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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, October 13, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 15

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Tn the OH Fields )
j Northeast 17-29-11. -B,109.
Ulr mi Oil Co., Tula. ..
i , Southwest 20-29-11, 10,066,
W Whltcnlilc, yuluth, Minn, ,
1 o, Northwest 21-28-11, 14,800,
, t0 Oil Bo., TulKn.
1 - Houthwont 2123-11, $0,000,
do tr Oil Co., Tulnn.
oilthwoHt 26-29-11, 1161,000,
KVu mc Oil & Oan Co., Tulaa.
t NorlhenBt 27-29-11, 110,000,
gt,r Oil Co., Tut-a.
1 southwest 27-29.11, JH.SOO,
i,r( - oil Co., Ttllsa.
1 Northeast 29-29-11, 6,fi00,
Mid . Pet. Co., Tllldrt.
. Northeast 31-29-11, U.S00,
i' 'i i.-y, Ht, Paul, aunn. -1
orlhcant 3,420-11, IS1.000,
SKf 1 i v'o., TUlKll.
1 uHionst 3r,29-ll, H7,n0O
,-,1.. .1. Uinltl, fnill.. it rtl.. TnUii
, '-ollthwcot 362911, 14l,
000 C intral Oil ;o., TUlsa.
-juthwBt 30-39-11, $145,-
mil Kxplnratlnn Corp. "
I t. 8 acres Southwest 2-20-V.
D. Fuller, Tulsa.
1 'w S nnrnu Vrll,,.'nt 11.
o.. , 00, J no. 1'. McKlnney, ot
al i
1' IT, 9 acres ftaiithwunt 11
"0. J ''0. IjOliIm Friedman, Tulwi.
J N. rtliwmt 1820-12, J1.000,
J . h, Ht. Louis.
J nithoiua 182012, 11,000,
Juli ' t Hnrtlesvlllo, '
. . i.iitlioast 2020-12, J1,000,
Wy i Oil CV).
1, NortlAvest 30.21-12, J1.000,
O. ' M ' nkloH, Tulsa.
1 Northman C-21-12, $133,000;
Clo Oil Cii, Tulsd.
1 ' .Si.uOicnst 6-21-12, J20.000,
Kfnii. r OIL & Gas, Tulsa; ' ,
1 SoiUhcairt 9-21-12, $1,100,
J. C .c, t nl., Tulsa. . t.
1 T.iUhwi'st lfi-21-fS, $4,000,
U T.tus TulHa.
Southwest 10-21-12, $2,100.
H. I i V 'qrrald, Tulna.
1 Vt M acres Northeast 22
21.1 : loo, V. V. Titus. Titian.
S'rthwest 22-21-12, $5,000.
C Tit JH, Tulsa,
1" Northwest 27-21-12, $2,300,
0. AS YU-is, Tulna.
ITS. '.Northeast 422-12, $1,000,
f! r..i Mortlo ot nl., I'awhUHka.
1"S .Southwest 8-22-12, $1,200,
O, V I.-i Hoillo ot al. PawhiiHka.
ISO Southwest 9-22-11, $900, Kn
flsco (nt Corp., Tulsa.
1st Southeast 18-22-12, $2,000.
I. A Greening mid V. I,. Kstcs,
152. SouthWf.it 20-22-12, $2,300.
Clover Oil Co.. Tulsa. ' '
153. Northern 30-22-12, $2,000,
fried Man St Cohan, Tulsa.
18V .Southeast 31-22-12, $50,000.
Colvijr Oil Co., Tulsa.
lSIi. Northeast 33-22-12, $5,700,
M. U Di'i-rlll, Itlvqrton, Wyo.
IIS. Southwest 16-23-12. $2,200
O. V,. Esslcy. Tulsa.
1H7. Mouthoast 30-23-12, $3,300,
National KxploratlOn Co., Tulsa.
ISS. Fr. 68 acres Northeast 27
24. 12. $1,060, 13. J. Jlcaennlno,
189. Southeast 32-25-12, $3,300.
Cfcrtcs Oil Co.. Tulsa.
190. Northeast 33-25-12, $2,000,
i?.'. K. Foster Hartllesvlllo.
nimV S,""tllwcfct 33-25-12, $11,500,
fPhllllps Petroleum Co.. A. a. Mc
Oraiv, Poncu City.
192. Fr. 120 aores Northwest 34
25.12, $2,000, Jones O. & O. Corn..
193. Southwest 827-12. $10,000;
walte Phillips and Phillips Hawkeyo
Drir. Co., Tulsa. ,
194. Northwest 17-27-12, 17,500.
nynona Oil Co., Tulsa.
195. Southwest 17-27-12, $3,000,
ynona Oil Co., Tulsa.
195. Northeast 18-27-12, $10,600,
"jnona Oil Co.. Tulsa.
197. Southwest 18-27-12, $14,000
Wynoqa Oil Co.. Tulsa.
198 Fr. Northwest 27-27-12.
imIl0, W?,"" VMM "'' 1'hllllps
lUwkeyc Dru. Co., Tulsa.
-Vortheast 33-29-12, $10,000,
OKla, Prod. ,t Hof. Co., Tulsa.
West Side.
! Northeast I-22.7, $6,000, C. E.
Ian? ;',h!o.Star " lla C- CIoVO-i
Northwest 1-22-7. $1,300.
nnnoiuh Pweilm Co.. et al. Tulsa.
4. Southw.Mt 24-23-7, $1,200,
TuuV"111 I,oti9luu, - ot u,
5. Northwest 25-245-7, $10,500.
TmS0UUI 1ctrolcum Co- it nl.
I'lfp'o St.ui?!VMt 25-23-7. $271,000,
lilhilarui o,j Co., ct al. Tulsa,
lv! N""t,","t 27237. $3,500,
iTlidmun & ohcn. Tulsa.
!. Southwest 3G.l'37, $25,000,
y County C.uh Co.. Tulsa.
,,,, 'thwist 1-26-7, J7.600, Na
""Ml l-ploratltn Co., Tulsa.
r,7 Southwest 1-2',-7. $2,700.
I'Uffcy uuies)l0 Oil Co.. Tulwi.
aatioiu. l-.xpjjnitlon Co., Tulwi.
orlnwm 11-27-7, $17,000,
wlJii unty n;lh Co- C,uffy.C,ll
iMpk Co,, Tulsa.
,4,'. 'Uthwcst ll2-7. $4,000,
fjjllle.-ple Oil Co , Tiilsu.
' Scutheast 15-27-7, $22,000,
UK -'lihfBpIo Oil Co.. Tulsa.
J Sfjiliwest 13-27-7, $7,500,
national Uxpioratloii Cto., Tulsa.
10. .Northeast 2Z-27-7. $1,500,
,,"fy;'-"i'Pspio Oil Co., and Phillips
IT- Noruhwcut 2327-7, $1,600,
y-iil.nlo Oil Co., Tulsa.
S uiheust 35-27.7. $8,300,
MXjsrr) m corpomtloii. Tulsa.
19 B uthtvctit 36-27-7, $0,500,
"tyJillcsplo Oil Co., and Kay
ntv .Jas Co., Tulsa.
' U'hwfst 3C28.7. $1,100. A.
Concrete Mixers
Gasoline Engines
Wheelbarrows and
Carts 1
R. T. Courtney
15-16 Daniel Block
415 North Main
It Shrlnor, tt al, Po:ua Cit.
21. .!?mit henst 30 ii-d, li.ZOO
Devoml Ire oil Co., Tulfo.
22. Southrfcst 4-20-6. $31,000,
Kny CVunty Oas Co., Tuln.
23. fjouthwewt 4.i6-(i, $251,0000,
National Hxplomtlon Co., Tuimi.
24 ifcuthwest 30-37 -C, $20,000,
OuyOlH.ilf (ill c?., nnl Kay
Couiity (Ins Co.. Tul;u
3 S llthcnrt 2528.6, $1,100, U.
0, Gnvlcrskl, Cleve'tiud, Ohio.
.20. Southwest 7-215. $1.ju0, V.
It. Whiteside. Duluth, Mtnn. .
27. IVorthwest 1824-5, $000,
aotniH) Maxwell, Nnwuta.
28. Soulhe.isl 25-27-5. $S:.0fl0.
Skelly &. Pl.llllpfl Petroleum. Co.,
29. teu'thwest S5.2V-S $,1P.
Hkclb- & Phillips Potiulutm tv
Tulsa, 1
30. Southwest 28-24.1, $500Kay
Coilnty Ush Co., VuUxi.
SI. Southcnst 29-24-4. $5,000,
Kay County Goh Co.. Tdlra.
32. siuthenst 30-24-4, J700, lJiy
Ccunty (3ns C Tuli.
SI. NiirthcaKt $1.21-4. $2,100. C.
M, Peleri), Pawhnslia. .
24. Nortln ast 2-23-3, $1,300, Ky
County Oiin Co., Tulsa.
36. Northwest 2-J3-3, $1,200,
revolilan, Oil Co., Tulwi
30. Soiitheaxl :-2;i3, j $ 1 ,300.
Devonian Oil Co., Tulsa.
37. otilhv,rt 2-235, $1,400,
l3crnlati Oil Co., Tulru.
Important Wildcat Showings
Tho Vexoleon Oil company test In
tho northwcsl corner ot the north
west of 322S3-9w, Kot tho
top of tho wand at 1,740 feet nml hast
a showing of oil and Is standardiz
ing. Tho well Is olKht miles south
west ot Iho Umplro pool.
Tlic Hay State Ilcfining
When tho nay Stato Knflnltlff com
pany's plant at Ilealdton, Oklahoma,
charRcd Its stills list week, another
refinery was added ty tho list In
Oklahoma. This company, which
.-nn orKanlzcd a few months nud by
Knrlo a. HastliiKH of this city and
J. Murray Walker of Huston, prom
ises to bo 0110 of tho most success
ful Independent rflnliiK concerns In
tho nitd-contlnont field.
. Tho company has completed and
Is running a most modern refinery,
compounding and barreling plant,
with- a capacity of 1,000 barrels of
finished '. products per day, whicn
capacity will later bo Increased to
2,000 barrels. Tho company has 130
tank cars, In which to market lt
products, which Include 11 cnnpleto
lino ot refined products Including
cordage oils, steam refined cylln
stockB and lubricating oils.
Tho Hay State UuflnlnK company
la organized tinner tho laws of Mas-"
sachusctta with a capitalization ot
$1,600,000, two-Ultras of which Is
preferred and one-third common
ri'lm company's prcnldent, IJnrlo O.
Hastings, was formerly general mn
uger ot tho Massachusetts-Oklahoma
Oil company and tho lllgheart
retroloum Iteflning company, and
later treasurer of tho lllgheart Pro
ducing and Refining company, which
companies ho nnd his associates or
ganized, and which hnvo been vury
J. Murray Walker, vleo liresldont
and treasurer, is treasurer of tho Til-
ton Mills. Tilton, N. 11.. and Is ono
ot tho most popular nnd successful
young business men of Boston.
Tho other orriclals ot tho com
pany are, Tien K. Undsly, rcflnoiy
manager; O. V. llrooks, sales man
ager; W. A. Lay, refinery superin
tendent: William F. Junes of Itoston.
consulting petroleum engineer, an-!
Win. u. rsoull, rormeriy vice presi
dent and general auditor of tho lllg
heart company, Is auditor. Tho
board ot directors Includes. In addi
tion to Messrs. Hastings nnd Walker,
Messrs. Cloorg' K. Urock, president
Homo Savings bank, Hoston; I.orlnc
T. Cushmnn, lloston! Harry N. G11-
tcrmnn. Hoston: Paul Pnlnc. con
sulting petroleum engineer, Tulsa:
Charles A. Pastene, director U. S.
Trust company, Hoston; Wm. 11.
Sticknov. vleo nresldent Jletronoli-
an Trust company, lloston. and
aiyron a. loung, presuieni spencer
National bank, Spencer, Mass.
Tho new company has Its general
offices In Tulsa, where It has a suite
of rooms oil tho third floor of tha
now Atcu building at Sixth and Main
strectx, and bnfnch offices will bo
maintained at lloston, Massachusetts,
and Ardmore, Oklahoma.
New Tests in the Osage
Clem and McCoy aro spudding in
on No. 1, lotatod at tho center of
tho south lino of the southeast of
tho southeast of section 14-23-10.
J. It. Phillips, et al have a rig
on tho ground tor n test In the
northeast corner of tho' northwest
of section 3624.10.
Tho 59 Osago Oil company'n No.
27 well In tho southeast corner of
tho. southeast of the southwest of
section 7-24-12, Is a rig.
Tho Phillips Petroleum gimpany'a
No. 3 woll, In tho center oFtho west
lino of tho northwest of section 24-25-11,
Is a rig on tho ground.
The, Dovonlan Oil company han
a rig up tor a test In tho contcr of
tho north lino of tho northwest ot
tho northwest of section 30-25-11.
Tho Tulsa-Texas Oil cimipany's
No. 4 well, at the center ot tho south
lino ot tho southeast of tho south
oast of section 28-26-11, Is a rig.
Tho tlraham OH and Gas com
pany's Nu. 0 well In tho southwest
of tho Houtheast of section 2-27.10,
l.s spudding In.
The lAwrenco Oan company has a
!howln proiluctlnn tn iliite, pur
chuaeri, rrlora l'ald. and iUlf at all
torntfr bale. uUo acruaso to b sold
October nth.
Metis livery It-qulrrm-nt.
Tuln. OUI11. riiuna O.ure 333d
Corporation Service
of Oklahoma
Jas. R. Cole, Counsel
Corporation Iviw - Trusts
Syndicates 1jv of OH
nml (,'as Juiil 'PI 1 Us.
t)ur Sorvleo Is dovotcd to the
Iicgal and Iluslness needs ol
OH and Gas Operators.
Osago 7080
TuImi, 01;I.
machine moved In for No, 2 In th
ci titer of the south lino of tho south
east of the southeast of 3-27-10
Tho American Pipe IJne cjim
Pany's No. 73 well, In the renter
of the south half ot tho northeast
of S27-10, is a rig.
The Indian Territory Illuminating
company's No. In the outhwet
of the . Houtheust of section 9-27-10,
Is a rig on tho ground.
Tho O. p. H. well No. -79, at
the center tif tho north lino of the
north halt of tho northeast of .r
tloti 11-27-10, Is drilling at (100 ft.
The Plover Drilling company'". No.
2 well, tit the northwest comer oC
tho northwest of section 12-27-10,
is a rig on tho ground.
Tho 202 Oil company has 11 mu
fhlne III arid In spuddlfjf. for No.
1 at tho southwest corner of thti
northeast of section 362711.
The Monti Oil company' No. (I
well, In the Houtheast corner ot thn
northwest of n'ltlon 30-27-11, li
gooil for 26 barrels, In tho 1. 596-foot
mini. iso. 7 on this leaso ami lo
Uilted In 111 renter nl Hi mint lliu.
of the southeast of tho northwest of
the suction Is a location.
Tho Osago Oil and Iteflning com
pany's test In tho northwest corner
of tho northwest of the northeast
of 2S.27-12. I 11 15-barrel producer
In tho 703 to 721 fojit pay. No. 2,
lorntixT at ttie eenfUr ot the west
line gf the northwest of tho north
oust (if section 28, Is drilling at 300
Tho Hntnaey Petroleum company
nnrfjien-t of section 25-2S-9, I a
test In tho northenat corner of tha"
machine moved In.
Tho Yorkhoma'i? No. 1 well In tho
center location of the lnoi thoast of
northeast of sqctlon Jr-28-, Is a
section 4-2811, la a machine.
Tho Pralrlo Oil and Gas company
has a rig up for a test in thn ex
treme Houthwest corner ot section
Thn Advance oil company's No.
S well at tho center, of tho east lino
of tho southwest of section 2029
9, Is u iimehlne moved In.
Tho Dalian Osage OH com-'
pany 1 no. 30, in tho southwest cor
ner of the southeast of the north
oast of section 22-29-9, is a ma
chine rigging up.
Wlster's- tot In tho northwest
corner of tho northwest Of. section
26-29-9, Is a machine moving In.
Tho Phillips Petroleum company
Im spudding In with a machine in
tho southeast corner of the south
east of section 2629-11. No. 6 on
tho center of tho west lino of tho
Houthwest of tho southeast of sec
tion 20 Is drilling at 300 feet, while
No. 7 at tho center of tho south
half of the southeast of sectltun 26
la 11 machine.
I'rairic Well Reported
Flowing (
A lato report from tho Prnjrle
well In section 17-22-2W, near
Perry, Oklahoma, Is that It 1 be
ing swabbed nnd that It inado one
flow1 Into yesterday. This has not
bocn verified here.
Urschcl Pool, Kansas '
The Hkelly OH company's test on
the Osgood Jfnrrn, In tho northwest
of the southwest of soctlon 22-21-B,
has 2,000 feet uf fluid In tho hole
and will be pul on he pump to see
how much oil and how much water
thero is In the well. The sand was
found considerably lower than the'
original woll, which it onsets.
iVort' of Kelly viae.
The Leo Oil & Gas Co., nnd S. .1.
Matthew's has made a location for n
tost In the northeast of tho southwest
of 29-18-10. '
West of Sclmlter
Thu Transcontinental Oil com
pany's test In tho" southist cornr
of this southeast of 14-12-12. sccma
to have widened out tho' trend u,nd
It now looks as though thero would
bo a direct connection found between
tho old KchultrtMiool, and trje stuff
In tho northwest of township 12-12.
Tho well at 1 foot In tho sand was
flowing by heads, nnd tho owners
havo made locations for Nos. 2 and
3 wost and north of tho well.
Tho. nearest production Is owned
by Heboid & Pine, In 22-12-12. hut
thero aro wells drilling toward tho
Sclmlter pool, as for Instance tho
Miller people are drilling a deep tent
In 8-12-13, nnd had S, 000, 000 feet of
gas at 1,500 feet, which was braden
hended, and they 1110 now drilling
at 2,000 feet.
Another well a quarter of a mile
northwest of this test Is being drilled
by Levy nnd others operating ns tho
Wooster OH company.
West of Henrietta.
Henryo Oil Co. nro shut down at
Stono ombry, Bhut down for eight
Inch casing at 2,000 feet southwest
of tha southeast In 19-10-13; woll
No. 1.
Lyons et al., undcrrenmlng eight
inch casing northeast of tho south
west 1-11-9; well No. 1. '
2,930 feet southcas of the northwest
of the northwest In 12-11-10; well
No. 1
Humphries aro drilling at 1,000
feet southwest of the nouthwest In
24-11-10 No. I..
Indluhoma-LYons, clearing out
at 2.83(1 feet In northeast of tho
northwest of tho northeast In 5-11-11
No. 1. Vic-itl
Central National OH Co. aro fish-'
Ing 2,300 font northeast of theyouth-
Undertaking Co..
Know I's by
Qunllty In Servlro mid Snpiillcs
Corner First nnd Norfolk
Phono Usui-- 85 IS
. i l .
Electric Welding '
Wo w,IJ machinery In place without
taking It apart, No irhallnc re
qulroil. No wnrplnir out ot tbape. Ix-m
delay and tpne.
Wa tretd anywlier-, anytime.
Call for our welding- truck equipped
with weldlns'mactilne and compressed
air tool- for chlppln. rrindln,, drill
Injr and aandbloatlnff. '
Seidel Engineering
Tulsa, Oklahoma,
Olflco Hint IVorkal 1303 Admiral
rhone Oiage 111
"Irft lis Seria ou."
' west of tho sou'
I c No, 1.
est, tn lo-ll'lt,
Ok hew Oil I
2.825 feet In th
northeast of the 1
111 wall No. 1.
aro drilling nt
'Hiutheast of the
Ihetist tu 16-11
and from 2,602
1A.1t hv cat of tho
'tllwest, InlS-ll-
feet tn 2,8 16 feet
northwest of tho
11. well No. 2.
.Same, drilling
southwest In 15-11-
Hume, dillllng at
iitthwest of tho
1 well No. 3.
;n() Will south-
west of the northwi'i. tn 16-11-11
Hume, drilling nt 1"H reel C. rt.' U
nnrtliwVst of the southwest In, 1511
11. Well No. f.
Klngwood Oil Co. hnvo rig up
southeast ot tHu ROtithcnkl In 8-11-II
well No. 1. fc,
J .1. Dener 1ms rltriip C. W. I,,
southwest of tho northwest In 15-11-11
well No. 2.
Snme has rli; Up simthnast of the
1 linrthweet ot tho southwest In 16-11
I 1 1 Nu. 5.
1 Hkiiio has rig tin f V I., north
west uf tho southwest In 15-11-11
Central N'atlnnat Co. has twin rigs
up in noilhwesl of ihw southuest of
tin- sniithwest In 16-11-11: well
N. 10.
Klnaw'ood Oil Co. have rig up In
W. I., southwest of tho southwest
ili 10-11-11: welt No. 11.
Seine has twin rig up C. K. 1
southeast of tha southeast In 10-11-11.
Well No. 13,r "
Many Oktaliuniniw 111 Kentucky.
(My G...W. WmtNlNG.) ,
Gaologtot Julls Fohrt has arrived
from T11N.1, alid is teported as ty
Ing this is one of thu most promising
fields of America.'
A total ot 22 Tulsa, Okla., olU
nun 11.11 v reacneu nowung ureen
In the past week, among them Homo
of the nett mldconttnunt opeiators.
Tills Is ifiiiarkalilo In view ot thu
attitude formerly stummed by mid
continent operators who had pre
viously legarded thu shallow wvll
terrltuty ni unlikely. Their enor
inonwloHS' H in deen sand territory- In
Texas and I.oulsana anil the fact thnt
'gusher wells are coming In In Iho
Kentucky-Tennessee field tit less
than 500 feet hui finally awakened
the mlilcontlnent operator to tho
advisability of their getting Into
Ihl? Kentucky-Tennessee, and ns
usual tho Tulsa bunch Is early on
the ground, one of tho Illustrations
of rcsiiltM obtained In this Kentucky-
Tcnnesec field s shown by pro
ductions nn the Tarranls lease where
since Mny 12 over 30,000 barrels of
oil hai been run at $1.00 per bnrrel,
nnd tfte entire xpnso of the lease
nml all overhead exporise, etc., hns
ueen ksh than $43,000, yielding a
net Income to tho owners of thu
leneo In tour months ot about
$00,000 or around J 300 per.dny and
the leaso Is jiot one-twentieth
drilled up. ;
Thero nro others of relatively
equal result but the above Is enough
tn give you nn Idea of what tho Kentucky-Tennessee
Mold nriiduces and
hIiouh by comparison with tho deep
sand fields of Tcxua and Lolllsana
the ndvanlngo of operating In thin
great .southwest Kcntucky-Tennessiia
Hhnllow sand territory.
One hundred nnd fifteen produc
lng wells are reported In Simpson
Co., southwest of Howling Green
and 50 machines moving In south
west of Krnnklln and on tho Kentucky-Tennessee
boundary linn.
J. P. Arnold & Co. of Decatur,
Iiid., nro opening a big oil well sup
ply house In Franklin, Simpson
county, 7 miles north of tho Tennes
see line' In nn effort to keep pace
with. tho rapid development In Simp
son county Kentucky, and Itobert
son county. Tennessee.
O. II. fhcrrltt of Oklahoma City
Im In Franklin, opening yards for
hta tank building factory and will
tiring on a number of experienced .
tank builders from Oklahoma to
build tankaco to take care of pro
dnctior In Slmpnn nnd other Ken
tucky and Tennessee counties.
Tho siedgo property near tno
Flmpson county line', sold for $500.
000. Inst week to Now York linnkers.
1 ne.jji itiewuicr ui company o
Now York, which operates In Okla
noma under the nam of Tidal Oil
company, brought In No. 4, a big
producer In tho Iteeder pool In
south Simpson rnunty, and aro now
drilling No. 5 and No. 6,
Tha Ohio Oil company has also
Dr. T. W. Stallings
The removal of his office to
114 West Fourth Street
Tulsa Rubber Stamp
jn-51 lliirnunl
lllilc. Illrtr
I'lioim O. 1413
0 f - llubb-r
1 tamp-. Notary
I'ubllr snil Cor
r rutlnn H-hIji.
Htrnclla. KlP'l
IIM, Ink rla,
iJutlnic liumiis.
, irjrff iici'n- v .
j vrrrrttrnvmrrtwer'
Tulsa Council No. 22,
Business meeting Wednes
day, October 13th, 7:30 p.
-M. A. K.VVIWlt, Itccordcr.
MJSLii: li. noYLi:, t. i. m.
Any portion i Intercut In HO-arre
Iraao. Will be drllltni! In Si) days, ex
fioct to complete at leaat two wella
n 99 daya Wo own our leaio and
Mlanilanl Toula, and only aeil tlica
tntere(a for caali $o pa.- pipenaca of
drilling and caiinff Ini-tt'ti will be
sold at coat of Iruae and cost of drill
Ing, Kor full Infirinall .n, pricea and
Itimi call at our bffli e An oppoi
tunlty to gel an Inli'-rit In Oaana
leaae and uella at ac.ual coat uf pro
duction. ESTES & WHITTON
Itoom II. Turner llldg.
I'honea Cedar ts and 699
.rrttntnd to the f.eid and nro drill
'ing o, 1 and Nu. 2 In tho HeciW
1 pool
It.ilnh W. Mollaz. and Others, f
St. I .null (ire drilling No. 1 on Ih
O'lliain lease niar the lteedut
pool, to the siiulliuost In tjlnipson
county, icy.
Hie Klnt Hock Oil .1 Gnu company
In Hlnipson count) borderliui on
Itobertson county, Tenn. lino teports
No. ( and No, 5 on the Harris lease
ns itM as 50 burets each.
Iliiettner, nnd others, of St. 1idls
are Orillitig N,u' 2 on the llobdy-ln
the I;eeder fool nnd Nu. 2 (in the
Uunn In soiithwint Hlmpson countr
near rmiiklln.
Veslow A Co. got n good well
on No. I six miles houthwest f
Franklin, reported ntA0 barrels and
hnfi made eontraets for four more
tv.tlla 1,1 .llffjiriinl lit..,.
I son and Itoiiertson counties on the
unties on
ne4 all in
' Keuttirky.Tennesee lj
enmmcni'ed before November
Neelv, and others, nro spudding
In No. 1 on the Chnnry south of
overall nnd others, nro drljllni;
No. 2 on the Humpluey leaSu In ex
treme soulhwesleni Hlmpsnn enuuty
adjoining Hebettson county.
Wiehltn-lloiner la completing No.
2 pn tho Pepper, c.xtremu south
Hltnpson county.
I.vln-Orr. and others, of Tulna Is
spudding In No. 1 on tho Tisdnlo
west ot Franklin and almi inovltur In
on the .dam near Krankltn, They
have ro'iHtdernblo (teivagn ind ox.
peet to do much drilling-
DJchl, and others, of Huffalo are
drllllncr No. I on tho Graef farm
southwest of Franklin'.
Moon, and others, aro drilling
No. 1 on tho , Hendricks, south of
Krnnklln. '
Frank Ames. iTnnit i.aurie. nnu
others, ot Carry, Pa., havo movcdn
25 Starr and spudded In No. 1 in
first district, ItobertPon county
Pert Amos of Howling Oreen,
Ohio li shipping nno 27 Htnr from
Oklahoma this week and starting
No. II In tho extreme northeast
corner or district 18, iionenson
county. Tenn., near tho Junction of
15 and 1. ...
W. P. nvema. formerly ot mirenu
of mine"' experimental station of
Ilartlesvll'.e. Okla; nnd Will Hup h
1)111 of n.irnesbnru. Pa., bought
3,000 acres In dlstrlrt 1, lloberstoh
rnunty. Tenn.. and understand the"
hnvo let e.nntrnct tor three wells.
Tim scwanee nave starieu ,-o. .1
near tho Jivletlon of 4-5.8 dlstrlctn
In northwest Itnliorlxon county.
ISIgal. and others, of Ohio .nave
contracted a rteen test on farm
ownay by Joe Washington, estnto
In northwest llftbertson ' county,
The Potter Palmer crowd of
Chicago, aro operating under tho
nnmen of Atlas Oil compnny. rf
Tulsa Okla., nro putting down a
deep test near. Muff Springs, Christ.
Inn countv,
A large ivtimbcr of welli drilling
and completed nro reported In Loijan
nnd Todd enmities, Ky.
The Rdgerton Co, of Oklahoma,
are drilling In districts 7-8. Mont
gomery roiuitv, Tenn., nnd have let
tonlrncts for three more wells.
The Old DomVnlon of Kentucky,
are putting difwn a deep test In
Humphrey county, Tenn
rrtlnl roVtnr; t.ir-t Mnvins
Vsns nd S-Driil Iron Ixicltrt (or
Ifous-liolil dootla.
Wo Hold n rniml-- AhuTO Profit"
l-hou. 117-118.
tlic oiicning of tho now
Hotel William Mary
ISO Ilooms 1 100 Hatha
Truth nnd TrmW St..
Wichita Falls, Tex.
Evans & Co.
Stork-, nornl". Cotton and Arnfn
M-mbra Chletco Hoard of Trd
and Nw Orion- Cotloa Ciohini.
CorrwpoailnU W. J. Wallin
C. Nw York, i'tlvato wlrw. Curb
S'.oika a Ppf-lalty.
Jrnt Knil Holrl Tatra Lobby
BERT II. ItnOOKS. Hnnac-i
rbono 0ac Bill
Casing "
For Sale
Heavy NBW California apcclal B. X.
well canine. No. 10 thread, an fol
lows; 10ft feet, 20.!nrh, Ofl-ponnd.
15 feet, 15Vi-inch, 70-pkiund.
1100 feet 124-lnch nO-pound.
1000 feet 10-Inch, -IS-pound.
For salo nt list p'rlcc, V. O. B. Laa
Crucca, N. Mcx.
Las Cruces, N. M.
r w nritfrM mf av rrw - -w B
I'LAintK-w IA1 1 oc l,U,
Investment Donds
Wright Building
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Phone Cedar 1240
L. D. 149
jjIIC8 "
f?'!1'?! Ae ! e-ve ae ae
111 VI 11
13, 1020
i'iiv ni Kit I'llnM I'AOK i-NM
dlsti'UM nl suchillsts generally ill
Ktinlr tim.ird linlshevism.
M'w itiss (iovr.n.Mi:NT
WllilTlN. Oct. 12. P,wl
blllt 1 i il. nenil W'rsngel, leader
of IK" iinil-lintshevlk troopx In
si'illli'-i t, Itusln, beliif culled to
lend thi Kovernnienr In the case of
the ills'iilem atlnn nf the soviet gov
crnmcit, wm Indicated tn un. on
flriue.l icnoris to the state depart
ment ii'ielved today.
Tin ri pints declare that Wrmtgel
ll li. en glen strong support In ill
diilii. t wheie lie hits been vn Inrl
mis 1"' iunv of his division of land
11 n 1 m . the p, iinnnts.
Itillli tle Mixtion, lln-i'ltMk at CoNt (d
SH.iMMl. tn lime llally Pnignim
l'lrtt m i vies In the new Hullotte
tnlnnlon rlmri'li which has reeenllv
been ereclfd at 1 cost appi oxlmailnir
$S.ono nt Independence and Nnrfnlk
will be held Miinday mnrnlng In the
form of a 1 ally dsy program or llie
Hunday m hnul. Tlierti will also bo
an livening survlrs If electric lights,
ire Installed liy the'end of the week.
C. S. I'Mwnrds Is HllndHy whool hi-j
.icrlntcndeni and Hvv. HiirIi A. ("res-1
well, assltitant pastor of the First
"resbjteilan 'hiircll, fills the pulpit
In the evening. The cliuich was built
.villi riinds contributed by iho j"rHt
Presbyterian church, wth Mini" ns
sstancii froin the natunal fund.
CO.VTINflit) ritOJt I'A(II3 (INK
protested ngiiltiKl a statement by
Mr lluller that the 'countre wum
about to face a panic ns a reftllt of'
the deflation policy. Senator 'Smith
said there was "a erlsln hut no
Ktiilciiiiiil to tho Public,
A general committee composed of
repressntallvea of each agricultural
orgiinlxatlon attendhjg was named
tu draw up a statement to tho public
precepting the plight of the growers
In a decbirnllan of principle to be
adopted by tint convention. A reso
lution calling for the pooling of low
grndo cotton under n soiling com-
Lenses. grilling Owitracla!
908 06 Ken-iedy Illdg.
Phono OHAgn 9350
For Sale nt a
Four one H. P.
to 8 H. P. Gnso
line Engines.
Houston, Fible
& Company
Of Kansas City, Mo.
MKMiinitB nbw yomc
Btocks, Ponds, Oraln and Cot
ton. Standard Oil and Bub.
Miliary Htock. Now York and
lloston Curb. Liberty Ilond
Uoucht and Mold. Private Wires
CHAS. p. CIlOTCIIinT. Mgr.
Tclciliono Outgo 0200, ,No. II
ICast I'onrlli St., Tulsa, Olila.
Ntw York HtucW Krline
Chicago Hoard ot Trade
New Urleana Cotton Kichane
stocks, fiiiAi.v, ciyppo.v
Liberty llonde bounlit and ad
(li:()l((li: l KYHI.lt, )laimgrr
l?l Kimt Third HI. (Ilidrl TuUu.)
f " Many people noiv Invent In "'fl
lilKh Itradc listed Hock anil
UinJa wiilimit raplol that it, lliey
buy (lit in nil Ihr Krlthrl brtleniatlc
iiavlng Plan and pay for them out
uf llirir iiiuiuhly eamlogi.
"Iliey are finding It highly profit
able. Il la not a ahort cut li tvrallh,
but It Invariably yield i liberal Inter
eit ilu a prtiht.
What can he accemplllhed by thll
plan li lold In l'ntr l'oklni' atorr,
' Oclllng Ahead." Ily Invetllng 12 J
pertnomli lor 10 vrara he accurnu.
Uled 4IO.OOO. The hnoalet telle
vim what (IikIii lie bouilii, the dlv.
itrnda received each year, and the
market advance of each unfit.
" It'a faxlnatlng. Miall we aend Vj
iwnx youatupyl li'afree, IJept. 1. --J
) I57.Su.USU Si Chicriitti,
' 1 1,1 "'
Diamond Set Watch
Missing From Home
When Tutsan Returns
ltetitinlng l.itn Monday tilubt
after an abs, m e of ten dny, I..
I). Pallet sen. I HI Hnuth Mlwnod.
found Uin hnnii' rnnsnekeil and a
watch v ililed nl $828 mlisllig. ac
cording tn a report which Pat
tersiui niade tn the police yester
day morning The watch wan set
with small diamonds. Two silk
shirts and a pair or gold cuff links
wore slso missing.
The house hud been entered
some time since October 1, Pat
terson mid. Kntrancn had been
-rained throtiKh Hie aid ot 11, pass,
key the polled soy.
iiiIhnIimi In bundle export sub's, went
tn a special committee on cot
ton. $
Henalor Hmlth suggested (bnt Iho'
fiiiiners find out their legal rights
under the federal reserve ytem and
demand them.
"If 40-rent cotton Is proftteorltli,'.
If $3 wheat Is spiieiilntliig, who mivh
It li?" ho deiimnded. "Who In
America ulvea uiiyunc the legal
right lo Ux thu price of any
thing?" The senstor said he did not sen
any authority In the federal reserve
nit for contraction of credits.
Funeral servlce for Purr fihnrt,
Jr., Infant son ot Ilurr Kharl. 28
North Olympla, hn died early
Monday morning were held nt 4
o'clock yesterday nfieinnon fiom Ihr
resldcneo. Interment was In l'i!i
Reduced to Present Market
Prices on Casing and Line Pipe
of All Sizes and Weights
-asing, 5 3-16 inch and up to 20 1-2 inch; Lint
Pipe, 2-inch to 8-inch, inclusive;, out o stock, at
Tulsa by truck or carload lots. No qrdor; too small
or too large. Purchaser will b. convinced; by call
ing Osago 4750-4536 and L. D. 80.
Fecnbcrg Pipe & Supply
. jCompany
Tho aboVn cut renrcscnta an nlegant
orioring ror who at un cxiri.'ineiv
llousa Is very com)let, oak and Ivory trim; oak floors, cumulen
mice: brrukfnst room: automatlu water hi'tilrtr: sleenlni; norcnrifa
liiuut; Kuni nn i sorvants' iimrtcrs, ate,
terms' on inquiry,
J W. J, M
-I Itoom 211 SOS 11. Main Ht.. Tulsa
1 1 lH. FsJ&M&mj if
11 n rfiaalta M .Tamil nraa
I .bfloseH )aHB
I m ire. a riw n u yrt.vi ajW
Why do. the p4MjTW9 lf',"J
o to ownrn? WliV la ita ciitlocOt dl
liienaa wiaenina aa i4Vie,'(ieISty .
therein Ilea tho amwr-UiCoiellri.iue
Inapcct Uii woddorfed'rr.-'bVBctl,
tui, loi ua givo -you
eO ll.P.d.lihaUl.l,.Aeaerfit JlOt-O
...... j,
All SluJabaker Car.
CoedTli- aiwtlrirStulliBiylXrwilt:
"This h a SludTMi
llofslra Sales Medina
Here Thuradau-Frifu i
' vii-i
.... 1 .., -11 .. .. ,1,A I
Illofstm .Manufacturing coinianVjf .
11IIM is u, im linn iiiiiipuuj ifr
Friday or HUH wcck ncroroing 10 nn 1
iniuiuncenient of .1. Ilurr Gibbons, f
More than a-sooro of salesmen repre-JT
it-tlrlng territory from tho Groatl
Likea lo tho keys of Florida will
tether lo discuss present day mcr- ,
'InnidlHltiir problems, ho says. It will
be Hie fifth annual cvont for tho lo-
mil firm.
"Y" l.odgii III Demand.
Frlsndshlp bulge, tho Y. W. C. A.
. ... nit.iM.ti.na in .!.... .i .! f.t. nifinui
ocrai-lon. Kourleen young glrla from
llontco Mnnn school spent last Fri
day and Saturday at the camp and
15 bimlneiu wonien were at the oamtt
during the week-end proper. On-f
Sunday afternoon there were 10 vlsl-"1
tors to thn grounds. Young peoplo of "
Itoitoti avenue M. K, church havo
uskeii for tiso of the lodge for a
Halloween p.irty on Friday evening,
work eoninilttco nt tho Y. M. C. A. ,
born will hold a retreat at tho camp
October 2U and 31.
To, Talk Indian Affair.
Friendship lodge, nt tho Y. W. a ,
A. camp, bun been rcsurvod for a...
conference of tho anioclated com-.,,,
tiilttco of KrirtnlH on Indian nftnlrn
Friday, Saturday and Sunday. W'ork ,
among tho Indians will be dlscussqil , '
by roprcnentatlvc of tho Quakor
faith at Din conference, arrange
ments for whli h wcra nado by
liaurenco R. I.ttiiltoy of Hhawnoo,
iiuoretary ot tho committee. " '
i. . Jlo
homo In Oklahoma City.
nioucratu price, i.ocuniu
Knll details ot property, j
oj kuxJoTfaK
inB i
taVTi nitaC
. .11 Jt '
jo jianxito Aiuu't1-
ciiui Eire
I fa dtaom
Havam fioiiau
HO nolaata eetjeCI
, trcr .iieri
,1 J 1K .1 ,1
11X2131131 ABJ'JT
t.?f.t,!,0M" m
eell .Hart 1 i ,
- SlX - K -W
111 btldl t,h., "
eraii ,ni t t.iBtJ
al'iajamallliv; ,11 ,,
J.rr.?.:0 Autrt
ia ,n ,a .(tjna
li uemonumUoaain
lranirnUleH ,(0tt (.
JrtlliYf I I .iiK
Tirirtiln taf,1UilT X
If enalil
fienneJt 1 .B ,aU
! ,iil). am Vvlw
a. i-"-iF'.r4inniuii 'ity Jin"if,. ;j ii (i
xfe l'nilrOainfraJ.rjtni Jrr nelMml 11 l-a1 l
l,lloiul'CMllAwtr Jlall pinoe fc2jtt
'HJl. nii ii I .. -nr i.aniaili elab If KJAi n
MMUaaJam slnoaaW .ail ypy

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