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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, August 08, 1920, FINAL EDITION, SECTION-B, Image 29

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An Educational Board Is
Selected to Teach
Election Laws.
Mrs. Lilah D. Lindsay Will
Represent This
That lnformntlon as to voting,
rlcctlon lawn, utato statutes, and
rlmtlar matters naturally unknown
to newly enfranchised cltlions Is to
bo furnlshod Oklahoma women
through on educational lioard con.
rlstlng of eight members of tho re
publican womanhood of tho state,
Mrs. Otis It. Curcton of MuikORee,
vlco chairman of tho stato republi
can committee, stated yesterday
afternoon whllo in tho city to confer
wflpi republican women,
Membera of tho educational
board will bo selected from tho
eight congressional districts and
each mombcr will nppolnt u chair,
man for each county In her dis
trict. Information will bo dlsscml
rated throuRh educational literature,
programs, mass meetings, black
board Instruction.
"Tho republican party Is under
taking to nducato women In their
responsibilities as citizens In order
that they may vote Intelligently,"
jura, uureton said.
Mrs. Lllah D. Lindsay has been
appointed tho representative of this
dixtrict on tho educational board.
Tho full personnel of tho board will
be announced at an early date.
Though Sooner women have had
tho vote for only a short time, the
orictnlzatlon of republican women Is
ontf of tho most complcto of any
riaic. it includes a stato vleo chair
woman, county chairwomen, pre
clnct commlttecwomen, nn advisory
and an educational board.
Proceeds of limn Fete Augment
Fund That In Helng Raised.
Addition to tho fund for Improve
ment of the clubhouse of tho Knights
cf Columbus. KOi Rnuth Vriwn
ado by proceeds from a lawn fete
na ico cream social held on tho
nn of the home yesterday ovenlng.
Dancing formed part of tho modo
of entertainment during tho evening.
Mrs. A. II. Kentllng ncted as host
f.n for the evening, assisted by Mrs.
Kobert Doling nrd Misses Mary nnd
Margaret Smith, Kloronca tJvans,
Edna Foos, Mary Curran and Mary
Maroncy, Members of th5 younger
let who presided at tho Ico cream
tables wcro young Misses Jean Hol
ing, Virginia Hell, Margaret Han
ratty, Mildred Harr. Mary Ioulso
Gibson, and Urady.
Hominy Editor Plans
New Dailu; Will Re
organize His Plant
Marshall Smith, editor of tho
Hominy .Vews, well known to
Oklahoma newspaper men and one
of tho pioneers of tho game In the
sooner state, was a TuUa visitor
Smith announced whllo hero
that ho Intends to resumo the pub
lication of a dally at Hominy, be
ginning early this fall, Tho News,
now a weekly, will ngaln become
ft seml-wcekly about tho first of
September. A reorganization of
tho plant will follow, from which
tho re-Incarnated dally Is expected
to emerge.
Kdltor Smith has Just returned
from un extended rest In Arkansis
whero ho went last winter when
his health failed.
Orcutt Memorial K. I,. Will fllvo n
Watermelon Toast nnd Treasure
Hunt In Tliclr DrhV.
A week's drive for tho addition of
ncflr members to tho ISpworth
I.caguo of tho Orcutt Memorial
church will begin this evening at
tho regular meeting of the organiza
tion at 7 o'clock, to bo followed
during tho church service at 8
o'clock with a sermon on tho value
of the organization to tho church
by Hev. I. D. Urannon.
On Monday evening Epworth
Leaguers will gather at tho church,
at Fourteenth and Quaker, at 7:30
o'clock and proceed to Woodward
park for a treasuro hunt, The treas
ure In tho case Is to bo "tho mak
ings" of an Informal supper and
thero will bo no "eats" until the hunt
lj successful,
A hay ride and watermelon feast
oro In order for Tuesday evening.
The social activities of the week nro
In rhargo nf Silas Lang, social dl
rector for tho society.
Don't Spoil Your Hair
By Washing It
When you wash your hair, bo
careful what you uso. Most soaps
and prepared shampoos contain too
much alkali, which Is very Injurious,
as It dr(es tho scalp and makes tho
hair brittle.
The best thing to use Is Mulsifled
cocoanut oil shampoo, for this is
puro nnd entirely greaseless. It's
very' cheap and beats anything else
nil to pieces. You can get this at
any durg store, and a few ounces
will last tho whole family for
Simply moisten tho hair with
water and rub It In, about a tea
spoonful Is nil that Is required. It
makes an nbundancn of rich, creamy
lather, cleanses thoroughly, and
ilnses out easily. The hair dries
fiulekly and evcnlv. nnd Is soft, fresh
(looking, brcht. fluffy, wavy and
easy to handle. Besides. It loosens
nnd takes out every particle of dust,
dirt and dandruff. Advt.
Many Talented Players to
Return for Activity
in School's Music.
Tho assured presence of a num
ber of playcra of ability makcti the
outlook for the work of tho Kendall
collego orchestra for tho next year
unusually gratifying.
Among thoso who will contrlbuto
most to tho success of tho orchestra
will be I'rofessor Raymond V, Sol
ders, principal of tho ucadamy und
said to bo accomplished on tho flute,
Mr. Boldern has nn instrument which
cost 1400. Ho mado his way through
high school and unlveislty largely
through funds received from uso of
the flute.
Miss Sibyl Mahlor, nnslsytnt In
violin at the college, who spent last
yenr In graduate study at Chicago,
and Miss llertha Jacobs, who recent
ly remove,! tu Tulsa from llutler,
i'n., Harry Itobcrtson, who was a
student nt Kendall several years ago
will re-enter In the fall and will ns-
Mst In tho orchestra ns player on the j
hixaplumc, Harold (lordou, secoud i
son of Pres. J, M, Cordon, will play ,
tint enrtiet. '
A casu.il summing up of tho or
chestra reveals membership ns fol
low; Adnlph Kramer, violin and
lender; Mien Sibyl M.xhtcr, violin,
Miss Annie Lnurlo Loekwond, violin;
Miss Hlvlra Jones, tolln; Miss ller
tha Jacobs, violin; Frank llutler.
violin ; Miss Lucille Berlin, rello.
Raymond Solders, flute, Karl Jones,
trombone; Harry Robertson, wixa
phone; F, A, Schmidt, cornet: liar
old Oorden, cornet; William Thomp
son, drum nnd traps.
(Vntml National llnnk (ilrli Will
SH-iid Week-end on Verdlgrl Iike
Ten young woman of tho C'cntrn!
National bonk, left nt 1 o'clock yes
terday afternoon for Verdlcrlo lake
near Clnremore, whero they wll
spend two days swimming, fishing
and camping. The gilds wore chap
eronned by Mrs. Jesse Sctlerstiom
who Is ntsn n liemployo of tho Ccn
ttral National bank.
Those who went n tho trip were
Mptscs Opal Mlnen, Kayo Mlneo
Maty Johnson, Dorothy Webber.
Myrtlo Wise Lucille LaffOon, M irl.
Iiffoon, Luelllo Sassor, and Mrs
Ji-se Si tterstrom.
There's No Picture Like the
Picture of Health
The greatest master-niece In tho
Art Gallery of Life is Nature's
Picture of Health".
It U mrrJtyi prtryl of the hum"a
body at It bat. One heholdt In It coin polite
dull a true rmbnl of itrtnith. It prraenti
ft flrureof itrlk In appearance In Ite erect car
rlatr.ckar kin.iparkJinff eyei.atron? limb,
a Lead? nervea and Arm muirler.falrly vlbrat
lor la animation keen, alert, freah, and
spirited; with an air of unboanded confidence
ftnd ft face radiant In color and Illuminated
with glow of bop ftotl cbecrf ulxieift.
Could N a t u re h ae talt en t od f or li er mode IT
Eappoie you atudy youum In the mirror of
the present and compareyour looki, your feel
Intra and your condition with the Reneral
rhiracterittici of this picture of the human
body In perfect working order, all parte of
which are aound, welloriranlxed and dUpoeed.
porformlns their function freely, naturally.
If you fall In any tingle point of resm
blance. you ara not the picture of health,
lt'a imperative, then, that you look to m
meant to rebuild your atrenxth, eneriry and
viror to bring" your body up to a norm
Ute of ffficicucy In all of Ita parta.
"The Great General Tonic
Hethfnr U more tfllraHoua M a rtbu'Mtr of nhaoitad rreet n
punicu (tmi man ijinu, ma vrcic fftrtftraj tome it unda to rn
in noriKiui iMiuoe, rrpirman int diouu, trail d rowtr and na
im(, and rrWe the tptrtU of thoao who ara weak, frail, lanruid i
ayarff ronarht aa th rtnlt of kick ami. aireaalvaatrain. vrorrv or o
work . lt'a a rtliahabW oppatlirr, a tpUndld aid taditf atton and a Qae
faaetleoiJ regulator of tba liter, kldatri and tnwela.
AO drugfftatj !) LYKO, Got a bottle TO DAY and yoo'lt eont
LYKO ! hM In Hl.l ixcl,.
sly, lib, Mcturs ,h,n.
IM ,11 MlWUtUCM.
Wo servo tho public with tlie.io two most cardinal point in business.
THE REASONS We nro car buyers of wnllpnpnr, Devoe'a pnint, plate,
rough nnd window glass. Wo occupy 11,000 squnra feci of floor space. .
Sixteen years old.
I Say That's Service,
Devoe'8 Guarantee
Paint half your homo with Dcvoo's pnint, the other hnlf, whntover you like.
If Dcvoo's doesn't tnlio fewer gallons nnd cost less money we will maho
no charge for Dcvoo's. If Dcvoo's doesn't wear a yenr or two longer, look
better we will give you enough to pnint it ngnin. Or paint half your
house with lend and oil nnd the other half Dcvoo's, in threo years the lead
and oil half will bo hungry for more paint with Dcvoo's still sound. If
not wo will give you enough for tho wholo house.
Dcvoc & Raynolds Company,
One Hundred and Sixty-six Years Old.
Oldest and Largest Paint Concern in tho U. S.
I Say That's Quality
Do you ask for prices, arc you a Rood trader, buyer for yourself or your
employer? Increaso your salary by increasing your efforts, aorvico nnd ef
ficiency. "A real worth while job wo want to help you" Phono Osage 407-0509.
212 South Boulder .
Not liko some dealers wo conduct our business 100 open shop, ",',.
cr3 1 i i 1 jl J 1
4., w
A Hinall nunrtniciit nf spread Jttisrx, bolli
nn nnil 27 IiicIipm hIiIc. Wilton, VcIvpIm.
(ifioil wliTllnii (if iNiUcmo, Hiy wcro
S'JS.nu nnil $ii.iiu.
Tnko your choice (U7i5l) .
IJbrnry Table Icclnlly (lie Tn-bcd,
n Rom lllirarj- inMu containing a full
h7c lc(l liwldc the Ion. Only tno left
hut a Col conrciilcnco In smnll npart
mcnU Tlicy sell for JHO. (P?Q f?A
Clenrancc l'rico PDO.DU
Alattrcss Ploclnl 11 bikmI -IS lb, full f'Uo
nmttn-.sH, comblitiitlon cotton uml fllxr
mixed. An excellent value for (CI fk
Clearance, l'rlco iDXV
ft k
A fall anil complete linn of good metal
haU. Only a few In thbi Clciirnncc.
2-Inch ponLs full Mto bcxbi would coAt
you rcsiilarly $20, Clcaranco, whllo
they lait Q-t O T A
Up accordlne to condition.
Wo tlcslro to cIoho
out every lamp In
Mock. Wo havo
miiiiu brnutlcH up to
$130 each, Ijinips
for bedroom, spn
room, IhliiB room,
nnd Urak; mahogany
IM-dcsiul an well as
wicker nnd black
laquer, nSHortcd
tduulfti. Ak to sco
tho opcdal iiiahos
any Imsr, u beauty,
Jjl" &JF
Hue. Nct
I'nx css (iart
KtovcM Not
lu tills salu
Odd ClilffoncrB, Clilffrobc.i and Ward
roben; oak, timhoKituy and walnut;
theso will ho closed out at 20 lie
ductfon. Tliry are scirco and luird to
buy o don't delay.
Celebrating Our First Anniversary
This store opened for business under present management one year nco this week.
It has gone foward by leaps and bounds. People have liked our furniture and havo
shown that appreciation constantly by patronizing generously. This has enabled us
to make a growth in one brief year, many would be delighted to mako in three. We
have boosted. Our friends have boosted, (thanks to them) and above all, the kind,
quality and make of furniture we havo shown has boosted but We are not satis
fied. We want to boost some more make the year close with sales at hightidc. A
"full head of steam." Not only this, but wc want to clean up our stock, move the odds
and ends, the broken suites and dear the floors for the fine new stock already on
the way from the markets. Our warehouse even now, is jammed to the doors by new
arrivals and wc want to get it on display. To do this and do it quickly we have
taken the blue pencil and some special sale tags and gone through our stock, and
you must sec what has been done to the pieces of good furniture we want to move.
Tho Very piece or suite you wunt limy bo cut the moxt. If hi, Um your jrood fortune. Thin Is a CM'Alt
AXCi; not u "IiiiituIi ii nd hiiuiHh isirnhnl," for nil tlilnljnir h'iiIo know Hint furniture priced lire not
KohiK down nnd Hint tock In senrce nnd hard to buy. We would not mislead anybody. Itn u mutter
of clean up our stock and lucrca.su our business In the cluslnj; hours of our first Jrnr and KCt new
customers. While we lire not Including everything In the store, the ii'diicllons full hi practically ecry
departing ut. We pay you to come by our reductions Volt will like tradliiK with this new store.
Fine Bed Room Sets Just a few to close out. Comprising solid mahogany, old
ivory and American walnut. These suites will not last long at the prices wc hove
placed on them. They must go, regardless of price for some of them have remained
too long Sec what $100.00 will buy.
Dining Room Suites -Several extra fine matched suites to bo included in this Clear
ance; black walnut and mahogany, also some odd pieces. Tho reductions are
marked so act quickly.
These Clearance Offerings, are for cash only. Deferred payments regular prices.
Reductions so great, we can allow no exchanges, no refunds, or approvals.
123 East Second Members Better Iluslness Unreal! 125 East Second
Goods Delivered in Order of Sale as Fast as Possible Not Tho Same Day
Several Odd
nresstiiK Tables
nnd Vanities to
clone out! wal
nut or iiinhoR
any. lluy one of
thcM) and save
20 on tho
t!v" j
A few iMtlcrtm of Rood tpinUty 0 nnd 1!
foot lluolciun to cIiiko out nt, (Tt
Iter yard Sl.M, S1.N5 and 3)4
nOc to $1 tinder the market. Komo bargains
lu roll enrpet, civets and tnpestrica.
Just n. few lilah Krndo Ilnby Cnrrlnirct
to close out nt spisi'liil dlsiviunt. Th'esa
are of n well known iniike. Will movo
lit our prices. We feature the fiinious
IjIojiI Ijooiii woven buKasy, ns our
leader regularly.
Iirgo Kasy Clinlrs uphnlslerefl In tapestry
or brown leather. An easy cbnlr Is welcome
In any home. Them) aro brauUcn.
Itegnlar prices, $03 and $7,1,
lluy nn odd cluilr now.
n o o j
j P
Only a feip Dressers, but slneo they
are so hard to buy now, they will
Inlercst jini. Solid on Us, and other
There are many good values Included
In the Clearance, not mentioned here.
You must coiiio and Iiisjk.-cI tho
furniture to know.
Clearance of Itcflgcratore. Wo Iiam Just
the box for nn apartment or servant's room.
Is well made, holds fiO lbs. Ice and would
sell regularly at ao. Wo (COI
will cloho them 'out at $uJl
f. - . aifltfiMjw- .....tj"

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