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I Boulder avenue. Mr. O. W. (Ircen of
I Mr Itnaeoo M, OrHfllh In vlslt-
! Ing tier mother, Mm. I). M. llynds
In Billing, Mmitanu.
Ag wo go on, grow older, grow nmro
tlrow friondllr with every friendly
Tho honorable trees, grnv) dusk, thu
Of upland meadows upward to the
And oven llio old new fraudulent
Of that quaint smiling paradox the
How grcully beauty once again ran
In amuller wajra tears to our ui derar
Wo iln not wait on mountains or on
For there's a lltllo Uke between
thn hills.
That rustle with the sedges and the
And creat adventure found In daffn-
.... .,
nurs ni'in .i,.v.,
again ,
T tjiili k with mien and moles, crick
eta and men.
Maxwell Struth'rs Hurt.
When I drift out on tho Silver Sen,
O may It he
A hluo night
With it white moon
And n sprinkling of stars In tho cedar
And tho sllenro of (lod,
And tho low mil
Of a limp bird
When I drift out on tho Hllvor Rca.
riravant Outing.
Mr. and Mm. Alfred CI. Heggem
and tr and Mm. (leurgo O, Hollow,
MlaH Itoxulynd Hollow and Mr. WIN
Hunt tl'nni' ....l UiinildU nt.nr Ifnn.
ko, Okla,. at Choskcy lako this past
, nunmiy aim ion ui a uriiK"M uiik-
Hrltlgo IloMlrw.
Mm. J. Nnrvollo Wnlker, Instead
of AIM. Young O. Mitchell as an
nounced, will entertain members and
iibntllutOM of tho Thursday Bridge
club tlitn week In the homo of her
parcnttt, Mr. nnd Mrs. II. II. Oeorgn.
Nutatnrltini 1'nrty.
Members of. tho Alpha Omega cliu
of tho First Christian Hunday school
will enjoy u plungn party Thurnday
evening In tho pool ut tlio Y, W, C. A.
ApprrrlnUil (life.
, Tho Conwny llrnun school henctlt
entcrtalnmpnt Riven this spring la
roHponalhlo for tho beautiful pergola
being built at tho Frances Wlllard
homo, Thero la a need exprewaed by
membera of tho board for a dining
room Inhlo, Anyone who can supply
this article, will please phono Mrs.
Oeorgn O, Hollow.
to be little men but w do wHtit to
bo bin (iitilhern. '
ifllKiiid) Nancy Aslnr.
Personal Mention
WeoU-Kntl I'arty.
Plans a,ro being made for a week
end, party lb Morgan's Inn next Sun
day when 10 couples from Tulsa will
enjoy tho outing.
Club Events
J-ndy Ablor Floods,
Through Mm. Carrlo Chapman
Catt, president of tho national Amor
lean woman suffrago association now
dlroctlng tho ratification campaign
In Tennesseo. Uidy Nancy Astor,
born Nancy Langhorna of Virginia,
and now Great Britain's first woman
M. p., has aont the following mes
sage to tho men of tho south:
"I want to scml a message to tho
men of tho south, because I como
from tho south, and feel that I know
and undemtsnd It, as ono only can
undoratand tho place of ono'n birth
and, childhood. I know tho strong
sense of Justlco und Honor 'that lives
In tho heurU of tho people. I know
their chivalry, too, and It la Just be
cause 'I appreotata that chivalry that
I, oh a woman, um anxious that It
should bo representative of the pres.
ent, and not only of tho past that
It should bo a progressive chivalry,
equal to thu ncods and aspirations of
thn women of today, not content to
give merely what was demanded of It
In tho old duya.
"I am writing to you from the
country of my udoptlnn a country
which has taken tho great step and
glvon political responsibility to Iln
women. As It happens, I nut ono of
tho women to whom tho new oppor
tunity for service has como most di
rectly, and It Is partly on that ac
count that I nm appealing to you of
thu south.
"I am at present entrusted by tho
peoplo of tho Mutton division of Ply
mouth to represent tnem, men and
women nllko, In parliament. There
aro something llko 17.000 women
votera In my constituency, and over
23,000 men, who Include a largo
number of men In tho Koyal Navy
It would, Indeed, bo hurd to feel that
ono could not have tho an mo trust
from tho men of my homeland,
which has been given to mo go gon
erously In tho Innd of my adoption.
Hut tho responsibility they havo
laid on mo Is only tho outcome of
tho responsibility which thoy havo
already placed on all women, by glv.
Ing thorn tho vote. Trusting a wont-,
an In tho parliament cannot bo dono
till you have trusted women at tho
ballot box. A democracy which only
trusts Ita men cannot help being a
lop-sldod democracy. I know the
touth too well to believe that they
will Interpret their ovn constitution
of popular government leas d6mo
cratlcally than this country, from
which I write, has Interpreted Its
constitution of limited monarchy.
"Tho cause of women's political
freedom hna been won In America
America, whero ono of tho first shots
In tho campaign was fired. Uut the
forces working against Justice and
progress are still strong enough to
raise technical obstructions und to
delay tho full reulU.tttun of tho vic
tory. "On August 0 tho governor of
Tennessee will roll that ingisUturo
Into Bprclal session to consider tho
ratification of tho federal amend
ment for women's suffrage Thirty,
five states have given their hand nnd
seal, but ono Is lacking. Will not the
south glvo that one So strong Is
my faith In tho south thut I feel it
almost an Impertlnrnco to aak thorn
tmch a question. Remember wo are
making a new world and women
mothers- - long to have a eharn In tho
sort of world In which their children
must live Wo havo moral courage
and spiritual vision. Olvo us tho
'bancs to lQjp you, Wo don't want
Mrs. .lack Uvnti has returned
from point oot,
Ml Klljiabelh Hroaoh Is visiting
her sister, Mm. otto K. Wotxel of
1111. r
Mr. Max Wuanertnau left recently
to olti Mrs Washerman fur a stay In
Atlantic flty.
Messrs lnvlH IIihiIv und Hi.' Ill
Ilughea led Miindny fur a motor trip
through Mini.i aotii
Mr. and Mrs. Jerre Newton have
returned from Noel, Mo . whoro they
havo been sojourning and are enter
taining In their hi'ine, 1 73 it Month
Mr. and Mrs. H It (intnmon nrn
nx peeled to return the last of tho
ueek from Monto Ne, Ark.
Mr. and Mrs W. f.yle Dlekov aro
reglstnred at tho Ambassador hotel
at Biinta Mar burn, California.
MIim Ji-m Hill of Oklahoma City
arrived Tuesday to visit Miss I '.ml -Itie
freeman for a fortnight.
Mrs Jack Letcher left Wednes
dnv for I Angola, f'nl , where she
will spand three months visiting rel
Mm John II lllgahe of Mot
Springs, Ark., la visiting lier rela
tives. Mr and Mr Ned . rtlgsbee.
of this clly.
Mm Itlehurd W Ilurkhart and
two ilaiightcm, Itulb ,ind Hit nib. left
giindny fur Kureka Hprlng. Ark , to
spend several weeka
Mr and Mrs riukn Hodgklna and
Mr nnd Mm Harry .TackHnn havo
Till- patented
edges i n litis
II a r I m n n n
W n r d r obe nro
the very best
possible method
of construction.
Other fenlures In
this trunk are tho
cushion top, shoe
box, drawer,
locking bar, hat
box, curtain nnd
laundry hag ami
pressing board.
Mnil Ordora
411 South Main SL
Tulsa C Kansas City
L. J. Ittcnhnch, Resident Partner
returned from an extensive motor
trip through Colorado.
Mrs. ( (J. Anderson and daughter,
Miss I'egjry Anderson, left Monday
to spend the remainder of tin sum
mer at Michigan resorts.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl C. flrubba left
yesterday for Ht. Paul, Minn., to
spend the remainder of tho summer
with Mrs, Orubb'a klnspcoplo.
Mr. and .Mrs. 1). tj. rtlchardaon
Jr., and children expect to leave the
last of the week for Helta Vista to
spend the rest of tho summer
f'arda received from Mr. and Mm,
W. N Hill and Mlsa Mary Hill qulta
recently, tell of a delightful sojourn
being spent ut Asbury Park. N. J.
friends havo received enrda from
Mra. Winifred M. Washabaugh tell
Ing of a delightful summer being
spent In Atlantic City with friends
and relatives.
Mrs. I tattle Wargunar and daugh
ter lorena, are spending a fortnight
In Columbus, Kan., and also In Pitts
burg, Kan., with frlenda and relatives.
Mr. and Mra, Wlllla Brown and
Mr. and Mra, Undo re Olnsberg have
returned from a motor trip to Colo
rado where they visited different
Mrs. Paul Illackwelder and llttlo
daughter Hetsy aro leaving tho last
of the month for Denver and other
Colorado points to oe gone two or
thrro weeks.
Dr. and Mra. Ira K. McCarty left
a few days ago to spend several
weak In Minneapolis and Itochas
ter. Minn., and In Chicago. They
will return Heptember 1.
Mra. B I). Phelps of Hamilton,
Texaa, who haa been visiting Mrs.
George M. Hansom, left Tuesday
evening for Detroit, Muh., to spend
tho rest of the summer.
Mr. C. H. (lump nnd small son
WlllUm left recently for Bradford,
Pa., where they Joined the daughters
In tho family, Mlsaea Merle and
Kathryn, who are with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs, L. IC. Cnhllt have re
turned from a motor trip to Okmul
gee. Mrs. Cahlll left last evening
for fit. IoiiIb whero ahe will visit
friends. Mr. Cahlll left for Kort
Worth on bualneea.
Mr. and Mm. 8. K. Dunn write
from Colorado Hprlnga of a wonder
ful summer and Interesting times and
tell of the numerous Tutsans who
have augmented the usual colony
there for the summer period.
Dr. and Mrs. Kred H. Clinton left
Saturday for Long lleach, Cat., for
a monlh or six week's stay and
were accompanied by Mr. Lnn 8.
Stansbury whose, family la spending
tho summer at Long lleach.
Dr. and Mrs. V, C. Hclallng and
children, Mary and Frances, are
spending thn month of August In
tho east. They will visit relatives
In Ohio and will tour tho lakes and
will visit Atlantic coast resorts.
Mm. Henry H'o'nberger and her
gueats, Mr. and Mra. T. J. Ntonaker
and daughter, Miriam, of Pittsburgh,
P.1., havo taken posaeaaloni of the
Htelnberg cottaga at Holla Vista for
n short stay.
Miss Kdna Nelson left a few days
agn for Bradford, Pw to Join her
mother, Mrs. Charles W. Nelson who
la spending tho summer there with
kinsfolk. Mrs. Nelson nnd Miss
Nelson expect to return to Tulsa
about October l. "
Mr. nnd Mrs. B. H. Yarhrough left
last night for Chicago and will visit
Kansas City and 8t. Louis also whllo
away. Mr. and Mrs. Yarbrough
have changed their residents from
lCnst Sixteenth street to 1C04 South
Boston avenue.
Mr. W. Tato Brady returned
Wednesday from McAleater whero
alio has been visiting In tho homaj
of her daughter, Mrs, L. B. Myers
and Mr. Mycra. Mrs. Brady brings
news of the nrrlvnl of a daughter two
weeks ago In the Myers home, who
haa been named Hutrt.
Cards recelvod from Mm. It. J,
Muggo, who Is spending the summer
In New York where she Is taking
vocal from Madame Ilenaud, tolls
of other Tulsans there. Mrs. O. C.
Hplndler has lately arrived and la
coaching In piano with Frank La,
Forgo. Miss Monta Cook and Mlta
Nelson, who have been with Mrs,
Muggo alt summer, aro on tho ovo of
departure for other eastern cities
where they wltl visit before return
ing home.
pi' ' m
- VaW usW
After n Ramc in the torrid sun what Jov frC
icy-cold, sparkllnR Ward's Orange-Crushtf
Pure as it is tempting!
As a lemon drink, Ward's Lemon
Crush ii equally pure and dclldoiul
The exclusive Ward proccst blend
the oil of frohly. picked oranges or
lemons with belt sugar and citric
in bottles or at fountains
1 Hll
Prtpu-td tT Ormse Craili Co., CLlcaa
Libotturyi Lot Auclc
. llutltpl In Tiil.a bt
rqr.v rot . inim.iNn ro, or tvisa
810 N. I'rurin, Oiute tilt
Hunt 9 s Daily Store News
No. 11
Beginning Wednesday Morning Oar Great Four -Day
Hanan & Son and Laird & Schober
Never in the History of The Hunt
Co., Have We Sold Shoes of the j T JfWR
TJZn LT 71 ,T L .. S TT OS, K VX JL
rr (jii i.nuvun iviutcct uj jnunun Ji
Sons and Laird & Schober at Such
Extraordinary Low Prices.
, Thirty-Three and One- Third
Per Cent Reduction!!
So Sweeping and Final is This Reduction Whigh Means
Doilars and Dollars of Savings to the. Thrifty Shoppers who
JVM Come Here Tomorrow and Share in This Flood Tide of
Supply Your Shoe Needs Now for Months and Months to Come
Profits have been forgotten in this double attempt to give you
Shoes of the well known makes of Hanan & Sons, Laird &
Schober, Griffin-White, John Ebbert and others at Savings
Unusual at this Annual Clearance Event.
White Shoes
Brown Shoes
Black Shoes
Dress Shoes
Sports Shoes
Street Shoes High Shoes
A Strictly Cash Sale.
No Refunds, Exchanges
C.O.D. ok Deliveries....
.Main Street Between Third nnd Fourth
Just Think! Every Shoe
at 331-3 Less m
Shoo Dcpu TJitrd Floor.

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