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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, August 12, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 6

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WORK . .
At dawn when your thought first
com" drifting,
From drcnmn to tlnvrcnl things or
dny, .
l.nok out on the beautiful stinftilne
Anil iromle yourself In thin way:
Turn your heart's eyes on your loved
Uo Kind they urn kind nnd true,
And thn rrnnii sweet stnllo thAl you
send Infill
Will coroii tnck through tho day to
Hncli time thnt your heart tries to
wouy, , ,,, ,,
.T tint smile, mid the worries will fly.
Kor Old Oloom cun t tnd ii
ngaltntt smiling
And thin you lll know If you try.
If your hnnrt but remembers the
And mnkes Love outshine nil tho
tears, . , ,
All through thn day. rnrh moment In
And smiling will drive nwny fears.
As tho sunshine of dny
Drove th" night forms nwny,
And provrd them nil, Nothing my
N. Hargent Hninllton.
Vnnderlilll tilro Club Coming.
A mid-summer muslrnl event that
promises to ho of more thnn ordi
nary Interest, pnrtlriilnrly to rol
leirn folk, I thn Vnnderbllt Unlver
lty dire chili ennrert to bn given
Thursday evening August nineteenth
In Convention hull. This In the thir
tieth nnniml concert tour of the
club, hut this season marks Us first
nppearanro In Oklahoma. Tho per
Honnel Includes Messrs. Ouy Sandor
nan, Tom Hotelier, Klino Thotnpnnn,
Clny Mi:(lntiKhy, A. H, MrCnrty,
Hatty Corker, Karl Itogers, Howell
Crons, fJcorge Owen nnd William K.
Provlne, tho lnltrr of whom lit Uin
nceomiinnUt. Nnno of the singers
.has been with tho club less thnn
three years, nnd sonio havo been con.
rented with thin fntiiotii) college or
ganization for eight years. Tho pro
errnms arranged for thin nummer'n
concerln nre very attractive nnd gen
enilly pleasing. They embrace nntiKn
pt the classical nml popular order nn
well itN ballads, ntc. A special fea
ture of thn programs nro clever
vaudeville, nketchen nnd nctn. A new
none, not yet publlnhed but which
the clubmen ao singing and which
In proving u distinct hit nvrrywhero,
fa "My Dear" by Minn Margaret
jprayson of Arkndolphlu, Ark,
For Detention Homo Children,
f Mrn. Henry Nnurct Orris nnd Mrs.
oVIlllnm Miller Itosa, members of
(tho bonrd of manager for tho Do.
trillion home, will entertain tho chil
dren of tho home with a motor rldo
pver tho city and Into tho country,
Jin l'rlday vtt."c Tn rldo will
.conclude with nn assembling In the
(homo when Icen, cnkcs and oouicc
Ctlons will bo nerved, ' '
Infonnnl Danrr.
I Messrs. Meryal Mlddaugh, John M,
IConners and Ilarry Krland will bo
hosts nt a danco on Frldny evening
in honor or Minn loretta liolancy,
fTho dnnco will he given In the homo
of Mr. .MIiMnughs mint. Mrn. A.
Htnlth of 1102 Went Htcnlid street.
MhMminr) KK-lel).
There will bo a special nailed
meeting of tho Woman's Foreign
Missionary noclnty of the Klrut Moth
oillnt church on Thursday nfternoon
In the parlors of tho church t 2 30
l'or Vb-tlng fJIrl.
Minn Mnry Mctntyin will entertain
I.'',.,. . 1,,"' .. ' " ...Vi :.in. mchool In
Minn Lorettn Delaney.
Uenedictinc Sisters From
Guthrie to Establish
Girls' Academy.
Property nt Sixteenth ntn , t nn i
l.oclifnril avenue bin turn imi
Icr.NHud by the IlenedU tine nmer
In in nutlirle. wlui will Mint a.
iicndemy or lioardlng aohool fur glil
ullliln .1 nhort tlrne.
Tho property In ueronn ltxkff.id
from Cie Marred Jlnrt thunli liu
vlll not bi'lung to the pailnli. wlilip
v, 1 1 1 mil trim to cotnliirt ,i i m t 1 1 1 j I
the church bulbtn.i.'
Ileni'dli'l Inn niMili'tny nt ituili
Two Ken lucky Belles Who
Are Visiting in Pawhuska
As a Woman Thinks
Personal Mention
Mlm r.inellno Whcmtlcy of Par
son, Kan., In tho guest of Mii. Pred
D. Oiler, r.H Kouth Detroit. Mini
Wheatley formerly was ansoclali'd
with the public xfhool faculty of
TiiImi. Mho In en route to Mi'Aloater.
Ok la
t-lc In n 'an'" Ini'ltiitlnn nnd It- advi nt
lln Tnln.i Is looked up.m mi mi
Ijiort.int eent In l"Cnl C.itholle edu
fatlnnnl circles. The property pur
lliined l n 12-ro-m ronldoinii Th "
f reordlng to reliable ndvlein. my lie
Mined only temporarily. It will pr"b
ubly 1m nucceeded by n larger and
iniiie HiitistnntiHl InstltiiUon irnlnl
in, a trart niljolnlng tl'e ni .
unci", Mr. nnd Mrs. V. (' Itiigern
nt 614 Hoiith Hlwood avenue.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Cronblo left
the flrnt patt of tho week for n
motor trip to Detroit, Mich., ond
Ha r n In. Ontario, whero they will
spend the remainder of tho Hummer
sctimiri with relativist.
Dr and Mrn. John II, Hawkins
will leavo Thursday for Atlantic City,
nnd other eantcru cltlis and while
away. Dr. Hawkins will attend the
National Dentnl association which
will meet 111 IIONton.
Mlin Juanlta Allen of Arkadelphla,
Ark., and Minn Ilessln (lreen of Hope,
Ark., nro tho giiist of Mrs, Melvln
Allen on West Twelfth street. Hev
ernl nffalrs nro being planned for
tho midsummer visitors.
Mr. nni! Mrs. Charles P. Vadon of
Bit North Hatitn Pn aventin havo ro
lurned from n two month's vacjitlon
nt Wlnslow. Ark,, whero Uioy havo n
summer home.
Dr. ond Mrs. C. P. Mnn of ifiOii
Kouth Mlwood nvenue nnd Mr. ami
Mrn J. J. Jackson nnd family of
lint South Peoria, hnvo motored to
Hot Bprlngs for a sojourn.
Missing From Home
for Three Weeks.
Mis. W. W. Hlumph and children
nre spemllna? the imuimer in iexnn
wllh Mrs. Htimi ih'H renin
tutiuiph will Join them later.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Kintnell I'e Merry
motored to Muskogee, one dny thlij
week, spending n dellKht'ul day
there with friends.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dan J. Divlnson who
have been motoring through Yellow
stone park, urn now In southern
Mr. nnd Mm. U A. Wine of H27
Kant Twenty-second avenue, an
nounce tho birth of a son on Au
gust 10.
Mrs. Jack Hcott and small son
Jnck, Jr., havo gono to California,
to spond tho remainder of tho auni-fer.
Mr. nnd Mrn. a. W. Ilenr" nnd
nli-co Mlw Violet Amerlnn aro leav
ing this week for Tonnersee.
Mr. James II- Gavin has oh his
gucnt, Mr J. C. Ilnggt of Pittsburgh.
I'n., who arrived Wednesday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. 1 O Cavltt will leave
Thursdnv for Indl.innpnlis. Iitor
Mrs Held will go to thn Michigan
reorts fof tho remainder of the
Mr, nnd Mrs. J. II. Hognn of Tulsa
attended the marrlngn of Mlns Winnie
Jnno nnnks to Mr. Alfred U. Tucker
which took plnce In Munkogeo last
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. K. Illnlr of 154 4
South Norfolk havo Just returned
from n month spent In Chlcngo, Mil
wnukno nnd Mncntawa, Michigan.
Mrs. Oeorgo W. Iloono and son
left this week to spend tho remainder
of the summer In the east nnd will
Do joined inter liy Iloono.
Jllss Mary Peckhsm of lllackwcll
Okla . Is visiting l.e- stint nml
! 1
New Garments for Fall
Absolutely Correct in Style
Some women dress unattractively, not becnuso
they don't want tho right things, but because
they uro sold tho wrong things.
There nro three good rennons why patrons of this
sloro nro sure of getting only tho right things:
(1) We begin
by contlnJniJ
ourselves t o
fashions that
aro smart, en
during nnd
(2) Our sales
people nro ln
terested In
t h o 1 r work
and your sat
isfaction. They
nro trained to
study individ
ual typeH and
to nld in thn
selection of
a p p r (i p rlate
(3) Ton nro
made, to feel
that you nro
a w o 1 c o m o
guest, freo to
look or buy
as you may
New Suits
New Skirts
New Coats
New Dresses
New U louses
New Furs
Dr. nnd Mrs. W.
leaving soon for n
out of the city.
B. Pcnneli
Mr. nnd Mrs. D. O. Cnrltt will leavo
Snturdny to spend a fortnight nt
Holllster, Mo,
Ponulnr In Berlin Is nn electric
automobile Just largo enough to
carry ono person, to which a two
wheel trnller onn bo attached If an
other rider Is to bo carried.
M Lu i . l.utitriB'in. lift an I Mit l.ou.se Dos, iclt of Mnj fe Id.
K . 'he nH'icli etimmer vlnltors of Mr and Mrs, j. Melt Hurler or
I'.iwhuMiri. lii have Ik en the rnlplents of numerous social courtciia
dining lie ir t.uiy.
Mnn Aeeii-ed of Partvlng a IWiguo
Cliecli III t TnNn to Imi Iti'turiu'il.
A C. Ilowern, charg'd with pans-
Ing a bogus rhifk for J10.S0 on tho
West Tulsn Stale bank Juno 19, Is
held In Jail at Ada. okla , for trnnf"r
to Tulsa county for preliminary hear
ing before, .lustlro II. .1. (ray in
whonn rnurt tho Infonniillon was
filed yestorday.
and over her, throwing her to the
bank, elnlniH now em li tho man wno
under tho nnino of W. II. Crlnp
onshed tho check elgned with the
name W. l(. Crisp.
Woman Hallux She Was Hit Ilv An
Auln Iteeklewly Driven Ity lUiy.
Danngrs of I2j,0fln for personal
Inlnrlen reeeUeij In April when she
la liiplat ytur ttwilt rttiltr mi
linrn addicts! to wkfnlDC mriltlt.fl U
er n,ln.rl ltitlM Jul! uj KOSOLAXl M
tf. IU. wholtiotaa. lint tad H
firllt.it. tlktttntbl tt buir druciliu, trr- H
wb.rt KrU It rtlUf ftf fntny tUntntt. H
InrladlM rwnitlttUtn. kttrfttlitt. dllrv H
ittlu. btltliltf. tt. n.tnbuni. uiaitd llttr, H
btt kr.ttli, iitrvtuintti, drWfrilt, !ndt,t H
Uts, tbttlv. attaltl tad ptiiictt dtlltttt. B
was struck by nn nutomoblle, were
aked In a suit filed In superior
court yesterday by ijtta Oats against
C. It. Creekmoro.
The netltloncr says sho wn.n cross
ing Denver nvenue at llsrton street
when an automobile driven by the
defendant's 14 year old son inn into
id over her .throwing ner in tho
pavement and causing Injuries from
which sho will never entirely re
Heports from most of tho large
men show that the exorbitant rents
nre forcing many people to buy their
homes nnd In some of the laigu
JaCK MarkOVltZ Has 15een iiil tmung the npartmcnt hounes so
thry may be sure of not ncing evict
ed. This sounds llko a good plan,
but It also sounds difficult. The
clubbing together will bo easy
enough, and ih capital will not be
hard to find, but It is tno living
together which will bo tho final test
of thn feasibility of tho plan.
If four or nix or eight families
enn live In the same ninrtmcnt with
out nn excess of friction ecn
though tho four boys of Mrs. A.
Stockholder should track mud
through the hallway In front of Mrs,
II stockholder n dour, nnd the utile
daughter of Mrs C. HtK-kholdcr
should stick cut her tongue nt Mrs
1). inockholi er's tw its; f the fam
ilies can continue in their communi
ty apartment even If Mrs. A and II
do riot attend thn same cliurch or
patronlre the soino stores or aro on
tho same telephone line, then It will
bn proved that tho plan Is good for
an time.
After this hi been accomplished
and Ue ticeetlon of rents Is settled
pcrnaps famines may ueciao inaij
they can campaign ugalnst tho high,
cost of other things. Perhaps theyl
will club together to Tiuy sugar, cof-1
fee nnd butter nnd down tho food
profiteer. Perhaps they will mako
gardens up on tho roofs of their
eommunlty apartments nnd gTow
benns. pens nnd barley. They may
hncv one telephone nnd their own
Ice plant. After they have accom
plished nil of theso economies thev
will havo almost reverted hick toi
tho old tribes ot clans, so Indepen
dent will they bo. I
Then, If only some way could b0
found to mnke ono evening wrap,
ono fur coat nnd ono fifty-dollar
hat do Xnr nil tho Mrs. Stockholders
tho old It. C. L. would glvn up the
ghost nnd gasp Its last feeble, c.tsn.
Perbapn Jack .Markovltz la net
awaro of the fact thnt his mother 1
-imrg herself to death becaunc of
In nig'.lgerco In not notifying her
u li. . w ni i enbourjv Jack must be
' ought lens indeed whtn lie has n
t .other who has been mi good to him
Jiiea, who Is HO ears old, left
1 -nn time weeks a-) while Mn
ilariiovil wiut n Colorado Springs
eKIng to regain her health, t'lie
hid been there only two weeks when
a ities.vn:e from her hunbaml noti
fied that tho boy wna missing and
ri leturntd home nt once. They
'live at SOI West 1'lfth street, where
'tiiey opciato a small grocery busl-
He was always the best boy In
tho world,'' Mm Markovl'z told The
"iteM yesterdai. "He wan so good
to me. too. V lien he left he told hi
'ather Vtat he would bo gone for two
days. Ho hod grown tired of work
Ing In tho store nnd wiuitcd to in
et his mnall savings In oil field
Junk. Ho wusn't at all strong and I
am worried to death for fear some
thing terrlblo hns he.ppencd to him.'
The missing lad Is about five feet
nnd right indito In height, has ilurK
oj'pm and hair nnd weighs 140 pounds
If ho will but communlcato with
his parent all will be forgiven In
the happiness that his message will
bring two afflicted people.
IJfellke movements nro imparted
to artificial halt In tho form or a
fish by propellers which It contains
nnd which rovolvc as It Is drawn
through water.
C. H. KcnMeniiaelicr, Head of Wel
fare Dcirtnient of ltcflnery,
To Talk to Junior C. of O.
C. H. Kcnstermacher, In charge of
the welfare department of the Cos
den refinery, will bo tho prlnclpa
speaker nt tho regular semi-month,
meeting of the Junior chamber .'
commerce In tho municipal nudror
lum tonight. Ho will tell of Iho nys. '
torn used by the organization h
represents In causing better foellnj
between employer and employe.
T. J. Hartman, of the Producer
States bank, Is to conduct a drill fi
parliamentary law.
With tho pan of porcelain, t't
ense galvanized or enameled and tli
working partu Immersed In oil k
new scalo for creameries and dalre i
Is rustproof.
Cnttlo food Invented by n Dut ti
scientist Is manufactured from albi
men obtained from slaughter housi
nnd fishing centers and potato imd,
fruit refuse.
without a Briton If llaat'i HUn
ffclla la Ui6 troUniit f Meromt,
Tetwr, ninffwoim. Itcb, uv i)oo I
Doeoms ditxinaruva beraa oth
trft,toiDU fMlf-l. Until' hsltH
bt rUTMt bandrodiof loeheMfo,
Tuu eftu'l lutft on our Monti
nuk (Juarnni. Tr7 II i oor rtt
TODAT. I'ne Tia, si 4ttt ttotn,
A, A.Hlebnli Co., nberuua,TXM
oiOMAij iiul;
O ver-Nigkt Cases
These hnndsome cases arc now
taking the place of baj;s. They are
just right for over-night use and
have space enough for a party
H-lnch as attufrafed. .AiJ
Made of real patent duck with figured
lining, leatiicr bound corners nnd rigid
Mail Orders Prepaid.
111 South Main St.
lUFldent Partner
Hunt's Daily Store News
J. J
Round Trip
Summer Excursion Fares
to the
North and East
From Tulsa
Mnckinsc LUnd, Mich. $57.75
Cheboygan, " 60.25
Detroit, " 55.12
Wequetunaing, " 54.65
Charlevoix, " 54.35
l'fto.Urv. M 54.35
Trnverio City, Mich. $51.85
(Tt,a fyi ild not iaclutla war Ike)
Trsln No. 10 UaveaTuWn 6:05 pm arrive! Saint Loul 7i53 am con.
necting with through cart to principal northern and eailrrn reaorlij
alio with train which arrive Chicago before 5:00 pm.
For aj Jitiooat Information phooo or wrlfa
E. O, Dittner, Panenger Agent, Friaco Unea,
M , 207 Daniel Ouildlng, Tulia, Okla.
Atlantic City, N. J. $83.46
Norfolk, Va. 71.85
Niagara Fall., N. Y. 67.14
Buffalo, " 67.14
Toronto, Ont. G0.5S
Jamettown, N. Y. 57.30
Continuing Our Great Four-Day
Hanan & Sons and Laird Schober
At Just
Cheap Shoes Can Be Bought Any where !
But the well known high grade shoes nationally
featured by the leading shoe retailers of the
country, can only be bought at the leading shoe
department of each city. JVe are featuring in
this annual shoe event the well known Hanan &
Sons, Laird Schober, Griffin, White and John
Ebbert shoes. -?
Profits have been forgotten in this double attempt
to lire Jom shoes at prices so low that it will profit
you to supply your needs for months and months
to conic.
1D gj
J20.00 Quality. (PI Q QK
now viOaOO
.Qy: $12.00
$17.50 Quality. - OP
now tPXX.OO
nnwS?.Q.rty.' $11.00
1.?: $10.00
J14.00 Quality, ffr QC
now D,OD
no?.Q.u:m.y: $9.00
Ji3.no Quality, (Tjq nrj
now tDO.0 1
$12.50 Quality, (Tin nr
now wO.OD
!.Q $8.00
Supply Your Autumn Needs at These Low Prices
Strictly n Cnsli Sale,
No Ilcfuntls, Ei
cliangva or I)c
The HUNT co.
.Main Street IlriMwn Tltirtl and Pourtii
Strictly a Cash Sale.
No Tlefunds, n..
cliangcg or I)c

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