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Double Murder Followed
by Unhappy Marital
Acquitted by Court, But
Curse of Blood Fursues .
Him to His Grave.
TAriL.EQL'AIf. Okla., July SI.
Intelligence of the Hilling on Sunday
rvmlng of Homer Wilson by hi
wife, near Wlnfield, Kan., recalls
not only ono of the most spectacular
and cold-blooded double murders
committed In this sartlnn, hut atno
the mysterious assignation ofo
Charley West, the rtrnt husband of
Mm Wilson.
In January, lilt, while William
e.r.4 Frank Anthony, father and eon.
were standing near the postofflce
jiere reading a letter. Homer Wilson
Stepped out of the office of the Se
quoyah theater, where It transpired
ha had been loitering- the greater
part of tho day. He fired upon Frank
Anthony, who fell fatally wounded.
an Instant later the elder An-
ny was snot tiown, inning ncroes
body of hie sor.. After the men
were down Wilson continued to fire
and literally filled their bodies with
bullet holes. He win aoon after ar
rested by a policeman. Wilson wore
an overall suit, underneath which
was an army uniform. Jfe stated that
he did not wish to dlsgrnre the
uniform of the I.'nltcd States, hence
the outer covering of canvas.
Wilson's reason for killing the An
thonys was that they, as he stated,
had been Instrument! in breaking
tip his home, that his wife had con
fessed to Intimacy with Frank An
thony. At his trial In March of
1119, a Rood deal of mawkish sen
timentality was evidenced on be
half of some of the attendants at
the trial, and although the prosecu
tion was ably conducted, the verdict
otsthe Jury acquitted V.'ilson on one
opllhc murder charpes
He was nev
tr tried on the other. The evidence
would have been practically the
tame and a verdict of acquittal
wonld probably have been returned.
Tf . - . T-.. V. I . . - V. .w
"i"""1 ,nlllr'l"nn me same
uj or m o .,in' .1 nuu in a rnnn
time It was learned that his wife
had Joined him at Wlnfllelq ae
time of the trial the dofendan.. in
tears, slated that he iived his wife 1
They are fitted with
latest methods.
They take away that strained and tired feeling
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Service and satisfaction is our motto.
For properly fitted glasses with guaranteed
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Your money invested with the Home, is
loaned to Tulsa people to assist in the
purchase of homes on first mortgages,
the safest investment possible. Your in
vestment made monthly or in lump sum
earn you 9 compounded, exempt
for taxation. Investigate onr plan. We
solicit your investment
i -
1 1 nSy'lL LOAN ASSN. '
to Infatuation, but. according to the
dispatch announcln- the killing. It
appears that the couple disagreed
aa to which should drive the a i. to
mobile In which they were rid.nir
'nd that Mrs Wilson soon (Irani
a revolver t.. Wilson side, fired, and
ended his career. Wilson had DM
n member of a wild west show and
spent some jime at Camp Funatnn.
Kan. It was whll there that h"
first taetrtaintd, n he stated, that
his wife was untrue to him
In July. Hit, Charter West. a
member of the boa id of county com
missioners for Cherokee Bounty, was
hot a. few hundred yards from his
homo In tho north part of Tahle
quali. West rarely left home after
'lark, being afraid, It has been said,
of enemies, lie. however, wllh Ills
wife, walked to a Spring on the eve
ning ho was shot. Ketiirnlng the
couple reached a font -bridge across
a gully and West, Just In front of
his wife, stepped upon the bridge
when a shot from the rear brought
hint to the ground. He waa can led
to his home anrl died at noon the
following dnv. Despite !l pfforla to
ascertain who the assassin was no
no was ever brought to trial for
ihn crime. At the time of the mur
der of the Anthonys, though. It was
rumored that one of them had
doubtless fired the fatal shot, but
there were many cltl.ons who
thought Othtf wlaO. Waal was a man
of considerable wealth nnd was said
to have had a. Urge hank ti BOUD1
as well an owning many cattle and
other live sto.k He !so owned ex
'enslve farms and pasture Jnnd. nnd
only a day or so prior to his fatal
wounding Is said to have been In
duced by his wlfu to make, a will In
her favor.
Homer Wilson, tho second hus
band, was a tall nnd athletic inan ,,f
flna physique. At his trial i.e ap.
peared In the full uniform of a lieu
tenant and was the recipient . , h
day of flowers from enure of his ad
mirers. He was noted as one of jiie
most expert horsemen In the somh
west. Mrs. Wilson was practically
roarorf in Tahlequah, prajriotu to
ber first marriage she was Hrnce
Yeargln. daughter of S p. Year
cln. a stock raiser nnd farmer who
has lived 'In this section for many
years. she Is now the owner
much land and livestock In There
kee county.
High School tilrU Holding Weekly
Talkfest at Y. W. C. A.
T 11 . .
learmimii wnicn go to make up
issi in.vsieriuu sometning culled
personality and ways In which an
attractive personality can bo devel-
oped la to he the faaclnatlng tublect
for discussion at the 1.1.. mi.ii.
lme money, saved bu
Some people, loanea to C.
Home people. tobuild V
J 'i 'antes m luJsa.
greatest care gad
fest" for high school glrfs In thai
girls' work department of the T. W. I
A from 4 to & o'clock next Thiirs-lnwn
da v jrfternoon.
Knch girl Is to bring
be saving of some famous writer an
the subject.
The value of these dlscusslonsl
hours, which were self Instituted by :
I of our formal opening. I
OEI I W'hmeothe Edison
Ul I
.. tT CZOC H
r n
An absurd question you say. Yet there is one act which
answers it completely Has your will been drawn, mak
ing proper provision fur your loved ones? Does it name
a corporate executor and trustee? Has it been tested on
all points, executed according to law and filed in a safe
place where it can be secured when needed?
Resolve. Act now. Do not let the inevitable overtake
you without having done your duty.
Our officers will "be pleased to talk this matter over
with you.
the girls, lies In the fact that the
girls are allowed to express their
oi.lnlons on sublet, of Imnor.
tanee Instead ot being "talked if
by some grown up. The discussion
Is or course gently led In the way
which will bring most benefit to the
girls hy Miss Mabel Bones, girls woi k
I -
T affords us great pleasure to an
nounce that we are now located
in our new Store at 521 South Main
Street, where a cordial welcome
awaits every lover of good music.
Watch the Papers for announcement
of our formal opening.
( :
Do You Love
Your Family?
Exchange Trust
ItTtast Third Street, Tulsa, Okla.
"he trice anil Strength"
secretary. After partaking of "food
for thought" the girls have light re
freshments, towards which ea h con
tributes 16 cent!
The topic ahout which the girls
took thought last week was that of
1 relationships wth other people
Elizabeth. Ann Looks About Town
and She Says
To be youthful looking, you must
be slender. To get those long lines,
nothing Is as essential ua a. prop
erly filled cornel. Mms Klper, of
the Pemorcut Hhup, fies Mouth Mum
can fit you so thai your gowns will
have that proper style.
Several mine tin immlirr liavo
while jersey .line nnd cuffs cm
bei.lilerlcil in eiiin r l)la k or nsl
A man always swells with pride
when ho even thinks. of "her ring"
and for this lovely symbol of love,
bo wants the choicest ho can find.
The aaaorlmeut of diamonds found
at the Hairy llellbron store uffer
only the beet In quality, skill and
Meah csdomd -repe dc riilnn luc
pialn full skin (though very short
anil a full lunln with "amis' lilm-k
leather belt.
Kace, hands and hair must enter
most emphatically Into milady's
scheme of life. Mrs. I.eacliman's
lfalr sl'.-p and Ileauty I'Srlonr. 17
Kast Fifth, Is moderately equipped
according to the latest approved
methods of beauty experts, special
ising ln aclentlflc trentmenWi for the
scalp to renew growth, luster and
softness to milady's hulr. also for
removing moles and warts.
tn the Jersey draws high shailra
prevail, an riroptlnn IK-Ing a mini
i r havtng a black vr-Wet skirt anrl
white Jersey blouae mhrolib rled In
Those aoft, furry wraps, gives to
a woman that much desired charm
I saw some Elegant furs In coatees,
capsa and stoles of mink and other
of the choicest fura all beautifully
lined In tho very newest mndela,
that had Just arrived at Mra. Mad
den'a of tho Shukert Fura; C12
South Main.
A aklrt and Jarknt ,,r whlta silk
Jerarjr, litei skirt edge) u"d IIiimo of
tho Jacket flni-.li, d witii a loop .
of while allk.
Dance, dance! Waa the country
ever ao happy and caro free? Many
famlHc are spending their vaca
tions at home and putting their
money Into a "a!he., rail at their
shop on West Fifth and they will
explain how you can get opo for
Olio costume was of while wool
Jersey, the him of llui picket and
the cuff embroidered In while wool.
Ftir lovely hemstitching, try the
Misses Foole, 2fi Ault building,
laghl green, tan, ad crnv linen
eklrteare worn with white mull and
rtiatiMo Mouses, and them- soft isilon.
tiste Mouses, and Hum- aoft saiw
show In orgnndloa, votlce., orafMg and
Mls Lair, of the Demorest Hhop,
KOH South Main who has bean In
rsew inrn city, tn expected to re
turn this week, brlnelnsr with ber
many amart hats which express the
lovely forecast of this coming sea
A very effective wrap Is shown In
block satin with humlx of moli-nkln
encircling the dorp cus i-ollar and
Miss Harold luft Saturday for the
eastern Markat whero she Is select
ing the lateat of Dame Fashions
creations or the coming season
Very soon her wonderful n will
begin arriving at her shop at 21
weet Third
A tea-colored stilln sporta aklrt la'
worn with a light gn-on irtrolctte
overhloiiae. It Is knee length und
very full, wliii narrow hilt of tea
colored ribbon fastemvl with a gold
Mlsa Marjnrle Smith who has
been painting many lovely mlnature
portraits for Tulsa people Is now In
New York Cl'y and when she re
turns we expect she will have some
wonderful creations In frames and
miniature cases. It Is Miss Smith's
Idea to give Tulsa people the last
word ln Ideas and frames. She will
return to Tulsa about August IS.
and twill have her dlspl:-.y al the
Tulsa Art and (lift Shop, at 620
South Main.
"If you put a little loving into all the work you do,
A'nd a little bit of gladness, and a little bit of you, -And
a little bit of sweetness, and a little hit of song,
Not a day will seem too toilsome; not a day will seem ton long;
And your work will be attractive, and the world will stop to look,
And the world will sett a sweetness like the twinklin' of a brook
In the finished job; and then the world will turn to look at you
With a world's appreciation of the thing you've found to do."
Los Angeles Express.
Ton will enjoy your Picnic lunch
so much more If every detail Is
dainty and fresh ami nothing
tlalps, as much ua tho clever paper
things that you gel nowadays-you
will find' them all at H. J. Mctlue
CO., 33 West Third.
,A tTeorgetto bodice In nale gray Is
Mnel to a trlcoletto aklrt with a
baiid of floes and laatt embrolderjr
New ai rlvala at tho Hhults Frocks
South Main. lleautlful new wool
sweaters In popular ahadea for 1 1 II,
and beautiful allk nnaa aprrtalfy
priced from $32. &0 to fit. 60. Tbxse
are ones we have boon wanting for
nifty sport wear.
One nf tike noteworthy dance
frocks aeon here la dTclnied In aofl
creaut colored olilffon, embrolderrtl
with bun. In of grapea a ad leaves
In gold thnvad, tho grapes merely
oiiiIIihxI InsU-ad of bring done solid.
Have you taken advantage of
those appetixlng luncheons they are
now serving at the Perfect Cream
Doughnut Shop, Third and llnulder?
It Is such a busy place for busineaa
people know where they can got
good eata and soon spread tha news.
Their sandwiches, salads and other
dishes are alwaya "Just right" and
meir noiignnuta 'melt In your
mouth." also found at 314 South
lilaek and dark Man satin hath
Ing eiilta are favored, many nf these
scalloped or banded with bright
t la a Jn to get a marcel wave
at the Marlnello Beauty Shop, It
West Fourth, for It la certain to
show the artist touch. They atao
give wonderful soft water ahampooa
that keep the scalp In a healthy
condition and leave the hair glOaay
and beautiful.
A smart frock In nayjr serge built
on this lino has a veal and cuffs
of Mngee, uiiiuncd with knife
Tha coolest place I knoxr-of, la
that delightful candy ahop which
goes by the nan,., of Candvland on
South Main. An electric fan for
every table, one la sura of cooling
breexea while consuming a creamy
mass of Iced confection or one of
thnae tempting cool luncheona that
aro now becoming so famous. Have
you recently tried their Iced nielnna
or that dellcloua randy that makea
such mi attractive vacation gift?
Watermelon taffeta silk has aklrt
made of six panels edged with pict
cd niching, the bodice plainly fltt.-d
i rimmed with tullo and silver
laro at the decaflctagn.
In getting things cleuned. try
Mrs. Mclonnlco, 111 South Cincin
nati Curtains, laces, cushions and
draperies cleuned here ato like new.
Narrow red atrlpa of the duvctyu
trim one sinking blouaa In navy
eorgetUi, on which the) red also
makea a standing choker collar.
I wonder If you know Just how
charmingly fresh and cool looking
tha new Sanltal luncheon aetg are
and that they nra real savers of
work these hot days -you wA find
them at 8
Metier Co. .
At no time In tlie aoaaon have, ao
many net and la.,, droara bgaaj
worn Tliry are frciuently nndrr
run wltli aaliu or velvet ribbon in
color, giving fullmwa at lilps or
iwck. and garlanded with aitlsii,-
flower arrangements
Every discriminating woman Brno
Is a Judge nf good shoes and their
value will appreciate the Clearance
sale now going on at the Walk
Over Shoe Co, South Mnln. Vnu
will find the season's most modish
footwear. Including smart oxfords
and dressy pumps at unusual prices.
A block crepe do chine drewn with
while l" - lev. i. collar wua gir
dled with rlro satin ribbon, em
hroldcrcd In while nngora.
If you want to plrsse her. lust
take her a hox of .Tohnson's candles
from the Plymouth Drui. Co, West
Third For freshness and quality,
Johnson's Is the last word In can
dles. '
Fvery woman will ba delighted
when sha heara tha word "Sale"
coming from the Falaoa Clothiers,
Fourth- and Main. For beautiful
f'nlsh and wearing quality, tha Dux
Ite nnd Holeproof hoalary ara unci
celled and they ara, now being of
fers!, at attractive i educed prl.es
rieata and rnfrira togvs tiler with
band embroidery are uaxvd for trim,
ml of taffeta numbers.
"A dollar saved la mora than a
dollar earned now,'" for wo all real
ise that money fa rapidly Increasing
in value So put awayOTat dollar
now In the Savlnga DapaVtmant of
tha First National Bank.
A happy combination la a navy
serge drew With half Inch wide pip
Inga of Jade green J, racy
Miss Ooodsene, formally of the
Hunt Co., South Main la now la tha
eastern market selecting tha last
word In bats Vlalt her new at
tractive sh p which will bring Joy
to discriminating women.
large aaahea of buttercup col
ored ribbon wens worn with white
dree sea.
Discriminating women ara wear
ing the dressy lorgnon lorgnatta or
folding oxforda for atreet wear and
for shopping. Tha reflnemant of
design and tha extreme beanty of
finish of our solid gold and genuine
shall lorgnona anal oxfords give that
finishing touch to your appaaranea.
See these at tha Haanlt! Optical Co.,
Ilt South Hester
White si IK voile, wttlt two-inch
velvet strlpea. makea a amart gown
In lung, panelled, rrdlngote effect
poeed oyer whito ulaanuanae aklrt,
I nf a most beautiful Una of
Polychrome flxturea for all rooms,
alao aome very unusual silver atchad
candle flxturea. for the fining room
at the F. II. Deahon Co., South Main.
Pastel shade ln organdie and
tieorgiile, eaM'clally orchid, fleail
and turqiinlan blue, wore extibroldor
cd In white beads.
Mlaa Emma Itea la now In tha
eaatern market making her selections
for the coming season. Sha told ma
that anyone who would Ilka for her
to select their h'ata that aha would
be pleased to do ao during heri fre
quent t rips, t call this a rare op
portunity for Tulsa women and I
know wa will take advantage of It
She la dally sending naw modala and
these ran be seen at tha Hall at ore,
South Main
A navy blue Georgette ansa, waa
very amart on a pink Organdie
which hsd fr. sh qualnt"eaa with Ita
skirt shirred an full that an almost
hoop el feci waa produced.
The women of arlatocratlc taataa
ffepend upon the Kmart Vogue Shop,
in the new Wright building, to sup
ply their repletion. Thar la no
possibility of wrong selection hera
for each and every flick exudea an
air of distinction at-J expraaaes Fash
ion's highest an dmost perfect art.
Another gray gown waa In dotted
lace over taffeta.
When unexpected guesta arrive
and you are quite at your wlt'a end
In planning for a 'company" dinner
Just phone the Tea, Cup Inn. If you
phone before tha market closee,
your favorite dishes will be aerved
at a reserved table for you.
One rather elegant oostume con
sisted Of a sklrf made with one.lneti
pleats of heavy creamy sporta allk,
with which waa worn a surplice
sweater of the same, rich In heavy
silk filet, the ties at the back fin
ished wllh deep fringe.
Now thst the Children are looking
so well after romping through va
cation, take them to tha George
Studio 9 1 9 South Main and have
ono of those lovely pictures made.
Tou can't delay this for the chil
dren grow ao 'oulcklv and you will
want them as they are now.
The santlx are bright with colored
wool sweaters und knitted rape,
while on tlm gitlf links and tennia
court many white Jersey aporta
skirt are worn with triouarw of trl
eohite and aruorka of BtaxtJV
K 317 So. Boston Phone Cedar415

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