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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, August 04, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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Daily Biblical Quotaton
Tt'HhDAY, AVWKY 0, 10311,
3. All the promises of Ond In him (Christ)
nrr yen, nnil In him. Amen, mi to tho glory of
Uoil. 2 Car. 1:20.
Tho work which IiIn goodness began
Tho nrm of hi strength will cgmplfti
111m promise Is ym, nnd Ainrn,
' ' And never win forffltvd yrt.
Jnit Chrlet, the Mtun yrnlrnlny nnj tndny,
wnd fnrrvpr. llh, ,
H Is IntnrcHtlng to nbserva a drmocrooy In
. action. That wan t.ha nitirkrtl ncwii ovent of
ycitcnliiy, a democracy arlnctlnR candldnti' on
two tickets, it wu not. lioweveri pnrllonlnrly
tenixiurliiif to tho thotiRhtfut cltlzrp. A prl.
niary election cull ncarcoly bn coniidrnd rcim
iiii Inv to any cltlitn.
Tho elector, prcicntlnp; himself or hernclf
nt tho poll yesterday, was ulvcn three ballots,
a ntnto ballot, u county ballot nnd a aort of dla
trlct ballot, tho bitter coverlnit the naptrntlona
cf cundldatca for cnniitnblcj On ench wore a
Inntt Hat of names cltUrna Itiduletm; the
laudnblo aHplratton to ntrvo their country,
Tho elvctor'it duty waa to aelect ono ot o.
conHldernbla lint for each office, On the re
publican ticket appeared fourteen candidate
lfk'.. 'itM nenator, a halt-dozen for corporation com-
intnsioner, and r.o on down tho Una to conntnblo,
The democratic ticket wn like unto It except
u the sonatorlul content where the fight wan be
tween two men.
Tho avarngo elector prolmbly had tome, vacua
i ' notion about tha nuillflcntlona ot a hulf-dozcit
J men on the entire lint. The average elector
'' probably had coma In perianal contact with
( mniie ot tho candlttatei far county offices. Hut
v tho uvernno elector waa compelled In' a vaat
majority of cnaea to niake a wild jtueati In t
.' lectin? mop for moat n( the offices ho rnunt
- of nccoavtty fill.
That atntemont appllea to both democrats
' s i nnd republicans, Vi' will venture tho assertion
y Jthat there was ftot a man or woman In Tulsa
w' yesterday who voted n full ticket of mon known
, v, )' or even heard ot prior to entering the voting
t booth or to the receipt jjf Instruction from
., Borne sUto maker.
And wo expect efficient, coonomtcnl, honest
.' HCivurnmenWto Ktow out of that system of so-
, Ic'ctlnu candidates! I
, ' Tho result today Is this: Vo do not know
who they nro o yet, but u set of men nre
nominated on both pnrty tlckt without 85
pur cent ot their supporters kiiowlnp whether
they arc white or black. Jew or dentllc, pap.iblu
or Incapable, cood or bad.
Ami from such n system w expect eood
officials to sprlmtl
Under tlio prlnmry system, as It actually1
works In Oklahoma. It would bo possible for ,
tho sreateot "red" lit tha world' to assuma a
name tavorabla to position on tho ballot, and
without ltftlnif his flutter to da morn than com
.ply with tho law In maklnc hla own flllnU,
withdraw Into a, cloister, not show himself to
a soul In the state durlntr tho campnlgn or
sprali a word concernlnc his purposca, und
lct win tho. nomination. 1
Cood government cannot coma In such a
manner except by the merest accident.
Jf the primary Is to remain H may become
necessary to enact a law forbidding any can-
'dldato to, appear In publlo excepting In com
pany with nil those- who .oppoea him that
, every voter who wees nnd hear one may havn
the opportunity to comparo nnd drw reason-
'nble conclusions.
Under tho primary Bjstcm one or two ron-
t ttU nvorshadow oil others. . In tho cutnpaln;n
Jiut closed It wm tho senatorial contest In both
''parties. The contest In the demor.ratlo party
v.'ua tliorouch. Too thorounli, wo suspect, for
tho best Interests of either candidate. Vvr
' If jt Hclntllla charted by either candidate, or
his friends, Is true, both nro unfit to represent
"any stnto In nny capuclly.
l'"or Vorrls wuuld bo proven n ntaftor of tho
petty, thieving order for voting himself J5,5::'.11
troni tho public treasury that ha did not earn,
and (lore n traitor to hla country.
' Tho AV'orld does not believe Yh""o primary can
vrndure. It must, either bo very materially Im
proved or It will Inevitably fall of Its own
; v.etcht. It Is Impossible. It lnvltcu fraud und
It makes the public hctvIcu nt tho people the
certalp. victim Qt political adventurers. Tho
Impossible situation brought about by It In tha
KiKhth district, duo to the? death of Congress
. man Morgan, must gvo every citizen serious
. pause us He contemplates thn logical conse
quence of It.
The convention system wus Impossible. Hut
It was prcferablu tb tho primary. Wn say Out
In tho utmost sincerity- nnd good faith. Tho
btsECH may have controlled at tlmuH, Hut with
the responsibility fixed upon thent by tho very
manner in which they wore compelled to work,
they did not dvre dlarognrd tho eternal fitness
of things ultogiilh'.r in Hit men put forward
for tho people's- support, and the primary docs
do Just tli.it nt times,
The candidate coming from it" convention Is
known, eporisorcd and more or lees reliably
endorsed, even though ho may have been too'
Ihuioiighly ndvlKcd. Ito mny have gone, Into
thn convention, with his umbltlunn, nu unknown
man outside of his own locality. Hut It he
emerged nt all its n candidate ho cornc forth
thoroughly Inspected, thoroughly vouched for
nnd with advocates In every locality In tho par
ticular polltlcnl vicinage In which lie Is to
Uventunlty, wn feet very deeply, after the
ptlmnry lm been tried until patience Is no
longer n virtue, the great mass of people will
urn In another direction either to n reformed
primary or n reformed convention system. And
which ever wny thoy do finally turn If. will ba
l.nck townrdn the republic and away from the
Imposslbla practices of n ptlro democracy.
Thn title woycrlbbcd from tlio clnsslfled de
partment ffrtnt ingo stimulator. Our pur
poso In lojiUf It, that w might preach u little
r rnirin. JVor ns was said, thoiisnnds of years
ago by the wisest of men, tho greatest of phll
ciophcrtt, "Ah n man thlnketh In his heart sa
Ic he."
That's true.
And being true, what folly that wo do not con
trol our thoughts, that they may be of the good
nnd true und eunobllngi the sunshine Instead of
tha shadows; love, Inttcad of hnto; content
ment, Instead of envy; charity, instead of greed;
confidence, Instead of feur. '
Mow iismIiiIih', then, for us tn flit our wnklng
thoughts with nut tirothci-'H Imnlucrx. Ilia ways
are his, not ours. It wn seek to illutnta to
him, either ns Individuals or through gnvorn
smenl beyond thftse Just restraints which pru
dence nnd wisdom dictate ho resents It. And
lustly, Ills life In his. lie must suffer tho
Agonies of his own mlstnkes, and to him bo
long tho blessings ot rlitlit decisions.
Clean thoughts, rhnrltnbla thoughts, ennobling
thoughts, contented thoughts would, uulver
tally Indulged In, bring universal pence, univer
sal plenty, universal contentment.
The llttlo plgmlen, flitting busily about flat
ter themselves they nro wise- nnd doing some
thing for somebody when thsy are In fact only
Impudent and doing something to somebody
In ordor to get their moment In the publlo eye.
Clean thoughts, chnrltublo thoughts, ennobling
thoughts! Turn your mind In on your own won
derful opportunities and bleselngs. Do you
know; what they ro, tlod endowed you with
r.n'nnllmltiMl empire In which you nro tho un
challenged dictator tho emplra of Intellectu
ality, lie created you an Individual. Your
mind Is your mind, In It you can paint beau
tiful pictures, wrlto wonderful books, associate
on Intlmnto terms with the mighty charncter
ot history. It It, you can love and 4e lovod. In
It you can make of every spot whereon you
ntnnd a thing of beauty 'nnd a Joy forever. In
It you can nlso paint ugly, lewd , pictures, write
books about the sordid nnd tho material;. In
It you can hate and be hated; In It you can see
crime and poverty nnd discontentment nnd
know fear. Hut you aro not compollod to, and
you' nro of all men most foolish If you do. And
Clod also gave you the dlvlno auullty which en
ables you to reproduco your lnd.
Society, here 'In t'lls wonderful country, has
alio been kind. It guarantees you every lib
erty imaginable that docs not overlap a nlmll'ir
right guaranteed your fellow, Tha jlght to
work, und enjoy fruits thereof, Tho right to
nsptre, nnd roallzo ambltlon'sVitlsfnctlon. Tho
right to own n homv, creato n nest of blessed
Intimacy with tho one woman In the world,
und bo protected allko ln tho possession of that
home and ita sucred privileges.
All this Is your without lot or hindrance.
It your fellows do not nccept theso wondorful
privileges no fault attaches to you If you do.
If they do not choose to go your way, let them
In peaco go theirs. Mayhap It brings content
ment to them, Don't fret nbout what others
nro doing, how they live or where they aro go
ing. Your life Is your own. Their llfo Is their
They nra tho undisputed rul?rs In n similar
domain. Don't challenge their emperorship.
Thn good man said "Judge not. that ye bn not
Judged. Tho wise llttlo pigmies fret because
you will not hoed their wisdom. I.uugh nt them,
Thoy aro emperora ln their own right. They
have no right to Invado your kingdom. They
are Ignorant, not wise. Hut don't get angry
with them. That would harm you.
They tell you that tho most Important thing
Is so and so, In ono case Its health, In another
wealth, In another art, In another nclenco nnd
In still another political economy. And bo
cuuiu they havo taken un Intoxicating draught
from tho 1'leil.m spring they sit In Judgment.
I-onllsh mon! Hilly men! Tomorrow what they
pleach will bo dlsproven. '
The most Important thing ln life Is human
relation; To so ndjust them that they will not.
become discordant nnd result In angry protesta
tion. And that Is accomplished by thinking
correctly and conducting yourself towards your
fellows In nil things as you would havo thorn
conduct themselves towards you.
J. Frank Hanly, former prohibition cndl
datn for tho presidency, was killed whllo trying
to drive a motor-car across n railroad ahead of
n fttkt trail. Does the susual explanation fit
this caso too? .
That Washington dlsputch seems to Justify
the fear that "they" aro getting ready to give
tho JonrH shipping act u dose of Ilrltlsh sleep
ing potion, March 4, 1520, ta coming of course;
but will It get here In time?
1 ;
Mr- Btedman, the sorlulUt, candidate for vice
president, Is another gentleman who thinks the
government Is n, criminal in enforcing the lawa
ngaliibt tho lleli and poor allko.
Oklahoma OtilburiitH
t nwii I fiiT(iy
The light vote In prerlnet 37 wan probably
duo toMlio fart that a doctor and an undo"-
taker were on the election board.
Two years niter lie had married another
woman, n Kansas ninn sues for the recovery
of n 12o engagement ring he hnd given n
former sweetheart. Thn woman ho married
pays she does not care anything nbout n ring
for herself but she knows where tho money
that ring cost will do tho most good.
One of thn most exasperating things theso
dayit Is the nostrnrd friends send back show
ing the scenes whern they are spending their
Thn girl on floutb Main says that from the
,, , ..v.., ,.n,,,a,ii,K iiiu ...inula rnw
voted, she Iiiih derided thern Is nothing to this
turn numii im-o lino unrestricted American cm
r.crH having the right of a secret ballot.
It may get so some time, sny the Dallas News,
that a poetic person can't even lift his eyes to
tho everlasting hills without seeing mountain
minus in (mining suitn.
Hnturdny Is the day set for Oovernor Cox to
t .l 1 III., r.,ltu lw..., I... I -nlMH ....
promises ho who now occupies tho White House
bus made.
The announcement that you must vole ns you
registered kept ortn Tulsa woman from tho polls
yosioruay, wio nail married nftor registering.
Another reason why so many men fall to
grasp "opportunity" ns It passes by Is because
they spend so much time walking the streets
studying urn architecture of rooming houio
Hlid hnlrl windows,
Aiming other menace which threaten us with
dark shadows, Is n shortage, ot playing cards
In T,iilsa. A brldgo pnrty wne) held up two
hours the other day while tho stores were
searched for it Mifflciont number of "decks."
A lot of candidates mmlo "promises lo pay"
who aro going to need the full three day of
grace to, meet their obligations to tho voters.
Barometer of Public Opinion
Kd. World The democratic onemles of
rrcBldent Wilson secured the nomination of
tiovernnr Cox for tho presidency tt tho United
Hla'es at the Ban Kranclsco convention,
Hut flnvernor Cox has now deserted these
democrats by coming to ngreo wrth President
Wilson an to tho meaning of the democratic
platform and Its sufficiency for tho fmfllllng
of tho promise mado In the League by Mr.
Ater nn Interview, Oovernor Cox publlsjied
n statement In which ho said: "Wo are agreed
ns to the meaning nnd sufficiency of tho ilenio
crntlo plnlform, nnd tho duty of tho pnrty ln tho
faco of threatened bod faith to the world In
tho name of Amerlcn. , . . What he promised,
I shall, If elected, endeavor with till my strength
to plve.
And President Wilson mado n statement In
which he nnld: "I find what 1 nlrcady knew,
nnd what Oovernor Cox has lot tho whole
know In his spoeehes, that ho nnd I were nb
solutely ns one with regard to tho great Issue
Of the League of Nations. . . . Oovernor Cox
will havo tho vigorous support of nn absolutely
United party, nnd I nin confident nluo ot nn
absolutely united nation."
Hut can n sane man think that Oovernor Cox
will havo tlio support of an absolutely united
party, nnd of an absolutely united nation at
this time?
Will tho democratic enemies of Mr. Wilson,
who secured tho nomination of Oovernor Cox
nt the 8an Francisco convention, vote for him
now that ho Is "absolutely ns one" with Presi
dent WllsAn In regard to tho Leagua of Na
tions, nnd has Muted that If elected, ho will en
deavor with all his strongth "a glvo" what
Mr. Wilson "promised?"
Will the multitudes of men nnd women who
differ with Mr. Wilson as to whnt tho moral ob
ligations of America to tho world are, nnd who
want tho League of Nations changed In such a
way as to leave tho Independence ot tho United
Htatcs undiminished, voto for Oovernor Cox,
now that ho Is "absolutely as one" with rresl
dent. AVIlson In regard to tho League of Na
tlons. nnd has Mated 'that if electod ho will
endeavor with nil his strength ''to glvo" what
Mr. Wilson "promised?' nichmond, ICy., July
30, Mrs. James Dennett.
v i
No Superman, Hut
Wo think tho impression conveyed by Senator
Harding will crow with the camnulcn. We
think It Is tho truo Impression of tho manner of
man Senator Harding la. and tho manner of
President ho will make. Thoso Americans
who prefer a superman In tho offlto will ob
viously not vote for him. On tho other band,
ho wilt appeal strongly to nil who hold to tho
older Apierlcar. tradition which views tho rrosl
dent us a co-operating executive head, who can
best servo his country by organizing In his ad
ministration the bent minds of his party, and
conducting tho buslncnu of the country by and
with their udvlco. New York Tribune
The observance of the law la the greatest sol
vent of publlo Ills. Men speak of natural rights,
but I oUallenge nny one to show where In na
ture any rlghU ever existed or were recognized
until there was established for their declaration
and protection a duly promulgated body of cor
responding laws. Calvin Coolldge.
PorhupM Not One.
Oovernor Lowden urgea tho striking r.oal
mlners of Illinois to return to their Jobs, "pledg.
ing tho use of every state agency In relieving
their condition." There j plenty of Important
work for governms to do. though not all can bo
president. New York World,
Cootl IliiMnms Had HuMncwi?
The Idea that only good business is business
headed for bankruptcy Is eristvely llryanlstlo
or Uolshevlstlc - Philadelphia Publlo Ledger.
Slrlki'H Lt-fH Popular,
Striking for the strike's sako Ib presently go
Ing to bo less popular thnn It has been for some
time. Hotton Trsnncrlpt.
(Copyright. lOSO, by Kdgar A. Ouest,)
He wus a failure. I-t's study his case:
He entered, and then didn't finish tho race,
Bomebody passed him that he couldn't catch
And so, In despair, he dropped out of the
Quit trying, and worried and heartsick nnd
Ho decided that he wouldn't run any more.
Ho got n position, and made a. mistake
As everyono living Is certain to make
And so they discharged iim, Uut right there
and then
He made up his mind ho wus doomed among
He put on his hat and went out of the door
Deciding that ho wouldn't think nny more!
He was n failure. And yet ho possessed
That sclf.samo equipment Ood elves to tho
best; ,
'Twnsn't Inch ot two lego and two arms and
n brain
That made nil his efforts seem uscle ,lmj
Ho failed not because ho was really unfit
Hut because ho was always so ready to quit
ICoprrlftil 10lO
What ui utd to comldtr a "mandutt."
Six ytur ago tha Ruttian aJvanca Into Eait
Prutiia dtvttttd German troopt from thm watt
front and tavtd Franc.
Six ytart ago the Ruitian armltM, ltd by a
grand duhe of an abiolut autocracy, were called
"our noble alliee."
ss-c Husband
A Mysterious Slctwogc.
Mrs. Baldwin had been gono but a
short time when Hob came.ln. I. had
almost forgotten to watch tho clock.
bag. Finally
suasions and
toott out a
"I hope
as ho turned out soma rubber nnl
main for the boys.
so interested had I been ln her story
of Ulenor Karncsworth. I couldn't
feel that sho had dope right, yet I
was anxious to meet her.
Scarcely had Uob laid oft his cout
when tho tetcphono rang. He an
swered; "Yes, this Is I. Is that so! when
did you hear? Of course! I would
n't mis It for worlds. What time
yes, It will bo a pleasure no, she
never goes to our little affairs; they
boro her no, I'm no hlgh-brqw at
all what's that? oh, yes, Good
night," and ho hung up tho receiver.
I had listened so Intenslcy that I
had lost no word of what he mini, I
tried to piece out tho other rldo ot
tha conversation, but could mako lit
tle of It.
"Was It a woman talking to you?"
1 asked.
"I suppose It was tho samo ono
who telephoned before. Sho refused
to leave any message; said it waa
personal. 1 think women aro very
bold to talk so to a man's wife."
"Well, tell mo nil about what has
been going on whllo I havo been
iway. I suppose tho boys nro
"Oh, how
I unwrapped
brought me.
o: chirron ana
and dainty.
"I thought
plied; but at
flushed. That
caslonnlly noticed before. What did
it mean;
simply a trick of the Imagination.
Why should bringing mo a waist
cause lUrn to
"You can't
potntcd I was thnt you didn't como
homo with me today." I commented,
"I went Into town purposely to meet
"I nm sorrv
pointed but
foolish thlnRS,
can Just tell
"I am sorry
lsh for mo to
you loved me
would havo been pleased."
"What do
and it seomcd ho uttered 'not to
"What did you say?"
"Of course! have been asleep for
hours. U you want to see your
"Nothing, I
1 11 go to bed,
children you should get homt n
Anxious to
lltflo longer I
decent time.'
Hob paid no nttention. lie was
fussing with an unruly catch nn his
tho story Mis,
Lienor Farnesworth's story. Ho was
Interester nt
"I have heard of Farnesworth. He
was pretty wild I guess. He waa
The Young Lady
Across the Way
married last
nn account or it in tna Chicago papers."
"Won't Mrs,
Sho said ho
"I don't Imagine lio has, This
was some Chicago girl; quite young
I believe."
"I lon't
very young
"They are
ers nna are
What comfort
they get from
ana onieriaining, juargaret. Ana a
busy man likes
"That's a
getting married
"It mny
most men
Just tho same.
relaxation in
I had u sort of feeling that Bob
was hitting mo; but I would not
take bis speech
"Aren't you
nignt7" i
towara tna door
dropped a careless kiss on my chcok.
I threw myself Into his arms and
Pegged him to remain with moj at
leaM In visit a whllo longer.
"I am tired." was all ho said, as
he disentangled
tone bad that
not to combat.
Long after
tninKing, tninKing or my own life;
and strangely enough of Mrs.
We asked tho ytnng lady a"rona
the way If her father" new nuto
mobile wns a stuck ctr n'ld sho tnid
Farnesworth. Then I remembered
I had not recurred to tho tolephono
message, i Know nntning of Its por
tent, I would ask Uob at break
Tomorrow A Morning QiArrcl.
merry no, they ut.J Uucka ut the
farm. f
Bf ThoChlcstoTrlbBM-l
What a "mandatm" of today rtatly I:
f aw1"" .o Ul
Today th aduanta of Rutttan tcoopi
dttp fortbodlnf in haartt that charred
Vance tlx ytarB ago.
Today the tame troopt, led by a commoner, are
called the " barbarian horde."
The Horoscope
"The stirs Incline, but do not compel."
Wcslllondiiy, August I, 19-U.
(CorrtcM, 1 820, bj Ihg McClurt NtirlT Sindictt)
Friendly stars guide,
It yielded to his per
cording to astrolouy. for
tho bag wan opened. Ho
Jupltor, Uranun and Venus aro all
lti benefic aspect.
It is a tlmo for tha beginning ot
large enterprise and for nushlnu
parcel and lata it on my
you'il llko It," ho said
whatever' promises great things for
the future.
Certain lines of business should
prosper greatly, all lines of manufac
turing being subject to stimulating
and profitable guidance.
Whllo Jupiter gives nssuranco ot
profit In many constructive activities,
there will bo n serious slump In pro
duction by tho tlmo snow flies, if tho
stars nra read oilght. '
There Is a sign supposed to fore
cast wUo vision regarding publlo at
fairs and this will ho helpful to pna
political manager who will profit
through some sensational effort.
Tho sudden deaths of prominent
persons boforo tho now year will re
call the prophecies concerning tho
passing of old leaders In public llfo.
Hospitals tmd philanthropic Insti
lovely!" I exclaimed as
tho waist ho had
A delicate, filmy affair
lace, cxpulsltcly fine
It waa pretty,' ho ro
tho samo time hi
slow fluah I had oc
'men I dismissed It as
Imagine how dlsap
If you woro dlsap.-
after this don't do such
A busy man never
Mifsc s Essential
No Section of the
United States
is .Better Served
in the
Musical Line
when ho can leave hla
you thought It fool
want to meet- you; If
as you used to you
you mean by perhaps?"
" ho caught himself
am very tired, I think
nnd ho moved away,
keep him with mo a
commenced to tell him
Baldwin had told mo
Dirt yoo ever stoji to consider that there U no part of the United
States better scrtctl In tho lino of musical instrument than tho
llUnk of It i j tho Jenkins Store you can find lmt will plrnsc tho
moat orlUral In world famous, tlmo honored PIANOS nnd,'
PLAYICU PIANOS In VIOTHOIiAS (the Mandanl of nil talking
SH1-CT MUSIc"A'NU m, ncl,,;:STIW& lNSTUUMUNTS, lit
week. Thore was quite
Haldwln bo surprised.
had not married tho
see what men see In
girls " I exclaimed
seldom good housekeep
immature in every way.
can n man older than
their companionship.'
thoy are very bright
J. &C. Fischer Harwood Brambach Elburn
and other flnn pianos prices range from S25 up
Genuine t Incomparable
Pianolas . Duq-Arts
Thcro is not n store in Oio United States Hint lias a larger fchowing
of time tented, Mnndnrd makes, und oery piano is sold nt n poslllvo
saving to j ou ncoauso or tho Jenkins) Phut. Call or wrlto for freo
booklet entitled "Tlio Jcnklus Plan."
to bo nniUBOd,"
pretty poor reason for
to be amused."
be a good reason, but
expect to bo entertained
A man looks for
his home.
av personal.
going to kiss mo good-
nsKcn ns he again went
separtlng our rooms.
If you wish," and he
$25 up.
my nrms, but hla
finality I had learned
Hob was sleeping I sat
Fotoplajcru, narwood
tutions should benefit from the plant
etory government at this tlmo.
Lducatlon will ugaln occupy ntten
tion nnd radical reforms will bo ad
vocated. Music contlnueu subject lo tha best
direction of tho stars which seems to
indicate tliu development of muny
American artists.
Many difficulties will continue to
appear In diplomatic relations with
tho Orient.
This rule Is supposed to give olo
quenco and persuasiveness to thoso
who deliver speeches and It Is es
pecially favorablo for women. .
Fashions during tho coming win
ter will uhow n trend toward Old"
bizarre whb-h Is supposed to bo pro
phetic of coming events.
Persons whoso blrthdato It Is havo
a happy augury for the coming year
which should bring great Increaso of
money. They should be careful lo
guard ngnlnst mallco expressed In
letters or newspaper articles.
Children born on this day are
likely to bn extremely acuto in aenso
and clever In mind.
Bennies' Notebook
Pop was writing n letter at ma'n
desk and I was setting Oiero rite next
to him watching him dip tho pen In
ma'a Ink well, nnd pop sed, Well,
llcjiny, dident you ever sou enybody
rile n letter bctoro?
Yes sir, Im Jest watting to see If
you spill ony Ink, I sed, and pop sod.
Then youro waiting in vano, lay
nervra aro as steddy as steel tu$l I
never spill Ink.
And ho kepp on writing and I kepp
watching and after a wllo pop sed,
Confowncd it it, dont hold your faco
so close, do you want mo to hit you
In tho nose with my elbow wllo Im
writing? Oo on nway. Im not go
ing to spill cny Ink nnd wnt aro you
worrying nbout, ovon If I do?
I swapped Puds Slmktns 4 plaece
mans buttons for 2 bottles of Ink
cradtcator, forst you put on some of
tho ferst bottlo nnd then you put on
some of tho 2nd bottlo nnd the Ink
Is slpposcd to disappear, only I
havent had a chanco to try It yet, I
And youro not going to, either, is
far ns Im concerned, I never herd
sutch nonsenta, sed pop. And ho
kepp nn writing nnd tho next time he
dipped tho pen In tho Ink It hlttho
edgo of the ink well nnd madTf it
wiggle, nnd I sed, Herrny, you pretty
neer did thnt time, pop.
No wonder, with n goggling munky
almost In my lap. sod pop. Meenlng
mo, nnd I sed, Wntn the matter pop.
Is your hand gottlng norvlss?
No its not, and dident I tell you
not to sit so close? sed pop. And I
moved my chair back u llttlo but not
mutch, and pop mado tho Ink well
wigglo agon, me saying, Wats you
wunt to bet you wunt, pop?
I bel n good licking, do you wunt
to bet sed pop, and r sed, No sir.
Not being wcrth betting for, nnd
pop sed, Then get out of tho room,
get out of my site, get out of tho
house. .
Wlch I did.
the ad'
today, ac
the Bun,
Wo Tay 0 Compounded on
nny amount Invested montlUy
or olive rwlsc.
" No Tax
Under Stnto Supervision.
Wo solicit your account.
Home Building &
Loan Association
S17 S. Boston C-41S
Steincrt Vosc
Eotey Ludvig
Hand and
of All Kinds
417 SOUTH .MAIN. . .
Osage 31 3.1.3 nt
A. J. ClUPli Mgr.
Electric pianos und Orchestras for Moving
Picture Shows, ICtc,

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