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july... 26,462
VOL. XIV, NO. 337
IBM m 111 I HI C!SMAVrrk TO1iVAY.ir.W-!VJi!?J
111 im mLs&a&m&Bm
uita ir i ur; m m
CS1 vary sefetjMF
Republican Party Records
to "Crucify Cox on
His Own Cross"
Searchlight to bo Centered
Upon Democratic Plea
Jt for Contributions
"V7c Shall-Fight Eire With
Kr Fire" says Party Chair-
man in Statement
CH1CAOO, Au?. 29. Leaders In
the icpubllcan party, spent today
und lonleht preparing a vast mass
of documentary evidence, to bo pre
sented to the senate campaign In
vestigating committee when It rocon
veius hero tomorrow to look Into
the presidential campaign expendi
tures. This evidence, thoy declared would
hprovo tho charges of Governor
Clx. democratic nominee, that '"a
til.000,000 corruption fund" was
being ta'sed by the republicans and
would "crucify Cox on his own
ores "
Will II Havs, chairman of the
republican national committee, ar
rived today, and he and Fred IV.
Vpham. treasurer of tho national
committee, were still In conference
lato tonight Under their supervi
sion copies' of the party's bo3kg and
records wero mado containing tho
Name of every contributor 19 tho
campaign fund and tho amount
given, the party's campaign budget
and a list of the quotas assigned
various districts. Another state
ment prepared Is snld to show the
expenditures of the party in tho
Governor's Charges Untrue.
"It will all bo given to tho com
mittee tomorrow, Mild Mr, Upham.
"It will show that thero Is no cors
ruptlon, no sltirh fund, nnd that Gov.
ernor Cox's statements aro absolutely
I'rerlous statements by Mr. Hays
nnd Mr. Upham that the republican
party would not bo content with de
fending Itself, from Governor Cox's
charges, but would present evidence
concerning the democratic cnmpalzn
fund, were reiterated tonight.
"We rhall fight fire with fire."
naid Mr. Hays. "We shall not only
make publli everything connected
wbh our campaign, but we shall
force tho democrnts to do tho same.
Wo warned them at the .start that
wc would not take their aspersions
lying down and we aro going to back
up that statement."
Senator Walter 13. Kdec, republi
can, of New Jersey, arrived unexpect
edly today and will take part In the
hearings. Senator Edge, a member
of the senate committee, has been In
Kurnpc and has not attended any of
the hearings since the convent'nn.
He called at republican head
quarters and was closeted with Mr.
Jlas and Mr. Upham for a few mln
utej but .Thnounced afterward that
the meeting had no official signifi
cance Committee' Is Heady.
Senator Kcnyon, republican of
s, Iowa, chairman of tho committee.
arrived lato tonight and tenator
Heed, democrat of Missouri, l"om
iene, democrat of Ohio, and Spcn.
, republlran of Missouri, the
tfr members, aro expected to ar
iWe early In the niornliur.
'Venator Miles Polndexfer of Wash
ington, Governor Stephens of Calif
ornia and many other republican
leaders also aro expected for tho
On tho democratic side thero was
little activity. Thero was no ono o
flelaly authorized to sprnK for them
In connection with the hearing. Wil
bur March, treasurer of tho demo
cratic national committee. and
(leorgo White, chairman, are ex
pected to arrive In tho morning.
80 far as could bo learned, no
word had been received from Gover
nor Cox as to any evidence hnsmlght
end or whether hn expected to at
tend the hearings. He was invited to
attend a week ago, but replied (hat
ho felt his prcsenee should not be
, At republican headquarters it was
IpW that the party leaders prnbab
J?1 would not Insist that Governor
tox bo forced to attend, hut that
effort would he mado to obtain nil
evidence ho might have. It was Indi
cated that the republicans might ask
tho committee to go to Governor
Cox It It was felt that a subpeona
would Interfero with hfs campaign
plans or tend to humiliate, him.
Mr Hays and Mr. Upham saw no
one throughout tho day but party
leaders cxrept for a 30-mlnute inter
view given newspaper men. by the
national committee, chairman In
whlch ho Issued a formal statement
sgjln denying Governor Cox's
Kays Cox Insults Cllliens.
Candidate Cox has charged that
millions have been paid to tho re
publican national committee by sin
ister Influences to buy tho presi
dency," said the statement. "Vester
aw he Is reported to have said In
Aw York that many men 1110 mak
ing contributions to thb republican
fmpalgn fund 'for tho purpose of
Using the bayonet to settle Industrial
difficulties. Candidate Cox will have
to prove these chnrges, but this he
eannot do because they are absolute
ly false. Ills declarations aro an In
ult to the thousands of cltlMns aid
ing us with small contributions and
jve will publlcally prove them false
by making public the name of every
Negro Slayer of
Officers Freed
Through a Ruse
Two men, who represents! them
selves ns being on officer nnd a
prisoner, tonight t 10:30 o'clock
took Claude Chandler, negro, who
flKiircd In Hit) raid on a Mill In
tho vicinity of Arcadia, 23 iuIIch
northeast of hcVe, 111 which Hum
ton 13. Weiss, federul prohibition
enforcement officer and Homer
Adrean, deputy sheriff, and
CharleH Chandler, father of Claudo
Chandler was killed, from his cell
nt tho county Jail.
Immediately following their en
trance Into thn J.ill onu of tho men,
tho alleged offlcar, turned a re
volver on tho Jailer and forced
him to turn over Chandler, v
Sheriff Johnson and deputies
aro scouring the, country In an ef
fort to locate the two men and a
number of others, who, according
to tho report, walled outside tho
Jail In automobiles.
Physicians Say Terence
MacSwiney Will Die
at any Moment
Outbreak' in Belfast Saturday
the Worst Since "Battle
of Kashmir Road"
LONDON, Aug. 25. -Bulletin
Mayor MacSwIney's condition was
distinctly ,worso tonight; his pulse
was very low. Tho mayor's
brother, after a visit, reported
that the prisoner collapsed during
afternoon and difficulty was ex
perienced In bring him around.
LONDON, Aug. 20. The condition
of Terance MacSwiney, lord mayor
of Cork, who I In IJrlxton Jail on" a
hunger strike, was officially stated
to be virtually Unchanged today.
His sister, who visited him this
morning, said ho passed a restless
night and was sinking nnd tho doc
tors thought ho might die at any
Mayor MacSwiney was still con
scious, however, nnd told her:
"I am convinced 1 shall not be
relercd. It will bo better for my
country If I am not."
'Harvnrti Tlan" of Tree- Louring
Promised Ilepreseulntlves at Two
Church Conventions.
Doors of tho Orcutt Memorial
church will bo hospitably thrown
open this fall to two conventions at
which representatives wilNbe pres
ent from tho Tulsa dlstrtrt of tho
Methodist Episcopal church, corn
prlMng practically the eastern half
of OVlahoma.
Delegates will gather here for tho
annual church conference on Octo
ber 4 and 5. About 150 delegates
aro expected. They will be enter
tained by the Orcutt Mcmrlsl church
on what Is called the "Harvard
plan," which mils for freo lodging
nniMn equally tire brv.Tkfast.
I!lslio Waldorf of Wichita, Kan.,
will be ono of the principal speakers.
'Hov. J. K. Thackcry, district super
intendent, will preside.
The district meotlng of the Wom
en's Foreign Mlsslona society wdll
be held November 19 and 20. accord
ing to Mrs. J. W. Whitney of this
cltv. district president. Tho session
will open at noon on November 19.
Delegates wdll be entertained by
women of the Orcutt memorial, First
M. 13. nnd Hagler memorial churchs.
I'rovl'lotial Government Purchasing
l'nrm Fqulpmciit for Them Now.
KL PASO, Tex,. Aug. 29. Luis
Montes do Ocn, Mexican consul gen
ernl here, today announced that he
had been ordered by his government
to purchase thousands of dollaro
worth of agricultural Implements for
Francisco Villa, former revolutionary
leader, nnd Ills men. The Imple
ments will bo bought by the Mexican
government nnd donated to "Farm
er" Villa nnd hie men, do Oca said.
They will bo shipped from 131 Paso
to Villa's ranch nt C.uiutlllo.
Windstorm In Missouri.
"KANSAS CITY, Aug. 29. A wind
storm of such ivverlty a to amount
to a tornado swept Hates county,
Missouri, last night, levelling stand
ing cropi", trees and farm buildings.
In Hume, Mo , wlinro tho severity of
tho storm wa greatest, a garage was
demolished nnd nearby buildings
damaged. Many trees In the city park
und along the ttrcets of Humo wero
uprooted. Hlght Inches of rnln fell
at Hume.
-.nrn. (JA PI" MP 01V K KM piu wr
HUM. Apz. 2 JUilnwyi 01; minimum CI;
... ....
SKMHOMA- Mitar "'t lOTtr nllty filr.
UIVWHW tonltr mil luftfuj rnffllr flr In
north, rirtlr rloudy to Willi !Uon, toil hom In
AnM'Nn WEST Wl. MU 4
TufnUr j'nrnllj filr, ... . . .
KANSAS Ofwrillf flr Monr 1 proUbl,
Tuwlu. nt mjrb c!uni in tioillu'f.
Trfn'l tml tuntl.
Kl'uli club lonttira. r, IT C. A. nftttrU, 13:13,
Republican Candidate Is
Studying the Problem
of Reconstruction
Senator's Views on Foreign
Relations Approved by
Many Statesmen
MAIUON, Ohol, Aur. 2: Having
put befoio tho oovintrj his plan for
a new association of nations, Sena
top Harding expects to tin n his at
tention to other issues of tho cam
paign In his nneochcM of tho next
two weks, with only an occasional
reference ti the lenguo fight.
Tho next Important proldem on
which he wilt publicly outline 111 j
views Is tho reclamation cf western
lands. He will speak on that suhject
Tuesduy to a group of icpubllcan
governors and nominees for governor
from western tat-s who will bo ecu
tml figures In "governor's daj" of
the front porch calendir.
On Monduv of the following week,
the nominee's labor platform is to
bo set forth in detail in a speech to
a labor day gathering hero and two
dny. Inter ho will iIIjcumi agricul
tural Issues at tho Minnccota statu
Later In his campaign Senator
Harding Intends to bring the ques
tion of Industrial reconstruction into
prominence, but tho occasion for that
address has not yet besn selected. Ho
I making n study of after-war In
dustrial conditions and Is understood
to feel that tho field offe-T muth ac
ceptable campaign mateilal. It also
Is expected that he wl'l devolo a
speech to soldier compensation
among a numbor of otocr subjects
to be covered is tho campaign de
velops. K
H(T will speak hero irext Saturday
to state chairmen of the republican
ways and means committees en
trusted with collection of campalg'.
fund's, but It Is not expected he will
touch directly on the charges of nn
e.Vcesslvo campaign fund mado bv
Governor Cox. He has Indicated thnt
he expects n lequato roplv to be rami')
by National Chairman Hoyr. nnd Na
tional Treasurer Uphm. -
Wlilla he Is devoting the major
portion of his speeches to other sub
jects tho senator will not lose tight
of tho league lsue, Several Interest
ing angles of thnt fight are yet to be
developed and as tho campaign pro
rccds the candldato vUI probably
touch on It frequently In, public ut
terances, partiaulnrly concerning tho
work now belns done abroad by
Hllhu ItoAt, who, together with Kuro.
pean statfsmen. Is attempting to es
tablish tho International court plan
provided for In tho league of nations
covenant, Mr. Hoot is expected
homo shortly nnl will center with
Senator Harding.
Meantime tho nominee's confer
ences with nthecvubllc men inter
ested In foreign affairs will contlniio.
Ilird'ng headquarters made public
today a batch of tolejerams of con
gratulations on Senator Harding's
foreign relations pecch of yesterday?
Among them wns ono from Sennto,
Urandegeo of Connecticut, ono of tho
senato group of IrreconcllalMes, say
ing: "Glory, hallelujah, God reigns an,i
tho government at Washington still
Automobile Dies on Tracks Corn
Field OhtriiclH Vl"vv of Driver
HUTCHINSON, Kan.. Aug. 29.
Five persons were killed nenr Sylvia,
Kan . today when tho motor crir In
which linbert A. Yust, a farmer, was
driving his family to town was
struck by a paVscnger train. The
"dead aro Mrs. Yust, Howard Yust.
14, Adelaide, -11, Victor, S, and
Grace, 3, Yust and another daughter
Margaret, 12, arc In a hospital here.
They were brought hero on t"ho train
which struck tho car. Tho little
girl Is Jiot expected to live. A corn
field obstructed a view of tho train
until the motor car wns n the
tracks. Yust thiv attempted to re
verse, ho said, anfljkllleiT-hls englno
Itun-off Primacy ' Tevas Ite-veals
Administration Leader Ahead.
DALLAS, Texas, Aug. 29. Pat M.
Tf of Waco, continued to gain on
Joseph Weldon llalley, , former
United States senntor frorrN Texas,
according to returns tabulated today
by tho Texas election bureau from
Saturday's run-off democratic prim
ary. ,
With 401. OH votes accounted for,
the "election bureau announced tho
following figures: Neff 237,165,
Dalley 164,508.
Ilepubllenns Issue Hook
N13W YORK. Aug. 29. The re
publican campaign book entitled
"Hepubllcanlsm of Nlnteen Twenty,"
Is nbout ready Tor distribution, it
wns announced tonight by Its editors,
Frank Hendrlck, n New York law
yer. His part of tho work ocuples
51 of tho 271 pages. The book is
to be distributed to newspapers and
campaign workers and Is expected to
enlighten on campaign Issues.
lteds Cro.su tho Frontier,
PAHIS. Aug. 29. Forty thousand
bolshcvJJl nlrendy havo crossed tho
tnst Prussian frontier, and moro nre
mnklmr their way across the border,
according to the foreign ministry. It
adds thnt all the bolshcvlkl nre. be
ing Interned und-r tlio direction of
illl-vl officers.
.liipoii Plans Illg Navy,
TOKl. Aug, 28. Tho naval ap.
proprlaflon to bo submitted to the
next Japanese diet will total 470,.
009,000 yen. accoring to the Asaho,
.Fire Bugs Keep Firemen
misy smn Feiners
Are Well Armed
Yells of Mob, Cries of Women
and Children Audible as
Fight Goes on
Families Fled from Homes
When Fighting Kcached
Zenith of Fierceness
ni3I.FA8T. Aug. 29. F.lght men
dead Is tho toll of Saturday night's
fighting in Ilelfast, In addition to
the slv men killed during the height
of the battle, two of tlio wounded
died today,
A featuro of the rioting was the
extent of tho destruction of property
by Incendiarism. The fire brlgado
had an especially hard tlmo during
tho night In fighting the flames,
Tho work was rendered hideous by
the constant rattle of machine guns.
Tho Sinn Felners were In strong
forco nnd nppearcd to be well sup
plied with arms nnd ammunition,
Tho gre.i'test of bitterness was dis
played during tho righting. There
was a great amount of wrecking of
houses und tho burning of furniture,
both Indoors and bn the street. The
jells "of tho mob, Wre shrieks of
women and children and tho groans
of the Injured were nudlblo through
out the fighting. When tno rioting
was at its worst, women could bo
seen, clad In their night nttlre, rustl
ing from their homes, nttempllng to
lead their families from tlio dans or
The excitement was Intense until
10 o'clock Sunday morning. Isolated
firing was to be heard throughout
the forenoon and the pf6pTtr,wer
upprohcnslvo lest thero should bn u
renewal of tho disorders at night
fall. Three attempts were mndo to
night to burn the Independent labor
party hall. The lost attempt re
sulted In serious damago to the
The pollqe tonight charged
crowds In the Crumlln road with
their batons, but order was not re
stored until the troops arrived.
It Is reported U'"i an armored car
fired on a crowd around a bnnflro
and that a boy was shot. Two con
stables aro declared to have been
Religious Potentate Aids
Operators in Taking
Vatican Views
KOM13, Aug, 29. For tho first
tlmo In history a pope hns posed for
the motion picture' camera. Not only
was permission granted tnr tho film
ing, of scenes In the Iurdes chapel
grounds, but Pope Ilencdlct today)
took n leading part, posing first with
various groups and tnen for "close
ups" and exprssslng much amuse
ment at tho persistence of tho
American photographers who went
within four foot of tho pontiff ami
snnpped lilm smiling Into tho
It happened after the popo lmil
celebrated mass for the vlsltlns
American Knights of Columbut In
the open Vatican gardens mid had
given holy communlOT perronnlly to
each knight. Vatican officials were
amazed that the pope Jt'pearol In
these scenes for about 20 minutes
and which provd tho niit comploto
pictures ever taken of Vatican cere
monies. Tho pope seized Supremo Knight
Flaherty by both hands, blessing tho
knights and America. Ho welcomed
tho visitors In a short address which
was translated by Archblrhop Ccr
rettl, formerly of tho ptpal delega
tion nt Washington. The popo drank
n cup of coffeo with the knights
after celebrating mass and after he
had posed for tho pictures, drove
through the gardens flmkcd by
knlghi to the vitlcan. When tho
Vntlcnn officials abjectcd to the pope
being photographed, he said' "I-et
the Americans havo what they want."
IloLslievlkl Literature. Appearing
Throughout Southern Itepublle,
MKXICO CITY, Aug, 29, A dele
ration bf fartory owners called up
on Provisional President do la Huorta
yesterday, exhibiting specimens of
bolshevik! literature which they de
clared hadbecn distributed In, their
establishments. Workmen wero
called upon In some of tly pamph
lets to unlto with tho soldiers ti
bring about a' dlctorshlp by tho pro
letariat. Announcement Is made that evi
dence has been found vv'ilch points
to tho entrance of this n opaganda
from southern .J'nllcd Btates. Dis
covery that similar literature ad
been distributed among tho men
maklng'up tho garrison hero recently
created a sensation la this city.
Piloting Radio
Newest Marine
Feat of U.S. A.
WAHHINGTON, Aug. 29. - A
Miccessful preliminary test of Ilia
rndln piloting cable laid In tho
Ambrose channel approach to New
York harbor s u means of pilot
ing vessels to tho harbor In
foggy weather was announced to
day by lh naval department. Tho
lest wns mndo with the navy tug
Algorma, w)ilch navigated tho
16-mlle stretch of the cable from
tho Ambrose channel lightship to
the narrows entirely on tho bear
ing received from the electrical
waves emanating frtun tho cnblo.
When tho department 'has ile.
elded on the best tvpo of receiv
ing apparatus for the system, It
won said. It Is planned to give a
public demonstration with a de
stroyer for the benefit of shipping
interests. The department bo
lleves thn great possibilities of the
system In nddlng to thn safety of
navigating harbors In hlk weather
has been proved by the recent
Running Male of "Jimmy"
Cox Finds People Are
Alert on. Issues
Ex-protcRO of Daniels Says
Voters Anxious to Hear
Both Candidates
CHICAGO, Aug, 29. Franklin D.
Hooscvclt, democratln candldato for
vlco president, reviewed the results
of Ills 19-dny tour through tho west
on his arrival hero from Omaha
today, on his way to Indianapolis,
where hn will speak tomorrow, night
"Hvcrywhere I found the keenest
Interest manifested In the league
of. nations," ho doelared, "There
Is no question but that the citizen
ship of tho states I havo visited is
overwhelmingly In favor of the
league. Many told mo that the In
terest today Is deeper than It was
six monUis ago. ' Particularly Is
this truo of the attitude of tho
women on tho lenguo.
"Tho west and tho northwest 'de
mand recognition from those for
whdm thuy will cast their votes In
Novembor. They feci 'that they are
entitled to 1km r the Issues between
the two parties as tho party leaders
view Miem. In other words, they
dotunnd that Governor C"x and Sen
ntor Harding come to tljum and let
them choose for themselves what
their votes shall bo after they have
listened to the candidates and had
nn opportunity of siting up the Issues,
"Tho anxiety to sco tho candidate
wan evidenced by tho lurgu mid en
thusiastic receptions wherever 1
wuiltl At a number of places in the
northwest mountains 1 was greeted
by men and women who had driven
60 miles and moro to hear some
thing In regard to the plan of tho
democratic party for tho fuluru wel
fare of the country.
"Tho west Is alert und progres
sive. Tho people aro thinking. They
will not permit tholr minds to be
befuddled on the questions nt Issue."
Longshoremen In .V. Y. Find .Mirny of
.Men Hemming to Their dobs,,
NBW YOIIK. Aug. 29 The strlku
of longshoreman lit protest against
tho Imprisonment of Tcrcnco Mac
Swiney, lord mayor of Cork, which
began last week, when 2,000 workers
quit, apparently has collapsed.
Kvorythlng was quiet along thq
witiur iroriD inouy, nespiio uio ef
forts of the vro-Irtsh women pickets.
No difficulty was experienced In
getting men to unload incoming
Ilrltlsh ships, steamship officials
Dentil Slullis Auto Itnm
HANTA ItOHA, Cat., Aug. 29.
Two nutomobllc racrs woro burned
to death beneath tnelr overturned
car and a 7-yeur-olrt spectator was
killed Instantly whin a light car In
tho Sonoma county lair races hero
today blew nut a reui tire, left tho
track and crashed Into a tree. The
dead are Arlo Ileatllo, pilot; Delbcrt
ii'-n ... , ,
uuinn, jiiri-imuilifeil, lino liureficu
To Attend Cotton Meeting
MONTGO.MF.Il, Ala., Aujr. 29.-r-W.
1'. a, Harding, mvernor of the
federal reserve boaid of the Unlte.d
States, with other officials of that
flnnnclal system, will meet with tho
executive and f!nam.c committee of
tho Amor lean Cotton association
Frldny, September 3, It was an
nounced hero today.
Grodiut Falls Again
Russian bolshnvlkl forces havo re
captured Grodno, says a Koenlgs
burg despatch to thn Ilcrllngsko
TidemW The report adds thnt thn
Poles ulsn have been forcod to eva
cuate Illnlystok.
Noted Polo IMajer Demi
It ED DANK, N J Aug 23. News
of the death of James Monto Water
bury, noted International polo player,
nt French Lick, Ind., was received
here today.
Emissaries of Warring
Nations Willing to
Continue Parleys
PoliHh Tarty Called Spies
by Holshoviki Leaders
Protest in Vain
Negotiations to bo Resumed
at Itifrn Whero Peace
now Prevails
Ily The Associated I'rtas.
WARSAW, Aug. 29. The llusslan
soviet government has accepted tho
Polish proposal for transfer of the
llusso-Pollsli pence negotiations from
Minsk to Itlgn, Letvla, It was an
nounced in a Mosoow wireless to tho
Polish government recelvdd today.
Ocflntto indications reached Warsaw
Saturday that but lltla progress had
been made at thn Minsk conforenco
and that the Poles nnd soviet rep
resentatives had ngrecd to a shift
of tho negotiations In thu liopo of
bettering conditions In tho liopo of
A, wireless mcssago from Minsk,
by way of Moscow, to, thn foreign
office complains further auout tlio
treatment suffered by thu Polish
The miHsago asserts tho com
mander of tho western soviet army
placarded Minsk with posters label
ing thu Poles as spies and warning
tno population against associating
with them, Tlio mcssago udds that
tho commander destroyed the Poles'
wirctrss antennae, hindering com
munication with Warsaw,
11 The AMnclalcd l'rasa.
WAItHAW, Aug. 29. Tho Poles
apparency nro planning to ndvnnce
beyond thu entlinographlo fronUer,
as mentioned in the American note to
which tho Poles have replied, Tlio
front rests nt present roughly along
tho lino laid down by tho allies.
There are lndlctalonn that thn Polish
eastern lino is being stabilised tem
porarily nnd the general stnff has
directed that thero be no advance
Into districts whore the Poles might
not bo welcomed by thrf population.
i Tho military authorities an
nounced todav that thn Pol lsng
tho front wero resting nnd regroup.
,lng, after pushing the llusslan soviet
forces liyond the Hug river, whero
thoy are prepared to make a stand
if attacked, There ore indications,
however, that the Poles are planning
to continue their drlvo eastward,
Tho moderate elements are urging
the government not to try to shove
tho lino li fnr to tho east.
Eight Thousand Workers
Vote Suddenly to
Quit Their Jobs
NF.W YOUK, Aug, 29. Brooklyn
nwoke this morning to find Its trans
portation facilities completely tied
tip by nn unexpected Hrlke of ap
proximately 8,000 employes of the
.Ilrooklyn Kapld Transit system.
The strlko has been peniling sev
eral dayH, and nt a meeting lain
last night, the ear men voted to
defer action, on th strike for one
week Three hours' later another
meeting was held und the men voted
to go on strike nt 5 o'clock this
Tonight all lines virtually were
paralyzed. No surface cars; wero
running nnd only a meager number
of trains were crawling over tho ele
vated and subway lines, These wero
under police protection.
Coney Island had n. crowd of
fjbout 100,000 persons, despite the
difficulty thoy hail in getting thero.
They went homo tit motor buses,
moving vans nnd vehicles of every
description. Tho buses charged a
26 In 30 cent faro to Coney Island,
hut took ndvnntnge of the situation
nnd charged from a dollar to three
for tho return trip.
Temporary munVlpal bus routes
In nil 'sections and steamboat service
lo Coney Island were being put In
operation by tho city tonight.
Dutch Freighter Strikes Iteaeh Nenr
Kan !'i-nnelcn Viwsel Is Kafc.
SAN FHANC1SCO, Ayg. 29 Thn
Dufch freighter Araknn, cnrnilte
from Ilntnvla, Java, to San Frun
Cisco, t:in aground tonight on a
sandy beach 30 miles north of Kan
Francisco, according to a wifeless
mcssago received here. The vessel
was resting on nn even keel in no
Immeduto danger, tho message saldy
unless the sea should becomo heavy.
No Call Contemplnteil.
CltAHLl'VSTON, W. Va Aug. 29.
Governor John J. Cornwell, in n
statement Issued tonlxht declared he
would call no extra session of the
legislature to ennr-t special legls'u
Hon that women might voto In No
vember, In view of tho fact that the
leglslaturo had failed to act on his
suggestion to pass such laws at the
last session.
Politicians Told to Wait
While He Calls Upon
the Wounded Men
W. W.'a Foreign Authorities
Call on Govornor About
Leaguo of Nntiona
NBW YOIIK. Aug. 29. Moro than
300 wounded war veterans shook
hands here today with Governor
James M Cox, who made a dozen or
moro political allien wait two hours
at his hotel whlla ha visited the
rniyclinio hospital. The second nnd
last day of the democratlo presiden
tial candidates slay hero had been
scheduled for him far In advanca
and some of Mr. Cox's advisors coun
selled against taking so much tlmo
nwny from political conferences.
nnl mom wait." the governor
said, announcing hl intention of
visiting every one of tho soldiers In
tho hospital, "If It will cheer thmn
to meet me, Uiey won't be disap
pointed," And hn mado good ) In promise.
Going from ward to ward ho chatted
u moment with each of tho Invalids
who, dressed in pajamas nnd bath
robes and displaying bandsccs and
crutches, Inoludod men .in overy
stage of convalescence.
Ciimlldulo In 1 toast ful.
"On September 2 I 'start for my
western front," ho told ono group.
"What I do thero will be in cmolu
Hon ofwhnt you did on thn western
rout In Franco that Is, clean 'em
up. un tna root tun candidate,
with 20 or morn of the bos had to
wait while u camera man adjusted
his focus.
"He doesn't Bhoot as fast as the
Germans, does he," tho governor
"I'll say ho doesn't," chorused the
Several minutes were granted to
n father who hud come from up
stato New York to permit the trans
fusion of blood from hio veins to
those of his son who had been gassed
In tho Argonne.
Tho trip through tho Polyclinic
was arranged by Iho national dis
abled soldiers league. It began In
thn Into afternoon and ended Avlth
only a few hours Intervening buroro
tho departure of tlio governor's train
for Columbus.
On returning (o his hotel thn can
dldato found many democratic) lead
ers walling to confer with him. In
u short time ha received several nC
theso, including Itnbbl Stephen if.
Wise of Now York who wlahed per
sonally to announce his Intention of
taking the stump for the dontpcratla
ticket. '
Karller In tho day, Governor Cox
attended service nt Bt. Paul's I3plco.
pal church In Ilrooklyn, From tho
home of former llcpreaentatlve John
Fitxgerald, whero hu huM spent tlio
previous night, tho governor motored
up to tho church with George White
and his host.
The edifice nnd nearby sidewalks
wero crowded with pooplo who had
como for u gllmpso of tho democratic
standard boarur,
1'errjs. Vlslln Cox..
Iminedlalcly upon his rotlirn from
the hospital lloovrnor CoV rocclvoJ
Itabbl Wlsn and nfter a short con
ference dined In his npnrtment with
Wllllom Ollibs McAdoo, former
secretary of Iho treasury and
Thomus L. Chndhnurhe, or Now
Ilefore leaving the hotel to board
his special car tho governor spoilt
two hours conferring on tho league
of nations with Professor John fl.
llassett of Smith college, John H,
Moore of Boston, David Hunter Stil
ler, former legal udv'sor to tlio
Amerlcvin peace commission, npd
Georgo Foster Peabody. all of whom
nro said In bo authorities, on Inter
national taw.
lln nl. r.fili'n.l llfihr.annl.Hlrn
rleott Ferris und James McCllntock
of Oklahoma, ami Thomas II. Lnvo,
democratic notlonul committeeman
from Texas,
Small Vessel Iloiinderlng Helpless
off Carolina Coast aid Nenr.
NORFOLK. Va., Aug. 9. Tho
roast guard cutter Manning passed
Cupo Henry this afternoon, speeding
lo the assistance of tho steam yacht
Kanawha of the Illnck Star lino,
reported In distress off lle.uifort,
N, C. Thn cutter Seminole, naval
officials hero said tonight, also has
gone to tho assistance of the Kana
wha. Wireless messages from the Kan
nwha snld sho was completely din
nbled with her power gone. Tho
Kanawha wns recently purchased
from the shipping board by tho
niack Star line, a negro company,
to bo used in negro passenger ser
vice between New York nnd Havana.
She is manned by a crew of 39
negroes and hns no passengers
Street Cur Men Unit
NKW YOIIK. Aug, 29. Employes
of tho Ilrooklyn Itapld Transit
system struck today. Traffic on all
subway, elevated and surface lines
virtually wns disrupted.
IVirfy Hint In Atvldent.
U13NV13H, Aug. 29 Nearly 10
persons wero injured, one critically,
when a temporary grandstand at the
Uroadway baseball park collapsed
Reward Offered For
Arrest of Leaders
Of Orderly Mob.
Mob's Work Is Talk of the
City Harmon and Sharp
Taken to Muskogee.
Answers Message Sent by
Wrld as Dying Request
of Lynch-Law Victim.
Governor II. A. Ilobertnon snld to.
night ho would offer a rewanl
for tlio arrest nnd conviction nf
nny person guilty of participation
In tlio lynching nt Tulsa fcuturjlny
night nnd that lie would order tho
nltorney general to Intcnllgnln tlio
condtiet nf tho sheriff' entnistcel
with tlio prisoner to ilrtermlno If
lm did his folk part lo uphold tlio
"If o find Hint tlio sheriff of
Tulsa county did not taUo ndo
o,unta precautions to prevent tlio
removal of tho prisoner from tho
Jail, or if lio did not do Ills utmost
to resist tho nol when they de
manded tlio prisoner, tho rxiucr of
tho state will I mi directed Inward
removing lilm from office," tho
gofcmor nnld,
'KvPrthlnt ponsllilo to hrlnit
tho guilty to J nst loo npil to retrlevo
this oiitrugo to law and order trill
lo done, litis stains tho honor of
tlM Mate and must to ntoned for."
A rigid1 investigation of tb lynch
ing of liny Helton, alias Tom Owens,
after ho had confoseed that ho shot
Homer Nlda, taxi driver, near lied
Fork, on August ti. by a mob of
3.000 cltlteni shortly beforo mid
night Baturay night, will bo started
at once, according to Intimations
from County Attornoy Thomas I.
After tho first excitement of tho
piob and Itn followers had dld down
somewhat and clty-wino discussion
of tho affair started, dissenting
voices began to be nenrd from tho
ranks of thosn who seemed unani
mously In favor of, or at least in.
different to, tho .lynching. Whether
a grand Jury will bo railed, thn
rapidity with which punishment will
bo meted to the others that have
sonfessed taking part in tho trag
ery, and tho reaction following Hen
ton's lynchlng.were among tho many
points that were tho leading pblnts
of discussion In nil parts of tho city
Bundny. Tho Mitchell-Fleming
eorguo wns crowded all day by per
sons anxious to got n gllmpso of tho
Mother Answer. World.
In reply to a me sua go sent by Tho
Wnrbl over tho Associated IVess.
Iwlrn lo Mrs C. O. Helton, Knoxvllle,
Tonn., soon nrter tno lyncning in
compliance with a request mndo by
Holton a few moments before his
death, the following mcssago was
received from her yesterday morn-
'""Please notify nnd arrange, with
the (Salvation Army to take charge
of and keep tho body of Mr. Hel
ton until my daughter can arrlvo
from Bprlngfiotd, Mo., to claim It.
I will bo greatly obliged if you
will attend to this. I will be thero
nt tho earliest possible moment."
Salvation Army officials were no
tified of tho telegram ycoterJay and
took chnrge of thn body. Command
ant Johnson announced that ho
would wnlt until Helton's sister ar
rived from Bprlngflfld beford taking
nny further steps. Bho was expect
ed to arrlvo early today.
Moore Still lit Ijirgo.
Juet boforo ho wun hanged, Helton
told his captors where Moore, or
Ohurley Ware, ns- ho know him,
could be found. According to Hel
ton, Mnoro was working as a waiter
In 131 Paso, although he might be
found In Juarez. Local police nnd
county officers Immediately wired 31
Paso to look out for a man answer
ing Moore's description. He was de
scribed by tho Harmon woman as
being nbout six feet tall and with
light brown hair.
It was reported here last night
that a Charley Waro had been arrest
ed In 131 Paso yesterday afternoon.
Ills description was glvan as being
about flvo feet and five Inches tall
and with black kinky hair. Police
official, however, had not confirmed
tno report lato last night.
GiLitufson'H , Opinion.
Tho lynching of Hoy Helton, altaa
Tom Owens, Haturday night, wan a
regrettable occurrenco," declared
John A. Gustnfson, police chief, yes
terday afternoon. "Hut it was also
probably Inevitable, because of tho
great feeling which had been aroused
by tho cruel manner In which Homer
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Duran
203 Palueu llliig. Phono 151

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