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STATE LOAN FUND 30 Ycar Separated
oim L Lunn r u in u c lc Is Kemarricd
irs umi rr n rix.
hh hN U a Miami Justice
aw w w I i iwibll I
A. S. J. Shaw, Secretary of
Land Board, Says Money
Will Fall Short.
Devise System for Spreading
Benefit Over Big Terri
tory; Under Mnximum.
H. J. Shaw, secretary nf the state
board nf land commissioners, nald
Into today that the home loan funrt
of $280,000. made available July I
by nn appropriation of th 1919
legislature, would ha too small to
fill thn demands for farm tonus.
Only two farmers In each of tho 77
In (l.lnl,n. ..111 I. ..,lt
i.uuiuiv.1 iii vniunuiii.i vtiii ix-iii-i I li .
according to a declxlon of thn hoard.'
Apportionment of thn fund to two
persona In each county was under
taken In order that tint money mlKht
be used In an larco a territory nn pos.
flble. More than cnoiiRh nppllca
jf.lons to use double the turn of the
fiivallablo appropriation already hav
been fit id with the board, It was
Apprnlrer will visit tracts on
which applications for loans have
been mail", and the heard 'w"m
to proceed with tho apportionment
nf- loans as soon as tho appraisers'
reports are received.
Tho loan net stipulates that on
person may not receive moro than
,0U0. If two loam ur made In
each of tho 77 counties, Shaw
Eolntcd out, many of tho loans must
ft Icch than tho maximum.
Employment Service at
Capital Issues Re
port on Week.
OKLAHOMA City. Auk. 11. Nine
hundred and twenty six porsons wore
Riven positions throuch Mate labor
office In Oklahoma In the week end
In August 7, Claudci Connally,
Mate labor commissioner announced
today. Ot thn number placed, 245
wcro women and C91 men.
Six of tho women placed wero
clven positions In Industrial organiza
tion while 233 wcro nlven Jobs nn
domestics. In tho men's division, (MO
skilled laborers were placed, whllo
only Jl unskilled laborers found em
ployment. The labor office hero led thn rtate
In placing 477 men and 51 women
In tho week.
MIAMI Okla., Auir 11 -Kcntt
W. MuCollum, 5f. Jears old of Ot
tawa and Kiiima Jane McCollum, 48
of Jnplln, M"., were ro'imrrlcd
here this afternoon by Jusiicti A.
J lAntpkln, after bclnR divorced
for 30 years. MrCnllum said he
liad Brown "lonely for Kmma
Jane" and a conference with her
developed that sho also wished a
reconciliation. Tho couple who
have several grandchildren. '
seemed extremely happy as they
left the magistrate's office.
This Is the third eouplo that
J ml it e Lnmpkln has remarried In
the hint three months.
Weekly Synopsis Issued
by State Points Out
Good Development .
Crops In Oklahoma continue In good
and generally made satisfactory pro
gress durlnt the week endlnR August
10, according to tho weekly synopsis
of weather and crop condt'lon for
the state, Issued today by the
weather bureau here. The week's
weather consisted of temperi'ures
slightly bolow normal, slightly de
ficient sunshlno and moderate to
heavy showers over the state, tho re
port states.
Karly corn Is beyond the Hinge
whero It can bo materially Injured
by weather conditions, according to
the nummary, whllo late corn gen
erally made satisfactory progress, al
though late upland corn needed rain
In somn localities. Tho conditions
of lato corn varies from poor to ex
cellunt with tho bulk a "very gcod
l'lowlnc for tho now wheat crop
progressed satisfactorily In most sre
Hons, tho report notes and prepara
tion of the ground for seeding Is fur
ther advanced than usual at this
drain sorghums, broomcorn, sweet
potatoes and peanuts generally show
"very promising prospects," accord
ing to tho report, while pastures are
fair to good, but needing rain. A
fine crop of natlvo hay Is being
"Tho progress ot tho cotton crop
was generally very good" continues
the report "notwithstanding the
rather cool weather and too much
rain In some localities. The condi
tion of the crop rancee from fal. to
excellent. Tho plants are blooming
and fruiting well with very few com
plaints of shedding. Weevil and boll
worms are reported In scattered lo
calities but there was no serious In
sect damage."
Plants Broken Up in Ca
nadian County Largest
in West Section.
What officials describe ns two .if the
largest Illicit stills ever found In
the vestein dutrlct of Oklahoma
wore troken tip In Canadian county
Tuesday afternoon by Joe U lostet
anl S. H. Weiss, felerni prohibition
agents Tne two stilts were located
two mllis west of I'nlon City, laeh
sit up In a dugout a few bundled
yarn apart. .I.vmea Toney Claseti,
capturtil In llio tall, w.xa brought
hero Wednesday iiud lodged In the
county Jail
Olio Hundred Yitrtbt Off lt.ud.
Thn two dtlvnuts, each having
similar equipment, wetu 100 nrds
from the road, Weiss said. In the
cellar nf each, a well hnd been dug
and pump Installed. A kerosene oil
rtovo with ekllt hiirnetH, a holler
with 10 Ogallnns cnpaclW, copper
caps ami worm to matcn. initio up
the other equipment, thn agents said.
At Uin time of tho rnld there were
18 M-uallon barrels In thn cellals
filled with mash, HO pounds of
Chop, four sacks of sugar, five
pounds of red pepper and ten pounds
of prunes.
A visit to the Oeorce Hnppe homo
nenrb.' disclosed B0 bottles, of "choc"
beer and two and a half gallons nf
corn whisky. I'oslnr said. A search
of the Clasen homo revealed 100
pint bottles of 'choc."
tin winter among the boys of 'ho
cltv A committee from tho rltiti
will Hart out this week lo ranMM
the city to make a list of alt bmi
between the ages of 0 and IS yen's.,
The purpose of the campaign Willi
be lo help the buys morally, physic
ally, and socially. At tho meeting
today a letter wns read which had'
hM'ti sent to the club by 'lov J. II..
A. Itobertsen, and which appealed
for assistance In lnstalllnn a .Ibrttry
at the reform school at (Iranlte.
Ilnoh meinbrr of the club agreed to
glvn a book for tne library,
JU'Sln Next Month nml Continue tut
Long as Weather Pcrmtto.
Special to The World.
SAND Sl'.UXOS. Okla-, Aug. II.
Dan l'atton, county engineer, hai an
nounced that tho department of
highway supervision has awarded tho
contmct for pa vine the ftind Springs
Keystone road to C H. Krye, who U
now constructing tho road from
TuKi to Snjid Springs. As soon a
this contract Is completed, about two
weeks, the contractor will movo his
equipment over south of Sand
Springs and begin on tho three-quarter-mllo
stretch that Is stipu
lated In thn contract awarded tho
first of the week.
Mr. l'atton says that while the
contract calls for but thrco-quartore
of a mile of concrete roid, It will
be so arranged that work can h
continued on It throughout tho en
tire worklnir ceoson. and eventually
the road will bo rampletod from
8&nd Springs to Keystone. It run
out of Hand Springs souui over tnn
rlvur btldge and branches west to
Keyotonc. It Is to this branch that
tho contract calls for pavumont, but
tho officials think that moro ter
ritory .mii he covered beforo winter
and If so, they will permit It to be
Iloi-sfnrd's Acid I'lioipliato
Healthful, and agreeable to the
taste.. Ilcfreshes and Invigorates. Use
It In place of lemons. Advt.
Sa pul pa Notes
SAl'HLI'A, Aug. 11. County
Sheriff Abncr llruro was somowhat
shocked and surprised this weok
when ho took a check to the bank
to cash It and had It returned with
thn mark, "No tunds." Ho discov
ered that M. Fields had given him
a bogus check for 1557, In payment
of two automobiles, which lie pur
chased at a public auction. Fields
was arrested yesterday nnd was ur
ralgned today beforo Justice A. C
I'lltz on a charge of obtaining money
under falso pretenses. Ho was placed
under a J1.O00 bond, and his hearing
was set for Aug. 20.
HI....... flt.,.. 11 una rirrnslilil
.in-n,ii ... ...... .....
ll, Im .. ff itrimrtii mill tnlinll til lite HO-I
Hen station b a policeman who)
found him hanging around III Frisco
yards. The bey, who Is believed to
bo tun -a why. told the police that
he rnme to Xnpn.pn today fim
Oklahoma City, and that his parents,
1....I .I..I...... I.l... ni..,i, tmn hump.
mill u, i,,-ii 111,11 .,.
He said his father .mil mother wcru
Mtqiaratcd and that his father lives
in Oklahoma City, whllo his mother
lives in Vanvort. Ark. lie was
turned over to tho humane agent,
and In the humane office he told
Hint ho hail beon In Hapulpa a weok
and had been working nl the Harvey
house. He was placed In the county
Jail pending Investigation.
' Charley White, an employe at tho
Bapulpn leflnery, was seriously in
j. red this morning when ho was
pinned beneath n concrete mixer that
slipped and fell. He whs engaged
with 15 other men In moving ih
mixer nt the time of tho nceldont.
Ho was pinned against a pile of
brlok, and It was several minute
before he could bn releas "1. llx
amlnatlon of his Injuries showed Hint
he wns suffering with a biuNed buck
and Internal Injuries.
Morn than 40 Itotarlans ami their
wives attended the annual water
melon feast Inst night, which was
given by Sam Harris, manaer of tho
Southern len and Utilities company,
at llio len plant. Following the int
Ing of tho melons, Mr. Hatrls oon
duoted tho party through thn plant
on an Inspection tour.
Marriage licenses were Issued to
day to ill" following' Fred Ander
son, 23, Kapulpa. and Miss Finn
Meeker, 22, Kipulpa, Artlo Holder
by, 23, Depen, and Miss Frances
Maudo Hale, 19. Ilcpcw.
Oklahoma Testimony Is
Hoard; Special U. S.
Agents to Hear Texas.
Testimony offered by the state nf Ok.
lahoma In hearings on the lied riser
boundary dispute between Texas and
Oklahoma, was closed at Uiwton
Tuesday afternoon, Attorney General
Freellng announced here today upon
his return to the capital.
Testimony to be offered by Texas
will be heard by the special com-
iMlssloner of the 1 'tilted Mlntes
supreme court at three cities within
wie next iwo wocks, no mini.
Members of tho llotary club, mado
arrangements today, at their regular
luncheon, for nn extensive camp-ilgn
Hornco llngnn ofTulsa will nd
dresK the democrats here tonight In
a meeting nt tho court house at 8
o'clock The address will be In the
Interest of the Cox Itoosevelt club
Hands and Arms Mads
Surprisingly Beautiful
With a. slpgt sppllrttlon of Derwllls
Cllrls. lrwillo not only bs&utltlM your
comWeilon, tut It Is wonderful for th
hands snd arms. Derwtllo comes In thrs
shad's, white, flesh snd brtinetts. Whits
Is ipeclslly rreommrndrd for ths hsndi
sml srms, Klnc short slfeves sro In
vogue n I rreesssry lo tisve your hands
snd arms looklnK tntlr bsst snd s irlsl
of UerwIUo for this purpose will sstonlsh
ou. llrmsmbsr, It stsys on so much
better than powder and does not come off
nn elothlns. It Is "Just the thing" to use
In besutlfuTlnir your hands and arms. At
I all toilet counters nr depsrtmenl store
and up-to-date druculsta. Advt.
..To Prlvc Out Malaria
t And Hnlld t'n Tho Rjwtem
'Take thn Old Btondnrd OROVH'K
TAHTKLKB3 chill TONIC. You know
what you nro taking, as the formula
Is printed on every label, showing It
Is Quinine and Iron In a tasteless
form. Tho Quinine drive nut tho
malaria, thn Iron builds up the
svrtem 60c - Advt
hi Two Stages of Life Lydia E.
Pinkbam's Vegetable Compound
Made Mrs. Faiiburn Strong
And Well.
Chattanooga, Tenn. 'T used
Lydia E, Pinlcham's Vepttahle Com-
I pound before, my
uby came wherfsl
could no longer
keep up. It
strengthened my
back nnd relieved
me of the tlroW
cat effect which so
olten d e v el ops
at such tlmsj. It
helped wonder-
itiiiy. mat was
my first experi
ence with the
Vegetable Compound. Yeri after
wards I took It during the Charge of
Ufe and got along so well I icarcely
ever had to lie down during the dsy
and seldom had dizzv faint nc spells.
I am now well and strong, can do all I
. my housework with perfect ease and
fi It li a comfort to me to be able to
Tuy to other suffering women 'Take
Lydla E. I'inkhara's medicine and bo
itrong,' I will be glad to have you
Die my name if it will be the means
ot helping any one." Mrs. R. A.
Faumjbx, 60(1 Orchard Knob Avenue,
Chattanooga, Tenn.
For forty vcars this famous root
nd herb medicine has been prc-em
lnently successful in controlling thn
diseases of women, Merit aloue
could have stood this tut of time,
iiiiiiiiiimuMii urn in
' : lip
Clearance Offerings
Our Anniversary Sale of good Furniture to date has exceeded
our fondest hopes in the way of patronage and enthusiasm.
The response ivas immediate and gratifying. People arc buy
ing now the very things they have wanted but hoiwd for a bet
ter price. We are giving it to them and it is accomplishing
our desire to clean up all broken suites, odds and ends of our
new slock.
Don't fail to look at the showing of fine Living Room Suites,
one in particular
A good three-piece tapestry suite, for $:i69.00
Another fine big cany davenport $160.00
Rocking chairs in leather or tapestry $52.00
A few Iiaby Carriages reduced 20; small rugs 20
Some good Kitchen Cabinets, $75.00 value $66.00
Floor Lamps, Tabic Lamps, reduced to sell quickly.
See the good mattress at $10.00; it's soft and easy.
This is a sale to merit your immediate attention, as the values
arc unusual and the Quality good. Visit the store early and
123 East Second
125 East Second
Stale Briefs
IIHNnYKTTA. Aug. 11 -Tho first
llllA I l.At.l.... I.. I. ..I .. .1..
iii i hi lbi u iiuiiiu)! iiiiu in nun ii ii"-
cnuc was irusinuru ny a party wnu
overheard the plotters and reported
the case to the police commissioner.
Three men wero overheard plottlim
... I.I I 1. . .1... I.l.l.. . I. . .. A
in iii-juun v uurien jiinin, iniuii:i
mannger, as liu came homo from his
nusinesH. tne scene) or me net to ne
111,.1.1'M .rim..,. 1,111, tUU,,r,H Itltftlf.
net summoned thn chief of police
nnd a srjuad of deputy shetlffs, and
lam ill wnu tor wie pui). iiulii urn
111..1.. i.i..,M..ir ,.r i. toil ,,i. ah
went off ns per program, and the
miscreants were lodged In J.ill for a
superior court hearing. Their names
were given ns Claud Wilson and K.
V Si ,th, and a th.r.l accessory Is
Ml'l being sought
I'AWHt'HKA, Aug. II - .Vrtlvc re
cruiting for tho Imllcty of flold ar
tillery to be twtablUhed hero was
begun this morning, a strong staff,
consisting of Cnpt. Charles A
Holden, First l.lutits. Jitmes II.
Cnssell and .lames N. Ctirrlger, nnd
Hecond I.lcuts. Joseph Walker
and tleorgn O laiy, has been ap
pointed. Those men navn seen no
thn service overseas nnd know
something about artillery. A bat
tery of 85 men will bo orgnnlftod and
will coimiete for honors nt the slate
ftitiimpnient next year. Thn sltn for
armory and barracKs linn not yet
been determined.
HHNHYKTTA. Aug.. 11 Thn far
mers "f this district arn supplement
ing thn biggest cotton nnd grain
crops in history with an Utipreced
eiited vield of wnlernielons and can
telnupes, nnd are leaping tho ruward
of this diversified crotiplng with
heavy sales at good prices. Ilecaiiso
of this home grown crop, foreign
shipments were luilted early In tho
senson and thn llcnryetla melon bo
camo a competitor In tho big city
N'llf.AOONr. Aug.. 11 Damage
estimated nt $U.00 wna caused
Monday when lightning struck the
ntiintilng station of thn I'ralrle l'lpe
I.lne company hnro, selling flrn to
tho hulldlngH and tanks. Collapsn nf
thn wooden tanks telensed a flood nf
oil on the premises, but a strong
guard prevented thn flro from
spreading This Is thn relay slntlon
for oil from tne rersning pool nun
nn Important part of the I'lulrlo's
KNCIFIHHKH, Aug, 11. Honda to
tho amount of 176.000 havn been
sold by this city for tho erection nf
a memorial building for the fallen
soldiers of this county In the world'
war. Tho building la to bo Used as ii
city hall, nnd will ho equipped with
a gymnasium, swimming pool and
cltibronms, nnd a large hall for pub
lic, meetings, l'lans have bn no
cepted nnd construction will begin
l'AWHHSICA, Aug. II. Taw
huskn will furnish a promising can
didate for thn executive board of
tho national carpenters union which
meets at Indianapolis tills month.
W. U Daughterly In thn man. nnd his
record In Oklahoma labor circles Is
uneiiualled. Ho left today on iv ten
weeks, vncatlon. Ho In at present
stato nrganlner for thn carpenters'
counrll and Is recording secretary
and btislnesn agent for local Nn, 1178
of thin city.
KlNriFIHHim, Aug. 11. Tito
farmers of this county met nl thn
courtliotiso Saturday and formed n
wheat growers' association. An ef
fort will bn mado to get tho mom-
hers lo put their wheat Into gran
aries after threshing and hold It for
higher prices, Arrangements will
go madn to extend financial aid
pBEAR oil
for HAIR
nn ef the pntent Isfeerilest tf
KtUllt for the httr -ti lenuln Brer
il. There are ether tfilie laitidlisU
not feunil in aiu other tialr prepArs
tleft. Ketalke hai iiifreeiteil In tuanf
rates or baldnett, ralllss Sale and
laatfrvff when ererr outer hair loom er treat
twrut lies prated futile, lloo Oaarantee. Areaa.
1st results In eatrt reiuUared heislcaa. YflS
saver taw a kale laeleat
Whf become er remain kali If Tim ean rrew
hatrt If ether hate eMalneJ a new rrsitt er
hats eenluefed danitrulT, er etflppr.l falllsi hair
Ihreuati KaisIba. was lues e.1 ef Met a bet
er KOTALKO at ar bum irnt Hare; er aend IS
eesta sitter ee alarsra. ter Jt&UCItt'BK slta
l-Ilonr IIOX ef Retalae to
3. B. nrituin, lac Slilloo F, New York, N. V.
when needed to enable members td
follow- this ptan.
linSIlYKTTA, Aug. II. Con
stablo Tex fluntcr added another
complete distilling outfit, composed
ot a copper still of 20 gallon capa
city, pipe, worm, thermometer and
gasollnn stove, to tho already large
collection of moonshine parapher
nalia In the sheriff's department nt
thn samo time arrtstlng an tallan
miner, Fred I.uyrlck, who was bound
over to superior court.
KNOFIHIinit. Aug., 11. Three)
local flour mills havn llscarded
steam and am electrifying their
plants. Ths power house has added
a 600 k. W. generator to meet tho
Increased demand.
MIAMI, Aug. 11, It Is officially
nnnounced thnt ('. C, florsuch has
been appointed assistant auditor of
the Oklahoma Houthwcsti-rn rail
way with headquarters at Ilrlstow.
"cni:i:u m"'
rnnrtll nnd Lewis As,
t.sdles YtniK pur speelaltr. Ont of
town ordera klsen prompt atten
tion. MlCHAKr. SAVIlKIt, Mgr.
Oaae 1111.
5 1
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summer outin
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Victrola VI, $35
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