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COMPEL truth;
Petti r Business Bureau
Regulate "Ads"
,rtu li.s Must be-Strictly As
Advertised Is Aim of
Ad Club
State Briefs
to !
un '
If i'
, "Utliful advcrtlstlng" orH-rnni-'
illKncil to protect patrons of
Tul , m..ri'.i from deception throimh
r5r, i crnlntlon of "flrnt" unci
1 nrtlolro, will li prcurntcu
ayor nnil city commlMiInncrH
rfftulnr niPPtliic HiIh morn
I Mm I.ofko. t-ecrctnry of the
i.imlncKK liuronu, vvhlcll In
iprrvlnlnn of thn TtllM A(l
is rlub h ml which wim rrtxitr cl
uioic thn "truth In-jnlvcrtlH-
nnlinnnrp. If mlonti-il, would
unlawful thn nUvertlxIni? of
i In nsi n (tcnulnn or u "flrnt"
in prnvrn that It whh it "nee-
MrnilKhnil nrtlcln.
ill provliln ,IK follow'
-iiill lm unlawful for nny pnr-tin-
f... ..r corporation In nny m-wn-p,u,r'
p.-iculnc, circular, nrm Int
irr ii iin open publication, pub-li-hi
I Iistrllnitrrt or rlrrtilntril In
th niv nf Ttllfii. or on nny lilllho.iril,
t,'d libel, or other iiilvortlnlni;
ti "lim i nr hv mount" of any other
jfi' . r'l'inc dnvlro to nilvnrtn, cnll
jinti- n tn or plvo publicity to the
m. nf ,nv nierchanillKn, which hit
rhir'!if in ilnfcctlve In nny mnnnnr,
e- nh'ih merchandise consists of
nri' l or units nr parts known ni
"m. -r"t" or blemished merchandise,
or win h merchandise has been ro
ll, ti iv the mnnufactilror llmrnof
i " f irt class, unless thnrc be
enn r "Uslv displayed Olrrltlv In
w" inn with thn name and de-ir-
n'l nf such merchandise anil
r,h nrrineii. article, unit or part
ttioj ' i direct and unequivocal
infrr rr phran or word which
iri'i ! irly Indicate that such mrr
rhjMivp nr each nrtlcln, unit or n.irt
hrr ( si advertised Is seeond
h.nl built. ued, ilcfeetlve or con
... -I'l'nnds" nr Is blomls..ed
in r y ui'l.ic or has been rtcrttl liv
(he r" iriifarmrer thereof, in thi
a- ' i tic."
Th, hi tier business bureau will
rr'n 'he nartmcnt of the ordinance
on 'h rmiiml that It Is needci here
tr, prii.-t the public nsalnst tin
irrupul 'iis advertisers.
1'AIIIKAX, Sept. 9. - -Oirto
Marlon, killed nt Manchester, Kv ,
several days nun wnrc utti niptliiK
to arrest Willie Hittli, nllpgn boot
IcKn,rr. formerN u tl nt ih.n i iy
und wn ileiiiiw . , tlff of Os.iK
county under Shi 'Iff llarve Kliese.
Ill returned to Kentucky about, a
c..i iiko tnl i-ns riiBttsetl In idil
mining until serving is m,ir-!iHl of
Horse. Creek inlnl'ii; cump. lll.i -tir,
Mrs. Itobetl 1'nrkrr, nrtl .1 son
Homer M.irlK.i. lvc nnr thl.i ,i,ui.u.
KAW CirV, Knti ."ppt. ?.-i.l.
out .in uppoM.V! m tn thn ri'-'fin
han dvclacvi lit favur of n v u.pete
iiiitiirnl gun f. i. i-.ii for theii tiwn
by votimc fib.OUa bonds lur timltm
and other i'pilpment. It Is under
stood that the bonds will bo taken
by local people. Thn town council
has placed un order for the nen-s-saiy
plpn ni.il tho work will start
PONCA (MTV, 8npt 9 -Henry
Tnllchlvf, one of the best known ed
ucated and proKresln meinbris of
Mm itsrfRe tribe, has been appointed
official Interpreter for the federal
Kiivirnment and will henceforward
be cr.nnected with the isane iiKetn y
at Pawhiiskn, tin has been IUIiik on
a bl i? farm east of this city, In the
western (Wine, nnd 'bus uelilnved u
reputation ns a breeder of purebred
livestock nnd poultry.
f' Tied l the I a . an.1 the 1 it m
line of the stjinp damn was cry
Impressive The eomimtte i in chnrgei
was composed of Tuck wnw-he
Tnlk-o-mnek. Wc-tecH-ue, Ali-pe-tiu'k
nnd .Mesh-she-WKlk.
MKNHYl'TTA. Xept. 9 The Wn
ner Supply company, with (head
iliinrters at 1'nrt Woith where they
lire now erecting an In lustMil plant,
onve a iniiK icriii ieas on u biixinu
buslnexn house In this i lly ami bo
San tinloadltiK ttm first tliree-cur
lilpniMit or n f 21)0,000 oil well sup
ply stock, the first stock of the kind
to locate In llenrjetta since the
iipenliiK of her nrct oil nnd Has
field. The eomimny will follow this
with a si'iiply house In Mie new oil
town of Hllrk.
KTItnL't). fept. 9.Qprn lr meet
Iiiks by thn MHptlsts are conllnulnft
with ltev. HthrldKP preaching.
rnnnnmcic. sept, o tiip Tin
man eotinlv free fair is now nil In
full blast with all lines of exhibit
betler represented than eer before
The lily purrhased the Krunils
formerly tisnl for fair purposes ami
(reeled several additional bultdliyrs.
N'OIIMA.V, Sept. 9 -W. I. TaBle
ton of Mils cliy has benn iifipnlnind
district JudRo of rinilaiiil comn
bv Oovernur llobertson, to fill the
vaenncy iniisnl by the ieslKTiiiinn
of T II. KwHik
t i i triK every p.i.i e .f i ,j .Jtsa In
Hie Iwji'ni r stale.
Tim committed points ut that In,
tho nation the eiiulvaient of more
than n half million inrs rati lm
silded to tho enr mpply bv closer
co-operfttlnn on the po"t of all In
terests coueernpd With transporta
tion. "I'lelgbt trsfflc luij Inirented so
rapidly In the frilled males diirlnK
the past few Jours thai It has com
pletely outurown lhi earning en
pmity of tho railroads, ' nn the
eommlltee. "As s l.Milt, it Is now
nerriwiry for the r vids to ilevlse
n prnrtical plHn for ImreasliiK their
trniisportatlnn ser-lee This can
only bo ilono by making eMenslve
addlllons of new I. unities and
eiiilpment, llirludlmr Iremht, ems,
locomotives, ynid uiul iraik terml
mils or by maklnR Krinter use of ex
1st Inn facilities and cuulpmrnt.
"Wie railroads rirnot carry out
the plan first sukrpMciI beeauso un
der pieseiit londllbm.i thev are un
able in obtain a suffli ient amount
of new capital, nor would It lie pos
sible for thrtn to p.iivbti new facili
ties In time to nil . tin prmnnt
enierneiiiy even If iho lapuil were
nwiil.thlf Thev m ei. Hun fore
rely on making a in i moiiho n .n of
existing f.i.llill. .-. . H I e.niiiirnt.
l'lne for am n i. v MI
lll.l I.H t AI ITt, . VKI.N, .(., ,,t
(iriiieii Adva
with tho no opcral.on of n'l of the 1
..ther Interests run rrntd thn ship
pern of frelRht reeelMrs of freight
and rnllrond employes" ,
, Sniidav SehiMil Supix-r.
At tho reKUlur lneetlnc of teach
ers laid offlcets of the Sunday
school of the first rresbyterlan
cli ii i cli to be held next Monday cc
tiliiK. supper will b served by wom
en beloiiKllu; to division No. 1.1 A
stereoptlcon IH'turo on Porto Hleo
will be given at the prnver meelltiK
service next Wednesday rvpnliiR.
Will i"i ncli Man led iaw.
Ynune niHrrled neonle lielonKlni;
tn the llostifn Avenue M. K church,
will hereafter have as teacher of
their Hitnday school class r .! .Mien,
assistant pastor Mr. Allen has tilth ,
erto had eharite of the outu bust-1
nesa men's class In which the nl 1
tedanro nvernged 10 eiieh i'uml.iv. J
l'lne for nnv occasion CAMP
ti:i.l,-H i'APITAI. f.Ul;H. !0C at!
'roeer --Art-
irSotmTV.f'' Main SrJ
f'il I t (iimluiiif nd wlifrp I
trint i nn tiw t. t nti eaf il
n ' liflirfll f r wirti t . oiibtr
lf ln I I n nfnl Thru4t
nit in lit ii i mi iii:i I,
13? Mitjn IMiU 0.f- KIH0,
Mill He Tried Sept. IT for Ijircvtij
of llanii-- ul ;iciiNil.
v 1 I'nnr, fharles Shipley nnd
Ki ' M'-'irndon arrested and hebl
fi" 'h ihnf' of harness nt (llenpool
Si-po r in 7, entered pleas of not
rii.i i' ihelr arralcnment yesterday
If f. "r lusttce S. C. Maxey nnd were
mi. ... d nn bonds of J500 each for
prn m nary he.irlnR September 17.
i" ft Horner of fllenpool claims
the hoys stole ,thu set of harness
v-luei at $50 and attempted to ills
p "- if the property In Tulsa.
T.MIJ.KQl'AII. Hnpt, D. Tucson
Arl?.., has been decided upon as their
future home bv I)r ami Mrs Charles
Peterson of this city, and a farewell
reception wns Riven Sunday niithl
In thelr'hnnor at Mm residence of .1
I. C'ottrsey. In chiirce ot tile Ivistern
Star nnd other organisations. It
Peterson came here In the urlv d.is
an superintendent of a Presbyteiian
academy, later finishing a medical
course nt the university of Michigan
Theieafter he practlACd Ills profes
sion In Tnhleqiiah, exceptltiK the
time lm was connected with the
army. The twxi tons and a daughter
nre alrendy in Arlisona, anil airs.
Peterson will soon follow, while the
doctor will pemalu here n few months
STHnl'I). Sept 9. The first bale
of cotton was on Mm streets Satur
day, raised by Norman Allej on the
I'nglestiy rarm on Deep l orn, ine
price paid was 9 rents, nisi n J 1 00
prlre won presented by the business
men of Stroud.
HKNP.YKTTA, Sept. 9. Rupt.
John T. llefley of -the llenry.-ttn
schools opened ' the cjty Institute of
teachers, which mtiraces ine wees
before the ooetilnK of the school
term, with only one of Mm ins
teachers of the combined llenrvetta
Oew.ir and Kns.i roster falling to
answer roll cnll, and this abs-ntije
later presented herself. Mac h of the
ward schools of the three cities have
been put lit thorough condition, and
with the occupancy of the new tli" -000
nnnex this district will begin
the school year with equipment far
In ndvnnce of any previous jear.
Nntlonul (iiaiulsT Appeals for Ilel
tor ro of shipping l-'iuilltlcs
to Savu (iiis,
lal to -1lw IVort I
urgent appeal to .la' manofa iurriH
Rtul business men of Hklaboina to
Join In u national muvemeni to make
better uso of exlMling lailioad
equlpincnt as a mi 'iim of providing
Improved transportation ncrvi. e wns
mado by tho railroad roin.iiilieo of
Ihn United States chamber of com
merce! today.
in giving nut Hid statement to
Oklahoma business men slmultant
ously with n statemrnt to the Im.sl
nesn men of each b' the oilier 47
slates, the nnllolial rlin ruber's com
mltlco sold that lack of ears Is re
tnrdliu; the movement of grain ail
over tho sl.ito nnd erriclallj In Hie
western part: l bolduiK up the shli
nient of building mutt it, il to Tulsa
and other cities. ' lnterfrrliv"
with the petroleum tuslnesn. nod i
XflllCi: -On nnnutlt of Sbr i e
ilav Klcetrlc park will be cln.sed .
In piibln thiH da onlj 1 I T
I ' . . i-, ..Mgr lvt.
Misses' Rain Outfits
Coat. Cnp and School ling, black and white chock,
belted back, fancy striped rubber lining; d A AO
?8.r,0 value. 'Special iP'i.JO
Misses' Raincoats
Tan Bonizadino cloth, set in sleeves, wrist tabs,
fancy rubber striped lining. (1Q (Q
$7.50 value. Special tDtJ.iO
Better Hniticoals for Men, Women and Children
A. L. WAIT-Rubbcr Goods
Well-Here's What
You've Been Wait
ing For
The yivc await time in here.
Spring and Summmvr Coals and Dithhcr ho ridiculounly
low as lo be unbelievable.
Phone O-iikc 711.
Illl) SOI I'll 11(11 1,1)1 It ST.
Tulsn, Okln,
TAHI.rQl'AH. Sept. 0. Squirrels
fim plentiful and f"' Mm tlmbi red i
rcKlons, It is reported, luivintT been I
feattlnc on preen corn, thereby ar- i
iiuirlni; adipose tlssuo and n fine
flavor. I
213 215 S. MAIN STREET
STROUD, Sept. 0. Sundiv nteht
Hpert the ponv snnke iince given b.
the Sac nnd l'ov Indians on ItattV- j
Lnnlsn ornnl At llllu time nOntpS .lO.t
' other presents were plven to frit nd.i
and coots Tim war dnnnn was tier i
Unparalleled Values in
Putter's g
I'lTS for the growing boy; novcltv mixtures
in blue, green and brown. An $18.50 JQ
SAILOR SUITS for the little fellows. And all
wool, knee plants suits with the regulation
sailor stripe and tie; made to sell Q1 A QC
at $18. Special $LV.VO
BOYS" OVERCOATS A good woolen coat, in
'fdark patterns, snappy, double-breasted and
'bolted military cut; worth every bit 1?Q
of .$16.50. Spechy iDJ.OO
Shoes - Shoes- Shoes
Our great sai0 0f school shoes will continue until the
"polling day of school September HUh. This nston
k idling tale includes nbsolutcly every pair of children's
nli"cs in our store, and the lowest price QC
l'. per pair tP-LiJ'
The highest price is,
. Prr pair
A Special Pre-School
Today and Saturday
These new models include values up to
$65 and every one should sell at this very
reasonable price.
Suits of excellent style and workmanship
with all the trimming ideas usually
found only in very high priced models.
Fur and nelf-trimmed suits all beauti
fully lined with silk. Shown in navy,
brown, black, taupe, copen and reindeer
materials velour, silvertone, tricntinn,
serge, gladstone and yalama cloth,
sixoxn ri.tlou
Wash Dresses That Are Values up
to $19.50 Special at $5
Your choice of 87 wash dresses, voile, dolled swisb,
orgahdie and dotted orfjatulif, formerly up to 19JiO.
While they last
Summer Dresses Values up to
$39.50 Special at $10
The balance of our wash dresses, fi'2 in number, consisting
of fine imported organdies, dotted Swiss, French voiles, Scotch
ginghams, ranging as high in price as $UUS0.
While they last
New Silk and Woolen
Today and Saturday at
Dresses of tricotine, serge, jer
sey, taffeta, and messa lines of
the most individual character,
showing individuality in braiding,
beading, pleats, tucks, button
trimming. Styles for every au
tumn purpose and occasion.
Fine Muslin and Nainsook
$2.50 Values Special
Summer Silk Dressers Values up to
$89.50 Special $30
Thirty-one summer silk dresses in Georgette, Taffeta,
Crepe de Chine, (iros de Londre and Satin.
II will pay you to buy one or more of these dresses, even
if you put them away for next year. Values formerly selling
up to $89.50.
While they last
Fancy lace and embroidery
trimmed models in a dozen dif
ferent styles. Excellent values.
hi:coM n.oou
Confiners Special at 75c
10 dozen in the lot, all good
models in white and flesh.
Size 32 to 44.
Final Disposal of Spring Coats N
Twftily-Hcvcn spring coats in polo cloth, fancy worsteds,
serges and Iricotines, just the thing for these cool evenings in
curly fall, formerly sold up lo $59.50.
While then last ,

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