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Polish Fall Not Red Aim;
Seek Only an Organization
iVVant Workmen's Armies
. ; For Peace Bulwark;
Landlord Doomed.
M, Tchitdicrin, Forcljcn Min
ister nt Moscow, Itolalos
Attitude of Soviet.
(Copyright. II It. 1 tha In! rnallmtl
Newt Htttlrt)
IIIJIILW. Atic 1 1 ItiiMla ilnen
not Intottd to cnuh Pnlnnd. tint ntin
doe plan to rronto n Brent nnny of
I'ollrdi workmen. "an n counter polms
to tlio I'ollnli ImpornllsMo landlord
ft till UN II IllllWIirk IT II'HCI',' II WHN
drclnred today liy UeorRo Trlrltcli
crln, foreign milliliter In tlin Kiih
elnn Kovernmont at Mntcow, und
noted riii tlio dlplftinatlu tirnlnn of
tlio UOVltiU
Vlu Wlrcl.-
Tho latcet of twentieth century
newspaper methudri wm employed
to necuro thin ntntrmcnl with tlio
detailed pcaco ternm which Kuiwlri
Is offering to Poland an Interview
by wlrclom,
M. Tehltcherln declared the
novlot wilt claim nbtuiluto freedom
of nctlon In thn orlunt until a n'ii
eral peaco treaty la concluded with
Great Jlrltnln.
Thn Hovlet forelKn tnlnlnter pave
thn firm official denial of rcportu
that the red army lit out of hand
mid that the Ki'iitiraU on thn Pollih
front aro dnfylne tho order" of the
civilian memlierH of thn novlet. Ho
cavn a detailed nccotint of how thn
military campalK'n nitalnst Poland Id
being wngpd.
In reply to ntimcrou attention
Bent from llerlln to Mnncow by wire
lew M. Tehltcherln ave thn follow.
ln limit reply:
"soviet Jluwda hns not tho leant
Intention of nnnlhllattuir I'oland
nnealn delre only Ktiarantnoo!
acalnm now attack hy tho 1-olUh
Want Army ;uf.
"Wo demand tho reduction of tho
Pollnh army to 60,000 men. but at
tho name time I'olaud'a own work
or will bo organlied and tho mem
ber of tho trado union will be
armed to Inatiro tranquility, Till
body of militia, compoaed of armed
Pollih workmen, will net a a coun
ter polno to tho lmperalisllo l'oliah
"Thua the aovlet government seeks
tho beat guarantee In arming tho
rollrih workers and trusting them
to,eatabllah tho bulwark of pence,
' 'This It rmlto n new Idea In In
ternational affairs. Wo havo stud
ied tho question thoroughly and we
hcllevo tho Polish people aro do
crvlng of tho greatest altontlon.
"Itussla. stands rendy to withdraw
her army from Poland nnd thn Pol.
lah frontier whero only 200,000 will
"instead of irnailn
tho soviet government relies entirely
Upon tho arming of Polish workers
mm aiiow mom to maintain peaco.
I'oland will retnln sufficient arm
nd war materials to supply this
army of worker.
IjiikI l'nr Widow.
1 "Ilussla will insist that Poland
erant free land to tho families of
Polish cltlrens, who wern killed or
wounded In tho wur , or hurl any
connection wllh tho war.
"These aro the principal points
from which you will sco tho now era
' unn of tho question wirelessed
to Mohcow referred to reports that
tho soviet could not slop the nd-
vanco of tho Itusslnn army on War
saw even If It desired, M. Tehltch
erln thus answered tho niierv.
li'Tour supposition ubout tho litis
non goneriiiB superredlng tho soviet
Is truly absurd. Neither Oeneral
Uruslloff nor Oeneral Ktiropatkln
controls tho IttmMan nrmy. They
merely sit upon a mllllary advisory
"The commander In chief of the
soviet army la flencral Kamoneff.
Ills chief of staff In Oeneral Lethc
tcff' T."P 'onitnontlcr on tho west
ern Polish front I.-. Oeneral Tuka
loliemsl, n very good young com
munist officer,
"Thn supremo military control Is
in hands of a revolutionary military
committee nt tho front. Thn r,l
army I completely In the service of
Kovernment nnd is con
trolled by tho soviet government"
As to Orcat llrltnln M. Tchltch
rln said!
until a general agreement Is
rrncneu wim ureat Jlrltaln, tho so
viet government has an absolutely
froo hand In tho orient. Limitations
can ba decided upon only by a treaty
or sorno other such agreement, I
can glvo assurance that such limi
tations will bo rigidly observed."
As a division commander and nf
(erwards in command of a cavalry
corjis, ho continued with thn nrmy
until tho disorders of tho revolution
hod destroyed Ita dliclplino torn
pletoly. Oenern! Wratiget then retired to
tho Crimea. Arrested by the bol
slievlkl ho vory narrowly escaped
execution, hla life boing saved only
through tho heroic devotion of his
wlf. who followed him to prison
und aftor persistent appeals finally
obtnlneil hio release.
In tho summer of 1018. with tho
growth of tho volunteer antl-bolshe-lk
army, ho was given command of
e. brigade under Oeneral Erdelt. Sue
ccedlng to oomn-and as a result uf
the Illness of his chief, Wrango) with
pther volunteer forces, succeeded In
routing the bolshevik troops and lib.
eratlng tho Kuban, later entered
fitravrapol nnd finally attained. In
l obrunry, llU'J, tho liberation of tho
whole of the north Caucasus and
the Terek state, capturing 40,000
prisoners and an enormous quantity
of material, llo was then nrnmnlMil
to the rank of lieutenant general '
a piuceo, in command 01 the Cau
casian army.
Stricken with typhoid fover, It was
not until April when thu volunteer
yjrmy hil suffered heavy roverses
that ho was able 10 resume com
niund, ana on account of tho noccu.
ally of reforming the mvitlcipd elo.
tnenui of ) lio force of tioiienil l)eni
klrie, h- watt delKniited an inlllliiry
ridvlor in (kiier.il HIillllriK.
Willi tlie I'vui nation of Urinaria, and
(lie redllrtlnn of HhlllltiR'n rinponM
Mlltlea, WraiKtel prnei-edod Ijp HnVHif
tnpol. where he wan Informed hy thn
liiitlnh ndmlraliv I lint on neroiint
of previous dltfl illtlea with (leniTal
Denlklne. that officer irquiuileil
thai he leave, Itumln.
1 In retired lo Nnrovofwlak, where
ho ireiarvd the evueuallon of the
wounded arid then left for the
"Tho nervoumieim of thn troop."
the report declared, remilllriK from
the new of hi retirement, forced
him lo leave tirlu for IIih time, lull
on April 4, 1920, "pill. lie opinion.
clnmorlriK for nw lender earnwd
(lencial llenlklne, then head nf the
volunteer army, to nelxn arol u
roiinrll of llumlan Kenerala to elect
Wrun.'cl iih )i In logical Mioccmor."
llKULIN, AiiKimt II flonaral
Weyger, commarnllric the 40th hnl
ahevlk army In Lniiita viaterd.iy told
the correepoinlent of tho llnrllrier
.eltunrt "nl MIUiik that Warmw wan
mirrnundod on four aide and
capture wan imminent.
Ankcd whether innrn would lie de
clared with Poland, (ieneral Wyxrt
h.iIiI: "Curlulnly It will." Ilonilded
that tlio mivlnt Kovernment, whlih
he eulil hail been formed at Htuc.Ji
July 30, would procied to Warmw
upon Din enpturo of tho city and
would cnnrliide peneo "on a novlet
liaala of tho rlK lit of eclf determina
tion." Jir Tho AfortHrft frm.
WAItHAW, A u if. M. Tho front t
being gradually lirmwht nearer Wtir
naw. Ileforn Hatunlay'a dawn artil
lery flaMhe were vlrdtdn riinilnnt thn
pIouiIh to tho north and northeast
anil at lime cannon could lie heard.
I'eoplo on thn roof of the highest
building watched tho nun flanhea
until llm eaily hour.
Today' commiinliii concede
that tho I'oU withdrew further In
thn center of tho Warmw front, a-
acrtlnrj It wa for tho purpomi of rn
...... .
T .' K ....-.
" upon ino oeieno lino tea man
19 kilometer out.
Hut mora aerlou than tho ap
proach In that direction, nccordlng
to oberver, la thn altttatlon north
west of 'Warmiw, hero nonig 2,000
red cavalrymen arn making rapid
progrcn toward Vistula. Tho cov
airy' right flank, which follow tho
right wing of tho ntialan frontier,
ha been reinforced by red infantry
HoldletM, who havercriulaltlonod tho
peaxanls' homes 11 nil aro following
closoly upon tho hools of tho cavalry
Tho Pole ny there l no rhancn
for tho bolnhnvlkl lo crorw thn Via.
tula either below or nbove Warmw,
bm U16 UnenlniiH huvo been doing
Careless Shampooing
Spoils the Hair
Bnap should bo hied very care
fully. If you want to keep your hair
looking IIh best, Most soaps and
prepared shampoos contain too
much alkali. This dries thn walp,
mokes tho hair brittle, and ruins It.
The best tblrnr for nt rn.lv n i-
Mtilslfled cocounut oil shampoo'
(which Is mire nnd rrrr.iKr-!nua i
Is better than anything olso you can
One or two teaspoonfuls will
clcunuQ (ho hair and scalp thorough
ly. Simply inolslcu tho hair with
water nn,i rub It m. a makes an
nbundanco of rich, creamy lather,
which rinses out easily, removing
every purtlclo of dust. dirt, dandruff
and excessive oil. Tho hnlr dries
quickly and ovenly, nnd It leaves tho
"f'f'P soft, nnd tho hair flno nnd
silky, bright, lustrous, fluffy and
easy to manage.
You can get Mulsltled cocoanut oil
shampoo at any pharmacy. If very
cheap, nnd n few ounces will supply
every member of tho family for
months. Advt.
A bank often possesses information regarding
financial matters, the source of which is not
open to the ordinary person. Exchange officials
carefully and constantly study business condi
tions of the country. ALL OF OUR INFORMA
lialiltinillv f"r ':.'" yarn in raking
Warnaw frmn the wen', nnd that nil
prernuil'iii In these sertlons haw
been taken.
It is erlmatd It will require sev
eral dsy liefnre the ri'd from the
northwest tench the river. Mean
time the newspaper rontlnue con
fident that n winner Htrnke will
bring the result deslrnl to free War
saw from Immediate denser. The
reils, however, arn making a little
ptngre rlNlly at vnrlnn jeilnls, par
tlrulnrly illrectly In front of h
city nnd thrnugli Iho rmvalry thrust
on the northwest.
Hy Tti AMneUlM PruM
WAItHAW, Aug. II Prince l!u
gine RaplehH, I'fillsll foreign inliils
ler, Ism night sent n wireless dims
ago In M. Teliltelierln, holshnvlkl
fiiielsn rnlnlsler, anrioiirielng the
Polish penes delegation' Intentions
to vriH tire front HHtitrdiiy at the
lime and place whli-h had rin ar
ranged. ,M. Tchlleherln sent a wire
ies 1111 morning ns follows
"Vmir deeKiitlon will be met nt
the lime arid place Indlrateil, Kvery
facility for oornmniilcHtliig hy wire
less and gout ler will l, grunted."
'l''l,1""'' 'nrls of l,eHlMl,.,
Ark., Wlrm Dm nil fate of lletirriiM.
I.ITTI.K HOCK, Ark., Aug. II
Illlmari . park, Attorney of IwIh
Ulle. Ark., on tho faro of Hie returns,
has (Merited Congrfssman William H.
tlui ilwln fur tho dernix rntle riornlna
. "''ventli coiiKre-slonal
dWrlet. This was revealed by the of
filial muni from Tuesday' deino
fi.itle prlniarv, received here today,
t'nrfflilal flgrrrm had Indicated
(lnodwlri was re-olee.led.
Itig Lujuor Conapiracu
Uncovered hi Dvpulicx
HT I.OUIH. Aug. 1 1 A glean. le
conspiracy through wiped liquor
valued at $360,000 was frnuilnntly
taken from a United Ntnt" bonded
woredntim at Oweruhoro, Ky ,
was revealed by n raid liore thin
nftemoon In which 11 deputy c in
stnlilo and 10 other woro arrrsled
after local police, with tho aid of
government agents, bad ,'ecnieieil
morn than 150,000 wkirtd of tho
A Gratifying Increase
A constantly increasing number of careful invest
ors are indicating their full confidence in this
Association by putting their funds into our high
rate savings plans.
6 to 9A
Paid on Your Savings
Free from all Taxes and under state supervision
Assets over
MAIllv K. t'AItll
WAItltKN I). AllllOTT
No. 8 East Fifth Street
(S x n Ifn n Wfsr
Exchange National Bank
Exchange Trust Company
David R. Francis, Former-
Ambassador lo Russia,
Looks for Peace.
I. N. H Mtaff Corrsspondent.
WA8IIINOTON, Aug. 1 1. There
will lm no world war against soviet
Itussla, 1'ranee, Kngland, Itsly iu.il
the Prilled Hlates will not take tip
arms agnllisl the ItiiKslins unless
forced to do so In self-defense, htid
they will not be forced. Instead, the
ItuiMlari people themselves will sole
their own problem, probably within
the next six months, by tho over
throw of the hotshevlst.
This prediction was mailt by Am
bnmvidor to ifussln. David It. Frnn
cH, In nn Interview given tho In
ternational New Kervlrn toiliy fol
lowing a long conference wPh Sec
retary to the President Tulinulty at
trio whlto house, and Hecrotary of
Htato Ilalnhrldgn Colby.
Ambassador Francis left Ilussla In
March. 1918, but technically ho Is
still accredited to that-tiost.
"Not mom than to per cent of the
people of Itussla ato bolshevlsU nt
heart," Iho ambassador nla'.od.
"That being tho ense, bolsbevl.i: tnlo
over Itusila ounnot lnt long. Tho
Amerleiiu nolo on the Polish situa
tion will help a lot. It will find lis
way Into IIuhhIh, you may e.it as
sured, through Oeneral U.iron
Wrangel, In Iho control or o Mi
southern part of tho country a -iund
tho Crimea, through Ktivuuim In
other part of Kurope and in oilier
ways. 1
"I do tint foreee a general, war
between thn allle and iho InHhe
viats." Uliilomatlsts hero aro app.i -ently
of tlio eamc opinion.
actloral Counsel
1 S !
k 1 111
Phone Osage 5254 Sl
JvwuIh on Dead Man
Found Flouting Upon
Ilivcr Near Chicago
CHICAOO,' Aug. 14. Kound
floating In Ike .Michigan near
Ulghth etrtel. the body of an util
dnntlfled well dresied man, wllh
throat cut from enr to ear and
containing four knife rounds,
was brought ashore by a pollco
motor boat today. Doiplte tjio nu
merous cuti, the shirt hail' not'
been touched. Pollco 11 -o of tho
theory that tho body had been
carefully dressed after being'
stabbed. f
On the body was found consid
erable Jewilry and u small sum of
This Is
3' .
Showing of
Knox "and Stetson
Fall Hats
l , , ; , . H
m tiiiiipiiwiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiniu i twiii in ujiiimwhhIW 1 m
Damage Claims of $5,000,
000 Awarded by Irish
ni'tlMN', Aug. 14 Tlio sums
awarded by the courts to thn victims
of "malicious Injuries" In Ireland
now nggrcgatn nearly Jj.000.00U
They are payable out of local taxes
and It 1.1 the duty of tho local Minn
l-'eln councils to levy nnd collect
Urn money. ThN they refuse to do
nnd, so far, the relatives of the
murdered policemen and Others, as
well as the owneis of destroyed prop
erty, are unable to obtain payment.
Kven If the Sinn t'Vln councils were
uIIIIiik to nslst the claimants, how-
Positively Last Week of
fC'yp'!"''1' 'ail $
The man who wants
save on -clothes will do
well to come here now
Here's the story
Three piece wool suits 25 off
All summer suits - - 25 off
Men's summer trousers - - - - - 20 off
Edwin Clapp oxfords at - - - - - $14.75
Straws and panamas - - - - HALFOFF
Boys' wool school suits 25 off
Boys' wash suits at - - - - THIRD off
tteii the sum is so great that It Ts
mid It would prove "Intolerable to
tlio overburdened taxpayers."
Tho largest taxnayers aro unionists
who do not relish tho prospect of
hnvlng to pay for thn outrage of
men with whom they havo not the
smallest sympathy. Thcro has, thcro
fore, bivn started an agitation for
relieving citizens of the burden uf
these charges. The argument Is that
these outrages were undoubted acts
of w.ir. They were of tho same class
..nd motived by the s.tmo purposo as
tho rebellion of Kaster week. Some
of thn Judges who made the awards
h.we Indorsed this view from tlio
Tho llrltlsh government paid out
of tho Imperial exchequer for the
damage done In Krister week. They
i-.pproprlated J 18.000.000 out of
which tin ruined portlcr, of the city
if Dublin are being rebuilt. TJtej
oi'e now being nsked by resolutions
of the grand juries of Irish counties,
which consist almost entirely of
unionist, to follow the Kaster week
precedent nnd to pav out of imperial
d limm
funds for thf (Umafco now frequent
ly being dono lo life and property
Tho government has been quitr
willing to pay for tho damage done
by the soldier and polico In the
case? of retaliation that havo or
Jitrred In Thurle nnd Kermoy, but
they aro unwilling, It I reported, to
pay for tho damage done by the l
opponent. Meanwhile the victims
arc left without compensation.
O. Y. Vnndcvcr t'nmplrlc Purchas
ing for Isicnl Department Store.
O. Y. Vandcver returned ycater
day from an cxtenslvo buying trip
to New York, Chicago nnd St. i.ouls,
completing a series of such trips bv
agent of tho Vjrndever concern for
fall goods. Other buyers of tho com
pany who havo returned recently aro
ready-to-wo.irs Vcrn Vnndover.
Dorrs Vandevcr, buyer of women's
shoe and toys; Mrs. Dorothy Lloyd,
children' wear, and Miss Roberts,
the Sale
Dunlap Hats
for Fall
Now Here and
in the

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