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VOL. XIV, NO. 321
1 Kfiy
Cheering Stops Procedure
. in Tenn. Legislature
as Senate Votes.
Count of 25 to 4 Passed 19th
Amendment in Senate; Itc
Bumc Fight Monday.
Suffrage ahead in n. c.
IWins Initial Skirmish'Follow
injj Message From Gover
nor Urging Adoption.
NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 13.
ITho TcnncsJU'O scnato today by a vote
ot 26 to 4 adopted the resolution pro
Vldlne for'ratificntion of the 19th
amendment. It was an easy victory
Xflr the suffrage forces and oven the
most optimistic wcro surprlsod at the
large majority. Seventeen votes were
necessary, but most polls listed 20
to 22 as favorablo and the high
Water mark was sot at 24.
The suffragists, certain of ratifi
cation by tho senate have proceeded
from the beginning of tho leglsla
tlve session with the expectation
that the real fight would be In the
lower homo and while the campaign
In that quarter had not rolaxed tho
Vote had hardly been announced be
fore tho workers were redoubling
efforts to aecuro favorablo action
by the representatives.
Hottso Adjourned.
The house adjourned today until
ilonday .afternoon at 2 o'clock with
out refeicnca to suffrage, but It wis
stated later uio committee to which
the resolution was referred would
meet Monday night to consider It.
An hour before tho scnato con
vened the naileries nnd aisles were
packed with spectators, among them
the active pro and anti-suffrage
workers predominated. Speaker
Todd had Utile difficulty In sllcnc
Jng the onlookers when the body
was called to order. But whon the
17th vote In favor of ratification was
recorded the pent-up enthusiasm of
the suffrage cohorts went beyond
restraint and forced temporary
suspension of tho roll call.
Kflthusuism ISrcaks.
They redoubled their oheora when
the clerk shouted tho total above.
the uproar and It was necessary for
tho speaker to call upon tho sor-Ceant-at-arms
befofo tho chamber
ould be qulted sufficiently for work
to be resumed upon other matters.
Miss Sue White, Tonnesaeo state
chairman of Uie woman's national
(party, expressed the sentiments of
tho suffragists generally when sho
Raid tho vicctory "brings usto tho
last tap in tne tang iignt tor worn
en'a enfranchisement."
There were fow members of the
assembly remaining in Nashvlllo to
night, most of them having gone to
weir nomes lor over tne wceit-cnu
In replying to the charge of Sen'
stor Chandler, republican and suf'
fragc opponent, made during do'
bate today that Mrs. Carrie Chap-
man catt, president of tho National
.American woman Hunrago nsso
elation, had ndvocatod Intor-mar
rlage between whites and ncgroos,
jnrs. catt tonignt in a lormai state
, merit characterized It as "an abso
V luto fabrication.'
Senator Chandler said he had
based his rernarnu on a published In
tervlew with Mrs, Catt In which she
was quoted as having said "suffrage
Knows r.o oias or race, coior or box.
IIAMTJOH, K. C, Aug. 13. Itatlfl
catlon advocates trmp6rarlly hrd
Mexican do Facto Ooicrnmcnt ON
flelals and llobcl lie presents
tlvcH Considering Pence.
WASHINGTON'. Aug. 13. Nego
tlatlons uro In progress between tho
1 do facto and government officials of
M Mexico and Governor Cantu of the
northern part of Lower California,
which may even yst obvlato the ne
cessity of sending federal troops Into
thut district, according to the Mexi
can embassy. The negotiations, a
statement from the embassy said to
day, were undertaken "by Impartial
and honest porsonB, there being
among them several journalists well
known on tho border It Is be
lieved tho said negotiations will
shortly reach iN satisfactory stage
when they will bo announced to the
From Three Sides Reds
Advance on Capital;
Expect Fall Soon.
His .Armies Relentlessly
Are Pushed Toward City;
End May Stop Parley
Operation of their System
in Poland and Propa
ganda in Terms.
I-O.VDON, Aug. in, A pre
liminary poneo treaty lias !con
concluded lietwcen the) ItussUn
fan let got eminent mid Armenia,
says ii vtlrclom dispatch rctvlml
hero from Mostviw,
TAU1S, Aug. 1.1. Closing In upon
Warsaw from the north, east and
southeast, the bolshovlkl hosto uro
now within twenty miles of ho
capital and llttlo doubt Is felt hero
that they will be In tho city before
tho peace negotiations arc concluded.
General Haller. holding positions
alone tho Vistula, Narow, nnd Hug
rivers in a country offering few
natural advantages for dofense, Is
being relentlessly pushed toward
tho capital by tho bolshevlkl. who
ore speeding up their advance.
Citizens of Warsaw, to tho number
of 100,000, havo pledged themselves
to netcntl mo capital to tho last
oroath, but It Is felt hero that such
an unorganized effort cannot sorl-
ously-hffect tho fnto of tho eltyT This,
apparently, nlso la tho view of tho
rollsh government, which Is reported
to bo considering moving to Pnsen
If It Is sntlsfled there Is no chance
of tho soviet forces suspending hos
tilities at an early date.
WASHINGTON. Ana. 13. A nle
blsclto to determlno tho future of
Itusslan-I'oland Is ono of tho peace
terms drawn up by tho bolshovlkl
coincident with tho first proposal of
an nrmlstlco by the I'ollsfi govern
ment, tiio rignt of unrestricted
propaganda In this terrtlory during
tho year which would Intervene be
fore tho plebiscite also would bo de
manded. Favorable to Neds.
Theso nnd other 'terms of peare,
which are believed to hav0 been
formulated for submission at tlio
first meeting between the soviet and
Wire Flashes
HAZEl.TON. II. C Am. II -Th four
united state army airplanes which left
rrlnca Onrra this jiibrnlni, landed here
shortly afternoon. L
ItEnKKLKT, fal.. Auk. llTlrlr. Oen-
ral C A. Woodruff U. S. A. retire,!. diet
at his homo here today after a !ne lllnrss.
116 aa 75 years old.
MRXICO CITT. Alia. II Five, ray
maetera carrying 100.0(0 pesos haie left
Mailcn City io pay off followers tr Kran
clseo Villa, tha former rebel leader, It la
officially announced.
NEW TOflK, Auif. ll.-leors White,
chairman of tha eilmncratlc national iom
mlttee, today announced appointment of
nepreeentallve Frank Doremua ot Mlrlil
ran aa wettern amnaser of the Cox
Itooievelt campalan.
HOME. Aur U Pope Deiinllct met
with a allcht accident Monday, allpplnit on
tha pollahed martel floor whlla aolnt from
his bedroom lo hla private library, tha
Meaeaaaro atalee He auntalned a allsht
abrasion of the elcln at the knee.
PETItOIT, Aug. 11. Ccnrsa A. I.awn, of
.Memphis, Tenn . was elected president of
ihft Jieiau crenit .Mens .National aaaorla
tlon at thn annual convention here today.
Next year's convention city probably will
be selerted tonlcht Houston, Texas, la the
most frequently mentioned.
NI5W TOllK. Au. 11 John Onlden.
president of the United TeitUe Workers
of America, announced today he had
written Secretary of Labor Wilson re
(juestlns a "federal Investlratinn be made
once for the purpose of learning the
teal causa for tha closing down of a num
or of mllla In tho woolen and worsted In
dustries, theweatIier
Tt'UU, Aug. 13. Miilawm 92: anlnlmum 50:
anrUi alndi, rlMidr.
ABKA.SHAS: Siturdif nj 8un.ll; l-timllr fair,
OKUIIflMA: Stturdtr n. Kimd.r f sir. tliw
KLN3AJ: rtlr 134 sumtr Saturday n1 SuuJir.
Kits Resort
flKUHOMt riTY Hit It. Alius fllr:
miirtrtr: Blsriwcll filr: UrMtepnri trot tbflush djilr,
CbecMsh rn-tl; fliurbkrf psst; rblrtiihl mil'VIr In
pUrrs, rirteUej fair rvith lo I'larei, Clinton fair,
D1re dir. Ksn , miiiij: luncn Biiridr: Purint
nn; r.1 Hci food' Knld filr rnudrfr In le plsceij
Kort Pnltb Ars filr rfsish In ftlifei; ymlfflrk
imdj Rearr mutVIr- fJuthrle inoi. lliitlrti ?M but
rtmlf. Hubirt e-M.1. Iltlilenvllle fllr irilddv In lev
pllres; Ilusn fvwl. Mabel fv1: KlDffiier rough.
Uaton lniMIr In pUra. Mrtlestrf fllr. Mlsmt I
s4: Nrilr mnMr. ttn Kin w1. nlih-m,i1
rur fair munm' m io r-iirei riu'i Yiury mtiniY;
Pent miMily Ponri Cllr ronili Teteiu firellent,
prrIl r"1 Inn milaMr Sipulpi eterllent mrn
fllr Shiine miKlily Tiloss rery tool iriurlraj
rnpA, raich In plirei nl'.tlll, Kin. fwd n later
Teiiv'i Lacal fvisti. i
I fltr riuh lnnrlieon T IV C A rifflerli II 15
I nosuo'l Vum coRirru. court nnua. 2 20 a, m.i
mmm A r i TUT , m j ' nntiii I A I I n II T? .1 1 A t..
Ambulance Mystery Cleared;
Man in Jail,
Afler police officers had made nn 1
unsuccessful search for Miss Mary I
JJIIann, 306 S'outli Madison, trained
nurse, who disappeared late Thurs
day night about four mlks cast of
town from a Mowbray ambulance
driven by Tom Coulter, and while
tho pollen heads wcro still deeply
puzzled as to tho whereabouts of the
missing young lady, sho walked' Into
poltco headquarters and announcing
her Identity asked that Coulter, who
had been arrested about 10 o'clock
Friday In connection with her dis
appearance, bo held.
Coulter and Miss Kllarni, togother
with Mil's Nora Adair, waitress ut
tho llnston Cafo nnd F. Gorman,
wcro out "Joy riding" In tho ambu
lance, according to .Miss Kllana. Miss
Kllana told the police that when sho
resented Homo improper proposals
by Coulter, ho fnroad her to leave
Bullotin Reports Condi
tion Aug. 1 as Lead-
ing the Nation.
Gets 24.8 Per Cent Compared
to Oklnlioma's 31.8 Per
x cent; Nebraska Third.
Tho combined condition of all crops
In Oklahtftna August 1 was better
than In any state, according to a
bulletin received lato today by John
A. Whltehurst, president of the
stalo board of agriculture, from the
federal bureau of crop estimates.
Kansas was rated second nnd Ne
braska third.
Aboe Average,
Thn condition of all crops, ac
cording to this bulletin, was 31.8 per
cent nbove tho average for the 'last
ten years. Tho figure for Kansas
wo.1 24 8 per cent and for Nebraska
17.6 per cent ahovo the average
for the hist ten y'enrs. Thn condition
of crops In Oklahoma wss 10.6 per
cent ubovo tho condition u year ngo.
Oklahoma's average winter wheat
production for tho year was greater
than the nverago throughout the
Fnlted States, tho bulletin stated.
Tho Oklahoma crop has been estl
mated at 16 bushels per acre, whllo
tho average throughout tho country
was given as 15 16 bushels.
Icads Cotton Ik-It.
Condition of tho cotton crop
August 1 In Oklahoma was better
th'an In any other stale of the cotton
belt, tho bulletin continued. A fore
cast, based tm conditions July 25,
placed tho nverago cotton produc
tion for tho entlro country at 170.1
pounds of lino per acre. Tleo fore
cast for Oklahoma was 178.5 pounds.-
Tho nrrcugn condition of tho corn
In Oklahoma August 1 was 90 per
cent. Tho condition throughout tho
United Htntcs wits Sd.7 per cent. Ok
lnhnrna onls were 87 per cont of
normal. The nverago for the coun
try was 87.2 per cent.
N. Y. Longshoremen
to Retufn to Work
NKW YOniv, Aug. 13. Coastwise
longshoremen", who haVo been on
strlko hore since March 12, voted nt
a mass meeting tonight to go hack
to work Monday morning, providing
tho steamship owners ijet rid of tho
strlkobrcakprs, they havo employed.
Mexican Troops Will
Attack Cantu Forces
SAN DIKOO. Cal.. Aug. IS. A
force of 3,000 soldiers of tho Mexi
can government, heavily equipped
landed yesterday at Ml Harrtl on thn
Oulf of California nnd will inarch
across the Colorado desert to attack
the Caolil forces at' Mexlculll, ac
cording to word recolvod hero to
night by Ives C. Lollvlcr, Mexican
consul In this city.
11-Ycar-Old Youth
Holds Up a Friend
at Point of Knife
OKMUI1K11 . Aug. 13. "I
heard other boys tell how thoy'd
got awaj' wth It, and I Just
thought I'd try It." said 11-year-old
Joseph Walters as ho frankly
told I'ollco Chief Karr tonght how
ho had held up I.sinon Khurll, 15
years old. nt the point of a knlfo
in a dark place a Meek from
tiherlll's home, nnd taken a dollar
from hm. Hherlll had earned tho
dollar selling papers, and was go-
Ing homo. Young Walters was
,rreKlcd In a picture nhow where
ho was spondlng part ,f hs spols,
"I wasn t ggpg to cut hint." the
youngster said 'If ho had hol
lered J would havo run.'1
Girl Returns
tho enr and drove link to town. 81m
later camo to town ana stayed ut a
local hotel for Uio night
When she failed lo ntipoar Fildn
thn police wern notified. Coulter was
arrested nnd booked i;n Investiga
tion, lie refused to talk other ihnn
to say that Mln Kllana had left the
car for some reason linkupvvn to
Ii tm. MIkh Kllana declared that she
will file chaiges against him.
Kverett Manning, proprietor ot
tho utiilorMklng company, declared
lust night that the nrnhulunru which
Coulter wns driving waa taken with
out knowledge of the management,
"it Is absolutely against the rules
for uny of our era to bo used for
'joy riding' or pleasure purposes,"
Mr. Manning declared last night.
"They are for business uses alone
and every employe Is Instructed not
to use them for any other purpose."
Consider Action to Cancel
Street Work Contracts;
May Sue.
Repeated Promises nnd Fail
ures Brinp; About Change
in Board's Attitude.
Krom the nttltudo of Mayor T.
D. KVans nnd city commissioners,
It appears that paving companies
holding- unfulfilled contracts over
tho city will havo to stop lively or
suffer severe consequences. In fact,
It Is Improbable that they can step
lively enough nt this lato day to even
protect themselves.
City Impatient.
Tho city has lost patience with
paving contractors. They have re
peatedly mailo promises and asked
for time extensions, only In fnll to
take advantage of the extension
when granted. Practically no pav
ing has been done during the past
60 days, Contractors havo laid tho
cause nt tho doors of cement manu
factured), to the railroads and to
"light" money. There havo been
numerous rumors that puvlng con
tractors arc dealing In cement that
they nro re-selling what they do re
ceive at a handsome profit, almost
without handling It. This rumor,
however, has not becil officially sub
stantiated, It now appears probnbln'thnt the
city will take immediate Kteps to
cancel existing contracts and sue
contractors on .their bonds. The
paving situation has bce,n one of enn
sldorablo aggravation to city oTfl
clals, for whllo they havo been try
ing to forco contractors to flnlHh
their Jobs, morn petltluns for paving
have poured Into tho auditor's of
fice petitions that will probably not
bo granted until tho paving situation
Is somewhat readjusted.
."A city can't be built on unfliniled
paving contracts," Mayor Kvans de
clared yesterday. "We are going to
get to tho bottom of IMTh matter and
find what Is tho best thing to do."
Tim first commission meeting In Hep.
lember has beon snt npart for a thor
ough hearing of tho paving slttia
tlon. ,
lliMweel(, vim I'rCbldrnt ( miilldatc.
I-iiKTh .Vorllitvt-Nt on iimi:ilgt
.-MriKt ut .senator lliinlln-.
MINNKAIKJUH, Mlnp., Aug. 13.p
. i-ii, Wl'lll,'-
cratlc vice presidential nominee, en
tering tho northwvst today n Ills
camiiulgii trip to the Pacific coast,
irri'd that the food supply of the
International basis.
Knenklng to a capacl'y house In a
downion theater, xMr. Ilooseelt
iiruiniscu mat it a democratic ad
ministration Is returned to O'ower
"We Sh.lll VleU- IIiCHA nr,.l,li,tr!u ... -I,..
large "
.Mr Hoosevelt dVcl.tred Ihnt Mr
Ilnrdlnr. -lu trvlnn. i.. u.....iln..,.. ...
presidency and ho Is so hard iiressed
li.r iwues hnt he Is g.ilng ti the dlr
tlonary for them ''
Ills Ind Is 13,175 Vutcs Hnxv for
Sertmil I'lnce (nrawny In IViut.
1.1TTI.K HOCK, Aug. 1 J. With
134,411 votes accounted for and
complete returns from 33 out of the
75 counties, the only upturn In the
governor's .rneu was a threat by
Terrnl votes to oust Hnead I'oweU
out of second place and nut him in
third. MceHne continued to gain
over the field, huClead lining 13,175
Caraway continued to hold hs big
lead over Klrhy for the senatorial
nomination with 82 225, against
Klrhys 5 1 547 A total of 120 434
votes had been accounted for In this
Officers of Old Colony
Foreign Exchange Co.
in Law's Clutch.
Surrenders 'Mystic Capitalist'
to Authorities; No Other
Would Go His Bond.
Throe Officers of Another
House Who Offered Bip;
Return in Prison.
llOSTON, Aug. 15, four men
who havo aceopted millions of dol
lars from New Knslnnd Investors
in tho Inst few months, nn promises
of, payment nf fabulous Interest,
were behind thn bars tonlghti Char
les I'oiul, whose spectacular flnim
dill dealings havo made his name
known the country over, w'ns sur
rendered today by the man who
furnished 135,000 bond for his re
lease yesterday after his arrest by
tho federal' authorities. Unable tu
find another bondsman, l'imzl was
taken to the Middlesex county Jail
at Kiist Cambridge.
Three officers of tho Old Colony
Koielgn Kxehungu company were ar
rested, taken Into thn muulclpnl
court nndjield In (50,000 bonds each
on a technical charm of larceny ol
1500, from person unknown, In
default of bonds they spent thn night
In ho Charles street Jail. They lire
Chrfrles M. Hrlghtwell, president und
treasurer of tho concern, Ilnymond
Meyers, office manager, and Kred
Meyeis, sales agent. All three plead
ed not guilty.
Hhalcd I'ouzl.
That tho transactions of this com
pany might have rlvalbd In extent
thn dealings ot l'onzl'8 securities ex
change company was Intimated, by
Albert llurwltz, assistant district at
torney otHuffolk county, when hi
told tho court that the amount In
volved In Its transactions probably
would ho shown to be hundreds of
thousands of dollars. Thn thrco men
will bo given a hearing Aug. 24.
Further criminal proceedings were
taken against l'onxl today. In thu
iouiilrlii.il court a blanket wnrrant
wus Issued charging him with lar
ceny, totalling 124,000. I'ollco In
spectors wero prepared to ro-arrrst
I'onzl If the federal authorities re
leased him again np ball, but as he
wus taken to Jull (he municipal
charges against him wcro held In
Short rroeecrtliigs.
Bankruptcy proceedings against
partners of I'onrl were brought In
tho federal court. Three petitioners
(Jets Kuciye-Mfiil Vote for'-J'ongrem
III I'lflli DlHlrlct Against IX l"
Iteunlou by -1,1130.
ficial raturns compiled by tho state
election board nnd aniinuiieed today
show that M T. Ilnlner w.i nomi
nated on thn republican ticket for
congressman from thn fifth district
In tho recent primary by 17 9 voles.
Ills total was 1,636. while that of Kd
ward K. Ite.irdon was 4,407. Klnal
tabulations show that V, II Swunk's
margin over Hoy K Stafford for the
democrutle nomination In tho ftMh
district Was 1.S30. Hwnnk polled
10:639 votes and Htafford 8,80,8.
Fell FxonTl2th Floor
Recovers, (lets Moncu
poleon llronks, negro cemont work
er who fell from thn 12th story of a
building under construction at Kres
no, April 3, l'J 2 0 , wjs nhln to wslk
into the office of the slate Indus
trial' accident commission to recele
1187.47 cnmpensstlnn. and thu first
of weekly benefits pf 120 S3 to be
paid until the termination nf- his
disability. In the fall he sustained
a fractured skull, a crushed right
foot, fractured bonnn in several purls
of the body and several broken ribs.
Iltd saaa. lis Democratic Congressional
Candidate In Mil ()cr I'leld.
OKI.AHfMA (MTV. Aug. 13
Klmer Thomas won the Democratic
congressional nomination In the
Sixth Oklahum district, with a total
vote of 9 361), aenrillng to official
tlgurrs tabulated by the slate elec
tion board. Chain Jones received
8,016 Robert U Glover 2.151. and
Ben Ileiinessy t 326
I.. N (lensmnn unopposed on the
republican tb kel received 4 835
votes. J V Kolachny 011 tho to
clallst ticket, rcivlvcdOS.
Federal Agents
Have Uncovered t
Red Gem Barter
llj Tl.e Aiiiile.1 I'tf ,
Vj'AHtllN'f.TO.W Aug. 13- Traf
flc by bolsbivlst agents In precloun
stones, supposed lo liavn funned
part of the famous Jewels of thn
Itunslnn royal fiiinll), has been on
ouil!iil by federal authorities
Thn 181 dlnnioiulH found ofi
Nells Jscobsen, a Hwedish s'tllor,
by customs officials In Nnw York
July 23, It beriimo known today,
were enclosed In a package ad
dressed to '"Corrffadoi Marions,"
I'slng UiIh'hs a !c.id, ftdcrtil offi
cials begun nn Investigation which
they declare has definitely con
nected l.udwlg C. A, K. .Martens,
self-styled soviet nmlmasailor In
the United Hlates, with the traffic.
Wrapped about the diamonds
taken (mm the flwodlsh sailor,
whom officials exonerated from
nby complicity In the Illegal pro.
endure, was a quantity ot com
munist literature.
Will Attack
in Two
Virginia Talks.
No Comment on Statement by
White Excluding "Light
Wine" as Issue
COI.UM11UH. Ohio, Aug. 13. flov
ernnr Cox, In two addresses tonmr-
low nt Wheeling, W. V , plnn; hi'
first vigorous assault upon tho re
publican stronghold,
".My straight Jacket Is off," the
governor declared tonight In giving
an Indication of tho tenor of his
Wheeling speechrs, tho reference be
Ing to thn limitations upon his re
marks up to thn time of his accept
ance of 'tho democratic 'presidential
nomination. '
To .llhciiNa Issuer.
The general political Issues of the
campaign, flovcrnor Cox added, will
bo discussed, not only at Wheeling
tomorrow, hut In all futuro speeches
of his travels.
Ills Wheeling engagement clls for
nn address to the West Virginia
democratic convention about 2
o'clock and a public address In tho
evening on the river bank. The gov
ernor nnd his party will 'motor to
Wheeling tomorrow. Thn governor
will return Himday.
Avoids Wet ICsprcHNlon. (
Governor Cox today expressed
gratification over adoption by thn
TMinessen senate of the woman suf
fume rntlflcutlnn resolution. lle
decline,) formal comment nnd also
ould not discuss the statement of
Chairman White of the. democratic
national coinmltteo that the cam
paign would pot Include a "benr am)
light wine Issue."
Honator Owen of Oklahoma a
candidate for the presidential noun.
Inittlon at Pan Kraneliico, and a cIoho
friend of AS. J, llryan. will confer
with (Inventor Cox bero next Hunduy
or .Monday.
Henatnr Harrison of thn demo
crntlo speakt-ra'-bureau grit law! (Inv
ernnr Cox of a fhnngo In the candi
dates Itinerary latis this mouth A
night address scheduled nt I'ltls
hurgh August 2" was advanced to
August 26 still tho governor's New
Haven engagement set for thn night
nf Allc-UKt 3K lifter lila K'sv York nd-
I Ii'chb was fixed for Aiigiint 27
Dm Id It. ,1'niiicla, American Ambas
sador t'l lluwila, Sa)H lied ;n
eminent Will Crumble Soon
WAHIUNC.TON, Aug. 13.- The
soviet government In Russia will bd
overthrown within the next six
months, David It. Kr.iiieh, Ameri
can (imli.iHsnilor to I Insula prior to
thn revolution anil who still holds
that designation technically, de
clared here this afternoon.
The statement of tho United Ktates
nf lis policy toward Hussla Will on
hsarlen ths Pfopb- of Itussla to rise
against l.enlnii and Trotsky, Ambas
sador l-'ntncls declared, llo stated
that not more than 10 per cent of'
thn Russians nie In sympathy with
the sovlei government.
So Scwro Injuries R-olt Prom
Clash at llrst and Pi-orln.
When two Tulsa street railway
street titrs collided at l-Vst and
I'corl.i, yesterday afternoon, Mrs.
Cora Rowland was slightly Injured.
I Ono ot the cars was stundlng still
land the other csma up froir. thn
I rear Hoveral other people were cut
by tflass and splinters und every
body received a severu shaking up,
nut no one was severely Injured.
Neither of thu street cars wero budly
Headquarters Announces
Change in Itinerary;
Name Dates Soon.
Republican Nominee Defends
His Stand and Approves
Old Line Policies.
Senator Says International
Industrial Quiet Could
Have Been Arranged.
CIIICAHO, Aug. 13,-IlepubllO.
an (hrniliujirlers today announced
Henitoi- llnrdlng's speaking Itiner
ary hail boon enlarged to "Include
at least live cities'1 und that dates
for thn addrt tcn would bo an
iiouncld within a day or two.
MAUION. nhln. Auir. 3. To t!f,u.
ornnr Cox's declaration thut tlio re
publican pany ttands on thu bky-
hie nf n m-ltlllir mill. Meinitm- Iturd.
intr tril(.i1 lit.lnw thai IS u'.. tt.nu
iiiolt bucliM.iiil io aleur our vlslom
c limy lobk forward moro confl
lltntiy "
"Call It renctlun If you llko," said
'.he rcpulillcitr. noniliien in a speech
nere, -1)111 wo nieu tne 0111 stanaai'ia
of honesty, the lofty standards of
lhlSf All lti1llrnllfifi
"It we ui living In tha past to
recall IIim Ullaflflm (if Wlialitnirlnii fV
iual rights ot Jefferson, the geluils
III ll!imlltMnltn r.. nr. f Ir.t, r .
Klnlev ur the awakening ot Itnosa-
veil, urn happy to drink of the
past for my inspiration for tho inur
1 nr.
"lllfrlnrerlnif in m Melentlfln nur.
sut, ami I never knew an engineer
nun 11 1 11 ii-M turn ins transit to nis
b.tnlc Hlnhr In timU unen ,if lita llnu
by which wo were to move 011, Uveiy
honn of life la nf himnrrnw hut IIim
glory of lin thousand morrows wns
wrought In tha wisdom gleaned on
Honesty for Peace,
The sl-ccclt ilellvernil rnm the
front porch of thn Harding residence
to members of thn Ohio Jtopubllcan
1'dllorljll fiNHnrln I Inn wi, m tiln. titr.
a return to old time morality and
falrmss, If ever) one concerned had
ween rigiiny uonesi, no sulil, peace
might long since havi) bmm eainh
llshed and Iniliistrlal find social 1111-
IfSt tllllllli.fly llu nluft fiiti'.,,,.!...! fr
a forest policy to Insure an adequate
domestic supply of tlmbir to nine I,
.iiiiuuK inner iieeus, mo uemu.iu rur
Irlnt-psner pulp.
Todliv'a nilitreHB ,tnlll,1 M.ntillnr.
Of llevernor Per In- nnl,in l,nl il,u
foiiuhllcAn nominee repeated jn v
act from the wonU used by tils Jem-
r.craut! opponent in his acceptance
speech, Tho sennlor's reply was
cheored by his fellow editors, more
lvv uj wiiuin ;tnu coinn to Aiarioit to
extend their supiiort nnd good
A luncheon irlveti iindA ,iBlnMu
of the republican editorial associa
tion nrece.leil thn vlj.1t jn tl,A tta.l
Intr homn. Heniilor Harding did not
menu tne iiincnenn, a Itst-mlnutn
ch.inge In plans shifting his address
to hip iront porch Instead of the
luncheon hall.
Reds Get French Ships;
Frcncf) Threats Win Out
CONKTA.MTINOI'I.i:. Auir. 12
IlotehcvlUt at Odessa selxeil ibf,
irvnen si camera Il.ilavla mid
i:iKrrlte,wlb h landed Russian pris
oners there from Franco und rrlusod
to release Ibein until t,(i rreneh
battleship lWgur (Julnett, with three
destroyers, was rushed from Con
stantinople and threatened to razn
tho cliy unless tho steamers were re
leased, It wns learned here today.
I'asqualc Is Detained
For Italy's Kidnaping
I'HlI.AnKI.I'lllA. Aug. 13 All
gusto I'ns'iun N- wn held without ball
to itnvcr charges of kidnaping,
burglary and extortion, In connec
tion with the kidnaping or Iilakeley
Coughllii, at a preliminary hearing
today In the Montgomery county
prison nt Norrlstown. No testimony
was taken, according to Justice ot
the l'euco I.enliurdt, who conducted
the proceedings.
Veterinary Forces
on Anthrax Disease
livery employe or the stnto vetor
Inury department and of the federal
veterinary bureau hero left lato to
day for l'lttsburg county to begin
a cHinpnlgn ngalnst tho outbreak of
anthrax reported there.
In two days lnco tho dlseasn has
been undor observation, moro than
76 horses nnd cnttlo havo died and
hundreds moro hnvo become In
fected U was reported I)r Itoblnett
declared anthrax to he ono of tho
most dreaded of diseases found
I among animals. The disease also may
1 00 coniracica uy man.
Boost of 2i Per Cent
Allowed American
By Commission.
$35,000,000 REVENUE
A -- 1 Incom of Com
pany to t)c Swelled; Short
$43,000,0 Wage Hike
Grant Doesn't Consider Pay
of Workers; New Ap
plication Expected
WABIUNOTON, Aug. 13.- Au
thority to Increase express rates
12 1-2 per cent was granted the
American Hallway Express company
today by the interstate commerce
Tha Increase by unofficial esti
mates will add 135,600,000 to the
annual Income of tho company. The
commission's decision, however.
tiota not tatto into consideration tne
recent award of tho railroad labor
board of Increased wages approx
imating $43,000,000 to express com
pany employes, and it is expected
application soon will be made by the
company for nn additional advance
In rales to meet the new wane
Increase Milk Hate,
nates on milk and cream under
tho commission's decision are furr
ther Increasod to correspond with
tho advanco of 20 per cent for the
transportation of such commodities
authorized the rnllroads, except
whero thero are no competing rail
roads between tho affected potnts.
In the latter case, an advance ot
12 1-2 per rent Is nuthorlxod.
In touching on the fact that the
express company had been nllnwed
only about half ot the Increase,
asked, which was 26,16 per cent,
the commission expressed tho opin
ion that the full amount awarded
should bo retained by th" express
company Itself and that nono of It
should bo allowed to the railroad
cnrrlers. Tho commission suggested
that tho present express company
contracts with the railroads, under
which B0.2B per cent of lis gross
earnings go to tho roads for thev
carrier service should be modified
to accomplish this purpose.
On Day's, Notice.
Permission was granted the coin
pany to make new rntesf effective
upon one day's notice byflllng blan
ket schedules with tha commission,
hut thn company Is required" to re
Issue Its tariffs within 00 days of tho
effective date In the regular manner.
Nothlnn In tho decision, tho com
mission said. Is to ho taken as fore
casting tho determinations of tho ap
plications of the Adams, American,
Southern and Wells-l'-nrgo compa
nies for a continuance of their con
solidation to the American Kxpress
company or on tne proposer! new
contract between the consolidated
company and the rallrads, which
has been submitted to the commis
sion for approval,
Wage Seule Committee) of Itltumln
iiiih I'fctil ami Union Delegated
Call Session; Wnut $2 lkxwt?
Cf.KVKI.AND, Aug, 13. The wage
scale committees of thn bituminous
con) operators and union miners of
the central competitive field met 111
executive session hero today. In pur
suance of 11 request of President Wil
son, to consider a ehnngo In wages,
nnd, nfter organizing, adjourned un
til 1 o'clock tomorrow morning.
The miners held a caucus thN
morning without reaching a decision
on thu exact wago Increases they
will demand. The figure generally
mentioned Is $2 over the present
wage of ft paid tho men by the day,
who cnmprlso about 27 per cant of
the Industry.
Credit Men Foresee
Early Normal Status
DICTIIOIT. Aug. 13. Normal con-
dlllous In business will shortly re
place tho present depression, J, H,
Treegoo, secretary-treasurer of the
retail cretin men s national nssocla-
tin,, 1 r ,1 , In a unaAU h.r... ,h.
association's annual convention here
today. Lifting of tho excess profits
tax, Mr. Treegoo said, would do
much to restore normal conditions,
Oerge A. Iiwe of Memdhls was
chosen president.
ditchcavesTman DIES
H. It. Ijickey nf Slutwncei llellovod tn
sunn it.'1-ii .-MivHjii-rvu 1 mier
lite Tun nf Culling Dirt.
HHAWNBB. Okla, 'Aug, 13, Tt.
ft. I,.ickf, noikman cn city sewer,
was killed In a cave-In of a ditch tV.
morning, being burled under flvo
Ions of dirt, evidently being smoth
errd The accident occurred while
he was In the ditch with a Mexican
bracing behind -he automalte digger.
Hive minutes if'er lhecave-lh I.-ekey
spoke but when ne was finally un
covered In the narrow ditch, life
was extinct lackey's homo was In
fthawnee He la survived by a wife
and tlueo children,

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