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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, September 17, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 11

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College Property Valued
At More Than Half
Million Dollars
Outdoors Form Static
For This Girl Dancer
Dr. Gordon Gives Interesting
facts to Heal Estate
Thnt Kendall college, is one of
Tula's mod Important nirn menu
urrd In terms of dollars ntul ccni::,
h.do from other connldcrVioiiM,
v i.i -he utritcment made rimt rrovt i
I'V President J. J, (Ionian spciiklni;
ui the weekly luncheon of thr Tulsa
ir.tl estate, exchange c8tcrdny
Tho colli'Ke property h. a total
iluo of 1SSS.383, nr. (ior.lon fmid
Thin n mount In a compo'lto of llu
buildings. XHlurd nt J3CS.J73. in en
.lowtucnt of $188. MS. ininuliltA of
v IJl.OOft, unproductive real entitle 0f
V j4,o59. and pledges of JlS.OOu.
1'osBi'KHlon of ii collrss mciin.s
.ihnut fSOO.nnn nnniially to TuUv
It Cordon estimated. Of the 120
students, enrolled n the collegium
'Iriurttnent, 'i5 nre from Tulsn nnd
of 1 he 1O0 In the academe, 50 nro
frm this city. Rendlns the 115
'iuhb peoplo away lo school would
mean .1 loss to Tulxa of their tuition
ur1 living expenses durlnjr a wholo
fhool year. The fine arts de
partment Is crowded with loc.il
nuns peoplo who would he study
ing art. oxpreolott, music, voire,
piano, plpo orttan, at other schools
ii' great expense to their parents If
Kendall colleen, were not Incited
hern. In the collefio dormitories ora
105 younR women nnd men who
tiling outside money Into Tulsn.
Kendall Is a Christian, hut not n
sectarian Institution, l)r (lordon
further declared. Denominations
reprepenfed anions the student
K'dv this year are as follows. J'res
hvterlan. 130; Methodists, 70; Ilab
lists 4i; Lutherans, 5; Disciples of
,rhrist. 42; Kpescopnlians. 15; Ro
man Catholics, 18; other denomina
tions, 6 In the faculty the follow
ing denominations ar represented:
rresbvierlnns, IS, Methodists. 4;
Iiaptlsts, 2, Conjjret;ntional, l; Dig-rlpl-s
of Christ,' 2; others, 4.
The cnllere is conducted under
tho auspices of the Presbyterian
rhur.'h of Oklahoma, hut serves tho
wholo state," nr. (lordon declared.
"We make no apology for helm;
Christian but It Is ur wish to pro
vide a Christian atmosphere for all
young people, of whatever sect."
At present Kendall cin minister
moh to young people of Tulsa he
cause crowded conditions In tho
domltorles, Dr. Gordon said. "Ken
dall needs Jl.oOO.OOnfor endowment
and Jl. 000. 000 for buildings.
Several readings wero given by
Miss Josehlnc Layman, assistant In
the exprcsMon department, nnd a
vocal solo by Mlso May Allison, ao
rompanlert on tho piano by Miss
i;srhr Handley.
Tho next week day lunch of tho
rial caiato exchnngo will bo held
at the V. W. C. A. as, usual.
Hoy Itoynolils Slums I'urtlicr I'nllll
In .Muglc City by J'uicluiso of
S7.",(ll!ll Mansion.
Hiy II. Ileynnlds, an oil operator
vthn recently moved hero from Ok
mulcoe, has pnrchnsed tho J. K.
Mvinguton estate, located In tho
southwestern part of the city for a
consideration said to bo around
$75 000.
Tho property, consisting of a pala
tial 12-room house, garage and
three and one-half acres of ground
covered with natlvo trees and ex
lenMvely beautified, Is one of the
must attractive In tho city. Tho tract
Ifelf Is Irregular. Situated ut Fif
teenth and Frisco street It overlooks
(the river and tho West Tulsa Ul
MMrt. The deal was made through the
areney of Adams & Walker, who
svcral weeks ago sold to Reynolds
the Lurerne apartments at Tenth
strut and Iloaton avenue. This Is
tho third piece of Tuln.a property
he has purchased slnco moving hero.
ft. . i
An ardent advocate of outdoor
training Is Miss l,efn hi Vine, a
pretty classical dancer who Is creat
ing nulte a favorable Impression In
New York. -Hach day the pretty
danseuse practices on the roof of
a .New York hotel far from curious
eyes nnd still In the greut outdoors.
During the wnr she danced at .1 fete
on the lawn of the white house, and
President Wilson enthusiastically
applauded her performance.
Knlilialli of Itt'pc ntnnro and Class
Enrollment FotlMil of
Ilootlis Scpl. 20.
Friday evening nnd Saturday arc
observed by Jews as tho "Sabbath of
Repentance." At tho regular Friday
evening service at Tcmpln Israel,
Fourteenth and Cheyenne, at 1 S
o'clock, Rabbi Lalz will preach on
tho theme, "To Thy Tents, O Isiuel."
Tho first fiabbath morning study
class will be hold nt tho temple on
Saturday from 10-30 to 11:30. Tho
holidays will bo discussed. All wom
en of thn congregation nro especially
urged to attend this weekly study
Tho tcmplo religious school will
meet Hunday morning nt 0:30, when
tho Hebrew classes will bo organized
for tho year. All children expecting
to enroll In either the elementary or
advanced Hebrew class nro asked to
report nt 0:30. All children of S
years and upward are asked to regis
ter this Sunday, ns aEslgnments for
tho chlldrcns' harvest service on tho
evo or tho Festival of Rooths, which
fnlls this year on Hunday, Sept. 20.
will bo mado, and no children will
ho given parts who nro not present
on Sunday morning.
More Than 400 Attended
Annual Convention of
County Association.
An nltondsnoc of over 400 Sunday
school teachers and workers andn
splilt of enthusiasm nnd energy
innde the thirteenth annual conven
tion of tin. Tulsn county Hunday
school assoihiilon held Wednesday
I In the First Christian church, one
of tile Uigest and best In the history
of the county organisation.
Delcga'iH present wero from nil
points In the county, local churches
being excellently represented. Dele
gates irinblo to get a train out of
the lty In their homes following life
closing session wern entertained last
hlght in local homes.
l'nslors and Sunday school work
ers from all denominations touk
part In Hie program. Dr. II. IC.
Trnllc of Kansas lty was lh prin
cipal speaker.
Couniy officers were practically
re-elei ti'd as a body at the lsst ses
sion yesterday evening, these offi
cers being as follows. A. A. Krns
bergpr, president; R. AS'. IJurkhart,
first vice-president and assistant to
the president; W. T. Mall. O. S. Kd
wards and II. A Davis. Sklntnok.
Wco-prosldcnts. O. IT. flchlcgel
tieasurer; Professor C. II. Kim
brought seerelsrj . The finance com
mittee will be composed nt the
treasurer nnd secretary and Carl 14.
Dufflcld, Wlllard John 'and J." A.
Sllpp. Department chairman chosen
wero Iho following Mrs. I,. A.
Hurst, young people's. I, C. Murray,
adult; Rev C F. Slier, teacher train
ing; Mrs. Clara Park, temperance,
10 CI. Cunningham, atate cnmmlttie
mati; Mrs. L. M. Unite, Rroken Ar
row, ,home and lsltatlon; Mrs John
No kirk, children's division; D. 1".
Oreen, Vlan, Sunday school.
-Luncheon was sorvwl all In at
tendance at the convention by
women of local c hun lies yesterday
noon. An nfler-dlnner speech on
the question, "Is Sunday School
Worth While?." with the answer In
the affirmative, was made by Presi
dent J. M. Gordon of Kendall col
lege. Masonic Temple Work
U) He Slarlcd Soon
Sand Sprinatt Holes
i:l'i;.i: c. gua,
Violin anil Orchestra Instru
ments. Phone Osago 8460
Accredited by Kansas and Okla
homa Stato TeachorB'
HAND SPRINT,, Okli. 8epl. IB.
Two nu.M i sm d. Monday and
Tuesday .'f thl- , ek thefts have
been made ,n the homes of Mrs.
Klikend.ill and Mrs ll.iles on Wil
son street Th t it nt day wearing
appmol s is tn ii nnd tn second
visit was for the household
linens of .Mrs Mules, wl,o. It la te
ported, pusses! d many very nice
pieces. This f.n t and the fact that
the thefts were performed during
the absence of the two unmet! Who
are at stands at thn park until 11
o'clock nt night, has led authorities
lo believe Hint the goods wera slolan
by some nni t upuhiua pet soil In Iho
Immediate neighborhood. No In
formation of tin- robbery was sent
In to the loe.ii police nuar.Ura until
today and no steps hava been taken
as jet by the two women who wr
robbed. Until women aru widows
with large families.
Mrs. Iwls aunhn of Oden, Ark.,
who has bwn isltlng at the hhm
of her daughter, Mrs. James Thomp
son, 405 (iarfleld. for the past two
weeks, will leave the first of next
week for her hums In Ark.inaas and
will b accompanied by lier two
daughters, Mih .1. K. Miller ami
Mis. (Irnver Mrlck. both living In
this city.
Mothers' praver meeting was held 1
at lh home of Mra. C. O. Jackson.
521! McKlnley, Tuesday afternoon '
Mrs. Clyde Wilson and chlldn n I
left til lei city Wednesday for Pones I
City, where they will make their
future home. Ralph and Wealth
wnsoti weie with their gra-ndpai
enls In Arkansus for a month and
letumed to Tulsn Wednesday with
their giandf uher, who will, go with
mem 10 ro'ua city.
Mrs. Detail Ward of Ilenryeltn 1
entne to this town Adnesda i
evening to remain hero a few days I
with her Parmts. Mr. nnd Mrs 1
Charles Waul, residing on Main an I
Choir practice of the Christian i
' i.i 'i u , f Mi ,n I
Mi- I M- . i 1'Kih .ui, i i, ,i
I H 1.1 1 Ml, n't.lil
Vlod , n,i, W, ordained
Here three weeks ago Inln the '
" . f f 'hi.1, ,id i I
" 1 I -o ll o 1 , 1 dlli Ml
, i.l Prlncip.il i'oi i,l ,,f I hi
mule 8. hoill ssn thai the iiumt" 1
of siitdenls there la l,:ir,, this IhIiik
.1 tt Ml M i ' 1 i
ii Kansas lie
list tnln,sti t, ,ie... k-m.i.v 1 enlv for thn grade in, to the sex
for an Inli nslve i ourso of itudy al i ",1lh- Tht enlh giade has 70 pit
tho Haptlu Tin illogical seminary at 'hl has i. . A-mi l
furl Worth. Texas. A farewell parly ,,,n slatement ,. pM.resioi
will he given for him at the Winer Wlllott. the auporlntenden: of s, ii,h
home on McKlnley this avanlnit l'ere, the hlnilsrgarlen. first n i
when all of his friends will meat to,'"'" ""'d grsrtes will be In I
win rum gmii lui k In hM new
course Of Studies,
' Dr. unit Mr T. p. Allison waht
lo Pawhusha Thurndiiy to slay ii
short time with friends.
Father Klckx of the Haiti I'urtlck's
cathedral Is now located In his resi
dence in the Inneinent of the church
building where he will bo for al
least a year A false rumor has
been afloat to Ihe effect thai Cath
olli si hool being conducted in the
church, but this la not tha can and
Father Klckx has stated thnt there
will be no loinl onholle school for
some tin,,. ,,i urk .
peiidi d (in Hi. , uhednil about two
weeks afco. I in I i,i no nil-ii t in com-pleii-,1
and ul l hat lenwiln- t .r
done In th- i in lung of the mpei
room of Hie . I,,,, 1, 1,,, wl( ,,,,(
be ib'lii lui I 1, 11 Ml In r of iii.ilitllf.
! 'Ii n lui' i. i go ill host And I
WMtltll. no II Whine team l the best I
numbering 'i moi, m,,,. rm il ei, Hy is now decldod.
teilalnert nnd s.il.l "Thei e were1
sight-seeing trips nnd all riunnii of
illiilsiinitit t'l'P.siid f i i u So
mil, ;i p
I, ,11
iliil' I
K ,
il I
C J. Phillip drilled In i
produret tnlurnl In th" J
ai d found fr mi 1 .9 1 0 i
i n. I, n Hi hi. V, I
i i 'I i lb. Ii''
". barrel
1 Ink
Kl 'ef
. Jth
I, a'. I
I't no Ip,
hi' Ii i. In,
il I
of I lo I', nli ,,
uni e I til il ilir
the old high (ehonl bull, II' I,
fourth, fifth and sixth , ' ti,
field si hool, and the ,r ,
senior high school In n .
cre.ii d building on Main I
nt Inability to secure th, n.
supplies, all classes ate i, ,i
the new- building, the i,i
cliissis and manual nits m 1
willing cl.isses still reclir in
building, flchedulra nn.i 1,0
grams are arranged and Ho i
schoni work Is now atm , I
Hoy Miller of Sand hioim,- win
Is thi' president nf the At u s al
ley assorlallon ol Odd I 1 I u ie
tui m il here rei entlv fiom ,i . ..n
i I, ui' of various lodgen Itom tli
tn IghborliiK stalls whli h i, lull
st l ins.is I'm The foul I" -i 'mini
of tin. n, Id, lie wist and m i,
on, ," t inc tui i In. fn i b "I'O s ,,f
tin ii'in,lr nnd lb lemii i ptoo'i)
of Tui nnd Sin, I Spiing tin u wa
be oi . in in. I, ,,,,,,,, 'il whli fust
Enid Bennett
"The False Road"
Mil s t ,M II. I, r- 3 .10- i.rc
lliiiilllne riifure Srlmbile I iSl 'i
(ill Id M TIUO I
In ( Inftato iiii'l rutnilnr lleprrlntre I
0 ,00 I M. Mmrp
on. -i :in Dion- in inn
II M l, .V tt II DA
In IHlrrtln llilllfe Mens
I N f 1 V A IIWIMl
ll.M'llntiir I lnii
(llM 1 1. 1.1'. A I II I IIS
Itlrtl I Ine nf Until-
UINS It m.itr
1 1 it-s i inn. diitiuN i n 1 1 nr. i'ito(iii.M
II. II. Inn bun .iilillmr ef " train ef Stillllleitil." him! utliers lnlrt Hlerr
Mnrrlnt Hie ilnun-rUlit liiintiiti iilriure stsr,
llnrry Cnrcy
Siitipnrleil l, l.ltlle IWn Ab-lnliilrr met ether.
Immediate advertising of bids fro
excnvntlon of the basement of the
now Masonic temple was decided
upon nt the meeting of the Mosont,
temple building association Wedncs
day nght. The temple Is to be erert
od nt the corner of Seventh htre 'i
and Uoston avenue. ISmnvatlon will
begin when tho building formerly
occupied by the Tulsa Hoys' home
has been removed frjim tho lot and
a bid Is received.
Marcel Wuvinij
Mr. Leo Kiefcr
1" F 4'h Osare erjr,
Two paihs hctoro lier, one In! lo hmU,,. iiniiilri---lruttRle.
inn iillicr in iilrnsiius llniniiMn) fiwl She look thrill IkiIIi.
I OIIIC llllll SIS' IlllM .
"lnriln .InlniMin Iriivrlnsop
jiir rtitt n fttinr'lt Nti't iHUrrl
II ll pi MMilit .tint llrtlliliijn,
I. rmrf nf
II. Hir ZViC
(Humlti)M uitil lliilliltijit)
l.tM t r
No Itr-meil .Scsts Take tour ( lnile (Nuns l.nrly
Senncl Comedy
I M iiioDi i,i-ti is, in r., 12.30, z, :t in, 1110. n,i,y 7, hh:., 0 a
llnmf pln from vry fturcns
ful Iot OrRtluat Cour whero I
lartn4 mnnv nrw nrt nuiffMf il
wayB to benefit frtpi with trouble
of Lli Kr, i:r, Nor nnd Thr Oat.
lilt. AHTIIt'lt CAMl'IIKI.I,
m Mnyo Ittdf. Oiuleo RI00.
Undertaking Co.
Kmiiv by
Quality In Scrilrn nnd Supplies
Corner I "Irs I mid Norfolk
Phono Osago 8.1IB
Commendably Clean
Candy Land
Upon official inspection, stato health authorities
make this comment.
As good as they are clean. After the show drop in.
One Door South of Majestic Theater
Vaudeville season
begins Sunday
Scat reservations for
.he entire season can be
had by applying at the
Box Office.
Patrons desiring choice
seats should make their
applications now.
T Continuous Pictures 12 p. m. to 1 1 p. tn.
S Friday and Saturday S
In Arthur Ooodrklvs Colnbraled Plsy
Caeser Rivoli
"The Mini of 11 TlmtiNind Holes"
Karr and Walah
i riiilioliino, SIiiiiIiik, 'l'nll,liir
Whitney Dolls
Ninelty ( iniii-ily mill hIiiIiik Itmuo
Down and Francis
"Novelty nnd Character
Cherry Blossoms'
Musical Comedy
The Big Song Show
Comedy Hint offers Kerns f
music, lt mill rollicking non-
Picture Program
A "l'ljlns A" mpcr iiroduc
lion "The Valley of To
morrow" vi Hi
William Rusroll
Holln Ccimcily I'litho Ncivh
"Tim Honeymoon limited"
Tlio lirlKlilint, t'liMorrat nhow
of tlic BC11SOI1
Pathe Review
if r.t "life, w JP0 a Wl U
W r4 OIL Piyf
7 , JL JLlWnA-.Z 5
1 1 0 rz?,xatxihxi3s?pta. w u
I f"" HIllglllK "" jl
jj Montana Four SpA M KT'W
Tucl.cr IlrothcrH ItoniMioiv No. lit. Willi SIMKiAltirr l.i;SI,li; l l li ' Sr q' " 's J
11 Xli AIAN.V III "J)r. ilcKyll null .Mr. Il)ili" Cniiicily S W-Xiy' WW'JVn MT-
Aflcrnoons i:ticpt Sundii) . I1cnliiit nml Kiimlnji, I j I'lwj I HctTffTTfVflfii' W I
itciiiiihs'ii) (iiuiifii t iciiiiiinii) (AdiiiH) I I K(i(vn 1 sas&Jj' J H f
nifS AfH s?f r WW mmm w 3
I ' i Ii ii I ii mil 'in .in I I I Pj .Vonilll'M lll'tM'Kl llllll Ill'Kt ft J
vj 'J I K.itnrI;t Siimlni I VAl 1)1 Ml 1,1. I Wool. I Hi .11 I D
1 ' I 2 a, 1.110, 7 .1(1. I) IS I hCIII.DIM, I .HOI). 7j3ll, Oil. i 1
iifciwi 1 - . - 111 1 n m 1 r; 1 v' vuw w vMK6ur v ma l . m jil rinvw.M tiiv
Wi)rmrl'X I rrr- i m m i&msaonwtu " k m$,
, xiiNseWsinJ Jfps i ,r ' i""- - "I- ' i! LAST TWO DAYS KM NOW PI AYINP '3? Today and Tomorrow Only X NOW PLAYING K
VaISSSMB!EB 1 ;I T,NeI"IGS BtAyW I Return ShowinK by Popu- M
1 1 DIRECTION TUCKER BROTHERS ' 1 0DUCWNjh Wk ,ar recluol Owdl
I U Tli timln lr4tfi 1 ll tilil t
' .1 um m ifm m wr s ns m is- urn.
HS 1 And AtW MM I Moore 1
"Leave It To Me" Wg i BiQu l f , W I I U i a 8 Qj
Mllliurn Mornt.il In 1-Jt (f M&.V " r"V"'") ? H . P . 3f 111 Aft
u romcly mid nN fflfc $A tWjjr'i' I Y BJ B 1 W L I J B rw.,
I it" I wB. Uy rl iRr IK 1 "The I
m mtf-Kfir m v
3 H$ A Si'iiMllonnl I'liomiiliiy of llu- Y . i'lfM r' Wj , , ,. . , 96 T rt 0 9 :
I Added Attraction AND Hl9 WOMAN 1 ' g:
W, Larry S em on S Lilfe lhc cav ",nn of o,d- r iYilHA 85 mo not" n!d 11,0 v,n,p" ffi'
m J $ who f..,1Ki,i i. fom-1.. i.i i.u ! ubumniin $ whilo he wnjlcd for nn m
ffl; IN A niiile. Him fuiiKlil In liold lier W t J '.ii
Jiy, V iiiie, in, imitleil to keep lier for A audience with his intend- 'fff
ffi "THE STAGE K,..::i..f.MM.riW.,. a Admirer, of the rlmrming ed-and .ho didn't. So
Tn TT A Mrv V, fin"" "(."in in nn-Mini of ifiu M Mi 88 Pickford declare Jv nway went tho "simp" Sfet
i igbt ll f J I I 'V il'"'iiir I nr n ms nml Hie liruie ki .... ,, .. . , K , , , fflTy
Jip! ,y nn. iii.ui iiisiimt miw Lorn v ollyaniia to be a moat '& pleasure-bent to forget his jfeg
i i n & t iho ,mm ... u-. . sory , p
Musical Comedy
Itci-onl llrcnklns Week
W. J. Foster's Look
Pleasant Please Co.
StnnnliiK RlrN, pprlKlilly
clinrmn, funny comisllnns
111k new iiimdciil isimcily I'limpituy Siinilay Willi TucKc
llrotliOrh' Itnail Slion.
One of the most sensational fights ever staged will
be seen in
HlfKMl-IIilrMy "SnnliP" lirCnl, Imil ninu of iieslern hell hole;
llirlllliiK cluiw or u linlf-tireeil oullnw; outlaws holding up llm
dliiKi on (lie inounliilii 1 in 11', n IIkIiI In ilcntli IicUms'ii mi Indian
nnd ii western Imil man; an emotional tlrniiui of tho fur Mint.
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