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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, September 09, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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"Til'Pii tiri v a i' i: ii "
Daily Iliblical Quolalon
In little wrnth I liiil inv Care from thn for
a moment. tn' wi'li vi liiBlmn kindness will I
havo merry on thee Inn M X.
Onil of myllfc, how good, how wine
Tliy Judgments In my nnul have boon;
How different now iliy ways appear,
Th painful remedies of nln;
Thoy wr lint mercies In disguise,
Mont mnrrlful whop mm never.
I will my iintu (lixl, Do tint condemn inn;
show mo wherefore thou cnnlondmt with me.
Job, 10:2.
Things nro never nn ImcJ na tliry reem lull
mo m o U m P9 Ihny nro nllunnt.
Wo nrn (xin'rlltifc n Kiilinrnnlnrlnl Bltitmiient
any ilay now iinMiik tlm pcopln tn forK't nlioiit
Din lynchliiRri.
Wo hrtil illiilertooil nil nloiiK tlmt Onv. Cox
favored rolleotlve lnirKilnlnr, but from tlm way
lio'n ynlllnK nhnut tho repuhlleiin onmpulKn
Tumi lic'n bitterly oppoBfil tn It.
Travelern my tlm rlo In l'uUman niten linn
hnt ft wnmlrrful effect In mnkliiK tho Pullmnri'ii
morn romfortnlile. A lot of peoplo hnvo born
driven to tho old dny conrh and n lot more
driven off the trnlnn nil together.
Mil. fiOMIT.US A NO IiMHlll
Thn American Kedorntlon of Itbor, Jnnthor
non-pnlltlcnl orfinnlntlim, In nlno tiring of thn
rcnlralntn put upon It by tin foundern. It necks
to outer the pnlltlonl nrcnu. It would lm moro
ft ecu rate to nny tlmt lis tiltrn-pnlltlenl lender,
Mr. Oompern. la tlrlim of thn rentrnlnl, Junt mi
It la thn ultra-political le.idern of other ortiin
luitlnnn tlmt ndvliin them to plutiRn no thn pel
lucid nml attractive waters of political activity
wherein thoy profem to neo murh (jond for the
organization but In reality nro only neduced by
n reflection of their own ambitions.
Mr. CJompor wnntn hhf orirnnlr.atlon to Ret
Into politic, but lm in enreful to dcnlgnatn dem
ocrntlo polltlcH. Thcro U nothliiB Htrango In
thin. Mr. rtompcrw linn nhvayn been n demo
crat of moat prnnotinred type. Kor a (irent
many yearn now hu hnn n whnt ho connldered
tho piycholofilenl moment udvlned "labor" to
votn tho democratic ticket.
There nro added reasons for hln advocacy of
tho democratic cnuno thin year. Mr. Oompern
11 an Kncllshmnn bred nnd born. In addition
to that very Htthwtnutlal roanon. he hu a nnn
MttlnK In n high place under tho Wilson admin
istration. And In nddltlon lo that, hn wan him
'lf one of tho Wllnon ndvlnem nt Ver.iallten,
wrote the labor provision In the covenant, tho
most Inbiultlonn proposal nKalnst Amerlonn labor
ever conceived, and hn been throughout the
Wilson administration an Influential member
of tho ('kitchen cabinet."
Wherefore wo say there Is morn than ample
reason for .Mr. Oompern' espousal of Wllson
Coxlstn. There murt bo for him to swallow with
a gulp the fulsome endoittemorit given Burleson
by tho Kan Kranclsco convention Hurlison,
whom Mr. Oompern denounced so scathingly
when Hurlesnn denounced flomperlsm.
Mr. Oompern' political views are not Import
ant, they are merely funny.
The ententes of tho bourbon machine that
ha;t had a half-Nelson on Oklahoma government
for a dozen yearn and recently slaughtered one
of lla most lIlUKtrioun officials nnd defamed
SU.OOO citizens who supported him. nay It Is ab
surd for the republicans to think of" carrytnn
Oklahoma thin fall.
They argue that the citizenship of tho stalo
ran bo depended on to vote democratic regard
Urn of the bourbontsm that hnn gained control
of the democratic party. They arguo that thel
IM-oplu will nover vote for their own Intermt
Which, aIiowh the contempt thn boui'bon crowd
has for the common people of tho state.
If Uio ententes noek to know why the repub
licans lru'6 hopon of redeeming Oklahoma let
Uirra to conaider tho conlgnte Incident of a few
ovnnlrti; ngrx. Flvn thousand mlneis of that dis
trict turned out to hear CongToonman Ilarreld
inako a upoech a ropubllcnn npeoch of splendid
directness, llnrrold eamo to tliem in response
to an invitation after thoy had refnsod an In
vitation to SJcott, Ferria. Ujq hourbon'B candi
date. That Is ono of tho ivrwunn Arhy repuMlQann
are hopeful. Another occurred at Ada, ono of
the ntrongholdu of tho bonrboaa, whero 700
i.u-mern drovo In lo attend a Hnrrold mooting.
They romnlned through the speech and score a
of them shook hands with the randldato and
assured him of their support.
There. -are many other "reasons" occurring
tjall tafall parU of the stato. There will ha
ii, i'n In fiio Nun mlii p :' amw Tin imi
hivlkw', "rndl'iilfi ' ' pro 'lermiins ' nnd ' dis
li'vuintn" urn not bring lienrtl from daily, hut
Hielr tribe la Inrrenslnff by lenps nnd bounds.
They don't appear lo have ureal dent of use
for "the splendid pntrlotn", wlio nbunn and de.
fame those who itnaMmn to differ with them on
ciindlilNlen nnd who while profeMina; lo hold nh
exclusive frnnehla on imtrlollsm loot a stain,
turn loose the erlmlnnls ihrotifh nmeiittVH
flemefiry nnd ly their plans craftily to put
over a Tt,4A0,nn9 road bond nteal for their own
tn fact, II heainn to appear as If there wer
morn "rdn" and "trallnrn" In Oklahoma than
"(tood" bourhon "patriots." That's why thn f
titihliennif are hoping for thn redemption at
hourbon-rtddnfi nhlahoinn.
OI'I.IA IKJAItlt oovnit.v.MK.vr
That's thn kind of Kovrrn merit v'vm bon
living under for ifr many years that we don't
like to count thnm.
la it to be wondered at that the country haa
taken to nulja-bnardlng everything? Folks have
been perplexed over the unusual demand for
those Utile giinaaern. Nothing unusual about
It. foreo of example explain It.
The enllrn government wnn run by a ouljn
I oard for l ynara thnn thn war brnk'n out
After that. Utile Haknr got one with which to
run the war department. liinlel got ono to run
the navy, and llurlmnn had n npeclal mnke to
dlwover the wherenboutn of men to whom let
tern were addrnawd. '
Hon; Island wnn located by a oulji hoard hut
It wan developed ,y "forward-looking" men,
that's whv It cost twenty times ns much n an
ticlpated and created a half -ilo.ori rnllllonalrcn.
I'nelo Hum, niilnet hli' will, used a oulja
hoard nt Vermillion whllo tho other pnrtlen to
the lninsnrtlon bellnved only whnt they saw.
llverybody known whnt happened.
Tho only pnrtlen connected with thn govern
ment who did not use the oulja bonrd during thn
war wero thn draft manlpulatorn and noxt
frlendn of the ndmlnlstratliin known n the do.
lar-u-yenr crew. They kept their eyes open all
thn time.
Too much iirnlso ennnot be bestowed upon
Henntor Harding for promptly replying tn tho
Wlckerxham statoment nor for tho manner In
which he mndn the reply.
It will bo remembered that Wlckersham, after
a conferenco with tho nominee, gave out nn In
terview wherein ho attributed purposes to tho
randldato respecting the league almost dlamet
rlcnlly npponed to whnt thn candidate himself
stated In two widely promulgated uttcr.iitcr It
U not saying too much to nseert th.it tho Wlck
ershnm Interview chilled thn public.
Tho dny following Benntor Hnrdlng Issued n
statement. Ho said:
"Oeneral Wlckersham'n statoment culls
for explanation from me. Wo do not wrlto
statements for our vUillnrn, nor censor their
words. This In not n campaign of ono mind,
nor Is there Insistence that all republicans
should think precisely os tho nominee does.
I have spoken In the speech of acceptance
nnd again on August !S. on the matter of
the leagun of natlonn nnd tho principle ut
tered In thorn- addresses will not bo altered."
Ilrnvol Nobody ran prevent tho Tnfts. tho
Hoovers, tho Wlckershnmn nnd other republl-
can league advocates from talking, but thoro Is
causo for rejoicing that tho candidate remains
unmoved by their volubility.
rouNi:ii iiAiivnv on rox
Colonel Oeorgo Harvey, the erudlto editor of
Harvey's Weekly nnd American Hovlow. makes
no grent effort to restrain hlmmdt In expressing
dlngust with tho Cox charge of campaign cor
ruption. A very munll part of whnt ho says
reads thus:
And on the strength of such figuring,
which must ni.tkf poor Slgnor l'onzl green
with envy, and on the strength of such dn
ductloiis, making Sherlock Holmes' most
funtni'tle flight of fancy seem la mo and
xtnlc. thin man venturen tn Impench the
truthtiilncHM ami to asperse the Integrity of
Nome of tho most honorable and respected
citizens of the Unltod Ktntes, and to vilify
nn corrupt tho whole majority political
party of tho nation! Morn shameless,
brnzen Inmlenro never was displayed. No
wonder that he would not go before tho
eennle Investigating committee with his
"facts." hut pleaded n "pundldnte'H privi
lege" to In- a ch.trti'red libertine of libel.
It would be Interesting to hear tho colonel free
from all restraint whatever.
Our opinion is that the farmers created nn
additional problem' for themselves when they
abandoned the horse for the Internal coin
bustlon engine. There may bo nomo farms on
which the tractor can chow n profit, hut on the
vnst majority of them It has no pl.ico unlnm
here Is power machinery. The enormous profits
tho tractor concerns nro piling up comen from
some place. Tho farmer mndo a mistake when
ho cM.ibllhed hla smokehouse In tho packing
centum He In making nnothor by establishing
his stable In tho tractor factories and his faod
bins In tho roflnery centers.
In othor wordu. Oov. Cox nnd Ills henchmen
know absolutely nothing of republican cam
paign collections hut auspect much. Therefore
they want the senate Investigating committee
to subpoena nil republicans in tho country and
try nnd discover something to Justify the inis
plelonn of the Coxites. As a "fishing trip" tho
proposal surpasses anything over beforo known
In Judicial or eeml-Judlcial circles.
An Illinois train crew Insists that they Raw a
nnow storm fiunday. Several Oklahomnns who
intended the late Chicago convention ihw worne
things that In Illinois.
A pretty Chicago woman shot a man because
ho refused to klm hor. There's one Ien pro
leaguo pacifist In the world.
"Are car ownerx too easily satisfied with thelt
tires?" Afcka a glaring advertisement- Wo have
never met that kind,.
Oklahoma Outburnln
It) (III. I.HflDII.
Oradv count In bnnsllfig about having a f"W
peaches ihc kind that glows on t r t i
Hhawnee want to bet a pair of paper rarnlvnl
dolln thai she has won fifth plnce among Okla
homa cities in 111 1920 eenaits.
Mr. Wllieon haa had thn Iwnk porrh mtnsiir-d.
Jin'a figuring on trying to turn th play once
morn In the direction of the Whit House.
There la every ronnort lo believe the rubber
market will remain strong and ntendy Itniinc
Ing hoys continue to he born in lloldetivllle
Contrary in what Itn reputation used to b
the county court houue at Ardmorn usil four
million gallons of water during thn month of
The dope sent out from New York city telling
farmrra whnt In do and how to farm their farms
recalls the old tnald who told a mother'n meet
ing how to cure twtblen of the colle.
favorite nonn tote their favor when they lose
their rhancen of winning, obirvm th Paw
tdmika Capital. The Capital probably meant to
any that fa,vorlte none lone tholr "flavor "
A nume In a local hospital calln thin eolyijm
to report that an old dlseaw with a few new
wrinkles hail developed here. Hhe calls It hny
ntmw fever. Another unusual feature of the
Ihroatned epidemic la that the vlrtlm In this
limanre a lady attache of the hospital -require
he Kttendancfi of n trnlned nurse. Ordinary hay
fever victim get along very well with n noeo
wringer and n few handkerchiefs.
"We worn considered competent to go nrross
sen nml fight our foe. and we have no time for
tlm howls nnd bellows of certain men who are
fearful that the Legion will take a hand In poli
tics." Horace Hagati to the American Legion
delegate. I.oud mid. lingering applause fiom
I.ee Daniels Of course llornee in using tho lm
personal pronoun meant thorn members who.
lacking political pull to land them In a nnfe
place, actually went ncronn the sea and exposed
themselves to (lermnn lead and steel and poison
liaromctcr of Public Opinion
AIkiuI tho ItoovteltM.
lMltor World. Vour paper and many other
republican papers tin oughout the country take
tho ntand that Franklin 1) llnosevelt wns nom
inated because of bts name, that ho In traveling
on his nnme and that he in trying to win votes
for tho democratic party by his name. At tlm
name time you nnnounrn with much nleo that
Theodore Itoosevelt, Jr., In to mako a tour of,
the country In the Interest of tepubllcnn siicccpr
It seems to me that IT anybody In traveling on
his name it In T. It., Jr. Tho only political office
ho hnn ever held, a state iiHKemblyman.thlp In
New York, he won by tho lnfluenco of tho great
tiiimo he bears,
l'ninklln ltoosovelt, on the other hand, h.an
nn nilmlrabln record lh.it ho won on Inn own
Thn fads being nn they arc, I cannot under
stand your atlltudo.
J. I. mVYBrt.
Tulna, Kept. 1.
Thn Helton Lynching.
Kdltor World: There has been quite a few
exprenHons nnd nlno n letter or two published
regarding thn Nlda murder and the Helton
hanging, so thought I would add n few linen
nnd here's hoping you will find room in your
paper for It.
Klrst I certainly will admit It wnn an awful
crime thnf Helton committed, hut hasn't ho paid
dearly for his crime, so why not null censoring
him. If wo can't nay anything good nbout the
dead don't you think It miuihIh better not to
nay anything? Hut don't you know ho had
some good trnlls. for wo nil have good and bad
nllke. Tho Hlblo says "He that Is without sin
let him cast tho first Btone." I don't see anyoito
Hut even with tho crime committed; did those
men Inking ltolton'a life lesnen the crime?
The old saying "does two wrongn mako one
right." and nren't those men law breakers Just
tho name nn Helton? And in tho eyes or dod
nren't they murders Just the name nn he? Yen.
Indeed they are, for they hnvo surely taken
something they can't possible give back.
And It has been nald more timed than once
that It would be a good lesson to tho lawless
element of Tulsa. Don't you think It wns a
real expensive lesson and why did they pick a
boy os an object lesson when thcro has been
old men and yen some of our good county and
city officers that have done Just ns bad In tho
night of man.
And do fin nt think those mob lendern
showed great bravery? Ah, I say they did,
dozens, yen hundreds of stout nble-bodled men
go after on JS-year-nld boy nnd also go with
maskn on nnd then after they had him In their
power (so the paper stated) there was one man
that had nerve enough to strike nt him nnd
nnother l.v,;' man that had quite enough nerve
nnd was man enough to walk up nnd strike
Helton in the bark with a gun. Now what do
you o.ill tlmt but real braver. I vote that ho
be awarded a hero's medal
What are the laws for If snsposed- to bo law
abiding men don't abide by them.
Solun. In your letter, jou criticized our governor
for trying to punish mob lendern Instead of
trying to eaten criminals. What b.ivo the
the county officers been elected for? I think
Hi. governor a man that wants to see the laws
up bin hands nnd nald "1 can't." I surely think
Helton needed to ho punished, but now what
nbout those other murders? Well they will
get it In the henrnfter If not.
A mother that hopes to see a cleaner and
better United Hlaten.
wo.vr, tiii: oiA.vr
(Copyright. 1920. by Rdgar A. Ottest)
'There nro no gl.anta today." said he,
"As big as the ones that use to bo."
"Oho! who told you that?" said I.
"And where did thoy go and why did they
And If they existed in olden tlmen
To frighten the people with all their crimes,
In spite of what nomohody else mav nay
I am certain the giants still live today.
"Now I happen to know of a giant here
With a mouth that stretches from ear to ear
And a terrible face and his hair's like wire
And it stands on end and It shoots out fire.
Hln particular Joy lu to mako boys bad
And their fathers nnd mothers and grand
fotks end.
The grown-ups see him, but children don't.
And the name of thin horrible man in Won't.
Thnt'n a funny name, but ti n his nil right,
And he comen by day nnd he comen by night
When you leant expect him or never should
To spoil the pom e of the neighborhood.
Why don't wo kill him? Well, that Is queer;
The grown-ups have tried It year after year.
Hut it's somothlng wo haven't the powv-r
to do;
Won't must be killed by a boy Uko you.
"You nee. it's this way: Kvcry girl and hoy
Thin terrible giant can soon destroy,
Hut men can't do It: and no today
You hnil a chance when I heard you nays
'1 won t" to your mother when she nked you
.lust to do H.im. thing .ii ought to do
Now if v m h.i.I smile, w hi n she culled, and
'Why. sure I will' you d havo k.lled him
dead "
DortT Foul.OuWA ( y-M J height,
V HARD'"" yTw ?; 'Jl ))C)iHt.SN4e
" ' yftS0'' yCv. jS& i AlTtC"!
Margcirel Garrett s
sl Husband
-- nv jane puelps
rcnomillty I'ltin.
I have not told you how Chnrlotto
Keating looked. In tho first place
she was not at all beautiful. Hho had
lovely reddish gold hair; but her
lashes nnd eyebrowi wore too light.
Her eyes wero that tawny greenish
gray wo seldom sec, not largo, but
full of expression. Her features
weru piquant but Irregular. Hho was
slim and graceful, niic about twenty-
eight yearn old. hods age.
Hut there was u something tclo
pathlc perhaps which warmed me. I
looked In tho gins f.riil Itnew mat
now I was caring for my appearance
so carefully, I was far better looking
than she. In spite of being older.
That I had as slim and graceful a
figure as sho did. I wan foolish to
glvo her no much thought. Often
boforu I hnd'seen Hob Interested in
others. Hut my bleep wnn fitful, and
It wns Impossible to banish hor from
my mind
When I nroso In tho morning It
was with added deler.iilnatlon, If
that wero possible, to win my hus
band In defanre of everything. Char
lotto Keating lncludid. I mndo by
toilet and hurled down to break
fast. When Hob enmo down I tried
to talk of the part. nut aside from
saying that lie nau tnoruiigniy en
Joyed it, he made nn comments,
l'lnally. I asked Mm.
"You had met Miss Keating bo-
"Yen, several times
"Where If I may afk?" I made
my tone on Indlffcicnt os possible,
but I noticed that Ulltalo flush
creep over hli face.
"Oh, at John's and other places!"
"Strange 1 never met her," I
mused, unthinking, thrown off my
guard for a moment by Hob'n man
ner. x
"I don't see anytnlng strange In
it; It would bo much stranger If you
had. If you had.it refused to go
out with mo you would know all
my friends."
"I know that, hoh " I quickly ad
mitted, and I nm Mirry I do not
know some of tho'n better. Those
worth knowing I added. I did
g'ofng1' ' ,,o oihor extreme '"M is
f , ' "ms ivn bright although
not wish to exclto hlj suspicion by
nu ,ln vnn "'
"Itoally 1 never thought whether
sho wns good looking or not. A
person of her magnetism Jibs no
need to be beautiful tn the doll
like way most people admire."
"She Is magnetic, then?"
"Very, she has more personality
thnn any womnn Ihavoevermet.
Abe Marl in
I went n
and some
tawklng to
nnd how Is
rite In the
I use to lovo
Mo lest
shocked, and
dont tell me
I Pleevo lie
tho fat indy
happy till I
Wlch I
Mss Fawn Llpplncut is at homo
t'dny glvin her ears a much needed
amn Who remembers when a fel
ler used t loaf on th corner Instead
o' th job?
IPSO - rir Th Chti-Aio Trlbnne I
wats you think I am, I should say not
0 wlzr. heck. I ecd.
Kenny, la that gentlemanly? sed
Such nn outbrake, ecd tho fat Lady.
Well holey nmoaks, gosh, I sed. And
1 went out ngen quick so she would
cnt got a chanco to try to do It by
Hut plenso let mo lead my paper a
minute. Baldwin novcr lets mo
rend on tho train. He Is a regular
I nald no more, and ho finished his
breakfast in nllcnce. When ho said
good-bye ho remarked In a very rag
ual manner:
"I shan't bo home to dinner."
"Very well, I'll read that now
book you brought home yesterday."
I answered pleasantly, but what I
wanted to say was. "please don't
stay out to dinner, and If you aro
determined to do ro, loll mo where
you uro going and who with."
I'p to now It always had been the
places ho had spent his tlmo. the
men with whom no associated with
to whom I objected. Hut as I
thought of what hn had said of Miss
Keating, tho "who with" took on an
Importance 1 nover L-eforo had at
tached to It, even when I objected
the most strenuously. Kor the first
time I wns Jealous of a woman. A
woman whoso personality was so
The Horoscope '
"The tUn incline, hot do not compel."
Thursday, SetemlKr 9, 1020.
Venus and Maro rule wrongly for
good today, according to astrology.
Women como under tho most ln
"Plrlngtnnd helpful influences mah
Ing for constructive and successful
It is a promising sway for wed
dings nnd love affnini. Tho girl
who marrlis under thin rulo of the
stars la likely lo havo a strong arm
on which to lean.
Theaters aro well directed by tho
planets nt this time, when thcro
should he large profits based on
artlstlo achievements.
Actrcsnes shouldi benefit rrrrvitlv
whl'o this tulo contlnuco, for It
suems to presage power to win ac
claim, growth in popularity and long
K:reat according to Hob that ho
lelther knew or cared whether sho
wan bf-autlful or nut
All that I hnd lead and heard of
tho anguish, tho orture a Jealous
woman experienced occurred to me.
Also tho stories of unbraldlng.
ospolnage, etc. A yenr ngo I wns
willing to follow and wntch Hob bo
cause I didn't want him to spend
bin tlmo with what I called "A Ho
hemlnn crowd " Now something
now. something different had en
tured Into my feeling for him, some
thing which I neur beforo had
possessed: tho desire to be all that
the woman he loved should be. I
knew he would derplse utterly n
woman who would follow htm, who
would stoop to anj underhand
means to find out what he did. And
as Idr fis upfbraMli'g went, that
would be worse than useless. He
wnnlil ftln.nli rptiniln .-tvjnv fm- ,nu
Engineers, contractors and men
who havo scientific training along
mechanical lines should
ing this government of tho stars.
Owing to eotno movement on the
part of women peace should mem
less Impossible of attainment after
the new year. It Is foretold.
This Is noi n lucky rule for those
who seek cployment. Tho old may
bo particularly unsuccet&ful in ef
forts put forth today.
Thrro is a prophecy
dent will cause drastic
Yet evon with all theso thoughts I
running thru my bend I would not
confess, even to myji If that I had
met my Waterloo, or even that there
was danger of my meeting It. Hut
thcro was one thing 1 could do. lj
could question Elsie. Perhaps If 1 1
knew moro about r.ttn Keating I1
could better face this new danger1
to my happiness- an I fe't her to he
or moro easily dismiss her from,
my mind. '
So 1 took the next train Into town
nnd hurried up to Klslr's.
"I havo come for luncheon nnd
advice." I told her.
"Which will you havo first'" she
asked, helping me remove my
"Luncheon pleaso t ate scarcely
nny breakfast, and feci quite ravenous."
Tho rolo of futhor itin-
Bennies' Notebook
the house this afJIrnonn
lady was in the parlcr
ma, mo thinking, Heck,
An,i ma called me in, say
ing Henn This lady wns your nurse
wen you were a little baby. You don't
remember her. do you
No mam. I sed. Wlch I dldent. He
lug a exter fat lady, haying, So this Is
deer little Kenny, my weet jjaby.
An(j what did she do but qulck)een
over and give me a fearse kiss rite
In tho face before I could dodge Me
wiping It off with my hand thinking
Heck, darn It.
Well, well, mv darling little bnbv.
You'll be delighted
right or a grand. The
the adorable little dimple
middle of your back that
to Kiss? sed the fat lady
standlnc there feellnc
tho fat lady sed. O.
It Izzent thero eny more.
still has it. sed ma. ami
ned. O, I shall never die
kins thnt dimplo onco
started to feel norvlss an
thinking. Hock Jlmminy
crickets, good nite
Woll maybe Henny will be kind
nnuff to let ymi kiss It Jest for old
time fsiko, will you, Benny? ned ma.
No tOr. no room, I will not, no sir,
About Town and
In Hold ,.,:,,
"Tho fiim w,
Harding." said John k '"'
Ponca City, an , , r. '
was at one time i,,,,,,, ,,4 '
editorial department of Tt e u- "
. ...ii jubi incK fiiM ,,'
months stay there, at.x .
; gaining recruits they arc n V,.,1'
ons arc lagging nomrwi.a- S,,!rf
the scarcity of materla Mor. k 0
uny other cnuno. He 4 ;'h?
Iho Mnrland orn.,. . .. a tV' t
the proposed royalty m
Osngc oper.-ttors from nn
one-fifth is an injustice ilia
fought to tho bitter end Mr
wan a member of the l".
delegation of republicans
down to attend the Itoobtv,
inn mooting.
' " on
"'!i t,
' '! ry
i ''Ity
1 cam,
' Hob-
'Mne hogs we saw at -he lr,ft . , .
measure up a great deal hr-. ', '
the old time native hog r- .
backs, but they nrc not en ',,. ,L
the brains of tho original n k,r.
according to John Kramer '
turned from Des Molnrs a f w ,!
ago. "Now I remember r.f t h '
one of thoso old saw-tooth hi ,r,.
terlng my neighbors corn fi.
owner failed to find nny mn
by the hog In entering the
1 used
. i a
cioseii ny a nign rail fence
perinea no spent half a day vJSVh
ing tho hog, to find that it i'Itj
hold of a swinging grapevtrr in
tree and taking a run with t grti,
vine In Its teeth, swung o lait
oer the fence nnd dropped n tho
ether tide In tho corn field .v0 jj
didn't see tho hog do tin' suk
but a friend of mlno told me tit
neighbor related nuch an occur,
"Tho manner In which Tulsa h-u
solved the traffic problem Is rcsJb
remarkable." Clyde potts, construc
tion engineer, of New York c'ty, de
clared yesterday. Potts cams to
Tulsa ilncpally to obtain informa
tion regarding tho proposed Spav).
naw water project. "When I wu
hero tho first tlmo, In March of thia
year, It wns unsafe for pcdestrlarj
or conservative motorists to ventun
ncrosn street intersections. No,
however, I feel no hesitancy In crow
ing a street on foot or In a car. I
know of no other city that nandln
Its traffic, better than Tulsa.'V
H. a. Durnell, of the Union Ma
chine company of nartlenvllle, was
In Tulsa yosterdny attending to busl.
ness matters Hn is a Itotartan anl
while hero attended tho weekly noon
day luncheon of the locol Kotary
club. Durnell's company manufac
tures oil well powers." Part of hli
bdslncss here was selling a few of
thoso machines. "I know we manu.
facturo 'em In Bartlesvillo, bit
there's no gottlng around it w
havo to come to Tulsa to sell 'em,"
Durnell admitted before several nf
the local Itotarlans could get tfci
question out of their mouths, "llovj
to Tulsa?" asked Durnell. "Well,
now that Isn't Impossible at that''
Dr. N. I Knjrolhardt of Teaehm'
college, Columbia university, who u
ono of the lecturers In the Tulsa
Teachers' Institute, after visttlns
many school buildings of Tulsa,
spoke In high terms of the entire
Hystcm. Dr. Engelhardt, who has
inspected school plants In manr
cities, says that ho knows of no other
city which is as fortunately equipped
with school buildings as Tulsa He
s.i that Tulsa has not been ex
travagnnt In hulldlng her schools,
but has built In accordance with the
modern standards for tho safety, con.
venlence, and development of the
traffic laws controlling city streets.
mo sluing oi prominent persons win
bring about protective measures nee-
Llpctcd while hundreds of lives have
been sacrificed.
Suicides and mysterious deaths
profit dur
v 111 Incraaso In number at this lime
The mind should, no sareriarde!
against the cntranco of sinister sug
Persona whoso birthplace It
hhould bo watchful let firtd cr
thieves cause l"sses.
Children horn on this lay mir
bo rather Inclined to bo impetuous
and careless. They should bionv
that nn acci
tected against possible acctliSa.
rcfornib In
((VcTrttft. 1920, byUM MtCum NHP Sf"
JlJs ic rar EssEsfmt
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