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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, August 30, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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Daily Uiblicul Quotaton
30. Though I walk In the midst of trritibte,
thou will revive me. I'm. 1311:7.
Though troubles assail,
Ami dangers nff rlKlit ;
Though frlciulH should all f nil.
And foes all unite i
Yet ona thing secures uti,
Whatever botldc,
The Ncrlpturca assure tin
Tho Lord will provide.
Behold, Ood Is my holier. Psa. 64 ;4.
Thn news columns give the editorial page on
nwful Jolt occasionally. I'or Instance that one
nliout "Tulsa's bench."
Thin In ona Oklahoma summer when nohotly
In looking forvurd to Autumn, Everybody
would bn happy If the lummer season lasted
. M
Banker llartman ctni to have aroused tho
Ire of a lot of peoplo. Hut llkn old Galllrlo on
tho way to the dungeon, ho can atlll mutttr
In his heard "Hut It'aj the truth, nevertheless."
Twelve ycaro go noxt month Senator Tho man
1. Core, then a new member of tho oomte from
the far west, delivered i speech In Kansas City
luring which ha ralsa'i! hla vidlcnca to a high
pitch of enlhutlaotla approval by rloclarlnn that
tho time had coin) "nhsn thoso rvlio Uilnk alike
"'""should vote nllko."
Cven at that time tho Oklahoma senator cvn
fKfeVidenco of that splendid Indspendonco of
, thought and action which later cost him his
plan In tho senate. Ho was rlffliMhen. And
tho doctrine he enunciated In Kansas City In the
only safo rule of action for thn electorti.ln s re.
publlcf V'or men to think alike throuhout tho
Cfuhpalun; to have similar Interests nnd neroo on
tho main toaues, and then walk 'Into different
' vptlnp booths as it were, and veto against each
other, Is for tho cttUena of a. republic to de
llbcrojcly turn tho covernment over to the sin
ister purposed of tho professional politicians
that corrupt every partisan organization they
cnln control of.
Olilahomnm should accept .fully the Ooro
philosophy In this enmpalcn. If men and women
whoeo nncefci'.lJes are not only Identical, but
think nllko with lefctonco to all of (he leadlnR
l.'suca In thtia CAmpalgn, will voto alike In No
vember, the bourbon maclilno which misrepre
sents tho ntnls nl Okbhoina City with Its par
Sons and cruel punishment fur evory dnmocrat
that dairi icfiiau to obey Its urdprs, will bo
;(tblo to lead the certain premonition of that
disastrous defeat that Is co'iiiIiir In two years
from now,
Ferris, tho boneficlary of the despicable con
' rplrncy that robbed Fonalor Core of his pood
. name nnd drove him Into ptlvate life; l'err'.o the
cuckon statesman, tho rubber-stamp candidate,
the petted darlliiK of tho liutirbr.il oligarchy, will
be snatched from ft posl'tlmi ho Is so conspicu
ously unequipped to fill with either honor or
ciedlt, and a man elected to represent Okla
homa In tho scnato that will do credit to him
self, his state and the Independent voters who
elect him.
Cox, the advocate of an International uovern
ment seeking the downfall of Intense American
lrm tho faeellpiis fglloivor of the whlto house
ntitoorat, will be defeated, and the country nnd
stale put In position whore a public accntintlni:
cf a betrnyod trust ran bo hid.
People who think rllkn nbould not only vote
nllke, but they must vot. together and for a
common end If tliy aie to Invo anythlnc like
the Kovsrnmcnt thoy desire nnd pay for.
Gore men who vote for thn candldato and thn
system that betrayed. defamed nnd outraged
their champion nro nothtns more than acces
sories niter tho fact.
The lynching of Tomo Owens, hl-Jacknr nnd
murderer, would suggest to the uruophlstlcntcd
ono not familiar with Oklahoma affairs, an
t'Ppo'iunlty for moralising;. The writer of
sterotypert edltoilnl will find In it an exhibi
tion of thu mob sjilrlt and a growins disrespect
for soverninciu
Thn Wgild ban been a rlop observer of Okla
homa affairs too long to full Into that .error.
Thero was not a vestleo of tho mob spirit In the
act of Saturday night. It was cltlzonthtp, out
raged by government Inefficiency nnd a too
tender regard for tha professional criminal,
registering an tndlchant protest.
Thc who ssek a cause, for the, dcum-hoad
eourt martini that railed Tom Owens to a sp'rdy
final a' rutuitlng, ran easily dlsrover It. They
w'll find It m long years of mMrlng to the
irimlrinl elenmnt by the lilghost officers of the
-nt). In n ireon) for pardoning convicts 'non
Mi'lod of grnvn crimes unenuollnd In thi snnals
of Amerlenn hIMory. culminating In tho "par
doning org'" of H few weeks ago that shockc
the entire sni hwetL
A crowd of indignant citizens took thn law
Into tli'lr hnmts been lira they wein convinced
that Oov. James Ilotiortson, uetliig-govornor
Dob Duvldaon, artlng-gornor Tom Walilrep
and Lieutenant govnrnor Trapp and Inral rnunty
off loirs were unworthy of th trust that hail
been repus'! I" them to protect the decent olt
Isenshlp of tho Ute nnd enforce the lawn
honestly and vigorously. ,
Three nltlteh made the most sensational
protest they wnroi rajmble of. Nit only against
tho high-ups In government, but against thn
condition cxlsllng ut the rnunty courthouse
which 'wero proven by the rase with which
government was overcomo by them. The con
tempt this gathering of cltl.eus had for the
sheriff's otflco and the Impotmiry of government
exemplified by him; the ease with which t liny
swopt thin department of thn public service
aside, Is not by nny means thn least significant
f put urn of the sffulr
Thst our analysis of the Incident Is correct
stands attested by street talk tho day following'
"One pet the governor nnd nctlng-governors
will not have tho plensuro of pnrdonlngV'
"Tho county was saved considerable oxpenso
bnd real Justice mated out."
"A vlgllenco committee has proven Itself
mnro efficient and economical In enforcing law
und restraining the hl-Jsckers than, all the of
ficers In the county."
'The straw bondsmen didn't have a chancn
to make money out of Owms,"
Hundreds of statements like this wero heard
on every hand. ,
Finally, an Incident like that which nrcurcd
(Saturday night does not lake place In a com
munity where law enforcement Is n fact anil
Justice both speedy nnd ceitalr. ,
Wo moko no defense of tho mob Spirit, but
wo do assert that It will ,bean Impotent and
hopeless citizenship when conditions such as are
the rulo In governmental circles III Oklahoma
ran go on und on without a righteous protest
such ns was registered in the casn of Tom
Owens, and wo predict that unlesn conditions
nie speedily Improved, tho one we nro now dis
cussing will not bo Inst by nny means.
Again we assert thnt very great significance
attaches to the fact that the whole pioreidlngs
wns planned fmnny hours In advance of tho
event; that the county authorities had warning
of what wa'se6mlng nnd ample lime to prevent
what did take place. Yol when the crowd
moved to Its' purpose tho sheriff was swept aside
like chaff without protest or even a gesture to
wards protecting thn man. In his charge.
itKfiir.sKX'nxfl own amkiiica.
The president himself never, tired of .Inter
preting for foreigners -what he was" pleased to
explain to them wns the sentiment of America.
Time after time, both at homo nndw.bro.id, he
specifically explained "I speak for thej American
T-ooktng back upon the things he said and
the obligations he committed our America to,
one can but wonder that his spnkvsmanshlp was
never challenged by a demand that ho exhibit
his commission and prove his right to exercise
the authority he arrogated to himself. Und thnt
been dono It would h'ave been better for
BefotV tha pence conference in I'arls, May
10, 1919, the president said:
" tho American people who came
Into tho world cosserratcd to liberty aro
ready to east In their lot In common with
tho lot of thoso whoso ItbertyMa threatened
wherever the cause of liberty seems to be
Imperiled. This Is tho spirit of the peoplo
of the United Blntes und thoy hav been
privileged to send two million men over
hero to tell you so "
The very Important thing about that utter
ance Is that It ws not true. It is not true to
day. It was not then nor Is It now uvon approi-
maely true.
Under tho leadership of true patriots tho
American people liarartlcd' a bloody and trem
endlously expensive to retrieve their lot from
the common lot of mankjud that thuy might
set up a gOAemnirnt of their own choosing and
construction, establish lawn radically dltferent
from thosa which wore the romnion'lot, worship
Ood In various ways, contrary to the common
lot and. do various and sundry things hideously
unorthadox In the minds of those whoso com
mon business was to govern tho common lot.
And they, after accomplishing these things,
set u,fl upon their complcti-d work which boro
tho legend: "Am we here nnd now plcdgo our-'
selves not to Interfere In the affairs of the older
nations of tha eastern hemisphere, so wo pro
hibit those older nations from acquiring political
rlghtB in the wnstern hemisphere or doing In
any way that which threatens the Independence
of these United States or interfere In Its govern
ment." That was, it Is nnd It will always be, the
true nplrlt of the people of the United States.
The American people In 1919 'were not ready
to cast In their lot with any other peoplo on
earth. Nor are they ready for such suicidal
action today. They were ready then, as they
arc ready now. as they havo always been ready
when under a national leadership that afforded
the national consalenco adequate expression, to
exprees sympathy for any people seeking liberty
and Indeprdnencerand lo offer their hospitality
to fugatlves from oppression irgardlpss of
whenco they came.
America, today as always, lit (conscious of
her own virtue, of tho rcotltudo of h"r own lu
tenttons and stands ready to follow wherever
her heart directs. Ilut fhe Is not ready to give
bond for her Virtue, forswear herself for nil
time, nor enter any association of nations that
vjt In 'the remotest degree takes from her full
liberty of action according to her national con
science, nor will she, ever. K.
Oklahoma Outbursts
III (Ilia Winn.
The Wichita ICngle announces that William
Jennings, Ilryan Is expcried lo arrive In Wichita
"Hntimtny night or Htindsy morning." And then
nddjt that no effort has bnen made by local rlubs
to (-cure thai noted Nebraska orator for an en
gagement Jil Wichita. Which only goes lo show
h tnvll rn "fT ore chatting It used to require)
considerable effort to fcectirn Mr Itryan for a
spin king engagement. Now nn opportunity lei
all thnt is litic'smrj.
The girl on dniith Mnln says the reason rhn
broke her laat engagement was that tho proa
pect for alimony was not very good,
Anvhow, It bar been demonstrated thn, an
anthrax scars Is a good thing for manufactured
milk products.
Mnyhsp you have noticed that non of the
professional!, who contend that the teeth are
responsible for most of our bodily lllc have the
nerve lo carry their propaganda among the
What linn berome of Ihe old-fashioned father
wlio limped nround next day and explained that
a clirpet tack was the cause of It T
Barometer of Public Opinion
C0PTrt4t! ltOI Fir TW OUra TrfSOToO
Thm $rat finer Afiui'tunia rtqulrlJ 300 itoUir
whtn if uu o cim! fiurnar.
Nou that it hat bttn conOrttl lutu uil oit
burnw it riqultrt only eighty In Itt boitmr rooms.
Tito fot-WllMiii IteiiK'tllcs.
f.'ox to continue the present disturbed condl
tlon of affairs in the United Hl.ites It elected
Hunting to remove tho cause und rebuild for
Cbx nays Wilson Is right, and the O. O. I' Is
nil wrong after Its rule of tt lears und Its
Dutin.'ng or tho greatest governmental Instl
tU ) of America.
Wllsri ban nil Id that only democrats can rule
i;riu. tiio nation uifiorcu wun mm ami put a
iiy in ms soup two years aro.
Kenator James Iteed of Missouri Is tho best
man. In tho democratic party, hut good men are
nit Invited, It seems, to the councils of do-
Ic Wllion tired 7 Has he nought refuge In
private Ufa on nccount of his failura n president.?
Editor Tulnu World: It Is to be seen from tho
prfcne that nominees Cox and ltooscvclt propose
to correct the evils that now beset us. and to
Improve tho condition and slluntlon of the coun
liy generally, nnd they H.iy It can bo dono anil
If Intrusted to their hands and keeping It will
bo dono nt once.
Then Just following this proffer what do they
eau nip. leaders of mo old Cl. o. IV 7 ".Mud
n:li'ks" these, very men who mada this country
him: it was in l'Jil.
Now how Is this ramedy to be applied nnd
uy wnom
Woodrow tVllson was tho bom of the demo
critic party, Its leader and director, and has
beep ever slum ioi. Wilson und tho party
nave nan supremo control or national arralrs.
The unrest nnd discontent was never more
ur-iiounceil not from tho O. O. I', alone, hut
rroni n largo sllca of Wilson followers. Kven
they aro pronounced In no uncertain or under
tone wny, Wilson's rc'gn Is by them declnred a
failure und that a remedy must be secured.
They nay that Wilson with all his pennaclcd
fnmo us a learned man has proven a dismal
fa.'luro us to tho proper nnd successful manage
ment of the government. ltenco his being
shelved at Frisco and Cox enthroned. Cox is
the mnn to apply these reinedlcs.'nnd what doeti
he tell us? doing to c.irry out Wilson's policies!
l.twtu mel What will this country's condition
be from March 4, 1921 to March 4, 1935? Can
nnyuno Imnglno the plight W W.'s own party
will bo in, lot nlono tho O. O, P.?
It is Wilsons rule the poorle want to bo rid
M at'd they are going to Bhuck W. W., his pol
icies and all who profess to uphold them.
Cox and his mato both In a way decl.iie that
Harding In no good, that he was tho. choice
bf the old gang, Where uaa Cox and his mato
born and grow up? Whrft gang was It that
elevated them to the position thoy nre trying to
jpliold und succeed In? Tho rtlbla tells wp wero
all born In sin and bred In Iniquity. Then from
v.'henco enmo Cox and his producers?
Lodge and such as ho of tho old O. O. I.
know more about Uncle Sam's dominion and
People, and what Is best for them than Cox
will ever know.
The press tells u that Tammany hall with Ita
sililltes Murphy, We, Us & Co. has always
been the most corrupt organization on earth,
and even gloats over the fact. This morning
tiio New York press tells that the tiger will
.til if h succeeds in Its support and elevation
of Cox.
'larding represent a party that has always
bien constructive, a party that made Cox pos
slb'o. a party that builds beyond Its greatest
exp.'Ctntlons, nnd Harding, If elected, will apply
rumedlos that will bo tufe, sano and solid nn flint
and Just as Lincoln, McKlnley nnd Iloosevelt
Intended that It should he.
It Harding nnd C olldge are tho Incompe
tent that Cox pictures them, us well as Lodge,
r.or.ih, Johnson and Hmoot,, then what manner
of the same breed of animals aro they?
tincla Bam has had a tastn of unrest from
WCtpnlsrn nrl I""' to still further Impose on
t!i nation by n continuance of the came rule
will be unbearable. Cox urges that conditions
will i nance under his rule. If so. why not now,
A will but cnntlnuo.the Wilson reign?
Wilson kept us out ofiwar till the plea elected
htm.' 111114 then wo went In teeth and toe-nails.
IlcncH the present conditions. Cox Is to remedy
till trip causes of our present troubles by ron
UiMiIng tho policies that brought them up on us.
Ha we must look to Harding and the (J. O.
U 'tor relief, nnd come It will 'TIs now we
unci a ltooscvclt. 'TIs now we will get him
thi .nigh Harding. Tho (J. O. P. will reject a
continuance) orWllsonlsm. and bo will the. best
elunipiits of the democratic party reject him.
Herding for a constructive policy.
lcx tor n destructive policy.
Vlan. Okla. Aug. 20. J. I,.
iiti::. appli: timi:
(Copyright. 1920. by I'.dsar A. Guest)
Green itpp)o time! an' Oh the Joy
Once more to bo u healthy boy
Casting a longln' greedy eye
At every tree he passes by!
Hlskln' tho direst consequence
To ancak Inside a neighbor's fence
An' shako from many a loaded limb
The fruit that seems so near to him
(losh! but onco more I'd like to be
The boy I was In elgltty-thrra.
Here I am slttln' with my pipe
W.iltln' for apples to got ripe;
Waltln' until the friendly sun
Has bronzed 'em all an' sajs they're done;
Not darln' uny moro to climb
An' pick a few afore their time.
No lego, to run. no teeth to chew
The wny that healthy youngsters do,
Jus' old 'nough to sit an' wait
An' pick my apple from a plate.
Plato applun nln't to bo compared
With thoso you've ventured for an' dared,
It'a wlnnln' 'm from branches high.
Or nlppln' 'em when no ijne's by.
t)r tlndtn' 'cm the times you feel ,
You really need another meal.
Or cnmln' unexpectedly
Upon a farmer's loaded tree
An' grahbtn' all that you can est
That goes to make nn apple sweet.
(Iteeu apple time' Ooato It boy
And cram youtself right full o' Joy,
Watch fct tho farmer's dog an' run
There'll come a time It can't bo done.
There'll oomo a day you can't digest
Tho fruit you've stuffed Into your vest
Nor climb, but you'll sit down like me
An' watch 'em ripening on the tree
An" Jus' like mo you'll have to wait
To pick your npples from a plate,
V ag&5
A fw months ago a customer In an auiomobit
tatftoom wai trtateJ with haughty inJifftnnct,
Now tha taUtman it tagtr to b poiitt in hit
tlfort to maht a taU.
The Horoscope
"IKl llin Inillsa, lit t Ml IMiatl"
MONDAY, AVOt'hT ilO, 11120.
iCor.fiaiii nun tu uia JlsCiura fepar moomI'
'J'h.a Is a day of conflicting fore. a.
There seems to be a sicn polti -Ing
to trltietsm of women, owing 'n
misunderstanding of their motivjs.
Tho accusation of deceit nnd doubb -dutilng
Is likely to bo made whim
thn i'onflgurntlon prevails.
The rub. Is most promising I
rncetir.Ks of social nature, slnre it
is eupposed to stimulate the lighter,
happier thoughts of men and womn,
Love affalrH are subject to a mltt
pronii.illie,' sway which seems to ru
tin ate constancy and great happi
This should be a wedding day In
whbh prosperity In Joined wltn re
main that endur.
The aged nnd those past youth nri
likely to be critical of women wh
aro endowed with beauty and charm
A royal wedding Is foreshadowed
for Great Hrltaln. This may make
memorable pago In history
An oxtraordlnary number of pc
c.illar legal cases Is Indicated I
the planets. These will be tried in
the civil as well as tha' criminal
The death of a man prominent in
campaign work is indicated to take
plare under dramatic circumstance
Great wealth will pauso alar, i
among tho reople owing to natlor
nldo plana for Us Investment ar-I
Its growing menace to smnll buslne a
Interests, tho seers declare. 1
Posons whose blrthdate It isTSJy
experience many smill anxieties dur
Ing the yenr, but they can i-illy
surmount difficulties.
Children born on this day may bs
rather too fond of nmusemen.
They should be taught not to was's
their money on empty pleasure
Tnev usuniiv nro excecainxiy cieve
and lovable.
Bennies' Notebook
Latt Wtth we rtaJ that tht Standard Oil com
ttany Itad dtclartd a U0,000,000 dividend.
Thit wetlt u rtad that gatolint it Uhtly to go
up to 75 cents a gallon.
Margarel Garret ts
ss-c Husband
- IlvJAMK PHCLItt -""
A Shopping Kxpcdltlon
Chapter CIX.
"Oct up lazy-bones'" sho greeted.
"J want to talk to you "
"Tlieie'8 nothing In Prevent. go
"First I want to tell you that 1
was proud of you last night. It j-e.il-ly.
gave mo a thrill to sec how you
Handled yotirseir. I always Knew
there wns tho right stuff In you.
Margaret, but you wero so sum jour
way was the only wav lo live that I
wan becoming discouraged."
Hut 1 don t yet concede Klale.
I returned smiling at her enthusi
asm, "that tho way all those people,
you Included, live, Is the right way."
' Just what do you moan," Let's
talk It out.'
I mean that It seems, a fearful
waste of time, thnt I feel that men
and women who love each other
marred men and women, should
be satisfied with making a home, and
with each other's society."
Now soo Hero Mnrgaret, mat s tnc
snmo old reasoning! of course mar
ried people should make a homo, a
litppy a home as possible. Hut lei
met tell you flear there ore few of
us built so that constant compan
ionship unbroken by tho presence of
others or of outside Interests doesn't
finally pill And boredom believe
me In one of the greatest, if not tlm
greatest foe to hnpplnosi in the
world Interest a man. amuse him
ti.it ns ou value your happiness
nnd bis, never boro him, nor nllow
him to be bored when you are with
him." t
'Hut they nhoilcln t be boredIf
they tarn."
"Will you keep still wit hall that
rubbish about whnt they should and
shouldn't do' They never do It, so
why talk about It. It Is whnt thev
shouldn't do they want to do; nnd
the things tney 'mourn do mat tney
leave undone If they are made dls
acreeahle or to look !lke a duty thoy
nre expected to perform, Now Mnr
garet, I do not tninK, anv moro mat:
you do, that society, friends, a good
time Is all there Is of life; but it Is
a part, nnd a very Important par1!.
To u man like Hob his friends mean
a lot, and when hey Include some of
the cleverest men and women In the
46c Martin-
country they nat ir.illy mean two
"I didn't hear or see anything so
wondf.rfully out of tho ordinary laat
night " I Intecponed when Klsbi
stopped for breath
"No, last nigh! wc were all Just
human beings, having a good time In
en innocent way as real human be
ings often do. One can't always bo
on the heights you know, Margaret.
Occasionally clover peoplo llko Mar-
ton ntggs. Jonn Kendall and tiio rest
llko to frivol a Mttle."
"You are a b,id aa Marlon niggi.
What do you think she Haiti to me
last nignt?"
"I'm euro I don't know whnt?"
'ahe asked mo If I was willing
thnt )iob and Soma Wells rhould
play together."
"That was ho-rld of her, I never
knew Marlon to be cattish before."
"It was partly my fault. She was
only getting even.
"In what way I don't under
stand "
"I cursn I never told you. but I
hnd a talk with Miss Rlggs one day
und I x.iid that I didn't wish Bob to
ro down to hov bous to read her
manuscript, tint his place was at
homo with me Aid "
"You never did ! Margaret Gar
rett?" "es, and a lo! more." I flushed
that even Hlsls rhould think me so
Impossible i.s htr expr.-islon s,ug.
"So she tried 'o make you Jealou.
or Soma um' What did yon sav
when sho asked If you wn-e willing
thev should play together?"
"An near as I ean remember I toH
her I thought Soma quite nil right,
nnd so there was no reason they
shouldn't plav If they wanted to."
"Heatly, you uald thit ."'
"Hully for you' we'll win out yet.
Now get up and dress yourself. I
want you to go to the drossmuker'i
with me. I'm giving a. dinner next
week, and I'm gjlng to have a new
gown, and so aru you."
"Oh, -how 1 am bossed! ' I monned
ns I crawled out of bed and Into thu
I dressed hurrUdly, then we had
bite of luncheon before we Marted
ISIslo piloted me Into a fashionable
hop on Fifth nvenue. Sent for the
manager and said:
"I have brought you a new custo
men. Study her good points will
you, and design a dlnnr dress for
her. It Is to bn a small affair, but
she must look her best."
"Ph shall'" he declared, then
motioned us to follow him.
"I see where 1 am led into all
sorts of cMnvngnnces," I whispered
to Klsle
"Has Hob ever told you to bo eco
nomical''' "No he alwavs has been most
generous. He often tells me to buy
wh.ncvrr 1 need or want."
"This is tho time we'll do it!" She
returned, ns a model entered draped
In an exqulslto dlnnorfdrsss.
Tomorrow Ulne Fcathnrs Make
Pine lllrds.
ntislncks nnd Human Ilclngs.
One of tho greatest assets to nny
business man. whether cniployer or
employe la rourtesy. It Is often the
most expensive thing In the world to
o Into the market nnd buy, but thu
cheapest thing to produce right on
the' premises one's self.
T -a- t, . . L .. ...
")" "uu wus n-; rr- a woman tnis,
mornln' while he wui holdln' her'
husband f keep hhi ltom shootln'l
her "I have f drlvo fast f keep girls'
from cllmbln' In rry ci i " said Telli
Dlnkley. when ho wus nrresla.l foe1
Rtndl!. . 1
lA'ft handed Hrctiiiimentlutlous.
Hetoro hiring a man on the
strength of hts letters of recom
mendation, It Is well to remember
that there Is many a man to whom
ono might give, a strong testimonial
In order to get rid of htm. The Na
tion's Business.
Among nirtls.
In a great whitc-oak tree slowly
dying of ngc nnd neglect nnd of
fer.nt itn decaying limbs as a refuge
for the llttlo flock of the forest thero
lived a woodpecker nnd nn owl. Tho
owl had n night Job nnd wob a very
quiet neighbor.
Thn woodpecker worked during
the day, drllllnc a dead limb for
bugs nnd worms. Ho was very par
ticular about his appearance and
oven while working wore a whlto
waistcoat and a brilliant red cap
He wan not a shirker, however. His
tools were kept In perfect order and
he was a remarkably fast and ef
ficient workman, fully deserving tho
good fortune that fell to his lot.
One morning a wandering Jay
came to the white oak and asked
for a Job.
"Can you drill holes? naked tho
"I havo never tried." replied the
Jay: "but I could learn."
"I'll try ou," the woodpecker
said. "This Is my limb. You may
begin work nt once, nnd your pay
Mill lie onc-hnlf of all tho bugs and
worms you dig out." .
, Tho Jay set to work and m.irlo
good. Ills bill was not made for
drilling, but the wood was soft and
the work light.
The woodpecker sat on another
limb and watched the Jay's labors,
and his neck muscles gerw soft as
his waistline expanded. Idleness
gave him opportunity of employing
a young robin to preen his foathera
when the Jay disappeared.
The woodpecker was dnimfounded
"What Is the world coming to?"
ha demanded. "Here It Is time for
dinner nnd not ,i servant on the
place. I,ook at that fat bug crawl
ing 'under the bark. My, my'
flight there before my eyes and not
a soul to -fetch It to me. This
country Is going to the dogs."
Thus ho grumbled until evening,
when hunger got the better of plquo
and Impelled him to set about get
ting hln rwn supper. Ho drilled with
his old-ttme vigor and soon ap
peased his appotlte, but the unac
customed labor tired his neck and
magnified his grievance.
"The idea." he said, "of a person
of my quality having thin sort of
work to do. I can do it as well ns
another In case of emergency but,
great guns, how It strains my neck!"
Tho owl had emerged from his
bedroom and waa stretching his
wings to generate a little energy be
fore going to his work. Ho heard
tho woodpecker's plaint and
"My dear young friend," he said,
"straining your neck is good for
your soul. Heforo you became a
victim of foolish notions and that
Important feeling your neck Was
tougher than a steel spring Loafing
has weakened your thews ub wJcll
as your wit. Letting George do It
has robbed you of half your man
hood. If tho Jay hadn't quit you
would soon have become too soft
and lazy to swallowTyour own din
ner, and that is ono, Job subordinates
can't handle. The woodpeckers,"
ho concluded, "will peter out soon
after they forget how to peck
wood " Itobert Qulllon, In Saturday
nvenlng Post.
a noon conie
i, O Is that
Me and Puds SImklns and Mary
Watklns was setting on Mary Wat
klnsra frunt steps tawklng and
urgcwlng, and Mary Watklns scd ! n
thawt blue was tho prlttlcst cour
nnd Puds.scd he thawt pink was, nnd
Mary Wntklns sed. O Puds SImklns
youra tho gratest conterdlcter I
ever met. 7
Sowndlng like a compliment? nd
I sed, O, If vou think he knowif Jiow
to conterdlct. you nwt to heer n.
wen I get started, there alnt en--thine
I cant conterdlct about.
Making Puds Blmklnt, pelllss. and
he Red. Wv nlrrt thero. the tloos)
I thero 4lnt, If 1 say 2 and 2 makes I
you cant conterdlct that, ran you
Ccrteny I can, 2 baskets of ap
ples and 2 baskets of apples ctnteny
makes more than 4 apples, dont the),
holey smokes, it they dont they must
be pruty nam smait nnruus, i eta
nee nee. sen siarv wa Kins tat
ring. Proving it was a
diction, and Tuds sed.
well I dldent says 2 baikltB of ap
ples nnd - basklU of apples, I Jest
ted 2 and 2.
2 and 2 waf I sed. and Puds Bed,
.Test 2 end 2. 2 nntl 2 nuthlngs. and I
sed. Well 2 nuthlng and 2 nuthnl?
make nuthlng, they dont make 4. all
the nuthlngs In the world wouldcnt
mako 4, dont you know that"
Ccrteny, I know that, who tha
hock tin otl think you nre? sed
Puds, und I sed. Who the heck du
you think you arc'
Im more than you, all rite, Would
lick 2 of you, ted Puds, nnd I r,ed,
Aw go on, yon cant even take a con--rrdlctlon
wltho-it ge'tln mad, and
Puds fed, O Is that bo' and 1 sed,
Yes thuts si, and he sed. O Is thit
so? and I sed. It certeny Is. nnd ha
eed, Do you wunt a flte, it you wunt
a fito Jest say wi
Hoys, Im going rite In, youre get
ting dredfllly ruff. sd Mnry Wat
kins. And sho quick got up and wet
in the house le-svlng me and Pudi
setting out there looking mad a
each other, and we kpr on setting
there blaming it on each other anl
waiting to see if she would come out
ugen Wlch sho dldent so wa went
Alton Living It Down.
Have you passed through the city
of Alton lately? If so, you have, of
course, noticed tho Harding and Ccx
Pictures in the windows of tha
homes along the National pike. It
not. It Is well worth the trip.
Four years ago, Alton was the
scene of one of tho most bitter par
tisan fights ever staged in tins sec;
the lead.
If a republican entered the vil
lage, nnd mentioned tho fact ntn' ho
was ngalnst President Wilson filr re
election, tho man usually U( tho
place In a hurry. Alton was a dem
ocratic stronghold.
This year the times have changed.
Though several pictures of Gov. Cox
are In evidence, n glance at tho
north side of the street changes tho
line-up. Harding pictures are lead
ing the Held this year, and with a
good margin..
Alton believes in advertising.
London (Ohio)' Press.
j ' "
"All Ports In Oregon.
In n straw vote taken Sunday on
nn S. P. train. Harding received 111
Cox 61 and Debs 12. An this was
published In the Jolnal, It is not
likely that It was prejudicial In
f.ivor At Mr. llnrdlnir. The dis
crepancy hetween Harding and Cox
is only wna: migni dp expected, in.,
. .. , T
resppctanie proniomon eiuib Kit'
Oregon, but what Intrigues pita's'
tentlon Is tho 12 votes for Mr Jjcbs.
Are there that many fools and near
traltors In Oregon to be found on
one train? Corvallls (.Ore.) Gazette-Times.
Mass Production In Monpy-llnl.'lns
Since then, however, monoy-rals-Ing
driven for millions have multi
plied, until every city, town and
even country crossroads has had Its
campaigns for war funds, charities,
churches, educational Institutions,
roller worl, social projects and other
causes Tho hllllon-dollar steel
trust was a world mnrvel of high
finance twentj years ago. Hut too
drive is highest finance.
It is estimated that tho aggregate
amout of money raised for innumer
able causes the past year would
comfortably float the steel corpora
tion of 1900, tor It exceeds U.000,
000,000, as nearly an figures can bA
lucuraa, nntl msyoo runs to si)U,
000,000. Saturday evanlng post
If, an they say, Senator Harding t'
a man of the MeKlnley typo, tho
country ought to congratulate Itself
on the opportunity this candidacy
nfferds It. "Ho was," says Ellhu
Ttoot In speaking of McKluley
"more thoughtful of duties than any
other man I over knew. Soma men
assert their authority an president
and made people uncomfortable In
their presence. McKlnley was noi
so, but always conslderatn of the
rights and feelings of others."
Palouse (Wash ) Hepubllcan.
One With Wilson,
"Tia firs! flnlv nt Mia new irimln.
Istratton will bo ratification J,if tho
treoiy, sain itovernor i ox in His nc
rentanre nneei h. Yes. Pennine Una
ding has promised to get the peace
treaty out of tho way as sodn as he
takes office.
WhV;n tho American voters record
their verdict next Novembor.
Brother Cox can continue to bo "one
with 'Wilson" to the end of tha chap
ter, ana can accompany woodrow It
ms retirement, ai, wioua (Uinr4

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