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fcays Granting of Inde
pendence to Egypt is
Good Omen.
fenys Lord-Mayor of Cork
Exemplifies Spirit of
His People.
Pom f ncouraBP.mnt for th
trltndfi of Irish freedom Is seen liy
i. F. Sweeney, prenlclont of tlio local
iody. In the news dlspntches from
London thnt-tho Itritlsli government
about to recognlio tho Intlcpend
knee of Uffypt and that a conference
b belns held In Dublin, ma do up
hrcely of Unionists, favors tho with
drawal of Drlllsh troops from Iro
fcind. Of coume," Mr. Sweeney said.
,Usi, should always tnko such reports
Villi a large (Train of salt, but at
that one can see that a new day Is
lawnlntr. True, there havo been con-
Irrences held before and promises
made to hn broken. Ami It Is also
true that tnern Is no need of a con
Ultuent assembly to find out what
people of Ireland want they ile
Hdrd that In the elections held with
in tho last two years, and tho answer
B the Irish republic. Hut It Is en
lourafilnc to find that tho confer-
nee, a majority of which appears to
ie Unionist, tho Sinn Kclnerj having
Ittle or no representation, nppcars
o be of one mind In drnounclnc
Iritlshrulo and In suitRcntlnc the
withdrawal of Urltlrh troops. One
man Is reported an urging this, and
' If It Is refused, asking that nil Irish
men In official position resign. That
rvoiild bo splendid, and everybody
Mil endorso tho demand they mako
Ujr tho liberation of my namesake,
2j heroic lord-mayor of Cork.
"It Is slgnlfleant that those In the
tonference, like all tho rest of Eu
tope. Ignore the lengun of nations as
(he great peaco forum, and favor dl
lect representations with tho Ilritlsh
lovernment. Equally significant, If
true. Is tho report that the recognt
lon of the Independence of Kjypt
romes direct and not iirough league
,'hannels. They don't take tho league
Is seriously over there as Its advo
cates here In America take It,
"However. If Kgypt attains Inde-
Siendenco without anv strings tied to
t and Is to resume the place It held
,000 years ago. It Is tho first recog
nition by any modern government of
tho policy of self-determination, and
In Independent Ireland Is tho natu
ral corrollary Even Lloyd George
could hardly bo capntilo of trying
lo explain to the world why Ireland
IhouM remain In mains and tho
Egyptians bo free. It's good news,
If true, but It Is best to await official
confirmation before starting to celebrate."
Hotel Dove Feasts
May Prove Costly to
Tul8aii8, Warden Says
A dove feast, Indulged In nt one
of tho leading hotels, Is liable to
iprnvo oxnenslvo to a number (f
Tulsa citizens, according to fc. V.
VliMr't, United Slate game warden
wliou headquarters, la Llttlo Hock,
Visart stated that owing to the
number of offenses. It would tnko
until tho end of tho tieason to
complotn Ills evidence, and have
the accused persons brought be
fore the federal Judge at tho next
terms of court.
There is n. federal law against
tho kllllngf of woodpeckers,
meadow larks, and all Insect rat
ing birds. Tho penally attached
Is a flno of n6t to exceed J500 or
r.lx months In Jail or both. The
open season on doves Is from
Beptomber 1st to December 15th.
Illustrious Order
of Individual Nuts
Organized Illinois
BPRINGFIE'L.D, T!.. Aug. 17.
And now comes tho lllustrous order
bf "Individual Nuts."
It Is an athletic and social body
In Chicago and has Just been granted
tt charter by tho secretary of state.
Tho primary object of tho Nuts Is
to enjoy themselves, the application
for the charter said.
CTfelf otbtof, kttllnf, PMr-
IM rartf UkM U or nmmt.
f 4in Ml ( Mtr nJ , mm.
wmimt, avirkljr lrlt u
Injury. Oat ir TO VX VCJ
Iron 7r drrtit.
Collinsville Woman Aski
$35,000 Damaces for
Injuries to Son.
Two suits for damages aggregat
ing JSB.OOO were filed In the superior
eourt today ngainst "Walter K. and
Paul Nmltli of Collinsville, for In
juries alleged to have been Inflicted
upon .lesso Arp. when Sinlth'o motor
car driven by Ills nn Paul ran down
tho Arp loy ,at Twelfth street and
Pralrlo avenue, Colllns-vIHe, on Au.
gust 3rd.
.Mrs. Klla Arp, suing In behalf of
her son, states In, her petition for
J25.000 damagea that Smith's car
win speeding down grado and that
the driver was careleso and negli
gent, and that tho car struck her
son ntiii passed over bis body break
ing his arms and hands, and In
juring him internally. One hand, she
states In the petition, will havo to be
amputated. For the pain and suffer
ing and the loss of his earning ca
pacity Mrs. Arp asks that the son be
granted damages In tho amount of
V. A. Arp, using tho same prem
ises, petitions that, for tho loss of
time due to his son's Illness, for doo
tor hills, and for tho mental suffer
ing duo to the circumstances, ho be
granted damages In tho amount of
Committee to Secure
Funds for Removal of
Debt on Guard Armory
A committee composed "of I. B.
Abbott P. J. Hurley and Alva J. Nlles
was appointed by directors of tho
chamber of commerco yesterday to
help raise $7,500, the amount needed
to finish paying for the armory on
the east side of the city. Tho bully
ing has already been turned over to
tho local guard, even though It Is
not quite finished, and Mr. Abbott
declared that no time should be lost
In faying the contractor tho balance
of money duo Mm to aate.
Wnntfl Trial Now.
PONCA CITT, Aug. 27. David
T.lttlecook, Ponca Indian, lixa de
manded of the county court an Im
mediate hearing on tho charge of
shooting nt Km ma waters, also an
Indian, with Intent to kill. IIo lo out
on J 1.00,0 bond and maintains he Is
Japanese fiWo Subsidy.
HUKNOH AIHES, Aug. 27. Japan
has decided to subsidize Japanese
steameship lines plying to South
America and also to Asiatic and Af
rican ports, according to advices re
ceived hern through diplomatic
Home aKalrt from a, Tf rr aoeeeai.
fnl Poit Oraduato Couraa, wh.fi t
learned many new and aucooaaful
ways 10 benefit paoala with trouble
t tne Eye. Kar. No and Tbroa.
77 Mar llldf.
Oaaca 4fl.
Financial Shortage May
Force Disruption of
Whether, the community kitchen,
locjited ne.ir tho city market mi
Archer and Ilouldrr. will survive
depends to a great extent upon tho
finances It terelves,
A letter from Mrs. Ulah 1,
Undscy, president of tho community
club, to the city commission yes
terday staled that unless aid Is forth
coming Immediately It may bo neces
sary In mako other plans regarding
the kitchen.
Accompanying the letter was n
request for J500 from tho city to.
help pay a note for 11,000 duo nt a
local bank. Members of the city
commission said that duo to tho re
cent action of the excise board, tho
money roitm not do donated, oven
through tho community kitchen Is
recognized ns nn Important Insti
tution among housewives who re
ceive Instruction there, and who use
tho kitchen as a medium" for ex
change of pastry products,
Mrs. Mary n. Ensmlnger, 52 years
old of Collinsvlllo died yesterday
evening nt a local hospital. Sho Is
survived by ono son, Henry N. Ens
mlnger of Jennings. Tho body will
bo shipped to Colllnsvlllu today and
short services will bo held for tho
benefit of friends of tho deceased.
Following tho nervicea there tho
body will bo shipped to Oilman,
Iowa, Mrs. Ensmlngcr's old homo.
Interment will bo thero soma tlmo
next week.
Francis O. Haddock, 21 years old,
of Jenks took his own llfo late
Thursday night by shooting himself
In tho head. Ho died while on tho
way to a local hospital. IIo is sur
vived by his wifo und father, W. J.
Haddock, of Collinsville. Ho left nu
note explaining his reason for tbo
.violent action. Tho body will b
shipped today to Hallett OkU.
whero interment will tnko place.
Undrew Illgcagle 14-year-old stop
son of Harry lilgeagln of Hominy
died yesterdty uftcrnoon nt a local
hospital. The body will bo sent ta
Hominy today. Funeral scrvlcc.i
and Interment will tako placo there
J. W. Fisher, 60. who lias been
In tho employ of the Hand Springs
Hallway company n englneor for
nine years, died at his hAiio In Band
Springs last night. Ho Is survived
iby a wlfo and two daughters. The
oooy win do snipped lo Hprlngflcld,
Ohio, today for burial. Fisher was
a member of tho Moose and V. O.
W., and was the oldest mun on the
road for the railway company.
City Ilricfs
Hurt W. Lyons, Tulsa buslneia
man, returned yestord.ty from a bus
iness trip to Kansas City,
Jako Hasten, relurnml with bis
family yesterday from liko Fide,
Ohio, whero they havo been spending
tho summer.
Jay C. Painter will return today
from hli vacation wliloh he spent In
the east.
Forest Johnson, president of tho
Drumrtght Stato bank, was In Tulsa
jesterday on business.' f
Miss f.ucllln Rasaor will return
from lier vacation Monday.
W. A. nrownleo, will return Mon
day from IlolW Vista, whero he has
been spending a wcok with his,
Mr. and Mrs. 1). I). Hnlloy of the
Library apartments, will return Mon
day from Coffoyvlllo, Knn., whero
they havo been vWttlng relalhcs.
Marrlngo license was Ittsued to tho
following In Tulsa, county yesterday:
Hay If. Agard, Tulsa, 27 unj Ircno
Hulh Steele, 23.
Iff... t.t..natnl, mam..
munty nun,o, workng wth tivo hu
manu society whoso offices nro In the
court house, Is confined to her homo
this week on account of Illness,
Got Hoard and.Itoom
But Not the Kind He
Expected to Obtain
DESVRll, Aug. 27. J. IJ. Hender
son's eyesight was nearly cone, and
ho wan unable to read the sign over
the Capitol HID police sub-station.
Tho flower-bedecked windows gave
no Indication that the majesty of tho
law held forth within, so Henderson
entered nnd Inaulred of tho desk ser
geant If ho could "'sparo n little
chango to huy somo supper with.
Tho officer had no small changn
ho said, but assured Henderson of
free hoard ana a room, and forth
with locked him up on a charge of
begging. v
Women for Parliament.
PEHTH. Viiis.. Aug. 27. Among
the legislative proposals to be nub-
mltted In tho forthcoming session of
parliament hern will be a bill to re
move the i disqualification against
women offering themselves as candl
'dates for parliament.
Cot All Over.
, Governor Cox deals In general
ities. He recently charged Hie re
publicans with raising a campaign
fund "sufficient in slxo to stagger
the eenslbtlltlr of tho nation." Yet
ho falls to produce the evidence.
The people want the facts, not a lot
of loote-tongued gossip. It tho gov
ernor has any evidence to bear out
his ohargo. It Is hla duty to product
It. If ho 1a talking carelessly he Is
setting a bad example, contrary to
the expressed wish of his running
mate that tho campaign be froe of
"mud slinging." Calumet (Mich.)
Mining Gazette,
HE declare:
Grandniecc of Founder of
the Christian Church
Gains 35 Pounds Tak
ing Tanlac.
"I havo Ju finished my third bot
tle of Tanlao and, havo actually
gained 32 pounds In weight" was the
statement made recently by Mrs. W.
T. Conway, 809 Kast Hldepark
street. South St. Joseph, Mo. Mrs.
Conway Is ono of the best known and
highly respected women in tsomn
fit. Joseph, and Is a grandnlece of
Alexander Campbell, founder of tho
Christian church.
"For at least IS years I had suf
fered dreadfully from stomach trou
ble and nervous Indigestion, I
gradually grew worca until finally I
lost my appetite and even when I
dlH manago to eat a llttlo something
It caused me Intense suffering.
After overy meal what I had eaten
fermented and bloated me up with
gas until I could hardly breathe. I
mffered so from dizziness that I
.lave actually fallen to tho floor. I
had pains all through my body
nearly nil the time, wlflch Iworo
especially bad In the small of my
back. My nerves wero so upset that
It was simply Impossible for me to
got a good night's sleep. Finally
I became, so run down and weak
that for months nt a time I could
not do my housowork or even leave
my room.
"I tried many different medicines,
but nothing seemed to reach my case
until I started taking Tanlaa and
tho first bottlo of It did me more
good than everything else Miad taken
put together. I am still taking It,
although I have been practically re
lieved of all my traublcs. Things
I had not dared to eut In years now
agrco with me perfectly, I am al
most entirely relieved of 'pain, am
never troubled with dizziness. I
can (fo my housework without a par
ticle of trouble. In fact, I don't
remetnbor when I havo enjoyed as
good health as I do now, and it Is
all duo to what Tanlao has done for
Tanlac Is sold In Tulea exclusively
by the Quaker and I'urltua Drug
Compantcu. Advt.
Wo havo Just received a carload shipment of pianos, play
era and grands, In oak, walnut and mahogany finish, Tho
flnest'lnstrumcnts in the city for your selection.
These nro the famous Lyon & Healy Washburn pianos,
known the. world over for their splendid tone quality and
beauty of cabinet design. Come to our storo thin week
and eeo theso beautiful new instruments.
We have a completo stock of the famous Sonom talking
machines, In a wide variety of cabinet design and at prices
that will plcare every purse. The Sonara plays all makes
of disc records perfectly without the use of additional de
vices and 1 conceded by most music lovers to be tho finest
Instrument of Its kind In the world.
Ark to see the Sonora Portable, weights only fifteen
pounds costs V
. Only $75
624 S. Main Osage 454
Thp Call in
or rapper is iwice
welcome wnen
can expect
w a
tJ I J&lJJr
A truly sanitary product of von
droua goodness.
Made inaspotlessly clean factory
and packed by the most sanitary
"Southern Maid Syrup adds an ex
tra touch of delight to any menL
Doth in, Ala.
Venn Bilk Sppcmh Satoday
J? dndevers
J TV? A mi frntn n mmbrfihfinttiyfi line, nf iilhsall of which
A tnKlf J I llfs IJr'l "" w - ' ------ 4
arc economically priced .-
Silk Charmcusc
In excellent quality,
AH plain colors. i
Plain Silk Trlcolcttc
In every color nnd black.
good grade.
-yC Inches wide. IQ Apf
fecial, yard... pOJtP
'All Silk Mcssaline
AU colors and blnck or
3f inches wide.
Regularly $2.45. di AO
Special, yard... PXt70
Plain and Changeable
Silk Taffeta
Black nnd white and moat
all colors. QQ
Special, yard... I)x.0
Plain 'All Silk Taffeta
Good weight nnd qunlity.
Blnck, white- nnd nil colors.
inches wide. QQ
Spccinl, ynnl... J)JO
Kllk fiwtlmi. Main llcxir
40 inches wido.
Regularly $5 yd. (IQ
Special, yard... J)0It),
jiptr Finc Satins t
In all colors nnd black and
3G inches wido jey qk 4
Spccinl, yard...' tJ)i.3
New Silk Duvetyn 7
In tho loading Fn 1 Bhadcs.
AO inches vido. dQ Apr ' f
Priced yard.... PbU!
All Silk Hose, Extra
Special, $2J95
Pure thread silk throughout
full fasldoncd, very select
grado of silk.
"Eiffel" make in black only.
Every size. 1
iNofc seconds.
'All Silk nose, Extra
Special, $335
Considered tho very best silk
hoso on tho market,
Pure thread silk throughout
Full fashioned. Every size.
Not seconds.
Saturday the last day of the silk
Lisle Top Silk Hose, , .
Special, $1.79
Full fashioned silk hoso with
reinforced lislo top, hcol and
Black and whito only. Every
sizo. ,
Eiffel mnke. w
First quality only.
Thread Silk Hose,
Extra f! nMlal.S2.Ha
Lisle top, heel and too.
Full fashioned good grado
nnd weight silk used.
Eiffel manufacture.
Blnck and whito only.
Thread Silk Hose, Extra Special, $1M8
Lisle top. heel and toe Full fashioned, a few with "mock ocam"
bright colors Plain Bilk in black, beaver, white, mouse and gray
larly to $3.60. v ,,
Drop atitch. in dark fend
Every pair, perfect Regu-
' Two 'Blanket Specials
Prices Low-Inunediatc Action Necessary
Woolnap Plaid Double QK
Handsome plaids, in tho wanted colors.
Good grade of wool, with cotton warp.
' Regulirrly $8.50.
Special, ?G,95.
trr i ri 7. j r? r. '
Sizo 66x80 inches. .
Select grado of wool used cotton warp and
- wool.
Special, $10.95. ,
Blanket Section, Main Floor
All Children's Shoes
at least 20--ma?iy extra specials
iblc Blankets, $10.95 -Extra 8pecla
Lot No. 1 Children's Black Kid, Patent Kid and
Brown Kid. ttgwj 1
i-Strapa and Oxfords, jsffis&temxf
-Sizes 8ft toJLl. iimtfti dJO Q,r
: tP.OU!
Closing Out the Cotton Voiles
CI1008C Any at
Regularly to $2.00.
Main Floor
Lot No. 2 Black and Patent Kid, Brown Kid.
Straps and Oxfords. , v, jti
Sizes llJj to 2. -v'. i pQTj p
Extra pecial .... tPOaXQ
N " " !
Lot No .7 Children's Sti-aps and Oxfords, In
Black and Patent Kid also brown Kid.
Sizes 8V6 to 2. (Ts
Extra spccinl tPoOO
hlioo Jiectlon, ficcond Moor
New Fall Ginghams,
Beautiful range of colorings, in p'laids of all
sizes. ' . ,
Plain colors, too. .
Regularly 75c. ,
'Ml1 '
' The Sale of Plush Coats
' Ends Saturday Night
Savings of, 20$$'$?
1 . Tlilnl Iloor
Toilet Reqmsaftes' RedmiceiiS Satofdlay
crtEAus and ixmostt
Mtlks Skin ration.,.. IKi
Ma lncrm Mllkw.l
II. M lasrun's MnkvtM
Crura ,lt
I INl nmpUn I)f ul
mini urm n
Its llel! Or.uilm
Crt&tn ...,ss
I Co Mtlbs cixnalnr
Cr.am .SVn
lt ll.lb Bkln M.if.c.
C'rurn c
16a Jlcntola and Almoni
ISo witch Jl.nl tU
"Proitllls" for rouch
kin. 1o
Xlrdnslo" Cold Cl.m. In
tubM ,.. 39
Morcoliid w.i it
Woodbury's VBlhln
Cl.m. It
Woodbury'a Cold Cremo,
Klmo Cucumb.r Cromo... 41
B.mpro Olovlno Crrm..,, 5
I'At.'B PO HI) KltS
If 4 Woodbur's Vowiit ,,I9
Slo lbIlbUln Powdor ...,IDo
Slo Klmo rowdr... ISo
leo Java rtk rowdr...,S9o
lOo tlard.n rragraaca. . ,.8o
IIo I).? Uriaiii,,,,......,3lo
lo Mavll o
IIo M.lb. So
Aabta of ItHN nui-
7te. 11.00 and 11.11
BilAnvn rmirARATio.NS
lOo Mtnntn'a Sbartne
Cr.im ,
10 IJ.I.uia tibavlnr
IIo Wllllama' Uharlnt
Ifc- Willi. in.' l)h.Tln
Iowd.r ,,
IIo VVIIIUmi' Bh.rlni
lie I)o I.uio Shavtiif
. . .,!
IIo t'anlhrot Shampoo.
llr Watklni' Mulaltlad
Cocoanut Oil ,S9a
' Here
i" . '
Colrata's Talcums . . .
VrUllama' Talcum
KJ mo Talcum.
Jcrcan's Talcums
0ulbb's Talcums .
Par Praams Talcums.
Malb-a Tlcuma 1S
Qardan rrasranca Tat.
(DIM ....IS
rinauda Ulao Toilet Walar
ralmollr Boap, t for ...,?3
SootcbtAaa Boap, I for.l&
Jarsan'a Bath Tabl.u,
a for tU
Jarstn's Vlol.t aircrta..ls
J.ritua Almond Ooaoa.
Oil lfto
J.ri.n'a Kln CaaUla
I for
Kirk'. Jap Roae. t for, .,.
Klrk'a Cocoa Hud Wator
Caitlla, 1 for u
Sole .1
' 'Aaencii :
1 La Camllle-
m r-ttcyji i ari
olcmbcr of tlio Tulxa ()mi Shop Aiutoclatlon
A 4

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