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PBH " T" i . ijs
- tan vntnw,
- rrwi
1,000 World War Veterans
Expected to Attend
Legion Meeting.
Fitting Reception Planned by
Tulsa for Stntc
When the second nnnti.il meeting
of tlio American Legion of Cdl
homa convenes at Convention hall
for a two-day session on September
C, It lit expected that Tulsa will ho
acting ns hosts tn world wnr vctcr
nun numbering close to 1,000.
Arrangements befitting the Im
portance of the occasion have lieen
perfected nnd members ot the Joe
Carson post who had charge of pre
paratory procedures nro now "elt
tine pretty?' Contcarts for elebor
nlo decoration of six business Mocks
on Main and ljast Third have been
let") nd the co-operation of business
In Individual decoration rf of
flee bullrtlngr, stores, and window
displays Is requested by he post. A
"5 piece hand to iirrnnipany nppenr
nnces of the lcKlonnlres "en niasio"
has been engaged.
An address of welcome by Mayor
T. D. Kvans will open the: first ses-
slon lo bo held ut 0 o'clock Monday
morning. Heptemner o. A reply win
li given by ltoy I loff mull of OI(la
homa City, 11 member of the execu
tive cnmlttee, and addresses by ITor
nco II. Hagan. state commander
JVanklln D. Oiler, natftinal com
mander .and several other leclon
plres outflde the department of Okla
homa will follow.
During the afternoon duty will
compel a number of the veterans
tn .caucus, meetings and preparation
of committee reports, but the rest
will bo guests of tho Joe C.irson
rof. nt n baseball game between
TuMi and Wichita In McN'ulty pork.
Tholeglonalrcs will occtipy a reser
ved sectlom Tlsltnrs will again be
nuests of thn post at a boxing pro
rram In Convention hall at S o'clock
Monday evening. There will be Tour
bnuts.'totalllng 30 rounds.
Kuturo policies, of the lesion will
be up for discussion at business sen-
"ions on Tuesday, September 7.
Warm controversy upon some of the
questions It a certainty and Interest
also centers around the election of
Lcglonalres will bn enterelalqed
1th a buffet luncheon and smoker
tn the auditorium on Tuesday even
ing. Vocal numbers will be sung by
tho post Jazz quartette, led by the
genial Mr. Wilmot and there will ho
other entertaining features on tho
Appreciation of the assistance
given by tho business men of Tulsa
In defraying expenses of the con
vention Is expressed by the local
Champ Shows Speed;
Wound Opened Over
Miskc's Left Optic
tlUNTON HAUHOU, Mich. Aug.
13. A heavy rainstorm swept
over Jack DcmpBey's training
ramp this afternoon, soaking sev
eral huudrcd spectators. Including
many women and forcing tho
champion to ruspfor cover after
boxing seven rounds.
Dempsey had Intended to box
10 rounds, the same, distance ho Is
scheduled to face Hilly MMKa of
St. - I'aul In their match here a
week from lomorrow, but Man
ager Jack Kearns called a halt
when ho noticed Dompscy nnd his
sparring partners were ullpplng
around on tho wet canves.
Till1 champion boxed with
i3tonlfthlng speed nnd punched
with accutacy nnd force.
Mlsko worked four rounds with
new sparring partners and ri.
cUvod a cut over his left eye. from
Ororgo Wilson, n negro heavy
welghl from Chicago, as a result
of a head collision. Tho collision
opened UP an old would over
Mlske's eye, but tho cut Is not con
sidered dangerous.
Manager Jack Hedd? called
called Mlsko out of tho ring be
cause ho. feared a more carious
Injury If 'ho boxing continued.
contributor, tho nmount. and the
purpose for whjrh It In rent.
"Incidentally Cnndldato Cox will
have to explain tho sources of hi
own funds collected by his national
committee anil by the agencies out
t.ldo his national committee for his
While neither Mr. Hays nor Mr.
t'ph'am would anticipate testimony
by saying exactly what figures would
be presented. It was, generally un
derstood thn national campaign
budget, which It was said would be
presented to tho committee, would
total 3. 762. 000. Concerning tho list
i f quoins. It was said that It "was
entirely different from tho list
(iovnrnor Cox used In his Pittsburgh
leech,' nnd that evldt-nre 'inceinlng
41 v.-ouiu ne uuro'iiieen m sinw iniu
moro than 30,000 persons had con
tributed to tho fund which now to
talled somowhnt more than a million
Tho Investigating committee has
several olher matters on Its docket.
Th' Hcnalorlul primaries In Okla
11015a In which Senator flore was de
feated nnd tho preconvcntlon cam
paign In Kansas aro among them.
toasts Office Holders.
Representative James W. flood,
republican, ot Iowa, tonight Issued a
statement charging tho democratic
oftlco holders had violated the
corrupt practice net by levying po
litical assessments on federal em
ployes and saying that he would
"wolcomo nn opportunity" to appear
beforo tho Investigating commltteo
In support of his statements.
llo specifically charged that E. T.
Meredith, secretary of agrlculnure,
and Wilbur March became directors
of nn Iowa club organized solely to
obtnln money from federal employes
In secret.
Wrnngrl Wins Victory.
(lencral Wrangel, commander of tho
antt-bolshevlkl army In south Kus
sla, has repulsed tho boU-hevlkl who
crossed the Dnieper a week ago, es
tablishing bridgehead) nt Kakhova
and clrowhere. It was a movo to cut
off tho retreat of General Wrangel's
army, which was to tho northeast.
The bolshevik! nlso attacked front
oily from the northeast. This was a
rimllar movement to that of three
weeks ago when they wero badly dc
fen ted.
Alns Tako Security.
When a man lends money, even to
his best friend, ho ought to take se
curity. Otherwise tho friend will
feel under so much obligation to
him that ho will begin to avoid him.
In avoiding him he will uncon
sciously como to think of him as
iomcbody unpleasant, and will grad
ually acquire a illsllko for him. Thus
tho londor will loso a friend. Na
tion's lluslncss.
Muster Out Cant 11 Itcbcls.
MEXICAM, Lower Cal Aug. 23.
The taft forces of Col. listeban
Cantij, former governor of Lower
California were paid off and dls
chirgrd yesterday.
Mako arrangements for your
Draughon scholarship TODAY.
Advanced tuition rates gd into
effect; Wednesday, Septem
ber 1.
Business College
Osago 30S1.
S10 S. Main St.
1 Begins August 30th
Enroll Immediately even If you cannot begin until later so that
you may tako advantago of our present low rato.
Telephono Osago 1429 for an appointment or call at tho college
office, 109-11 B. Third street. Seo Mr. Oulso or Mr. NowUnd.
Tulsa Business College
Beginning Monday, August 30
Luncheon 50c Dinner 60c
Chicken Dinner 75c
Also Short Orders
Nlda wan killed. The Indignation of
citizens had boon aroused to fever
heat by numrroiiM lit-Jacklnxs and
auto thefts which have occurred hero
during the last two years, and the
Killing of Nlda was the rpark which
set off the powder. I do not con
done mob law In fact, I nm abso
lutely opposed to It but It In my
honest opinion that thn lynohlng of
Helton will prove of real benefit to
Tulia. and vicinity. It was an ob
ject Irraan to thn hl-Jackers and auto
thieves, nnd I believe that It will be
taken n such.
"Tho city police force did nil In
their power to prevent It. Wo no
tified the. county officers that In case
of n disturbance wo would bo rcwly
nt their call. Tho cnll rnmo nbout
10:30 o'clock, when the Jailer phoned
that tho mob was on tho wny to tho
Jail. Immediately I Instructed the
deek sergeant lo Issuo a general cnll
to all patrolmen to rush lo tho court
house. Hut by tho tlmr even those
at tho stnlon arrived thero members
of tho mob had gained enlranco to
tho Jail and secured Helton. Wo did
tho next best thing. Jumped Into cars
and followed tlx ever increasing
mou. nut Homing could bo done af
ter the angry cltlzenn bad Helton In
their power. A,ny demonstration
from nn officer would havo started
gun pla'snd dozens of Innocent peo
ple would havo been killed and In
jured. Most of tho city police forco
wn at tho scene of the lynching, but
my orders wero not to Interfere.
"I believe that If wo hsd been no
tified woner nnd could havo sta
tioned ourselves In tho couit houso
that tho lynching of Helton" would
have been prevented, but It was ap
parently n work of fate. The county
officers waited too long to notify um,
and wo got there Just a little lato."
Hherlff James Woolley, who was
forced by the mob to bring out
Helton, when asked tibout his ver
sion of tho lynching Inst night dc
clnrcd that ho was not expecting it
and wn absolutely unprepared.
"Tho men who entered the court
house were In my office nnd had mo
covered beforo I knew what was up,"
ho said. "I argued with them nnd
tried to get them to let tho lnw
handle tho confessed murdorer, hut
my v;o1 went In ono ear and out
the other. They disarmed mo nil at
the point of guns shoved mo up the
stairs to tho Jnll nnd mado mo com
mand the Jailer to open tho doors.
After gottlng Insldo of tho Jill they
easily overpowered tho guards nnd
demanded tho keys to Helton's cell.
After Eottlng lilm they left the Jail
yelling nnd whooping. They neer
bothered the other two prisoners,
Mnrln Harmon and Haymnnd Hlmrp,
but fearing that members of the mob
might como back after them, I
placed them In a car and rushed
them to Muskngee.
"I do not think the affair should
have happened. It Is rcgrctnblo that
will placo n 'black py' on Tulsa, but
under the rlrrumstnnccs I do not be
lieve that It could havo been pre
vented. The men wanted Helton nnd
would havo muio to any ends lo get
him. Heslstenre, might Imvo meant
a.simlllur ocruriinco to that which
happened In Omaha nbout n year
ngo. The citizens of Tnlsu bail be
como aroused nt the numerous hi
Jarklugs nnd unto thefts nnd thev
wero determined to do something It
was given lis an object lesson.
Whether It will be taken as such by
tho "bad element" of this section 1
can't say. I am unreservedly against
molvlaw! tho courts weio Hindi' to
cmiA'l and sentence the criminal,
but I belloo that Helton's lynching
wilt prove mm n beneficial thnn a
denth sentence pronounced by the
courts. It shows tn tho criminal t lint
Tulsa men mean business."
Helton's lynching rnmo ns tho cli
max to n week of horrible revcHllon
following the shooting of llomrr
Nlda. on Saturday night, August 21.
on tho Kapulpa road. The mob ns
Hcinhlcd iiuletly nnd nfter forming
south of town gathered nt tho court
houso beforo tho crowds wlib h
thronged tho streets knew t lint any
thing unusual was happening.
A body of masked men entered
the court housn nnd nt tho point t
guns forced Hherlff Woolley to give
them tho prisoner. Ho was then
placed In tho into enr, In whirl) he
confessed ho shot Nlda and cnrrled
to tho spot whero Nlda's body was
found. After a brief examination bo
was carried further down on the
Jenks rond and hanged to a Kedernl
tire sign. He was calm during the
entire denth rldo and repeatedly
protested his Innocence. Ills last
ffntenicnt wns, "I'm Innocent."
After thn body had hung lor
eleven minutes tho ropo was cut nnd
tho body placed In nn ambulance,
which hud followed thu crowd to tho
seme, nnd brought to the Mltchel
Fleming morgue.
Nlda wns shot while tnklng n
I nn) mi iwu nun mm n wumtiii to
Hapulpa. Ho hnd been clubbed from
behind Just east vt Had l-'ork nnd
ono ut tho men In tho party than
drovo tho car on. As the car nenrfd
tho Garden City Interurban crossing
one of the men shot Nlda In tho nb
tinmen and then threw htm from
tie cnr. Nlda died Inist rrlilaV nlghul
nfter mnkliig u gniue fight fur his
Tom Owens, Identified ns Hoy
Helton, wns arrested Inst Hundny In
regnrd to the shooting. It was his
fnntnstlc tnles thnt lend to tho arrest
of Mnrle Harmon nt 1114 Hast Ad
inlral. Hhe ccnrYkird t" tho shoot
lug and declnred lint (iwens tliel
ton) was tho man who did the shoot
Ing. lleorgo Moore, who nlso loomed
at 1111 Mast Admiral wns the oiler
man In the; cnr she sold, Follow Ing
her confession, Helton confessed nnd
Implicated ltiomond Hlmrp. Hluirp
h.id ulieady been In custody for so
ernl liours nnd last Thursday he
broke down and confessed, eorro
liorhtlng tho tnles of tho olher two
Moore had not been caught nt the
time ot the lynching nnd unless the
Charley Ware, who Is leporled to
hnvo been arrested In 111 rnso yes
tenlny turns nut lo be Moure, he Is
till nt liberty
4Tm mi in ,iih iilisl I Ul milium y
harry Wolf
"The Fascinating
Musical Comedy
of lllffb uixl Color VWth
4,0h, Such Girls"
Muftlrni Iinn1r
"The Lone Hand"
vj Mm art, u r(r ni
A I Ml
"The Wild Cat"
"Ms -Wailing Career"
"The Lost. City"
lll'I'.V AT It NOON
Slartn l I' V f?t; IM ltl.it ul IVTl -v -..
Cut., him., iiiiiiiiiin 11 r..'.'yt?r xn'.'Wi mnim.s . siifl
J, 1, a, S uml IV ,ny !r,i! Anr Time
o4 nil: h( iii:i:v Tt rui.it
Vaudeville Pictures
Suntlny, Monday, Tuestlny, Wedncsdny
121I p. tn. Continuous 11:15
)N tub jicrtriic.v-
llrlttliinl Mnslnc, Hunrlnr, Not rl lift
I'miri' Itrtttctiif
DcLuxq Wnlflli and Co.
Cnmnlr Hliminir mid Tallin
"llnnt MIm 1 Ills Violin Trrst"
"Jin nil romislr Hkflrli
"One Shot Ross"
I'm flinfOiln Cnrofiljr
"A Ronminrj Uathlub"
"Mutt nnd Jeff"- "N.cw"
Geo. B. Scitz
VniulMlll Klnrla
Saltmlm nnd Hunilsr
Slilll, I Hid, 1130, (ilS
llrrs i.iiys
Simi, 7 inn, iu
oi'i'.N tins v. t.
iWk& k b'i'iii'r. :i
' " i" Any Wit, Any Ttins
Complrle rliMiisp Tnmdil)- Nrw Mnnlrnl ( mnfly-ullll Ihinir, Villfliiintiil In,
"iviiii nun tiiMiij. isiiy Arinirkii, hiki ' ins inirii i.jr.
112 M SOVTll I!OULDi:tl
Don't Be a Slacker From
Your Crowd
Ix-nrn to dance. W'n teach you or refund your money.
I.FKon Dally nml Kvcnlns.
If you can walk you can bo tnuRht to dance.
Soclil Dances Kvcry Baturday Inventus
Plenty desirable parlnerii to dance with, nn cmbnrrns.-uient.
You uro Invited. Dcet iuubIc. IIchI flour.
Scott Kennedy Amusement Company
Coramendably Clean
Candy Land
Upon official inspection, state health authorities
make this comment.
As good as they arc clean. After the show drop in.
One Door South of Majestic Theater
$5.00 Star Vibrators for $4.25
Ve are offering this hiKhly rlficlent Home Masaga Vibrator
with niUBCular, facial and calp applicators for H..5. ONI.
DAY ONLY. , , .
Blanks nnd information may also bo secured upon request for
tho Natlon-wido Iloioda Heauty Contest,
KbKtTiticAi, i:.oiNi:i:ns ami co.vniAcroHS
110.121 liist Second . Phono CciUr 1140
Today and Tomorrow
KERRIGAN'S "$30,000"
"A Succession of Unique, Exciting Situations
With tho nld of a reporter friend ho gains admittance to tho
Kambler'H underground MroiiRhold nnd Is nearly uiiight wlieiil
IMdleo mid tho iilaco. 1'ccllntr Ida way throusli a Micret pasiio
lie comos fneo to face with a mauler crook mid hl heiirhmcii. ,1
bllnilljiK nun Iwittle rntiiien with halr-trlgKer iietlon.
Added Attractions Rain-bow Comedy
"With ouo and thn Minn prion at all tlmr. Adults 20c, Children lOo
UI.MIMt Till ItMllAVl I'uiir III Now Afl nf Vnnit.i III mid TiifUrr Ilro.
Kuail hhiin, t'rnturtli "H IIMIIONi; Hl'MI' I'AV."
Crowds arc Swarining in the Shoe Department at the
Union's New Management
The Largest Shoe Sale that has ever been held since
Tulsa has grown from a country town to a big city
Our manager, who has been in the Massachusetts shoe factoriea at Lynn, Taverhill, West Bradford,
Brockton, North Adams and Worcester for 21 days, found countermanded orders which he could buy for
a song. He bought, and bought heavy lo supply the people of Tulsa and vicinity with good dependable
shoes at low prices. We have just received these in the largest shipment ever brought into the glorious
land of Oklahoma.
A Pair of Shoes
EWith Each Pair
As an added bargain in his big sale, with exceptionally low prices already pcrvailing, we are going to
give Absolutely free a pair of splendid warm sleeping shoes with every pair of sale shoes purchased. No
matter if you do buy a pair of shoes worth $'1.00 to'$5.00 for only 50c, you get tho free shoes to.
1200 pair of shoes at (1 per pair aro now
on sale, with a pair of ideeplng nhiieH frco
with each pair of tliesn ahoe.i
purchased at
POO pairs ladles' hlch top shoes, Just ar
iivmi hy express nnu piaeeu in mis niu saio
with a free pair of sleeping
khocs at only
Heinz 57 varieties has notlilnft on this stock,
i t 10,000 house shoes In SO different shades
ond styles. Itcmomber you Bet a pulr of
sleeping shoes frea with each 0t
pair of tliesn at I uL
S,000 pairs of Old Ijx&y Comfort .Shoe", thn
oldest and most comfortable shoo on tho
market, all sizes, and a pair of sleeplnic
rhous freo with each pair of (JQ
"hoes purchased at tDOit)
Factory clean-up on S.000 pairs of ladles'
oxfords !lveu you a wonderful oppoi tnnlty
In Uiesc brown, black unci patent southern
ties, oxfords and cabaicttas. All sizes and
u frit pair of sleeping shoes, OA
a' per pair D'Jr.4:0
! ;
E0O pairs ladles' walking boots; standard
makuH, to cIoho nut stock thoy nre priced
low and a pair of sleeping shoos free for
goon measure, lane ypur
tliolco of tlusa at pur pair
ladles' while high top shoes; sizes 2'4 to
V, splendid styles nnd well made shoes.
A pair of sleeping shoes fron with (I1 'Afk
each pair purchased nt v DX.Ul
. I.iilli'B' one strap oxfords, 20 different
' styles In vlcl kid, one of tho big bargains
of the season, with a free pair (J- QQ
of sleeping, shoes ut only u).L.t70
Indian moccasins! hand tanned by tho
Indians' process; sizes' for women, men
nnd children, (let yours today and a pair
of theso freo shoes. I'rlced
upward from
),200 pairs men's russet leather shoes In
a wide rnngo of sizes und romfortabln
lasts. Tliey go In this sale with a pair ot
ihese freu shoos at, (TJO Q
per pair . tD.Ut
All men's white oxfords, regular 10, (7 and IS
Millies. Von get a pah' of sleeping chocs
tree with tho purchaso of a pair Gj-t -t OJ
of this., oxfords at only ... DX.Xl2
Itlg tablo full of boys' nnd girls' school
shut; all sUes. Como In and tako your
choice of these and get' a frco pair of
theso sleeping
shoes ut
SI. 08
noys' nnd girls' school shoes, the 16 and IS
kinds; all sizes In theso splendid comfort
able shoos. A free pair ot theso sleeping
shoes with each pair &A AQ
t urchasvd at tpLrJcO
Hundreds of boys' school shoon In good
i olid leathers; all sizes In black and brown.
Tint now manager says give a pair of theso
frco shoes und lut 'em go lIQ '7FI
at, per pair 5D. I O
Ituyn uiiii p." ,n n'vn in u. uuuuoi vu.
Keds and free shoos wo are offering, HlZg,
price per pulr only i t)C
V. H. Hubber Co, Kodn. largo sizes, also a
pair of tnese free shoes we aro urrerlng.
JTIce, per pair.
Let the Live Wire Flag Guide You to the Live Wire Store
' Tulsa
I i I
1121-114 South Main Street
You will find the. Union Service the bcot obtainable. Rapid, efficient, yet courteous. It reminds you
of the political candidates Watch them run. See how anxious they are to serve the American people.

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