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Economist for railroads
Sees Solution in Ex
cess Profits
Public Told to Beware of nil
Who Would Pyramid Prices
and Blnme Rate Iliko
tlo may tio spnrml lilKhor cuts of
living by reason of llic Increased
frelffht rated, through tho nbsorp
tlon of tho Increaaes from tuecfis
profit, vr. Jett Iatirk, consulting
ecyinomli for Urn railroad labor
orcunlzallons stated today.
"Whlls tho Incroasocl frrlRht rates
will placn an added burden upon
tho consumer, this burden will not
bo very heavy, provided prlceK of
commodities nro ralsod no mora
than necessary to compensato for
tho Incronsn," Iwiuck said today.
"This conclusion Is fortified by tbn
fact that In 1010, tho total valuo
of oil commodities transported by
freight was $119 por ton, whorraa
tho nvcrnKo freight cbartfo per ton
was only 12.80, or lets than 2 12
por cent of tho value. An Increnso
of nvon 40 por cent In frclnht rates,
would therefore ndd less than ono
por cent to the avcraco valuo of the
total frrlith nirrled.
Thro Is a solution of tho problem
that would Involve no additional
burden to tho Rcncral publln. Tho
ineroasn In freight rates, tl has been
estimated, will amount to 11,200,
000,000 n year. Kvon this larKo
amount Is Insignificant, as oompared
with tho excess profits now belnff
exacted by tho basic Industries and
could easily bo absorbed by thorn
out of theso profits without any
Increnso In prlco nt nil.
"In tho dan on profiteering pre
sented by tho railroad brothorhoods
to tho railroad labor board, tt was
shown that tho corporations of tho
' country wore making excess profits
to he extent of at least 14,800,000,
000 annually. Tho great Industries
of tho country could amply afford to
deduct tho Increased freight charito
from tho prlco of their product, tliua
allowing tho commodity to reach tho
retailor at tho tamo prlco nn for
marly. By no doing, tnoy would bn
reducing their excess profits less
than one-fourth.
"Any child can understand ha an
Increased transportation charga of
1 1.200,000,000 can bo deducted from
an excess profit of $4,800,000,000
without any necenslty for fi.n advanco
In prlco and with no Injury to industry.
"The publla should not tolerate
any action which would pyramid
freight Incroaaes and make, thorn a
pretext for further advances In
prlceo," lauck continued.
"Uecatiso of tho presont abnormal
prices' and profiteering; tho publla
should rcfusa to accept any further
. Julian II. ramaleo, chlof statisti
cian of tho bureau of railway eco
nomics, also warnud tho public
against profiteers who will roako thn
tncrcaso In freight rates n pretoxt
for pyramiding tho cost of living.
"Tho public alono can tako tho
situation In hand," ha said. "Thoy
ahould tell manufacturers, Jobbers
J and retal dealers that prices aro high
enough and hey will toloialo no
further advances. In most coses,
tho dealers show a largo enough
margin of profit to absorb tho In
crease without any Impairment of
tcgltlmalo prpfltfl."
More Typhus Cases
Found on French Ship
NEW TOniC, Aug S. Two mors
cases of typhus dovulopcd today
among steerage passengers on tho
French liner La Savolo. Tho patients.
boys aged 9 and 10, wero taken to
Hoffman Island, whore the atoerago
passengers underwent sanitary In
spection. One coso of typhus wan
reported when tho ship arrived Hun-
day night from Havre.
Prince and Princess Coming
I'rlnco Antotno Iilbesco, who has been appointed Humanlan Minister
to tho United Htntes, and his beautiful wife, who was Miss Kllzaboth
Asqulth, daughtor of II. Hi Asqulth, former l'remlcr of (Ireat lirluln.
I'rlnco lllbesuo Is at present First Hecrrtnry of the Humanlan Legation In
London, and tho I'rlucciui will shortly leave England for Wnohlng
ton. Two years ago tho I'rlnco vlsltod this country with tho Humanlan
Omar Locklear, Dean of
Stunt Flyers, Dies
in Pinal Thrill
1.011 ,wai:UM. An, i LI..I
Omar Lfr!ioar. darlnir air nllot
ho stunls of Irmilri.- from ono
P'nne to nnuthor in mid air havu
hrlllrd thousands, Is dead toduy.
Hi plane crashed from a height of
,000 feet Into lout night whllo he
;s engaged In night flying for the
movies, With him dlid IJout. JIlit
Klllott, IiIh pal and pilot In all his
hulr rulelng stunts,
Jiuiiureiin of pctHunn, Including
miyny Jnovlu stars, wlUKwicd tho
K.nii m me aunug pair. Their
uatiu full In u straight nosu dvo ,lko
, flnrnlhir inplrnr rr,im n ,tnrb
A few minutes beore, Locklear had
been setting off a great pyrutechnlc
display, shooting rockeU and lights
igu hi wn nir
According tu fivers who rltn(iii1
tho tragedy, Lockkur's pluiic up-
peared unJsr control at all tlnus.
It Is belluveil that both men became
llllllllprt htf Ml nl.r. f .. . 1 I. -
..... ,. ..... ...u w IIIU-
works and thuu misjudged their dls.
innco irorn mo ground so that the
crush came without their realizing
their danger.
The spectacular drop was filmed
iv severnl mmnrfli i ....... ....
of tho show for tho piano to noso
dlvo with a great display of fire
works and tho cameras continued to
grind as tho famous pilot spun down
to his death. Both bodies wero
crushed almost beyond recognition.
ioKicar was a natlvo of Fort
Wnrlh. Tnvrm r?uinM
Qadsden, Ala.
Chaplin Ib Brilliant
hut Much too Erratic
Says Charlie's Bride
NHW YOHIC Aug. S.- Mildred
Harris Chaplin, who Is stopping
at a local hotl denied today that
she haji brought suit for dlvorco
from her famous husband, Charlie
Chaplin, movie actor.
"I have signed no papors for
dlvorco action" sho stated. "I
simply Instructed my attorneys to
bring suit for separation."
Mrs. Chaplin xpoko very highly
of her husband.
"Thcro was no particular
trouble," sho' said. "Wo Just
couldn't get along. My husband
was not mado for marriage. He
Is a man who should dovoto all
his time to work. Ho la so nervous
and Irrltablo whon working on a
new plcturo that It Is Impossible
to got along with him. Ho Is a
wonderful man, brilliant, but ec-ratlc."
AC. 'V rwmB o
i mis
a I issiB ma i .
1 1 mm i Of A.O.AMUI4I
X ' ) OS oil Mniy
COIiONIAIi l)lia tU.llrn.1.
Of count you wtnt good looking hlr.
Your litir will tx taojt adaJitJ If youuie
Nelson's Hair Dressing
Ktlra'i Lai ki ill liulu k.l.
tint with pirtiiN
ulucclorvl ptopl
of nttrlr SI yt.ru
AH koo4 itct itoiti
la U. t. Ut9 NaU
mm N$tmn
Ntlaot't Mill uktrimviwlol 7091 bilr.
INEUON MFG. CO.. kichmooJ,
V iC?tifc lJkl Akyrllrfcl(. j
G'UirSK f'UU u ua I u.u ucuiiuAV
rfV-Okr ' . itid villi Hiu kiUam. V
4 S9v Tab ihtr. Hut mf ymr v I
las r
3M ltur. Hni,
fltfUM Sll UtlUtlltSt
Sizzling dayn and bwcU
ering nights wear down
the reserve force and
leave the mind and body
impoverished. Rebuild
your energy and restore
your nmDiuon witn
The Great General Tonic
Soli By AtlRtllabU Chugil.lt
Sols Minuftcturerit
New Voik Kidim City, Ma.
Ceii8U8 Figures
WASHINGTON. Aug. 3. Wyan
dotto county, Kun Including Kan
sas City, 122,218, Increase 22,160, or
22.1 per cent.
Ashtnhul.i, Ohio, 22,082, Increase
.i.sui or zu.ii per cent.
Cleveland Heights. Ohio, 1G.2J8
lnorcoso 12,281, or 41C.0 per cent.
Michigan City, lnd 19,457, In
cronso 430, or 2.3 per cent.
Mount Vornon, N. Y 42,721, In
crcaaq 11,807 ,or 382 per cont.
Mcx War Oontly.
MKXICO CITV. Aug, J. Forty
two thousand men In flva yean was
tho coat paid hy l'risIdont Carranza
In tho campaign against General
Villa, Colonel Honjunln Ulos, Villa's
cnivr oc starr, to tui cnrrvspnit:ient
nf Kxcrlslot todty.
FOitT wniiTir Tvn. a,, ,
Ormer Ixicleur avtitor who fell to ills
death at IOS Anf-nl,n lnnt nifrhf uillh
Ills flying partner, was an obscuro
uuio niociiaiiic in a garage here be
fore tho outbreak of tho world war.
Joining tlie air service, he uton
ished his instructors at tiarron
rieht hero by cruwllng all over the
wings of machines, hanging from tho
oxleg and taking wireless messages
whllo seated on tho fuselage.
After his discharge from tho army
hn tnnW un stunt f1uln will. l.t- tH
Htructors, TJeutenanta Milton Elliott
ana uniriey HiiorL
Harding Sets Type,
"MakCH Up" Pages
in Composing Room
MAIHON, Aug. 3. It was plain
Warren Harding, prlntor and
"make-up" man for an hour to
day. Accompanied by Senator Harry
tl. New. of Indiana, the republican
nominee for president, visited the
plant of his newspaper, tho Marlon
In tho composing room he
doffed his coatjind rolled up lita
,Whlle a movie camera clicked,
ho set typo by hand, using the
samo old "stlok" that had done
him good service In tho days when
ho started his newspaper career v
a printer.
Ho brought Into tho play the
printer's "rule" which ho always
carries In Ills pocket as a me
mento of those days. He "Jeffed
the typo" without a "pi" and made
up a page without tho use of a
single "dutahman," locking the
forms with all tho dcxtcrlt of an
old tlmo printer.
"You can certainly Jugl type,"
remarked Senator New to the
nomlneo, New, Is himself, on old
time newspaper man,
Pnthe Phonograph
Patho Record
Pathe Shop
8 W. Sth Cedar 1593
fta Tlvo Tono That TclU
Olive Oil
bn tor year ben the world's
recognised standard table oil
mmmT aflP
A fellow taid to me,
"Lee, the rcaion I
like to wcar'your shirts
ia because they're long
enough to stay in my pants."
He figures in these days
when any kind of a tale
"may creep out" about a
fellow, that no matter
how good a shirt is
its tail must be kept
covered ABSOLUTELY, and
, just here let me state
that I still have left
a beautiful assortment of
at the following reductions.
Louie Says
That wjiiio folks might not bn
ablo to npprt-clnto 'Quality' In
tools, but n carpenter always
knows jim enn't fool lilm on
Quality, uml furthermore, Ira
will lU'iiiant! (ho very brat that
mtiiiry ciiti buy,
Wlicu you want tools of provi'n
quality mid rrputntIon, porno to
this Klorc, mo don't wll any
oUicr kind.
$7.25 $8.45 $H.5Q $14.50
and Hodgo
Be Sure to Visit
the Great
Drnrrl'L AtWi'tfM irr.,TFH
111 tliiun II T S V Ik mmi
yuikvwauBct Sfut.Altnkcll4U
ii0pir-arltutt 'Maid
On the Shor of Laka Michigan
63rd St. and Hyde Park Blvd., .. Chicago
f "America's Summer Playground"
THE finest residential and transient hotel In the
Middle West surrounded by magnificent parks
and boulevards bathing, boating, endless drives, bridle
paths, golf, tennis-vast marble ballroom, enchanting
orchestra, spadou promenades cool lake breezes In all rooms.
New 12 Story Fireproof Iiuilding--400 Large
Rooms 400 Baths Every Modern Appoint
ment of Luxury and Convenience
LCU.Il. Suburban Station one block from Hotel 10 rnlnute
express service to downtown, office, shopping nd theatre district.
All Midi. CenU III. C and "Dig 4" trains stop at 53d St Station, one
(block lroin hold. Check your baggage to 53d SU SUtlon and save
time. Other roads from east, south and southwest in easy reach,
Vrttt or wire manager for rtsenxMons
1 L
Harvest Sale
Now in Progress at the
Tulsa Union
Department Store
112-114 S. Main St.
Woman Bum Hotel Mutiner,, Alien
ing StrmiRrr Kntcrwl Iloom
Whllo Sho Won Dlvcotcd of
Allexlns it strange m&n, later Iden
tified, entered her room at the Hotel
Tulsa enrly In tho mornlnR of Murch
1, while sho was divested of her
clothing, suit asking damages of
150,000 for tho lnsultH and criticism
to which she wivi subjected and
$15. 000 punltlvo damages was flloi
In dlslrlct court yrstcrday hy Emily
Foter against W. N. Hohlnson, owner
of the hotel.
Don't strrnk or rutn your mnterisl In
poor dye. Inlt on ''Diamond l)ye."
Easy airections in every iiuckuk".
Make Lemon Lotion to Double
Ueauty of Your Skin
Squcozn the julco of two lemons
Into a bottlo oontalnlng three ounces
of Orchard White which can be had
at any drug store, shako well and
you have n nuurter nlnt of harmless
anil delightful lemon bleach for few
MaRsago this sweetly fragrant lo
tion Into the face, neck, arms and
hands each day, then shortly note
the beauty of your skin,
Knmous stage bcauttos use lemon
Juice to blench and bring that soft,
clear, rosy-whlto completion 1tn
on have always been used as a
freckle, sunburn and tan remover.
Make this up and try lt,--Advt.
To core Grsailsted ErtlMi, spplf CR.
toths lower IIJ iuit st the btj ef the
Uibee. Poll the lower lid awe Irora the
ere o tht roa can s at It betttr sad
arold touchlat the erwalL
It relieve! lnlntlr,Ukn oot allloeara-
tnetloa end hetlt ana cures the tore.
A lleelln t AatUeptlc of the hllheit aoelltr.
recommeaded by erery dniltUt. Mo per
vq lova
llOSt" "
3 $$w$itef
In Hammer time nil Nv
tnr nrart to gmd bouquet,
l-ltmtn will tuld the stuno
chnrm to joar pmoiuU mp
pmrance or to your hone
lite tl.ut thrr do to the
rzssuX out! urlil If
jou will but rhrrlKli tlirm.
We hare kwmUjt nupply nt
jrrowln thtncii nrnl frrub
cut flowtrm from which tn
Vlnwmi TVlrjcTnphMe
vnoi' 'iOwii 1 o 0 f i
i i in
vzzr. ,,.--r
mmgffrliKmammmaBmmaa RoM by Itoy n, Gctman,
Summer suits I
(W' Dbsion All our finest hand tailored Palm Beach,
va 3?M.on&ir fjool Cloth, Eureka Cloth, Silk, Aerpore
3 and Tropical Worsted two-piece suits are
?!2$Sk reduced a FOURTH from original low
Off i IAD II I . - - " II I
uriv ic- va &ri i i i in
VM & Save $ 5.00 on any $20.00 Suit
r VV. VIA I I ' w I I
JSrf SJ Save i 5.(35 on any $22.50 Suit
TO 1 Save $ 6.25 on any i2o.UU Suit
m save $ 7.5U on any au.uu suit
M . Save. $ 8.75 on any $35.00 Suit
j Save $10.25 on any $40.00 Suit
I ' ff Wool Suits
W 111 Straws Half Price 1
ll - Clapp Oxfords $14.75
S 131113
BoSTOn jV-i I
inigov '
A winding valley flanked by green hills.
Summer's warmth tempered by cool breezes
from over miles of pine forests and green mouuU.ia
Enhanced by mammoth ultra-service hotela
and comfortable boarding houses.
Blessed by a wealth of warm healing
springs, waters efficacious in malaria and after effects
of the flu.
The most complete bath houses in tho
world, operated, under Government control,
There is a subtle charm in this our first
National Fork that appeals to every American.
Plan to spend your summer vacation and
enjoy motoring, horseback riding, golfing, swimming, in '
fact all outdoor sports while renewing your Jjcalth in ths
radio-active hot water baths of tho great American Spa. '
Reduced round trip railroad fare.
Business Men's League

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