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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 04, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 9

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Tv.'insnortation Systdms
Believed to Have Thrown
Off U. S. Handicaps
M.W 'nKi Oct. Highest
quuuiisvrH of OiJ year for a. majority
tf railway lasuca awl lowest ruota
tlmin trr tlio name period iiy almost
thrw acoro prominent Induntrliils
j , .rlaUIOH featured lat woolt'H
tm. j l' it Irregular ntock market.
li.ns.'t'.H for this ncetirit4!ly oon
triJ.' 'ury condition woro found In
ihn (trowing conviction thnt tho
trriiitM.riatiOti sMnns hnvo thrown
off me hudcnp.t ImpcRod by federal
c,tit'Ol whlla the dccllno of Indus
timl ntl Kpt-clftllleo reflwtH tho fur
thir reduction of commodity priced.
Tho dccllno wn most iiovero lit
motor nnd kindred Issues, also ome
of thi) food hari, nolnbly (nigurr,
ml slocks o no especial utaiailfica
$ lMshlrr sipccts of tho flnanchil
An.! iiitstmrit slluutlon woro pro-
Mutrilly a broudor demand for bonds
t matrlallj ratrncr lovois.
Oplri" x in banklnc ruurtcni vary
nr in:.rn; tbo cuunse of tho money
r. urkct in tho final quarter of tho
year. Octol" r Interest and dividend
t disbursements iiggroguto $374,000,-
0(i0, this being less vy aumu sti.uuu,-
Uto Uian too juymonut in uio cor
responding period of 1319.
JWelgn exchango continual to x
pr? by 4W towvr tondencloa tho ox
tut of this country's domlnsunt posl
tlonas a debtor nation. . Gold lm-
potiii raro largely iLUgmcntcd to
meet tho Anglo-loncli obligation
raaturlngOctobor 15 next.
Weekly Mofeil Jfjirkr.t.
N'KV YORK, Oct. 3. Tlio metal
markets appear to bo in a period
of readjustment to lowor prices.
more clearly than n.t any tlmo thin
jcar Hteel buyers havo been press
ing producers for reductions. Itll-
tts have been cut to 155, -at litis
nursh and Youngstown and forging
Mllets to 70. I'laten and snccts
anil In fact most of tho heavier
lru(!uctn havo been reduced whllo
wire materials, rails, hoops, bands
ami Uti remain otcady.
Yor tho first tlmo this year signs
point to an easier pig Iron mnrkot.
Valley furnaces havo cut quota
tions on foundry iron U a ton to
l" and basic l in tho courso of
vrcikenlntr to a 115 level.
Cupper box taken tho courso of
Iron and steel. Moro producers
nave cut quotations to 18 1-2 cento.
Consumers have bcon well covered
Iv steady receipts on old contracts,
Arrivals of foreign copper, total,
' 8,100 tons apnlnst exports of 7,300
tons this month.
Tin Is absolutely llfelens, Tho
market at 43 cents n. pound Is tho
lowest of tho year.
Lead U lull and trading Is ab
sent, 7Ana Is -weak and featureless,
There Is a distinct absonco of
Antlmnnv Is quint out prices re
main unrhanRcd.
IVnpIng Strom Ifllls Knginrcr and
Injures Tim (uejs,
Bpe, !iU to tho World.
HKNRYUTTA. Oct. S. A horrl-
Uo freight train wreck occurred at
8 o clock Thursday morning four
tnilf.i east at Wolcotkn, on tho
1'ort Smith nnd Western railroad. In
which Knglneor Tom Ilenfro of Fort
Smith was scalded to death by es
caping eteam, nnd Fireman O. C
liay, 23. of Wcleotka was scalded al
most to u crisp, and W. F. Hutchin
son, head brukeman, was badly
Tho injured men wore brought to
mo Henryotta hospital whoro medi
cal aid was hastily Klvim.
Fireman Uay, tliouKh fatally In
jured is still alive, lloth cye aro
scalded out and His body horribly
sldd all over. Uead llrakoman
was scalded about tho arms and lotrs
and ba k, whllo his Injuries aro of
most serious naturo, ho" la not re
tarded as beyond recovery.
Conductor Walkor van In tho ca
boose when tho crash came, and es
caped Injury, ns did Urakemnii Frod
Phillips, who had Just returned to
tho cabooso from tho front of tho
Tho cnclno turned over and rolled
down a flfty-foot embankment, the
Impart bclm; sufficiently heavy to
burst the boiler and tho escaplne
(team wrcakod fearful havoc.
All that could bo learned of the
wrock was tliat tho cniflno suddenly
Ml the track, followed by ton cars
In nulek succession.
j a
Weekly Dry C.imhU lUnlrw.
NKW ' iOHK. OcU 3. Unsottlcd
conditions In raw cotton lnarltuis,
couplled with tho light demand
from tho convurtlni; and Jobbing
trades, havo brought about a ro
newal of liquidation In cotton
Knods and cotton yarn prices. Cur
tailment of produetlon In manu
facturing center lias been Incrcas
ItiK nnd In most cases It has been
brought ubout by tho expiration of
contracts and Inability to securo ad
ditional business.
The nor 1 od of protection Riven on
prints nnd percales has expired but
printer havo not yet mauo now
prices' for future deliveries.
The iruaranicou prico on picociicu
muslin expires by nprecment on
Oetober 18 and new dcmln prices
aro not expocfod beforo tho middle
pr tho end of tho month.
Oilier merenanuisinif eonauinns
of this sort delay n. readjustment
nnd tin trado Is now inclined to
look for llttlo Improvement until
after tho national elections.
Cancellation of orders and con
tinued production of cloths In some
mill centerw In anticipation of or
ders tend to complicate ruturo
Quotations nrn: print ciotnn zs-
inch ClxOIs, 10c; 64x00', 9 3-4oi
35 1-2 Inch, C4xl. 11 l-2o: brown
HheotlnKs, southern standards, 20c;
denims 2.20's. southern lmllco, 44s
nomlnsl; tlrkln-rs 8-ounco, 40c;
standnrd clnchnmn, zoo; sianciaru
prints 23e. nominal; drefjs Elntr-
hams 2G and 27 1-2. 1
New Crop and Generally
Unsatislactory Money
Conditions Blamed
XEff OIILKANR. Oct. 3. Tlio
trend of prices In tho cotton market
last week was strongly uownwaru
nnilnr tho wclcht of tho now crop,
tho absonco of a spot domnnd nnd
tho Kooerally unsalsfactory financial
conditions which, accordlnc to all
ncdounts, havo prevented tho Interior
from obtaining funds In sufficient
nmnunt in hold cotton off tho mar
kct. At ono mosslon spotprlces In tho
Interior wero marked down from 100
to 300 points. In tho local spot de
partment prices lost 300 points on
tho week on middling, which closed
at 23c. Tho net result of tho week's
trmllni? In tho contract market wero
losses of 101 to 297 points, October
closing nt 20.80c. May, tho most ac-
Mvo distant month, c nsed nt 20,01c,
At tho lowest loVels of tho weok
prices wero 194 to 307 points under
tho closo of tho preceding weok, with
October at 20.70o and May at 19.0SC
At not tlmo during tho week wero
prices abovo tho closo of tho pre
ceding week, except on Mny, which
at ono tlmo was at a not advanco of
flvo jmints.
Weather conditions wero mixed,
the weather map nt ono tlmo pre
senting tho strangu spectacle, of an
wnprecedentedly earlv cold wavo at
ono end of tho cotton region and a
hurrlcano nt thu othor. Tho cold
wavo caused moro or less frost In
tho northern sections of tho belt nnd
tho hurrlcano brought high winds
nnd heavy rains to tho Atlantlcs.
Fair weather prevailed over much
of tho bolt. ti
This week spot market events nrn
bound to bo of moro Interest than
over. Uuroau reports on condition
nnd ginning, postponed from October
2 to October 4, will bo Issued, tho
ginning figures at 9 o'clock and thj
condition figures nt 10 o'clock New
Orleans tlmo, lloth reports will
carry tho crop to September
Throo Moiila Will llo SiTvetl Knell
Day to 1'atrons of tin; "V. W."
Dining room servlco will bogln at
tho Y. W. C. A. this morning In
addition to the cnfoterla service.
Threo meals will iio served dally,
breakfast from 7 to 8U& o'clock,
luncheon from 12 to 1:30 o'clock nnd
suppor from S:30 to 7 o'clock.
An Individual breakfast will cost
35 cents. An Individual luncheon will
cost 60 cents and Hunday dinner 75
cents and a week's menl ticket for
luncheons and Sunday dinner $3.50.
An individual supper will cost 60
cents. A meal tlckot for a wook's
breakfasts and suppers will cost TO
and a meal tlckot for three meals
dallv for n -weok $8.15.
Serving of club nnd Kroup dinners
1-11.. ... I V, .,,1 ' Xftt T 11
n miuiimir nfituwi '. . -'
Woody of Fort Worth, Texas, Is In
charge of tho dining room.
Now Ijocntctl 238 Kennedy Rldg.
l'hono Osage 1 113
Ccncrnl l'ractlco
Mnx of Inilirlnnt Irf-glslatjon Is Pitt
Throtieli nl KMtlnl Notion.
AISTIN, TeXRH, Ort. 2. -The
Texan leglslaturo ended Us iiperlal
session last night nfter pnsliiir
flnnlly all of tho mnjor mensuifs
beforo it, excopt tho bills proposing,
divorcement of packing, oil mill nnd
Kin Interests.
Tho Industrial bill passed finally
through tho adoption by both
branches of tho conference commit
tee, reports provides thnt it shall tie
n felony to luterforo with workmen
engaged with common carriers of
tho stnto if violence Is used atid a
mlsdomennor If only threats are
used In violation of tho net.
the Oil Fields
Gardner, Spencer & Co.
Declares Dividend
Oardtier, Rpencor nnd Company
have declared tho regular qunrtrly
dividend of two pr rent on all out
standing preferred stock, pttynblo
on October first.
Wilcox Drilling in Today
Tho Hatnnr F. Wilcox Oil Com
pany's No. 4 on tho Htepney farm
wan drilling nt 2840 foef Haturdny
afternoon, and expected to get the
regular Wilcox saial nnd drill In to-)
day, Tho well Is located in tho
northwest corner of the northwest
of tho southwest of 2 1-15-10.
Tho Wilcox Interests are moving In
a rig to offset thn lrel.iu & Hthmldt
well In 31-10-12, Mounds district.
Tho new test will ho locnted In tho
northeast corner of tho northwest
of 31.
KnnsAH Wildcat.
Jn Greenwood county, Knnsts, tha
Kansas- Oulf Oil company No. 1 Hall,
In tho northeast of northeast of 7-
24- 9e, Is dry and abandoned, total
depth 2,440 foot. Osrtgo Ilrlnn Oil
Co. No. 1 Haver In tho northwest
corner of southwest of southwest of
20-24-9e, Is rig up. Oreat South
ern Oil company nnd Tidal No. 1
Hobblns, in thn southeast of south
east of 27-25-Se, Is drilling at 2,100
feet. Derby Oil company No. 1 llen
drlckson, In thn northeast of north
east of northwent of 17-25-9C, Is
drilling at 1,550 fcot. Sarno company
No. 1 Ilendrlckson, In the southwest
nf southeast of southeast of 17-25-9o,
1h rig up. l'tiro Oil compnny
No. 1 Ucrrler, In tho southwest cor
ner of southeast of 17-25-9o, Is
spudding, Kansas Gulf Oil company
No. 1 Ucrrler, In tho southwest cor
ner of northwest of southeast of 17-
25- 9o, Is drilling at 1,300 feet. Cor
nelius & Todd No. 1 Mcllane, In tho
northwest of southeast of 2ft-25-9o,
Is drilling at 750 foot. Kmplru No.
3 Dcnchfleld. In tho center of north
east of northeast of lJ-27-So, is.
nbandoned rig. Vnclo S.lnT company
No. l Tomple, In the southwest ror
nor of northwest of 23-27-Sc, In shut
down nt 2,550 fcot.
In Harvoy county, Kansas, Greocho
O, & O. Co. No. 1 Bawtelle, In tho
southwest of northwest of 24-22-20,
is drilling at 2,370 feet. D. J. Mar
shall No. 1 Classen, In tho northeast
of southeast of 29-23-20, Is rig up.
Cain, et al., No. 1 Hlckers, In the
northwoHt of southwest of 30-24-le,
is shut down nt 9S0 foot. Halstead
O. & G. Co. No. 1 Hoover, In tho
southwest of northwest of 3-24-2W, Is
shut down nt 2,400 fcot. Nelmttn,
et nl., No. 1 McCune, Jn tho center
of tho south lino of southwest of
jiorthwcst of l-24-2e, is shut down
at 2,390 feot.
In Harper county, Kansas, Kldo.
Harper Kmp. Oil compnny No. 1
county farm, In tho northwest of
northwest of 25-32-7W, Is shut down
at 500 feet.
In Hodgeman county, Kansas, Oil
Fields Dev. company No, 1 Hanna,
In tho northwest of northwest of 27-22-23W,
Is shut down at 725 feet.
In JacksOn county. Kansas, lluf
falo Oil company No. 1 Cook, in tho
II American (ar
tv rl OLDEST and
!iil Mvirax chicaoo
lllji ST. LOUIS '
Electric Welding
The Modern Welding Process
Quick, Effective, Strong and Safe
Let our Engineer Co-operate with you
The Seidel Engineering Co.
Electric Welding Service
Office and works, 1303 Admiral telephone Osage 348
Let Us Serve You
I I I II. Ml BIMila I I
Designer, Photo
l'hono Uitlly World Outgo flnoo
All Kinds of Signa
Outdoor Aclvertising
Phone Osage 7777
627 NorUi Main
.t of tit'
n.ntlu ist of 12-7-
Is 1,1' nil.
In J' well lounty, Kansas, Uedllne
Oil cmnpany No. 1 Itiiin. In the
simtlir.tst of southeast of 9-2-9W, Is
rig up.
I Klnrwood rounty. Kansas, Hale,
et si., No. 1 Oraber, In the sotithwe.Hl
of northwest of JI-27-7W, Is shut
(Iown Bl j m ft,,
In Kearney county, Ksnsns, Mlns
Inge No. 1 llower, In the south
west of southwest of 9-!6n-37w, Is
shut down t 800 ft-t. v
In I.lncdn county, Kansas. Reno
dutn Ac Trees No. 1 Heverly, in tho
southeast of southwest of 26-10-lOw,
Is shut down nt 300 feet.
lit Lyons county. Kansas, Hoover,
et ill., No. 1 UlllKlfV, In 111 south
west ..f the southwest of 4-21-lte,
Is rirgltig up. Umpire O. ."fc K. Co. No.
1 Ii.tlitriKor, In the liorthetist of the
southwest of 2l-21-llo, U a locution.
In Muion county, Kansas, Hln
chtlr No. 1 May, In tho centtr of
tho north line of northeast of south
east of l.i-17-le, Is shut down nt
1 tliio foi t. l''urrester, et l., No. 1
Fay. In the northeast of southwest
of 12-17-4i, Is shut down at 1,400
feet. (Ic i. W. Krow No. t lllffleY In
tho south' ,tt of southwest of south-!
east of 2-l-4, show Oil Z,S7
2,37 S feet, shut down at 2,4 40 feet.
Argus Oil ctiinpuny No. 1 llott, In
the nortlii'.iKf of northeast of 9-19-4e,
U shut down nt 2.000 feot. Sig
nal Oil company No. 1 Richmond, In
tho northwest of northwest of t3-18-Ge,
is spudding. White Oil cor
poration No. 1 Wells In the south
east of iioithiast of JO-19-Rn, Is u
rig. A. I'. Cmiipbull No. 1 llein, in
thu lull tin-. t.t nf southeast of 30-20-
Ze, Is I Ik up. J. H. Sharp, et .
No. l Chiasm, In the southwest of
southwest of li 20-5o, is blillilltig rig.
Fninklln O. Al G. Co. No. 2 .Man
helm, in the southeast of southwest
of ll-20-5c, is drilling .it 1.000 feel.
In tho llllllugH Held.
McKnskey & Went?.. No. 1. Fereli-
hough. In tho northeast cornor of li.
2lll-2w Is shut down at ,suu icei.
. Mnilariil-No. 1, I.lndwrsinltli, In thn
northeast corner of lfi-24n-lw Is rig
ging up. . ...
Humphries rotroioum i;o. jo i,
HpimI. In tho southwest corner of tho
southeast of 20-24n-lw Ih drilling at
2,450 Teet.
Mld-Co. No. 4. Iletmnn. In tho C.
of the northwest of the northwest of
tho southeast of 29-2ln-lw sand
1.999-2.022 feet: 20 barrels.
Snine coninanv. No. 9. Citsa. In tho
C. of thu southwest of tho southeast
of tho northwest of 29-24n-lw is rlg-
L'lni: uii.
Bnmo company no. , itomnson, in
the C. of tbo northwest of the north
west of the southwest of 29-24-n-lw
H digging collar.
Carter Oil Co. No, 1, Robinson, In
tho southwest corner of tho north
west of tho southwest of 29-24n-lw
sand 1.9S6-2.00f feet, 100 Parrels.
Bnmo company No. 2, Robinson, In
tho northwest corner of the north
onst of the southwest of 29-24n-lw Is
drlllltiL' at 1.200 feet.
Saniu company No, 3, Robinson, In
thd northeastyofner of tho southwest
uf 29-24n.lw Is spudding.
Mldcontlnont No. 4, Robinson, In
.tho C. of tho northwest of tho north
west of tho southwest of 29-24n-lw
Is a rig.
Kn:ne company No. B, Robinson, In
the C. nf the southwest of the north
west of tho southwest of 29-24ulw Is
building rig.
Same compnny No. 8, Robinson,
In tho C. of tho southeast of thu
southwest of tho southwest of 29-
24n-lw Is a rig.
Carter OH Co. No. 3, Iinnlng, In
Dr. T. W. Stallirigs
The removal of his office to
114 West Fourth Street
Oil Properties
Phone OsnRo 6285 Tulsa
and Fbundru Q.
Iho nerthiflst corner of the southeast .
r tho southwest or sa-sin.jw is a
rig. I
Mid-ro. No. 11. Wildlns. In tho C
of th northeast of tho southeast of
the southeast of .10-3ln-lv Is drlll
ItlK nt 2.210 feet.
Mnrlnnd No. 1. Miller In the
soutliwisl corner of tho northeast of
2-:4ti-lo Is tinderreamlug 12 1-2 Inch
casing, total depth, 8S5 feet.
fame company No. 1, Colllsr, In
the southwest rorner of the north
west of the southeast of S-24n-le Is
tindcrreamlng 12 1-2 inch phrIiiKi to
tal depth 1.010 feet.
Mid -Co. No. 10, Washburn, In the
sunt In ast corner of tho southwest of
16-23n-2w Is drilling nt 2,0Ct. feet.
(llllesplo No. 14, W. .1. Nesl, In
tho southwest corner of the north
west of the southeast of 15-23n-2w Is
drlltliiK at 1 . 4 s 0 feet.
Clotty Oil Co. No. li, Yost, In tho
northwest rorner of tho northeast of
32-2,1n-2w Is shut down lit 1,925 feet.
10-lneh casing iktrted
Mid-Co. No. I, A. Hrmnflcld, In the
northeast corner of the northwest ofllliw, Is a bunt Ion
ZZ-Z3n-2w Is nt 3S0 barrels well sand
2,431-2.140 feet.
Hume compnny No. 17, Hoover, In
the C. northwest of tho southeast of
too Honttiesst or ,2-S3tl-Xw Is sptlit
illllg 814 feet.
Carter Oil Col No. 1. Ashwnilc. In
the northwest corner of thn south
east of 22-Z2n-2w Is spudding.
union v nl. No. 1. Jlrork. n
tho northeast corner of the south
wist of 22-3u-2w Is drilling at 790
Hnrtmnn. et al. No. 1, Koatoti, in
thn C N. 1.. of the southeast of 3 1-22n-tw
is hIiv down at 1,112 feet.
Mcrrltt. if nl. No. 1, Freese, In tho
northwest corner of the northeast
of 15-21ij-2v Is a lo.'.t ton.
Ike KohuliT No. i, Chrlsopher. In
the northwest corner of the north
east of thn northwest of 30-2 1 ti-1 o Is
driving at 2,010 feet.
Oklahoma Wildcats. .
Roger .Mills Count), Oklahoma
Twin llllls Oil Co.'s No, 1 Mo-
Cluri In the southeast corner of the
northwest of 1515n-20w Is rigging
American retroletim Co.'m No. 1
Frankford In tho norlhwest corner
of the southwest of ll-12n-23w 1st
shut down, total depth 22 5 fact.
lister Comity, Oklahoma.
Harry Von Ness Syndicate's No
1 It. K. Knight In thn southeast,
rorner nr tne souinwest or 2 2-lMi
lOw Is shut down nt 850 feet for
I'nrker Oil & Gas Coa No. 1
Drilling Contracts
905-OG Kennedy Rldg,
l'hono Osago 9250
llm opening of the new
Hotel William Mary
ISO Rooms 100 Ruths
Tenth nnd TrnOs fits.
Wichita I'nlls, Tea.
do not worry the Investor
who buys high grade listed
stocks and bonda outright
and holds them for perma
nent profit. tr 4,
The KiUM Pl.n of tmtrtjln buy-
l . pmnli Kill
Tuu "J Inrr.lor. Il
.n.l'U. .mi eo ronlrol fi. Unici
Ure Hock of Knirlllt. vu
foul, cntilml i.n a rj.l, h.li. You
sll Ji.UUuil4 while iiaylna.
Our maenlnr. "Inv. tm.ne," will
knp rou po.tt.,1 on th vital ntw.
sIwbi iIm titr tl... C( ll.icj wctiri.
lie. Ajk ni lii Wnd It to you ftea
Evans & Co.
Stfx-ln, nonila. Cotton and flrnln
Mrnter Ctilcsso nosrd of Trsd.
nd N Orlrstw Cotton Kchn..
Corrnpondents W. J, Wllmn A
Co., Ntw Votjt. 1'rlvats wlrn. Curb
Stolli. a Hprclnlty
West Uud Hotrl Tul.n Lobby
I'hone Oince 0717
Strand berg,
Now Orleans Cotton Kxchango
Chicago Hoard of Trndo
New York Ktock IJuchitngQ
I'ltiVATi: wiiins
' Stocks Grain Cotton
Liberty llonds Hought nnd Sold
GKOltOi: L. KVHIJIl. Managur
Phone 7200
121 Kast Third Strcot (llotol Tulsa)
To Telephone Subscribers
Centralized Accounting
Effective Oct. 1st.
On account of a change of accounting, it is very nec
essary for each subscriber in making payment at
the office, to bring statement; also to see that tha
stub end of tho statement accompanies check when
mailing remittance. This will avoid errors and delay.
Southwestern Bell
Telephone Go.
i.ii hi il ornrr nf til'
r t in- northwest of I
skiddlng rig, lost hole
i n i
m fmu f
Chqntii i ill Co. 'a No. 1 Wallace
In the lo.rthurM coiner of 2S-Hn-
i iw, IS Ik lOI'SIIIIII.
Unknown No. t test 111 the nortli
west enrner .if 16-Mn-lftw, Is a 10
c nt Ion.
Airenbe.-k St Clut' ir's No. 1, Wil
liams in ' lie southcHst corner of the
northwi-t of 1-lln-Ilw Is drilling
at 5f. f. i t.
II. J. Mull Jennings No. I
Itogers In the southeast comer of
the southwest nf 0-lln-llw Is iipud
di'il in and shut down.
Union NslmtiHl HI Co.'s No. 1
11. 11. Htetdft 111 the center of the
east line of th southeast of the
northeast of J0-ISti-lv Is shut
down nt sOO feet for bit.
1'iivne, snd olhsrs, No. 1 Heliroek
In lh" sniilhwest corner of 9-lSn-llw
Is shut down nt 00 feel.
A l i' iia nil ,v lis Co.'s No, 1 test
In the south.isst corner of
N. i. Monroe, and others, No. 1
test 111 thn southeast corner of 9-12n-lw.
Is i loantlon.
Curler County, OMiilsitnn.
Pipe llngrey's No. I lest In,
the sonthenM corner of 3t'-15tl-18w,
Is drilling nt 3iin feet I
Waliiln, Ol.lrttionwi. I
Rita nil Cn's No. 1 Joyce In the
southwest coiner of the nnrlhi'.i't
of the southwest of the soiithwi -i
of 2 1 -1 1 n -1 u w is skidding i Ik. 1"m.
hole at !:'5 feet.
Ciiiiiullim I'oiiiit.v, Ol.biliouin
ITllloli City oil A. tills Cn'M No. I
Htevctia In the tuntheHSt corner of
Hie tinrthwi'St of tho northeast of
33-llh-7w Is n i Ik
llccl.linin County, Oklahoma ,
Twin IIII'h OH '"'" No 1 (lenrge '
In thn center nf the unilhwest of
Ntciioi.s Tiussrnt ani
OrsltnK I'lklix lrafat Mnvlnii
Vans slut fifparuln iron tcktu for
ItuuNrtilil tltiutla,
We Hold ik rrumU Aliens 1'mflU
I'liuim 117.118.
the southwest of l5-1n-21w, is tiiuit
ilnwn nt 1 5(10 fief for casing.
Morton, una oiners, mo. i j. u.
Cox In tho noiMiwest corner i.f the
not thrust of .i.'.-9n-2Zw, w Mint
down at I 2,10 fet.
Pierce Oil oorpomtlon's No. 1 test
ltl the southeast eorniir of lb nutlli
enrt of ZI-.SI1-20W 111 drilling at
1,112 feet.
O. II. Tiiylor'n No. 1 tost In the
.sottlliwest corner of the nurtb-list
nf 27-7n-2Sw, Is drllllM- at Z.Juo
Gieer Tetns No. 1 Harris In tho
northwest corner of thn southeast 1
of tho sonthesst of .1 l-7n-2 Iw, Is
drilling nt 1,100 feet. ;
Klown County, Oklnhniim.
fit. I.nuls Oil Gns Co.'a N i 1
.1. W. Mi'Cotinell In tho nortliwest
corner of tho snnthwi'sl of the
northeast of a4-7n-20w Is nhtit
down at I. US feet for funds
Centralized Oil Co.'s No. 1
Hchmldt In Ihe southwest comer of
the southeast of Z"-7n-ltlw. Is shut
down for pinker, total depth, 1,731
l.one Wolf l'etroletim Co ' No, 1
Dugnn In the southwest cni ii' r of
6 to 9lA
Paid on Savings
No Tnaca
I'nder filnlo KiiimtiIhIoii
Over 2, 000,01111 nr Real IVlnto
Is swiirlty for tncry dollar de
posited ullli us.
Wo Solicit Tour Kindness
Tulsa Union Loan
& Savings Assn.
B IVist Flflli Ht. Osngo R2.M
1Q w.iii
m.u w m J w m. o.w.aa,a
The famous friend of old
-made by the original
process in conformity
with present regulations
Known evenwfiere-Buylf
3y ihc case Jot yout.Aome..
Vitttori oord tally invited to n)cf our plant
Motorcycles Harley-Davidson, New and Second-Hand
Cunningham Motorcycle Co. (
s .West Tulsa. Okla.
the southeast of the southeast of
15dn-2ow Is a rig.
C'mlilo Coiintj. Ohlaliomn.
Two IlatrhoW Oil Co.s No. 1
Dickey In lUa, notthwost corner of
the southeast of the outhes of
Iho southwest of l-Cli-12w, Is drill
ing u 2,800 feet.
When tho hinged top of ft new
kitchen tiiblo Is turned back it re
ii tils nu Ironing board nnd means
for raising It t" a desired .Height.
Resembling ft filant lawn mower
u .. im ..nt.'.i lo (li'riniinv to bo
j,,ilf,i In front of a locomotlvo to
Mil wwMh ft (im railroad trnckn.
A stove using sawdust for fuel and
which Will heat a fair she room Is n
llrltlah army officer's Invention.
Real Estate
Straight Money
Ask for Mr. Scars
' ,O8age 9660
. BaBaaTls j
imir ArfAin?

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