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VOL, XIV, NO. 322
KoiiTr rorit pa men.
Memory Gone,
Labor, League, Tariff and
Agriculture Are to
Get Emphasis.
Address on Labor to Be Made
From Front Porch; Marion
Bodies to Be There.
Expects noise on tariff
Looks for a "Lot of Shouting"
Over One Issue; to Outline
a Protective Schedule.
MAUION. Ohio. Aug. 14. Labor,
tlio league of nations, agricultural
Issues nml the tariff aro to bo made
hcadllners of Senator Hardlng'i
campaign during early September,
undor a piogrnin revealeil hert to
day In connection with announce
ment of plans for the republican
nominee's first speech outside of
Speaks Lnbor liny.
The labor address will bo deliv
ered labor day, Monday, SopL 6,
probably from tho front porch. No
delegation lias been booked so far
to call on that day. but it is undor
stood a number of labor organlzn
tlon.i have asked for tho appoint
Agriculture and tho league are, to
he coupled In an address Sept S at
the Minnesota state fnlr grounds
between Minneapolis and St. raul.
In announcing plans for tho trip.
which will bo Senator Harding's
first speaking excursion outside his
own state since his nomination, ho
said no other speech would be mado
along tho way and that, his decision
to go to Minnesota was In no sense
a modification of his front porch
Tt KmphnslMi Tariff.
No definite day has been set for
discussion of tho tariff, but tho
nominee today mndo pla'n his pur1
pose to emphasize It as his campaign
develops, lie said ho expected to
see a "lot of shouting" about the
tariff soon, and that he would ad
vocate protective schedule worked
out by congress In co-opcratlon with
- tho tariff commission.
It was understood following a conference-
between Se.mtor Hording
and former Senator John W. Weeks
of Massachusetts, member of the
republican nominee's advisory com
.mtttee. at tho Harding homo hero
today that Senator Harding was
Ij'welt satisfied" with the progress
Mils front porch campaign was mak
ing, and ho wns determined there
would bo no divergence from It do
snite the nrewiiro of other republi
can leaders to have him speak moro
extensively olsowhoro tnatl .Marion
"Senator Harding will dellever a
nmnlu.r .if tmnnrtnnt speeches at
laifct it-rUcr of population as his
campaign progresses" Senator Weeks
Id. "Ho will, however, largely
confirm himself to meeting tho Is
sues 'of the campaign In addresses
he will deliver from ins "out soicu
from time to time."
Senator Harding plans to mnko
Ills trip to Minnesota In leisurely
fashion leaving here tho night of
September -el and slopping on the
way for political conferences. Ho
does not expect to travel by special
troln or prlvato car, but will have
nn ordinary sleeper reservation for
himself and his party.
The stato fair officials originally
had asked that the candidate make
VMs speech ther" Labor da.-uut ho
Moth Inipocls mill Ilxiiorts or Crude
Oil hlimv harae) 1 ncreiiM's
Out tho Mht Year.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 14 Despite
the nation wldo shortage of oil. ex
ports of crudo nnd refined oil for
tho fiscal year 1920 wero nearly one
third as great as Import, according
to foreign trado figures mado public
today by the department of 'com
merce , . .
Crude oil Imports amounted to 2.
S26,860,9O2 gallons .lleflned oil im
ports totalled 81.688,904 gallons.
, Exports of crude oil aggregated
Pli, 357.795 gallons, Canada taking
ihe major portion with over 308,
000,000 gallons. lleflned oil exports
amounted to 690,859,418 gallons not
Including 2.057,420 gallons bunkci
oil ladon on vessels engaged In for
eign trade. '
Oreat llrttaln led the market for
refined oil, receiving moro than 205,
000 000 gallons. "v
Compared with 1919 exports of
crude oil for 1920 increased bv ahoui
190.000,000 gallons, while re'lned ol
for 192 increased by aoout 208 00
001) r-tillnnH. Imrinrts of bo'h crm
and refined oh Increased nearly ont
, btllidn gallons.
Wire Flashes
LONDON. Auc 14. A senerat atrlfce
at a)l Italian vnfte ha been ilarlared,
acconllnr to a Milan dispatch to tha Lonl
don Times.
nrcni.l.V. Aiir. 11 Deeoile denials ct
tha Hungarian aovernmenl that llunaan
la mobilising; f'r war. prees dispatches
from Vienna today reported tnat nun
night and day.
ft OMR. Au. 14 An lmmi amount
of American Ite.l Cross stnrea atrod
icorllxa, Montenegro, has been destro)S'l
by tire, It ss reported from Cctllnjo
TAltlS, An. 14. --The bnbonlo plasue
he made Its appearance here. On death
and four cases of the, pl'tua were reaMs
tered with the public, health authorities
MKXICO CI Y, Aus. 14. Employee of
a Tamplco Oil company were held up
and robbed of SO. 000 peaoe while travel
ing In an automobile near ranuen, south
west of Tamrdco. itwaa reported today.
OKLAHOMA CITT. Aur. 14. Ilnlldlnr
bonda of achool district No. 11. Waahlni
ton county, totalling 3,t00. were approved
lata today by Assistant Attorney General
Cobb. The bonde were voted April II.
l'AIUS, Auk. 14. "11 the French cot
eminent darea to mobilise for war, It
will bo the alxnal for a revolution." de
clared Denis Cochin, aoclallet leader and
former cabinet mlnleter. at a great masa
meeting of aoctalleta today.
TOPKKA. Kan- Au.
14 Two Kansal
Ellsworth wr
cities Lawrence.' wd
facing ft coal famlna today. According
to advices from Lawrence that place had
leas than a day's eupply on hand. 1.1
worth reported a ecant two daya' eupply.
ClIICAno, Aur.' 11 A judgment of
tljss wa entered today against Mayor
William llale Thompeon for failure to
pay personal property tales. Thompeon ;
attorney nnnounced that tha caee would
be carried to the supreme court.
T.ITTLK nOCK. Aur. H.Vlo Tohay,
full blood Choctaw Indian, and a native
nbi.h.m. a , electrocuted at the
alate penitentiary here this mornlnr
tho murder of C C Smith near Hprl
dale, AtK.. lasi .-way. i u,.e,7. .w
TRIKST. Aur. 14. -Gabrlelo ivAnnu-i-V.-i.;
iw tha establishment
of the freo and Independent "late of
l'liima la Imminent, and that he plana
to attend IU conftnen alpnr the o-caiie.i
Wilton line of dtmarkatlon between Ital
ian and Jugo-Slav territory.
WAMUNOTON. Aug. 14 Commanding
offlcera of rerlmental and coaat defenea
unlla of the army who ln the rating ot
auperlor" and "aboNo the average will
be retained with their commande for at
leaet twu years, tha war deportment an
pounced today. The policy wae adopted
with a view ot obtaining and maintaining
tho highest efficiency, the announcement
Commoner, Jn Short Kutcmpornnc
oils Talk at i:nll, Says llanllnjt.
Cox Fnvorablts Ici Wot Vote.
KNID, Okla.. Aug. 14. "They aro
both .wot, 100 per cent wot." de
clared William J. Bryan, referring to
tho presidential candidates while
here between traln today. "Both of
thorn, in their speeches of acceptance
went off their platform In order to
Inform the wets that tho law could
be changed by congrem."
In answer lo a direct query aH to
whether ho Intended to take tho
stump this fall, he said he had no
plans further than September 1,
when ho will completo his lecture
tour. Mr. llryan wpeaks tit Xamon
this afternoon nnd nilllnga tonight
and will remain In the state for
about four days.
Small Term Schools
Don't Get State Aid
consolidated school district hleh
falls to support Its schools for tho
full nlno morhs, after having re
ceived stato sid. is not entitled to
slate aid the following year, accord
ing to an opinion given late touay
by E. I. Pulton, absistant attornoy
general, In a letter to It. IT. Wilson,
stato school superintendent.
Illinois ltl MlkeTl.
WASiiivnTON. AuB- 11 Hecld-
Inir tho application of Increased
freight rates to IIlliifHs torrltory, tha tho fraginenta of the past were
Interstate coinmerco commission r-cattcred again by tho lime ho re
duy ordered that a 40 per cent In- , cosereJ from his second accident,
crease apply on Inteistato traffic be- Then ho landed In Nnwklrk. became
tween Illinois inKi western territory. ,t,v im i:ii on i-AnTtvKi.vr;
President Picks
Takes Them
WASHINGTON. Aug. 14. Threo
kids, Just out of a Bwlmmlng holo In
Hock Creek park, wero picked up to
day by President Wilson, treated to
a 4 5-tnlmite motor rldo nnd dropped
out at their homo In town, so proud
tho folks there could not hold them
with a rope.
Tho trio had Just como from a
dip In on of the park's streams and
wero hiking along the roadside when
they saw tho white house car and
recognized the prcMdent. Off came
tholr caps and n Mr. Wilson ordered
thu car slopped, they timidly ap
proached and akked how ho was get
ing along . - , . .
"Hop in " said the president, and
ihnv honued
Ail amiic tlio riuo iney e.eii uu
eye on tha president and Mral WU -
iBlow Sent F. H. Peters
Wandering Over
Traveled as "Frank Henry"
Past Obliterated by
Blow on Head.
Daughters Investigate and
Find Father ho Fails
To Recognize Them
A Tulsa family has been reunited,
a father has been returned to his
true domain, a gap that extends 12
years Into the past has been bridged
and a mystery thnt was .shrouded
deep In the suspicion of death haa
been solved.
For Frank Henry. proprlotorof
a plumbing shop at Newkirk, Vj)tla.,
has been Identified as Krank Henry
I'oters, the husband and father to a
family of seven residing on South
Boulder, who left his homo in Oar
field, Ark., In 1908Wlth . large
sum. of money, and whoso where
abouts' wero nover known to his
lnvnd ones until Aug. 10. 1920.
Given up. probably as dead. It
hut been learned that return wan
dcrcd about tho country for more
than halt a scoro ot years under
the name of Krank Henry, his mind
a blank, concerning the past with
thn f.nnro but nn nbstract nuuntlty.
In tho nieantlmo tho family movsd
to Tulsa and has lived hero for throe,
ycara, with tho lost husDanu ana
father a few miles away. Hut ro
corded fact, tatigor than fiction,
tells tho story bost. '
In In 1908.
nack in 1908 Peters left Garfield
and cqmo to Oklahoma. Tho family
Ifatl formerly liven in mis state arm
Peters camo to collect .sonlo rd
, counts due. Tills he did nnd In ad
dition sold a team of horses at
lllackwoll. Okla. From there ho
started to Vlnlta but nover arrived.
On tho road he waa act upon by
robbers, his moifey taken and his
mind rendered blank, presumably
by a blow on tho head.
- l'cters la said to rcmonrber an ac
cident In which ho was badly hurt.
Uut ho Is Homewh.it confused In me
event which rendered the past out
of reason and a train wreck soon
after in which ho Was caught It Is
mere assumption that highwaymen
took tho funds for I'oters was
never known to have reached his
deatinaUon and according to his own
story ot later travels his condition
was llttlo better than that of a pau
per after the robbery.
Search Unavailing.
The family instigated a search. Po
llco in many cities were requested to
help find the missing man. Hut the
search was useless Peters had
dronned Into oblivion So far a th
family could ascertain, for he might
have been murdered and his body
concealed. And so they gavo It up,
and moved to Tulsa. -
How Peters recovered from his
wounds, how ho was cared for and
bow he existed may forever remain
a mystery. The man does not
know. He remember 'hat he
otartcd a seemingly emUcss wander
ing. His mind In a state of coma,
Peters remembers having taken up
iiriii lnborlnr- Jobs. For somo time
ho was foreman of a crew of sec
tion hands.
In the Kansas train collision In
which ho received his second Injury
Peters somewhat recovered his
memory but in a state insuuicieni
1 10 provide for rational action and
up Kids;
Home in Auto
son and answerod questlonH asked.
Water from touiled heads trickled
over their sunburned faces and
dronDCd on tho president's shoes-
One youngslf'T ducked lo navo the
president's shine and apologized, but
was told not lo worry.
Coming down Connecticut avenue
the youngest of the trio, a thin, frnll
lad nareiy s years oia, apn-u riu
ho knew nnd called to him by name.
Tho youngster In tho street dropped
a loaf of bread and gasped.
When tho klilb got out all threo
shook hands wlih the presldont and
his wife.'
"So long bo," one shouted to the
secret service man on the front scat.
The president lined Ills hat una
1 started home.
Miners Demand
$2 a Day Boost
From Operators
CLKVHIaAND, Aug. 14. -Hpre-sentatlves
'of the miners ot tho
Joint scalo committee or miners
and operators of tho central com
pctltlvo bituminous mat fields,
Ohio. Indiana, Illinois' and west
ern Pennsylvania, nt a Joint con
ferencu tonight, submitted in the
operators a demand for a supple
mental contract calling for n wage
' Increase of (2 per day to all day
and monthly laborers and on ln
crc.lsu of 10 cents po ton on both
pick and machlno mining, both
retroaotlvo to August 1.
Tho operators refused to com
mont tonight on what action they
would take on tho minors' propo
sition. They will meet tomorrow
morning to discuss tho matter nnd
Bald they would probably h.ivo a
reply ready for the) miners by
Charges Republifcaji Sena
tors Plan Annexing
the Presidency?
Says He Is Not Controlled by
Any Clique; Promises About
"When I Am Elected."
WHEELING, W- Vo., Aug. 14.
Charges that republican senators
aro trying to "annex tho presidency
to their domination," vera mado
ncro lonigni oy uoverpor tjox in an,
uddrccs closing his first pretention:
attack upon his political foes.
"The republican party has passod
Into reactionary control," thu demo,
crntlc presidential cundldato do
clared In his speech In a public meet
ing on the Ohio river front tonight,
following an early address to tho
West Virginia democratic convention
In which ho also flayed the "sen
atorial oligarchy."
Is Not "Tied." -
"I we 'not nominated ny'n sen
atorial ring, or any other kind of n
ring" said (inventor Cox at tonight's
meeting "1 decline to bo tied to my
front porch by a scruuorlal ring, I
deny It the right to hold inn there,
muzzled In tho face of a great 'pub
lic emergency and when I urn elected
I do not Intend that a senatorial
ring, or any other kind of a ring
shall own inc. I believe In tho con
stitution of tho Unite,! Stntes nnd tho
preservation of divided authority
between tho threo coordinate
branches as our fathers Intended,
each retnlnlng lis Independence, but
not exceeding Its function "
The republican senators purpoie,
ll.n .lAmn-fitln ulnn.1r,.,1 l....ir.r
said, with a fling at what ho termed
the "plural government" proposed
by Senator Harding. Is to muKu ox
i'1'utlve administration not thn nftalr
Of "thu repnnlbln president himself
but of tho ring that surrounds him."
"TcililjV Control Khorl.
Charging the republican party
with being under reactionary control
Governor Cox said thn late Colonel
Ilooscvelt'H fight for Its reform wai
of but temporary effect.
"nomination by political figures,
once violently repudiated by the
American electorate, Is unblushing
and undenled," Governor Cox de
clnied. "The men who control the
United Stiles senate are determined
Advice, from Mexico Pay Trnln With
Agent, 1,1'iiilrip; couiilry, Wus'v
. I V...... V T .. I
niMJ'J'VU .1 til 411111, 1JUII3IU.
SAN ANTONIO. Texas. Aurr. 14
Information received here todny by
nntlioriUnUvfi sources said that Dr.
Paul Altendorff, rccently-ordere,j to
leave Mexico as an undesirable for
eigner, had been taken from a train
nt Monterey, N. M while on his way
lo Novo Mrcda nnd returned to Mox-
Ico City, whero ,he hat been placed
In prison.
Altendorff's wife), who waa Mrs
Wallace Mclvor Woody of louhivllle,
Ky . has been In San Antoulo several
weeks an dhas brain without wor,t of
her husband slnco August 7, whon
she received a telegram from the
American embassy at Me.xico City,
Uaylng her husband had been ar-
I Advlres reaching this rltv today
Htntfd that the train on which Dr.
Altendorff wns being deported was
haltcj on orders from Motion city
nnd the prisoner taken from the
train, returned to tho capittl and
thrown Into prison
Tcludo IJeltran, Maxlran ronsul
here declined to common on the In
cident except, to remark; "Alten
dorff Is all right It 4 foolbh to
worry about him.' '
Both Sides Confident of
A Voctory; Campaign
ing Continues
Naval Secretary Sends Wire
Urging Dcmoctric Help -"To
Win Eeloction"
Seth Walker, Anti, Tells Pres
ident He Can't Sacrifice
.Peraonal Convictions
ItAI.irXlH, N. C, Aug. 14. Sec
retary Daniel got Into the fight over
suffrago ratification' In Ills home
slatn t.itilFht In a formal statement
the secretary appealed to "southern
democrats" to help win tho next elec
lun by giving their approval to equal
suffrage, and at tho sama time, bit
terly tuisatled defenders of the stato's
rights plea.
Tho ecrolary solemnly called up
on his fellow'partlsans to observe the
pledges and promises or tmur na-
tlonal nnd stato platforms. This nd
monition hn decried at both tho
North Carolina and Tennesson legls
NASIIVIM'K. Aug. 14. Iteplylng
today to a measure from tho pres
ident tho hope that Tennessee would
ratify-the suffrage amendment In
the Interest ot national harmony! and
vigor nnd of the establishment of the
leaiiersuip or America in an unerui
phticle, Speaker Both Walker tele
graphed tho chief exocutlva that thu
president wns "too great to ask It
nnd ho did imL bellovo tho men of
Ten n
in .wee would i
urrender hnneat
conviction for pollllcal
or harmony.
Fulls To Ainw, a
Mr. Walker told the president that
he did not attempt to express the
opinion iff other members of tho leg
Islatbro but spoke fur hlmsolf alone,
declaring his views on tho amend
ment were contrary to those of Mr.
The fnoaker-Js the lender of the
opposition In tho house and tho
aufft-nnlHta Imve rrirnrdiM Ills in
fluence as iino of their most tlltriciili
.obstacle. Until tile legislature con
vened Mondny he had been counted
niming those favorablo to ratlflca
, i
Although many members, of the
assembly were spending the week
end at home, suffrage workorn and
their opponents today continued
their campaign among those who re
mnlncrl In Nashville, lloth tho sen
ate who rntlfled tho amendment
eKlerdny, nnd tho house wero In ad
journment until Monday aflurnoon.
Committer- lo .Meet.
The hnusn committee In chargo of
the suffrngo resolution is scheduled
to meet Monday night to consider the
measure and a report Is expected
Tuesday morning.
Polh side still were confident of
United StntM Senator Tvlcltfillar
declared the amendment would be
"1 nm wire of the rlzo of thn ma
lorlty In the house," he said, "but
It will be ample.
Miss Hue White. Tennessee stale
ihalrman of the national woman suf
frage party, however, was not so op
timistic. '
"Our foes are not yet finally de
feated," she said, "they aro simply
desiierite and we must fight as
never before If we nrc to grasp th"
victory thnt seems so near at hand."
Pint of Blood Fails
to Save His Relative
HOT SPIUNGH, Ark, Aug 14
William llcst, who last night was
shot by his brother-in-law, NimI
Irvln. died In a hospital here to
night, although his assailant today
gave moro than n pint of blood In an
effort to savo his victim's Ufa
Girl Fights Bandits
Who Take Money Bui
Lose it in Smashup
PHII,AD!JI,PHIA, Aug 1 1 -
Held up by twn armed handlis
Pauline Iluvlnsky, 22-year-old
bookkeeper, fought dosperatcly to
retain possession of an envelope
containing 1 1,600 of her employ
er's payroll money which sho had
Just drawn from a bank.
She was thrown to tho street
and the mdney wrested from her
Hundreds of pedestrians stood
by The bandtta Jumped Into a
stolen car and dashed through the
streets closely pursued They lost
control and crashed into nn elc
vated railway pillar wrecking tho
machlno They got away but tha
moncyr waa recov ,
Woman's Bid For Congress
Imperils Hastings Chance
Allen M.
Itepubllran Candidate foV Congress, Fourth Oklahoma District. ,
MIhh Kobcrtson Is tho first woman candldatn for congress evor noml'
nnt..,l In Olclnbninn. Hbo defeated three nerfcctlv eood men for thn noml
nntlon mid iinhlii nlinnrvers declare
W. lliistltiKt) Iter democratic opponent, In November. Miss Itobertson Is
a successful bushier woman and
all her lite, nnu comes irom an rariy missionary jamny mat wns prom
inently Identified with Indian missionary work following tho civil war.
She was pontmlslrrss nt Muskogco during) the itoosevelt administrations,
and Is a womnii of unusual talent.
Expect Clarification if
Petitions for Ileeeivers
Are Granted.
Bondsmen Offer to Extract
"Mystic Financier" frbm
atnil ; Police Involved.
BOSTON, Mass, Aug. 1 4. Assur
ance that no further bank closings
aro likely as a-result of Ihrrcollopse
of tho financial dealings pf Charles
Ponzl, wns given tonight by Joseph
C. Allen, slate bnnk commissioner.
"The Hanover Trust company und
the Polish Industrial nsnlclallon
are the only hanking Institutions In
Now Hngland known to be lit any
way nffer.led by tho Ponzl failure,"
Mr. Allen said.
Affairs Intcrvuncn.
Tho Pnlleh Industrial association,
conducting n prlvato bank, steam
ship agency and other accommoda
tions for Immigrants, was taken over
by tho commissioner today. Henry
II. Climlellnski. president of the ui
Delation, Is also prislilcnt of the
Hanover Trust company, closed by
thn commissioner eailler In the
week. Affairs of the two Institutions
are hopelessly Interwoven, Tho
Polish nsKrielallon had exhausted
virtually all Its cash and Its loans
"are either bad or of doubtful
No bondsmen were forthcoming
tnijay for Ponzl or for the threo offl
cerH of ihe Old Colony Foreign Kx
changr company, tho "100 per cent
in ix months" concern, who were
arrested yesterday. Samuel Zorn, an
agent of the foreign ivtchango com
pany, uus relvaeicd on 120.000 bonds.
Hearing Tiut-ilny.
Definite clarification of IMnzl's
tangled affairs Is looked for If peti
tions for receivers for his aecurltlm
exchange company are granted by
thn fcdi-ia! court. A hearing will lie
given on these petition Tuesday.
Hankruptcy petitions were filed
against the Old Oolnny Foreign Kx-
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Duran
SPi:('lI, AtiKVl'S
2in Palace Itlilg. Phono 1S1
r 12
she will ns signally defeat William
farmer, has lived In Mukogeo nearly
His Caliber Gives State
Party Best Opportu
nity in Years.
National .and Stato Situation
Favorablo to His Election
Over Democratic Rival.
Bpeclal to Tha World.
the first time !i) the history of Okla
homa tho republican party has a
candidate for United States snnator
who really thinks ho has a chance
to he elected and " preparing to
mnko a sure enough contest. Horeto
foro thu reTiubtlean nomination for
senator has been more or less ot nn
empty honor nnd im considered oven
by tho candidates themselves, Tho
only other time republicans seriously
contested for a stntcwldo position
wus when John rinlds ran for gov
ernor against Judgh IJ. 1.. Williams
and tho only thing that beat him, In
addition to tho usual manipulation
of the election machinery, was a
third candidate In the field, whose
only hope was to secure enough
votes to weaken Fields. Fields was
beaten on "official count" by Just the
number of votes this third candidate
received. Many republicans con
tended that Fields actually won but
no contest was filed 111 his bohalf.
With J. W. Illtrreld In the race for
senator and the situation In the stato
and tho nation all favorablo for re
publican success, there Is evory rea
son to bi'ltevu that ho has moro than
nn even chance of defeating Scott
Ferris, the democrotlc nominee. In
tho first place, Ferris halt not a par
ticularly strong personality and thou-
Tl'IJU. ul. II -MiltmUB, It; minimum, S3;
sulii lnd5, nlear
AIIKASSAS: suo-lij part eliwlr. rwllilj wai
ter! above In east purUao. eaiarr la noruiwrst
p.irtlM. HwJo atrner.
iiKLAIIOMA. HjikUt fair anil wtrmar, llml
KAS8U1- Fair Sm anl Memlu. aaraior
sumUr kr,i in eturme ett prtftlm Mandir
KAST TKXAS B'lUilM part .lu'idr, ansettM r,er
lie nnft imimt In lrt.viir, llonUi enrallr fair.
Vint TKltl Motar fnerally fair, aarmr la
rairUl and ett nlocis. BiuU; rriKrall fair.
Roas tissrt
0KI.OI0H nn. Am 1 tus fair; Alts
fair. Elatll fair- DrHt-Irt hkhI: clKVirfab
eelleet; citvelire foo.1; H-lrtsfJia mtpttr; llevelanj
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Government Chiefs Begin
Investigation Upon
Anti-red Leader.
Satisfactory Inquiry Might
Pavo Way for Acceptance
Among Nations, Report
Latest Report Puts Them
Having Taken Another
Polish Towtm
, "i -
rtyTha Aseoeleted Pram
liluitiiin, Atigiisi 14. Krrmwn
hnbuVvIk: fmn rnplurrtt fioldnn on
Dm Wnrmw-I)nii7.lg rallmrul tntt
in inllfH northwest nt Minim, Friday
night, It ww lcnriml hero today. Tho
city wns only slightly ilumsgwl. Tito
Poles urn rrnoTtod to bo retreAting
to tlio northwest.
Tit The Asaorlataa I'reaa.
Infonnnl Inquiry Into Uio chaructar
nml iHilldc ot tlio nnll-boWioTlk
Inldcr In southern Tlnssla, General
Wningcl, has bcarun by tho govern
ment officiate.
No Immediate nnUdpnUon of roo
ocnlllon by tho United States ts in
volTcil, officials my, but should tlio
Inquiry develop satisfactorily, l U
thought puNslblo Hint the elements
clustered nlKitil tlio HiLiHlan leader
limy afford a rood to tho crmUon of
ixindlUoiiM In KusMln, vcrmlttlnic her
rcnoLt'ptaiU'O among tha nations.
Ouo IUHirt In
Ono'report on 'tho career of the
Husslan goneral already ha been
repclvod written by a neutral ob
server attached to the staff or Gen
eral Wrangel. It In said to be the
first authoritative summary ot the
ontl-bolshavlst leader's achVew
ments received In Washington.
Ocneral Wrangel, only as yearn
old, according to the report, began
his caroer In Uio Husslan army by
enlisting In 1901, a a private In the.
Norse guafda regiment, after having;
beon educated as a mining; engineer.
Though bin remote ancestora'are
said to havo como from Germany,
hU stock la ot llaltlo province de
rivative. ,
In DstlrurulAlied.
leaving the Russian army in 1902,
after promotion to a lieutenancy,
Wrangol, te-enllsted. upon the put
break of the Itusso-Japanese war
and won twice promoted for bravery.
Subsequently ho was graduated from
tho general staff academy and at Uie
outbreak of tho European war was
a captain commanding a cavalry
iiquadrou. Ho distinguished himself
with hut squadron AUguat 19, 1914,
taking a Gorman battery, for which
ho waa decorated wltb tho hughes t
Itustiian military order, th Croua of
St. George. V
1'iomoted to the lank of colonel,
hu was appointed as an aide to the
czar und later became a commander
of thu first trans-lialkal Cossock,
regiment with which July 1918. he
cuplured an entlro battalion ruid
suvcrul machine guns He was then
promottid to thu grade of major
gcnural. Following tho first days of tha
revolution, when tho successful Kus
slau offensive In Galacla was pre
ceded by a disorderly retreat, den.
eral Wrungol Is said to have ren
dered such scrvlco "as to havo pre
vented a great military disaster,"
SuivcHsriil C'nnilliliilo Hcoelvcd t00,"
i.-.l While OpiHMicnt Got KI),S13;
Democrat ltctnriis Coiuplctu.
flctal democratic tally sheets from
Okfuskoe county wero rncolvcd late
today by tho state election board,
completing tho returns on tho prl.
mary of that party August S, The of.
flcl.il sheets from Jackson county
were received early today.
Ilopicsentatlvo Scott Ferris, demo
cratic notnlneo for tho United States
senate, carried Jackson county by
i 270 votes nnd lost Okfiisko county by
m votes, brlngln ght tolal vote In
t,t, stitlo to 106 154 Senator Thoma
., ., " w,K-..H so "it votes In tha
i ;jorc received 80,.43 yotes in tue

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