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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, August 15, 1920, FINAL EDITION, SECTION-A, Image 17

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fHOM"nl UK.NT.ri HMHIllill u
CZr'tV 1 211 sleeping room f itmH.t ,
Bit t-T private family Usage 10
mt II At . I- - Nle coot sleeping toon! I
. . Kails, and u-t-a ft lirlillAiF. it
phone Osage 3S4J.
n 1 NT Houth front bedroom, t.ne or
or nifiti w,,h reference end breakfast,
K iron nin ri jnny, w
4 ?-uth Yorktown
W " w'! furnished rooms to reliable
r . r. tii en, adjoining bath. 406 South
t , .L Usage 7m.
t. H"iT a, 111 Sleeping room for rent.
h 'lei n grosurit. "Jt,ty,?...?.or- wo,'...
tfs l M1 W 401 One Urn clean room,
-ti ining bath, for 1 or 2 gtnllemer.
onng SO.O .
till ti NNI.. H, Hi" Sleeping room
r y furnished In birds. maple, 1
. .3 . t isela. 1 windows, south ex
I - c i-nhfi tlnpf hfitti Oftfliie RU9
v til. Urge front room, two double
iRilJwi, bath ounniKtlng, fir I vat en
t art on car line, references Inquire
A ment 8 " .yyn"ago 4013-11
r I Mrtoull. AItT"3uT Two" nTce-V'fur-i.sl
sleeping rooms, private entrance
, f !-
I . IS, SAT I. H . 123s -lipstalra sleeping
t r h with dressing room, cloee to bath,
rtj ther rof.mem, suitable for 4 gentle-
mrn Phone Osage 1773.
M Wt.T furnished rooms for housekeep
f bath. In coolest part of town. Phone
HANool). N. 7I3--Very desirable room
r gentlemen or buajne-se woman with
i without garsge. Cdar 17ft ;
ix-dT N H., Close In, comfortable, well
furnished, room for married couple or 2
a.tjr oenge Bill.
- 'M W . .'lt--Iveraon Apia , bedroom
nd living room connects, z blocks of
tiKNVKK-B. One sleeping room
ttltn k trhen rrlvllfirre; upstairs apt
Kl-itiDr 314--Hleepinir room" "for rent
n private home; i blocks weet of jmt
. f f r On ye 6405.
Ut HltV UBHhKNlltilt anilVlCfi. CKOAlt
i n? TTtKHNTH, W. 414 Nicely furnished
sleeping room for gentleman; adjoining
bsih Onsr1 7R 2 -11.
liKTItoIT, 8. 1234 Southeast front room
adtolninr bath, suitable for one or two
nrtvate family. Osa RB47
MfKl.V furnlfhed front room; prhnte en
trnr h"t water, Rtntlcmen only, close
in Onaa-e 87t.
1KS VKH, 8 . 4 1 Kumlxhed sleeping
rooms t wlndowit In esrh room
iJANpy "aieeplnB room: private entrance;
rlo In 21 South Ilowton.
frHT'.s a.. SIX One targe downstair
front room; nicely furnished for lltcht
h luskeeplnK , south and east ti"ure
C'CTIIRIU S., 424Nlcely furnished front
bHro'jm. private entrance, ndjotnlnit
t,ih nni nr two. rentlmnen rreferrei
slklnr distance, private family. Cedar
NICKliT furnished eleeplnr room; con
venient to bath for gentleman only
Oiage 4411
fiKHIKA liLB sleeping room for two Onage
113 Kor rent; 2 cood south
front rooma lor renuemen
osite 2S.
rAlllKsouth fro'nt room: rloe in. suit
shle for 2 gentlemen Oaage 477
NU'B sleeping rooms on
Osaae K93.
first floor.
CINCINNATI. P.. 1733 lively southwest
sleeping room; strictly modern home
-with adults to njftned gentleman: garage
If denlred. also modern servant's quarter.
Onige 7171V
6EVKNTII. K.. 113
glrls employed
-Sleeping room lo
CINCINNATI, S., 101 On sleeping room
ail modern convenience: clos In. Osage
1IOSTON, B. S3 Slacpln room for rent;
.1... n rmAm It
iiNTlir vvTToi Modrn aouthcaat icp- 1
Inc room for
rent; meala If dcalrcd.
renar 1771
&OXTON. H.. 11SI Irte room furnlahcd
In Ivory; nlca ric noma: wim oniy
fniicman with cood rcfarcnccs. 0at
IIKYKN'NB, S. 420--Two atccplnic rooma
for Kcntlaman Oaaga 3IK7
TI08t6TR JI0 : Wall fnrnlahid alcaplng
room ajljolntne nc!od furnlahed alarp-
inp porch; can accomodata 3 man or
ladlaa. muat bo aaan to bo appreciated
ELTJtM, S. 41 A I.arra bedroom. J
blccka from Y M A . aultable for
two centlemen. Oaaga AM.
NINTH V.. 120 .Sleeping room for rant,
lanr only
I:i(lITll v. n Two alecplng rooma for
centlemen. Oince 7213 .
I-LKKI'INO room upatalra, adjoining ha lb,
gentlemen; prlvala family. 310 ISaal
Sih Oaaga SSJJ
JirHNKTTK, K. 1S" 'urStahed room
for two, atao alngla room, enulh ei-
peaure, breakfaat; gentleman preferred
PE'Ttsp. yT, 1203 Tool, clean comfort-
able rnome. SR per weejr Oaaga CHS
MTltf;7 ji"Sleplng porch "and II -
Inc room, ladlea preferred flea go J&r
rpilRIA, S. J17 fhiee light houee-
keeplnc rooma. alao aleeplnc rooma
PKrnNtl. K 1203 Very cool. clean
rinm convenient lo bath' aleo aleeplnc
pnrrb IS 00 per week Owca IS
I.ATtilK enutheaat front room. wtndowa.
nnerllnc bath; referencee Peace SISB
DrWK.U, S.. 509 Nicely furnished sleep
'ng rooma for rent: apartment A-2
MHV miOCKMAN. 302- ftonthenat room
ror men. connecting nam "unif i "
MS'i'lXS'ATI, 8 .
""417 Lovely furnished
"wnm for rent.
MS'Tlt. W. 2M One sleeping room.
southern exposure, t or 2 gentlemen or
ruwiness women I'hone Cedar ' 33
r.KTnblT, f7 6lT -Kurnlwhed sleeping
fm modern, close In
fill SCO, S. M8 Southeast s'ceptng room
tn modern home for 1 or 5 ladles, walk
'ir distance Osace 7101
W ANTK1V-Young man to
genticman, private home
O.aga "S!
ror iAnTirri.AR rr.opi.H
this is tub ri.Arr. vou Aiti: look
inh roit
IS lovely front rnnma; extra large and
'oni elegantly furnlehed, each room dif
ferent deelcn; everything new direct from
fa ory muat be aeen to be appreciated,
rew building lual flnlehed; come and reo
lb. m llellevue Hotel 10. B Cheyenne
DrTftoIT, H, 1721 I.urge cool room with
nr,.akfaet tf dc.lred one or Iwo gontle
ni.n employed, private family Qeace 143
V"n It KNT -Nice clean eleeptng rnomT
dlolnlng bath; private family Cudar
lb ' TON. H.. 134 l.argo cool alecplng room
ath adjoining; modern home, gentle
men f'r'H RUNT -Nice cool alerting rooma eOl
"oulh noetnn
lRNT I . K M K N v.anta roommate; cloae In,
room twin bade. S 3 4 H Denver
l'.l PVKNTII, W . ill- Large front pleaa
ant room, private family, reueonable,
g.t I'emen Cedac 173d
i IIPYUNNK. H llll One Bleeping room,
per month; gentlemen preferred.
age 1133; ,
rrioiT. H., ltos ftouih room, adjoin"
"g bath Oaare 63S1.J
" I' KI.Y furniihed, hot and cold water In
"m cloae In. prlco
r. nil. men Otaga 4SSI.
IK" LDKR. R. 1SSI Nicely furnlehed
onlheaat room and aleeplng porch, Alan
' 'ely aouthwiat room, modern home lla
rga if dealredl reftrencea. Oaaga C0S9
AltriTKU, w tlT Sleeping room for
gentlemen In modern home; koiith e.
Po.ur on car line
S""K LAIKiK al eeplng room, adjolnln c
bath, private home; gentlemen only.
f'edr ie.
MAItY unoCKMAN AI'T.X lloom for
gentlemen private entrance; connect
ing bath jOaage SSH
NIC-.r Y "furnlhed "front ree"prng" room
'or gen'lemen garage If dealrcd North
ioe ( ed.ir I a
l1H riBNT In Ihe newly
remodele l
("Ivatlnn Armv Citadel 1 50 W Second
"reel nicely furnlahed room for me,
'"ly ei.clrlo ughte hni and coid run
rung water in every room baiha and
w Uui iwin. Jlixu rauarMUla. 1
1UM)MS I Oft Itl.NT. rtHMMIfr:i 11
l''NA!' " sieving
Txeni ,1J',,'"nK lath, private apart-
1(00 MS I M l ltNlslli:i( "u
BAHTUN, N . m II ... J h.r.r.lfr
lour (tmlomen. .,m In. .varylhlnr
'l!s ",'''ur"'"hd ""K'"l"f iiiCoZm
RTiom ih'"ii'"m'i iur ntltiKin l'lns
WANtKDli) yvunx Ixiy ,mpfay,il. room
:? "rlv,, family Call Ohii
Ij.KI ANlliooM for twoTnUirn";
hom rm.klnir. two ml r ilv, ln
lhl rmar.lcm 0 Wmi rlh ae lull
NlrKT.V IlirNTrmrUniSrltirToTirX
hom conklni, rvrr) thine mixlrrn
a r 7IT
IliioJt ami board tnr7"iit men, alo
FI11KT C1.A88 loom and hoard fi.r r'titlr.
mfti only, labia board alao furnlrhnl.
rhon c'fdar I Hi
HOJin CCiTiTlNO tttr. family alU;
iniw rraaonanin ,11
Phun o.aief
nij1ai.Uk. S", ii (iitrriin
?nT-ri,(lSTiorM and h..n7i for rn-
tltmen unly, ublr beard alo Ocdar
n r.m; to t;T
12.30 to 2.
tried Chleken Cream Oravy
'Ireen Corn
(ireen llearw
Candled Sweet 1'ntatoe Cnrnblnatton
Ice Creum and Cke
II 00
4ii iHoutti ontver
Merchant lu&ch, 11.30 tu 2. 40c. dinner
I 20 to 7:30. 60c, Marthj. Washington
Cafe, under new management. 416 Hjulh
in hini.sm m'.hvii'k ot rr.nr:i tt
Cl'ltl'AIN cfeaiitiig. cleaners of fine
Mrs c. w Totnllnson, Ossge
&3H9-H. Islfi
i: Hodge
(!?Jl?or -Kf7 451 'T
11 K r'l NI H 1 1 IN il iit high- gYad e electric
fUUiros, statuary, brtc bt c. picture
frames and hardware la an art of itself
and requires coirect equipment. Tills shop
Is prepn.rn.1 to do high-grade guaranteed
Webb lllecirlc Works. 0J li Third Hi
i: Third Ht Phone Cedar 744;
riXTCUli Hi;FINIrflllN(l We can re-
flnlih any electric fixture, carrying out
any dealt ed color scheme in our com
pletely equipped finishing department
Wibb Ulectrlo oWrka, 02 12. Third M.
Cedar 7 44.
Kor carpenter phone Osage 38 33. Addi
tions, alterations, estimates; free refer
ences. prices reasonabl e.
Kuril) motors overhauled for $25. Hquare
Deal Oarage, 104 W Second
fioUSi: cleaning
window wanning and
rarpe i iieatin g.
Call osage 4!
KOH It HAL truck service call W
Hsrtman Cedar 440.
I.KT MK repair your leaky roof or
carpenter work; work guaranteed. 1'hone
Osage U23-U
When in need of a carpenter. Call Osage
HAIK OOOl'M made to order, switches,
curls, puffs, etc. , old itches remod
eled Alice Klley. 1'hone Osage HOI.
KllCSr C1.A.H repairing of j!I kinds, old
or new work, all work guaranteed, best
of references. I'hone Osage 733C
announces the arrlvnl of her line of
lmnortprl fall mnterlals vrlvet.
Brrcc. iluvotvn anil novelty woolona,
12 W. KJfth street. I'liono Uaafie
KUI.K NATIONAL Delecllva llureau, gen
pal nrrice. in iil Ttiii. reorc.ema
Uvea In principal clllea of the United
Htatea and fanada. Tula office. HI
Iloblnaon il'flg rnone i-enar ena
fall llov Krva Oaaca 4128-J
FrOVKS and furniture repaired, alove.
bought; aold and
aichanced. Jeeaa
llnrigee Oaaga 47S1
ut tTTlir'HSKK- Iienovaled and recovered
retlirneil noma inc aamo uay. i noni
C Sanitary Maltreea Co.
It ua do your
Typing, addreaalng. folding, eneloajng,
tamping and mailing :il Aul llldg.
Oaaga 3S3.
MATT RHUS ICS renovated and recovered
apeclal reduction for August. 1.E0; all
work guarante. d Porter Mathers Co ,
phone Osage 116 , . ,. , , ,
Klfiaf ci.AS.s repairing of Kinds, old
or new work, all work guaranteed: best
of referenda Phono Osage 7356. . t.
Murphy I'f2 H Rokftrd
MAi'itt:.l'Kt nen'ivateu ana rsceerea,
retuir.ed home ths same day Phone
4U4H HsoHsrv Mattress Co
KUKNlTUUrl repairing, reflnlshlng and
upholstering doo right, priced rliht
Phone Osage 4J. Tulsa Kurutture Repair
l.KT Mr OVKHHAUle your forci for tl
I reorla, one block north end of car Una;
peclal pricea on oiner ium" . .
worl ciaranleed; give me a 'rial
AN AUTO mechanlo wno naa been In
Charge of a private ahop working SO
rr.rchanlca la novr at the e-rvlca of the
public at tin New Cnlveml 0';
Wet Tul Let him ahuot truubl on
you" "r ,
"iirii.iiiXH.ANn j;QVT7trtrTint4
i.i;T Mi;"flgiire yuui new and repair car
penter worR iJMt. J I
wTNTlTh Carpenter! "and palming work.
Ilepatr or new, done reaeonabll I'hone
Oaage S26. W. J. Maraha.ll.
Cement fontraitor. Jl H Golden Rt.
rnoneifaace an.
WB IK IIUILIUNO. repairing, painting
and decorating, god prompt ervlce
mii melt. Tall rW S74. .McKw.n.
CIIMKNT I'LOOKS foi aala by Ibe clear
aand in ciavn ... -
l.Al'K curtalna laundered anil dry cleaned
by experta. 1110 H flnclnnall I'hone
HASH linoTllKIlB ...-iroLOUUD men; I! pante offer. IS '
KANi:n. TAILOIIH AND llATTEftSf . wrlt, ,r f, Mmplea and tyl
You lUve Tried Olhera Now Try L' for
ounllty, Service and Price
Will Clean and I'reaa Your J-rlece-aalt
for SI SO
I'll ON K OSAOB 6S41. ,
MALIN Hmart gown and hloueea, JOS S
Denver I'hone oaaga 7J2
i;mi,iui-:.s H wearing apparel, ready
mada and made to order; pricea reaeon-
able at the Dardanelle baby anop, avt .
11ton phone oeage ,
f'l.AlN and fancy drrmaklng of ill
Klnna, reaunji im-ju - v" -
iTKLKN rilAI'v'l.N. amart gown tor ail
ociaalona. open cvenlnga; henutllclilng.
206 K Third Qage 217
HMsflTrlll.Vi and plcutlng. eltra wide
or medium width. Mnena. curtalna and
drarerlei a peclalty. We have the only
m.cWn. in the' city' VS..',h1,1,Vl?
wide work tin. M I" I'ollard, 1102 .V
Main. I'hone Onage H7
PITN"a"elng wanted at SOS 8 Lanalng:
worn neaiir uoue.
Oaage 2(3;
WANTKD pialn and lancv ewing at ia
I! gin a e w rk neatly done at a
reasonable P ce
, .... .m.ll.Mlilnff
. MIW.n ll- uu i;a a
and dreeamaking hop tu 11H S Main.
1IIKS HIHD doee your hemitltchlng while
,nu wait. IHU S. Main. I'hone 0age
RTOUAOK moving rat king oil f.eM trurk
get our prices Nichols Transfer and
Btorsge Co.
I'Al'KHIIAMIINO and J.rllnj In all
Ita branetiaa, r.tlmataa rtiaarfully tlvtn
V HHuthrrland;Jlalt JII7
irV7l fir t-claaa" palntln and par.r"haiiir
lnir call O. Ilfnaon. .hnnrOaai,a till H.
KIU8 C1AFB lalntnrand aprr" lianiar
wanta work by day ur contract. Kahn.
faa( U7t
W A IIIOMI'rION. I'alntlnt. paparhana
lnir and dccnratlnir. ctcellrllt aarvlca on
anort notlca Oaasa Sit.
WAI.irVArElt '
At reduced prlcia durinit Aunuali atora
will l open from 7. so a. m., to 12 SO p.
ni , and b p. m lo jS0 p ni riymouth
Wallpaptr, I'alnl Co. ill Haat Maoiid
KlftflT OI.AWI painter and papar bamrar
wanla work by day or contract. Kahn
O.ac nil
VOIl flral claaa palntlnr Xnd" papar ban a
Ing call Owaaa 7ll.
I.IMTKN' I.UUKI KKAIV l'lr.l clam paint
Inc paptr hanclnR varnlahtne, ataininv
and cnamaltnir 1'hnno littinett. Cottar
1 1 SO. 701 N Horkfnf.1
NOI1MAI. prheR for satisfaction In nspr
hanging and general house painting
Call J ,.P Itleharilson. Ossre IS15
i;.xrhUli;Ni'i:i rngtneer and ilmftsmitn
tiow emtdnyrd. wishes work after office
noura inine usage him,
Olf7 accounting and " aiiillllng soltclleti" fiy
experienced lompetetit su.lltor. Inroins
ta work a specialty confidential reports
snd Inestlgaii na , accountant, 1' O. Hot
17:: Tuls okta
iir.rAiiiiMi ami ur.MonrxiNO i
NOW is the time to have your f'.rnlture
reflnlshed and upholitered; our prices are
reasonable, the work will give satisfaction
Ue buy, sell and Tate furniture for esti
mate on work Call Mr Ktnerson. Osage
..ItT ua flguro on your new li
lume. or ra
modeling your fi
I.ucaa & 1 a ,
Call Cedar 1J1
contractors and builders.
about p. m
CAIU'KNTKU repair and planter repair
promptly don., l'hona number oaage
I'l.ARrnilK.'C and repair eura. pioinptlr
done rail Oaage 35S
Cleaned, turned and hemmed.
Tbone Oaage SII07 720 W
i:.Xi'i;iUi:NCKl) hotel clerk,
object Tetmtnnl Hotel 1 N
HOY over lfl to work In restaurant. Port
I and t'offee House. 621 W. Main.
WANTKD live partner In real estate Co,
must have car and have some e.
perlence, reasonable price to right party
2R ; ;. care worm
SaI.KHMAN to sell attractive propoalllotia,
sate manager will assist heads Kurnl
shed, Newport 2s Mayo Hhlg
H.L1.HMAN A man who Is capable of
handling big business And who Is will.
Ing to work. A bright prospect for the
right man. Pre Mr. c Ji. umptim, ui
vision Mansger, Hotel Tulsa.
W. NTK.I A good typewriter mechanic.
permanent position , gooit wagon. i;n un
WANTrJD Threo lumberyard managers
with oil field emerlmce. rtale age.
whether married or single, references and
salary ex per ted in first letter. Address1
bB6.1I. care World
110 00 lll.WAHD
for Information leading to arrest of any
person soliciting or delivering enlarged
pictures and claiming to represent George
iMiidin. rnone 'issge ns&i
111-: A DKTKCTlVi; UO-1100 weekly;
travel ovijr world . experience unnec
essary. American Detective Agency, tZi
leucas, ut. Ijouts,
OMJHKtS Men. wonirn. over 17, for rosial
mail service. S12& month. 1. laminations
August Experience unnecessary For fiea
pm-tlculars, wrlio J. Leonard, (former
elvll service examiner), 122& Kqullable
lung . yv asningion.
VOUNO man, well Aciiuulnted, wishes to
qriva neiivery ear fall Osage 7368.
A CUM PHI KNT and experienced sleno
grapher Apply Monday Iloone A Com
rsny 10U-1017 New Danle) Hhig
nnutv mks:nii:u hkiivjci;. ckdah
Young Men and Wottfen
Between 18 nntl 23 Tears
1 With
Apply by
Self-written Letter
Address B44-K, World.
fOllKMAN for eiravatlng work, digging
claterna; ditching, etc. I'hone Osag
A CAMI'AIUN haa been tlartrd. directed
and aupervael by the world'a target
taff of accotintanla and tmtlneaa effi
ciency expert, to eelect men who are
nuallfled to enter the beat paying profea.
alon - accountancy Accepted applicant!
will be placed under the direct aupeft
lon of one of our etaff, a certified public
arcountant and trained In the practical
procedure; you can be taken from the ranka
In the commanding eieeutlv. po.ltlona In
Ihe huelneaa world at ealarlea ranging from
12,000 lo S1O.O0O yearly If you can prove
to ua ou are worthy of training State
your age. edueaton. experience (If anyl
preaent poaltlon: phono number; all In
formation confidential Addreaa riox
S4S-M, care World
WANTKD phonograph aaleaman; nnil be
able to get reaulta. Addreaa I2S I!, care
MilS -Age under S& Kxperlenee un
neceaeary: travel: make eeeret Inveatlga
tlon. report Ralarlea: expenea. Writ
American Korelgn IJelectlve Agency, 510
Ft iut
KAIIN I2S weekly epare time, writing for
newepapere magaiinea. r,Tp-rinr un
necee.ary. detail free I're.e Syndicate.
Jf.T Ht Iiula, Mo
S2 panta offer. SS ault
Knickerbocker Tailoring Co,
Dept. I J J
One familiar with bualne. end of Caelng
head gasoline munufacture; muat have
perlence In obtaining g lee and
manglnr of plnt In general. Technical
knowledge dealrable but not neceaeary
Oood proposition to right party Slate age.
alary and eiperteneo In flrat letter Do
not anewer unlew prepared to give flrat
claei referencea 70S-K, care World.
WA"NTK1 Men of ability lo learn rollon
biulnefe, atapllng ana grading, na.l dui
In the aouth We etao teach correa
pondenre cnuree with type .ample. Char-
l.KAHN auto-tractor mechanlca In week
by practical experience; uig ueiuanu iur
trained men. S100 to 1100 monthly, our
Kree Hook eiplalna all llarilett'e Auto A
Tractor School. Oldeat and largeat In
nuthweat. lit N. Topeka Ave.. Wichita,
NKSn IP lO nrinm,
everywhere offering S 1 CO to S(0o a month
Twice more equipment and floor apace
used in dally prm Hi e training than any
aut hoti. In America Maiter Mechanic
,n.lrurtora and null method wo lloed to
train thouanda nf ecidler met hanlca in 60
day course vvrito now iur n,. inaoauv
llahe Auto II Tractor School, 2115 Oak HU,
Kirtr-'" uu, ma
iiM.r i.M:i Mi.r.
A ll 1 K' 1 1 1. Km m-o. e
he-eary we lustru' t travel tnake
secret Investigations. 8 is rise. eiienses
IHrtley Detective Afcf ncy. ft Joseph.
5lANOlt wSMAN"wanreVi( eafafy I-
full time, 7o an hour spare time; sell
Ing guaranteed hosiery to nearer Ht per
lence unnerestary International .lllls,
Nnrrlstown. Pa
l.K AN auto end farm Irat'tor mechanic
earn 1 1 00 td f 4 00 a month Learn by to
t weeks' personal training Master Me
chanic Instrnriors speeiai rates now Write
today for full Information and our liberal
IS day Trial Offer, free Kanaas Ctty Am.,
ami Trattr school, Dept 2Z1 fifteenth A
I ydla Kannas rily M
W ANTKD -Kour men be'iwren ages of 21
and It , university graduates or the
equl silent ; to be trained lor Administra
tive positions In targr Oklahoma rorcwra
lien "starting salary about $1)0 pet month
Kxretient opportunity for HdHiicement
whb'h Is depf-ndent on merit No prevlom
ex pel lem-e net reanr) tn unsvs prtng give
age schrtnling, and brief nn other In fur
nation whkh you believe will tie of In
terest to a prospective employer. Addrts
WAN TBI Ifc pfaitl'Tal ceaK rnTnera at
our mines, four miles east of the rltv
on Tenth street road, union mines, no
trouble, a re ent contract Insures stesdy
work, free bus operated twice eaah day
for benefit of all employe living in the
city, pltty of houses and a store at mine
Phone or write Peter A damson Coal and
Mining Co. at Tulsa Okla. Phone Osage
W A NTkTT e p s r I en c ed "Volorei. pr ester".
must te good on men's and ladles'
riot be fhone Osage 60(1
S ANf RlP-'rlrst clasa" brr'bcr, good JoT
for good man Phone or write Wm
lievsna, Jenke. Okla
WANT15D Intelltgrnl ..fftcn hoy over' lt
years otti . permanent lob. good chanc r
for promotion Apply itoom 416 Unit
liooKKKP.PKIt- Man over 30 years of age
with a thorough knowienitt or iook
keeping who can also learn tn handle
certain eiecutle work; must be aide t..
furnish lest of references and bond tn
secure the handling of rash, ektelleni
opportunity for advancement to right man
Answsr in own nannwriting gmng nam.
of former employes, length of service, sge
snd satsry ei peeled All applications
treated confidentially Jinx 400-D, (aio
A-l ADVAM'i: msn for Hajah Hanoi, Is big
Mystery shuw; phODt iiuirk hotel for so
point men t.
KXCK1T10.SAU prufltaMe opportunity r
rooii salesman: can use part or a I or
your time Ossge 201.
WANTKD to hire, man with automnhlln
tn demonstrate an automnMl neressltv
state amount wanted per day. Answer
Aorii &40 i
IV.VNTKI- -Presaman and press fitters
apply Palace Office Hupply, 211 S
Hon bier i
W ANTl'.D Intel. Unit young man ti
handle cost system and key books In
frlnt shop one with eperlnce preferred
alsre f)fflr H.ipplv, J IK H Iloulder
WANTBle- Sslssman' with Kurd car lo
tall lubrlcatlne oils and ic reuses ainl
olher petroleum products Karelient pay
minor ninny ror anvancement male
salary eipected sod give references in
nrut lener Auuresa noi uaiannma
City. Okla
PoHTUll wanted at I.a Halle Motel Osatr
WR have opening for stock clerk time
keeper, cashier and several good general
clerks. Addroea 03, care World,
MVIi WIItM employement service, em
ployments experts, &20 Qulncy Itldg ,
Denver, Colo, let us do your wotTylng.
no charges. Write or wire
JOIN Till: AHMY llecrultlng officers at
Oklahoma City. Tulfa. Muskogee,
Chick asha. Ardmor and Kntd
Can eecure good pniltlona, by aeelng me
before Atlguat luin; you rnuet nave hi
leaat a grammar echool education, and
ambition to make good
Thle la a aplendtd opportunity for young
women wlahlng a permanent poaiiion. pro.
motion dependent entirely upon your
ability and merit. In clerical and uper
vlaory poeltlona.
II TauI. Rupervleor of Kmplnyment. room
205 Calumet llldg. phone Oaage 2100
Office houra. i a. m to 1 p m Hundaia
a m. to 12 m and 2 to I p m. S. W
Hell Telephone Cn i
WILL give girl aleeplng iiuartera'for amafi
amount of v,ork 12 N Cheyenne
WANTKD Woman for cook and general
houeework; attractive aalary and aleady
poaltlon for one who la willing to work.
Apply lo rarla l'a.hlon Hhop, (15 H. Main
iirilllV MCS.SI'.NriKH HllltVU.'n. CRDAft
WANTKD while maid for general houie-
work: one who la capable ami thorough
ly experienced, none other need apply
Call at SOS U. Run Vlitu. I'hone Oaage
87 JL .
WANTKD young lady atenograpber: aomo
legal experience necoeaary. aubntantli.1
alary to right party. Inquire 411 Hecurlty
Itldc. .
SaITKHLADIICH to aell attractive pro
poaltlon; ealeamanacer will taalat Lead
furnUhed Newport. 2 Hayo llldg
WANTKD girl for general houeework
ICS! H tloeton
KXl'KItlKNCKI)"beiiuty operator wanleif
American jieauiy rnop am n imuiun
for Information leading to nrreet for any
peraon olliltlnc nr delivering enlarged
plolurra and claiming lo repreaent Oeorge
Studio I'hone Oage SS&S
KXI'KltlKNUJUJ ttlnuner and maker Ap-
n v I'n ark & Co.. millinery aeparimcm.
217 Honth Slain.
WANTKD tllltl. grneral liouee work
miidern eervant'a nuirtera rnone uag
1(72. llll Koulh Uuthrle
WANTKD dUhwaher. 10 a fi Cincinnati.
o.age (101
AT ONCK five bright capable ladlea lo
travel, demonstrate ana eeu neaiera; i.n
to 75 per week, railroad fare paid Write
at once, (loodrlch Drug Co, Dept. SOI,
Omaha, Neb
f ildfOI'LAYrl. 5,000 Ideaa
anl augges-
tlone wawei
worklnc girl paid ilo.ooo
for Ideaa ahe thought worthleaa Writ'
for free details. I'roducera laguo (i,I
St lxiuls. Mo.
OOOD "renogra'pliera are requrale.t, to 'file
the r name and aunress wiiu me Lnmr-
wood Typewriter Co, 110 Kast Hocond m.
lUve positions open for good tstenog
rsphers. HAI.KHI.Al-iY to sell Interest lit (irnducliig
nronerty turning invesmieni every
monilis re-ori ms niwi. nniK
illltl. for cooking and general hou,ework
S16 H. Zunls or plione lings 73D1
IlKKINKD and capable housekeeper iy
pntinlM eninlnved. 2 cbl drsn. ca Satur
day afternoon or Sunday. 1301 M. Haiti
mere i em 11,
ANTKll--- good ro"ok"at Oounty Horn
TTri.NU DONi: 1'llOMfTLY
aod accurately
also multlgraphlng, addnaalng. folding
and mailing
Oaage SSSS
Ault llldg.
WANTsYD- White woman for hou,ework
In family of three, muat be good cook
win v rlrst claaa wacea If you oari fill
the bill Apply SS6 H. Zunla l'hnne
W rfqulre Uio sorvlcrs of rxpor
Icnceil niilcsladlcs for our reatly-to
wear anil millinery ilcpartmonls;
Boor falary mul gtcady poslllon
Apply to Tho AUvanco Khop, w
WANTKD responsible lady to work Tn d'y
cleaning department aa marker and
checker good ea'ary Terry Miner rlean
ing Work- 11 W Archer l'hona CtiUx
nr.l.r A.rri h.m.m.i:
AMH While il i-r middle aged
Wdinait f! general housework. Including
washing, ro nmklng a convenient tvom.
board and good pay to one willing to
work, ho others need apply. Ask for 1
Feonberi; in person only, no phone calls
U1I lbs answered I1 I'.sst Tlrsl.
OI?Tt buatieaa Is Increasing, we must liave
more help Can use four more girls tn
different departments, good chance of ad
vancement Hohnereld Cleaning Works.
211 Cincinnati
fit tTTkK l-iT: PKH HTKXCH I It A P 1 1 iTu, one
capable of man a nin- an office Call at
107 isoulh Main
UANTRIf Mnohkeept ha has some ei
perieru e In ilouble entry bookkeeping
Apd In person Htiiiday morning at the
lien lllsoult Cumpan), 111 wl 1st
omiM or oood ciiakactiiu
are offetett permanent positions In pleas
ant and Inlerestlna work with etcellenl
environment and good pay from the start
llrliig your mother In ere the office
M. ThomsH
Hoom 31? tu M Moston
VANKI mtdUle nitetl wn'min to wtTrk In
-MisMlnn house near onton. rtkla. tip
al UHalk t.1ns-aai Una ST K (ltl. fit, I. 1
ltC'lll.li )uur saury amT ehaiu-ea (nr
promotion ur attemi ins the tu sa limi- ,
net eollefe, day and evening school for
your convenience. Phone Oesse H3I for
tnfisrmatlon or an sppnintment
"AMhii -a commnatiMii tHMhkeeper ami
stiiesiafiy , steatly wrk and irooii phI-
nrv Apply at once PeUly A Hon. Hkla
k i 'kla
UANTKI 10 rlrls. Ifc to yesra f
aire, fslr eilueatlnn aid gnod sp
("irance. to take up locsl and hnc dls
lance telephone opsratinr course, must
hate clarsrs trained to replace employes
when school t if (tins tn Sepicmltet Apply
room tnt Cftl timet Hull-tin sny day. In-
lUdina nundsv H w. lieu Teieniione
II l'.l, 1 MM. C. AMI 1'KMAI.ICf 40
MAN or man w Hit m ro-imI i si. psrt
time Add i ess lint Ml C cure World
MRI.I. T IIIKB--iilrn-t to tar owner ioi
non-sk d 11176. tuhee IJI1. other sliss
In proportion . Kuarsntd cost) mites on
llt'cral adjustment basis, big rttnmlsslons,
eipertenre or rspltal unneresNry An to
Tirs Clearing House 1&00 West Klfleenth.
AUKNTK coin money sninic "brussels.
fiber brooms, trlidn value: corn broom.
sample postpaid tl IT Also Fsnltsry
lirushea (Tamer Co. 119 IV Main. Mr-
Alester. Okla
Sl'.NIi for free tulle t soup sample and
f 10 rash refund offer I.acussla Co ,
Iept nOf, HI !ou1, Mo
HIII.Ij Kno tilo Inner tires, double mllesre.
prevent punctures ami tiiowouts, every
mr owner Interested, show one; sell four
tlc profits Write today. Kno. bio Inner
Tire Co. tlrand Jlaplda, .Mich
8AT7KS.MAN" for Oklahoma Varancy, per
manent position un oin nouse. sen
Jewelry departments, general trade on un
usually attractive open account terms.
Jewelry selling eiperlence unnecessary .
expenses advanced against t liters I com
missions. H1emanai;cr, K00 Woodward,
Petroll. Mlfh
1U0 MtiNTHIY selling new pstented fuel
vaporlier guaranteed In save up to 60
per cent gasoline, 40 mltea per Rsllon
made with Kords: sold on money bsck
Kuar Antes; one ssmple free Htrsnshy
j'aporlrer Co , Pukwana, Houth Dakota
A Hi: YOtf maklnit l.liOjper year if "riot"
wo will show ou how. Pred Wolfganic
made fb.000 last year. K, J Uosllet aer-
agea 90 weekly; Mrs Walton of Indiana
makes 1160 earh month eelltnr ruaranteod
msde-to measure lalterlv ICnmblnatlon
Htonn auto and top coats, C4 mi m pie tn
select from lllg rash commissions tn ad
Vance No sir I it i Inn ui lloi tlnK Wr
furnish complete selling outfit free Writs
st onre for particulars The Liberty llaln-
coat Co., Itspt Dayton, unio.
SIOICUNKfalesmen. every person In
business Is a prospect for advertising
oenrt la. we have the most popular line at
right price; liberal commission paid In
full; Immediately upon acceptance of
orders. Paramount Pencil Co. Commercial
llldg NasMllla, Tenn
A UK NTH. 13 tO an hur selllnc guaranteed
water nroof kitchen spron , needs no
underlnr. sell to every home; dainty,
durabls economlcAl blic money .Ha in pie
free Thomas Apron Co. 71 Top Hi.
Dayton. Ohio
A11")NTH--M an hnur selllna- gusretnteed
bnslfrv fk snsre time, itosltlon permati-
ent. Increased earnlncs for full time Write
Thomas Hosiery Co, 171 1 Ames Ht Day
ton. Ohio
A J 10 NTS. IS an hour; newest kttrhen tirf.l,
every woman win use nmea uauy.
easy seller. big profits Hrimpte free
Thomas Tool Co, 718 Hat Ht , Dayton,
fiS DA1I.Y selllnir Ambertdd Oolden lleauiy
tinbreuksTiie comos. Kinu ynu can tin
u iih u hkmmtr. write factory for whole
sale pricea. Amberoid Comb Co, Leom-
ntster, Maaa
MAKi; $ per hour selling 'olumhus rain
COStS 10 your inrilUS. miiin nin.sn t--
first dsy spare time lllg profits, sample
free Act nulck. Columbua Halpcoat Jlfg
Cn , Columbus. Ohio .
HtKh-grade aggressive salesman to rep
resent an old established corporation with
iiim.aitnii nf insinnisni We manufacture
a line of high-grade epecialtlee that are
reartlly sal ea Die ana in nsinann 17 u
kinds of large corporstlons, building own
eie. municipalities, power plants, school
kaii ntint-iriunitiM hts unlimited
Contract with salesman guaranlers salary
and eipensea. Also liberal montmy uonua,
on trading specialties provide also for
bonus over quoia. Applicant rc-rriTPs
Diniough teaching and practical trslnlnu.
Do not apply unless you can show it clean
rerord and furnish flrat class referencee
ir vou Hre h imsiier wun a ciean recorn.
dfslious of making permanent connection
with larite remuneration, apply at onte,
giving address and teiepnone numoei.
Address Hoi 4V-D, care World
WANTKD- IJiperlenced 'saieamsn to sel'l
city property, with rstsbllshed firm
it nod compensation , automobile rejulrd
Phone Ossae 4i His lrtt, Tulsa, Okla
WANTI.D" Haleemsn with small truck.
excellent proposition for high clas4 man
llox m-H, caie World
lAItOK eus'ten cont ern opening branch
office in Tutsa aesirea live saissrnen .
cnmmlMlan; iontrcta See me Hunday.
Tulsa Hots) C I' .1st n son
HAt.UHMKN with established trade among
retail merchants, to rry complete une
of union made, one piers overalls, com
iflselon basis Utility usrment to . unl
et, ro . , , ..
O MtTHIIiK'H Iron Itusf-HoHp Co. 4054
Ismgruster Ave, rniiaaeipuis, r.,
Manufacturers of the only nrliclnal Imn
HuH Hoap, wants agents Trade mark,
pilnt and copyright registered In U H
Patent Offlre This sosp removes iron
rust. Ink and unwashable status from
clothing, matble, eto , like magic. 21c
tube lllg profits
VAN'TKl- A reJ estate salesman wtlh
csr, to begin work at once ch M J
(lisas A Company X,', -
AOKNTK "itrverslbie 3 Hi l"ralcoat and
overcoat, new (Sever on rnerket before
credit given, outfit free Thoniss Hslucoat
Co, 6711 Marne Ht . I y !" jfJl
lIxTKKIKNCI'JlillreVN'fo-wearer salesman
for Nation's hest all wool one prised
tnllored to measure men's garments, quick
r..mmlssl-r.ns. don t pass this up, write me
quirk It's a money maker W I Clay
ton. Males Mgr.. .leneral Delivery, 2alas,
rNHP'PKNPKNT portrait men If yuu are
striving to build a pertAsnenl. sub
stantia!, profit paying business, you must
have quality goods first and always; you
must t.sve prompt and reliable shipping
service always, you must have also ex
perienced, live wire, cooperative cor
respond nre
AI.l. who have built big peylng selling
organisations have surceeded through
strict adheranre to these principles and
the exsnloe of shrewd Judgment In the
sitlectlon of such business connections,
look around you and se
Till? Ieaeh Art Company of Kansaa City
employes forty-flve of the best artists
tbat can be assembled and operate the
most modern print plant and studio In
A me Mr a snd maintain the most efficient
ties build tig eorrenpondf nee depertment
tiaaed on twenty veara of knowing how
epenen. our organ. xanon win render
u reu-' snd uniform qua'lty irrvn e
a id sae m opera't m act now and get
inn the business right Ieeeb Art nm
psny !10I tUeT-ad -Lvak. Kansaa Clky
S tlJ.HMI-.N (Ml ll.rstl II
V.NTKl A Un teal eslaic sal.pnian
with par. to g. ti wtk hi nn r I'ltone
OiMge or t edar 1S.1I M J lllaaa In,
liver I'alaee Theater
L1VH wire real etati ea.enian wauled
Call Monday Yadnn Inveatment t'o . 1U
Security Hide.
ID. 008 NRW limine t unblnatlnna Willi
our are-at free offer sold In 'inc week
wllh the graatest ,arlet of valuable and
useful easy, qulik eel, ere eirr offered,
ample ffeo. I'nlteil Soap Wolke. IT
l'arkl'lace, N Y . '
c.M.HHMAN. high ilasa apeclalt) lee
man, one acquainted Mlth automobile
trade preferred, tu all on Tulsa trade,
permanent poeltlnn wllh wonderful op
potlunlty for future aiUancement I'hone
Oaage Hi for appolnlmenl
AI1KN1SI wanted IHe wlrea rati make ISO
dally elllna new It II olive ilrab weml
blankele, new wool shirts, ralticoata army
style Munson last dreaa shoe diiutliern
Trading t'n , Spatlanhurg H r
f Al r.o'TiTSlS MTlaame'n aell mei?s "eiieVTal
order sulla. oierroals, best taluee. )ow
eat pricea, want big prndurere, state ei
perlence Write for fall-w Inter sample
line l.eed. Woolen Mills. ISO f4 I'ranklln
TifirriiTTllilY HM.MMK wV "Valil "Ti
capable ageuta at once tn sell new IS
pound gaa plant for kltrhen end healing
atpvea; men who can organla and place
good auh agents In counties the country
over This burner Mima kerueene, ! aura
economical. quickly Installed. and a
wonderful seller with coal high and
arane Com missions unusually liberal
Whal teriltory can you handle Write
Wonder llumer Co. 110 Iron SI. Daylon
llfSTIirnt'TKIt wanleil In every town for
Sneedollne; lino to li"i per moiiin
elusive territory automobile tree to woik
era. Speeilollna Co, Dep Dallas. Teias
Af'vili'NTANT open f. r "engagement ali-iut
Aurust x. oil riperience. imnnr iir-
countlng. etc Address Hon i 11. care
World .
WANTKD carpenter work by ifay or Jul,
rail osage a.i, i
YOVNO MAN 1 years of see. Mill school
duration, deelree position wllh lafge
firm Willi chances for advancement . can
use typewriter, best of reference Ad
dree,, tine US 11. care World
AN KXI'HIIIKNri'iD alaimnary iiieman
and engine operator wania rimui i"-
alllon Addreaa S50 World
((SLOItfil) chauffeur with I years ex
perience, will urive lor ioi.ir i"im
or company Aildreaei lioi hi r care
World . .
WVNTI'.D f'oslllorl by yiiiing man 1
four eara eiperlence In claim adjust
ment and secret Investigation, good mler,
reference furnlahed Addfee SIT U, cate
World ,
toONO MAN ti. wishes position aa gen
eral clerk, or will go anywhere, ai
Iravellna companion. Address llo Sll-11,
... World
Bil'KitTlJNrBD cnrporallon
would engage to nil company as travel
ing auditor on part nr iu r nmr
111-11. care World
AN "KXI'l.illKNt'KI) maffied farmer
-...i. ...,! Isb. aniall family nr a
sawmill Job lloi SSI. Porter, Okla. Phone
AN HM'lllllMNfKl) married farmer wanla
sleNdy Jon wun nouse mrni"o-i .
family Address Itog 11 li care w iiriii
t AM a Chicago man, yeara oi age.
I ......I.., t.sve IS veara ill-
perlence In 'telephone and electrical work
In various branches, can handle men and
give results Charier i."car, .u, ..
flouslon Ml , Osage 110
iithin"wntT:1 AUirled man, IS
yeara nin. empioyeii si i'ir.ri ui
aiiufaeluilng cincein aa credit managar
..,.1 rhl.r srrniinlaiit. Is dealtuua of lo
cating In Tulsa l!perl accountant with
college educallon. member of the bar of
lie accountant etamlnatlon , capable nf
giving nund legal advice Prefer place aa
credit manager or auditor, can lulnlsh
aplendtd references, for further Informa
tion write nr wire .1. D Kennedy, 14
llaldwln HI., Chattanooga. Tenij
YolINtl MAN attangcr In iltv wanta any
kind or labor. Lall usago
ti.-i'iin7caiT hai.khma'n
Klnploed with wide eiperlence In
mechanical electrical work, wanla poal
tlon with machinery house. Addreea
1ST-H,,rare World. .
("AIIPKNTkIi." repalrlng and alleratlona
Call Usage lS .
TIlfJCK DIlfVKIl al years etper'lenio.
familiar with all makea, dealres situa
tion with oil corporation or olher large
firm Call A KTlma. Oaaga S0SI
KAPKIlTKNtTKD accoiinlant"" and office
man. now employed by large producing
nil company, deslrea to make a change,
rapable of taking charge nf accounting
department Vot Interview address tjll..
care worm
fTltPKlTTKIt wlsbss repairing and re-
mndellnr5age S6i
KXPiCMTKNf'inVirumper. 4 yearai wants
position at once; will investigate upon
receipt of card or letter Hel of rer-r-encea
Address (I F P. ox 30 Jsnks,
fikla. -
iTTATlosiM "ivTsfici rr.M am
I1Y vOUMl" woiiun"w1th etcutlve ability
responsible poslllon. thorourhly
perlenred In bookkeeping, slenographv and
office management, references Address
I; P M care World
WANTi-f Position byrnmptent y.iung
lady with reneral office experience.
Phone Hsags H2II.
KXPK'HIlNt'KI stenographer and dicta
phone operator wants position In city
Ossge 4tT ........ ir
WANTKII aliosltfon iss housckerperhy a
refined middled agfd lady,
11 tihone
1461 or .09 Khawnee uve.
UDY wishes lease oi
house on i om mission.
run rooming
Address lloi
Ill V. ca i e World .
lPKHlKNCKll" young lady who' is now
employed, desires a position as book
keeper ur (cashier) Atldrse H-K. tare
f.AtiT desires position aa housekeeper
with well-to-do gentleman of city. Call
fisage liii-n
U K P 1 N KI i Vl n g le lady wishes position In a
nice iiorne 10 n nuuMwms. ninn
family, would consider housekeeping Ad
dress llox iXJK. csre World. .
TOCNU Iady bookkeeper and typist, two
years xperlenre, c an begin work at
once Address box lj-l, care World.
VO'UNO lady "having two years experlenV?
as toucher bookkeeper wants position
wllh reliable firm. Address llox 3tl-I.
EXP lilt fKNCKO s'tenngrspheiT desires
stenograph!, or lerlcal work Cedar
'lll KSi;M OPPOKTI?NlTIP.l 41
MllAT MAitUKT, a toe It of groceries for
sale, futures ann siock aooui -h.bvu,
doing 14.100 rash business a month now;
will take Involre price owner going Into
auto tire and nceseory business, must sell
In nail few dns. Cedar 1091, for In
forintlon BTATi; IANA(li;ilB WANTi;i.
New acetylene generators
Investment required. bank references,
(oral salesmen made 1300 last week Men
with (are wanted Strictest Investigation
Invited, fully guaranteed and 100 per
cent efficient. Ossc" 79.
AiiVKlTriHIC 7worda in" 10"o"mnhiTes.
1. lflo wecklle. U. 30 Mr dslllsa, 17-0
Cope Agency. Ht .J"'?
VKH MONTlfes'sy "iiofhfng to ITuy
or sell, enclose stamp for reply Custar
Orug Co . Custar, Ohio
the Kvans well making 1.000 barrels opens
btg territory In Htephena County, Okla.
AND HKP. yo. HTOCK at lie ON Til 15
W A N T rl I - I fe t" aTl a t iVr e or any V?inh
business south r aouihweHt titata price
and description June-i l t vi, Huren Ht ,
i btr-ago
A i 'TP .NKI.hH. make 100 a da, up I
weeks -'oursa starts Hept 4 World"
largest Auction school write twiay ror
i free c-italog, Missouri Auction fakbool
JXsl JJldjy, J-4iuia4i aty. 1U.
IIIMINKM.H liri'llKll MTII'.M It
III. AM. Tlll'.AIMt Wcbh I It) Mo, for
lease stalling S, pt 1st cepai Ity nearly
I.SoO. stage and theater equipment both
for ii turn and . "inblnallens, lee must
be etperlenced and respunslbla pletiirj
tuinager Sliatlurk Inveelment Co, 80S
Victor llldg Kansas I'lly Ma
MOVfK' -i flKATKit" r-olt SAL!! -T"VT
In ftrat claee city of l.d In OklahAma
lead and tine field doing gnoil bualnawa,
brick building. oo ihslra. large alage, S
pianos. 8 maililnee, both alternating and
direct current for powor elant floor nice
lobb. eelcirlc sign house In good run
illllnn, a balgaln If taken at nre Owner
of lease haa ton man other buslneew irn
msltlone tn look after A, I, lies, August
Mayerhoff. Coml-eree. Okja
haish run WAtinn or
Hare eieepllotially gnl protMatlllon
for the email Intaatnre In ailliia nf SISo
In SSSS on either eaah ur liberal patllal
pay plan, wherein juiir innitey la mn
ply secured and ihe eaah yield around
IS per cent pine a neal apeltllilllallon
aictulbg to yuur riedtt In the aurplua
fund If your money la Idle or not
earning what t should phone me. t will
gludls tell you how yoii pan raise the
wagea of your dellara
I'hone I'edar I ICS 111 W
I'unl. lAl.lr- only oftn In town of a.iTuij
population, S talites cheap rent, clear
Ing SI oto month Price ll.oc Held In
vestment Co , 111 Lynch lllilg. l'hona
flsare HAIS
flllAll TOt1fc(TrrJ V.f tlie" beiT"lnfi'iis"a,
gnii'l location, prtied right Iteld In
veelmenl Co, lit Lynch llldg. Phone
Oaage SaSS
lillot'KltV riire'ror'aaie'iinirTltlng' rooms
in rear, for (,, ther 'iifnrniaiiou can
Oaage Bltl
Ift.ftOn for one shara of Teiaa Mammoth
Oil Co. of Amatlllo, Teias, five oil men
have each taken file shares, thle will lie
a close cumpsny of only forty sharea Jay
.1 vveber the preablent will tie al Tulsa
hotel nnlll Monday night . If yon have the
money ll will pay you tu Join them while
you can gel In This la not a atock aell
Ing proposition, but n close company of
ISOO.OOO and will never be Increased, we
predict that In a few yeara each aharea
will be Mrnun jlo.ooo
LfiArlii Oil T'AltVf wftli i!iaTf"olf "pro"
I urllon sin by Weber Oil A tlaa Cu
Muskogee Okla
&KVY fireproof garage, three year lease.
rent rraaonanie, spare for (Illy care
Inquire Cheyenne tlapage, 711 H Chey,
Poll rTAl.lA Ttacket and" novelty atoreTii
coining oil town, invoice about ll.ooo;
ow ner comp.lled tu leave on account of
health Addreaa J J mil raden. Okla.
YOl'Ntl man of good business ability can
invest ll.r.rin and service, give run par-
titulars In first teller Address S19-C,
i ere World
Poll HA'LI!- liaoge. murt rell IhTe weekt
owner leaving cur, . reasonable rent
close In. Addreea Hon 617 K, earn
Po7t RALI"r - Clean up to" date "stock of
iNvika, stationery and gift goods in a
corning oil town A going liulneR, In
Wilcca alHiut 111,000, reaeon for ailing,
death nf Mr llarton llarton Hook Co,
Perry. Ok a
l"TtfiiTtr. "Ki AT" iTWRrw or "iaTe." new mo
tor driven imwers. f-A. also Cdlson e-
hlbllnr. no reas.msbls offer rrfusvd.
11'. I 1 HouthMest C IV Mo
VUNTRU- Partner
millinery snd,
bstitity Parlor In soud oil town Wilts
llov 11 Newklrk OI1a.
ItWH l'A CHANT for sale, ilitlna goiul bus-
nessi win Seirr r ce on sccount or owner
must leave within month. Hee manager
st J.lberly Cae ajniJ4prlria;a.
WANTldli flrni'bank or fiidivldual to "fin"
a nee the sa es end of a wHI known
rarm lighting proposition In Okla. We
furnish the product and the salesmen ,
you handle the collections nnd remit
tent as for a large share of the profits.
This Is worth Investigating, The A. M.
i-oi7i7 N ""J f . jvieiiita, Kan
POiT NA'f.lV- -llskey.'omplsli".' lnTiTsT
town In north T-ss, doing goo-d busi
ness will sell or rent, buildings, I unison,
fishery. Denlson, Teias
KOIt HAl.lC Auto supply and vulcanising
company, doing a 2o.0P0 business best
location In town of 31.000 people, good
solid and pneiirnatio truck tire husnleasi
IR (nlles from one of Oklahoma's best
producing nil fields; will take about
111.000 cash tn handle: building Included,
reason for selling, other business, Wilton
AUtiHuTj.jC2o.. ChlrkashaOkla,
pountXin " "
(Irorery slock snd fixtures for sate; fine
location, cash business,, time lease, reason
for selling other busliirNss phone Onega
liPiiirv"Vii:iii:"NtiKu "Hnuvicn.'triTirAli
NUNS' he cream amT pop stand, must seTi
al "nro reasonable ..fjffl, N Mayelj
Hetlled or semi-settled production In rood
areas with additional ucre.ige for drilling
Aildrssa p. o llox Hi,
OM! of the best tsfes in till un wl u bar
g-nln, good lease, cheap rent
401 Hecurlty llldg
" P"i'l Pltl! HllfiVVH ANI TIlTlATKHST"
We have them frorVi 11.100 to Mt.,000, IT
we do not have what you Weint, we will
gel it for you Ilsld Investment Co.
Phone Ossge xflll III I.ynch llldr.
Three-story brick 24 rooma located not
fur from Tulsa, modern and hss not hsd
an empty room for over a year: Clear
ing 11.000 a month, building and equip
ment 140,000; tutus Ittld Investment
Co. PhoneOsageM :il lnch Ijldg
KriM'ery, stork ami flxtuies fur
sale.jrortd location 130 H Klwood
C K M I IN T " U I A ii ' K'h" p I a n t a iTn"r gain, "g 'no 3
loestlnn In Will Tulsa; part rash, ha-
snce lerms CalMlobt Terrell Osage lib
VWNn.'JA. OkTa . grocery for sale", doing
i Kood business, other business reason
for selling l.oi li llux it. Wynona
Phone f.S
POH MaIj?-- llsthT house Willi lens" nil
profits wl I pay for pier In fifteen
months, will accrpt pert trade W llen-
son OnvIs, 90I-A i: Hlxlh street
Poll HAM. pool hall, culd drinks, cigars.
tlcarett and tobacco. 31C V, Plist Ht
rieorgs llrorrell. Tulsa, Okla too ner
cent per annum in a snfe business nter
priss rue nqx ifiiraourneii, -rexas,
OUOrilltr HTOltP. and meat market for
ssle. gmnjf on Hie rurm in J'isststh.
OUT WUAI.TH I1Y OiVINO hi;ai.tji.
If you hsye not srttleil the question of
your future snd )our Income, you will find
the operstlou of one of our sulphur bath
and mssaage plants one of the rnoat profit
able, Interesting and ugreeablo bualnessfa
you could choose. Previous eiperlence l
positively not necessary. When -i sell
you a plant we sea that you are equlpp-M
to Insure success f you are at present
eiiifnged In n business or want to start
In a business for ourself. investigate our
imposition Ton are leitaln to adopt 11.
This Is it certain, r emiHiirnt, enjoyable,
legitimate and money making business,
thai is growing. If you tire a medical
man. osteopathia physician, chiropractor
or druKle healer, you wl odd a hand
some J iiiume to your practice by Installlm.
our patented bath and message system.
Very little money required
Write for partliulare com ernlng Ihe
cost of the I'Sirni rights for the t-srrllory
you deal's Addrav J W M-.tre World.
1 100 r-AHIl"of 110 monthly buys VioniT
seessble Interest In 1100 (00 company
controlling 400 barret Kansas production
and lit 000 proven srreage Oklahoma and
Texas. Present produf .ton s-asuree 13 per
cent dvldrnls Additional drilling will
grestly increase produrtlun. Ulvdends,
value of propcrtes, and sharea fcUftj In
vestment, lllg trispe ta. Only few unsold
Interests. Ileinlt today Certlflcute mailed
Immedlstrly. Puller OH Co, Mayo llldg.
Tulsa. Okla
V-TaNtEo partner lad r gentleuianwTth
casn ror nan inicrrai in ine best nro
position going for ths state of Oklahoma
or t-ansuian jeariior. money securM, in
vestlgale. Address 147 R are World
. - - - - -
POII HAI.I-: c'ean stock of groceries In
voices $1.-500 tn extra good .ondlMon
good location Wynona okla . sals takes
plate August .am. 10 a in at Wynona
Come and look it over and make a hid
W A Itavson. Phone Osage ,44 Trualre,
I'ltcDtu TlON and cmse in Teasea Tor sale
In the shallow oil field soma bargain
t taken at once. Phone Osags 1171. J. II.
lued wwda.
II rllNl:MM OlTOIlTl,'.NIT11W
llfll'Hn WANT fill
We hse a customer with 11 f.00 as flrsll
payment with good monthly payments "I
411 MAYO 111,1)41 OS A tin IfllS
llWHpo.NHIIH.K party wants to es"seT.otel
nr. r'J!,n,r),r n,,ul1 ()'"-83lVft-H.
XT'IVK year leasofor sals: steam' hVtoriTl
are a and show room : so tin nn
corner Phone (issue Til
Oil, KNIH ANiy l.KAHP.M 44.A
In oil until you reetv
our literature, we have a sura thing
and a possibility you are certain to Ml
tack too per rent and you mey get l.OOat
per rent; we have production and Un-vt
lellh oil seeping In surface , et par" '
tlculsrs (onrne fll Compsnv Sol Union
N'at lnnal Ha nk I ltd. 11 ou t on Tsiaji,
IIANKKIIH Investera and oil tnsni acres r
to eichanxe for drllllns well, absolutely"
on struclur. oil actually sesping out of
trie grounn ; ueoiugieaiiy approveii . nona
fide proposition, IrlVesllnatlon Invited
T-ll Muskonee. (kla
PIIODIK'TION and close In leases for s1e,
In the shallow nil field, some hargairM
If taken soon Phone Cedar 1)41 or Oaaice
6113-1. ,
- i ' ol
I'Olt l.VlAHi:- HO s'-res In block 1, II A TC-;
lly Co Hurvsy 6T. Ksstland count i.Tl
Teias. land about I miles north of Itll- 1
bum weds and one-fourth mile west ofi
town of Itomney, Teias Address t-t04U
,Jti'orl.A v . '"ft Worth. Tevaa
Por Tulsa office In bonds, and oil pro-lucttnn-
nation wide orsanlfatlon , of'"
flee, Kansas City, Tulsa and New Viek.
Knur (housAnd dollars; fourth Interest; U.i
Investment relumed from early profits.
Interest worth probably 110.000 lyearly.' -lleffrrencsa
Kelly A Kelly, llonflle Uldggt '
Katisas Cllv. Mo. ( t
MANKKHM wmild finance oil romps ny '
having substantial hnldlnrs, on bond
basis, for several million rtoilsrs. Hankers,
n-iii Philadelphia. Pa.
OWN your own oil lease In Tetaa fields-.
great opportunity easy payments, guar-
anieed money back In 40 days. Texas Oil'
!. Co (cilnttn. Mo.
OKHmT "tJU A ItflTif-Cottoti county; iu
wltl leane forty to eighty acres of my(tT
homeslesd which la the northwest quarter
of sec JI, township S, south tansjt ten.
west. I hold patent from government toPJt
I bis 1 5 ml ; will also sell forty acres out o(A.
the south U fit soulhwset quarter of sec-
lion 29-S south; rsnne 10 west; I took'
this lease direct from homesteader and'
patentee nf this atid title Al( all Mnl, i
ala paid to date and receipted; this la f(
straight rornn.errlal lease; this acres f ev.
shows to he on anticlinal axis according)
to aoverntnent suney. Mc Wood's Oil Co
drilling In N K corner of N. K, quarter;!
of section 19-1 south, 10 west; also In thr
snulhweit corner of the northeast quarlerir
of section 21-Ss-lO W If InttroitcJ
communicate with m at Temple, Okla. t
Lctils Hurivlll 'T
ClCAHICH," 7)kmulnee County In tl-U7'v
H-lli M il, 15-IJi IT-1 0 1 Osage HU
233 Atco llhU.
10 ACllKH, n pick upl no drr, ones; pro-m
ductlnn surrounding, 10 1 7 1 1. Other r
lenses. Osaae Tit
Poll flAI.M- T year commerclsl oil and11
ran lease on the HU of N. W. M 31-11.11
Ossge T4II. ;t
11TIaTK -"yssra rommerf ai oil lease! '
n J N JU Ll?- Ossge T4I3. ffl
CN'ANT OIHKCT KltOM OWNP.lt, oio-e-upi
proven, or nifsei irasra in jtegge ina
P. O. 11m 111, Tulsa
nitu.i.iNa contiiaCt
We have the best proposition In Oiila-Fi
homa to offer for a 1.400-foot test, tot (
pracncsi operator naving aoiiity in start
wit nin a reasonable time. Address Itox
n-ir, csre worm,
VvNTVil tTrUTTng contract for 11 eta'r'
1,000 or 11,100 fool machine at Manfort
Okla . Phone 140 Colllnsvllle, Okla.. or.
write Krsnk Hell 7
WANT J0 7o"l0 harfela shallow produc-1 1
tlon on lease requiring further develop
ment; must he priced right and atendA
fullest luvealisatloni give dslalla In first,,
letter, The Trl Rtate Investment Co.,
Oklahoma r.uy, orik
W ANTKll oil and gaa leases near drilling
wsiisi also nrntluctiont most inv fields
Address C It, Johnson, csre Van Nuysi
lintel lns Antetea California ;
TKNNKHH1.K oil leases m territory gso
logically approved) from lOo to !& acre;
continuation irreaL southwest Ksntucky
shaltww sand field; free maps and report
Wrtle Ten no hi a Co., Iilcksorju Tenn. . (
IIOOAIINO ilOUHKH Wo carry on'ouir
lists some of Tula 'a leading hotels and
rooming houses. Any of our salesmen,
will show you these places and can give'
oii full particulars aa to price, terimst
Csll us. Oaas-a or Crdar lftli. Ht. ti
Class Cn,
SiTivv IIUVH 14-roVni. lownln-wn hni J'
modern, all In good cnndlltoni 1-year
leasW, Immediate pnsriesslon. 13,100 cash!1
balance arranged. Call M. J, OUes & Coi'J
Ceilsr UK, 7q
Poll HaT.IJ It rooms furnished and twev
irnod lotsi North Main Ht.t In llv M
n.Tni. ,0fHl """'oesai for Information caJ
140. Write llox TI. Covington, Okla. i
1II1HT Motel In Tulsa; splendid location
14 rooms, neatlv furnlihiuii 5 vi i.i
only M.000. Oaare BIOS,
POH HAIil At h hargalni lOTrnum room-it
ing housej nvwly dscorate-l; nicety fur,
ntihrd. rarty wanla to inuvn ia.m tn'
aouin main.
U-IIOOM rooming home, 2-year lease.
Hem sioo. nuy this and clear Slot):
monthly above eipenaea. I'rlc. ll.TSOo
Terms, Osage 1109. Cedar 10SS.
f'ofl MALI) at a bargain; I0-"ri"ioin rooming '
housei newly decoratedi nicely furnlah
ed. pally wanta to leave town. SOI
IIOOMINO house In hest oil town In Texas.
una uivgh norm sioswiesay nmeit cieur-t
tng from 1100 to 11,090 a month; priced,
at II, loot paah for quick sale. California
hotel. 101 N. Austin, Hanger Texas.
10 JtOOMHi 3 aleeplng porches; south sldcV
1 servant's quarters; : garages; lease I
year option for renewal; price I J. ft 00 n
some terma. ,
401 Hecurlty llldg,
14 ItOOMlO'hot ami rold ' water In alQ
rooms; 3 year leased 176 per tnnthM
all out side rooms, location in the heart
of one of the best towns In the slate;
priced to sell,
Hcurlty l'iar.
fl- IlOOM rooming housei i-yer lease '
rent 1 100 Iluy this and clear 100
monoiiy, anoee expenses. irice II.T60.
good terms Osago 106.
IIOTUM AMI IKOMlNU houses of alt1
kinds s the time A son Ilea lv. 11
PeciiTltv Tlldg Phone Osage 4TII t,
mim:y to i.w ciiATTi: i.h
The Nine-Cent Loan Co." '
Loans' tn men and women of good mor'af '
tharaoter lumi of lift to $100 charging
(fCcnta a Week Interest1;
i Sj on Each $100 Loan. ',
Y c Our popular Partial-Pay Plan en'
ablen ymi to repay loan In Installments
of II 15 upward weekly to suit your In?
rmie and also, HOqitfre an Investment
Crrtlfleate that provides for a rainy day
T borrow or Invest see us, we can and
will hrtp I'ouJust ask.
office houra 1 la 6 p m.
Phons c TJiT 411 Hecurlty lUnk nidy. '
bilN HPAI.TV 'eft", hmns on anything oft
value X06 He urlly llldg Osagrs Uftj if
"'irjAh" b,curPry Co ,
Loans money in msi. snd women regular
ly employed, also makes chattel loans ut
snythlnir or vslue-
i ru m.iHN ravor hmom
To nmployed People. '
Phone 11
Itoom 1. Old Pan lei llldg.
NI'KO 140 Money to loan lo salaried (ur
nliure owners, easy payments $10. 41
tents week 4?7 rtohlnaon Itldg.
SAl.AllY loam:
Tn Men and Women
Pianos. IlouiehohP (loods, Dtanc9dt
Over Wool worth's
Oisye T1TI
Vo salaried men and women, chattel loam
cn pianos, household goods and diamonds.
ftnom 1" Iloston llldg. Phone BMl ,
NKKU 0Monsy t loan to salaried fur
Dlture owners, CMr Bi-niinut ti-ii. is
rnts wek If rioinnn Hide '
WK hUY liberty bonds, note and montt
ly payment mortgagaa. C 1L Over ton,'
lib H. Iloulder.
To etlsrlsd msn and womsnt cbattsr.
loans on pianos. household goods and1
diamonds. ....
Iteem IT iioatea Wdgv Puoc ttlt
t. r
. r '
" P
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