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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 04, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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Daily Biblical Quotuton
; The Lord Ih nigh unto nil them that mil
Upon liltu, to alt Unit cull upon him In truth.
Uvia. 1-tfi : IK.
Ho bow hlri gracious ear,
(i Wti novcr plead In vain;
Tvt wo intint wall till lio nppcar,
.And pruy anil pray nKiiln.
Unto then. O Lord, tin 1 lift un my soul.
L'Tiitt. 26:1.
Pretty nearly everybody has hold u conven
tion or a reunion thin full excepting llm auto
mobile thluvcs, rtiul Jerry Hand Intliuiitcii thoy
nrq preparing for agrun'd get-together meeting.
Thnso having 'In cllnrgo tho Oklahoma tour of
Senator Harding nra standing very much In
their own light If they do not arrungo ft Tulsa
appearance for lllin. Tho splendid reception,
given Governor Cox wan to u vury considerable
extent tho outward expression of grutlludo for
the' 6iurtcy shown Tulsa.
Tho citizenship of thn city, however, not, only
deslrcn tho opportunity to ehow n similar regard
for thq ropulillcnn nomlnoo, but 'fcclH Hint It
nlioulil bo accorded thnt prlvllt'RC. It l pointed
nut that no logical rrnnou hiut been offered to
explain why tho republican nomtneo tins nut
boon pormltted to deliver nn nddroiw hero.
Ho comes to tho ntato with ampin tltuii for, the
Tulita appearance. If tho Oklahoma City meat
InR Li, to bo at iilght then tli3 candldato could
vory ennlly give Tuli a forenoon appearance,
as did Col, Hoosovclt In 1013 when covcrlnc t)ia
Btato, In a ntuto Bo largo nn Oklnliomii It In not
poselblc to Necurv ndcquntti rrnultn from h slnKle
Hpeech; and It Itf reiinlrliiR too' great nn outlay of
(lino and money on tho part of tho yotcrri In
tnnko Jt necemmry for thu brent imijorlly to
trnvnl'iutlf ncrom tho state In order to hear tho
Tho' World doen not know, whether or not
thoro In tho u!lhtent posHlblllty of Henator Hard
ing bclne Mfcurcd for Tulna, but It docit know
that If Oioro In n Ronulno dcNlro to HCcuro from
lil.i vlnlt the greatest poiolblo benefit for Ilia re
publican ciiuho n Tulsa appcaranco. In Impera
tively necessary.
rrudonco alono requires thnt tho Cox mooting
lioro bo nnmvrrcd by a larger nnd moro rnthus
larttla Harding meeting. Tulsa t.tnnil ready tu
do her part in this an nil other renpcc(s; so doos
oaateru Oklahoma. A few hundred voters tuny
go from enstorn Oklaiionu to( hear the candi
date at Oklahoma City. Twenty-flvo thousand
would hear him In Tulsa.
Tho World In thin mutter trprukri no less for
Tulsa than tho republicans of eastern Okln
homo. Let u good reason bo offered for not per
mitting Harding tu appear In Tulsa or glvo him
a Tulsa date. .f
Thla is Wrnko Day. It Is altogether fitting
that norvlces comtnemorutittg thn "bringing In"
lot tho first oil well t-hould bo hold In Tulsa.
Tulsa has cotno to bn tho petroleum capital of
tho world. Via stale a fact and not a flguro of
mpcoch. Westward thq star of petroleum empire
lias taken Its course until it hovers over a clly
jmuny hundreds of mllcx distant from tho sccno
of that first daring endeavor which mnrked tho
("Birth of tho world'u greatest Industry.
What Druko'8 dreams were, ns ho Improvised
;iiia drilling rig to boro Into the bowels of tho
earth In search of "rock oil" wo cannot know.
Hut whatover they were, however wild they may
have, been, they fell far short, wo may very well
liollove, of tho actual consequences which fol
lowed mvlftly on tho hceUi of his wonderful
1 Ho doubtlerti had faith lu tho possibilities of
(tho thing ho was doing: It was beyond him to
loron glimpse tho fa t that ho was ushering In nn
industry that w i'd ch.tngo tho vory fnco of
(civilization; on wbuh would depend, within n
'few decndeti, comnieroc, indtmtry, agriculture
foad oven war Itnilf.
Hut for Drake there would be today no Inter
inn! combustion engine. To get tho full Import
lof that ntatemcnt you must tlilnk. lo you know
that thq petroleum Industry only began to enter
JLi truo domain with tho Invention of thu In
ternal combustion onglnti; that but tor this In
'Vantlon potrolourn would today bo vcry much of
a Eldq lino 7 That Is true.
Drake, tho dreamer, whoso sanity was bus
poctod by sonio of hlu fellows, drilled In Uie first
of! well; but ho UktwUo discovered Plthole, sis
teruvllle, Oil Clly, Lima, Hoblnson, Indepen
donee, Uartlesvllle, Tulsa. Klcctr.i, Rplndletop,
Hnaldton, Hunger, Caspar and overy other oil
pool and oil town that hun been or will be ills.
lilm Tiitun n.ua ...i.t. , .
...m... uiiu v in upprupnaie
Indeed lh.it services lift hnld hero In conimnuin
ml Ion of llio miii n mill event which gnvo thin
city It crowning glory, tho world ltd grratist
brmlo Industry. '
In giving lis unstinted mid uii(iiallflcd up
provul to tho movement which begins today In
securo funilM for tho election of a Halvntlon
Army resctio and iimlernlly home, The World Is
entirely dnliMwtent. The opposition of this pnpor
to llm "drive" Is well known. It was iinn of tho
very first publlelty nxenls to rnlso Its volco In
determined opposition to that custom which
sprang up during the war nnd loni) ago outlived
Its unefulneiw),. If, Indeed,. It over had a porlod of
actual tiiofulni'iti.
Hut there are tuovemontn which should com
mand tho support of the public. This Halvntlon
Army movement Is one of them. It Is it Tulsa
Institution and those familiar with tho local sit
uation Insist thnt (hero Is it genuine field hero
for nuelt nn Inntltutlon. Tho men who havo
taken churgo of tho affair nro Ttilm men, giving
their time for a good rntisc.
It them be nccordnd a warm nnd fruitful
welcome. If part of 'VMlrh'o business men can
afford to glvn their tlmo In solicitation certainly
llm othor part should bo willing to respond to
the rcfiuosU for fund. Let's build Jli'o rescue
and maternity homo.
mil cox's iirri(!ijiT uolh
Wo havo censed to feel censorious townrd.i
Mr. Cox. it la possible, to sympathlm with hint,
for truth to tell ho In filling, or attempting to
fill, a most difficult role.
Tho popular verdict was mado up nnd rcadv
to deliver before tho two conventlotiH woro held
In dune. Tho task fell to Mr. Cox tn .reopen
thn ensn and change that veidlct. Whether ho
tins conducted his caifo In tho Vest possible man
ner Is a matter of Judgment after ull thu facts'
uru understood, Of course, wo 'do not think
ho Iiiia; wo think ho mado nn Irrotrlovublo mis
take nnd nn altogether iinnccemary mistake
when ho deliberately took Wllsonlsm on his
back In that most amazing irtateinent, "What ho
promised I will, If elected, tu the full' extent
of my abllllyVlollver."
Yet ho hud Wllnonlsrn on his hands whether
ho took It on his back or not. Tho administra
tion had seen to thnt In tho platform It gave
him, In addition, tho logic of thu situation,
precedent, everything In politico, required that
ho defend his parly. His pnrty and its' Imme
diate record being Indefensible, Mr. Cox kiw
that his only chunco wan lu creating a diversion.
Hcnco thn churgoji of campaign finance cor
ruption; henco tho old play on progressive vs.
reactionary: hence thq platitudes, mcunlnglcxs
anil contrary to tho fuels, concerning tho effi
cacy of the leuguo to bring about universal and
lasting pence; henco tho appeal to projudlce;
hence everything and anything but a courageous
dliiounslon of thu Issues and un able defense
of seven and a halt years ot tho worst mal
administration o.' thu government In Us history.
It Is easy to assert that thu democratic nom
lnoo has accomplished nothing by thntactlcu
ho choso. What could ho 'havo accomplished
by different tactics1? Tho uttorney for a cllo.nl
notoriously without character Inevitably seeks
tn osall thu character of tho plaintiff. That
sort of defenso Is as old ns thn eternal hills.
Whether It Is creditable or not Is a different
mutter. There Is always thn conifclousness that
It probably will avail nothing. Hut It Is tho
only defeimo and therotoro must ho employed.
Unfortunately for Mr. Cox hq has very largely
forfeited thu good opinion of tho country. Ho
Is suspected. Wn mean by that this his hoifvMy
and sincerity, morn than his ability, are undor
suspicion. Tor ho appears to bo seeking
authority through misrepresentation and eva
sion. The liquor question Is a direct point In
Mr, Cox was tho carcfully'tiurtured candldato
of tho liquor Intermits. Up to tho point of nomi
nation there wiih no concealment of tho fact.
It was1 rather advertised. Hut after thn nomi
nation u miioko hereon was thrown out. Mr.
Cox himself hocuiitu enigmatic In Tils statements
with reference to thu prohibition Issue. A gen
uine effort was mado by his creators to maku
htm appear as a rigid prohibitionist in those
sections where prohibition Is popular.
Yet tho facts are a matter of easily ascer
tained record. Mr. Oeorgo T. Carroll, president
ot the liquor Interests, writing members of his
association under date ot July 'i'i, mys among
other thlngH:
The nomination of (lovernnr Cox of Ohio
for the presidency by tho democrats Is a
big victory for our Interests aitd It can bo
attributed to n great degree to the activity
of our trade organisation her In New Jer
sey and throughout tho naon. Oovornnr
Cox Is a pronounced wet nnd he can bn
relied on to approve an amendment to thn
Volstead act as suggowtcd above. It la now
up to our trade organ Int lions to stand
squaVoly behind Cox uiiil Itoosevelt. This Is
' going to bo tho greatest political fight in tho
1 history of tho United States.
in a second letter Mr. Carroll urges cam
paign contributions" so that wo may know at
once Just what our resourced are."
In view of this iinquoMloned record, and In
view of tho fact that the liquor Interests gave
permlsuion to Mr. Cox to campaign "dry" In
dry territory without offending them, Isn't the
democratic candidate's role one to excite pity?
Wo think It Is, Not many genuine men would
havo undertaken It under any conditions.
Barometer of Public Opinion
An lniproslon of WIUou.
Editor World. A super-self rntlmatu and
equal selfishness, aro conspicuous' shortcomlugi
of Mr. Wilson, Close up or from afar, self
looms largo in tho picture tho president has
painted ot himself ho Is pre-eminently and
exclusively firm 'everywhere and always In his
ttuto-portralturo. Ho fell out with and fired
two of his three secretaries of state, llrynn, a
world way showor In the eudlees direction of
altlulsUo progesslvlsm, and Lansing, an old
political school man. Hoth had too much i'lt
espect to permit him to mako of them mere
puppets of hlu administration, ,tnd they went.
In Judgment and execution from beginning to
end- ho was the cabinet, congress nnd nil llm
peoplo. All of their parts rtd function. In thn
government he iiinalgmnnted Into his own self.
nccrorlltfil authority. He thuswlse wrecked hit
party and nil but brought tho country to thn
brink of ruin.
No highly did he regsrd the prowess of his
personality, thnt he In a forthwith sort of way
projected 111 prfNence Into the midst of tin)
congress, whenever he saw fit to bespeak thnt
tneek .and lowly amenably -n good deal nfter
thn mien .mil trimmer, we Imagine, that were
peculiar t" him with bis school hoys III the class
rootd, Washington. Jefferson, Lincoln mid tho
rest of hlu predecessors went Inapt Indeed, com
pared tn himlf, in the fins and complex nrt of
human gin Turnout LIlHe i,wit to hint what
they mild or did. They nil needed mid hroded
the comnitiiilon as guldi' and guard. He did
neither, lie wns n fire with the dmil of gov
ernment b self determination, not of the gov
erned, but of himself. Quite a substitution
think you7 Mow does It square with the since
nnd nplrlt of thn limes'' He made ballast of
his cabinet, roiigresM, people, chart and compass,
and east th rn overboard Hi mounted the
bridge of the ship of state, and hailed her full
tltt, hoaiWon, by the Intuition of his Idealism
only. , He felt linrn to command, and never
to (ibnsel Ho stood glnnt-llke, thinking nnd
acting alone in th wonderful altitude of him
self, making American policy at, homo nnd
abroad along the Hum of new and unheard of
With one foot on the senate nttd tho other on
the hums-, he looked down from his towering
self ebivfilloli upon them, while his hvrculr.tu
figure i'Iipvh thn sky line of n wonder Hlrlcktn
world. Whether It wero wise or expodlent. w re
neither hero nor thern It was spei'taclil.ir ard
foe him enough. The war diverted' the popular
inltul from tho sinister nlgnlflcauce of li all
The cabinet became but n name Of not anything
Tho people sent him n congress, brand new ami
freirfi, from themselves, which enacted 12 40
wheat' raising the president 40 cents. He
know and did better than they with his inflnlHy
Winn little veto. He .struck thn
price dntfu to il and (ben gavo It
an ncrobntlo holn ttt 12 20. The wnr prlco of
wheat must bn regulated, else the farmers might
profiteer. Hut thn prlco ot sugar -Oh' you
sweet sugarspread Its shiny wlngii and flew
upward, us doth tho sparks, without limit. Tho
Mignr folks were too patriotic to profiteer
tho farmers wero long on cash and shoit on
conscience, In the executive cMlmntlon.1
.nessers. nprecKies and Havemeyer, with wht
miiglo did you savor tho sugar Industry that
It beenmn so seductive to tho ptesldentlal
favor? Neptoslm wim transfigured from Its'
stain of guilt to thn snowy whltrnesa 0f nngeltc!
virtue, when ho chose his prospective son-in-law
for federal treasurer, ,iind when tho rela
tionship was conmiuimated, ho nevertheless
kept the honor and emolument of this high
office In tho family selfish, wo say, and shifty,
Tho war ovor, thn preliminaries of pearo
were such that of all-the millions of men, young
and old, In the sense and nrlenco of statecraft,
none bit hlmiMlf could ho fnd who wns equal
In honoV to the trust, or In (ihlllty to tho task
Selecting only those of his exclusive liking, he
left his white house homo, and sailed nway
Ivlth his sntcllltcM, No iajesty, oriental or else
where, ever traveled In greater nnd moro ex
pensive I'tnto. No ruler -was more, regal In
the assumption of power, or In thn freedom and
Independence of its exercise, than was tho presl.
dent of tho United States. In and about every
thing ha acted with an amazing autocracy In
tho name of democracy. Ho signed us up to
sink and mix ourselves In the ferment of Hiiro
penn distension nnd wnr, and to sponsor with
our sons and sinews, a peaco ns wide ns the
world. His mistake ivnn very great. - Ho su
perseded, without tho tremor of an eyelash, the
domei'ilc ond foreign policy of this country, ns
fixed by the constitution and forecast bv Wash
ington. A J32,fi00 laundry bill was a- trifle com
pared to the cost of social fetew with which ho
Advertised abroad tho plain, sweet and simple
American taste and traditions. Ills two trips
and Intermediate sojourn, hobnobbing with Im
perial majesties, cost uh unnecessary multi
millions. Who cares for expenses' when they
lire out nothing? Certainly not the president.
Hearts nnd homes wero riven and rendered
ilesolnto with grief over war's bereavements,
and he coincidental! loaded himself with mag
nificent presents from royal hands. In viola
tion of fundamental law,- and camo homo nn he
wont. Is ho selfish unto tho Inst farthing?
Think of tho billions spent on tho wnr. Strike
out blllluns for Inevitable waste, nnd then stand
aghast at tho nvalanchlun squander. Awo
trloken amidst the mountain of democratic
prodigality, nnd bent low nenth ponderous
taxes, Just listen to tho reverberating hollow
echo of tho Cox cry for economy In administra
tion of tho government. What nn Insolent
morkory It is, blending ns tt does In tho wniiu
breath with hl prnlmi of tho president nnd Wll
sonlsmiJhcn glvo ear to his commendation of
democracy as personified by tho president, for
Its progrontvlsm, and his cuitstla condcnmiia
tlon of the republicans1 for their conservatism.
Tho thought will conto, as naturally as light
from tho sun that tho democrats have prog
ressed entirely too fnst and far In tho extra
vagant expenditure of the public monies, but
for which tho country would bo billions of
dollars better off and that what It needs Just
now moet of nil In a return to tho saving grace
and business llkn management of tho republi
can party. Wilson's greatest Joke and Jonah
to his parly Is his self-ordalned league of na
tions bin last and least onn was his contribu
tion of f 0 0 to Its campaign fund, lly prefer
ment of his party ho wl havo had honors und
perquisites abovo compare, and $400,000 in
salary. Wo repent, his gift to Its campaign Is
a ghastly Joins Had ho beon a tltho as con
servative with thn war fundi of tho people
as he Is with his own, the democratic candidate
for his succession woulCMiot havo been, as ho
In, kii utterly shorn to tho storm ot popular
disapprobation, which, according to tho polltl
eal weather man, Is booked to break on Cox,
November 2.
Hapulpa, Sept. 2.
a kaV and A HOOK
(Copyright, 1020, Kdgnr A. Ouest.)
Old llrown wiih onn who used to say.:
"Much like a book Is every day
A book you wnut to read clear through
And find Just what Its peoplo do;
The story starts and caows doubt,
Hut you must know how it turns out;
The hero gels In trouble, and
Appears to lose his sweetheart's hand.
Hut In the closing pages, you
rind happlnesn and murrlage, too."
t like his notions. Kvory ,y
I start a story Just that way.
And us 1 stand before nty door,
I wonder Just what Is In store
What Joy or sadness shall bo mlno
Hefore I rcath thu closing, line?
What new adventure slmll 1 make?
Wb.1t different road bo mlno to t.ko?
I.tut though tho writing may be bad,
1 trust the ending will bo glad.
Now here's x new book Just begun
This morning with tho rising sun!
Hero wnlt perhaps adventures bold,
A thrilling tale that must bn told,
Someone perhaps muy rise to f.imo
And I may proudly speak his name,
Across the current of my Itf o
May blow the changing winds of strlfo,
And I may clearer come to see
Thu answer to Ufa's mystery.
With interest tho tale Is filled;
Men dream nnd toll nnd plan nnd build,
And ever with the human race
Homo wondrous change Is taking place.
I want to live this glad day through
To know what friends of mlno shall do,
To learn, where now I iftand In doubt,
Just how tho problem will work out
To read this book ot Joys and woes,
And know tho story to ltd closo,
(Coxtrrllhti 19201
tolm Hull, III Well known prolftlonal man
Jaltr, hat taken a manilatm ovr Mttopotamim and
htr immn$a oil and olhtr rtiourctt. Thm Afja
pofariun ar fitting dttptrattly.
Spiho Ilogan war caught rod-liandtd latt night
whilo mandating a hout on tho boulevard. Ho
had mandated two bagt of til iter and m bo of
Jewel: lie one eerved threo year for petit
A lone train mandator tueeett fully held up
the Wonderland Limited jutt outtide of Kantae
City latt night. Forty thoutand dollar were
mandated from the exprett eafo and two molten
ger were futally mandated?
The Promoter's Wife
It may require moro to make one
man or woman feel Joy or pain than
It does another, but tho Joy or pain
they feel Is about tho same. So It I
wero happy in niy,cngngnmetjt, I was
probably no happier than ' others
havo been, yet It seemed to mo that
no pun ever huil been bo happy as I,
In those busy, summer months pre
ceding my marriage.
, I sewed lndefatlgubly. Of neces
sity thero was no elatiorato trousseau,
but what I had was good ot thn klird,
and as every stitch was put In wttji
a thought of love, I am Biire no brldo
over hud u moro satisfactory trous.
How kind nnd faithful mother
Was. She pinched and saved In every
way. that 1 might, not go to my hus
band unprovided for. Father, too
I never knew until long afterward-
Insisted that his old overcoat was
Noll's aunt and undo had breakfast.
leather mado all sorts of fun bo
causo wo called It "breakfast." It was
12 o'clock.
"I had to wait until this hour
for my breakfast I'd get a divorce,"
ho told mother. I suspect he said It
moro to cheer her up thnn for any
other reason. Mother couldn't hide
her feelings ns well as he could, and
her .eyes had been full of tears nil
tho morning.
I didn't really feel I was Nell's
wife, however, until wo wero along
on tho train, spee'dlng away from all
I knew and loved. Then I Just laid
my head on his shoulder nnd cried a
little. Not because, I was not happy:
I guess It was because I was happier
than I ever had been, and because I
felt a bit of sndnessN along with my
linpplncss becuuso of father and
Hut Nell was
,gond enough to last through another
to mo so senMbly
winter so that I might havo another
dres", although ho had fully Intended
to buy a new one.
Women und money women nnd
money' Had 1 realized how they wero
to bo my undoing how my very Ufa
wns to revolve nbout them I should
visit us.' that I
told mo of tho
flat-hunting; but ho made a very
fuco over It, so I sort of Imagined
ho had called It "fun" to cheer ma
up. Hut ho had had his raise. Wherl
ho told the firm
hnvo been willing to bo clothed In married, they
sackcloth and considered myself for
of 125 as a wedding present.
tunnte If only I might havo held
tho lovo of my husband.
Tho weeks flew by. On the 18th
of September. Nell came. Wo wero
mnvrled tho following day lu tho
little church where I had been bap
tized, and whero I had taken my first
communion. Thn wholo village at
tended my wedding. No church In
vitations wero necessary. Hut after
ward, nt tho house, only tho minis
ter, two of tnv most Intimate girl
friends nnd Mr and, Mrs Carter
I felt awfully rich and Important.
How wo wero to spend such n Bum,
seemed to bo a vorv prodigious ques
tion. Wo should bo really quite In
fluential members of society, with all
that at our disposal.
When I said something of this to
Nell, ho only laughed and replied,
"Now York Isn't Huntington, dar
ling. Money doesn't go very far In
thn big town."
I laughett at him when he talked
that way. 1 knrw mother never hud
had u tltho of that to llvo on. yet
wo had always been comfortable.
When I said so to Nell ho told mo:
"You peoplo pay no rent; they
burn gaH and koroscn lumps. Thoy
havo no car fares to pay. Why, dear,
ono-could llvo better tn Huntington
on J50 a month than In New York
on three times that sum," Hut ho
also told mo. that tho firm who em
ployed htm woro very kind to him,
that the, head of trto firm wns an old
friend of his father's and that was
tho way ho happened to bo with
them. "Thoy will glvo mn another
advance ns soon as they think I de
sorvo It." ho had said with nil tho
optimism ot happy youth. I havo
other schemes In my head, too I
shall havo plenty of money some
"Of course they will! If they didn't
you might leavn them and go with
someone efte. They wouldn't let you
do that." Such a speech showed my
faith In Noll, but proved nlso how
IIHIq I knew ot business; and of hpw
easily a- man could bo replaced un
less ho wero very' much out of tho
ordinary which Nell was not, at
that time, although no onn could
havo Inducedmo to believe that thero
ever lived n more valuahlo asset to
a firm than my husband, Nell
(Tomorrow A Honeymoon Spent at
Atlantic City.)
The Young Lady
Across the Way
A recently Invented cream whip
per can bo fastened to the bottom
g'f a bow) that It cannot slip oit.
Until title to tho Island ot Spltz
bergen was turned over to Norway
thnt enltnfrv linrl nn nlnl ,lnt..ilta
The yourg lady ncroas thn way
tays her father regards the financial a new rnmhh.nd exenvAiln nn.i
conditions ns rather unsettled and loading machine
doesut' expect to Jake on any now work of 20 men
investitures until after election, used.
Johnny Crapoud, th oxptri French mandator,
hat tahon inandat ovor Syria, although tho
Syriant ar fighting dtttrmirftdly to preterits their
' dttormination.
Mr. Jam J. lit gift, a prominent rotident of
thit city, warn mandated latt night at an alley near
hie home. After toting hie watch and pocket
book he was mandated aver the head with tho butt
of a gat. .
Mr. C. W. ReAthogg, who hat taken a fancy
to the anceetral home of the Widow Perhine, hat
occupied tho place by virtue of a eelf-impoted
mandate. The widow and children will bo ol
lowed to work for him and live in the cellar.
Bennies' Notebook
Mrs. Jandcrs camo to see ma yes
tldday aftlrnoon, being a. short lady
wi'h pointy fett, arid mu brawt
down her new hat ifnd Mrs. Jandcrs
sed, O, Izzent that perfeckly ex-
quttlc, I think thata simply ador-
auie, u izzeni mat just too atmiioot
ly cunning for words, O thata simply
me uaiiugest tiling i ever saw.
Wlch my cuzzln Artie was there,
and mo nnd him stirtcd to glccol
and couldcnt hardly stop, ma saying
Hcnny, Artie, wat aro you glggullng
Nuthlng, I sed. 'and Artie sed
We're Just glggellng. Wlch we kept
on doing on account of tho longer
you glggel tho harder It Is to stop,
espeshllly wen thern 2 of you and
after Mrs JanderH went homo ma
sed, Now arcnt you boys ashamed of
yourselves carrying on iiko mail
and I sed. Well gosh. O. ma. Mrs
Jandcrs tawked so funny how could
wo help it?
I wunt you to understand peoplo
havo a perfct rlto to talk tho way
so kind. Ho talked
tncy picasc sea ma. ana I sed, well
about having them I C5, gosh, ma, jven the way she twked
soon was smiling. Ho
fun wo should have
and ma sed, Corteny, and I don't
want to heer nnothcr word nbout It,
Wlch me owl Artiq kopp on nwk-
ins '.lint way all aftlrnoon, and Artlo
stayed lor suppir nna who i wns eat
ing my mash potatoes, I sed, O,
theso mash potatoes aro too perfeck
ly wunderflll for werds thyro simply
Jest too bcwtiflll. ,
Thu dooso you say, sed pop looking
that no was lo no
hnd given him a ralso
serprlzed, and Artlo sed. And O, deer
theso peez, theyro simply almost too
divine, and I sed, And, O, sutch moot
Us Just too absllootly pcrfeck.
i Heer, hecr,hoy, hay, Bed pop, cut
that sort of tuwk out lmmeodllly, and
I said, Well O, pop, gosh, ma sed
that was tho way to tuwk, and pop
sed, Lillian, did you over say that?
Dont pay onny auction to him,
Wlllyum, I mcerly sed It was all rlto
for Mrs. Jandcrs to tuwk like tha if
sho wunted, sed ma, and pop sed
Its not even frr oil nlte for a parrlt
up a tree to tuwk llko that and 1
don't want to heer cny moro of It.
Wlch bn dldent.
Abe Martin
"I don't know whether I'll register
October 4th or nqt. It all depends
on what they're wourln." said Mlns
Tawney Applo, t'day, Don't it feel
giod t' commence on other things
Is said to do tho
with tools formerly
arior you rinally got throug fumb
llt' an' mcasuV with a toastln' ear?.
The Horoscope
Monday, ocionnt I ,020
(Copyright, 1920, by the ct'Uf
Newspaper Hyndlr, i e.;
Many kindly stars guide i ,cn. nd
women this day, according i a,t,to.
ogy. Mercury, Uranus, Vmn and
Jupiter aro ull In benefit aspect.
Ncptuno Is faintly adverse.
it Is a time for pushing a'l enter
prises, since tho planets n,,, ,vi cn
orgy, foresight and coiimec f Jr vCn. J
turcs largo and small. '
Mercury gives promise. Cf lh
greatest possible success f jr wi aev-
ur is mrgeiy iiuvcrusuu a d s, mi
to forecast tiew power fu ,ta..
und publishers'.
Personal publicity she ..Id be tl.
pcclally beneficial during 9 ,..
tlon of tho stars, but win
an exaggeration or p.isn , i, seta,
tlon will avail little, for 1'rai g.
Intuition and clear undent' i J. ,B
Thero Is an aspect said to b t lr
ttcularly favorable to alt tl.' at.,j.
tlons and aspirations ot won r. who
will benefit greatly from the wcr
of tho planet that rules th- mu m...
scicus mind and so nuUKcns hu
has been called tho sixth sense
During this rulo tho mind ehiulil
bo particularly keen nnd nlert, cptn
to urgument und ncnsltlvo la cmo
tlonnt appeal.
Orators should mako the most ot
this direction of tho stars, whl h
teems to prcsagn supremo su, cm
for mora than ono woman speaker.
A reform movement led by women
and nationwide In Its scope will lo
somo way affect thu iir'lsti, lif0 ot
tho people, tho scorn prophc j,
This movement will not be nrpar
ent until after election, it u tor,
cast, when all political barriers will
disappear and tho greatest strength
of tho women of tho country tan bo
Vonua is In an aspect today that
given promise ot high public office
for women, but there Is also a sign
read as presaging great social as
well na professional achievement for
young girls.
Colleges will claim such great
quotas of women that thero will be
concern on tho part of men lest tho
universities bo feminized, tho acers
declare, for Jupiter and Venus aro
in nn ospect which proml&is great
educational ambitions.
While Jupiter foreshadows intel
lectual benefits thero Is an unpc, t
that seems to promise sucr ss ot
beauty for tho women of Amrrli a.
l'ersons whoso hlrthdatc It is hae
tho forecast of a succcsnful year In
which money will rapid y Inc-cas.
Tho young will court und all ages
will bo lucky In love.
Children born on this day havs
tho augury of success In life. They
should rlso rapidly In any vocation
they ndopt and should bo fortunate
In murrlage.
Culled Hack by tho War, They Arc
to Continue With Us Now,
During tho early years of t)icv:?r
many un old windjammer, long laid
up in port, took tho sea again to the
profit of her owner. Craft almost
forgotten appeared In American har
bors, whero of sailing snlpi tha
schooner alono was a frequent slfht
brigs and brlgantlnes, barques an4
nondccsrlpt rigs hard to name Any
thing that would float wns at a pre
mium. Often theso old-tlmera suc
ceeded better In escaping the cub
mnrlnes than tho Jaunty modern lin
ers; the bigger game most attracted
tho hunter. Stanch enough most of
them were, too stancher than
somo of tho rosty-sldcd tlnpots has'i
ly thrown together In the sudden
emergency. Steam might hao con
quered, but sail hud a last gasp or
Yea, now that tho emergency Is
ended, thero aro slgnR that sail Is to
enjoy a long resurrection. Tho num.
ber of sailing ships remains much
larger than It was before the war
It has been discovered that In somo
circumstances they aro moro dcslr
ublo than steamships. Tho point
with tho latter has been regularity
and speed. Even an old tramp
knocking off eight or nine knots an
hour seemed prcforablo to tho fast
est of Hchooncrs or barquentlnes, frc
eucnt victims' of head winds or calm".
The famo ot tho old clipper fhips.
with records often comparablo to
thoso of tho ordinary steamship of
a generation ago, did not suggest the
return to tho, conditions that pro
duced them, '
Tho high prlco of coal and tho
nuxiuajry engine, However, nro Print
ing tho windjammers Into great fa
vor again. They cowt less than ever
to build, In comparison with steam
vessels, and they can bo operate
moro cheaply It Is going to ho a
long time before oil supplants ceal
generally, and meanwhtlo tho saillns
ship, especially with an auxiliary cn
glno to drlvo her along at six or
seven knotii when the breezo dies
down, can hold her own with tho
low powered cargo steamship In
tho stiff breezo tho old cllppem
would do from thlrteon to fifteen
knots. Tho Scandinavians In pir
tlcular nro going In for sailing ships
with motor onglncs, nnd this compe
tition with steam Ik by no means
negligible. Thero Is more than ro
mnnco In tho return of sail: thero Is
good business. Philadelphia In
qulror. J
A separate container for too k
features a now glass pitcher for coll
A substltuto for absorbpnt cotton
has been mado In Kuropo from p. no
An Inventor has notched tho inner
sides of clothes pins to Increase thr.r
Promoted by tho Jnnaneso navv,
successful oil well drilling Is under
way In Formona.
Tho rims of tho rollers of new
roller skates ran bn replaced with
new ones when worn.
Sweden Is manufacturing lubri
cating oils from liquid rosin at a
numbor of lumborlng plants.
A sheirs attachment for slip Joint
Pliers that will cut fairly heavy
metal has been Invented.
Bolivia Is to have Its first mill 'nr
tho production of woolen nnd cotton
textiles and yarns.
To make a wntch servo ns n clock
a stand holding It behind a magnify
ing glass has been designed.
. .T.j iv,. Ihev
will imps ere rfiie-'i .
become x subntU''tn fn- tobacco
la, process Invented In Kuropo.

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