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VOL. XIV, NO. 332
Cities 75 and 50 Miles
From Warsaw Lost by
Bolsheviki Army.
Great Numbers Driven Into
4 Germany by Poliah Offen
sive; Officers Taken.
Helping Soldiers "Clean .Up"
Soviet Retreat; Hunt in
Brush as for Deer.
LONDON, Aug. 25. A iIHpntch
to tlio Exchange Telegraph com
pnny from llcrlln nays tlio Dculncli
Allgcmrlno .cluing putiUMirs n re
port that liio HumUn nnrtliern army
lion commenced n counter offensive
which npiH-nrs to Imiu purity sue
tcoded. ,
- Tlio dispatch adds tlmt tho Polcw
luno been forced back in tlm "cor
ridor" lictwccn Mlawn and Clinzrk,
wlillo In tlio iiolifliborliood of N'cld
cnlmrg n dcclsho battle Is In pro-
BBRLlA, Aug. 24. The govern
ing board of tho railway workers
union at Danzig has voted to halt all
war supplies arrived at that port
destined for I'oiand. It will permit
tho transit only of food and sanitary
Tho governing board has appoint
ed local survelllnnco boards, who
nlso will Include the stations of Zop
rot, Hohcnsteln and Neufahrwasser.
r The AMocUted Preea.
WARSAW, Aug. 24. Lomza, 75
miles northeast of Warsaw, and
lllalystok, CO miles east of Loniza,
havn been recaptured by the Polish
armies, says an official communica
tion Ibsucd by tho war office here
In the remaining occupied sectors
In tho north, tho bolsheviki are
crossing tho Prussian frontier In
(treat numbors. In this region the
18th nnd 33rd bolsheviki divisions
havo been smashed, and all of tho
B4th division has been taken pris
oner. Staffs Taken.
The fifth Polish army alone, op
erating on tho northern front, has
accounted for more than 20.000 prls.
oners. Including tho staff of tho
18th and thn 54th divisions, says tho
Thd military authorities announce
that tho various Kovcrnment districts
of Poland with the exception of Su
walk! and Grodno, have been vir
tually cleared of the bolsheviki, somo
of whom, In tho panic of retreat,
crossed Into east Prussia, but
whether they are Interned U not
known here. "
1'cm-antn Use Cluba.
Many red detachments havo been
cut off from retreat and aro grad
ually being gathered In. Peasants,
armed with hunUng clubs and
scythes, aro assisting the Polish sol
'dlcrs In tho process of cleaning up.
In various parts of tho country,
particularly between the Vistula and
Prussia, where tho bolsheviki have
been cut off from their communica
tions, there aro organized hunting
t fartles, consisting of the members of
" hunting clubs and others, who beat
the wooded country In search of r.eds
the samo as for deer and wild boar.
WASHINGTON, Aug. !4. As a
result of the capture by-Tollsh trops
of lllalystok and tho adjacent rail
road Junction, tho bolsheviki army
In that vicinity has been cut off, the
Polish legation was Informed today
In an official cablegram from War
saw. Complete defeat of tho bolsheviki
army which was retreating without
resistance was ulso reported In tho
ConirroMiian Charges Ilrltlili Iannis
for Entertainment ilnvo Applied
to Democratic Comniltu-c.
CHICAGO, Aug. 24. Charges that
187.500 appropriated by Uio Drltlsh
parliament for entertainment pur
poses at the IJrlllsh embassy In
Washington had "found its way into
the democratic national committee,"
were mado tonight by Congressman
Fred A. Urlttcn of Illinois, In a
signed statement. Proof of this as
sertion will bo brought beforo the
senate campaign committee Investi
gation committee whon It reconvenes
next Monday, hn said.
"Evldonco will bo Introduced ot
the pending Investigation to show
that this fund already has found l
way into tho democratic national
committee where It no doubt will be
followed by tvn times that amount
should It bo mado ovldent that the
disciple of AVIlion can ,wln with
money," tho sla cnient read In part.
An idea assumed patentable form
and grew Into a profitable business
through a Business Opportunity Ad
Inserted by tho man with tho Idea
'who was without tho means neces
sary to make It go.
There are all kinds of chances to
enter business, sell real estate, and
to make money In tho World Want
Ads. Call Osage C00-
Wire Flashes
IIKUSSKLS. Atic, It. I'kuI Hrmane.
mlnt.ter f foreign affaire in the cabinet
of 1-remler da U Crnli. reelfned hie por
tfolio today.
WASHINGTON, Aur. it --(leorse lloua.
o, Ureek mlnl.ier to the Wnlle.t Htatee.
hea been rp"ln(nl diplomatic repre.enla.
live of hla country at Conttantlnop:, lit
will fair for Greece Saturday.
KANSAS CITY, Au, tt The annual
convention of tin irnnil lodne of iiesro
Kike opened hr today wllti more than
lO.aoo parnina In attendance, t'lftaan
banda ara pre.enU
OTTUMWA. Iowa, Aur 11 nav. Jona.
than Mee, rrtlrad llaniiet mlnletet hare,
performed hta ona thouaand, and ona
hundred eleventh wedding ceremony to
BT NAZAII1K. France. Aur. 34 The
American boy eoouta who have been ml
tendlnr the "Jamhnrea'' tn Hnrland and
r'ranee, departed early thla mornlnr for
America abroad the tranaport l'rlneeae
LONDON, An, n. . Two hundrM artV
tfirt tn Hunmrltn prUonra of war wrr
ktlletl rrntljY at Jlermanm Ult, Trny
Ivtnla, when Ihty attack nt HuamanlatV
icuard. taya dUnatch from that' ctt to
tha Dally l.TaM.
DRMVUn. Aug. SI Jainra C. llulrer.
prasldent nf tlia Cnlnrado KMerntiAn. of
I.nhor, today telrrraphrd to Brrtry of
War Baker, protesting airalnat United
Statfi noldtem rid In on Lfenver etreat
cara And "aselttln and protttctln atrlka
breakers In the operation of car.'
MUHKOOT5B. OkU., A41, SI. A warrant
eharsln W. It. Hhlrley, wealthy Muiknim
oil man with obtnlnlnr M9.U fraudu
lently from the Oktahoma-Iowa Oil Tro
durlnr company wan aworn out thf morn
Inc in the city court and placed In the
lunda of Deui SherlftVfor aervlc.
WAVF.TU.V, low; Au. SI. Two hn
dred and fifty deleatea from Oklahoma,
Texan and middle western ntat aro pre
ent today tor conference preliminary tn
opentnc tornotrow of the Slth enral con
ference nf evanrMral Lutheran aynoda of
Iowa and other elates. s
JUAhRZ, Mm., Au 24. Hr. Taul Tl.
Altendorf. under ruard of two Mexican
army offlrere, awaited here today proof
of cltlxmnhlp that would allow him Into
the United Hlate. Altendorf was ordered
deported from Mexico aa a "pernlcloue
FnnSNO, Calif.. Auf. SI Franklin TX
RrtpnevelU democratic . candidal for vice
prealdenl apoke bare headed In the rain
for thirty minutes hers today. He aald
that In a food many waya, Governor Cox
Is the Hiram Johnvon of the east, and
that "Governor Cox has put protreeelve
values on the booka of Ohio a-nd has car
ried them out"
Tentative Plan Calls-for
One Day in Oklahoma;
Night in Tulsa.
Governor May Stbp at El
Reno, Enid, Vlnita; Capital
Visit at. High Noon.
Governor Cox, democratic presiden
tial nominee, will spend one day In
tho state of Oklahoma, probably Fri
day, October 1, according to a mes
cage received from him late today
by Hon P. Ifayette, state demo
cratic committee chairman.
Tho tentative schedule provides
that Oklahoma City will be host to
Governor Cox for about two hours
at noon. The governor Is expected
to arrive at Enid early In the morn
ing, returning to tho cast from a
trip through tho west. Ha will speak
at Knld about S o'clock.
l'lnn SiK-clnl Train.
A special train will bo provided
by the democratic state committee,
according to tho plans, and will meet
tho governor at tho northwestorn
rorncr of tho stato, where he will
cross Into Oklahoma, nnd will carry
him to Joptln, Mo., whro Oklahoma
democrats will present him to demo
crats of Missouri.
Tho train will make brief stops
between Knld nnd Oklahoma City,
Iho longest stop probably to be at
El Hcno. From Oklahoma City the
tentative routo leads to Tulsa, where
n nleht meeting probably will be hold
and where the special train will stay
most of tho night,
"Although I cannot anonunco the
dato of tho governor's visit with ex
actnoss," Mr. Lafayette said tonight,
"I am virtually certain It will be
October 1. It Is definitely eioltled
that dovernor Clx will come to Okla
homa anf wo will proceedrat once
to perfect our plans for his visit. Tho
governing Idea in our arrangements
will bo to permit the governor to'aee
nr many people as possible, and to
be seen by them."
On tho wny--to Joplln from Tulsa,
tt Is expocted thn governor will speak
briefly it Miami and Vlnita. Prom
inent Oklahoma democrats aro ex
pected to accompany the nominee on
his trip through the state. Plans
for providing tho train ,were begun
Harreld Opens Campaign
in Speech at Fairview
W. Harreld. republican senatorial
nomlneo, will open his campaign to
morrow afternoon with a upeech at
Hess' drove, near Palrvlow, In'MaJor
county, ho announced jaie touay.
Other speaking engagements wero
announced, Including ono Labor day
nt Coalgate.
Anthrax Scrum Rushed
to Help Rogers County
deputy stato veterinarian was nem
tonight to Hogera county with 600
treatments of anthrax serum, fol
lowing a call from that county for
aid to combat a now anthrax out
break among cattle.
Praises Senator's Qualifi
cations in Address at
Nominee's Home.
Body of Theatrical Celebrities
' Boosting Tickat Put in
Full Day of Jazz.
Harding, Hughes and Harvey
in Three-Hour Scsslpn Dur
ing Early Part of Day. I
MATtlOK. Ohio. Aug. 21. A group
of theatrical folk brought a touch
of llroadway to Son.itor Harding's
front porch today and In a day filled
with jazz pledged their support of
tho republican nominee.
About 20 actors and actcetses were
In the delegntlon presenting their
ognrds to Marlon and the Hardlngs
fetes. In n, short front porch spocch
mi Ri'iiuiur crrwi'U Ilia uuiu-
tloiiTtnd suggested that tn tho drama
of American politics tho country
wamcu a cnungc ol iiiii iu nu a.wj
with "one lead activities," and to let
every citizen play his folr part.
Iliighcn n Guest.
Charles E. Hugties, tho republican
n.A.lrfDnHnl nnmlnnn nf 1 fl 1 ft WUM 11
guest nt tho Harding homo for the
day and made a unci taiK ni wm
front porch session praising tho uual
mentions of Senator Harding and
predicting his election. Ho hi Id a
conferenco of several hours during
tho morning with tho nominee and
Colonel Ocorgo Harvey of New York.
Tho delegation of actors nnd no-
l nn.A I,.,, itnrtnr I It n flllanlces
of the Harding and Coolldge Theat
rical league. They brought their
own Ja orchestra and a band of a
hundred pieces dcsw an"
their day with on early morning par
ado through the city's downtown
taction. Shortly Ucfoie noon they ar
rived at tho Harding homo before
the largest crowd that had KOthored
on tho lawn Blnce notification day.
.Tolsnn Inldr.
Al Jolson, president of the Theat
i,,.,m ufl. "ncrmancnt chalr-
IlkUl ,VM(." " "
man" of the gathering.
Snnatot liaraingH rci'ijr w
by Jolson wns devoted to a lou"
discussion vi ii'v
Vtage. He pleaded for a hlB Btnd:
Ard ror mo Vi. uVJi
In addition to auggcsimK u.
..... - inn.i finiitirs. nn ae-
nauon ui "": . ,.
clared against the tendency to for-
get American cuizcnmi'
to beenmo citizens of the world.
. . . .. .. jr iritf?hpn said
in nis huuivmi :-" .
tho American people dirt not want
for preslrtent a "vichouji " ':VV"
M nnnnn who WOUIO. DO
Isolated from the currents .of poji
.i.lar thought but "a 'man of co'
possessed 01 sounu ram -
nn annreo atlon of Amorl-
can Institutions." ..
"Tiiero is no nuiic " i. --
said Mr. H?ht unlew Afa-rlw
world cannot survivo un.
Burvlves." ,
WAsrSf"W l"..Kg,d,a
Note, NowTBpapcr Dcclari-s.
LONDON. Aug. 24. M. Kamcneff,
head of the Husslan sovle t n tai
here. Is preparing to leave England,
according to tho Dally Herald. This
aitlon'J attributed to the decision of
the HrltKh lyid Italian premiers at
Lucerne and a letter to Kameiieff
from Arthur Ualfour, the Ilrltlsh
mlnlsterfor foreign affairs.
Mr Balfour s note which accom
panied the Lucerno communique
"""Mr. Balfour desires to emphasize
tho point that tho tormn which, ac
cording to recent Information, the
government of soviet Ilussla desires
to Impose upon I'oiand aro In fun
damental contradiction to those
which M. Kameneff, on behalf of
;ho soviet government, communicat
ed to his majesty's government be
furo the prorogation of parliament.
Hardirtg Speeches on
Phonograph Records
, Taboo at Ohio Fair
COH'MIIVS, Ohio, Aug. 24.
Phonograph records aa a proxy
for Senator Harding at the state
fair, August 1, presidential day,
wer tabooed today by tho fair
Itoqucst was-jnado for space for
a tent, seating 2,000 persons'. It
was said. Tho plan was to havo
republican speakers and Harding
phonograph recerds present the
rspnbllcan cause dally.
"Senator Harding lives In with
in 40 miles at Columbus and If he
wants his speeches delivered at
the state fair ho ought to come
and deliver them himself," 13. V.
Walbron, fair mnnngor, declared.
"If we give space to ono polit
ical group, we would havo to do
the same thing to all candidates,
and that would be Impossible," ha
Senator Harding, In two tele
grams, has asserted ho cannot ar
range his schedule to permit him
to attend tho fair presidential
dax. -r
Up ham Declares '
G. O. P: Fund Is
Below Million
NBW YOIIK. Aug. 24 I'red
W. Upham, treasurer of tho re
publican national commltteo, said
today that since the Chicago run
xentlon, less than 11.000,000 had
been raised by his party for the
national campaign.
Tho exact sum shown on the
treasurer's books ns collected for
the national fund, Mr. Unburn said
was (944,353.82. Hevaddcd that
Mr. Hajs' estimation of (3,000,000,
the total required to carry on tho
campaign, was "quite correct."
Mr. Upham expressed the opin
ion that Governor Cox, in charg
ing that mure than 3700,000 was
raised "In ono place" was speaking
of tho Mala, of Illinois, where this
amount was raised, "but for pur
pities of national, state and county
campaigns combined."
Ohio, he said, for both stato and
county campaigns, had collected
3109,000. 1
Raymond Sharp, Grocery
Employe, Implicated
by T. M. Owens.
Recounts Cold Blooded Plans;
Asks for Assurance of No
Violence by Public.
After soveral hours of clofe cross
examination by county and city offi
cials, Raymond sharp, Implicated by
T. M, Owens, accused of shooting
Homer Nldn. taxi driver, admitted nt
a late hour last night that tho Owens'
verMon of tho Katurday night ntrair
Is correct In every detail. Bharp de
clared that he knew of tho plans for
tho crlmo weeks In advance Wit said
he had no uctlvo part In Its perpe
tration. T. M. Owens yesterday afternoon,
from his cell In tho county Jail,
confessed to Assistant County At
torney A. K. Montgomery that he
shot Homer Nlda, taxtcab driver,
and thnt ho, with George Moore and
Mario Harmon Intended to steal
Nlda's Hudson automobile and drive
to Dallas, from which, city they
wero to leave for California.
Owens' confession followed a few
hours after tho Harmon woman hnd
Blgned a written statement, the
truth of which was ctnlrely borne
out by Investigation nnd facts.
Shortly beforo ho mndo his confes
sion, Owens told tho woman through
bars of his cell that ho "was In a
tight fix, and that sho was re
sponsible for his plight."
Implicate Fourth Partner.
Tliroug hOwens' confession Hay
mond Viarp. a young man employed
In thn Peoples Kxchango grocery on
East First street. Is now In the city
jail as nn accomplice who had
nothing to do Willi the actual rob
bery nnd probably fatal shooting of
Nlda. Sharp, according to Owons'
was to have packed tho Harmon
wnmnn'B clothes Inst aRturday night:
caught a train nnd met the trio at
George Moorn Is now thn only
member of the quarter not appre
hended, County nnd city officials
aro sparing nothing In their effort
to locnte him nnd bring him before
the proper trlhunal for connection
with what Is termed by officers ono
of tho most cold blooded acts ever
.committed In tho southwest. "Coun
ty nnd city are co-operating In every
manner pni'lhlo to bring Moore to
lustlce," Police Captain George II
Hlolnn said Inst night. Assistant
County Attorney Montgomery made
a similar declaration on the part of
the county.
From Owens' confession officers
found that the crlmo wns completely
premeditated that owens, Moore
nnd Sharp had laid thtlr plans three
or four days before It was com
mitted However, there Is n driver
of a Cadillac automobile In Tulm
who can consider himself fortunate.
Wn hn Is Owens did not state, but
hn explained that ho nnd his nc
complices hnd selected thn Cadillac
snd Its driver, nnd that the original
plan miscarried only when they dls
covered, when they were ready to
enrry out their plans that the Cadil
lac nnd Its driver were out on
trip and would not return for nn
Smuggling of Whisky From Canada
U United MiilrH. ProgrcAttlnc
tiays IiHjwctor.
HEOINA, Saskatchewan, Aug, 24.
Smuggling of whisky from Canada
into the United Statea across the In
ternational boundary line Is being
accomplished on a largo scale, ac
cording to Assistant Comtnlsloner
Tracy of the provincial police, upon
his return here today from an in
spection trip along the line,
"Especially from Eatevan, Sas
katchewan, to Mlnot, N. V.. has
whisky smuggling Into the United
States assumed huge proportions,"
Tracy said. "Mlnot alone contains
onough whisky to float a ship and Is
being utilized as a general clearing
station for an organized gang.
"Motor cars appear In Ustevan
from 'across the linn and after lying
how for aiday or so, mako the return
trip carrying cargoes which easily
dear 32,400 to 32,600 in Minneapolis."
Expect Official Announce
ment of Ratification
Within 24 Hours.
Governor Roberts of Tennes
see Has Official Document
on Way to Washington.
Antis Announce tho Constitu
tional Lcaguo Is Ready to
Go to Columbia Court.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 24. Issu
ance of a proclamation by tho ntuto
department formally announcing rat
ification of three -fourths of tne
states of the federal suffrage amend
ment Is expected by tuffrnge leaders
Hlthln 24 hours. Their predlotlcn
was based on Secreiiuy 'lli
cent announcement fiiw he. wus pie
pared to Issue the proclamation ni
jon as ho received tlio official noti
fication from Got'erior itoberti of
Teiinossee, which illipjtulieg from
.N'ushvllle said wan ulicoj In tho
mails at noun today.
NASHVILLE. Tenn., Aug. 24.
Governor lloberta today cortltled by
mall to Secretary of State Colby Ten
nessee's ratification of tho woman
suffrage amendment after receiving
from Attorney General Frank M.
Thompson an opinion that n writ of
cerltnriiil nnd supcrsedas Issued by
Chief Justice I), 1- Lansdon of tin)
stato supremo court, last night in
effect sot aside any order temporar
ily restraining the governor from
taking such action. Tho Injunction
was obtained by citizens of Nashville
opposed to suffrage on tho plea that
action on tho amendment by this
legislaturo was In violation of the
state constitution and Illegal In other
light Goen to Capitol.
Issuance of the writ and the gov
ernor's certification serves to trans
fer to Washington tlio battle over
the legality of ratification and suf
frage leaders declared tho American
constitutional league wan prepared
to apply to the District of Columbia
supremo court for an order restrain
ing Secretary Colby from issuing a
proclamation declaring tho amend
ment In effect. So far uu court Ac
tion In Tennessee is concerned, the
only thing In prospect for tho amis
Is to request the supreme court to re
scind tho Individual action of Jus
tice Lansden, Thn court meets In
Knoxvlllo September 20, Just what
effect the refusal of the court to up
hold Justlau Lansdcn's courso would
havo on the general situation no one
was prepared to say,
Autlt Klii-prlscd.
Announcement this morning that
Justice Lansden had Issued the writ,
followed an hour later by the state
ment that tho governor had
mailed thn certification, won a
bombshell In tho camp of the anil
auffrago forces Und nn agreeable sur
prise to tho suffragists. There had
been no Intimation such a course was
planned nnd a small circle of the
suffrage leaders had kopt the secret
Attorney General Thompson filed
the peWon for tho writ with Justice
Producers of Oklahoma In Ited
3 OiitM on liich Tim: West
Vlrglnlan-C Profit Is $3,311.
WorliVa Capital llureau.
WASHINGTON. Aug, 24. 111-
tumlnous coal operators In eastern
Oklahoma are losing 3 cents on
every ton of coal mined, tho federal
trndo commission reported today,
The actual cost of mining their
product and loading It on cars is
34.20 a ton and the sales realiza
tion Is 34.17. In thu McAlcoter
vein the operators are pocketing a
loss of 30 cents a ton. Tho difference
n ton. Texas bituminous miners
nrn losing 38 cent a ton.
On tho other hand, opeartors
Virginia are taking a profit of 35,38
In tho Chemkeo-Crawford section
of Kansas opemtors nre makln
23 cents n ton and In the Osage anf
Leavenworth section are losing 3112
a ton. On the other hand, operators
In the Pittsburgh seam of Wfst
Virginia are Inking a profit of 3538
on their product.
Nebraskan, Democrat,
to Support Harding;
Is Against Covenant
CHICAGO, Aug. 24. Itepubll
can national headquarters today
made public n letter from John
H. Maher Lincoln. Neb., demo
crat, to Chairman Will Hays, an
nouncing his support for the re
publican national ticket. Mr.
Maher, It was saldj wan mentioned
as n, candidate for tho democratic
nomination for governor of Ne
braska tills year.
The letter said that If It were
not for the "patriots In thn sen
ate who opposed the Wilson league
at this time, beyond question,
American troops would be on
their way to Europe,"
Itcllrrd Colonel I)h.
LOH ANGELES, Aug. 24. Colonel
Heecher Jtay, U. S A., retired, died
hero at his homo today Ho sorvod
tn the regular army about 25 years,
retiring after service in tno t'nuip-
pines insurrection.
Harding Smokes Peace Pipe
With Indian Tribal Heads
Senator Harding, Itopubllran presidential nominee, wns caught by the
camerntnnn smoking tho plpa of peace with the bona fldo heads of twelvo
tribes of American lndluns. This Hireling took plaro ut the senator's
homo In larlnn, Ohio,
Governor Expresses Con
fidence on His Proof;
in Document Form.
Says Ho Will Go Beforo Com
mittee Without Summons
"If They Want Mo."
DATTON, O,, Aug, 24, A promise
to prove In his nddrcra at IMttuburgh
next Thursday his charges that tho
lepubUcaris wero gathering a 310,
000,000 campaign fund was made by
Governor Cox, democraUo presiden
tial candidate, prior to his departure
late tonight on another speaking
tour. Ho will make addresses to
morrow at Princeton and Evansvlllo,
Ind., and speak at Plttaburgh Thurs
day night.
Governor Cox also sent n telegram
tonight to Senator Kenyon, repub
lican, Iowa, chairman of tho senate
campaign Investigating commltteo,
rssurlng him of asnlstance In bring
ing out the facts.
. To Ahslsi, CommlltiMi.
"In addition to my statement In
Pittsburgh," raid Governor Cox's
telegram In rixpnnno to one from
Senator Kenyon requesting Inform
ation, "I will send to your commlt
teo such leads forf Infirmatloii as
I pnssese. It will bo my purpose to
onslst you In every possible way."
Tho governor told friends today
that ho stands ready to appear bo
fore the committee, If tt should de
hire personal testimony, but dodbtcd
that It would bo necessary. "I don't
need a subpoena," ho naid, "If they
want me. I'll go."
Confident of Proof.
Confidence In proving Ills charges
was indicated by tho governor. His
friends hero declared ho had volum
inous documentary matter, Including
considerable recehed today ut Trails,
end, where ho spent tint entire day
working on nffalrs connected with
campaign 'fund qucettloua und per
sonal affairs.
The governor and Ills parly left
hero tonight for Evunsvlllu, That
there would be little It any mrntlon
of campaign funds In his address
tomorrow was Indicated by Governor
Cox. Tint league of nations and
lubor question, it wun xuld, probably
vould be discussed principally, both
Evunsvllle and Princeton having
largo numbers of railroad employes.
Germany Is Recovering
English Export Trade
WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 Oer-
many Is recovering soma of her pre
war tiaile, especially In toys, with
L'nKlaiid, much lo the concern of
Ilrltlsh Iritcrcstn, ncco-dlng to re
porta received here today by tho do
partment of commerce, English
products and manufacturers havo
askad "ho British government to take
steps toward checking such Import.
TCXJRk, Aur, 31 - -Mulnum. II; 11 mum, BJ,
OKLAHOMA, JVMUy U, llfbtl wunw,
IWcUr fcocriUr fi.
AbKANiuat Mfdr.fVir n! Tbunvlir imtrtU?
filr, ivowf In cut porUoQ WcdoMtU,
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In pi i re, Uwton, ftlr. kVrt rwighj McAlrtttr, rough
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with, Mjihorna (I17, filr, roufli In uUm1, tmr,
mu't-lirj Vvnrt Cltr, gaods Fotrtu. rtreilmtj ptf-n,
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TiWi. nviddy, Tiilu, mMfi I'nlon Cltr, muAlyt
Wurtt, f.lrj ttUMU, (If, VtUttr, good.
UJti tat rmtL
tour; dab tthcfewo, T. If, C, A. utaert. 1331.
Tulsa Republicans Select
Representatives to Go
to OklahomaxCity.
Hope to Show 'Capital by
Numbers That Tulsa In
tends to Do Her Shnro.
Governor Frank O, I.owdcii i)f4llll
tints will speak' at 2 o'clock Satur
day afternoon at the republican
state mass meeting to be held here,
according tn announcement Into to
day by John I). Applahy, secretary
of tho republican stato committee.
Two hundred Tulsa county repub
licans In Oklahoma City noxt Sat
urday for the stnte-wldo conference
and ratification meeting Is the ob-
lectlvo to which tha republican
county central committee Is working
(ih tho result of thn enthusiastic re
publican mass meeting held In the
district court-oom last night.
AU Invllcil.
Although Chairman E. O. I.lngo
was authorized by the meeting- to
appoint 10S dolcKatcs mid 35 alter
nates, with onv-thlrd volo each, yet
thn mntlni os passed extended the
general invitation to all ro publican
men and women In the county to ac
comnanv the delevatlon so ns to
ohow tho republicans all over tho
state that tho Tulsa county republi
cans will do their part in placing
Oklahoma In the republican column
this fall.
Tho meeting was hold In accord,
anco with tho call of tho stato chair
man and Iho only business trans,
acted was tho selection of tho dole
gates. At the Oklahoma City moot
Imr a statp nlat form will bo adontcd
and the nomination nf state, district
nnd county candidates ratified,
rullowlug is a list ot iioiegntes
H. n. "Hlngo, Mrs. Frank Seaman,
II, C. Emm, Erunk Newltlrk, Wll.
llam McC'hIIoiikIi, It. E Campbell,
O. W. linck, E. E. Short. Hay Short,
V. Nelson, Tom Gwlnn, W. I.
Itenenu, C Tt. Itogors, Tom Initio,
15. A Mlly, WnVne I,. Dickey, V. T
Mlldt, J. 17, lllldt, John Mesorve,
W Mi Htein, Mrs, J. H. Stone, J,
W. Hlsey, George Mowbray, lloy
Husby. Mr and Mrs. AVIIklns, Mr
nnd Mrs. E H. Hnrvey, Horace J.
Newberry, A. E. Townsend, Mr. and
Mrs. K. E Duncan, Ernnk Greer.
Uny llurkles, tl. It. McCulloilgH,
Mrs. lillnh I). Lindsay, John Pol
iton, P. I,. Prlco, II. E. Kopp. E U
Essley, l' U Ilobcrts, C, N. Simon,
M. II. Elesher, Ira Ilutts, AV. O. Me
Oeechle, J. M. Adklson, O. A. Stein
er, C. S. Ynunkman. rr. Presson.
Stnnlev Edmlnster, H. O. Kennedy,
T. I), Evans, Edmund Laihley, John
Goldsbcrry, I K Wiles, Joo Harsh
bcrger, M. P. Haiiscr. Mrs. O, A.
llankhead Ed Howard, 11. A. Guess,
Mrs, M. A Drain, J. It. Wllklns, Eu.
grn Ixirton, Mr nnd .Mrs, Peter
Delchman, I,, H. Woodward, J. H.
Querry, Jack Litcher, J. A. Mc
Keever, John Simmons, W. T,
Itrnoks, Newt WIIHaniH, I). 1). AVnmv
ley. John Sovorlis, V. V. Prcntlco'.
W O. Choate. Ilally Hell, M. C
Spauldlng, Oscar Itupport, Charles
Parker, lien Axiey, ureon yeargen.
It. H. Kirk, Y, M. AVImmer, E. E
Davis. O. Tj, Parent. A. N. Illngham.
O. AV Hnnna, Mrs, Hlgglnson, Miss
Ed th lingers. Horace speed, v. J
Gray, AV, J. Gregg, Illrd McGuIre,
A, A, BmaU, AV. U Seavors, Mrs. C
E. I.nhman, Mrs. J. E. AVnlloce, Mrs,
v. c. Elliott, Mrs. it. c. rurry, Mrs.
It. A. Kelt. Mrs. F. F. Nelson. Mrs.
C. v, nowson, C W. Province.
rostmastcr AppnlnU'il.
WorM'e Rapltal llureau.
AV'ASlllNGTON, Aug, 24. Ap
pointment of the following pout
mastcrn was announced hero today
Jumbo. Pushmataha county. Joseph
I). AVlllet; Mosely, Delaware county,
AVesloy Q. Scranton.
Committee Announcement
Worries Politicians of
Both Parties.
Investigation to Includo Cam
paign Expenditures Loav
den, Hamon, Gore
With Reference to Cox'a Many
Charges Says Commltteo Is
to Invcsitgnto All.
Oklahoma politician in both
parties havo become very much agi
tated oyer tho announcement by the
senate committee investigating cam
paign funds thnt tt will, Immediate
ly following the conclusion of Its
Inquiry Into tho Cox chargea In Chi
cago noxt work, investigate the use
of campaign funds in OI:!shsms.
The i.uwden expenditure! in thla
slatn during the preconventlon cam
paign ore to bo throughly probed.
nnd It is nssortod tho Hamon ex
penditure during hia campaign for
republican national committeeman
will be given a general airing.
The further statement th.".t th?
expenditures of the administration
forces for tha purposo of defeating
Gore will bo covered by the thvettl
gatlon haa caused a near panic In
dumocratla machine quarters, whllo
the Goro men aro jubilant. That
nomo urfknown hand Is moving tha
senate committer to take up tha
Oklahoma Investigation Is generally
admitted, but nobody appears will-
Ilur in narjira & gueia e.s to III)
CHICAGO,' Aug. 24. Did Gover
nor Cox forget that the senatorial
Investigating committee which
wrecked two jnVildentlal booms In
May stilt l.i In existence when ho
charged that the republican party Is
collecting a "huge" corruption fund
of 115,000,0007" Republicans say
the, democratic- presidential nomlneo
either fnrgof or attempted to "get
away with some loose taJk,"
if the governor was bluffing, then
his bluff has beon called, und ha
now wu on tho end of the proverb
ial limb.
Hr-nubllcin national headnuartora
was thrilled by tho news of tha
committee's action, while the demo
craUo national committee's western
headquarters nccopted It lifcwo and
consternation. Ilepubllcan Mender
madn no attempt to conceal their
feeling. They declared Cox had
walked Into n trap.
Chairman avw Hays, in New
York, told friends over the long dis
tance telephone thla afternoon that
tho prnlio la welcomed, Tha na
tional cmtlrmnn is aald to have hur
tahed his Joy right into the tele
phone when notified of the commit
tee's action.
"That's fine," ho Is ouoted as hav
ing said. 'They can investigate us
from now until doomsday and we'll
come out clean. It's Just what wo
wanted. It'll stop somo of thla looso
Demands Cox Show Proof.
Senator Konvon of Iowa, renub-
lloan chairman of tho committee,
said In tils message to Governor Coxr
"I noto from tlio newspaper that
nt AVheellng W Va., In n. npeooh a
few day ago, you stated, accord
ing to a representative of tha New
York Times, that 'he charged that
certain Interests were banded to
gether to buy the presidency, and
that millions had been contributed
to the campaign fund of the repub
lican party wun sinister intent.'
"And again Their chock books
aro ready and open and hundreds
of thousands yes, millions have
gono Into the republican treasury
to buv nn underhold on tho govern
ment.' During "Government Control."
"And also that ' a powerfut
combination of interests Is now t
tempting to buy government con.
trot. They uro raising millions and
Attempt to Violate lvcr Art ItoeiU
ror indictments to Ihj Sorvon: on
41 II .U. Strlko Head.
CHICAQO, Aug. 24. Indictments
returned some time ago against 41
leaders In tho railroad strike last
April were today ordered served.
Those Indicted Include John
Grunnu, president of tho Chicago
Yardmen association: Harold Had
ing, president nf the United Engine
men's association; the two new
unions which called the strike; W,
I.. Ilond. treasurer of the v. Y. A..
and all their principal associates.
The men indicted are charged with
conspiracy to vlolato tho leaver act
through Interfering with the Inter
state shipment of coal, food, nnd
other" necessities.
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Daran
03 Pnlnoo Hide Pitouo 151

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