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VOL. XIV, NO. 340
Abstinence Pledge Re
carding Invasion Ac
cepted With Relief.
p0lcs Fear Results of Stop
' nine Their Drive; U. S.
Attitude Lenient.
gtate Department Will With
hold Text; Gratification
Exprcsesd by Poles.
LONDON, Sept. 1. Thb repulse
of I'oliOi Mttnckt nil nlong the lino
reported In the Russian Mulct
tYTIetnl statement of Tuesday, re-
i !..... imiiiv iv wireless.
JSt The Aaanrlalnl rreet.
VaSIIiNGTON. Sept. 1. Kntlro
wtWactlon was oxprcracd today by
stato departmont officials with the
lotmal reply of the Polish govcrn
ment to tho American noto request
Ins a Polish declaration to abstain
from transgression of Rutxtian tcrrl
'tory, Poland a understood to havo re
plied that strategic operations must
jovern ths halting of her nrmlcs In
tK.ir nurxiilt n f the bolshovlkt at tho
irontlcr I'no of Poland, tentatively
fixed by tho supremo council. Sug
gestion had been maao uy me Amur
lean government In Its noto tnat
Poland mako clear that her Inten
tions toward Russia wore not lm
perlllitlc and that her armies should
not advance beyond tho onthno
graphle lino laid down by tho su
preme council.
Notes Secret.
Announcement was mado at the
elate department lato today thnt tho
American and Polish notcu would be
mado puh'lc at once, but thla plan
was cancelled later, tho reason not
tclng given.
The first portion of the reply con
clits of an expression of gratitude
of the Polish government at tho at
titude aswmed by tho United States
In the American noto to the Italian
ambassador on tho Husso-Pollsh
iltuatlon. Tho second portion, which
a memorandum addressed to
Prince Luhornlrskl, Polish minister
here and which also w.ib delivered
to the state department, serves as
me specific reply of the Polish gov
eminent to tho American note.
Hunt to Press Offensive.
While ir.ristlng that tho Polish
tovernmcnt Is in entlro accord with
the United States In tho contenion
that Russian territory should be
reeoecte.1, 'ho noto ilecl.-irej Poland
U forced to consider tho erlous con
iiuenr!ca likely to ensuo from tho
ibwdonmeni of the present offen
sive again the bolshevik! upon a
tod line without satisfactory guar
antees. Officials of tho staTo department
uye described tho postlon of tho
Inlted Siatctt toward tho Polish ad
vance as "midway between that of
Irance and Great Hrltaln."
The poiluon of (Ireat Britain is
understood to bo that tho Polish
armies phould Immediately halt upon
loo frontier lino now reached, while
irance has contended that the arm
ies should advance until a strategic
Point beyond tho lino was attained.
t Is believed the Unltod States now
es tho position that tho Polish
micB may continue to press tholr
attacks upon u,0 bolshevlkl even If
uie froniier lino should bo cni.V-d,
J l0"E assurances are forthcom
nlf. I,olam1' intentions toward
.Vi!f art not imperlllstlc and her
pies wculd bo withdrawn later to
"lrU ., v,hen n" ''anger from a
htvilu offentlvo has passed.
"' "vcrptmerctl duller.
JW' Toxa8' Sent- ! A
kT;.nf """ and officers In
of tiJ B lh,a BeeU ""lay In search
lall i, n.who overpowerod tho
from ,5' ' lnst nl'ht an 'reaped
"tr, tV?Vnt' M- Th fugitives
IVhfi ?,"!?. nn folony entrges.
tru!tv ?,n) ,Aannpn, Jailer, and a
a tiMcn ,0.ck,?1 ,h0 ccl, la8t 'eht
In thi, ," , ""."'nfoctant was thrown
Mtodin- i ,er facc temporarily
Wen , efihli"1- .Th trmty Pwnlod
J hVfc J"".18,0""" 'rom escaping
-i-iUfllng brlpkn at them.
ler wav n' PT bo '"vented a
throuch ?C t0 md a Position than
'lnmni vmt.V8,0 of tlle classified
lit wavU.0UT 1T' Meantime tho
I, ' ,ay Ib 11 Pretty good woy.
UtiifiSl lln? w,,lch theV "ei-vo tho
EEnvicE, rondcr TUB BR8T
roUEh',Uaned1 wlth your cy
l"rsom rer n'r and Invcstlgat
Call Ot?ea.l8Ult0 nni renting ads.
ufitte'r! t0dar and aBk t0r
Colby May Act
for MacSwiney,
He Tells Walsh
WASHINGTON, Sept. 1. Frank
P. Wulah, chatman of tho Ameri
can cnmmlsx'.on for Irish Inde
pendence, after a conforenco to
day with Secrctnry Colby, an
nouert that Mr. Colby had pro
mlsed "to endeavor to do some
thin and do it nulcltly" In behalf
of Tcrenco MucSwlney, lord mnyor
of Cork, now on a hunger strlck
In Brixton Jail London.
Mr. Walsh sold ho asked tho
secretary to Intervene cither of
ficially or personally with Premier
Lloyd George to savo MacSwiney,
who, ho said would dlo within Vi
hours. Ho mado a similar reuuest
of President Wilson in a letter left
ut tho whlto house.
Secretary Colby later said he
had tho plea under consideration.
WASHINGTON, Sept 1. "The
most effective boycott .in history
will be wagod ngalnst English
trade In Amurlca" If Kngland per
mits Lord Mayor MacSwiney to die
anccordlng to a cablegram sent Miss
Muriel MacSwiney by Mrs. Gert
rude Corliss, leader of women
pickets In tho Irish cause..
Final Arrangement Gives
Harding Speakers Two
Dates in State.
Okmulgee Had Also Request
ed Visit From Party on
Tour; Here Sept. 8.
Col. Thcodoro Itooscvelt Jr., and
nnvmnnil Tfnhln vAW tint ntinPfL-
at but two points In Oklahoma
vmita ana xuisa.
Itinerary Infloxlblo.
Thin was finally determined yes
n,ln. .MrtV.ttlY VtmiP4 fit f M) fl
alert use of the telegraph wires by
rtntn tifviriniiirtArn nt Oklfthofno.
City, when Stato Chairman Harris,
in Uhlcago, wirca J. r. rtppieuy,
secretary of tho sl.ato committee
n. niin t.,vin nuv tViar It WAS
tittnpltf Imnn.nlhln tn irrntlt th'ft manv
renucsts irom various pans 01 mc
state for a jioof.ovou speecn, as me
Itinerary or. tno parry nan neon mauu
up days ago and was inflexible.
Ilnrf thla rtrrlslnn hnth Okmul-
eco and Muskogee arc denied their
Wish. Tho liooseven party rencnes
TnlPn nKiit n'rnrlr nn tho aftflr-
nnnn nf KpntAmhrir s. find win loave
over tho Santa ro tor wicnua ai
10.25 tho same evening after spcaK
lng In Convention hall.
Wire Flashes
vt. itnnxnn Kitn.. Rn. 1. Damaae In
nullir county, eitlmattil l a quarter of
a mil nn do Mara, waa none By a aiorm
laat nlsht.
M'loiriKnTnM rtnt l I-iii A. Chrla
tlan. waa elven a recua arrolnlment ty
rrealilant WUaon loaay aa coiircmr d,
Intrrnal ravenua for the Klrat Dlatrlet o(
ClIICAnO. Sept. lylaaac II. Thomaa,
jinrchaalne aBent fortha northwpat reslnn
of the Pennaylvanla llnea. leapert from
the elahtli floor of the Insurance '.-
chanie nuunint nrt toaay anu . .m-i
WASHINOTON, Pert. 1. Oialrman W.
It. t'Olver 01 inc learrai nup m......
notltleit Trealiltnt Wllaon today that ha
ilia noi wiRn in- ii-iiic
appointment to the comnuaaion at tno ta
piratlon of Ma term, Fept. 25.
f,tfTiifYe t.imi. snt. 1. ratltloni
for th recall of Mayor Tain an4 lila four
...i.i. iiw rnmmliiilanera were placed
In rlrculatlon toilay. The petltona alleaa
nllgence In th cnniloct or varioua muni
cipal departments.
iimtfiTiK Thii. Snot. 1. V. M.
I.ucore, auperlntcndent of trannportatlon
of tho Southern Pacific llnea tor many
yaara arnt an otflclal of the railway ' lines
durlnc tha war rcalmeit toilay lie ta
aucoceded py o. II Caalla.
il'i iiintll riTr. Runt. !. It. V
rtrnwn of Iilabel haa been appointed aa-
alitant aM'retary oi tne aiaij m.ra.i
mlaalon, It waa announcul today, auo.
cenllnie Calvin McKee, who rwlaned K
enter builneaa for hlmaelf.
B.nt.i..nnr III . Pent. 1. Klra of on
known orlftn early today deatroyed two
buslnMS hulldlnea and Imuae at Hol
landale. Wla., near hera. The flra waa
auhdurd attfr a aK-hnnr fllillt. Tha loaa
la eatimateii at jvu.vv.
NKW TOnK. Pept 1. Attired In a roba
of crimson and wreen. Marcifa Oarjrey. an
editor, took oath aa "president of tho pro
poaed republlo of Africa" This ceremony
ln.t.,1 th. convention of tha Universal
Nearo Improvement association.
LONDON, Sept- 1- Mllady'a fondnesa
for allk stocuinsa naa c.u.n. "
ahortaca In Oreater Indon. HIIk needed
. ih.!;i.,. ,-i-miinnA wlrea. Is at a lira
mlum and rfflclala declar. It Is caused by
I ho excessve demand of women for silk
OAIA'KSTON. Texaa Sept. I. Tha
eighth death from bubonic plaaua since
the dlacovary of tha disease here early In
June, occurred this morn nr. The victim
waa a nearo. employed alonr the water
front It waa th. eleventh verltled case
of plague wnicn nas oeveivvi
Assistant From Attorney
Generals Office to
Speed Up Probe.
All Hearings Will Re Held
Behind Closed Doors; De
velopments to Be Withheld
County Attorney Says Parties
With Information Will Be
the First Examined.
With tho nrrival yesterday from
Oklahoma City of O. W. King, as
sistant attorney general and a num
ber of "evidence hunters" quick
action Is expected from tho inves
tigation which Is to bo conducted In
regard to tho lynching last Saturday
nignt by a mob of Hoy Summers
Helton, confessed slayer of Homer
Mart, taxi cab driver.
King stated emphatically that nil
Investigations of tho lynchlngs here
will bo conducted behind closed
doors, tho public wilt bo excluded
nnd developments will not bo for
Mr. King Is carrying on an Inves
tigation at tha Instigation of Gov.
J. IJ. A. Robertson, but declared
yesterday that ho expected to work
In harmony with tho grand Jury
which has been called by Judge
Owon Owen. Tho grand Jury con
venes September 13 and King says
that his investigation Is already
tinder way. "It is my present in
tentlon to conduct tno two invest!
gallons hand In hand wo can com
pare evidence and by so doing cm
cct along much fnster nnd lead more
of the guilty to Justice," ho said.
Will I)lMhargo Duty.
"Tho law says that tho death of
Hoy Bolton was murder, and that
those who took part In tho mobbing
are guilty of murder," King said
yesterday afternoon. "It Is my duty
hero to learn tho names of thoso
maklnir un the mob and to Invest!
cate tho nctlons of certain public
officials. I intend to dlschargo riy
Just as soon ns tho evldcnco gath
ered by King's Investigators war
rants, witnesses will bo haled bo
foro tho court of Inquiry and their
testimony heard, Thomas I. Mun
roe, county attorney' said yestorday.
All porsons accused of being mom
bcrs of tho mob both by the court
of Inquiry and tho grand Jury will
bo trlod In the local district court
on a. charge of murder. Munroe
said. The county attorney Intimated
that already long lists of names wero
In possession of Mr. King and that
theso parties would bo grilled Imme
diately, aeorge Moore, fourth member of
the quartet which planned the mur
der Is still missing, but both city nnd
county officials hope for his cap
ture. AH Youtlw.
It was disclosed yesterday by II.
If. Sharp, brother of Raymond
Sharp, accused of murder, that Iluy
tnonrt Is only a boy, being not qulto
IK years old. Helton was scarcely
19 nnd Moore, tho missing member
of tho murdor party was only 13.
Mrs. Harmon Is agd 0. 11. II. Shap
nrrlved yosterday from Knoxvlllo.
Tonn., to aid In tho dnfenso of, his
brother. "Raymond was never In
trouble while nt home," ho de
clared," and tho news of his present
troublo, which only reached homo a
few hours beforo I left was n great
shock to all of his folks. Ho left
a few months ago and had cor
responded regularly with his par
ents." ATler reading his brother's
confession of tho crime. Sharp, with
a decided catch 111 his volco said, "I
don't think my brother had anything
to do with this murder."
Gnu McKenzic Taken
to Fininh Sentence
Guy McKcnzIs wanted at tho state
penitentiary at McAlester for break
ing a parole granted him about a
year ago by Gov. J. II. A. Robert
son, was taken to MoAlester last
night to resume his life sentence,
after being captured lato Tuesday
night by IK-puty Sheriff John Ellis
at Sklatook.
Mary Hamlet Cleared
of Charge; Fainted
After Her Tcstfmony
Associated Press State Wire.
Mary Hamlet, charged with man
slaughter In connection with tho
death of A. L. Koca here August
ID, when the motor car she was
driving was alleged to have struck
the Roca car and caused Roca's
death, wns exonerated of blame
lnte today by Joseph K. Oouproe,
JusUce of tho peace, Miss Ham
let suffered a collapse after she
completed her testimony this af
ternoon, flcoren of person
cneerea mo uitcimdii unti rusnea
to the Judge to shake his hand,
Miss Hamlot was carried from the
room, evidently sun unconscious
Woman Reports
Assurances of
Suff Vo te Law
CHICAGO, Sept. 1. Mrs. Har
riet Tnylor Upton, vice president
of the republican national commit
tee, todiy told a conforenco of re
publican leadors from Mississippi
valley platen that she had beun ns
suicd by Secretary of Stato Colby
and Assistant Attorney Genet at
Krlereon that theru wan no way In
which the Tenncesoo legislature
could null fy 11h ratification of tho
suffrage amendment.
Tilt Information was given her,
however, "he said, beforo .the no
tion yottcrday In which tho legis
lature voted to cxpungo from Its
records Its ralltlcttlon action.
Tho conference, which will ex
tend through tomorrow was at
tended by many governors, nation
al committeemen and several re
publican '.radorw from tho cant, al
though I Li object was to discuss
tho presidential campaign In tho
Mississippi valley states only.
Tulsan Back From Trip
to East Says Cox Back
ing Is Fading.
Memorable Trip to Executive
Residence Resulted With
.Loss for Democrats.
"Harding Is dally growing In
strength, and Cox is gradually weak
ening," said Omer K. UcncdlcC who
arrived I.i Tulsa last evening on hit
wuy to San Antonio. Texas.
"Thirty days ago, before Cox paid
his memorable visit to tho whlto
house, he was a candidate that tho
republicans had to reckon with; but
when ho emerged from that 'palace
of open covenants openly arrlvod at,'
and announced that his mind rati
along with President Wlloon'g many
of his democratic adherents ran to
Kindness Against League.
"Tho business Interests of tho cant
will nevor accept tho league of na
tions, and long ago they repudiated
tile wllsun administration, and now
are determined not to accept a can
didate who offors nothing better
than u continuation of the Wilson
"This announced stnnd of Mr. Cox.
together with his attempt to becloud
tho real Issues of the campaign by I
attacking the financial policies of
tho republican committee, and hlSj
iiin.i-iunii uuinguifii. v. .ill ,uih (,
methods, havo lost him a largo fol
lowing who, soon after tho Ban Kran
clreo convention, wcro cnthusod to
accept him as the man who would
lead the democrats back to winlty.
Change, Sought.
"On tho other hand, Senato'r
Harding, by his consorvatlvo and
conHtrurtlvo policies, nnd his digni
fied manner of standing for a gon
ulness of principle has milled great
ly to lila strength. Tho business Inter
ests of Iho east am for a change In
government policies, and Cox offers
"The financial situation In the
east, particularly Now York city, aro
very bad. There aro two causes
which largely contrbuto to this con
dition tho tax question and tho lack
IlurleMm Orders Itrmuwtl of ICIotcii
Clerks In Chlrngo Officii I'nr
Alleged Mnndcroiift Tnlk.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 1. Post
master General Rurloeon today or
dered tho removal of eleven clerks
In tho Chicago postnlflco for "soli
citing or causing to bo solicited"
sums of money from the public,
and for publishing or causing to he
published falan nnd slanderous
statements relatlvo to tho postal
Tho clerks, whoso removal was
ordered by tho postinastsr general,
are: Plerco E. Ilutler. Krcd Ander
son, Solomon A. Cohen, John J.
Stewart. Harold Hoffman, Jay J.
Adams. Frederick C. Albrecht, John
J. llyrnc, Thomas J. Drury, I,co E.
George, and Frank It. Halas.
Evldutiif obtained by post office
inspectors, Mr. Hurloson said showed
that the Chicago post of flee clerks'
union attempted to solicit contribu
tions of 1 1 00 each from a number
of business men "who wero patrons
of the Chicago postofflce."
Tubulin Pay IVeti.
Aisorlated Press Ktste Wire.
OKLAHOMA CITY, Sept. 1. Ftvj
amounting to $18,000 wero paid to
tho office of tho secretary of Btato
today by tho Tidal Oil company nnd
tho Tidal Gasoline company of Tulsa
for Increases In capitalization al
lowed. Frank Haskell Is president
of each company.
KaJ the Harmony Way, hatter, bigger
than ever, under Woolworth'a. Advt.
Will Represent Governor
in Hearing at Chicago
Nominee, Moore and Senator
I'omereno Decide to Send
"Proof" to Committee.
Prc-Convcntion Manager Sees
Another Collection for G.
O. P.; "To Find It."
Cox Talking of Plan
Never Adopted Upham
CHICAGO, Sept 1 I'rcd W.
I'pham. treasurer of thu repub
lican national commlttco. Issued n
statement tonight In which ho
declared thnt when Governor Cox
"charged tho republicans wero
seeking subscriptions of $5,000 to
110,0(10 and quoted a document
marked 'Korm 101' ns his proof,
ho was speaking of a plan which
was never adopted,
"Form 101" culled for such a
plan, but was 'never ratified or
put Into uno and was expressly
vetoed," according to tho state
ment. Tho records In my office," snld
Mr. Upham's stutomcnt, "show
conclusively that tho statement of
Governor Cox with reference to
plans for increasing tho limit of
contributions is based upon a. sug
gested 'plan which never was put
Into operation, Tho facts aro
simple and I have records to back
them up. ,lu no I I of this year,
Harry M. Rlalr of my office pro
parod n tentatlvo campaign fund
plan which proposed abandon
ment of the plan previously
adopted by tho national commit
teo to try to keep tho limit of
contributions down to (1,000.
This was In a documenwform 101
which Mr. Rlalr prepared and
which provided thnt Individual
subscVlptlons of IB. 000 and $10,
000 be taken. Suggestions wero
mndo In this tentatlvo plan defi
nitely for city quoins. It not
only was not adopted, but wan
hardly considered.
COLUMIira, Ohio, Sept. 1. R. II.
Monro of Youngsttwn, Ohio, pro-
convention manager for Governor
Cox will leave for Chicago tonight as
the porsonal representative of the
democratic presidential nominee to
be ready to pretent to tho soimto
sub-commlttco Investigating cam
paign expenditures data In support
t the governor's charges that tho
republican commlttco Is collecting
n campaign fund of $15,000,000.
Hold CnuffM-mc
This announcement won mado to
night by both Mr. .Mooro nnd Gov
ernor Cox nfter nn nil day confer
ence participated In by the nominee,
Mr. Mooro nnd Senator I'omereno,
democratic member of tho Investi
gating committee.
Whether ho testifies beforo the
committee, Mr. Moore said, is up to
the committee itself. Ho statod
that In case tho commlttco did not
seo fit to call him, tho ovldonco
which he nxpcvts to take with him
will probably find Its way beforo
tho commlttco In somo manner.
Charges Another Fund,
Commenting upon the papers
which the governor turned over to
him today and thoso which had
come to him direct, Mr. Moore, de
clared that "If Treasurer Upham Is
telling tho truth, ihero Is nn entirely
sopanito fund and wc aro going to
find It "
Mr. Mooro declared that If tho
men to be called In tho Investigation
"deny or refuse to proi.uce" evident b
whlrh he said will substantiate the
governor's charges ho will present
TL'MU, Btl 1 Msiisnra 8S. isWmiin (5;
DotUi elMl, elffcf. M ,
(ikUIIOM TliwUr end llUtr install' tiU.
AKKANKAS Tnlr J r,llT U ewwli.
KANSAS fsrtlr rWir itif ewtlul naamiM
Thunder tod I'Mdir; aut siurh cotcie In I'm
failure. 0KI.AII0M TIT. ST 1 -ComHtlon ti Oils
hrnu blfhsiri si uanuDred br tba uth-r bir!
UUr ate: tKerrtl dlill,i, from tikUannl (llf.
tut sot wife to I foltesH Nurth' Oklahoma Cltr,
my oiuiM;, Klriflitifr, muillj rwrr, mwVtr; frl
cltr. mjwr: sisrtsta, siuoar: rirssui, nvwr;
VtlOlu. Kin., lllUs routs, tinrvm. Kin., filf.
NrV)USt: rUpulps, (noi; flotlsnt, fair; MUml,
trot Eut; Chtlh, lirrllent, Totestj, but
d-irtr: rurt mltli, Are., fsl' sonth.srt: Salter",
rMjl HoMwnllle, onli MeAltlter. foiui'lr; Wliter.
Iim1; JIiii. mudJr. 141x1, mudi!. fbAith, rmli
VSlLf, BlUVir, I'UIKIS. rfluai-7. lll.unti, nrai,
rwih li ptirn; VYsurlki, r.lr. Xrn. imri Smith
swt' (hlrtiihi, nuditt, All'f, fair; Ustot, dir.
illiWIr rmirii; rreikelrk, fur Weil. Bl IHi"
K'uld. Itrlsn't, rnvvfy Clinton fair siu4tr It
pUn rHk Cltr, nurVtr SenhvM Kllld miMl.
Alii mutf;, rt,", miMr i'Ht (nr. Kan.
rssir! letil rnli.
Uou' dub luubeoo, I. W. C, a. eifetarta, 12.13,
Alabama Coal Strike Called;
More Mine Trouble Threatens
L. 1iwls, president of tho United
Minn Workers of America, late, to
day Issued nn order for a gonornl
strike In tho bituminous coal fields
In Alabama. Tho order followed n
report mndo by tho organization
committee of tho International exocu-
tlvo board.
Tho report declared tho coal op
erators had failed to put Inln effort
tho award of President Wilson's coal
commission of last March. It said
tho miners wore working for wages
far less than thoso specified by tho
commission anil deul.ired every at
tempt to arrange n eonferenco with
thu coal opuratois of Alabama had
Ht'M.Tnw. !.. Bent. 1 The
scalo commttteo of tho United Mine
Workers1 of America, representing
tho three hard coal districts, lato
today ugreed lo accept tho nwnrd of
tho anthracite coal commission
under protest and follow this up
with Iho tiresetilaUon of now do-
,rt... mlnAm1 rrirnmlttee, will meet
the representatives of tho operators
In Scruntou lomoriow in pursuant!
of a call Issued by Secretary of 1m
bar Wilson for tho purposo of writ-
Is for Adjustment Toward
Better Conditions lor
U. S. Shipping.
Can Promoto American Mer
chant Marino Only by
Recognizing Requirements
MAniON, Ohio, Sept- . Com
menting totiny on uio prupimuu u. le
gation of various commercial treat
ies, under n provision of tho whip
ping net, Honutor Harding dcclarod
his bollof that "somo adjustment" In
favor of American bottoms must bo
mado If tho present requirements
on tho trade nre to bs enforced,
l'liiom V. H. Ships
"I am not prepared to dlncuss the
effect of tho shipping bill on existing
......!,.! -Mtni, anld flin rnnullk
uuiumiii,''ii ......., .......
Mean nominee when hw attention
...... ,.!l...l m ! unlilnrt. "The bill
was enacted while I was Involvod In
tho pra-ronvoiillon campaign, i
..,.! r,, , v, timnfiiii-A. 1 never ro-
shrted the policy of favoring Amer
ican battoms and it is my oivt juuku-
..... !.,. Iim nnlv WIIV WA Mil AVer
iiiuii. ..... ..
ell.. nm.,,!,i nn Atnnrtriin Inernll-
ant marine Is to tako cognizance
of the specific requirements of our
snipping which cnmpoiins; nun"""
do not require, and adjust ourselves
to that cltuntlnn in favoring contracts
for the tr.insmlnslon of mailrt and
other public business."
"tr tlm r.i. 1,'ollrittn seamen's bill
r.nMuim. i lin e,itiRetenr.n of Amnr-
tco as I think It does, and wo Impose
uniminl exnoimetns no our inoruwia
timi-liin wn rJtnniS Illtikn OXACtlOnS
on our merchant marine without
some ndlustmunt to meet tno situa
tion." Tho lonator referred to tho sub
sidles granted by othur nations to
their shipping Intorents and mid he
hnd boo told by an eminent ship
ping nuhrrlty thut competition In
foreign commerce would be Impoei.
hlble for American ship concerns un
less they, too, wero glvon substantial
National Hoard of Ifyrm Orgnnlwi
Hons ect.l for Thrco Day Session
In Chicago to Dlwtiss 1'nrmlng.
COLUMRUS, Ohio, Sept. 1. For
mation of a gigantic wlieat pool In
tho United Btateet. whoroby the farm
ers will virtually control marketing
and welling tho grain, is ono of tno
more important subjects to bo
planned hero by farmers1 who are
hero attending a three-day session of
tho national board of farm organiza
tions. More than 1C0 farmers, represent
ing, It was said, practically evory ag
ricultural stato In tho union, are In
Tho bord of farm organizations
now control!) 1.000 grain elovators In
tho country and does a yearly co
operative farm business of $2,000,000,
according 'o officials.
Wrangcl Is Retreating
for Lack of Artillery
(Uy the A. P.) The retreat of Gen
eral Warangel, head of tho southern
nnlt-'bolshevlk forces along the
Dnieper, Is explained hero by hit
luck of heavy rtritllery. The soviet
troops time reached Novo Alcxltsvku
nnl cm the rullway, threatening his
communications with Taurlda province,
Ing tho terms of tho award Into a
two-year contrnct.
Whether the operators am witling
to sign the contract In tho fnea of
the l.trgn suspension of mining as a
protest against tho terms of the
award, was not known hero tonight.
Three hundred delegates represent
ing OS locals of District 1, United
Minn Workers of America, In con
vention hero today, voted to 'tako a
vacation until the coal companies
acceded to tho dnmnnts for In
creased wages and better working
conditions, ns framed In the mi
nority roport of Nealn J. Ferry, tho
mlnnrn representative on the an
thracite, wage commission."
KANSAS CITY, Dept. 1. Granting
of a demand for jl.Ci) a day Increosn
today men In coal mines of thu
southwest wnn rncommniidrd late to
day by n subcommittee of miners
and operators conferring hero over
new wage demands. Tho subcom
mittee Is still ooiislderlng other de
mands, It wan niiuoiinrod tonight.
AoUon on tho recommendation la now
up to a general commlttoo,
Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and
Arkansas aro affected by the nego
City May Demand "Show
down" From Company
at Next Session.
Parkor-Washlngton Company
Is Rooked to for Explnnn'
tion on Delayed Contracts.
A "show down" on tho paving
rltUAtlon In Tulsa will prebnbly bo
had at the meeting of tho city com
mlsulon Friday morning. (Officials
of tho Porker-Washington Paving
company, which lias tho bulk of
tho unfinished paving contracts In
tho city, havo been mnnmonod to
uppear beforo tha city commls
slonors at that tluio to make answer
to tho churgn of many residents that
they luive neglectod to perform tholr
legal contracts.
Paving district number 231 which
tl eludes TrooHt and I'tlca stiuets
from 15th street south to lluena
Vista hat bum selected ns a test
district and an effort wilt be made
to find out whether the paving
company or the city authorities aro
supremo In tha matter of paving
tho streets.
May Get Action
This action was taken at iho city
commissioners meeting Tuesday
morning. If tho olty commission
can force tho paving oommlbslnn to
start work In district number 231 It
la likely thut other work under con
tract will then bo started very
Paving districts numbers 229, 230
nnd til wero originally let to tho
Parker-Washington company about
tho tlmo tho United States entered
tho World war, at the prlco prevail
ling at that time. Matorial nnd
labor advanced so high tho paving
company could not do tho work at
tho contract prlco. Residents at
tho districts affected agreed to cun
eel that contract nnd relet them at
a higher figure and asked tha pav
ing company to dottlguatu a price ut
which thoy could do tho work. Tho ,
paving company sot ino price in
12.87 per yard nnd tho work was
rcndvortlsed and relet. Tho seond
oontract was signed In August, 1013,
calling for completion of tho work
cofmNUKD on i-Aon kimit
Unmasked Men Rob
Rank in Daylight
Associate,! frees Hlate Wire. I
FORT SMITH. Ark.. Sept. 1 Five '
young men, armed hut unmasked
robbei tho Sulphur Springs bank at i
Sulphur Springs, llvulou county, Ar
kansas, of $2,7ti0 In currency, and
sllvor at 3.30 o'clock this afternoon.
I'. O. Whnley, ciishlor of the bank,
told a morning newspaper hero to
night over tho long distance tele
phone!. Tho cjuthlur said that at his
request no bnndH were taken by the
bandlUt, though ihey were In tho
samu vault, with the money.
Con verted Moonshiners
Rring Stills lo Altar
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Sept. 1.-
A revival ut Straight Fork church
In Scott county has resulted in at
least four moonshiners giving up
tho manufacture of "while light
ning." Four stills wero found In
the church yesterday, left there by
their owners with n note addressed
to "Ilrothcr Moonshiners. ' urging
them to "follow our example tai k
arms, deliver up your stills and
i serve Qod." I
Carries No Testimony on
u. O. r. Fund to Senate
Cox Told Chairman Ho Had
All Dopo nnd Was Sure;
Whlto Waa Satisfied.
White Reticent When Asked if
Ho Thinks Evldcnco Should
Bo Given Committee.
Senate Investigators
Go to Pittsburgh Next
CHICAGO, HepL 1. Senators
Kenyon and ndgn announcod to
night that the committee planned
to complete Its work hero tomor
row and adjourn to reams (astern
olty, pofislbly Pittsburgh. There
was no significance In the faci
that Pltrburgh, whbro Governor
Cox delivered his speech charging
tho republicans wore seeking to
raise n I1C, 000,000 fund, was pro
posed, they snld.
CHICAGO, Sept. 1. George White
chairman of the democratic national
committee said on tho stand today
before tho sonnta committee lnves.
tlgatlng expenditures, that he had
no evidence to sustain any one of
tho charges mndo by Govornor Cox,
his" pnrty'a presidential nominee, as
to republican campaign funds and
quotas or tho alleged deslro of con
tributors "to h.ivn back of thorn In
Industrial centers tho bayonets of
their puppets In office."
lie told tho chairman that he be
lieved tho charges wore truo because
ho had confidence In Govornor Cox,
hut ho had not discussed them In do
tal! with the nominee and brought
nothlnrr from Mm In nM m ,n.M-
mltteo In sifting thorn.
Confident of Cox.
"1 talked with Governor Cox last
Sunday for a few minutes," said Mr.
Whlto. "I asked him; "Aro you suro
of your ground?" He said ho was
and I told him: You aro tho boss
and you run It. "
Whlto, recently elected chairman
of tho democratic organization and
Wilbur Marsh, Its treasurer, both
hnnlreit llielp i.jinilli1nln'a a.urllAH
and In addition Mr, Marsh produced
pnoioErapnio copies or tno sunecrlp-
tlnil lint to n rnnnMI.ni l.nilf ..!.-
IIbIioiI by Wlltlnm llarnew of Iho AI-
iiony, im. l., livening Journal, which,
ho said, )udlcatod n violation of tho
federal statutes fnrhl,1,ll nn nnllttrx.!
subscriptions by corporations.
Mr. March told Senator Konyon,
chairman of tho Investigating com-
miiteo mat tno original lists "wero
either In tho hands of Governor Cox
of tho department of Justlco," asked
why they had not been turned over
at onco to tho attorney general's 'of-
inn as n, oasis lor possiuio prosecu
tions, ho replied,
"Wo COIlsliternrl thm nn ....I.
lent conp.ilgn document. Resides we
navo nan tnem only about two
"Well," Mid Senator KrJnyon, "If
any Of the slrnern nr theen 1U I,.,.,..
violated thu law, they ought to be
Fmornble Progress llelng Mndo In
Informal Discussions of Tlio
liiiiiijgnitlnu Question.
WASHINGTON. Sept, 1. Press
n porta from Toklo via Honolulu
that uu agrccimut had been reached
hero on the Japanese Immigration
question apparently are prematura
Officials at tho iituto department
said today that discussions between
Secretary Colby and Ambassador
Shlduhnra of Japan had not passod
tho stage of informal conversations
for the purpose of reaching an
agreement on principle, although
Mr. Colby last week Indicated ho
regarded the progrtsts made as fav
orable. Ways and means to make
suh an agreement effective will
have to bo worked out after It has
been rcachod, officials said.
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