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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, August 16, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 9

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ran Ai,t, auu euprty ami vu.ranlilna
company, dutna a UO.000 bualneee: beat
location In town nf JO.OtO people: gen
slid and pneumatic truck tlra btunle.e;
11 mllea from one ef Oklahoma', beet
rroduelnr "II tleMe; win take about
tit oOO caeb. to handle) butlalna Included;
reeton for eelllnr. ether bualneee. Wilton
Auto Nupply Co , fhlcliaaha. Okla.
Oroeery elnck and future, for enlei fine
location ealh buelneeai lime leeaei reeeon
for eelllnr other buelnaae, I'hona 0,ate
t 1 1 . .
K"KW Ira cream and pop aland, muet eeil
etonce reeeonahle III N. Marticlt
ONrTof the brut cafee In Tulia at bar
gain, food leeee, cheap rant
r k Houston.
40l Security I'Mr
" wc-rr n pf Ti i" v s and fitfiATEna.
We bavt them from 11.100 to 1(5,000. If
we do not have what you want wo will
eet It for you field tneeetment Co.
rhonc Oeatte MH. ill l.ynrh llldr
fit' TBI.
Three-etery brick- H rooma located not
far from Tulaa, modern and haa not had
an empty room for over a yeart Clear
ing $2,000 a month, bulldlnc and equip
ment f 40.000 , term Field Inveitmenl
To Phono Oeaac llll 114 Lynch Hide,
SMALL itrocery. eto'k and future, for
eale rood location 110 51 Wwon-.
CKSIKNT HLor K5l'pla"nf at bargain. goo,i
location In Weal Tulia; part caah, bal
anca terma. Call Kobt. Terrell. Oeaee HI.
WYNONA, OkTa , grocery for eale, doing
a good buelneaa, other buelnee reaeon
for aalllnr Lock Uoi :?, W-nnna,
rhonc el
V-dtt SALB Hath houee with leaee. net
profile will ray for place In fifteen
nvrntha will a.cepl arl trade V llen
. eon Davie. nl-A K HUth alreet
1 i'Oll "SAI.rJ Pool hall, ecild'rirlnkp elgare,
clcarettre and tobacco. Ala K. I'llal Ht.
fleorge HrogTell, Tlltaa, Okla. 100 per
rent per annum in a eate ttuaineee antei
nnee Write flo Ml, Ilurkburnett. Texaa.
tiliocKHY hTOHi; ami meat market for
eie. goinir on me rami ia i;aai em
pnn 3A1.1: Clean elock of grocerlea. In
voice, ll.'iflO In extra good condition
rood location. Wynona Okla. eale takea
place Auruft 20th, 10 a m at Wynona
r-ome and look It over and make a bid
W A lUon. Phone Oeare 7412 Trueiee
A l'l K year le.ae fur aale. ateam healed;
garage and ehow room; R0xl4& , on
ic-ner Phone Oeare '144
a"ii KflTlMl -H worde In 100 mouthtlee,
13. 100 ueekllee. 13. 20 Mg dalllee. IT to
fope Agency Ht. Louie Mo.
tin . 'LVsnfTANir u;Asr.Mi"n"A
rattled or acml-aettled production in
cooil truct with uilcll tlon;il ncrcaKO
for UrilllnK- AdilroeH 1 O. Box 1:5.
PnnIU'CTIO.N' and cloee In lean, for eale.
In the ahallow oil field, aome barralna
If taken anon. Phone ledar all or Oeage
The Kvana well maklnic 1.000 bari
rela. op(n3 blj? territory in Stephens
County. Oklahoma.
Addrcus 381-1S care World.
FOR SALE Part Interest In con
tract well and elchty acre leas;
$300. owner needing cafh. Quick
action, well starting noon. W. I
Howie, 322 Mayo Dulldlnsr.
YOW LKAHK SO acrta In bloik 3, It A T(
Hy fo Rurvay IT, Kaatland county,
Tex ta. land about 6 mllm north of llll
burn isH and one fourth mil writ of
town ff Hfttnny. T-xaa Addreis 2J0
Harrifon Avt.. Fort Worth. T.aa.
1'or Tulva office. In bnnda, and oil pro
duction nation wilt or fa Mutton . of
fice. Kanaka fity. Tulaa and Naw Vf.k
Kour thousand flollara. fourth Inlereai, M
tnvestmnt returned from early proflta.
Iniereat w ortti probably IO.0ftO yearly
neferenc Kn- A Kelly. Uonflla Hldf ,
Kaniaa City. .Mo
okmulaee Crninty
le. 11.11
1411. 14-1
15-11: t:-10, Oaaa 644.
t3; Atro Il'iif
WANT DlltKCT KUOM OWN' till eloae-up.
proven or offfet leaaeN In Ucffca and
Orare r O Iloi Tu!aa.
We have tha bett prnpoaltlon In OKU
homa tn offer for a 2.600 foot teat, to
practical operator hatlne ability to Mart
with In a rr apnnable time Addreaa Hox
K rare World
WAN'T 20 tn r0 barreitt shallow ' prodijc
Hon on lemr requiring further develop
tifn, mual priced rtxhi apd atand
fui rut tn' eiiljmion : k'lve ft 11 a I In fin I
itifr The Tri State Inveatment Co,
'k home rtiv Okla
l i.NNiinlCS uti icaaee In territory ijfo
'vvlcally approved. fim KOc to )S acre)
nnMnuallon vreat iouthwai .Kentucky
ahillow aand field, free ma pa and-rcpurli.
VrfVJ?nn?1i..i:.? 'fkeon. Tenn.
7T IIOTKllMOt)lIll flfs K
l(,ltSALK -17 rouinM lurnUheit and two
t?nod luia. North Main fit , In live oil i
u.un, K'mhI buaineaa, ror inforniutlun ca 1
mo Write nm 71. roUncton. Ok I a
-At a barfraln. 10-room room
liitr houae. nly dt-corated, niely fur
nikhed . party wants to lent e town. SOS
UUI ATttn,
!' ft SA l.K al a birKAln, 10-room rooming
huuwe, newly rlerorutfil , nicely ftirnlali
ed parly wanta to Icav? town. 603 H
H"oiUNi houe In brt oil town In TeVaT,
nne bloik north Mef'leaky hotel ; t lear
ig from UOO to 11.000 a month, priced
Ht 13,800, cth for qulik aale. California
1 te JOt N Auwtln. Hanger Taiaa
1 ItO.Mfi.' l" alrepltig ponhta, M.uth aide!
-' erven' quarter" 2 gar.igra, leane 1
vtr option for renewal , price S2.50U ,
fcoma terma
tnny Itldg
H ItTiSilf. hut and cold " water In alT
room. 2 year tcaeed 175 per month .
a I out side rooma. lot-atlon In the heart
f one of the bent lowni In the it at a;
t rked to act I
1" K HOr.S'r ;.N
40S Heriirl'y llldtT
. rTOOM rooming heuae; i-yar leaae ,
rent 11 00 liuy thin and clear I '.'00
monthly above expense. l'rlce 11, 7 JO,
irood terma tyage 340
UfifKTK'ASli 1R7SUNT'hoeT"7faTl
klnda all the time Alltaon llealty, 31.
ferurltv Itldg Thone Oaage 4744
iil'.N It K ALT V CO ""'loa'nsi on anythtnr of
value IPS wecurlty Itldg '? ,
Loan a money to met. and women regular
ly employed alao makee ehattel loane uo
nytMnir of value
n vv n e TRW rtMpr ntnp
To Employed Peopte
I'hone 77
Jtoi.ai 2 Ol.J Danle' Itldg
NFKrf40 -"Trney to loan tnUrti fur"
mture ownera, eaay payments. 40 40
rente week 437 rtobtneon Itldg
Tn U" end Wimm
On rtanoe, Houaehold Goade, DUaicadi
Over Woolworth'a
Oaage T37S t
To aalarled men and women, chattel loans
tn pUnoa, houeeheld go)da and dtamonda
Itoom IT noaton Illdg Thene 111
NKKIi 140 Money ie loac to alarld fur
Dltare owuere, eaay paymentai 140, 41
rntn wek 4.7 ItoMnnon Itldg
HUT Liberty bonde, notea and montt
ly payment mortgagee, a IL Orertoa,
US a. itoulder. .
To eaUrlen men end women, chattel
leaaa on planoa, boueehold good a ana
heeoa II lieetoa XUAc kee 1441
VYK can handle a few email loane on
ralaV '"'l,"y Thompeon. ill
'J . aeeored nolea. 401 Hecurlty Oldg.
to men and women,
n Planoa, houiehold goode dlamende
J. U. CAHPIIKLL. over Woolworthe.
iloN-r.,,, J"an Wa have money lo loan
on Tulea Improved rity property, under
the monthly t.awmr,l kI (l....
r A It M ANll C1TT LOANft Ample money
alwaya on band to make loane on partly
cultivate 1 farma In any part of Okla.
noma or aurrnunding autre, fxjana 10
yeara Or leee. Ileaaonahl ratea. f-an Mt
rart or all any Intereet day Iana ale
on Tulea Improved properly K A Lilly,
i. ifin mug. u ti tin hi, phone
UKV.lt 1 4.000 ?lrt
arsiig lnan nn
nniTlIt Iitilll f .ill ualnai 1 1 in
I I u
rare World
Khi'TT.i'Tinv'af. AKli anrufrar'. 'lit
fcXl'llBSSION. eurlal aeethatli and tue
aanoing aiunio, tit s. Denver. Cedar
IKX1H, (ATM, Vtm
M:v e2l.Al.AM) rtLil. lor bal Rl 3.ul
r:ait ririn
Mnrelin.l Jdltlori. one roo.1 talktnir
purrot for ml elinp
nut vanity, itrAnith. wtthotit IrmoUno
court ft, without (trdclty, and all th
Mrturoa or in-n without hta vice. Ilyron,
I'hona Cfdar 114.
TMoyOt'OHHUKlJ flroioh coLlla pujiplo
iwr nir i-nnn t miir ill
Fdlt HAI.B Nw Zpamn.1 and He nry
Kipniun rairns J w MienT 42
lrant trt Band Hprlnitu
i.ivk HTf)ii AN!lKiiiri.i:.s M
JKItHKY row for ma la Ohabo 2667.
VOH SALKOockI flurhatn mi'.k cow, now
Klv.njf 3 r1lnn a day ralf i vretki
roiri.Titv and Hrrri.ir.ft as
11AHY CHtf'Krt I'urfhrwl IKhofn Uurka,
reua. orpinictonr, yanano licit lay
lnt ft faint. poitptd , red in td prlcei,
ratKla frf" Mlnaourt roultry Karma,
folumhla, Mo
VOH HAI.P5 Nil re fw muh, nmkpx liini
lay, irifciitn cuifaen ia. Ktinr,
whMl, corn, oata, traw. airaira, nay,
drlnklnr fountalna. m-rayern. flower toti,
crnrka. churns. Juics and Jara, hlrd ad
and fuppllf. Phona Out ft Hit, Oaaga
nintiinif htevena rea i.
1 Will Call (or nd
DUvr Work.
Osnga 3!5
21s Auir nuna
iiot'sr.iioieii f.oon
T'OK HAM; Three rooma of furniture,
nvetrvthtnt? comttUlfl for hotiveVteePlnK.
uaM two mnnthft. $425: 1500 caah, terrna
on balance. Nice houae may ba rented, 120
per month. 1723 Uaat Ith HI.
lifY6L' WANT To HI1LU and nell quick?
We hava cuatomera who ar wanllnc
ptacea to live and who will conalder buy
tn the furniture If rcaaonable. Mat your
place wiin iin ionay. AiotfrFiiru-(-ina.
()aint 663 or Cfd.tr 119,
vitu Ai. n Kour ronma of furnttura;
houre can be ranted, 140. 1636 Kaat
Klflh atreat
KOlt MALI! ilaaalve renulne black
latnthni rJstform tirlnr rocklno bhalr:
worth today SlOO, for $U. J. H. cara
iTKNOrtHA, 8 20 1'our rooma of ajood
furniture; invoice io; win iane mv.
aninw terma. Qaage tl.
KOH ft A LIS Vour roomn of vary nice
furniture, reaaonable, $450 caah. balance
on terma Kour-room lower apartment
may be rented at lift month. Moorehead
I'alna. Oaage 6533 or Cedar 20.
von rat. IV Tha furniture In a kitchen
atte apartment; price 1400, 1)00 caah
and balance on terma. Apartment may
be rented. Moorebead-Talne, Uauge (5)9
or Cedar :v-
IJlATlll-ill duofol tAvennort. arm chair,
readlnic chutr and fumed oak library
table Oaage me,
KOll HAliU A chllda white bed with new
mattreaa; 110 S22 S, Klwood. Usage
A .VlCK "hahy carrlaae. fiaana" 714S-K.
.iMPRKlAL v ectric wn'ahVr arid manitie
lara-a oak dlnlnr room table, refrlrerator
Iron bed and aprlnga Call f03 H Iloulder
YOU HALK furniture In five. room bun
irtlnw and dandy bungalow may be
rented Call Monday. Moorenead-ratne.
LIVINC1 room outfit, bed. kitchen
cabinet; f'jur chatru. 423 West
Kant on
baby carriage. Osau
nljJYNfi riium and llvtnr' room . " f urni
ture; atoea and chalra for aale. MS K
Klchtti. Oaage 1071,
it K1H davenport, ruga. ' bureau, library
table, refrigerator, range, kitchen
cabinet, lawn mower, etc i3!2 8, Cln
clnnatl dar 182
Full SALK- Kntle rnrplalilnga of 4-rooni
house; cheap; bouaa can be rented. Sec
ond houee taat of Cincinnati Ml. 1300
Knit MALI! One x'i aimlnater rug
davenport, vlctrola and recorda Oaage
ltU;8 bird eye maple writing dk
Oaage Ml. llO H. rJIgln, Apt V.
4 MOIUltl rofiiita for rant, cloee In, :
nUure may be purchaaed or will rent
furnlahed ceiiar us?.
KOH HALtJ Four-room efficiency apart
iqent . all high riaaa, ateatn neat
drlnklntr water, janitor aervtce, imme
dlgte iMaaelon. clone In Call 209 l'laxa
fourt aparimeni or none yeuar
Ciaftsw IN roonr'in6dern houaeL for rent.
nrovidtd vnu buy the furniture! 180 a
month, furniture on terma. Call before
Sam and after t p. m
ilih Li tne on comuleta atock of furniture,
etoven, ruga, dlahea and rtr , you will
r ronv nred by ricurmg with ua red
man Kurnlturo Co., -h or credit, H
Kaat Tlrat atreet,
Hl'l.lAl. bargain fn'ilving room and din
ime rnnm nuite: all klnde. mahoranv and
walnut, priced from 1150 to S&on Caah or
credit l-'el.Iiiiaii Furniture Co.. 34 Eaat
Klrat atrea
b HOOMS of furniture, by the piece or
all togetner, nuu'" can op rcniau wan
t SSll C Kalrmnunt atreet,
t-JtOOM modern "bungalow for "rent, by
buying 96SO of new furniture. Terma.
Oaage til.
Hi-ii.i. vni'ii furniture to the Millar Kur
nlture Co, and get what it la worth.
Call Oage 0j3.
CALL US AW: "so. ll liter Kurnlture Co
uhfn tou hae anything to aell In aec
end hand furniture e Py!i?0J?5XlP?.
t i7rn KMi!f-"linn atfd antl recovered
returned h me the i-ame day I'hone
A44B Kanltarv lattrena Co
I'.'a'n.t i. nu i' ur-ntaidM if cood aerond
hufx.t furniture (r White llill Furni
.,r. t-n if du hate anything- to aell
call al 3 4 Weat l'lrat atreet, or phone
iilOH-CLAHM furniture reflnUhed. uphol
.t..i md reualred: eewlnc machlnee
and phonographa repaired and adjuated.
Wa alao buy and aell Artcraft furniture
Co. lit W, Tlret. redar 0H.
aIATTHUSHUH renovated and recovered)
epeolal reduction tor Avguet. II.IOl all
work guaranteed 1'orter Mattreee Co
PhonertOeege lttH
YOU CAN wear dlarnonda If you eeil youj
eerond-hand turnlture to the Diamond
furniture Co, I'hone tlt, we buy any-
thljg end eeil evervlMng
Ct.r '...-.. 4Di eLuei mrnture Co
when i he anything to .l In eec.
enH h.r.l .,f.lliir m n.v he tap price
Lr.i i, 14 furnllui tu liia Ullier "ur
iilture Co and get what It la worth,
re'f o-aee 40,1 I ,
UAriitkNBhM-Hanovated ana recovered,
returned home the aame flajr, JTbOM
lilt. Uaotlary MttUfM Ca.
MANPQ1.1M and caee (leage III
Kofi ttAI.JS -Smnlf cnbln-t (Jrafa-
nola and records; first elusi con
dition. Phono Osaka 2280.
TWO fine' profoaelonal vloltne and viola
ana ceno now, will eeil il rvaannaoie
price. W and W. Room 4. 4 Weal Fourth
eireet upatalre.
For Bargains in Used
Hoe nnnouticemcnt of Srd Annual
Ilia-Summer Sala In this luetic.
J. W. Jenkins Sons
Music Company
CAHINO uied lO.OSO (.el, 6 4 4 It JMO'.
7tnoo i-ii. ii ii, neage 1411,
C1IKAI' II Inch airing an1 1 1 Inch airing
tmntw ueiden ueage im-J
4i i-ri cn-wTdn nr.ciri r m knt "si
&. 13. CHUCK W1UT12U. 100 per
cent efficiency, only sen-Ice s4fc.
tton In Tulsa, mnchines reralrcd;
BUpplleH, Inks anil cti;. SOS UhmI
seconn sirpet. 4)saR 73
ONR No i tTnderwooii tjrpewrller for
eale. lale inrxlelt eieellent rendition, a
bargain Call tool Daniel JIM,
Clu;i'K WItll'KllH all kirnlni eaer terma
anil prlcea Tall Cedar 101
llurruughe --Va"nk"aifdlng niachlna,'
aimeet new. call t'enar 101.
UNnKTlwool) ixpeWn'ter (or aale, tit.
110 Mayo jiing
rTMK'It'KoN KN." 1! Inch, t blade new.
: ' llldg. ueage lf'l.
!7AWYl.inCTw eludente. 1'or aale -Orn'-
tury dlgeat and nilecellaueoue teit and
raee bn-ke ,01 Kxhange Hank UMg.
GAKKB h A 1'Kh ' OA Dad
8 A r B I: A 1) I N E T p
The World'a t?afat 8efe," office S01
Drew Did . Dhene Oaace 4471. Tulaa.
"WPHISO AI'I'Alifc'l,
UKRT price paid for norond hand clnthltiE
ahnta and hate. Phone Oaata, III.
111UIIKRT prkta paid for men a aVcondhand
ihoei and hate Thdne Ueaie
liKHr price paid for tcond hand cloth-
mr, anoea ana nata I'nnne Vfien 1331,
llKllIKHT prlcea"pej" for men' aecond!
hand clothlnci ahoea and hat a.
Ovate fiOSI.
HKlllKST I'lUCKf paid for atcondhan4
rliMhtnr who hata etr.. phona HU.
IlKJIIKST I'HK'l'iU uald for aeeond haod
cmtnina;. inwi and nata rnone u,
for men'e recond-hand clotblnj. boe and
hate, we buy uaed trunke, heodbaga and
rnnre oere sit
Ml M(K IX N KOI ' filH llN I-K flt
vTT,l, 1SKI.I. ttrket to l.oa A lime ma via Kan.
aaa city rtrtar 414.
MllOW t'AHHS and, oretora corn paler at
rotn ( Mil n j nira.
yon HAI.t-T 1 prlie.wlrinlna; Huff OrpTT
Incton bene! alao ten White lehorna:
alao 300 baaketa of freah picked xrapea
Oaajre S i 4; 111 K. llodce.
'fiTACTOU and farm truck for eale, one
Caae 1326 tractor with four bnllnm d no
irang plowe; rood condition i $1,000 one
m ton repubtlo truck; motor In rood
condition i Juat the thlnir for hauling- train
or hay. 11,000. Nlchola Hardware Co, HI
Zi i;aai i-irai eireet, tuiaa uara.
KOH HA Li-; One pair rtalon cornputini
acalea; weight up to 30 pound a, Oaage
11A8 HOM1-: blr girl doll cart to aell little
airit mual be good condition. I'hone
Cedar 1768
UHKD electric fan, rorch awing Oeage
WK aetl, buy rent or eichange, fliturea,
ehow raaea, deaka, rcglatera, a tool a,
taMea, chalra, counter, ice boxea. check.
writer, eefea, coffee urnvaratea, icuum
clean era, etc. Cedar 10. 1 1 V, Kl ra t
TTaJiOK butrhef boi, 10 foot refrigerator
caae. nianaara acam, ana jiooeri cnop
par. Cedar iOt.
HKHTA lift ANT KlXTUHEfl We build
lunch eounten, back bare, mirror
rramee, etnoia, table, chalra, ateam nbiea,
coffee urna. complete ejulpmenta. Can
eave you money, eaay monthly naymenta.
flroaaman Fountain Company. ITU Live
ft ale kl Tlaltaa T- . '
ttAINCOATH guarantaad waterproof
A I WAIT rubber nooda 401 fl. Itoulder.
UAKDK.N ltoHK Phone Oaaae 7ti.
A I. WAIT rubber gooda. 408 fl Iloulder.
TANK li cubic feet, SOU pound preaaura
for air, gaa or water; new, B0, cot 170
II H Hande. 1214 H Elwood. Oeare 1417.
Tulaa. Okla
""v a t r. 1 1 -to nri
WANTKI) to buy. good parrot cage
Oaage 1114
WANTED to buy recond hand reeorda,
will pay good price Cedar ltl
apcomt hnd furniture anl
atovea Call Oaage 161
lieattie'a 23
Weat Klrat atreet
WANTED TO l'l'IU'llAlSK- Old newapa-
nera. hooka and maaaalnt W 111 nay
the hlgheat market price; will call for
aame at your homea Out-of-town, hual
ntaa aollclted Tulaa Salvage St Waate
taper Co Tel Oaage tit 4 4, poatofflce
ox 401. Tulsa. Okla
KUH.NITL'HK wanted, hlgheat ptlcaa paid
for all klndf of furniture. Thone Oaage
UlUIIKHr prlcea paid for eecondnand
furniture Call Hlue Front Furniture
ro . 4 N Main Oeaa-e 2JJ0
mmNITUHti wanted, hlgheat prlcea paid
for all klnda of furniture Fhone Oaage
NOTlCiti to the publicWe buy rnagailnea,
iiewipapera. rage, rnetale. Hepubllfl Iron
ft Metal Co. 26: North Klgln. Pea ye llll.
iTlUHKHT I'lUCKH pald"for ecrap Iron,
mettle, car a, rubber, rope, ma ga tinea
and oil field auppllea, Becu It y 11 re. Iron
A Metal To. 107 N Peoria Phone Qaee
m:alu ctUAit 44i
We pay the hlgheat cah price for furnl
ture and ruga .
WK HUT. SIJM. and repair lurnttura and
atoveal Mo'ctera Kurnlture Co, Hi W.
phon oa hoc
Will eichange llaynea autumoblle 4 paeeen
ger. nlre wheela A-l condlllun on I nr I
room mojern bungalow, coavrmently locAt
cit Call Oaage llll
til N CHBrK.NMf:
CIIANDI.KIt hnimy. late rn'mieT
In A I condition to traile for lot. Call
Hotllhern Tleh and Qeter I'n.
' KArTt.NI)r-KI"..ti. t:HTfTB " 1
10 AfItTirl aniT I4ir, "trait In Crilg
county all In wtM hay meailnw; coal ori
one tract to eichange for houeo am lot
In Tulea CedarJII
160 Ai'lUCT fniprovetf farm In cuTTlvatlon;
S good well, of eatcr 6 mllea from
Vlnltai two mllea from White Oak; north
tit. 000 to exchange for Tulaa property.
redar 4t
IV "k'.yUITV In eetra lot In Woodwaul
Park aildltlonl'hene tlTt-n
t-JlOott iiiodern apurlineti' with garage
frdai lt.' lage 4270
(i'll'l K. AI'l f. "r.oma and lath on H
lienverju. children Oeage 1148
ArAHTMKN'T-Nlrely arranged In new
Imme, private front and rear entranra
modern, will rant reaaonable to couple
who can fumlaU cood reference. Thone
Piage HIT.
I'-HOOM' apartment for rent! unfurnlehe.1;
all modern. CaU at lit W. Second
l-ltoiUl apartment fur rent, 111 Houth
Jloaton. furnlahed with nhe new furnl
tyr vefythlng agreeable and pleaaant
FOliNIHlTrTP Pt."l 'com. 'delightful
aleeplng porch, atrlrtly modern, aouth
ern eiftoaure : private entrance. refr
ttncea required 10.2 aat flUth Oaage IT 42.
WlTX P1IAHK apartment with "two ladlea-.
rant rcaeoaabK IIOTHaVt J,'"rthJ't
w"lT,l. ItTiJT to "man and wlfa'wlthout
children a bedroom with the uae of
living room, kitchen and breakfaat room
Mn new modern bungalow in nrat ciaea
reeldence , uutricw everyuuee lunuiuea
H-US- rt'llMMihll
oMH fuim.hed half duplet unlit
i 11
Sept 1111
. no children (letge 11 J
Court Apnrtmentii, corner l'ourth
nml Klwoorl for rent, four-room ef
ficiency apartment, furniture new;
tneautlful nnd lili.li riaaa, clrwo In,
new luillillnR, ilrtnklng water, elraln
heat. Janitor nervier, Immediate
ponseiKilon. Call at Apartment J03
IMaja Court or phone Cu'lar !
SOUTU' SIIIK Tflve filock of pout
office), 3-room nicely furnished
apartment; modern, private" trio
phone, eerythliiR furnished, rent
reasonable Celnr 0!iS.
KL'HNIHHKt) apartment. Plata
court i Ktiurlli nnd KIood. 4
rooms; completely furnlnhed apart
ment Willi . private, b.ith. electric
KllhtH; Kn, ellverwarc, linens and
steam heat Included. Apply apart-
men! 803.
KO U K " "l I O O ,l n pry t m e n t.""iilrlctVv
miHlern I'hone uuir 6171 before
S n. tn. or ntter B p. in.
EtfnV'ilOVlTf "- tlelr-; apIftmTnt'a
4-room apartment for rent nicely fur
nl.hed liill ra NlehoU. apart t
fi.VKNTil"vv lol; lurnleheil apaTtfireiii
aultakla ler family of four or ,1a a Julie,
Clo,e In
Poll UtTSlT 4room niotlrrn apaTTnvenr
private bath, cloee In. Cell Oeage til;
or tIT-J
FPlt NlHI rer)RltTh.netle apartllienl W
Stoulh Ctnrlnattl
nTi'I-: 3 rnnm turnlehed epertmeni reTeep'.
Ing acenmodatlone fnr eli people, tele
phone now tnetalled, welklng dlelanx to
town Inquire 111 H. Heeenin eireet
wit0N rir.Tm . rWomi eiidTr fWTrSrr
Apartment 4 four larce ro.ima. nice y
fornlehed, cloee In I'hone 71
MAIN R l-ronm apartment, nlie cool
comfortably furnlebedi adlolnlng bath
private entranra, good ehade and water
call between IS SO and 4pm aide en
trance nil n. Main
-.tOOM rurnlebcHl apetrnent. alen'nne 4
mom unftirnlehed mo.1ern apartment
Phone neage I48t
nm i on hfst
NKW &-ronm houre built to aell, oak
floor a. Lull t 'In kitchen cabinet, larae
cloweta, Ivoi-y finlih, ready to move In.
will rent to reaponalble partite only rent
10-H6TM,a real home ' aouth fronts gar
aae fur one. 1110 tier month, onen all
day 121 Kaat Iljnole
KOH HKNT Klve-room new bungalow
clatern vater and garage. 23t Tulaa
Av North Mnreland addition
IPTttiONt duplet houae atrlrtly "tnodarn"
l& her tin. nth. Call iaot liaat Fourth
ft rtOOMl atrlrtly modern
Ith gtaaedHn
alecpln porch on car line and
r.ient tX per month. 0e 4077
SThooM houae, cloae In7 adulta onjy aa 1 1
( i. i nirn
MOtt-KHN houae. (l a Trooat, for rent
I'hnn I0M,
fTAI,K 3uipTet hnu"e.modern';"a'duTlB only
Innutre at 111 K Konrth
1-ItOOM houao for rent, betwaan Weal
Tulaa and lied Kork park; renta for 120
per month, good locatlont one-half block
from car line, on paved road. Call Oaage
3 ia or aTBfi,
VOH HKNT 10-ronm modern houae. Itll
per month , rererence required 1001
K Hernnd atreet
KlOirr HOUMli and aleeolne; porch, two"
atory: atone rettar. good well of water
ana uu-aga; locaieq near car line.
NogalV Oaage HI for appointment.
1CK1HTM, W , U 1 furtilahed 3 -room
apartment for rent.
Oaage :TI4. Mra.
rUHNlTUHK for aatn. houae and garage
ran te renieii 1H7 tiaai iiurnett
MIOOU houae partly
Cedar 114.
futnlahed I'hone
1-linoM Kurnlahed
houae. Call Oaage
C101N4.V AWAY-Wlll "rent flva.ronm mod
ern houae with elteplng porch for ITS
per montn io reaponnnie pariiea only
ueage im
"DTltoTT, OUTTi 1314i 4. room furniahe.1
tnoderahoiiaei man and wlfa preferred
HIOIITll, 210 One-half of
Dh'npx ho tine for ront. No chlhlrrn.
tOH HKNT- Kurnlahed for 3 mitha; 4
rootna o( highly dealrable S room apart
menti cloae in. Adulta only. I'hone Oaage
V6h"IIKN1T-Kor two I monthe'i'l room or
I room furnished bungalowt gaa, llghta,
water and phone furnlahedt cloae to Jit
ney and car Hnei very reaaonable. Oaage
SIX-HOO.M furnished bungalow, newly
painted and doraled; good baaement
fine well of aoft water, rent reaaonable,
to right party. M J Romlne, 101.102
Kennedy Bldg Oaaga 7111. Oeage 1114
Fot'It-HOOM furnlahed liouae. Including
piano, on K Klfteenth atreet, near Ha
cred Heart church, on jitney I In t alao
convenient to two atreet 'car Hnea, can
give immediate . poaaeealon; reaaonable
rant rail Cedar 1112, ,
MAHKKl.U W , 31 4 4-room furnlahed.
modern, rent from Aug 22, lo Oct I.
"V 1 h " n t'w" 1 061
fon HKNT Cloae ln,
furnlahed ; connertlng
2 -room (.uptex .
bath. 160 per
Addr4, S4S World
FOIt HUNT Two light front offlre rooma,
either furnlahed or will aell furniture,
reserving deak apace for abort time
tjecond floor Kemp Illdg. 2US Iloaton
avenue Phone Oaage 1171
JJKHK. roorn with'"dek, chair ani" tele
phone. aenographlc aervlca at regular
ratea 222 yllWK m
OKKITK for rent. wtTlauT'let one or morn
df our offlra rooma Phone Oaage llll
J' w m m n i v. hi:m of h kh" m
76-KOOT apace back part of etor room
facing alley for rent, on N Main, near
Frtaco trucka Oaage 4SI4
you I115NT Mtore room, II 11. Eleventh,,
Apply40lHecurlty Hldg:
K : VANTi:i TO KKNXT " 12
WANT To IllJV from owner, moil
etn houBo from 3 to C ruorrui on
terms, iiulck inrsnosnlnn, p.ivomnnt
prpfprrcil. Must lie prion! right.
rnono tinncn sioa-j
fdt'lt Oil Vl'K room un(urnlhf il
house or nimrtmi-nt. Ilavn no
children; enn furnlh Batlafnctory
rorrpncpn. I'hone Osace U32. Ceilur
WANTKD to rent In good location, furnl
ahed room or unfurnlelied eparmlenl,
huaband and wife, beet refereneea. Ad
dreee line lll-K. care World
WANTKD Ily man and wife, without
children, unfurnlehed modern fUe or
eli room bungalow, or five-room epart
ment. lu, i be In good location and per
manent. Krfercncee willingly given 210-U.
care World.
WAeMTKl To rent 2 light houiekeeplng
rnome by two ladlra employed, rloae tn.
frtvata home preferred. Addreaa Hus
cre Wrrld.
WANTKO TO Hltbtr I ronma furnlehe'd'
or unfurnlehed . no children; beat of
reffrenrai Oaaga M7
WANTBD TO HKNT by young coupla I
or l-room houae, ctuee In, before Sept.
tat Call Oiate C&49
We. NT HI) to rent 6 or I rooma tinfurnlah
id apartment or houa, referenrea e
rhanged I'hone 'e4ar all between lam
and I p. m.
YvANTlTlto rent, a rnodernT w'all-furn-lahed
eleerlng room by bualneea woman.
aouth "Me; prefer private. Call Cedar
HIT. j
WANTKD TO HUNT Kurnlahed alg or
aeven room houao with garage and
aervante quart era; want It aaa for year
or longer; can furnlah beat of references.
Hoi Mo-K, care World
I - mom heue or aoertment by family of
1 aauita wno win uwry mt proimrir in
ood ronillion. am wnnni n ii.aaa r
a a afiim aide rrerrrreu -enar i n or
Oaage Mi
fVVANT to rent a" email "houae In" Ren
dall. referenree eiehanffd Call Onfe
WXSTFAi h or " Toom furnlahed houaa or
apartment permanant reference! ec
ehanxed, Vboue Oaata lltO er Oaace
WANTK1 U eiti Iy fatm y t three, .11
abtiiit Peri H a five or alt room rot J
tags or huntalow. or two or three-room
apartment furnfahed or unfurnUhed. pre
ferabljr under a ieaae airanaement. can
furntali ttfereme Addreaa III K, cate
WASTRn by reponitb!a parly I or
room hoiin, by firat of Heptemter
Oaae 1140 J
WllU, ray reaaenabla honna In anyone
who ran nate a furtilahed houae for
me that can te leaaed fer ten or twelve
month-, at leapt al terma, with cerate
atjd wall, ran furnlah heat of refereneea.
would 11 U a i-onaeealfn ateut Pei'leinber 1.
Oaaie llt I U lloi 411.
W ANTKO to lean'e Ky tr.teinher llthTfer
one rear or luneer. unfurnlahed I- It err
Modern houie n aouth aide, muil ,
it leaat four bedrooma. Mirnir a iiM,
and aervanta qua rt are i?!. 'tn.i !
Heal estate fok sale'
ACHCXtll I'OK rl.l. C3
- .
WK HAt; ten a ree a.ij.iiiiing. . Hy with I
large lroom houte to trade for T or i
room home In city
n n
nney. -.eiiar
fOH HAl.lT N a-ree nn eaet able luttable
fur putting 1'riie H loo v; N. llllcy.
Cedar 1071
htMlH ItAHtiAlN Klegant m room bun
galow oak f'Mre, eitra fine inuie,
garage aervante quart r re, nice location .
price 11.100. 13 Ml donn Matff and Hona.
Phonea Oaage llll
NOHTi. FVltK- New ale7 room TiTingaTow,
oak floora throughout, lalaat built-in fea-
luroa inaement garage, bigiiiy necn
rated, prlte ll lf.'-o, H.OOO caah 1100 per
Mionlh llaitf and Hona Thone Oeege
, . . i
Twn btiiiu ii(MK--('ine in eoum atie i
pfTrn rojni. inewnirnt, i-ian rn Pimiif inn .
garage, beat bargain over orerd,
i a. zoo, can tiaur ami non
1 ni
hone Oaaga
ltooni I, 103't Hotith
SOUTH "IronkToWN )nW " elu ronm
bunsalow. oak floora ennd we'l liearing
fruit, Krag rrv flneat a tton. price
7,00ft. 11,100 ilotsn llalff and Hon Phone
llll ttoom 4, 10 i S Hrtut h Main
WANTIII) by a yi-ung m'arrTe'1 e.uplej r
4 room apartment or houae, aouth aide
preferred Call Onga 1211
WANTBO TO UKST--4 I, or -room mt
furnlahed linuea t-r (Ititt ci. ttv traveutia
man and wife, oh nr near car line Oeage
WANTKI iTMUlNT famiTyVf Three I or
e-rnom unturniatieii milage or a pert
inent . rnuet te rloar In on aouth or weat
aide Can furnlah refarenra oaage I'.
Wli,T7i'AV 12 montha rent In edvan for
cloia in modern ft or 7 room houae, rent
muat be reaaonable Addreaa llox Bll-C
Care World
a mhai, mry.
Hit large rooma, breakfaat room, bullt-ln
rraturea, two ttianieia rrtrnn nonra and
baaenient white oak fltore, heaullful In
terlor decoration, old Ivory flntah, caal
front, on patentent. t'rleed to at and
with god terma.
l-room tnodcrn bungalow, oak floora,
mantel, garage, eaet front, on pavement,
12.000 raali, good terma on balance. Oaage
A HAHtlA IN rmtm modern bungalow.
oak fjiaua, bullt-ln fciturea, lerge baae
ment, ifarage, tloae ht, on pntement. In
brat location, H.MO, 12.000 caah Call Mra,
llenderaon. 7I .J, Monday
Dandy tittle I -room bungalow wlth"go4
.-onerele baaement Sl.ttOO. lerme to ault.
Call 3S2I H Ketenth, thle la excrpttunllly
h good huy.
Kl-NlAl,le- 3-room bungafow, IHlng room
ncroaa front, bullt-ln featuree, electri
city, lino wall or water. fullalaad corner
lot, cloae to achnol and car Hr.et prr
reduced, 12,100, 1700 caah Thle won't Uat
long T 4 I'hclan, 9gg
Hlil7NI)Il 2 rTtory .Iwelllnif. baao-
ment, JiirKQ vcrundaH, fine IjIk
barn, chlokcn houno. henUhy icarfi
trcfM, wrll, 10 levfl acriif of flat
lo.tm Hoil, f'tw renin from ravliHr,
rr-nily to HtJ h-cllvlrf i into lots, rr.tl
harcHfn ut llS.r.OO. Stt.000 chhIi. Ah-
mihitfly profit of MM00 In 12
iHonwiH, you cant hm; can r J.
PlHMan. Ogiitff 3673.
WANTKD livo partner in rcu CBtat
co., munt liavo cur and huvu aoino
cxpcrlenro; refmonuolo trlco to
rlRht party, carft World.
KUJt .SAblO liy ownor, a 11 rooin
hotihc on South Whet'llni?. A Nir-
calti If t.o!d Ihla wont. Hun tin 117ft-11
iik- A if-riT-ttf w , , ' -T: '.7Tu' Tl-
UKAUTIr Uli new bungalow, aouth able
fouriA.fith .iinr-L riuig iiiIm, (...in in
I'nurleenth block, oak floora. built In I
fmhlnati llhal. In.ati l.oiiln. I,n.t-.f. f n
and vaccum pluga. combination furnara ,
breakfaat room: tiled bath with beat fU
turea; fireplace and mantel, garage and
eervanl'a quartera; all for 114.000 Terma
arrange k, H Hlly. fiar ioi
KAHT HIDfc Clnae In. 4 room modern
bungalow, full-atied lot, on paving, mom
for another houae, lot alone worth tha
money, t'.TIO, 11.100 caah. T. J Phelan,
Oaaga 31 Ti
HKAUTIKUL home In Hlilcreat. T rooma
Including breakfaat room, oak floora.
flreplate-, Krench dnora, mualn room, bullt
ln cabinet. Ironlna board, fan and vac
ruuru pluga, aide llghte; baaement with fur
nace rougnea tn, garage, eaat rroiit ,
prlrad 11.000 undr the ntarket Terma
arrange! 2N Hlley. Cedar 1071
iA I j K- 7 ruotn bungalow modern,
garage and aervattt'a quart ere, goo
localloni price M.fiOO; $2,100 cath, balance
tn ault bee llbae I. tlrant, lit rlecurlty
Hldg Phone 0. l
KOH HAT,"K"l' room bungalow modern.
garagt ai-.d barnerit on North unla,
price I -,000, 11. .00 raah Hee Httaa $
(Irant J14 Hemrlty Hldg Phone tl0
KT Url ahow you a fine I -room bungalow,
modern, with oak floora, Krenrh door a,
fireplace and mantel, bullt-ln cablneta on
corner lot, aouth eld for 17,100, 11,000
caahK S Hlley, Cedar lftTI
iTlOO' liuvaa nifty 1-ronnTEungalow" nar
Klfteenth and new Cat hollo church ;
bullt-ln featurfte; garage Term 1. N.
Hlley, Cedar 10TS
Houth Hide Home
Right Urge rooma, baaement; garage;
combination furnace, hardwood floora,
Ivory flnUh, Interior decoratlona la a fea
ture of tha hornet eait front; full alae
lit i paved etrecta, of the very beat con
atnifttont etorm aheathed and other fea
tures to go Into a well built home, tile
bath with pedealal lavatory and all fti
turea In home are of the very beat; only
been occupied a abort lime, thle home la
a bargain for thla money. It la going to
aell, ao If you are looking for thle type
of home It will pay ou lo are thla before
tt ti told to eomeone
Oft A UK 11TI 111 UNITY HUH!
llTlO IlUYft a dandy 4-room Vottaga on
eai itreet on tne eai aide ott paving
II 100 caah will handle.
Call Oaaga 1M6
N., (JIoat
Th; a beautiful
buncalow of alt rnome and
reomi oak floora throughout, built In fta
(ureaj fina beaement: price ft. 100, good
terme C'ell Oaage 1101
MONi?Y TAXT;K-Th" i.ent Wy" ontTe
north elde in a beautiful bunt-alow
raeh price (7,100; owner haa equity of aa
In IAA ,lnn t mil. thla ltumm tint ' "
POS8KMION now, North i:Iwo'ud
tlfatll- !
tirui s room bungalow, eieeptlonally
larre room, cloae In, eaat front, price
I00 I! 000 raeh Call oae 101
TWO north aide Xariralna, two"T-room
hunvalowa, ready tu move In. on j.a Ye
meni, nice Hvlnv room . dlnlnr room
kitchen, bullt-ln featuree; 3 aleejilnc
rooma and nlee bath; g a race and con
rrete drive, t7,?50; fM00 caah and terma
Theea will aell In next few da)a A. J
Jenklna 4 Ben Oaage UOI and Cedar U.
TTvt5room houae and half aereoToaa'Ta
good ahA, haa a ftna deep wall and a
very Rood value at 11.100, aaay tenn a. Call
Oearet.U r
't)ll r!Al,t: hy'ownir, II acrea, I mllea
from Tulaa on main highway I'rlra right
for eale or trade Ihonenage HH tOTt
ItNllNKH eaat"fronl room . heavy a1(
floor. arre living room, an Id fa I home
owner left tnati home now vacani nrlie J
I0.Q0O. iicoo will handle. Hen f Anrl
11? Hoblnaon Hldg I'hone Onege T i 0TI
fl 000 1ANII aT.d eaay monthly amema
put you In noaaeaaien of a new 1 room
bungalow, and eleeplng porch and good
well, on high eight y tot overloukLng the
city, eloae to a good ehool and Jitney
juice only M.3C0. Call Coder TIX.
lis c makes th 1 . menl a
inmii-ni ft room buneal- w ui rr ni
1 Klfleenth atreet f ar( baeemtnt and
Henly of fruit treaa Trir only I 00
HUtenre arranRed iait vrtnr T I
. -4A,j, rrom m.-Urn hunaal..w
large garage K"d wall rhlrken hou
fruit ttree high eaat front Inl Trire
MOOO owner Idi" H t.,i
IlloO fiir 1 room t tor morfern reel
denre cinae in aouth aide and rente
llll per tnnMh owner neda atne caah,
I hie la the beat bargain on emuh aide.
A J .lMlne A Hon nut tlftl
TtOOaf" iip-ffi data modern residence
eloae In, on aouth etde gmd lot. a Hon.
heure tfinodetfd. fine condition Juat the
thing for training hotie, II l0, term a.
A .1 Janklna ieen Oeage 411
yjT.AOP Abaolulaly the beat bargeln on the
iBW Hl)ti atinc i.rrch
nortn ai'if, a teai nf i rovtn nunga-
b-aaement all
hardwiwd riooia
car aaraa" II '
(oMiitlful dertiratlenu
rath A J Jenk-
Ina A Hon . 4I0A K.
i Mart "make a fTrat
pe"eht on aii-tonni mo-irtn tingainw.
in tiioivv I"' flilMii Ittt HIV Nfl PHf. 1
u lou W4n1 trtu pn. rail Cedar
mi, tj
Ko!l h aIHT" l"U Vnrtm inolein bungalow".
riioea inratlo non aouth elite l lee 04
Caah will handle, ah.iv n by appointment
oniy. ail t en r l a a,
rUST A Mi -tlTeea'.TTrnTTure nle
I -room bungalow , al oping pwrrh, built
In featuree, on pavemanti lot 10110,
garage A bargain al .00. Oaaga 1 401.
Cedar I0M.
Rot -fll ailnK ff lit buya anieTTerel
hgli terraced lot. tOtltO, fine triidenre
nelglibflrhoogt, nn pavatnent Thla la a
eauririre prlre for quick a I a Oeage 1401.
Cedar 1011
Aitrariive i-rrwirii modern butMralew, on
tiamiy rorner lot large pantry, an mod
f rn tanenlein lovely new deiratlone
rnr (puck aale at bargain ptlrc. 14.209
Itofl taah and eaay payment. Call at
premlaa, 111 H Trooat. owner thar all
lay Ntinday, nr phone Oaage Hit, rral
dence Oaage lliO
KAUT Ml'H bargain. IHTOO, war It IllJO
down buya 4-roiji realdence nn lMve
ment. near tar tine. Oaage UN t'eder
fliiPTH" XANTlTiJa' iTaollcaily new
bungalow; five roomat aleaptng porch,
mantle and bullt-ln foaturee, while en
amel ftnlah, Intely darorated, IT 000;
terma I'hone nwner. ortae JOTT -fioilTH
mTIiK neautliuT new "bungalow,
aeveu targe rooma. oak floora through
nut large rloeet, bullt-ln featuree, mantle
old Ivory flnUh. haautlfully itei'oratedi
baminti garage and aervante quartera)
lir, Oflft Call "wner. Oaage 27T
llt'NtlAl.tVw" ery cloat in. mi iouUi ehfe'i
eait front, choice neighborhood . five
rooma and eleeplng porch, large baaementt
Sir It e fR.200, aome terma I'hona Oaage
M W J llenry
NOllfll" UNVIJH - ll'.e'ianh'handlea new
bungalow, oak flmtra, tile bath, baea
tub. beautiful breakfaat rntm. large hrrtk
mantle, book t'a4 atcl other bulllln
fpturee. Price IT.'tl I'hone Oaaga till.
w J Lln,y 2 L
$2000 IfNUffll aaiti""nurih able "cloae
In. I and ruoner houae . over eli ad
corner, e-l front lot, 11,000 wilt liandle,
0age HTJ.
Poll MAleTi- -I'hotre tornr, "tlo-e lrTeVuih
aide, with 7 -room heuoe. Ideal apart
ment eight; Vrlre IU.II9, part ca-h, anan
buy 1001 Mayo Illdg Oiaae 1(92
Wi;""llAVi; a" large and loniplela )at of
realdent property aome bualtie'rt pro
perty , hotela and rooming houee Tall
and are Mu-ter lUalty Co, 201 tfecurtty
Illdg Oaage 22ft
Al'lilt gootl gartlen landt 2-room haniaaj
aootl wall water. irlce 11.100. raali l&OA.
rln in lo city limit Alualer Healty Co.
KOH HA'l.K- My pnipnty" at Tl rofaaf,
ehade, good well, 2 room houe Phone
Ot.K II. A
COHNKH New alt rooma, i.reakfaet
room, baaematit. two-car Harare, built-
in faaturea, two mantelet eldellghlai baae
re' ptlraat paneled living room and
hall i terma. Phone owner. Oaaga III.
llKAl KHTATK llHtlnaa w-r.t..l. all parta
nf Tulia ( we have buyera waiting. Call
uaJoday y V, Tryon. Oder TO
HAt.K .Mil room modern iMlngeiow!
choice location on aouth elite, II. toe oo
ra.li will hamllei .how tiy appointment
eny fall Cedar llll
HAHT HlIllT- II, (JO 00 taah maliea a flrtt
ie)ment on , la-room meitern hungalnw,
tn a chalca location rn the eaat aide
Cell early If you want thle one. Call
Ceder III I,
iIBMB INTTnltVIlXT?; collet.' townl
I roome. bath, hot water heat, lane
front porch, enelu,ed hark porch., electllo
llghte, telephone, city water, two lerge
rteterna play houee, email ham, poultry
houee, three fourthe acre, auperh loca.
tlon, nine mllea from Kanaae City,
eltaeaurt river elley vlelhle for 30 mlle.l
I w minuiee waia irom rira conrgai uav
Uttidainta mmt tar durallon t inv
t M.u.7f n, "Hie lor educaiion, oi my
Vl'LlV r,tl
hracttrally cntnn:etel Price
7.TI0. a bargain, owner. Jantea H,
l-ltoTm moilarn. laTTirmigeT price BTTv"
II 000 taali, halame Ho iter month Hen O
Angel 111 Hoblneon II dg Phone (age
KITTY choice lota In" l-Tureka "Hprlnga,
Arkanena, want live Tulaa agent to
handle H K Ulalr. 101 Hutton HI. Kav-
ftievllle Ark.
TWO Hl'SAUTlKUIg hTih eaat front Iota.
awelleNt reatrtcted addition, aouth aide:
niuat at rlflf, tQuUy ,4lil Odair 1110
f-HOOiriiun galow ona 1 TTt i'Fi'i I rial" front
lot only a halt block from paving rloae
to achool and traneportatlon . bullt-ln fee
turea, attractive mantel, wall dacnralad.
you Junt neid to aee It to nuy It 11.000 cain
with io per inontii. until you nave paia
14.700 For appointment rail Cedar TTT
Foil ham: hy ow.Kinr room iiouie
with acreened porch on full lot In Iim
Vdj' addition nut far off the pavement
antl near at hoe I, wilt take Kord car a a
part of flmt payment Phone Oaage 1414
fnr prlre and Irrine
" l.OI H I Oil HAI.K " oil
KOH MA I.I"! oft 'IHAhK K'pilly Into Ter
race rv lota Omv HIT
KTM,lMiZli cotntr lot In frwlrtg place.
t E 10 caah and 110 per tnonlh Will con
alder aeeond paper. Owner, Hoi 1 101,
ftOTlT Toil" MaT.I;" on" N. t;Ti"erme, part
eaah . balance monthly. Phone Oaage
PKOfAl. I'HH'K Monday; lot on paTT
paving flret block Federal avenue. 1 1 60
raah :IC, balance 111 monthly Phone
Cedar UUP or Oaage UTI.
1 w a KfT7T 1 tD y " "
Lot I0i40 J or apartment elte- gtva loca.
tlon and price; corner preferred Hoi 11.13
care wonu
KO'FTor aate, prleil(To .""IU caeh, pay
tnenia Ijo jpertnotnn. ill J weronn
VfiTl I&JlIM'" l-or'n.bToflt" 13. fe'rraip
drive eddltlon. Ianilng, Thirteenth
atreet. terma to ault Call 5fili
TVo" ieOTri ln Maa'duwbrooitV "my efiuliy
1119 00. loin 6Qll 50; v!u.1 -I 1110 t0
111 n lhoeni t V Whitney
(TOHNIH inl In Vunaet""pa7it , il'."f17ot
front Phonr Oaaice 7101
lir own KM Utah, dealrable lot n
Wheelfnc priced low for quick a,
OMsa Tl7 Tetma.
Ton"iAH H and Talanfe'"on 'time' buya the
tat lot in iuogewooi addition- I'hone
Hand Uprlnita (JUia
10 ACHK tract In the haM of 11 i'utrh.
10 rode from Lake Taneyeomo. the play
ground of the world , fenced, rro.i
feneed woven wira fenre 2 ar-rea orchard
grt-ea, amall nr hard fnr family ua ap
pit peaeh and grape. '6. room plaelered
hogaa ; fur nam hath: toilet , baae
ment under houae, good eprlng 19 ft ot
kit' hen door, hen houie, RO htnaj
iOO young rhieka, I high grade Jcreey
cowa all giving nJlk; 4 calvaa, hone and
buggyt eram canii milk hottleet all klnda
nf garden tool a, furniture for l-roome,
60 gallon gtenllne tank, SO gallun nil tank;
houae and furniture Inaured for $1,000
agalnat tornado. l,00 agalnet fire; located
on pnwe relte and Hranaon elertrle line,
telephone connection; price H.600 caah,
win make terma Xluiter Healty Co, 101
(Security Hldg Onaga till
ltd AitKH fine lrnpruva"mVnT!l mifa "ot
alation. JO-e re or hard full; pnraon
now, price 6t 000. Aak II a rr 1, Ilarrtaon
YOU "HAT.r; fo "acrea Arkana"aa"r(ve
bottom land. (W mllea aouth of Tutea
on paved road all In cultivation, good
houaa y ertall barn, all alfalfa land for
1110 par aere Sea Rtiaa L. UianL 114
UcuxUy JJd. Vtw IHCL
t.ANItrt AMI VAlUt Vlin BAl.lS
'lHt HA I K i a. ice In ''ralg mints ID
a. ree tn cultivation ,, In hay I room
Imii.e ham and nulhulldioge, I "''"
well, n real farm for a Home 11 acre,
fenced hog light hlacH land tor 110 P"
acre, make term. He, time I. tlrent. 114
Heeurlt) in.lg rimne llo
" Vftrt'AtVSAit- "
I'nit real hargam m farm land write i.ee
Hertln Hal .in rK t
r'lifl RaI.'K" -I" e-ete'e in lreeV County,
cloee to tlenfurd 40 arrea bottom In
rulllvattnti :i ai-re, meadow: I acre. In
alfalfa and 410 aeree paeture teo.e with
farm, good s rpotn ho.i.e ham tenenl
tiou.e. 1 welle, ell femed l, mite (rem
eihoo), an Ideal llll.e rem h for tl.Oto I I
to 4, raah balance lo eult Hee ftuee u
llrenl Jit Seruiily Illdg I'hone Ui
Ffill'RAl.t)- IM ecrea, I mllea tiim'Hw-
ae.ii, creek Pfdlom. sooacree in vulllve
tlon, 10 aeree hey, 1 4 room houaee and
hern, I good welle, all fenced and rroee
fenced, a good buy fur III pee aire, gool
i. tin. vee Ituea I., tlrant, tit Hefurlty
Illdg t'hene 11,9
tTATTt:'S "JShT cTTr "rTReiulpeT haTrVf
thle tract la bottom land, aome Int.
pritoemcnte, aI,a ell ptoiert: tltO acre
Iteherl Wlieon. 414 lloblneon tUdg Oeage
Wfi'"rUL?;"To a?rei"cn Tente" highway
one-lielf mile eolitli of hard eurfaced
roadl goivl alone houee, line well water,
timber and good building alone, price
right If Inlere.ted i all and aee owner
tvTfi" IIAVB a TareVYnT complete Ileof
good ferma ana ranchee In Dklahnma
and lle,niirl. plenty ot good eprlng weter
aleo timber treel of 4,410 aeree, with
1.000 0 feet pine eaw limber 1.000 000
oak aew timber and aome ceder and er
i amor., thle timber tanibe bought for
110 per acta on Ihe etump Call on
Mutter Itealty Cu . ID! Keeurlty IDdg
ri.aae mi "
I'A'SiiANfll.V!' r.ANli " l.ev.1 ranrhel;" I
eetlone at 110 per acre up, the beet
nf farm land, write me now tleorge l.
Tockly Hooker, Xt"1 t
ririlfiWrb.Ti'ain In WlaTioina .'tf'Stf
4 mltee from elation, tlh river bottom,
cultivated! 410 tillable. II hou.ee Cal-
vln Ibmitmen lleevener. itkia
40 Al'llHH. all tillable land., eendy eoll:
four (41 mllea from Kllmore, Oklehome,
.tohneon county tn'iulre M M. Kbld,
Cletetend. Okie
FOR HAl.li 100" erree In Craig county,
rlA.a In I'elMlee. on k'rl.cil IA acrea In
cultivation, balance In liar, not lea.ed for
oil. good lime, tone ienn-. poeaee.mn nw
fur 110 per aere Terme Hee Ituee I.
tlranl III Hecurlly Illdg. I'linne 1110
AMKANrlA KAIttlH for eale. we ee'l tin
earth in euee io lit your inmii uvvnt
w i.-k m.innii nv wnicii .Tirrun.
ren own a home, let lie etplaln It tn i
lull, A yep, iioonevine. Aiaeniae.
(l6oi farmenCentreiklehmiYfileiie
tNiunty. wheat, tern, aiiaua ami .i"..
country, Imprnved or ununptneai goon
terma, iiroeniieiu inve.tmni mi, ii.h
11.1,1. Ilklo.
WANT"to tiuy" ?rnnr.w'heri I nr 0-n.om
i..iii--hi, with aariire: liarthve,t frnntl
tt.oeo to tl.eoo c.e,h, Call Uaaga llll be-
Wa'NTKH to buyr .4 or l-rmim tuiu.ej
inuet be mo.terni can par ibvv .hi
nod monthly payment, I'hona Oeage
CTxr Vtitlll proparty w.tn I'aliaravt
Heelty Co, Thev e.H II Oeaga I0.
II A VII good eerond mortgage note flTToTT,
and aome caah. want I or t-roiin mod
ern bungalow, n..ge 0111,
WAbt'l'TlIt "to" liuy! itlroct from owner.
moderh rive-room iiiiugwiitw in gnoii
locallon, wllh garage, etata price ani
terme Addre.e I', il line lltl
Kor gitlci cholo rornfr, cloao-ln.
atititli gltle, with l-room houaei
Irlful apurtnifnt altti prlt' US, 500,
jiArt eaihl uooil buy. , '
C. H. Terwilleger '(5o.?
OMtKP H2. Crilor 173.
M'c havei ra.h buer for hunita.
Iohh prlce-d from $d,000 to JH.OOO
nml IMilory houtpea prlcrd from
110,000 to 120, Aoo In any uooil loca
tion In Ilia city; If you huvo prop
arty for Rule Hat It with ua,
610 Unity Illdg.
I'hona Owiaa 1!70, Odar 380, V
can be bniifsht on rii.y terma; owner
out of town and will tnltn t5,000
i'.r,h for 1 1, rt In I paymciil; balanco
llkn rt-nt; Immrrllato poaavailon; for
appointment call Ukhko 1J93.
(lltOTKOl- & SCAM AN
:ot Kcnnrdy llldB.
-Good S-room modern bungalowt cloae, In on eaa) aide; fine
locution; nn rar line; thla will be offered for only 10 dayn
at thlct price; 12,000 caah, balance, monthly; Immediate
-Good 6-room modern home; fine location; three blocks
of Kendall collcgn; food well nnd out building"; lot
75ilS0 ft.; fine nelccllon of bearing fruit; 12,000 caah,
balance arranui'd to ault purchaser,
lluya dandy E-room modern htinisalnw on fine high lot,
tun blncka of car line and three blocks of Kendall col
lege; ,1.000 caul, 75 per month.
-Good 4-room houae with large acrconed baok porch;
110-harrnl cistern; nit klnda of Browini! fruit; extra cootl
equipment for chlokena; 11,000 caah, balance arranged.
-Good '-room modern duplex with garage, on pavement,
clone, to citr line, thla U a good rental property and flni
Invrritment; cnu be handled wllh H,?0l) cash! call Mr.
Lange, wllh
$2,500" $4,850-
Ot&go 1630. Cedar 1521.
ntviNO rtAt't:
Three) tarsei rooma with atiund.tnro
nf bullt-ln (rnturrg full lot 50x140.
An Idrnl cottitRii ror n rniixll fomlly.
11.000 cuHh will hamll. One block
frtim pavlntT.
3S0 Kentirtly llullillriK Clr 100
North Side Bargain.
I'mctlcfttly libf bmiRrilMtv nf fl
e.tlia Ur ruoinfl nnj lirmkfapt
tiiniit. Oak floort throiiKhout. Nlct
IlKht flxturrn tMtl tlccnriitloii. llulll
In hnokcuafri chlnii cloaeitg unit break
fitst room ""t. lArgo cltmnlg. lytrRo
buni-nirnt. (Iiimo nd ollit concrnto
tlrlve. '4i riinHldfr thl rt barifain
antl ran bo lmmllcil for 2,000 cmh,
Adanla &. Walker
J:o Kennedy llOllillntr. CoOar 900
Good Buy East Front
Hlx-rortni, niixlern, up-ti).rlto bun
italnw; mtk floors thrniishoul, large
hath, hrrakfnat room, hlslt lot, bace
ment Unmlry trnyni $:,000 put you
In ptiaacHnluii; call for appointment;
rny trrrna.
C. H. Terwilleger Co.
l'honra Oaage 1402. Cedar 172.
Ready to Occupy
Ono ot thr Iirat liullt 8-room muJ.
rm lirlck reaMrnco In t ho cltyj llv.
lug room uuroita Uin front, larRo
tllnltiK rnuni, lar tlrn, moilarn
htlllt'ltl fraturrr. Ills Imth, two large)
HlerpliiK porchra, neparatp- liowtr
hath, oak floor throuuhout, vary
flnaat of rtecorationa, lurso baao
invnt, . ftirnncr lit at. Kurnca (or two
rara, Morvanta' quartora; prloo
3Z,B00i rfaeoimblo ciwh payment,
Imlnnco eaay terma; call for appoint
C. H. Terwilleger Co.
J'hnnc OatiKd H9i, Ceilur IT:,
On Banht K 81,, ovttrlooktnir Owrn
1'ark, five rooma urul breakfaat
room, lurgn baaement antl on car
Kiiriign, Thla location I nn xr(ip
llonally ilcalniblt one and thU prop
rrty haa not hen mt tha mat Hut
alncn it wua complti(l about twtlvo
inontna aiio. uuil ug tor1 aniioint
incut. v
llnoiii 20 4 Knnmly UMk,
l'our-rpoiii bunRalow on a' good
ntreet (hat will ioon b paved. U.tn
be handled for 1760 caah, nalai cn
Ho pgr month. 1'or appointment
Oaace 1293 i
Itoom 301 Kennedy tUiIjj.
Close-in Bungalow
Now 5-room. modern, eaat front,
oak floort, tile bath, . fine decora
(long, haxfment,; priced right; tS.000
ciihIi Kiyinonti; balance caey,
C. H. Terwilleger Co.
Thonea Oaage 8193, Cedar 172.
Wo havtt vacant In all gectt ni of
the city; -jail alira and, all price,;
buy Hoiiif of the burgalna wo havo
today unit make a Kood profit In
thtee or four montha. ravine la at
u atandatlll, real nutate loans are now
rtvnllablo and them will ba a atrmiK
domund for vuc.tnt on pavement thla
winter, liuy now, Bco our lUta, Wo
lira hcadauartera for vurant.
prd&r 900 320 Konnctly
:iO.?a,lAO Cldg.
ally to
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ut City
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