliln Itn terms, maklna
U puatllila foi private interest to
erect Ihiiih. power houaaa, tranamla.
ton llnre and other atrtietUfat
obtalnlne lenses from the federal
water power rommlaeion,
It was not until the water power
hill raaekad Pra(dn( WMaaa for
approval that dleeoverjf waa mad
by conservationists that national
parka would ba affected, and now
the flht. Mr. Tard saye, will ha
made for Ita amendment.
Beeldra the effort to rhanira the
watarpowrr art. Mr Yard enys an
effort will he inad to prevent fa
vorable action on pending lell
tlon. arantlnu permission to private
Interests to build an Irrigation reser
voir In an nhscure swamp In the
outhwrstcrn corner of the Yellow
atone national park, n 1 1 lee from any
road. Thin measure, ha asserts,
would he the npcnliiK wed" for a
numher of Irrigation plana for nttfer
national parka.
Mr. Yard antl Ipalee that other
legislation. Im ludlng n propoanl for
damming Yellowatone lake, will he
brought before eongreaa. all of
whh h he contenda would lend to
daatroy the hiatily of America'
"Conaervatlon aaaorlntlona and
many Inatltutlona throughout the
country," Mr. Yiird eaya, " are even
organising now for the defanae of
the parka. Our new national parka
system hah fnlrly cuuiiht the Imag
ination or thla Idealistic and very
prac tical people, who aee In It not
only a ayetam of exhlhlta of thn na
tive American wllderneaa. un
touched, for all time, hut the begin
nlng of a cnloHaal national economic
eaeet which ahall enormously apur
ooioeatb- travel and bualneaa and
bring increasing thnuaanda of foreign
vintora hero every aUmmar to eea
thrm. Any iegtalatlon which will de
tract from thn value of the name
national park aa a national trade
mark In the competition for the
world' travel la likely to arouse a
mighty otorm of popular protest.
t'lty mill harbor of 'lii i-el' as they lisik t -ilny
ftoMK. Italy, July 10 The Oltf Of Tileate, to gulo poaaeaabin of which whh one of ltaly'a main reaaonx for going to war with Auntrla. la pros
pering under Italian rule. a cording to reeeni report puliHelicd by th' Ibillan inlnlatcr nt cornnierce. "t'oninierrlal condltlonM, both ua tegarda
marltlne nd railroad traffic! have notably Improved,' i eatfa the report. "1 ur log the f I rat four moot ha of the1 current year the i xportatlona by water
route reached mart than lOO.OOO lana, While IuiIiik tin wrodc of l!ll they amounted to I20,00n loaa, I mPOTtationa by land route have reached tit.'
goo tone aa compared with IS, too long for itc rmir oor responding manthi of ibis Mariiinn" ami railroad tarffic' ghaaro fat the first four months of
IO0 a total Increase o 100,000 tone a eompt rad Willi uarraapondlmi ntoathO of 1 1 It : ' !: . -1 t hat recent agreements mad between Italy, Checho
lovaoltla, Austria and Jugoslavia will result In the further development of commerce Passenger ccrvli. lieiween Trieste and Vienna and Trieste
and Prague, recently Inslltiiiid h.m I fiinctloiilng xltico the th and I fth of June.
Local 1'antor Takes Good
Report to Meeting
at Wichita.
MM the world aervlce cnmpiilgn
of lha lajthernn church will guln
more than Ita goal Of 1 1,000,000 was
Indicated In th reports of funds at
reudy raised In Missouri. Kansas,
Nshraska, Inwn. and tlklahomu made
hy the ststn chairmen at a district
meeting In Kansas Cltf ThUI sd.i v.
according to ltev. 1.. H, Kauffman,
pastor of the First laittierau aJtUfoh
and chairman for this slate. All Lu
theran churches were asked t" fill
their reports as soon as possible In
order to complete the cumpulgu by
October 1R.
Mr. Kauffman will go to Wichita.
Kan., the latter part of next week la
the Interest of endowment conlilhii
linns for Midland college at I t
mnnt. Neb., the only- Lutheran col
leva In the middle west Mr Kaurf
man has already devoteil two weeks
to rulslng cndowmetit funds fo t lie
college, which was removed to Its
present location from Atchison,
Kan , about a year ago.
No delay. We know the way.
Hurry Messenger Service I'cd.ir 7.
Girls Enjoy Sewing Circle
for Dolls, Started at Y. W.
( in- little two lilt yvn, t wilv
lift I k I r In rtprttt thr y i ' part nf
inlnil 1 g rtrinoon HfWlriK f'r thHr
"dOlliM" In fl rtt 1"' Work rlub
rooiiiH f thn V. V. C. A , thuH rltn
pi'ii vlnfl Un fift -r ipM td MMli ln
that l 1 1 ! m nrn riot Linn In thn JtvfH
0 Mttlo KlrlH of 1920,
Th KlrlH wro front 10 to 12 yrnrn
of nfM- aind tho ommIob 11 dollo now-
Intf oirfilfl liiriUKurfitf'fl nt thrlr own
ri qii'-Ht. Tin v f iithiTcd LiVorB 3
O'clock, tho hour mi for th rlrrln,
and Wmbt94 lo r iiutln ndvr 6, th"
hour Hft for BlOfltngi
with trtii oi.itfi ollottiidOi th'
Kir Ih MWod OOntlnUOttOly, Jtlttlofr In
thr rluhr iimn eh ill in orcn tht divan
and i'hiilrif lounfrn nnil ntltalilnK
.1 way MriOtMty, v llh lit t lo If QQtl of
(linv In hoc la I ronvorm (Hrmentji
upon ifhch ihj woro onsiaVfod iwro
mtnljitiiri' ilri'wi'K of wirloil inatorlal
unit fli'hlKti am) i - in I tin a to nr
UclOf fr MlM Doli waniroho.
Thi dollOi which rOCUttod or ntxt
la dOll fafhlon bOVtd tliolx "llttlo
mOthtrOi" vnrlod In BiM from two
ftt-t in thro.- Inrhof, In typo from
hlonrifi to atirunetto. In a "duM'fi
fOWIllBg iclory" from curly lorka
to, tt Btttfli bo ronft'Mnrcl, no lockn
at all. For ope floll, whh'h i
ownor had had linOi nho wai two
youi'H old, whh qultn bald and with
one loft mlMlnv- Karh dnll wan the
ono rnoHt chorlMhrd by Ha llttlo mla-
A tnry trlllnik: hour for irrndo
nchoul g-lrla will bo conducted from
9:30 o'clock to 10:30 Ifeflt mornlnn
by Yukola flllhort and followed by
thn unual pluriKo in the pool.
Anion the ncllvltl'-a in the fftrfcV
work department durinK the week
have been handwork lnnt ruction on
Tuowtlay and Thurnday iijurnlnRH, a
conking r.Iaho on Wodnewlay rnorn
inir, a ohlldrtD1! hour on Wodnea
day afternoon, a "hIiik" on Krlday
riiurnlriK, and a "talk fet" for hiith
school girl on Thumday afternoon.
County Dairumen Will
Meet at Woodard Park
Member of lh Tutaa county
dalrynicu fi aHnnclat ion will gather In
Woodard park at olOOk today
fOf OUaiaOM MMIQfl and dinner.
The dinner will cunslnt of food pro
parod by the wIvoh of the dairymen.
who aro to bo gueatd, and will be
Hpread toRether. Ah tiuftlnen of jm
portanro im to 4e tranarted, the
daliymen are anked to moot prompt
ly at thn hour act.
When you aro In a y0f cuti
Codar 7 for tho Hurry Meaaonger
BorVlCO - Advt.
Ijirgo I 1 1 1 1 I'lircha-e In I'lttstmrg
County IxMikcd tpaa s IIimiii
ti Cnllli' Industry.
MaAteWran, okla,. July 3n
Krmk Ward and Ira Ward today be
came the owners of land near this
city In proportions that makes them
the purchasers In a aalo that is the
largest consummated in I'lttshurg
county as a purely farm transaction
The consideration paid three owners
of separate pieces of land adjoining:
In guch a way that the Ward broth
era acquired 1.B40 acres, was
1 Ofi, 900. The consolidation of the
three ranches Is looked pnn aa on
Important step In the cattle Industry
In. this country as well as along the
lines of up to date farming.
Says Archbishop Mantili Will I .mil
In Amusing Manner.
LONDON, -T illy SO The chair
man of the Irish vigilance society In
flrent llrltaln today announced that
Archbishop Mannlx nf Australia
would be accompanied to the Fhlttsh
Isles from the I'nlted Smtcm hy an
unnamed distinguished compatrlnlt.
The chairman added that Arch
bishop Mannlx and his companion
would land In a manner which would
astonish "the enemy" und create
amusing gossip.
Snlvallo.. Army To (Jet Co-opcra-tlon
In Home- "icrvlec lrngrtwii
For State.
tale advisory board In co-operale In
the l2ft home aervlce program of
the Halation Army w.i organlacd
lute today at u meeting In the of
fice of Oovcrn.ir J. H. N. llohei taon.
Thr purpose of the bo.ird, according
to Salvation Army iheada, la to cor
relate and unify tho work of county
advisory hoarda b-iiiR cstnbllshed In
every county In the state
officers of the state board were
elacted as follows:
Chairman of the executive board,
Oovernor Robertson; President. A.
N. I.eecraft, vice president. Dr lc
llov liOng; secretary, tleorge Tj
drowning; treasurer, Hugh M. .lohn
ron. Tho other members of the board
John a WhttahaMt: W. J, Pattaai
J. K. P. Bhafler. Horace, Hagiin, W.
It Kamery und Judge It J Hay
Polish Army Broken
up and Retreating
BKHUN'. July SO A spc lal dls
patch to 'eue r.erllncc Itung from
lyck reports that the dealrtictlon and
the cnr.ompa-elnK or tjie I'oltsb army
are now ncompllshcd fxcts. The oor-
rtapondent declares there no longer
le a Polish front In that vicinity.
that the Holes everywhere are ro
treating In panic.
i HUT) IMI ril II y I in' w I I .tie ii, i iit, .... niei. ,PH1I llj HSWp
Army Officials lasa lAarm to Slxn
WAHKAW, July SO The Polish
government esprcta the armistice
envoys lo pass the front lines at S
oclocit this evening The govern
ment expects to receive develop
mni of the armistice negotiation oy
wireless through the military author
Pathe Records
I or August.
Pathe Shop,
B Weal I tut,. (Mar I mm
b beaded L coons
When you call in a doctor, you want the best one you can get.
When you send his prescription to be filled, you need a first
class druggist. You may get sick on second-class foods, but
you can't get well on second-rate drugs.
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bedside sheds its rays upon the trustworthy pharmacist at the
prescription counter. Your confidence in your druggist is
doubly justified if he uses Meyer Certified products drugs of
tested and proved parity from the laboratories of the Meyer
Brothers Drug Company, the world's largest drug house.
Your druggist if be serves you with Meyer Certified Drugs
has behind him as the source of his supply this institution 'of
67 years proved integrity, 67 years devoted to the perfection
of purity in drugs.
More than 15,000 druggists are extending to the public the
services of Meyer Certified Drugs a service of public security
a prescription of accuracy and dcpcnc'-;'.ility.
Meyer Brothers Drug Co.,, St., Louis
The Largest Drug House in the World
Final Specials
Saturday, July 31st
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layed in shipment, on which we received factory concessions, are priced be
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